Post Offices, Towns, Villages and Railroad Stations in Carlton County 1927-1928

Below are all names listed as in the original directory of Post Offices, Towns, Villages an Railroad Stations in Carlton County (pages 147-272) of the Cloquet City and Carlton County Directory 1927-1928.

For names of residents and farmers not found here see Carlton County Farmers.

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Pop 296. A village on the N P Ry 18 miles s w of Carlton, noted for its pre-eminence in poultry and dairy development. It is the largest poultry center in the Northwest and the second largest white leghorn center in the U S. The largest chicken hatchery in the U S is located here. Barnum's creamery, widely known for the quality of its products, has been one of the principal factors in the growth and prosperity of this community. Barnum is also one of the leading Guernsey centers in the state and its cow testing association ranks second in the state. In 1926 the average per cow was 340 pounds butter fat. The village is very attractive, being located on the shore of Bear Lake and only a mile and a half from Big Hanging Horn Lake at which is located the Duluth Y W C A camp. A weekly newspaper, the Herald, is published. Barnum has a strong National Bank, a good hotel, noted for its chicken dinners, well stocked retail stores with complete lines of new merchandise, good garages capable of giving service on all makes of cars. The county fair is held here in September. Barnum has a good consolidated school and churches of the leading denominations.
Village Council - Hugo Anderson, pres; C L Felgen, recorder; A H Dathe, treas; Axel Larson, J S Goodell, and F E Bauer, members; Michl Felgen, constable; C H Freese, justice; Jos Miner, assessor; E L Barstow, P M.
American Legion Auxiliary Meets third Thursday of each month in American Legion Hall Beatrice Hughes sec
American Legion Hall
American Legion Post No 415 Meets first and third Thursday of each month in American Legion Hall Carl Knackendoffel commander H J Will adjutant
Anderson Arth H bkpr Anderson Motor Co r Hugo Anderson
Anderson Carl A shoes
Anderson Catherine E Mrs Sec-Treas Anderson Motor Co r Hugo Anderson
Anderson Hugo Pres Anderson Motor Co (Maplewood Poultry Farm)
Anderson Motor Co Hugo Anderson Pres J T Rudebeck V-Pres and Mgr Catherine E Anderson Sec-Treas Oakland-Pontiac and Chevrolet Sales and Service Phone 39 See left top lines
Ballou Howard B lab r F G Eckley
Barnum Commercial Club Meets Second Tuesday of Each Month in Barnum School E L Barstow Pres C C Hanson Sec
Barnum Cow Testing Assn Alf Dahlman sec
Barnum Creamery H C Hanson Prop Butter Eggs and Sweet Cream Phone 2W See front cover
Barnum Farmers Co-operative Co See Farmers Co-operative Co
Barnum Feed Co Millard P Connor Prop Flour and Feed Phone 24
Barnum Hardware Hans J Solheim Prop Hardware Furniture and Farm Equipment Phone 38 See adv
Barnum Herald The Geo E Sloan Publisher Published Every Friday Phone 40 See right bottom lines
Barnum Hotel The Lyman W Rhoads Prop See Adv
Barnum Lake Shore Co F E Bauer sec
Barnum School Beatrice Hughes prin
Barstow Edward L Postmaster Farmer
Bauer Frank E Cash First National Bank Insurance Of All Kinds Real Estate Lake Shore Property and Farm Lands Phone 27
Bemis Grace tchr Barnum Sch
Berntson Emma (wid Jno E) r E L Kempton
Blaha Ed Prop City Meat Market See left top lines
Blaha Jno hlpr City Meat Market h R F D 2
Blakely Clement C M D Physician and Surgeon Phone Office 56W Res 56J See Adv
Board of Education School District No 6 A H Dathe pres C H Welch sec H E Bunger treas G W C Carlson Erick Medjo and C M Hoag members Bert Magladry supt
Bodeen Ingeborg dom C H Freese
Boutelier Mary A (wid Geo V) h R F D 1
Boyd Bess Mrs waiter Barnum Hotel r J R Boyd
Boyd Jarius R lab
Breitbach Wm F jan Barnum Sch
