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The American Finns

According to the census of 1910, there were in the United States 129,680 persons born in Finland. The number of native and foreign born is about 300,000. They are most numerous in our mining and lumbering districts in the Far and Middle West, while in the East they have taken over numbers of farms abandoned by their former owners and have achieved wonders with them. The school and the bath-house follow the Finns to remotest corners of the wilderness. Numerous periodicals both in Finnish and Swedish are published by Finns. Coming from an oppressed country, they have naturally tended to affiliate with the most radical elements of our population; nevertheless the war has brought out splendid examples of loyalty on the part of the American Finns. They are among the most valuable workers in our shipyards; they have enlisted in great numbers, and have given freely to the Liberty Loan. They are active in the National Lutheran Commission for Soldiers' and Sailors' Welfare, and were excellently represented in the Fourth of July parade of nations in New York.

Published as Editorial in The American-Scandinavian Review, Vol. VI, November-December, 1918. Number 6.

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