Death Certificates of Finns in Skamania County, Washington, 1909-1946

As contained in microfilm files of the Family History Center at Vancouver, Washington. Excerpted by Merle A. Reinikka.


BROSK, JOHN -- Born 1864 in Finland. Died July 2, 1909, Butler, Wash. Cause of death: drowned in slough while trying to cross with some horses; cause accidental. Married. Fisherman. Father: John Brosk (b. Finland). Mother: Mofie Sisco (b. Finland). Informant: Emil Brosk, Warrendale, Ore. Burial July 4, 1909, Cascades Cemetery.



REAM, OTTO -- Born 1859 in Finland. Died Feb. 23, 1914, Cape Horn, Wash. Cause of death: killed in burning building. Single. Gardening and chickens. Burial Feb. 25, 1914, six miles north of Cape Horn, Wash.



SIABORG, HENRY C. -- Born August 8, 1852, Finland. Died Aug. 18, 1921, Skamania Co., Wash. Cause of death: retention of urine; obstruction of bowels; peritonitis. Married. Farmer. Burial Aug. 20, 1921, Stevenson, Wash.



DAHL, ANDREW -- Born February 25, 1859, Finland. Died Dec. 15, 1924, Skamania, Wash. Cause of death: killed by train at Skamania Station; accidental. Husband of Anna. Fisherman. Father: John Erick Dahl (b. Finland). Mother: Frederika (b. Finland). Informant: Mrs. Christina Anderson, Skamania, Wash. Burial Dec. 17, 1924, Stevenson, Wash.



SEABORG, ANNA ELIZA -- Born June 7, 1851, Finland. Died Jan. 23, 1935, Skamania, Wash. Cause of death: cancer and senility. Wife of Henry C. Seaborg. Father: Martin Erikx Lund (b. Finland). Mother: Gratalesa Mayur (b. Finland). Informant: Mrs. Lina Bergstrom, Oregon City, Ore. Burial Jan. 25, 1935, Stevenson, Wash.



THOMPSON, THOMAS AUGUST -- Born February 1, 1898, Kalama, Wash. Died Apr. 1, 1942, Lewellyn Logging Co. camp near Stevenson, Wash. Usual residence Kalama, Wash. Cause of death: acute cardiac failure. Single. Logger (faller). Father: Matt Thompson (b. Finland). Mother: Sophie Lindsten (b. Finland). Informant: William Thompson, Kalama, Wash. Removal and burial Apr. 4, 1942, IOOF Cemetery, Woodland, Wash.



WIRKKALA, AINA A. -- Born September 22, 1889, Kaustinen, Finland. Died Oct. 19, 1946, Skamania, Wash. Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage; hypertension. Wife of Oscar H. Wirkkala (age 64). Father: Joseph Wirkkala (b. Finland). Informant: Henry Wirkkala, Skamania, Wash. Burial Oct. 24, 1946, Oceanview Cemetery, Astoria, Ore.