Breitbach Sadie clk (in Cloquet) r W F Breitbach
Brockman Wm farmer
Bunger H E
Bus Depot Barnum Hotel
Cain Clara A Mrs Asst Cash First National Bank r J B Cain
Cain Emma M (wid Jno S)
Cain's Garage W H Cain Mgr Ford Agency General Auto Repairing Auto Livery and Draying Phone 26W See left top lines
Cain Jno B poultry farm
Cain Wm H Mgr Cain's Garage r Mrs E M Cain
Cain & Dathe A H Dathe Mgr General Store Phone 28
Campbell Carlyle tchr High Sch
Carlson Geo W C agt N P Ry
Carlson Merwin W student r G W C Carlson
Carlton County Agricultural and Industrial Assn M C Christensen (Carlton) pres R T Hart (Moose Lake) v-pres C C Keller (Cloquet) v-pres A H Dathe sec R L Goodell treas County Fair held in September
Carlton County Creamery Co H C Hanson Prop Butter Eggs and Sweet Cream Phone 2W See front cover
Carlton County Fair Grounds
Catholic Ladies Aid Society Meets second and fourth Thursday of each month at members' homes Mrs Lena Blaha sec
Chalmers Gladys tchr Barnum Sch
Cheeseman Frank S rural carrier P O r Axel Larson
Christenson Marie asst bkpr Barnum Creamery r G W C Carlson
City Meat Market Ed Blaha Prop Meats and Fresh Vegetables Phone 50 See left top lines
Connor Millard P prop Barnum Feed Co
Cooke Edwin A Rev pastor Methodist Episcopal Church
Cummins Vance candler Barnum Creamery
Dahlberg Alb mech Cain's Garage
Dahlman Alf
Dathe Anton H mgr Cain & Dathe
Eckley Fred G poultry farm
Elmquist Chas jwlr
Erickson Emil Pres First National Bank
Farmers Co-operative Co Otto Krueger Pres John Medjo V-Pres C H Welch Sec-Treas Axel Larson Mgr Flour Feed Farm Machinery Phone 34 See adv
Felde Esther tchr Barnum Sch
Felgen Chas L clk Cain & Dathe
Felgen’s Confectionery Joseph P Felgen Prop Confectionery and Lunches Phone 34 See adv
Felgen Eva M Mrs bkpr Barnum Creamery r C L Felgen
Felgen Joseph P Prop Felgen's Confectionery See adv
Felgen Michl pumpmn Village
First National Bank Emil Erickson Pres Nicholas Mueller V-Pres F E Bauer Cash Mrs C A Cain Asst Cash Capital Surplus and Undivided Profits $40,000 Phone 27 See back cover
Freese Carl H drugs
Frohmader Jno S shoe repr
Froggatt Sarah L (wid Arth)
Gerard Henry J blksmith
Gerlach Herman (Gerlach & Will)
Gerlach & Will (Herman Gerlach Henry J Will) General Merchandise Phone 11 See p 154
German Lutheran Church
Gibson Eliz
Gilbert Lloyd driver Barnum Creamery r W j Gilbert
Gilbert Thelma clk Magnison & Son h R F D 2
Gilbert Wm J rural carrier P O h R F D 2
Goodell Augusta L (wid Jno S)
Goodell Flora I (wid Chas L)
Goodell Flora I
Goodell Hall
Goodell Jno S driver Barnum Creamery
Goodell Luella P Asst Postmaster r Mrs A L Goodell
Goodell Mary E solr r F I Goodell
Goodell Roy L rural carrier P O and undtkr
Goodell Robt S tchr Riverside Sch r R L Goodell
Grimes Robt J driver
Gunnette Darlyn r Barnum Hotel
Hagen Kittil G shoes
Hall Nahman G clk Farmers Co-op Co
Halquist Wendell tchr High Sch r R L Goodell
Hammerstrom Axel J clk J E Hennessy & Co
Hansen Carl agt Standard Oil Co
Hansen Peter C poultry farm
Hanson Clements C farmer r H C Hanson
Hanson H C Prop Barnum Creamery See front cover
Hanson Ilah M student r H C Hanson
Harper Emma B (wid Edw B) r J H Harper
Harper Jas H salsn Barnum Creamery
Harrington Roy hlpr H W Anderson
Harrison Eliz Mrs
Harrison Genevieve (wid Wm)
Harrison Genevieve tchr r Mrs Genevieve Harrison
Hennessy J E & Co Lorenz E Severson Mgr Lumber Hardware Fuel See front cover
Herzog May G Mrs chf opr N W Bell Tel Co
High School Gladys Mason prin
Hilke Fred hlpr J B Cain
Hoag Chas M farmer
Holy Trinity Catholic Church Father Wm Van Roy OSC (Onamia Minn) pastor
Hughes Beatrice prin Barnum Sch r C A Anderson
Hullander Paul farmer
Hullander & Erickson farm
Hunter Tobias T farmer
I O O F Moose Lake Lodge No 204 Meets every Monday evening in Goodell Hall L W Rhoads sec
