Naturalizations from the Commissioners Law and Probate Index - C-E

Clatsop County, Oregon

Compiled by Liisa Penner.

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The entries below refer to naturalizations recorded in Law Books, volumes 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7 in the basement at the Clatsop County, Oregon, courthouse, located at Astoria, Oregon. The dates go from about 1850 to 1906. The copies that I worked from were very faint and I may have made errors. If errors are found, please let me know so that I can make corrections. If you plan to order copies of these records, you should ask the clerk at the courthouse to doublecheck the original index to be sure the name and numbers are correct.

Naturalizations were recorded in many different books. The following is from only one index book. If you don't find the name you are looking for, it may appear in one of the other indexes.

For a few of the names below, there is good information in the books refered to. For most, there is not much more than the name, the date, and the country. There may be more information in some other record.

Many names are spelled differently than that found for these people in later records. For instance, "Balo" was spelled "Palo" in Finland and is probably spelled with a "P" by all the family members now.

1/79, 4/69.70 means that entries are found in Volume 1, page 79 and in Volume 4, pages 69, 70 and 71.

Cahill, Thomas1/109, 4/98
Camby, Anthony5/269
Campbell, Alexander4/246
Campbell, Gus5/184
Cannic, Frank4/396
Capi, John7/122
Carlsen, Victor7/102
Carlson, Andrew4/573
Carlson, Arthur W.5/386
Carlson, Carl E.5/292.462.462
Carlson, Charles O.4/534
Carlson, Chas E.4/599
Carlson, Frank O.4/544
Carlson, Frank Robert5/110
Carlson, Johann4/241
Carlson, John5/50
Carlson, John A.1/80, 4/70
Carlson, Jonas P.4/528
Carlson, Martin4/525
Carlson, Oskar4/290
Carlson, Otto5/166
Carlson, Otto5/192
Carlson, P. August5/110
Carlson, Victor6/1
Carlson, Wm.5/68
Carlsson, Gustaf5/288
Carlsson, John E.5/161
Carman, Henry4/112, 4/101,
Carminiti, T.4/508
Carrigan, John D.5/43
Casite, George4/342
Casovay, Nicholas4/344
Cattrall, John F.5/57 [?]
Cattrall, Wm. T.6/65
Cauley, Henry5/318
Cavalles, Constantine4/160
Caviglia, Vincenzo7/69
Cawker, J. W.5/215
Caycanes, George4/589
Cearns, Richard4/454
Chadwick, Wm.4/350-1
Christensen, Christ5/45
Christensen, Julius4/614
Christensen, Wm.7/17
Christenson, Carl Johan7/110
Christian, M. T.1/41, 4/35
Christiansen, Andreas6/103
Christiansen, W. A. N.1/131, 4/115
Christiansen, Wm.1/114, 4/102
Christianson, Jacob4/241
Christianson, Ludwig4/508
Christianson, Nikolaus5/177
Christianson, Thomas P.4/459
Chutter, A. G.7/87
Chutter, W. T.4/170.171
Chylin, Charles7/55
Claiberg, Andrew T.4/211.212
Clancy, John5/131
Clausen, John4/563
Cole, Franklin F.5/84
Cole, Olando4/385
Collins, Thos.5/119
Conkell, F. V.6/121
Connolly, A. H.4/426
Cook, Wm. J.4/409
Cordiner, P. C.5/188
Corlund, Leander5/173
Court, James L.5/195
Coyne, Harry5/330
Cribb, Harry4/450
Crohn, Herman6/97
Cukuvinness, Stathes1/148, 4/129
Dahl, Alfred6/215
Dahl, P. M.5/9
Dahlgren, Wm.5/157
Dahlin, J. L.4/603
Dalgity, James4/171
Damant, Frank S4/373
Damant, Thomas G4/209.210
Danelson, A. A.4/515
Danielsen, Haydahl7/83
Danielson, Aug.1/83, 4/73
Darragh, John W.5/67.66
Davich, Nicholas4/387
Davidson, George1/6, 4/7
Davies, Thomas R.4/549
Dawson, Ezra5/10
Dawson, Matthew T.4/357
De Kartowski, Bogustas5/110.111
De, Rosa Mendocea Manuel4/76.77,
Demetries, John4/581
Dench, Jacob5/337
Denk, John5/180
Dillon, Martin1/140, 4/122
Dixon, Frank4/542
Dixon, Wm4/294.295
Domonic, Lawrence4/443,
Donohue, Michael4/272
Dooney, Michael4/444
Dow, Chas S.1/109, 4/98
Duffy, Patrick1/118, 4/104
Dufner, Otto7/4
Duggan, Daniel T.4/194
Dunphy, Peter4/541
Dutch, Peter1/89, 4/79
Dybirg, Mads H.5/381
Dybvik, Erik7/115
Eccles, Thomas4/268.269
Edgar, Wm.5/151
Edwards, Charley1/5, 4/6
Ehlandt, Chas W.4/215
Eigner, Wm. Albert5/203
Ekblom, Edward4/416
Eklund, Frank4/419
Ekoos, Benjamin6/177
Ekoos, Thos.4/455
Elander, C.4/276
Elander, John4/512
Elder, Joshua1/6
Elefteris [?], Elefterio John 5/158
Eleo, George Constantine5/191
Elg, Frans Herman7/39
Eliason, Lauritz4/323, See, 5/382
Elleson, Laurence5/382
Empi, Lars4/464
Enberg, Johan Werner7/56
Enbusk, Chas J.5/327
Enevoldsen, Nils C.4/552
Engbretsen, Edward7/113
Enquist, John F.5/21
Erdmann, Carl6/185
Erickson, Isaak4/591
Erickson, John4/157.158
Erickson, John5/283
Erickson, Julius4/534
Erickson, Thomas4/313.314
Eriksen, Eilert5/220
Eriksen, John Abram4/522
Erikson, Abram5/265
Erikson, Charles5/167
Erikson, E.4/532
Erikson, Johan7/54
Eriksson, John4/432
Eriksson, Olof4/468
Erkson, A. G.4/499
Erman, Magnus M.4/382
Escola, Andrew7/75
Eskelin, John5/260
Eskola, John4/193.194
Estoos, Theodor5/86
Evancevich, Luca4/161.162
Eyles, John5/141

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