Naturalizations from the Commissioners Law and Probate Index - Q-S

Clatsop County, Oregon

Compiled by Liisa Penner.

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The entries below refer to naturalizations recorded in Law Books, volumes 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7 in the basement at the Clatsop County, Oregon, courthouse, located at Astoria, Oregon. The dates go from about 1850 to 1906. The copies that I worked from were very faint and I may have made errors. If errors are found, please let me know so that I can make corrections. If you plan to order copies of these records, you should ask the clerk at the courthouse to doublecheck the original index to be sure the name and numbers are correct.

Naturalizations were recorded in many different books. The following is from only one index book. If you don't find the name you are looking for, it may appear in one of the other indexes.

For a few of the names below, there is good information in the books refered to. For most, there is not much more than the name, the date, and the country. There may be more information in some other record.

Many names are spelled differently than that found for these people in later records. For instance, "Balo" was spelled "Palo" in Finland and is probably spelled with a "P" by all the family members now.

1/79, 4/69.70 means that entries are found in Volume 1, page 79 and in Volume 4, pages 69, 70 and 71.

Quinn, Ellen5/274
Rallmilovich, Peter4/190
Ranta, Isak6/49
Rasmusen, Knud5/135
Rasmussen, Andreas H. B.5/187
Rasmussen, Andrew7/94
Rasmussen, Laurits5/302
Rasmussen, Nels J.6/227
Rasmussen, Rasmus J.4/517
Rautio, August6/163
Rautio, Eli4/325.326
Reddaway, James4/453
Reid, John4/414
Reinikka, Aldrik A.7/40
Resveg, John J.4/540
Richardson, Elias4/175
Ridehalgh, W. W.4/426
Riephof, George4/448
Rierson, Daniel4/145
Rietala, Jacob7/67
Rigas, Antone6/283
Rigas, Nicolaus6/51 [52?]
Ring, Charles5/177
Rober, Baptist5/25
Roberts, George H.4/248
Robin, Jerry4/170
Rockman, Frank6/161
Roderick, Ceasar Leone6/205
Rohbek, Soren J.5/36
Rohde, August H.5/101
Rohde, John P.4/625
Rohde, T. H.4/288
Rosenberg, Charles C. C.5/326
Rosenberg, John4/529
Rosh, Albert7/79
Ross, Albert V.4/513
Ross, Charles G.4/629
Ross, Chas A.4/639
Ross, Daniel P.1/151, 4/131
Ross, Frank Hjalmar7/50
Ross, James P.4/227.228
Rost, Victor5/384
Rostad, Giert7/30
Rostved, Elling7/111
Rouslow, Edward4/363
Rova, Edward5/41
Row, William5/233
Rowa, Charles7/61
Rucich, Joseph4/569
Rusted, Thomas4/424
Ryan, John P.4/280.281
Ryan, Martin5/163
Ryckman, D. C.4/206
Ryckman, J. G.1/117, 4/104
Ryrie, Thomas4/413
Saari, Isak7/53
Saarinen, Caarl6/231
Sachariasen, Karl6/259
Sakar, Peter Abram4/533
Salmi, Charles P.6/69
Salmonsen, Elling4/490
Salte, Abraham1/160, 4/139
Salte, Rasmus Olai6/201
Salvatore, P.1/122, 4/108
Salvon, Mike7/84
Salvosaho, Frank Henry6/91
Samanich, Martin4/168.169
Sanders, Charles4/238
Sanderson, Herman5/76
Sands John T.4/408
Sands, Ole T.4/425
Sandvig, Hans H.4/461
Sanhela, Nils4/158.159
Sanstrom, John E.1/142, 4/124
Saparovich, John4/189
Sarajarvi, Karle5/126
Sarkie, John S.5/270
Sarkkila, Matt5/358
Saterbo, John B.4/471
Sather, John E.7/82
Satter [Satler?], Peter4/464
Savage, Charles5/379
Sayer, John7/11
Schei, John7/31
Schistad, Peter J.6, /137
Schmidt, Wm.5/65
Schoen, Herman4/428
Schroeder, Alfred J. C.5/176
Scoland, Oros T.4/553
Scoval, Chas E.4/324.325
Seaborg, Axtel1/37, 4/32
Seaburg, P. O.4/221
Seafeldt, Albert4/185
Seelig, L. E.1/72, 4/63
Seim, Knud Olsen4/519
Selfors, Ole B.6/281
Selnes, John5/26
Selness, Fredrik A.5/307
Selness, John5/26
Settem, Ole4/452
Severtson, Louis5/229
Sewalk, Jack5/112
Shanahan, David5/144
Shay, Peter1/9, 4/9
Shulton, Anton4/404
Siermala, John6/23
Sigfridson, Karl4/587
Siiklauter, John6/273
Silva, Antonio J.5/279.459.459
Simi, Henry5/249
Simonsen, Martin4/197
Simonson, Niels4/510
Simpson, Geo6/3
Siniluoto, Andros Gustav7/9
Sioblom, Isak5/205
Sipola, Andrew6/42
Siprison, Sipris1/154.155, 4/134
Sivenius, K.5/126
Siverson, Adoph4/495
Siverson, Charles7/106
Sivertsen, S. A.1/132, 4/116
Sjodin, Erick4/386
Sjogren, John Lorentz5/156
Sjosten, Charles5/366
Sjosten, Nils E.5/315
Sjursen, Niels4/400
Sjursen, Ole4/400
Skibbe, Max L.1/134, 4/118
Smith, Arthur M.6/75
Smith, David4/412
Smith, John4/259
Smith, John A.6/153
Smith, Theodore4/596
Snow, A. G.5/357
Snow, Sidney J.6/129
Snugg, Gustaf F.4/304
Soderberg, J. A.6/211
Sodich, Anton C.4/184
Soelberg, Gustaf4/277
Sofmunsen, Ingelbreght1/155.156, 4/135
Solie, Ingval7/21
Somerville, David Hope6/191
Sommer, Peter5/47
Sorensen, Christian1/57, 4/50
Sorenson, Samuel T.6/187
Sorkki, Oskar7/85
Sotka, Abraham4/324
Southman, Adolph6/241
Spencer, Herbert N.7/33
Spencer, Thomas4/567
Steen, John1/60, 4/53
Stepping, John1/92, 4/82
Stevenson, John1/66, 4/58, 5/341
Stigolich, J. Winson4/188.189
Stolpe, C. E.5/347
Storm, Charles7/8
Storm, Werner5/133
Strangeland, Paul L.4/470
Stratee, Jacob7/5
Strattes, Nicholas6/235
Stream, Marinus A.1/84, 4/74
Streine, Albert4/130
Strom, Andrew J.4/491
Strom, August4/348.349
Stromberg, Carl5/287
Studzinski, Michael4/223
Sture, A. G.1/38, 4/32
Sumstad, Anton E.4/470
Sundich, Anton4/345.346
Sundquist, John7/100
Sundstrom, Chas G.1/139, 4/121
Sunell, Kauppi5/373
Sunich, Nicolo4/565
Suokko, John7/73
Sute, John4/380
Svahn, H. William4/528
Svenson, Pete E.5/296
Svindseth, Nels Johnson4/181
Swahn, John1/100, 4/90
Swan, Carl Victor4/153.154
Swanson, E. M.1/101, 4/91
Swanson, Nels6/239
Swanson, Oscar5/69
Swenson, E. M.6/9

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