Post Offices, Towns, Villages and Railroad Stations in Carlton County 1927-1928

Below are all names listed as in the original directory of Post Offices, Towns, Villages an Railroad Stations in Carlton County (pages 147-272) of the Cloquet City and Carlton County Directory 1927-1928.

For names of residents and farmers not found here see Carlton County Farmers.

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Pop 936. A village on the N P and Soo Line Rys 22 miles s w of Carlton. It is a division point on the Soo Line, and has for its leading industries a creamery, a tile and pottery plant, and three lumber companies. Situated as it is on the shores of Moose Lake the village invites summer campers and tourists. Moose Lake has well equipped retail stores, automobile agencies, a bank, three hotels, water works and sewers. A weckly newspaper, the "Star Gazette," is published. N L Swanson P M.
Village Council - C K Handschu, pres; F A Schweiger, clk; E M Peterson, treas; A E Dahms, Axel Freisendahl, J A Peterson, trustees; Frank Skelton, assessor; Clyde Davidson and C W Carlson, constables; W C Stephenson, justice.
A F & A M (O E S) Moose Lake Chapter No 253 Meets first and third Wednesday of each month in Masonic Temple Mrs Geo McKay sec
A F & A M (R A M) Moose Lake Chapter No 94 Meets second and fourth Wednesday of each month at Masonic Temple E J Williams sec
A F & A M Solomon's Lodge No 286 Meets second and Fourth Monday of each month at Masonic Temple R T Hart sec
Aakre Lyda dom Moose Lake Hotel
Abel Jno lab M L Sand & G Co
Abel Jos N (Abel & Wente)
Abel & Wente (Jos Abel Alois J Wente) garage
Allison Jas B
Almquist Carl E lab N P Ry h R F D 1
Almquist D
American Legion E J Williams Commander
Anderson Alb E mech Bergquist Bros
Anderson Alma tchr r Aug Gunderson
Anderson Arvid lab M L Sand & G Co
Anderson Christine hlpr Moose Lake Hotel
Anderson Claude burner Nemadji Tile & P Co
Anderson David E Pres Farmers Co-operative Produce Assn h R F D 1
Anderson Ed tmstr M L Sand & G Co
Anderson Edith M ck Ray A Kasper r T I Anderson
Anderson G Sigrid tel opr N P Ry h R F D 1
Anderson Harry O mgr Standard Oil Service Station r L G Becker
Anderson Herbert lab Nemadji Tile & P Co h R F D 2
Anderson Jno lab
Anderson Martin farmer
Anderson Nels T
Anderson Newell milk route
Anderson Newell farmer r Martin Anderson
Anderson Olam lab M L Sand & G Co
Anderson Ole
Anderson Oscar lab N P Ry h R F D 1
Anderson Oscar B eng
Anderson Peter
Anderson Seymour D clk Swanson Bros Co
Anderson Theo moulder Nemadji Tile & P Co
Appelquist Alb formn Soo Line
Barber Val lab Nemadji Tile & P Co
Barquist Edith student r Frank Barquist
Barquist Edw lab M L Sand & G Co r Frank Barquist
Barquist Frank lab
Basye Saml r Herbert Oliver
Bean Arlow lab
Bean Martin L farmer
Becker Arnold W
Becker Irvin pntr L G Becker r same
Becker Louis G pntr
Becker Vivian r L G Becker
Berg Andr
Berg Carl E gen store
Bergquist Bros (Fred F and Robert) Ford Agency General Repairing Accessories Tires Tubes Gas and Oils Phone 66 See right bottom lines
Bergquist Ellen r Nels Bergquist
Bergquist Fred F (Bergquist Bros)
Bergquist Nels r Robt Bergquist
Bergquist Robert (Bergquist Bros)
Biscoe Thos C drugs
Blacklock Leslie H Lawyer
Blacyk Jos pool room
Blacyk Tofly Mrs prop Elm Tree Hotel
Bloomquist Frank r J E Bloomquist
Bloomquist Jno E
Board of Education Independent School District No 3 D E Anderson pres C F Mahnke clk R J Lewis treas H E Ford and D Almquist members H M Davis supt
Bochman Ragna tchr r Aug Gunderson
Bogenholm Bertel lab Nemadji Tile & P Co r Rev Wm Bogenholm
Bogenholm Bertha opr N W Bell Tel Co r Rev Wm Bogenholm
Bogenholm Stanley lab Nemadji Tile & P Co r Rev Wm Bogenholm
Bogenholm Walter opr Nemadji Tile & P co h 1 mile s
Bogenholm Wm Rev
Boltman Perry W wtchmn Soo Line
Borg Chas r Nels Bergquist
Bowker Mary Mrs cook Moose Lake Hotel
Brink Adeline dom Thos Moe
Bromberg Carl cafe r H K Lower
Bulman Margt (wid Jeremiah) r Walter Bulman
Bulman Walter lab
Burud Iver O
Burud Mabel clk T C Biscoe r I O Burud
Byers Jos J supt Moose Lake Sand & Gravel Co
Byers Marjorie student r J J Byers
Carlson Alder G r J A E Carlson
Carlson Carl W buttermkr Moose Lake Cry Co
Carlson Chas F r J W Carlson
Carlson Chester A (Carlson Hardware Co) r H T Carlson
Carlson Hardware Co (Herman T and Chester A Carlson) Hardware Electric Supplies Radios Sporting Goods Stoves Ranges Plumbing and Heating See left bottom lines
Carlson Harold represser Nemadji Tile & P Co
Carlson Herman T (Carlson Hardware Co)
Carlson Jno W gen store
Carlson Jos A E
Carlson Hannah C Mrs r J A E Carlson
Carlton County Produce Co (Louis C Nemetz J A Robertson)
Catholic Church
Cihoski Lawrence lab
Clark Harvey tmstr r H A Ierland
Claveau Oscar J tailor C A Lundgren
Community Bldg
Community Club Mrs C W Carlson pres Mrs E F Gallimore sec Mrs A E Anderson treas
Cook R L meats h Mahtowa
Cooper Helen clk Swanson Bros Co r J E Bloomquist
Couillard Claude opr Nemadji Tile & P Co
Couillard Elwin hlpr r Evi Couillard
Couillard Evi farmer
Crandall Alfreda Mrs waiter Moose Lake Hotel r Fred Ryser
Crawford Edith tchr
Dahms Arthur E Pres and Treas Moose Lake Hardware Co Inc
Dahms Ella R Mrs V-Pres and Sec Moose Lake Hardware Co Inc
Davidson Clyde A pntr
Davis Hollie M supt Independent School District No 3
Denison Ralph formn Soo Line
Dodge Clayton J Lawyer Sec-Treas and Gen Mgr Nemadji Tile & Pottery Co
Dugal Chas conf
Durkee Jno H tel opr Soo Line
Ehr Cecelia student r Jno Ehr
Ehr Jno lab Nemadji Tile & P Co
Ehr Walter J mail transferer P O
Elm Tree Hotel Mrs Tofly Blacyk prop
Episcopal Church
Erwin Jno J signal maintainer N P Ry
Farmers Co-operative Produce Assn D E Anderson Pres Thos Olson V-Pres Gust Olson Sec-Treas C A Jacobson Mgr Phone 2 See p 192
Farmers State Bank H B Rockne examiner
Ferguson Clarence Z rural carrier P O
Fetters Lucille librarian Moose Lake Sch
First National Bank R J Lewis pres F A Schweiger v-pres J A Peterson v-pres
Folz Edna waiter Moose Lake Hotel r Steph Folz
Folz Henry driver r Steph Folz
Folz Mamie Mrs waiter Moose Lake Hotel r Steph Folz
Folz Raymond lab r Steph Folz
Folz Steph tmstr
Ford Harry E linemn Soo Line
Fraser Augusta (wid Robt)
Fraser Inez G A clk J W Carlson r Mrs Augusta Fraser
Freeman Jno lab Village
Friedman Alvin B shoes
Friesendahl Axel expmn
Gallimore Edgar F agt Soo Line
Gassert Edw ctr Jno Gassert r same
Gassert Jno meats
Gay Chester J v-pres Gay Lbr Co r Fred Gay
Gay Clayton student r Fred Gay
Gay Fred pres Gay Lbr Co
Gay Kenneth clk Gay Lbr Co r Fred Gay
Gay Lumber Co Fred Gay Pres C J Gay V-Pres P A Gray Sec-Treas Yards in Moose Lake and Automba
Gay Mildred sten r Fred Gay
Gay Pearl A clk N P Ry r Fred Gay
Gillis Donald J cond Soo Line
Goltz Geo brkmn Soo Line
Goodwill Store Mrs Amelia Olson mgr
Gould Claude expmn
Gunderson Aug jan Moose Lake Sch
Gunderson Delphian hlpr r Aug Gunderson
Gunderson Myrtle r Aug Gunderson
Gustafson Jno carp
Hamlin Robt E furn undtkr
Handschu Chas K county surveyor
Hanson Ethel (wid Lovie)
Hanson Selmer garage
Happy Hour Athletic Club (nr)
Harmon Fred L blksmith Nemadji Tile & P Co
Hart Chas P Mgr J E Hennessy & Co
Hart Richd T lbr
Hedberg Peter lab Soo Line
Hedquist Agnes L sten Nemadji Tile & P Co
Hedquist Carl lab Soo Line r Fred Ryser
Henderson Ada clk r Petre Henderson
Henderson Petre
Henderson Robt gen store r Petre Henderson
Hennessy David H Sec-Treas J E Hennessy & Co
Hennessy J E & Co J E Hennessy (Excelsior Minn) Pres J H Hennessy (Excelsior Minn) V-Pres D H Hennessy Sec-Treas Retailers of Lumber Hardware and Fuel Phone 68 See front cover
High School
Holte Jno lab M L Sand & G Co
Hopkins Everett F music tchr
Horton Wm cond Soo Line
Hull Fred M
Hultberg Elmer lab N P Ry h R F D 1
Hultberg Olga dom
Hultberg Stanley opr Nemadji Tile & P Co
Hyatt Grace Mrs housekpr Moose Lake Hotel
I O O F Hall
I O O F Moose Lake Encampment No 57 Meets first and third Thursday of each month in I O O F Hall E W Madsen scribe
I O O F Moose Lake Lodge No 27 Meets every Thursday evening in I O O F Hall F R Wesley sec
I O O F Active Rebekah Lodge No 56 Meets second and fourth Thursday of each month in I O O F Hall Mrs Anna Werntz sec
Ierland Henry A lab
Isaak Walton League P W Swedberg pres S O Sisco sec G W Rydeen treas
Jackson Richd hlpr Carl Bromberg r L G Becker
Jacobson Carl A Mgr Farmers Co-operative Produce Assn r Swan Jacobson
Jacobson H Theo clk Farmers Co-op Prod Assn r Swan Jacobson
Jacobson Swan
Jacobson Victor lab
Johnson Adolph
Johnson Alb salsn
Johnson Arth tile lyr
Johnson Bena
Johnson Beth Marie student
Johnson Carl lab
Johnson Donald L bkpr Bergquist Bros r F F Bergquist
Johnson Edna H asst bkpr Moose Lake Cry Co h R F D 2
Johnson Gust supt Water Dept
Johnson Hugh lab
Johnson Inez student r J A Robertson
Johnson Malinda (wid Robt)
Johnson Wm lab Soo Line
Kasper Ray A General Merchandise Dry Goods Notions Groceries Phone 17 See right top lines
Kerlan Milton Z phys
King Jos prop King's Tire Shop
King Wilford F lab Moose Lake S & G Co
King's Tire Shop Joseph King Prop Tires Tubes Batteries Accessories
Kjarum Jno driver Bergquist Bros h R F D 1
Lampi Helmi M sten L H Blacklock r C J Dodge
Lampi Sophie H sten C J Dodge r same
Lanning Victor H tchr High Sch r R J Lewis
Larson L A saw mill
Larson Paul eng M L Sand & G Co
Lawrence Matt formn Soo Line
Lewis Mary B asst cash First Natl Bk h R F D 1
Lewis Richd J pres First Natl Bk
Lind Otto lab
Lindmark Irene G clk J W Lindmark r same
Lindmark Jno W drugs
Lindquist Emil T tester Moose Lake Creamery Co
Lindstrom Alvin lab
Losensky Emery farmer r Fred Losensky
Losensky Fred farmer
Losensky Herbert C
Losensky Jno farmer r Fred Losensky
Losensky Mabel r Fred Losensky
Losensky Ralph lab r Fred Losensky
Lower Herman K prop Strand Theatre
Lower Walter O salsn Bergquist Bros
Lundblad Ruth tchr Moose Lake Sch r H C Losensky
Lundgren Carl A tailor
Lundquist Ed salsn
M W A Moose Lake Camp No 8253 Meets first Monday of each month in I O O F Hall A B Friedman clk
McCormick Inez Mrs asst Thos Moe
McDonald Glenn D mgr Minn Power & L Co
McMonagle Geo contr
McMonagle Helen chf opr N W Bell Tel Co
McMonagle Mabel opr N W Bell Tel Co
McMonagle Ruth
MacKay Donald firemn M L Sand & G Co
Mackay Geo C clk Moose Lake Hdw Co
Madsen Alb plstr r Alf Stone
Madsen Bergetta (wid Chas) r E W Madsen
Madsen Burnell lab r Martin Madsen
Madsen Edwin W mech Bergquist Bros
Madsen Loren pntr r Martin Madsen
Madsen Martin tmstr
Mahlman Julius C farmer
Mahnke Anetta r C F Mahnke
Mahnke Carl student r C F Mahnke
Mahnke Chas F real est
Malmberg Francic T Jeweler and Optometrist Watches Diamonds Jewelry Phone 48 r H K Lower
Maki Lauri lab N P Ry
Martinson Chas lab M L Sand & G Co
Martinson Louis lab M L Sand & G Co
Masonic Temple
Mathison Mildred tchr Moose Lake Sch r Aug Gunderson
Matuseski Alb lab
Matuseski Stanley cook
Matyas Frank hlpr Soo Hotel
Matyas Stanley hlpr Soo Hotel
Matyas Veronica Mrs prop Soo Hotel
Methodist Episcopal Church
Meyers Carl patrolmn Minn State Forest Service
Miller Alb lab
Miller Andr cook
Miller Augusta D A (wid Saml)
Miller Caroline opr N W Bell Tel Co r Andr Miller
Miller Edwin lab Nemadji Tile & P Co r Andr Miller
Miller Florence r Andr Miller
Miller Howard lab r Alb Miller
Miller Victor E hlpr Moose Lake Cry Co r Alb Miller
Miluss Ely L barber
Miner Frank rd maintainer
Miner Edwin mach M L Sand & G Co h R F D 1
Miner Roy A lab M L Sand & G Co h Barnum
Minneapolis St Paul & Sault Ste Marie Ry Edgar F Gallimore agt
Minnesota Power & Light Co G D McDonald Mgr See left top lines
Minnesota State Forest Service (Moose Lake Station) Perry W Swedberg ranger
Minnesota State Highway Dept
Moe Thos phys
Moline Roy mech Bergquist Bros h R F D 1
Moose Lake Band Frank Shertler sec
Moose Lake Commercial Club H E Ford pres G W Rydeen sec C J Dodge treas
Moose Lake Consolidated School
Moose Lake Creamery Co John A Peterson Pres We Specialize in Sweet Cream Butter Phone 12 See adv
Moose Lake Farm Land Co
Moose Lake Golf Club Chester Carlson pres E F Gallimore sec-treas
Moose Lake Gun Club B B Vollner sec
Moose Lake Hardware Co Inc A E Dahms Pres-Treas E R Dahms V-Pres-Sec Phone 5 See left bottom lines
Moose Lake Hotel (Frank D Hyatt Benj B Vollner)
Moose Lake Oil Co(Fred F and Robert Bergquist) Filling Station
Moose Lake Park
Moose Lake Park Pavillion
Moose Lake Sand & Gravel Co J M Thornton (St Paul Minn) pres 2 miles s
Morrison Asa D jan N P Depot
Mortenson Alma Mrs r Jno Mortenson
MortensonJno lab
Mortenson Louise student r Jno Mortenson
Myllmaki Lauri lab N P Ry
Nelson Mabel waiter Carl Bromberg r L G Becker
Nelson Marie (wid Harry C) clk Chas Dugal r same
Nelson Olaf formn Soo Line
Nemadji Tile & Pottery Co L H Blacklock Pres L H Williams (Detroit Mich) V-Pres C J Dodge Sec-Treas and Gen Mgr Mfrs of Unglazed Floor Tile See adv
Nemetz Louis C (Carlton County Produce Co)
Ness Curtis waiter Carl Bromberg r L G Becker
Newblom Ernest barber
Newman Chas clk Robt Henderson r Petre Henderson
Nickleson Hilma dom Sievren Swanson
Nilson Anna (wid Nels G)
Nilson Nora A supt of schools Carlton County
Nordstrom Ann E (wid Merriam) bkpr Moose Lake Cry Co r S D Anderson
Norris Jno eng M L Sand & G Co h Barnum
Northern Pacific Ry Thos A Sebesta agt
Northwestern Bell Telephone Co Helen McMonagle chf opr
Odegaard Chris lab
Oliver Herbert H farmer
Olson Amelia Mrs
Olson Edw M lab C K Handschu
Olson Gust sec-treas Farmers Co-operative Produce Assn h R F D 2
Olson Lloyd lab M L Sand & G Co
Olson Oswald lab M L Sand & G Co
Olson Thos v-pres Farmers Co-operative Produce Assn h R F D 2
Orrvar Alf (Orrvar & Wethern) r M Z Kerlan
Orrvar & Wethern (Alf Orrvar and Wesley D Wethern) barbers
Osgood Ray O agt White Eagle Oil & R Co
Oslie Fred E tel opr N P Ry
Paulson Gordon clk Robt Henderson h R F D 1
Pearson Carl G lab
Pearson Martin photo
Pembleton Vern F barber
Penrose Bryan rd maintainer
Peterson Edgar cash First Natl Bk r Edw Peterson
Peterson Edw farmer
Peterson Emil
Peterson John A Pres Moose Lake Creamery Co
Peterson Leon burner Nemadji Tile & P Co h Mahtowa
Peterson Manni
Peterson Myrtle dom Fred Gay
Pomish Morris F clo
Postoffice Norman L Swanson Postmaster
Pusel Jno blksmith
Rhodes Milton A patrolmn Minn State Forest Service
Riverside Cemetery
Robertson Jas A (Carlton County Produce Co)
Rockne Henry B examiner Farmers State Bank h Willow River
Rooney Matt
Royal Neighbors (Pine Grove Camp No 6623) Meets first Wednesday of each month at members homes Mrs Ina Carlson sec
Rydeen Godfrey W (Sisco & Rydeen)
Ryser Fred lab
Sallady Margt (wid Jacob J) r J J Byers
Sandahl Algot contr
Sandberg Jno lab
Satterstrom Carl porter Moose Lake Hotel
Schimmel Eleanor hlpr Chas Dugal r same
Schweiger Frederick A Registered Architect
Schweiger Margt tchr r F A Schweiger
Searles Floyd carp Soo Line
Sebesta Thos A agt N P Ry
Seventh Day Adventist Church
Shaffer Harold A Asst Postmaster r J A B Shaffer
Shaffer Jno A B tel opr Soo Line
Shertler Frank J tel opr Soo Line
Shively Oscar B driver White Eagle Oil & R Co
Shumel Martha waiter Soo Hotel
Sibley Frank lab Soo Line
Siemer Jno B pkr Nemadji Tile & P Co
Singleton Sherman salsn
Sisco Sterle O (Sisco & Rydeen)
Sisco & Rydeen (Sterle O Sisco Godfrey W Rydeen) Publishers The Star Gazette General Job Printing
Skelton Clifford A mech Abel & Wente
Skelton Delbert burner Nemadji Tile & P Co h R F D 1
Skelton Dorothy r Frank Skelton
Skelton Everett pntr r Frank Skelton
Skelton Forrest lab Nemadji Tile & P Co h R F D 1
Skelton Frank carp
Skelton Ray formn Nemadji Tile & P Co h R F D 1
Skelton Seward J rural carrier P O h R F D 1
Skog Gust well driller
Skog Jennie C clk Farmers Co-op Prod Assn h R F D 1
Somers Minnie (wid Chas) r H C Losensky
Soo Hotel Mrs Veronica Matyas prop
Soo Line see Minneapolis St Paul & Sault Ste Marie Ry
Spencer Harry carp M L Sand & G Co
Spencer Henry F formn Soo Line
Stage E Geo cigar mfr
Stand Wm tel opr Soo Line r Soo Hotel
Standadr Oil Service Station Harry O Anderson Mgr Phone 45
Star Gazette The Sisco & Rydeen Publishers Issued Every Thursday
Steen Marie D tchr High Sch r Aug Gunderson
Stephenson Norton lab r W C Stephenson
Stephenson Wm C justice of peace
Stone Alf carp
Stone Frank driver J E Hennessy & Co
Strand Theatre Herman K Lower Prop
Swanson Alvin pump repr Soo Line
Swanson Arnold J Sec-Treas Swanson Bros Co
Swanson Bros Co Sievren Swanson Pres A J Swanson Sec-Treas General Merchandise Phone 10 See right bottom lines
Swanson Chas formn N P Ry
Swanson Edar student r Sievren Swanson
Swanson Hartwick tchr r Chas Swanson
Swanson Maurice student r Chas Swanson
Swanson Norman L Postmaster
Swanson Ole r Sievren Swanson
Swanson Roy opr Strand Theatre
Swanson Sievren Pres Swanson Bros Co
Swedberg Perry W ranger Minn State Forest Service
Swedish Lutheran Church Rev E S Ternberg pastor
Swedish Mission Church
Ternberg Erick S Rev pastor Swedish Lutheran Church
Ternberg Signe tchr r Rev E S Ternberg
Thompson Sophie Mrs
Thompson Wm A driver Moose Lake Creamery Co
Tipton Paul J cond Soo Line
Tofte Jas Rev pastor Zion Lutheran Church
Tschida Edw lab Soo Line r M H Tschida
Tschida Matt mach M L Sand & G Co r L G Becker
Tschida Michl H ctr Jno Gassert
Tschida Olive hlpr Soo Hotel
Tyler Jos lab Soo Line r M Z Kerlan
Van Camp Basil A forest products
Vanous Frank
Vanous Geo shoe repr r Frank Vanous
Vanous Tillie r Frank Vanous
Village Hall
Water Dept Gust Johnson supt
Wente Alois J (Abel & Wente)
Werntz Anna Mrs sec Active Rebekah Lodge No 56 r J O Werntz
Werntz Jas O dentist
Weske Gertrude sten r Jno Weske
Weske Jno
Weske Ruth Mrs
Wesley Fred R h R F D 1
Westberg Alma tchr Moose Lake Sch
Westholm Elmer F
Westholm Fred
Westholm Walfred contr
Wethern Wesley D (Orrvar & Wethern) h R F D 1
Wheeler Geo clk R M S
White Eagle Oil & Refining Co R O Osgood agt
Williams Elmer J dentist
Windemuth Florence tchr High Sch
Woodring Harvey G
Woodring Jno lab
Zasoski Jos saw mill
Zasoski Louis lab
Zasoski Walter mach
Zion Lutheran Church Rev Jas Tofte pastor


A p o on the Soo Line 9 miles e of Moose Lake the banking point. Mrs I C Lind P M.
Lind Ida C Mrs gen store and postmaster
Leipold L E prin Public Sch


A station on the G N Ry 1 mile n w of Cloquet the banking point and p o, which see for names.


A station on the N P Ry 6 miles s w of Carlton the banking point and 1 n e of Atkinson the p o.


A p o 14 miles s of Cromwell on the N P Ry the banking and shipping point. Matt Ranna P M.
Ranna Matt Postmaster and General Store


A p o on the N P Ry 10 miles e of Carlton the banking point. Mrs Alma Bjork P M.
Becker Jno R lab
Bjork Alma Mrs Postmaster
Bjork John General Merchandise and Forest Products
Brandt Carl P saw mill
Connors Frank lab
Connors Patk
DuFault Peter lab C P Brandt
Hakala Isaac lab
Hughes Geo J farmer
Isaacson Arth auto mech
Isaacson Edwin T rd maintainer
Isaacson Oscar farmer
Johnson Jos formn N P Ry
Kaland Jno lab N P Ry
Karner Steph formn N P Ry
LaGrew Gust lab N P Ry
Lake Henry lab
LaRose Frank lab N P Ry
LaRose Jas
LaVaque Henry lab N P Ry
LaVaque Myrtle Mrs tchr Public Sch
Martin Frank lab N P Ry
Maupin Wm agt N P Ry
Niemi Jones lab
Northrup Jos
Pequette Chas lab N P Ry
Pequette Lizzie (wid Frank)
Perkins Ben lab N P Ry
Peterson Jno farmer
Peterson Jos lab N P Ry
Peterson Josephine
Porter Alb lab N P Ry
Public School
Roukoff Peter formn N P Ry
St John Harry lab N P Ry
St John Jos
Salmi Frank gen store
Sawyer Threshing Co c/o A Jaskari
Scott Eliza (wid Jas)
Siipola Gust farmer
Sorvisto Theo blksmith
Soukkala Edw lab N P Ry
Soukkala Henry gen store
Soukkala Henry Jr farmer
Wilson Matt
Wise Emil farmer
Zacher Hans auto mech
Zacher Jno pool room and farmer
Zacher Michl gen store