Post Offices, Towns, