Naturalizations from the Commissioners Law and Probate Index - N-P

Clatsop County, Oregon

Compiled by Liisa Penner.

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The entries below refer to naturalizations recorded in Law Books, volumes 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7 in the basement at the Clatsop County, Oregon, courthouse, located at Astoria, Oregon. The dates go from about 1850 to 1906. The copies that I worked from were very faint and I may have made errors. If errors are found, please let me know so that I can make corrections. If you plan to order copies of these records, you should ask the clerk at the courthouse to doublecheck the original index to be sure the name and numbers are correct.

Naturalizations were recorded in many different books. The following is from only one index book. If you don't find the name you are looking for, it may appear in one of the other indexes.

For a few of the names below, there is good information in the books refered to. For most, there is not much more than the name, the date, and the country. There may be more information in some other record.

Many names are spelled differently than that found for these people in later records. For instance, "Balo" was spelled "Palo" in Finland and is probably spelled with a "P" by all the family members now.

1/79, 4/69.70 means that entries are found in Volume 1, page 79 and in Volume 4, pages 69, 70 and 71.

Nandrup, Ludw. Alf Larson5/221
Narvig, Reinert5/179
Nass, August6/245
Neelsen, F. L. L.4/358
Nelsen, Swan5/360
Nelsen, Thomas4/287
Nelson, Charlie5/14
Nelson, Eric6/309
Nelson, Gust5/13
Nelson, Isaak7/51
Nelson, John6/37
Nelson, John5/352
Nelson, John1/, 35, 4/118
Nelson, O.1/99, 4/89
Nelson, Oscar5/348
Nelson, Oskar4/235.236
Nelson, Otto7/120
Ness, John7/77
Ness, Michael5/186
Newbury, H.1/136, , 4/119
Newman, Carl4/398
Nicander, Gustaf4/401
Nicklarson, Carl A.4/551
Nicklas, Anton5/171
Nicklas, Dan7/22
Nickolas, Mitchell4/265.266
Nicolai, John4/318.319
Nielsen, Johannes6/243
Nielsen, Niels Madson5/223
Nielsen, Niels Venning4/308
Nielsen, Soren6/199
Niemela, Gust4/540
Niemela, John5/247
Niemela, Olof4/376
Niemelin, Frank5/321
Niemi, Alfred7/52
Niemi, Arvid4/535
Niemi, Charles5/169
Niemi, John6/57
Niemi, William5/253
Nilsen, Nils J.5/77
Nilson, Albert4/568
Nilson, Olof5/369
Nilsson, Andrew G.5/149, 9/239.267.268
Nilsson, Ernst R. E.6/213
Nilsson, Nils6/133
Nohrn, Henry A.4/430
Noonin, Edmond4/267.268
Nordberg, Frank4/536
Nordlund, Mary6/119
Nordrup, Sigvart7/86
Nordstorm, Johan4/402
Nordstrom, Andrew4/242
Nordstrom, Oscar4/575
Norgaard, Arnt A.6/13
Nyberg, Karl William6/271
Nygard, Sanfred5/77
Nymand, Nis N.5/202
Nymann, Hans Nissen4/403
Nyquiste, Charles4/252
Nyqvist, Andrew4/562
Oesan, Hugo L. J.4/595
Ohlson, Herman5/355
Ohlson, Olof4/598
Oja, Abel6/299
Oja, Charles5/374
Olsaen, Julius5/226
Olsen, A. W.4/600
Olsen, Albert5/341
Olsen, Andrew7/68
Olsen, Axel J.7/91
Olsen, Bernt4/635
Olsen, Hans P.4/260
Olsen, Harry4/311
Olsen, J. M.5/105
Olsen, Knud4/519
Olsen, Lars7/118
Olsen, Martin4/554
Olsen, Nils4/517
Olsen, Ole B.4/436
Olsen, Oscar Emil5/135
Olsen, Peter1/116, , 4/103
Olseson, Rasmus A.5/71
Olson, Andrew4/291.292
Olson, Andrew J.4/439
Olson, Ben S.5/200
Olson, Fred4/450
Olson, John5/70
Olson, John7/26
Olson, Martin5/113
Olson, Nils G. I.6/7
Olson, Swan S.5/276.458.458
Olsson, Fred Renholds5/225
Olsson, M.4/576
Olsson, O.4/578
Olsson, Olof4/138
Olsson, Peter4/137
Oman, John5/319
Oppel, John5/335
Orjala, Johan6/167
Osmundsen, Olaus4/406
Osola, Jekab5/175
Overlie, Charl.4/469
O'Brien, Theresa5/139
O'Donnell, Thomas5/32
Paavola, Sanfred5/334
Pajoman, Rudolph7/28
Pakkila, Jacob5/347
Paldanius, Albert5/190
Paldanius, Edward5/33
Palmberg, Carl G.4/558
Palmer, Fred W.5/356
Palmer, John E.4/281.282
Palmquist, John E.4/213.214.215
Palo, Olof7/112
Palo, William6/27
Panletich, Frank6/171
Pantaja, Jacob4/539
Panttaja, Matti A.5/320
Papajiannake, Nicholas6/189
Parhaniemi, Fred5/309
Paris, John5/237
Parmer, John E.4/216.217.220
Parry, Wm. F.4/460
Parson, Niels5/89
Parson, Nils5/89
Partanen, Alexander4/546
Patra, Hendrick4/330
Paulson, Lars5/146
Pavletich, Frank5/202.401.402
Pearson, Axel7/29
Pearson, George4/361
Pecharich, Nick5/314
Pederson, Hans4/298.299
Peikowski, Gustaf5/225
Penttila, John E.7/65
Perala, Henry7/44
Pernula, Jacob5/266
Person, Jonas5/160
Persson, Erik5/31
Petersen, Nels Alfred4/605
Peterson, Adolf Fredrick6/209
Peterson, Axel7/74
Peterson, Charlie1/115, 4/103
Peterson, Christian4/338
Peterson, Cornelius6/197
Peterson, J. W.4/597
Peterson, John1/80, 4/70
Peterson, John1/141, 4/123
Peterson, John5/115
Peterson, John7/18
Peterson, John C.4/627
Peterson, L. A.6/71
Peterson, O. I.4/145.146
Peterson, Ole1/39, 4/33
Peterson, Par E.5/312
Peterson, Peter5/239
Peterson, Peter4/154.155
Peterson, Peter4/488
Peterson, Rasmus4/550
Peterson, Samuel4/440
Peterson, Victor4/481
Peterson, Wm.4/493
Petreff, Nick5/289
Petterson, A. T.6/25
Petterson, Carl W.5/300
Petterson, Emil5/169
Petterson, John4/500
Phister, Harry5/336
Pirie, John5/75
Piscioniere, Frank4/356
Pitkanen, William6/275
Plancich, Anton4/340
Plancich, Nick5/150
Plancich, Peter4/339.340
Planting, Herman4/318
Plath, Henry4/183
Pohl, Wm. C. A.5/142
Poldersforf, Richard4/395
Poltreck, Gustaf5/363
Potrato, Cosmo4/186.187
Powers, Michael4/153
Poynante, Louis5/23
Poysky, Peter5/164
Proll, Joseph5/204
Purpola, John4/173
Puskala, Henry6/83

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