Naturalizations from the Commissioners Law and Probate Index - L-M

Clatsop County, Oregon

Compiled by Liisa Penner.

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The entries below refer to naturalizations recorded in Law Books, volumes 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7 in the basement at the Clatsop County, Oregon, courthouse, located at Astoria, Oregon. The dates go from about 1850 to 1906. The copies that I worked from were very faint and I may have made errors. If errors are found, please let me know so that I can make corrections. If you plan to order copies of these records, you should ask the clerk at the courthouse to doublecheck the original index to be sure the name and numbers are correct.

Naturalizations were recorded in many different books. The following is from only one index book. If you don't find the name you are looking for, it may appear in one of the other indexes.

For a few of the names below, there is good information in the books refered to. For most, there is not much more than the name, the date, and the country. There may be more information in some other record.

Many names are spelled differently than that found for these people in later records. For instance, "Balo" was spelled "Palo" in Finland and is probably spelled with a "P" by all the family members now.

1/79, 4/69.70 means that entries are found in Volume 1, page 79 and in Volume 4, pages 69, 70 and 71.

Lace, John4/207.208
Lager, Charles5/366
Lahdenpera, Andrew4/530
Lahti, Laur7/108
Lahti, Nils Anderson5/261
Laily, Charles5/35
Laiti, David4/445
Lambi, Andrew4/312.313
Lampi, Abel6/93
Landers, George4/484
Langland, Nels5/106
Lanning, Andrew S.5/262
Lanto, Oscar6/237
Lantto, Eli5/379
Larsen, Albert5/28
Larsen, August5/58
Larsen, August4/525
Larsen, E. S.1/74, 4/64
Larsen, Frederick William7/6
Larsen, Henry4/160.161
Larsen, Isaac5/134
Larsen, John4/250
Larsen, John H.1/62, 4/54
Larsen, L. K.4/577
Larsen, Ludwig4/187.188
Larsen, Mortimus4/372.373
Larsen, Nils4/226
Larsen, Ole4/147.148
Larson, J. A.4/573
Larson, John A.4/438
Larson, Lars4/489
Larson, P. August5/79
Larson, Rudolph4/554
Larsson, Charles5/353
Larsson, John4/338.339
Lauren, Karl4/231.232
Laurila, Gustaf Fred5/38
Laurila, John Adolf4/172
Laurin, Theodore F.5/189
Laursen, Peter6/39
Lawlor, James5/90
Lawlor, M.1/108, 4/97
Lawson, John1/42, 4/36
Laxell, Henry5/358
Layzell, George C.5/56
Layzell, Oliver7/13
Layzell, William5/132
Leafpoint, John7/58
Leahy, Michael1/25, 4/111
Lebeck, Leander4/390
Lee, Andrew5/129
Lehto, August4/152.153
Leonard, John J.6/223
Leonard, Joseph W.5/51
Lepisto, Gustaf7/43
Leroy, Charles1/79, 4/69
Lesskinen, Erik5/54
Libke, Ernst4/247.248
Lide, John4/595
Liisananti, Evert7/126
Lillenas, Andreas P.4/456
Lillevik, Bernhard7/96
Lind, John4/572
Lindberg, Olof5/263
Lindberg, Sven5/313
Linder, N. H. O.4/249
Lindfors, W. Evart5/67
Lindle, Andrew4/251
Lindquist, Carl A.5/148
Lindstrom, C. G.7/92
Lindstrom, Frank5/145
Lindstrom, Fred5/257
Lindstrom, Herman4/548
Lindstrom, Jacob6/31
Lonberg, Sven6/35
Longi, Matts4/311.312
Longvist, Oskar5/316
Lonholt, G. L.6/33
Lorenzo, Edward5/181
Lornsten, Hans M.4/505
Louden, William J.1/82, 4/72
Loughery, Clark H.1/65, 4/57
Lovett, George4/156
Lucelo, M.4/347
Lucido, Frank7/23
Lucido, Paul7/24
Ludvigsen, Edward4/492
Lugas, August4/159
Lugnet, Abraham4/234.235
Lugnet, Isak4/538
Lukkarila, Matt4/299.300
Lumijarvi, Johan Hendrickson 4/166
Lumijarvi, Joseph H.6/255
Lund, Einar4/514
Lund, John6/15
Lundberg, John5/191
Lundberg, William4/397
Lunden, Wilhelm W.6/125
Lundquist, J. P.5/264
Lundquist, John5/95
Lundquist Peter4/594
Lung, John5/256
Luokkanen, Herman4/165
Luoma, Matti4/638
Luota, Emil4/366
Lusich, Mark4/335
Maata, Johan P.6/261
Machado, Joas Dutra4/95
Magne, August1/78, 4/68
Maher, James4/511
Maila, Jacob4/364
Mairs, Thomas1/129, 4/113
Makela, Henry4/376
Makelle, Giovanni5/150
Maki, Oskar4/432
Malagamba, D.4/322.323
Mannula, Andrew4/203.204
Mansell, John H.4/619
Maren, Peter4/271
Marincovich, Andrew6/173
Marincovich, G.4/329
Marincovich, M.4/330.331
Markkola, William5/230
Markow, August4/590
Martinis, Andrew A.7/7
Marxen, Asmus5/339
Masters, George5/343
Mathews, Charles4/300.301
Mathson, Math5/96
Matson, Henry4/333
Matson, Henry W.7/99
Matson, John6/21
Matson, John4/285.286
Matson, Martin A.5/268
Matson, William7/124
Mattila, Abel5/57
Mattson, Aldrick7/127
Mattson, Andrew5/324
Mattson, Andrew5/295
Mattson, August5/222
Mattson, Jonas4/536
Maxwell, Samuel4/457
McCabe, Michael4/315.316
McCann, John5/372
McClarney, James4/544
McCormick, Hugh4/144
McDonald, Charlie5/11
McFarlane, M4/493
McHanna, William4/202.203
McInnis, Dan A.4/618
McInnis, Daniel H.5/361
McIntosh, W. R.5/386
McKay, A. M.1/75, 4/65
McKay, Alexander M.4/65
McKeating, James4/383
McLallen, Lawrence1/36, 4/31
McLean, Angus4/357, (10/98.116, Comm)
McLean, D. M.7/89
McLellan, D. C.4/142
McMillen, A. B.1/120, 4/107
McPherson, C.5/333
McPherson, James H.6/99
McTavish, Duggan4/212.213
Meikle, A. W.4/557
Meldaus, Olof6/293
Mendocea, M. De Rosa1/87, 4/86
Mercurio, Francisco4/582
Mesford, Alex K.6/45
Meyers, Harry D.6/287
Michelson, Elias6/297
Michelson, Victor4/415
Mikelson, John4/531
Mikkola, Frank O.6/43
Miller, Peder4/477
Miran, Baldiseau4/190.191
Mitchel, John5/255
Mitchel, Thomas5/124
Mitchell, Andrew4/203
Moberg, August W.5/155
Moberg, Carl O.7/105
Moeller, Wilhelm5/204
Mokko, Thos.4/513
Moody, Alex5/166
Moore, Chas M.4/182
Moore, Jacob1/150, 4/131
Morgan, John1/3, , 4/4
Morris, Thomas5/157
Morrison, Andrew S.4/564
Movick, Harvey6/307
Mowick, Andrew5/383
Mulinari, Rafael4/586
Munn, Wm.1/110, 4/99
Munzell, Henry G.4/487
Murphy, Edward J.4/583
Murray, Hugh4/391
Myllenbeck, Louis5/250
Myllyoja, Andrew6/89
Myllyoja, Jacob6/85
Myntti, Jacob5/258

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