Death Certificates of Finns in Lincoln County, Washington, 1907-1942

As contained in microfilm files of the Family History Center at Vancouver, Washington. Excerpted by Merle A. Reinikka.


TOLENON, ABE -- Born May 10, 1907, Govan, Wash. Died Sept. 10, 1907, Govan, Wash. Father: Abe Tolenon. Mother: Christiain Lanen. Burial Sept. 12, 1907, Finn Cemetery, Govan, Wash.
HILL, JOHN -- Age 33, born 1874 in Finland. Died Nov. 30, 1907, Sprague, Wash. Cause of death: typhoid. Single. Laborer. Burial Dec. 2, 1907, Sprague, Wash.



JOHNSON, INFANT -- Female child stillborn September 14, 1909, Wilbur, Wash. Cause of death: knot in cord, cutting off circulation. Father: Michael Evert Johnson. Mother: Augusta Matilda. (No burial data given.)



PAUL, RAY -- Born April 15, 1911, Idaho. Died Aug. 3, 1914, Govan, Wash. Cause of death: cholera infantum. Father: N. Paul (b. Wash.). Mother: Sofine Pieti (b. Finland). Burial Aug. 4, 1914, Finn Cemetery, Almira (?), Wash.



LAKE, JOHN -- Born March 17, 1853, Finland. Died Oct. 19, 1917, Almira, Wash. Cause of death: cancer of stomach. Informant: Jalmar P. Lake, Govan, Wash. (No burial data given.)



WIRTA, MATT -- Born February 25, 1888, Finland. Died July 4, 1918, Almira, Wash. Cause of death: accidental drowning. Single. Farmer. Father: John Wirta. Mother: Hilma Inki. Informant: Hilja Niemi, Knappton, Wash. Burial July 4, 1918, Finn Cemetery, Almira, Wash.



ANDERSON, EMIL E. -- Age 43 yrs. 9 mos. 27days, born in Finland. Died Jan. 19, 1919, Sprague, Wash. Cause of death: hemorrhagic pneumonia; influenza. Widower. Carpenter. Burial Jan. 21, 1919, Macabee Cemetery, Sprague, Wash.
TOLVEMEN, BENNY -- Born February 9, 1919, Washington. Died Apr. 21, 1919, Almira, Wash. Cause of death: bronchial pneumonia. Father: Aberham Tolvemen. Mother: Cristina Lunonen. Burial Apr. 22, 1919.
LOME, IDA JOHANNA -- Born September 14, 1857, Finland. Died May 19, 1919, Almira, Wash. Cause of death: angina pectoris. Married. Father: Zachari Luoma. Mother: Catherin Luoma. Informant: Lydia Lome, Govan, Wash. Burial May 22, 1919, Almira, Wash.



TOLONEN, IMPI M. -- Born November 12, 1896, Finland. Died May 29, 1924, Almira, Wash. Cause of death: gave birth at 8 a.m. May 27, 1924, no medical attendant; had convulsions at 3 a.m. May 28, 1924; continued until death. Contributory: anemia. Wife of John J. Tolonen, Govan, Wash. Father: Matti Nikko. Mother: Liisa Peltomaaa. Burial May 31, 1924, Finn Cemetery.



LOME, JOHN -- Born August 1851 in Finland. Died Aug. 27, 1935, Almira, Wash. Cause of death: heart failure. Widowed. Farmer. Father: John Lome. Mother: Ida J. Louma. Informant: John F. Lome, Almira, Wash. Burial Sept. 1, 1935, Almira, Wash.



SALO, MATILDA -- Born August 28, 1880, Russia. Died Feb. 18, 1938, Odessa, Wash. Cause of death: coronary thrombosis; hypostatic pneumonia. Wife of Emanuel Salo. Father: Wehlem Friske (b. Russia). Mother: Louise Reichter (b. Russia). Burial Feb. 22, 1938, Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, Wash.



TOLONEN, CHRISTINA -- Born June 14, 1873, Finland. Died Apr. 4, 1942, Wilbur, Wash. Cause of death: acute myocardial failure; chronic myocarditis. Wife of Aapo Tolonen (age 65). Father: Hans Leinonen. Mother: Christina. Informant: Aapo Tolonen, Govan, Wash. Burial Apr. 7, 1942, Almira, Wash.