Rebekah Eureka Lodge No 149 Meets first and third Tuesday of each month in Goodell Hall Mrs Lillian O Goodell sec
Jarvis Edw lab N P Ry
Jarvis Lydia J Mrs boarding
Johnson Alb H lab
Katzele Fred mech Cain's Garage
Kempton Elverton L mgr egg dept Barnum Creamery
Kempton Lester poultry farm
Kiley W E farmer
Knackendoffel Carl farmer
Krueger Otto pres Farmers Co-operative Co farmer h R F D 1
Lang Fred A
Larson Axel Mgr Farmers Co-operative Co
Larson Swan O farmer
Lehman Frank blksmith H J Gerard r same
Lord Herbert S lbr
Lord Margt (wid Herbert S) r H S Lord
Lumby I Chas barber
Lundstrom Waldemar buttermkr Barnum Creamery
McKinnon Goldie M opr N W Bell Tel Co r Mrs M G Herzog
McKinnon Margt E opr N W Bell Tel Co r Mrs M G Herzog
Magladry Bert supt School District 6 Office Barnum Sch
Magnison Emil (Magnison & Son) h Carlton
Magnison Wesley (Magnison & Son) h Carlton
Magnison & Son (Emil and Wesley) gen store
Magnussun Thos r Edw Jarvis
Maplewood Poultry Farm (Hugo Anderson)
Mason Gladys prin High Sch
Mattson Jos E farmer
Medjo Elsie opr N W Bell Tel Co h R F D 1
Medjo Erick farmer h R F D 1
Medjo Jno v-pres Farmers Co-operative Co poultry farm
Wesenbring Chas N lab
Methodist Episcopal Church Rev E A Cooke pastor
Miller Mary housekpr Nicholas Miller
Miner Jos village assessor
Miner Roy A repr (in Moose Lake)
M W A Moose Horn Camp No 5675 Meets first Wednesday of each month in American Legion Hall Thos Spencer sec h R F D 2
Mueller Nicholas V-pres First National Bank
Need Chas A carp
Need Geo A carp r C A Need
Need Tilda E (wid Alf J) r C A Need
Nichols Mary tchr r H J Gerard
Norman Wm mech Barnum Hardware
Norris Jno eng
Northern Pacific Ry G W C Carlson agt
Northwestern Bell Telephone Co Mrs May G Herzog chf opr
Ostlund Alb C farmer r Mrs H L Ostlund
Ostlund Hannah L (wid Jno)
Parent Teachers Association Meets first Thursday of each month from September through May Mrs Gertrude Magladry sec
Peterson Benj poultry farm
Peterson Lena Mrs
Peterson Margt tchr Barnum Sch
Postoffice Edward L Barstow Postmaster
Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Ladies Aid Meets first Wednesday of each month at members homes Flora I Goodell sec
Presbyterian Missionary Society Meets third Wednesday of each month at members homes Mrs Clara Gerlach sec
Rhoads Lyman W Propr The Barnum Hotel See p 150
Riley Jno W expmn
Riverside Cemetery
Riverside School Robt S Goodell tchr (nr)
Royal Neighbors of America Ada Camp No 1450 Meets fourth Friday of each month at members homes Mrs Eliz Harrison sec
Rudebeck John T V-Pres and Mgr Anderson Motor Co
Rudebeck Roy mech Anderson Motor Co h R F D 2
Severson Lawrence E mgr J E Hennessy & Co
Sickels Fred H poultry farm
Siemer Clarence E vet h Moose Lake R F D 1
Simpson Fred hlpr Farmers Co-op Co h R F D 1
Sloan Geo E Prop The Barnum Herald Printing and Publishing Phone 40 See right bottom lines
Solberg Ole lab
Solheim Hans J Prop Barnum Hardware See p 149
Spencer Thos h R F D 2
Standard Oil Co Carl Hansen agt
Staxrud Bertha J student r I G Staxrud
Staxrud Claris G student r I G Staxrud
Staxrud Jno A student r I G Staxrud
Staxrud Iver J farmer h R F D 1
Stewart Ruth tchr r H J Gerard
Thompson Blanche C (wid Jno P)
Thompson Marie tchr High Sch
Timmermann Jno H lab
Tyson Emily M (wid Louis A) r Mrs M G Herzog
Vaughn Wm lab
Vis Cornelius J mech Cain's Garage
Welch C H sec-treas Farmers Co-operative Co farmer
White Milton M pool room
Will Alf H E tmstr r Henry Will
Will Henry farmer
Will Henry J (Gerlach & Will)
Y W C A Camp Big Hanging Horn Lake 1 mi s
Ziebler Augusta (wid Chas)
Zummer Finley M poultry farm


A station on the Soo Line 17 miles n e of Moose Lake the banking point and 12 e of Barnum the p o.
Cartwright Martin J gen store
Tuve O O feed hay and oil


A station on the N P Ry 3 miles e of Thomson the p o and 4 e of Carlton the banking point.