Finnish-American Historical Archives, Finlandia University, Hancock, Michigan

The manuscripts at the Finnish-American Historical Archives are stored in cartons and grouped according to the type of material. The groups vary in size from one box to over 100 boxes. Click on a letter in the left column to get more detailed information about the manuscripts of the category. The list was copied in August 1999.

Cartons Category
A Suomi Synod
B Other Churches
C Lutheran Church in America
D Lutheran World Federation
E Individual Suomi Synod Pastors
F Suomi College (also Category Y)
G Finnish Lutheran Book Concern
H Finnish National Temperance Society
I Upper Peninsula Misc. Finnish Affairs
J Illness, Injury, Burial Organizations
K Workers' Organizations
L Cooperatives
M Farmers' Groups
N Young People' Organizations
O Miscellaneous Organizations
P Lending Libraries
Q Suomi Home Foundations
R Historical Societies
S Music and Musicians
T Authors Manuscripts, Individuals
U Apostolic Lutheran Church
V Finland Aid Relief 1940s
W Delaware Tercentenary
X Finn Fest Festivals
Y Suomi College RJ Jalkanen
Z United Fund for Finnish-American Archives