Death Certificates of Finns in Whitman County, Washington, 1907-1947

As contained in microfilm files of the Family History Center at Vancouver, Washington. Excerpted by Merle A. Reinikka.


MATSON, JOHN PETER -- Born August 18, 1854, Finland. Died March 6, 1912, Albion, Wash. Cause of death: insufficiency of heart action; mitral regurgitation and general dropsical condition and cancer of pyloris of stomach. Widower. Farmer. Father: Mat Matson (b. Finland). Informant: P.H. Matson, Albion, Wash. Burial March 8, 1912, Albion, Wash.



BLOOMBERG, HENRY -- Age about 80, born in Finland. Died Feb. 2, 1920, St. Ignatius Hospital, Colfax, Wash. Usual residence Tekoa, Wash. Cause of death: general decline following injury to back causing paralysis of bladder, rectum and lower extremities; injured by log rolling on him. Farmer. Burial Feb. 3, 1920, Tekoa, Wash.



STARLING, JOHN -- Age 57. Born 1864 in Sweden. Died Nov. 23, 1921, near Hopper, Wash. Cause of death: cirrhosis of liver; mitral insufficiency. Single. Farmer. Father: Gust U. Starling. Mother: (b. Finland). Informant: Leander Myllymaki. Burial Nov. 25, 1921, Washtucna, Wash.



LITTLE, HILMA JULINE -- Born November 18, 1906, Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada. Died July 30, 1930, Colfax, Wash. Cause of death: acute embolism; childbirth. Wife of William Thomas Little. Father: August Johnson (b. Sweden). Mother: Hilma Henderson (b. Finland). Burial Aug. 3, 1930, Colfax, Wash.



RHIMER, SOPHIA -- Born May 15, 1873, Finland. Died May 24, 1932, Colfax, Wash. Cause of death: endocarditis; myocarditis. Wife of Otto G. Rhimer. Informant: Grant E. Rhimer, Colfax, Wash. Burial May 26, 1932, Colfax, Wash.