Post Offices, Towns, Villages and Railroad Stations in Carlton County 1927-1928

Below are all names listed as in the original directory of Post Offices, Towns, Villages an Railroad Stations in Carlton County (pages 147-272) of the Cloquet City and Carlton County Directory 1927-1928.

For names of residents and farmers not found here see Carlton County Farmers.

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Pop. 245. A village on the Soo line 7 miles w of Moose Lake, has a creamery, a strong bank, a hotel and lines of business typical of a thriving community. Edw Odberg, P M. Village council: Albin Odberg, pres; Mrs Ellen Odberg, clk; Bruno Kaspszak, Niko Saukko, Mrs A C Russell, trustees; Jno Mohelski, assessor; Mrs Emma Odberg, treas; Oscar Korhonen and Manni Oja, constables; Einard Manty, justice.
Aho Matt
Aldrin Lydia prin Public Sch
Beura Jno lab
Board of Education School District No 25 Anton Marhefka chairmn Fred Anderson clk Jno H Michaelson treas Mrs Linda Marttila Mrs Ellen Odberg
Dunaiski Jos tester Moose Lake Cry Co
Duluth Creamery Produce Co
Emilson Teresa tchr Public Sch
Farmers Co-operative Mercantile Association Chas Kaipainen Pres Frank Niemi Sec Henry Johnson Treas A O Rantanen Mgr General Merchandise
Farmers State Bank Nika Saukko Pres Walter Johnson V-Pres Alex Savolainen (Virginia Minn) V-Pres W I Korpela Cash See adv
Halme Victor driver Kettle River Co-op Cry Assn h R F D 1
Hayes Eva tchr Public School
Hemming Jacob
Johnson Henry treas Farmers Co-op Merc Assn h Moose Lake R F D 2
Johnson Jensine
Johnson Walter V-Pres Farmers State Bank
Jokimaki Chas
Jokimaki Elsie r ChasJjokimaki
Jokimaki Walter lab r Chas Jokimaki
Kaipainen Chas pres Farmers Co-op Merc Assn
Kalavala Co-operative Telephone Assn Fannie Maki opr
Kaspszak Bros Lumber Co (Bruno W and George E) Building Material Hardware and Farm Equipment
Kaspszak Bruno W (Kaspszak Bros Lumber Co)
Kaspszak Geo E (Kaspszak Bros Lumber Co)
Kaspszak Stanley
Kauhanen Aug jan Public Sch
Kauhanen Esther clk Farmers Co-op Merc Assn r Aug Kauhanen
Kettle River Co-operative Creamery Assn F T Ronkainen pres Martin Tomczak v-pres E W Manty sec-treas and mgr
Kivi David lab Soo Line
Korhonen Chas buttermkr Kettle River Co-op Cry Assn
Korhonen Edw hlpr r Oscar Korhonen
Korhonen Oscar cafe
Korhonen Peter blksmith
Korpela Wm I Cash Farmers State Bank
Laine Aug contr
Lampinen Emil expmn
M W A Kettle River Camp No 10,666 Matt Wilson sec
Mackey Chas formn Soo Line
Maki Alex lab Soo Line
Maki Fannie opr Kalavala Co-op Tel Assn
Maki Herbert lab Soo Line
Manty Einard W sec-treas and mgr Kettle River Co-op Cry Assn r Oscar Korhonen
Marhefka Anton General Merchandise Flour and Feed We Buy All Kinds of Farm Products
Martilla Sackri F
Michaelson Jno H gen store
Michalski Martin
Milzarek Adam J Groceries and Meats
Milzarek Clara clk r A J Milzarek
Milzarek Josephine sten r A J Milzarek
Milzarek Martha sten r A J Milzarek
Mohelski Anton lab
Mohelski Jno garage
Moose Lake Creamery Co Jos Dunaiski Tester See p
Nasi Albertina (wid Jno) r Matt Wilson
Niemi Frank sec Farmers Co-op Merc Assn h R F D 1
Nikkola Eli expmn
Odberg Albin conf
Odberg Edward Postmaster
Oja Manni constable
Pasek Frank rural carrier P O
Peters Walter E clk Farmers Co-op Merc Assn r Oscar Korhonen
Post Office Edward Odberg Postmaster
Public School Lydia Aldrin prin
Rantanen A Oscar Mgr Farmers Co-op Merc Assn
Reynolds Geo agt Soo Line
Ronkainen Arnie W (Ronkainen & Sons) r F T Ronkainen
Ronkainen Edw F hlpr Ronkainen & Sons r F T Ronkainen
Ronkainen Frank T (Ronkainen & Sons)
Ronkainen Irene r F T Ronkainen
Ronkainen Wm W (Ronkainen & Sons) r F T Ronkainen)
Ronkainen & Sons (Frank T Arnie W and Wm W) Dodge Cars and Service General Repairing and Accessories See adv
Russell Arth lab
Saukko Hilda E Mrs (Wilson Bros & Saukko) r Niko Saukko
Saukko Niko Pres Farmers State Bank and Cafe
Shude Jno gen store
Siltanen Helvi waiter Niko Saukko r same
Silverberg Chas rd maintainer
Smeland Mae tchr Public Sch
Star Club (nr)
Suista Anton farmer
Waisanen Biida A
Wells C E driver Kettle River Co-op Creamery Assn h Moose Lake R F D 2
Willows Aune dom r Nestor Willows
Willows Nestor barber and pool room
Wilson Matt
Wilson Mayme student r Niko Saukko
Wilson Walter H (Wilson Bros & Saukko)
Wilson Bros & Saukko (Walter H Wilson Mrs Hilda E Saukko) gen store
Winquist Jos


A settlement adjoining the s w city limits of Cloquet the banking, shipping point and p o which see for names.