Naturalizations from the Commissioners Law and Probate Index - T-Z

Clatsop County, Oregon

Compiled by Liisa Penner.

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The entries below refer to naturalizations recorded in Law Books, volumes 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7 in the basement at the Clatsop County, Oregon, courthouse, located at Astoria, Oregon. The dates go from about 1850 to 1906. The copies that I worked from were very faint and I may have made errors. If errors are found, please let me know so that I can make corrections. If you plan to order copies of these records, you should ask the clerk at the courthouse to doublecheck the original index to be sure the name and numbers are correct.

Naturalizations were recorded in many different books. The following is from only one index book. If you don't find the name you are looking for, it may appear in one of the other indexes.

For a few of the names below, there is good information in the books refered to. For most, there is not much more than the name, the date, and the country. There may be more information in some other record.

Many names are spelled differently than that found for these people in later records. For instance, "Balo" was spelled "Palo" in Finland and is probably spelled with a "P" by all the family members now.

1/79, 4/69.70 means that entries are found in Volume 1, page 79 and in Volume 4, pages 69, 70 and 71.

Tadei, Gilbert7/70
Takalo, Andrew1/112, 4/100
Takkunen, John W.5/244
Tangney, Bazile4/613
Tee, Arthur J.5/138
Teller, Henrich4/592
Theodoseo, Antone7/121
Thomas, Alexander4/580
Thompson, Albert4/314
Thompson, August4/273
Thompson, Charles4/297.298
Thompson, Erik5/258
Thompson, James M.4/567
Thompson, Oscar5/55
Thompson, Peter1/90, 4/80
Thompson, Sivert A.5/252
Thomson, Duncan7/10
Thoresen, Sivert7/78
Thorkelsen, Christian E.4/406
Thornsen, S. E.1/63, 4/55
Thorsen, R.7/88
Thorvick, Lars L.5/85
Thorvik, Olaus7/104
Thuen, Cornelius4/547
Tiberg, John Oscar4/320.321
Tidslevold, Christoffers H. 5/3
Tidslevold, Lars O.5/16
Tidslevold, Ole Salmonsen5/4
Toikka, John6/279
Toivonen, Karlo5/39
Toivonen, Mooses5/244
Toivonen, Nestor4/410
Tokalo, Henrik4/468
Tokola, August5/301
Tomasich, Frank6/175
Tomasson, Reynholt7/80
Torgeson, Karl A.5/19
Torkelson, Lars4/352
Tronsen, Iver4/233
True, William1/127, 4/112
Tufton, Antone4/253
Tuohina, Henri7/109
Tuorila, Jacob7/48
Turlay, Alfred E.1/86, 4/76
Turner, Samuel H.4/634
Turpie, John5/143
Turve, Henry6/55
Tyberg, John7/63
Tyberg, Nels G.7/64
Tyne, Matts4/166.167
Untinen, Jonas4/377
Utzinger, A. W.4/384
Utzinger, Jacob4/504
Varage, Demetre6/151
Vejen, Ole C.4/274
Vendurus, John4/267
Verschueren, Charles5/148
Vincent, Bernardi5/175
Volmer, Emil6/60
Volmer, John5/15
Voscovich, John4/334
Vragnizan, Steven4/335.336
Vragnizan, Vincent4/341
Wadtson, Carli6/217
Wahl, Arne7/107
Wahl, Edward J.7/90
Wahl, John6/19
Wahl, Peter G.6/251
Wahters, Thomas6/225
Wallenstein, John5/351
Wamp, Joachim4/609
Ward, C. E.4/393
Ward, Evert4/608
Ward, Frank H.1/88, 4/77
Ward, J. C.1/124, 4/109
Warranka, Paul4/367
Waterhouse, John5/200
Waye, Peter O.4/349
Weaver, Alfred6/77
Wedin, Johan Peter4/433
Wentjar, Andrew S.5/52
Wesche, Sven E. C. T.4/217.218
West, Charles1/3, 4/4
Westbostad, Simon S.4/390
Westby, Edvast4/463
Westerlund, Carl4/482
Westerlund, J. F.4/208.209
Whidby, Robert4/602
Wicklund, Oskar S.4/479
Wickman, Fredrick4/146.147
Wicks, John4/482
Wildi, Philip5/198
Wildt, Chris5/196
Williams, John4/201
Willikson, Thomas4/191
Wills, Richard4/316
Wilson, Charles4/270
Wilson, Chas.5/121
Wilson, Henry4/467
Wilson, Swan4/183.184
Wilson, Victor4/234
Wincent, Henrik1/76, 4/66
Wingart, Selig7/16
Winters, Franz Oscar7/12
Wirkalla, Charles1/123, 4/109
Wirkkala, Alex6/265
Wirkkala, Constantine6/269
Wirkkala, Matt7/34
Wirkkala, Nestor6/267
Wirkkala, Sam7/93
Wirkkila, Charles Jr.5/378
Wirsch, Joseph4/434
Wise, Herman5/332
Wobke, Paul Andreas5/34
Woiveries, Adolph1/104, 4/93
Woods, William4/418
Wuopi, John4/245
Wuopio, Albert7/41
Yaakala, Emil6/11
Ylitalo, Henrik E.6/113
Ylonen, Kalle7/60
Ylonen, Victor7/59
Young, Andrew1/69, 4/61
Young, Maxwell1/72, 4/63
Youngstead, Conrad B.6/277
Zarich, Vincent4/275
Ziegler, Gustaf L.4/428

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