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The Mission Post

The fifth annual meeting of the Mission Union was held at Duluth, Minnesota, from March 28 to April 1, 1906. It was at this meeting the far-reaching decision was made to publish a monthly paper, subsequently named "The Mission Post". Those of our people who possessed a vision and missionary zeal had long realized the need of a publication which would carry religious news reports to the various churches and groups on our fields, and also bring the gospel of salvation to homes scattered over the country side which the individual missionary could not visit.

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The above is a reproduction of the front page of the first issue of "The Mission Post".

The original intention was to publish a monthly paper in both the Swedish and the Finnish languages. Rev. M. Esselstrom was appointed editor of the Swedish issue and J. H. Jappinen of the Finnish. That portion of the original motion which called for publishing the paper in the Finnish language was not carried out, however, largely because those with whom this responsibilty rested were found lacking in stability of character as well as in faith and Christian experience

In May 1906 the first issue of "Finska Missionsposten" rolled off the press at Worcester, Mass. It was from the start the official organ of the Baptist Mission Union of America, and has remained so until the present time. At the outset the circulation was 1,000, but later expanded to 1,300 copies. The mailing address was 107 Main St:, Worcester, Mass. The subscription price was fifty cents per year. In the early days the friends of The Mission Post gathered one night a month to write the names and addresses of the subscribers and prepare the paper for mailing. In this way the cost of publishing was held down to the minimum.

From September 1910 to November 1911 The Mission Post was published at Duluth, Minnesota. When Rev. Matts Esselstrom, the editor accepted the call of the Bethel Baptist church, Chicago, to become its pastor in the fall of 1911 the paper was also moved to Chicago where it has since been published up to the present time. Mr. Esselstrom continued as editor of The Mission Post until 1933, a period of 27 years. Rev. Isak Berg served as editor from 1933 to 1935, and A. J. Stormans held the position from 1935 to 1944. The present editor Mr. Theodore Anderson, began in 1940, first as manager and treasurer, and continued in this position until 1944 when he was appointed editor. Treasurers and managers have been as follows: John W. Carlson, 1913 to 1916; J. O. Hermans, 1919 to 1932; J. V. Waldenstrom, 1932 to 1940; Theodore Anderson, 1940 to 1944; Sam Gronroos from 1944 to the present time. At the annual meeting in New York in 1950 Dorothy Westerberg was elected to serve as assistant editor and Elsie Sundquist as assistant to the manager-treasurer.

The title and general appearance of the The Mission Post have not changed much during the years. The only change in the title is that the word Finska, has been left out and it is now in the English, simply, The Mission Post. In October 1944 another change took place when the text on the outside pages was turned into English with Swedish being used on the inside pages. At that time the size of the page was slightly reduced and four more pages added.

It should be remembered by everyone that The Mission Post is a very vital and important part of our missionary endeavors and that it is a project which demands a great deal of sacrificial labor on the part of those whose responsibility it is to carry it out. The ministry of our publication could not be continued without the prayers and financial support of the entire constituency of our Mission Union.

The Mission Post's Editors and Manager-Treasurers during the years.
M: Esselstrom
Isak Berg
A. J. Stormans
Theo. Anderson
J. Carlson
J. O. Hermans
J. V. Waldenstrom
E. S. Gronroos

Published in Fifty Years of Christian Stewardship 1901-1951. Prepared in commemoration of the Fiftieth anniversary of The Baptist Mission Union of America. 1951, p. 17-19.

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