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Rev. G. A. Aho
Pres., Finnish National Church

The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran National Church of America

G. A. Aho

At the present time the Finnish National Church comprises 66 congregations and 19 pastors. Of these, eight congregations and three pastors are in Canada. According to its Annual Report for 1931 the membership is 7,415 souls, of these 4,949 are communicant members and 2,466 are children. Its pastors also serve 12 independent congregations with 1,182 communicant members and 475 children. Including these its membership is 9,072 souls. There are 42 church edifices and eight parsonages.

Its 33rd annual convention was held July 1-5, 1931, at Fairport Harbor, Ohio.

The Synod owns a publishing house at Ironwood, Mich., where the synodical paper "Auttaja" is issued weekly. A paper for Sunday schools, "Lasten Ystävä", is published monthly. Besides these a quarterly is published for Easter, Midsummer, Advent, and Christmas. Pamphlets and a few larger books are occasionally published.

At the present it has no seminary of its own. But it is sending boys to study for the ministry to the Theological Seminary of the Missouri Synod at Springfield, Ill. Mr. J. E. Nopola graduated from this Institution last June and was ordained at its convention at Fair Harbor, Ohio.

Home mission work is being carried on both in the United States and in Canada. In this it has enjoyed the help of the Missouri Synod. During recent years series of lectures, sponsored by young people's societies, have been held in various parts of the synod. The burden of these lectures has been: (1) Indoctrination, and (2) Instruction of its young people in church work. The various young people's societies have also been organized into a league which holds its annual meeting in conjunction with the synodical convention.

It is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.

Published in The Lutheran World Almanac and Encyclopedia, 1931-1933. New York 1932, p. 61-62.

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