Finnish-American Historical Archives, Finlandia University, Hancock, Michigan

A list of microfilms of Finnish-American church records, records of temperance societies and other Finnish-American material. Most of the microfilms are filmed by the General History Department at the University of Turku. The list was copied in August 1999.

Pg refers to page number in the University of Turku Microfilm Index (complete data of films).

Microfilms Box 25 - 48

BOX REEL MF Pg   Other Information
25 12 257 9 MN Hibbing Virginia
103 461 60 OH Conneaut
101 457 59 OH  
100 452 59 OH Ashtabula
104 462 60 OH Conneaut
102 460 59 OH Ashtabula
28 3       Republic Suom. Kansan Lainakirjaston saannot ja jasenkirja 1903 152 pp.
Poytakirja Rep MI suom ev lu Ompeluseuran 1929
Suomi Opiston Kannatus yhdistyksen jasenkirja 1901-1921
Ulossuljettu 1887-1892
Menot/tulot 1891-1897
28 4       Luther League 1941-
Poytakirja 1941-1935 [?] kirjoitettu KNY:n vuosikokouksesta
Luther League Minutes 1942
Poytakirja KNY johtokunnan 1925-1940
Poytakirja nuorisoyhdistyksen 1925-1935 (list of names)
Poytakirja Rep Ev Lu Ompeluseuran 1917-1922
Poytakirja tehty Republic MI 1885-1900
List of names & numbers n.d.
28 5       Poytakirja Ev Lu SeurA kirkkoneuvoton kokouksesta 1929-40
Newspaper clippings 1944-1945 (298 pp)
Cash Journal "Tilit tarkastettu ja oikeaksi havaittu" 1901-40
Suomi Opiston kannatusyhdistyksen kassakirja
Republic Ev Lu Seurakunnan NYK kirja 1926-1944
See also photocopies of other, Box A-93
29-30         Hancock, Michigan:
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church 1880-1955
St. Matthews Lutheran Church 1955-1966
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church 1966-

The first church was constructed in 1889, on Reservation Street in Hancock remodeled after a lightening-caused fire in 1896, and rebuilt after a fire in 1910. Gloria Dei was built in 1966 after general church merger and serves a rich and diverse religious heritage.

Missions adjunctive to this Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church were many at the very beginning, before the turn of the twentieth century, when pastors and congregations traveled long distances for contact.

This church served most of the communities in the Copper Country: Hancock, Sing Sing, Freda, Demmon, Hard Scrabble, Liminga, Coburntown, Paavola, Arcadian, Winola, Ripley, Elbowtown, Pewapic, Isle Royal, Baltic, Dollar Bay, Chassell, Mesnard, Atlantic, Hurontown, Dodgeville, Cloverland, Oskar, Redridge, Pilgrim, Pike Bay, Otter Lake, Highway, L'Anse, Lake Mine, Tamarack, Newtown, Copper Range, Salo, Quincy, Canal, Portage Entry, Franklin, Sweettown, Pointe Mills, and others.

Most of the early records are of first and second generation Finnish people.

This index is from the actual reading of the films April, 1991.

