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Roots in the Baltic Region

The interaction between Finland and Estonia has been lively throughout the centuries. Large numbers of people have moved to the south coast of the Gulf of Finland particularly from the south coast of Finland in the hope of a better livelihood. Estonians have also moved to Finland, and for instance many Baltic families, some of them of German origin, have been influential in our country in high positions.

The cooperation between Finnish and Estonian historians and genealogists was very lively before World War II. A case in point is the fact that the chairman and member of the board of the Genealogical Society of Finland, Dr. A. R.Cederberg, was at one point professor of history at Tarto University and had a central influence on the development of archive systems in Estonia. Another important post held by Cederberg was the editorship of the Dictionary of Estonian National Biography.

After the war the connections were severed for nearly 50 years. Estonia's new independence has made it possible again to research into one's family and its history, and interest in this matter is great at present. Eesti Genealoogia Selts recommenced its activities in 1990, and the simultaneous opening of archives essentially improved the possibilities of Estonian genealogists to study sources of information. Economic problems in Estonia have left their mark on genealogy as well as elsewhere, but they cannot quench the passion of the researchers.

The Genealogical Society of Finland and many other, local societies concerned with genealogy have already formed new contacts with the Estonian Genealogical Society as well as Estonian genealogists. The Genealogical Society of Finland has no contacts with Latvian or Lithuanian genealogists as yet, but we are endeavouring to establish such contacts as soon as possible.

Estonian genealogists can be contacted through: Eesti Genealoogia Selts, c/o chairman Harri Talvoja, Sõpruse puiestee 214-88, 200034 Tallinn 34, Estonia. The telephone number for calls from Finland is 990 7014 520488.

The central register of Estonia, where you can do genealogical research is called Eesti Vabariigi perekonnaamet, address Lossi plats 1, 200001 Tallinn, Estonia. The address of the historical archives or Eesti Ajaloo Arhiiv is Liivi 4, 202400 Tarto, Estonia.

Published by Sukutieto, 1992, Special issue for Family Fair in Turku, Finland

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