Archives of the Marquette County Historical Society'n suomalainen kokoelma, Marquette, Michigan

Luettelo on kopioitu elokuussa 1999.

Box 1

Finnfest materials - publications, classes offered, programs

Calendar of name days for 1996

Newspaper - The Finnish American Reporter - Oct. 1994

Photocopies of Lapatossu illustrations - 1913

William Riisto papers - Negaunee miners Union/Labor Temple in Finnish

Transcrips of Oral interviews:
Helen Ilmonen Alanen
Arvo Hakkola
Leslie Hillberg
Esther Himes
Leslie Kallioinen
Bernie Kaukola
Ray Kauppila
Rev. Karlo Keljo
Rev. Rudolph Kempainen
Julia Koski
Helen Makela
Arvid and Imbie Olander
Jennie Mosky Usimaki
Ahti Waak

Translation of diaries or Frans and Nels Wiipola - 1915-1945

Studet papers - Finnish American collection - Jon Saari's class - NMU see listing on separate sheets

2 copies of Central Upper Peninsula Finnish American Bicentennial - 1776-1976

Copies of naturalization, marriage, land grant for Korpela (Korpi) and Wiipola family

Article in Alger Footprints - Loviisa Kampinen - A Century of Sisu

Articles on Rebuplic area - Co op, Workman's Association

Exhibit materials "Ven Mummu and Faari" - scripting, research materials, planning meetings, notes, agendas


Box 1

Audio cassettes of interviews and release forms.

Family histories submitted in Finnish-American related courses at NMU (HS 353 Finnish Immigrants in America, SO 402 Rural Sociology, and HS 176/211 Historical Thinking and Writing):

Alasimi, Riitta
A Brief History of the Village of Palmer [interviews with Arne Huhtala; Andrew Saari, Elsa Saari]. HS 176. ca 1979.

Blixt, Stephen
Sozialization in Pelkie: The Story of Emil and Alice Hiltunen

Annala, Randy
Merchants and medicine: the story of the Annala family in National Mine. HS 353, 1989.

Antilla, LaVerne
Republic: The History of a Stubborn Mining Town, 1870-1928 [Interviews with Elizabeth Jepson, Elizabeth Laforais, Helmi Rankinen, Mae Wixtrom]. HS 211, 1983

Bemis, Vicky
The Gustaa Adolph Lintula family [Chatham-Eben]. HS 353, 1992.

Bennett, Dawn
Rose [Ruusa Kauppila and Antti Makela (micklow) and their descendants]. HS 295, 1983.

Blixt, Stephen
[Essay on his grandmother, Ida Pannanen, Crescent street, Marquette, and living with her in 1976-1977].

Bruce, Greg.
Keranen-Family History [Eino and Maria Keranen, Watton and Karelia]. HS 353, 1989. See also Laverne Chappell.

Burman, Kristin
Frank Victor Burman [Phelps, Wisconsin]. HS 353, 1992.

Chappel, Laverne M.
A Comparison of Two Immigrant Histories[Henry and Margareta Simonen of Michigamme, and Eino and Maria Keranen of Watton]. HS 390, 1976

Farley, Bill
The Kuljanens [Crystal Falls] and the Polkkis [Negaunee, Princeton]. HS 353, 1983.

Frisbie, Christy
Family of Doris and Olaf Linna [Skandia].

Gehrge, Michael A.
Nestor and Aleksandra Sarkela Family History [Negaunee]. Folder with three cassette tapes and transcripts. HS 353, 1989.

Ghiggia, David C.
[No title, but family history of Erik Asunmaa-Erikson and Lizzie Kantola and their descendants Richard Erickson and Sally Erickson in Ishpeming and Iron River]. HS 353, 1989.

Harju, J.
Two Ishpeming families compared: Aili and Tauno Alasimi and Tyyne and Matti Kamppinen. HS 353, 1979

Heikkila, John.
A History of Ishpeming and its ethnic peoples. [interviews with Ernest and Mary Decaire].

Holmstrom, Robert
His grandparents [Holmstrom, Waara, Torkola, Sorsen -- mostly Copper Country]. HS 353, 1979.

Juntilla, Mark K.
Ville Juntilla and Erika Saaraniemi Juntilla and descendants [Calumet]. HS 353, 1979.

Junttonen, John
Family of Ted Laitinen and Martha Taavola [Chassel]. HS 353, 1983.

Karkkainen, Mike
My Grandparents and I [Elizabeth Elsa Perala, Charles Ruohonen, Elna Johana Kuhmonen, Henry Abrahm Karkkainen, from small copper country communities of Liminga, Oskar, Ripey, and Gay]. HS 353, 1985.

Kennedy, Kaye
The Finnish Temperance Society in Marquette. 1898-1972. HS 211,

Koernke, Susan
The Polvis: A Finnish American family [a four generational study, ending with Beth Kiltinen and her husband Larry Linna: Dukes-Skandia area]. HS 353, 1992.

Kralovec, James
The John Heikkila and Ida Katrina Norgaard family [Caspian area]. HS 353, 1992.

Lakenen, Kathleen
My family compared with other Finnish immigrants [grandparents Olivia Lempi Rajala and Einer Otto Yultia, and interviews with her father Paavo Einer Niemi, of Finn settlement near Watson, southern Marquette country], HS 353, 1977.

Lammi, Michael D.
Tough as Nails: the history of the Matti Lammi family [Chatham]. HS 353, 1989.

Landreville, Lucian
Antti Vanalainen/Toivola [Drummond Island].

Larson, Mary
The Pikkumaki family Bruce Crossing. HS 353, 1989.

Lundquist, Elaine
A Brief Peak into the Ilves History [Laura Elizabeth Poikila, her two husbands John Nelson and John Eric Ilves and their descendants]. HS 295, 1983.

Mantila, James
Mantila family [Pelkie]. HS 353,

Markkanen, Greg
The family of Albin and Ida Markkanen [Prairie River, Minnesota]. HS 353, 1992.

Nissen, Jon E.
The Finnish Community in Green, Michigan. HS 295, 1983.

Paavola, Ruth Ann
The Way We Were [Paavola, Seppanen, Kemppainen, Alametsa--Hancock and downstate]. HS 353, 1979.

Peltier, Michael
Gust Hautamaki and Rauha Koski [Wakefield; interviews with the sons Roy and Lyle Maki of Marquette]. HS 353, 1985.

Petrin, Kris
The Matt Karjala and Signe Joensuu family [Ripley, near Calumet]. HS 353, 1992.

Pilon, Roger J.
From the Grand Duchy of Finland to the United States of America: A Biographical Sketch of John Abram Tiuranimi-Hogan [Wetmore, Humboldt, Eben]. HS 353,

Pouttu-Clarke, Matt
A short sketch of lives of Alina and Abraham Brandstrom [Arizona, then Quincy mine, then rural farm in Elo]. HS 211, 1994.

Reynolds, Raymond
Wayne [Elena Krekooli and Elias Jussila and their sons in the North Delta country area plus Chatham ant Trenary]. HS 353, 1989.

Riutta, Kelly.
Kulkurin Valssi: The lives of Alfred and Elizabeth Riutta [Chassel]. HS 353, 1992.

Robinet, Lisa
The Mattson family [Andrew and Mathilda and their son Matt and daughter-in-law Ida in the Eben, Carlsend, Dukes area]. HS 353, 1992.

Sloan, Keith
The John Bjorne Family and North Lake. HS 353, 1989.

Snider, Rock and Sherri TenHouten
Family of Martha and Matt Mannisto [Eben].

Stam, Duane
The History of a Finnish-American Family [Kaisa Leppanen and Julius Wiig and their daughters Lillian Wiig and Lempi Nurmi]. HS 353, 1980.

Strom, Paul L.
A Short history of the Finnish community in Kiva, Michigan [interviews with Arne Peterson and his wife Lyle]. HS 176, 1979.

Syrja, Steven
My Finnish Blood: the Wickmans, Larsons and Helstens. HS 353, 1979.

Thumme, Roy
Nisula and its stores. HS 211,

Warwick, Janet M.
Hulda Murtomaki and John Ammesmaki Kanerva [Gwinn]. HS 295, 1983.

Wiitala, Shirley
The Wiitala Family [Kaleva]. HS 353, 1979.

Wilkins, Aaron
The Coop Movement among Finns in Rock, Michigan [interviews with Osmo Aalto, Bertha Pekkala, Celia Viitala]. HS 211, 1983.

Wood, Rock
Martha and John Ahtila [Newberry]. HS 295, 1983.

Yelle, Ann Marie
Soni Sovenlina: The story of my Finnish grandmother Sally (Lammi) Niemi [Gwinn]. HS 353, 1989.