29 1      
  1. Church Register 158 pp. 1871s-1940s Finns from all communities in the Copper Country: residence, birthdate & place, baptism, confirmation, parents, arrival in US (date, place), marriage, death, children. With index of names Aarnio to Ylitalo
  2. Church Register 69 pp. 1900s similar above, Index of names Aho to Wirsula
  3. Church Register "Tassa kirjassa on yksityiset Seurakunnan jasenet alkaen sivulta 66" 95 pp. Index of names Aho to Wirrk
  4. D. Church Register 96 pp. Index of names Abramson, Siimon to Warananen, Hilda
  1. Hancock Church Communicants 152 pp. 1911-1948, Names only with dates; English or Finnish services
  2. Church Register 99 pp. 1906-1940s, With name index
  3. Church Register 277 pp.
  4. D. Inventory filmed again
  1. Church Council Minutes 300 pp. 1929-1942 Kirkkoneuvoston Poytakirja
  2. Congregation & Trustrees Minutes 298 pp. 1917-1925
  3. Hancockin Suomal. Ev Lu Seurak. Lahetysseura Saannot 1 p. (association rules)
  4. Church Council Meeting Minutes 252 pp. 1901-1926 (Kirkkoneuvoston kokouksesta poytakirja)
  5. Confirmands 112 pp. 1912-1937 (Rippilasten nimiluettelo/syysrippikoulu alettiin) 7 p.
  6. F. Again inventory listing printed.
  1. Baptisms 1897-1901 and Confirmands 1898-1911 198 pp. (Kastetuita vuosina ja konfirmeeratut vuosina) John Back
  2. Baptisms 1894-1901 200 pp. Baraga, Laird, New Finland, Canada, Greenland, Allouez, Jessieville, Ironwood, Iron Belt WI, Wolverine, Calumet, Jabosville, Kearsarge, Laurium, Yellow Jacket, Fulton, Osceola, Paradise, Hancock
  3. Baptisms 1894-1889, 248 pp.
  4. Records of Marriages 1888-1894 15 pp. (any Copper Country community)
  5. Records of Confirmation 1889-1890 16 pp. (Rippikoulu
  6. Records of Baptism 1887-1889 58 pp.
  7. Recods of Engagement-Baptisms-Burials 1891-1896
  8. Our Church Guests 1963-1970 Gloria Dei
  9. Mens' Auxiliary Records Book 1935-1939
  10. J. Inventory again
  1. Cash Journal 100 pp. 1916-1923 Hancockin EvLu Seurakunnan omaisuuden arvo ym. tiedot, Seura velka
  2. Fund Drive Dollar Bay 1921-28 Suomalaisen Ev Lu Seurakunnan kerayskirja
  3. Parsonage Building Record Book 1920
  4. Sunday School financial records & other 1917- 200 pp.
  5. Congregational Deacons Treasurer's Book 1913
  6. Miscellaneous Collection
  7. Home Mission Week 1926 List of Donors
  8. Pakanalahetykselle 1927, missions, poor house, summer school, visiting, speakers
  9. Vieraita puhujia 1926 Martha & Mary Society 56 pp.
  10. J. Inventory again
  1. Hancock Parish Board of Education Minutes 1908-1948 (Kesakoulun Poytakirja) Tynne Paavola, Ruth Kaare and JJ Heikkinen, sec'ys.
  2. Hancock sunday School Financial Records 1953-1967
  3. Hancock EvLu Church Financial Records 1938-1953
  4. List of Teachers, Students Sunday School 1930-1933 (Paavola, Salo, Demmon, Kaskenkylassa, Dollar Bay, Wirrankylassa, Dodgeville)
  5. Minutes of Sunday School Committee 296 pp. 1901-1934 (Pyhakoulun Poytakirja)
  6. List of Donors Kalelaita jaettu 51 pp. 1936-1937
  7. Hancock EvLu Seurakunnan vuodell 1924-1928
  8. H. Inventory
30 7      
  1. Salem Lutheran Church (Dollar Bay?) and St. Matthews, Legal documents - articles of Consolidation and Constitution; Board Meetings & reports 1954-1964; and Faith Lutheran of Hancock
  2. Cash Journal 1880-1946; list names 1876-1877 (Suomalais Seurakunnan rahahoitokirja kolehtikirja)
  3. Minutes, Women's Auxiliary Rebecca Circle 1968-1969
  4. Michigan Conference 1919, Michigan Youth Conference Minutes 1920-1940
  5. Jacobsville Ev Lu Church List 1896 waltustomiesten vaali, Jacobsville Ev Lu Church Cash book 1889 190 pp. , Minutes od Congregation 1891-1932
  6. Jacobsville Congregation Treasurer's Book 1889-1931
  7. G. Inventory
  1. Young People's Society 500 pp. 1928-1954 (Hanckockin Suomalaisen Kristillinen Nuorisoseura) Luther League 1935-1956
  2. Young People's Society 494 pp. 1912-1928
  3. Cash Journal with names & numbers 282 pp. 1890-1896
