Articles and Books by Finnish-American High School Students

This is a collection of Finnish Heritage Stories written by High School students in Jim Kurtti's Finnish class in Chassell, Houghton, Hancock, and Painesdale (Michigan). Other article categories are Finland, Finnish-Americans, Finnish-Canadians, Finnish-Australians, New Sweden, Finns in Karelia, Norway, Finnish Migration, and Book Reviews.

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Jim Kurtti's students 2001

Left to right standing: Lisa Ek, Carl Kauppila, Blake Miller (behind map), Jennifer Verran, Dennis Juopperi and Chelsea Smith. Bottom row: Peter Rouleau, Brent Regis and Karrie Kilpela They are the students of the Finnish class in the Hancock High School, spring 2001.

Jim Kurtti's students 2001
The photo was taken in the spring of 2000, Hancock High School - the Finnish class. The senior students were already gone. The small flags mark the parishes the students immigrant ancestors (featured in the stories) are from for the last three years.

Standing, left to right: Belinda Wirtanen (Boston Location - Calumet), Ryan Clements (Hancock), Clayton Levanen (Calumet), Cathy Waisanen (Hancock), Michelle Heinonen (Hancock), Lisa Heinonen (Hancock), Michael Greer (Hancock). Kneeling: Janna Ojala (Hancock), Annette Pietila (Hancock), Davin Kotila (Ripley - Hancock).

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Tara Ahonen

Tricia G. Besonen

Lisa Ek

Matthew Frantti

Lisa Heinonen

Michelle Heinonen

Joanna Hoekstra

Aron D. Jarvi

Brianna Johnson

Cindy Jukkala

Dennis Juopperi

Carl Kauppila

Erin Kauppila

Aimee Kempainen

Karrie Kilpela

Corey King

Brita Kinnunen

JoLynn Koski

Davin Kotila

Iloni Kotila

J. Eric Lassila

Jim Lehtola

Clayton Levanen

Rachael Marttila

Blake Miller

Karen Oja

Janna Ojala

Brooks Olson

Carol Petrelius

Annette Pietila

Bradley Pietila

Ian Ross

Marie Ruonavaara

Kristina Simula

Chelsea Smith

JoLinda Tervo

Valerie Tuomi

Cathy Waisanen

Belinda Wirtanen

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