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The John Simula Family

Kristina Simula

More than one hundred years ago there were many families hoping to get to America. One specific family consisted of my ancestors, Steven (Tapani) and Kaisa Simula, along with their son, John A. Simula, who was 9 or 10 years old at the time (born July 28th, 1871). They lived in Sodankylš, Finland where I think they were reindeer herders. I dont know the exact reason why they came to America, but I'm guessing it was because they thought that they could have a better life over here. With so much being said about America, many people had the same idea. After coming here, I'm sure they found out that some of the stories and rumors were right and that others were wrong. I'm guessing that they probably liked it better over here, since they had stayed here (or at least always came back).

They settled in Copper Falls in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan, John attended school there. Some time before or after they arrived; another family arrived in Copper Falls. Little did my great great grandfather, John, know that this new neighbor's sister, who was still in Finland, would become his wife.

Kristiina Trupukka was born in Hailuoto, an island in the Gulf of Bothnia on Feb. 5th, 1873. She attended school in Oulu and at the age of 19 she came to America to join her brother in Copper Falls. She met John A. Simula and a few years later they were married.

After they married they traveled to Finland to farm Kristiina's mother's farm, One year of farming was enough for John so he came back to Michigan. Kristiina stayed in Finland with her mother where she had their first child, William (Bill). John went back to Finland and brought Kristiina and Bill back to America with him. Kristiina's mother then sold her farm and followed them some time after.

John Simula worked about a year for a relative at his livery stable in Kearsarge. Then when the Mohawk Mining Co. opened in Mohawk, John and Kristiina moved to Mohawk where John became a miner. They had six more children; Saima, Ida, Eino, Elmer, Martha, and Anna.

On May 27th 1909, the family moved to Keweenaw Bay because John and his friend, Thomas Luukko, were planning to share the farm formerly owned by August LaCrosse. The farm was 160 acres, 1/4 mile wide and 1 mile long. Both of the families were getting 80 acres, each would be 1/8 mile wide to give each family road frontage and 1 mile long. Since John Simula's house wasn't built yet, his family moved in with Thomas Luukko and family for two weeks. That proved to be a fun time for everyone, John and Kristiina with their six kids, John's youngest brother Art, not to mention, Luukko and his wife with their six kids!

Two weeks later, John's house was finished and they moved in. As the years went by, with the help of the children, they cleared more land and then they started to build more buildings. The first being the sauna, which used by both of the families. Next built were the barns, stables, hay barns, granary, ice house, and chicken coop,

In the next few years John and Kristiina had four more children; Carl, Paul, Selma, and Oscar. John and Kristiina's first child, Bill married Annie Mustajoki and they had two children, Elvi and Ferdinand. However, in 1917 Annie died and baby Ferdinand followed her soon after.

In 1919 Bill Simula rnarried Hannah Liukku ancl they had four children; Elwood, Marie, Dorothy, and Robert. Robert Simula is my grandfather, Bill Simula was my great grandfather and therefore, that is how I'm related to John A. Simula.

I hope you enjoyed, learning about my roots as much as I have.

© Kristina Simula

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