  4. D. Inventory
  1. Trustrees & Congregations Minutes 300 pp. 1931-1945 (Poytakirja pidetyista Hnck EvLu seura kokouksesta)
  2. Minutes Brd. Admin., Congregation, Trustees 1926-1935
  3. C. Church Council Minutes 400 pp. 1941-1969
10       List of Families & Finnish Ev Lu Church 1937-1940 (perheluettelo/Hancock Seurakunnan tiedustelukaavake)
Pastoral Annual Reports 118 pp. 1912-1936
Records of Funerals 59 pp. 1912-1947
Records of Confirmation 25 pp. 1931-1945
Dismissial of Members (moved, etc.)
Reception of Members 1947-1946
Records of Marriages 161 pp. 1912-1944
Records of Confirmation 61 pp. 1912-1930
Records of Baptism 190 pp. 1911-1947
Records of Baptism 128 pp. 1901-1912
Records of Funerals 40 pp. 1901-1912
Records of Marriage & Deaths 40 pp. 1897-1901
  St. John's Lutheran Church
13542 Mercedes
Redford, Michigan 48219
32 1       *Book 1 through Book 8 (of church records)
2       Book 9 through Book 13
3       Book 14 through Book 18
4       Book 19 through Book 20
*Book 3 indicates dates of organization and date St. John's joined Suomi Synod
32a 1b       duplicate
2b       duplicate
3b       duplicate
4b       duplicate
  Betlehem Lutheran Church
35300 8 Mile Road
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48335
33 1       Book through 7
2       Book 8 through 17
1b       duplicate
2b       duplicate
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
23425 Lahser Road
Southfield, Michigan 48034
1       Book #1 through #6
1b       duplicate
34 1       Pennsylvania, Monessen Temperance society 1919-1921, NantyGlo Temperance 1906-1923 Voiton Kaiku; Voiton Lippu
2       Pennsylvania New Castele Finnish Ev Lu Ch 1901-13,
Ohio, Warren, Girard Finnish EvLuCh 1948,
Ohio Poytakirja F Ev Lu Ch (Rautanen) 1920s, 1930s
3       Pennsylvania Monessen Toivon Ruusu Temp. Society Rankin F Ev Lu Church 1904-20 no registry W. Concord, NH raittiusseura 1907-1914;
Pennsylvania Walston Ev Lu Ch 1904-1920 registry
Pennsylvania Monessen Minutes raittiusseura
4       Maine Hebron, Harrison So Paris F Ev Lu Ch 1920-50
Michigan Crystal Falls Workers Guild
Maine, Hebron, Minot Ev Lu Poytakirja 1930s
Massachusetts Boston Poytakirja 1918-1921
Massachusetts Allston Ev Lu Poytakirja Temp Soc 1897-1961
Massachusetts East Cambridge Temp Soc 1897-1961
5       Maine South Paris/Harrison Ev Lu Ch Records 1920-1950s
35 1       Canada Sudbury, Ontario F Ev Lu Church Registry
2       South Dakota CaveHills F Ev Lu Ch Luther league suomi College & Minnesota B
3       South Dakota Cave Hills F Ev Lu Ch No registry Fairport Ohio "Auttaja" Club
4       South Dakota Lead Finnish Ev Lu Church
36 1       Minnesota Aikin Finnish Lu Church
2       Minnesota Soudan Toivon Leimu Temperance Society
3       Minnesota Conference Minutes & Konventti Society of Suomi College, Minutes
4       Canada Thunder Bay Finnish National Lutheran Congregation
Minnesota Area Suomi Conference Minutes Duluth Finnish Relief Committee Minutes
37 1       Fairport, Ohio, Lillian Oinonen's Collection of photos, documents
2       Cleveland, Ohio, Suomen Ruusu Temperance Society
3       Cleveland, Ohio, Committee for Finnish Relief
4       Girard, Ohio, Finnish Lutheran Church
5       Columbia Area Conference Minutes
California Area Conference Minutes
38 1       Ramsay, MI Finnish Ev Lu Church
Wakefield MI First Ev Lu Church (short film)
2       Republic MI "Onnen aika" Temperance Society
3       Gwinn, Eben, Kipling, Rumley, MI Church Registry
4       Grand Marais Finnish Ev Lu Church (registry)
Munising Congregational Minutes
Swedish Ev Lu Church Records, Church of Grand Marais
5       L'Anse MI, Baraga County,
Winthrop Ev Lu Church, Church Registry,
Ishpeming/National Mine MI
Uusi Suomi, MI (near Ishpeming) Marquette County
6       Iron County Historical Society, Cobalt Ev Lu Church,
Finnish Temperance Society NY/Harlem Ev Lu Ch
Crystal Falls MI Aspholm, Edith/Minutes
39 1       Wakefield MI First Ev Lu Church
Lair Township-Nisula/Alston Church Registry
2       Munising MI SS Osaston
Munising Naisten
Portland, Oregon Suomi avustus komitean
Help Finland Inc
Grand Marais MI
Askel MI
3       Sault Ste Marie MI St. John's Ev Lu Church Registry and constitution & By-Laws
4       Marquette County MI
Princetown Ev Lu Church registry (KI Sawyer, Gwinn, etc)
Palmer Ev Lu Church Registry
5       Ironwood MI Finnish Ev Lu Church (marriages in Hurley WI Church Registry)
Marengo Wisconsin
Montreal WI
Iron Belt WI
Iron County WI
40 1       Massachusetts
Worcester inutes, cash books, various organizations
2       Worcester Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church Registry
3       Worcester Minutes Finnish Ev Lu Church and Luther League
4       Maynard Fitchburg Ev Lutheran Church Registry Fitchburg 50th Anniversary
5       Maynard Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church Registry
6       Kalevainen periodical nationwide coverage 50th Anniversary Kalevan Naisten/Ritarin
41 1       Massachusetts
Fitchburg Faith Ev Lu Church (V. Heiman)
Worcester Minutes of Organizations
2       Massachusetts
Maynard Finnish Ev Lu Ch Minutes of Organizations
3       Massachusetts
Fitchburg Women's Organizations
4       Fitchburg Minutes Church group Cash books news
42 1       Canada
IWW "Metsätyöläinen" Land/lumber Workers
2       Sudbury, Timmins, etc. Registry of Marriages Canada Synod minutes Ev Lu Church Minutes
Sudbury Pyh Matthew Ev Lu Church Group, Minutes A. Korhonen
43 1       Michigan
Copper County (many towns)
Massachusetts W. Barnstable, W Yarmouth
Copper Cliff, New Finland, Ontario
2       Michigan
Hancock/Red Jacket Raittius
Minutes "Hyva Toivo" 1886-
3       Michigan
Calumet, various organizations minutes 1899-
4       Pennsylvania
Minutes of Temperance Society "Wesa" 1912
5       Washington/Oregon
6       Michigan-Ohio
Suomi Conference
Maple Ridge (near Rock MI (?) Workers' Assoc. Squaw Creek Other organizations minutes
44 SS 1SS       JJ Hoikka Collection Letters & Newspapers
Newspaper Clipping
2SS       Collection of letters (#1-#14)
3SS       Collection of letters (#15-#39)
1       Church and Consistory Minutes with Marriage Licenses
2       Suomi Synod Consistory Minutes
Convention Minutes
Letters Nikander/Jasberg
3       Suomi Synod Church Convention Minutes 1890-1914
Roster of Congregations
Annual Reports
4       Suomi Synod Consistory, Conceps of Eloheimo/Nikander, signed by
5       Suomi Synod North American Scene
Minutes, new Programs
45 SS 1       Eastern Conference Minutes of Pastors' Family Meetings
2       California Conference Fort Bragg, Berkeley CA 1930s
46         Eloheimo, Rev. J.W. Journals & Ledgers Long Valley Idaho
Church Register 1891-1909 Calumet, Ironwood MI
Long Valley, Idaho
Fenno-Evangelical Lutheran Church Development in U.S.
Daybook [Poytakirja] 1892-1895 (230 pp.)

John W. Eloheimo was an ordained Finnish Lutheran minister whi was a principal mover in the growth of the Finnish community in Long Valley, Idaho, from 1902 until his death in 1913. He was a judge, Elo postmaster, school board member, storekeeper, and spiritual leader of the Finnish people in Long Valley, Idaho.

  1. The Church Register: births, deaths, marriages, and confirmation of mostly Finnish people (Calumet,Ironwood, and Long Valley, Idaho) 1891-1909 In Finnish 248 pp.
  2. Eloheimo's Day Book (Pöytäkirja) Record of events in the development of the Fenno Lutheran Church in the U.S. (He had left the Suomi Synod and formed his own church, was Bishop Eloheimo). In Finnish and English 230 pp.
47 1       Marquette County 1850
2       Marquette County 1870
3       Marquette County 1880
4       Marquette County 1900
5       Marquette County 1900
6       Marquette County 1910
48 7       Marquette County 1860
8       Houghton County 1880 Hillsdale County
9       Houghton County 1900
10       Houghton County 1900
11       Houghton County 1910 Cogebic County
12       Houghton County 1910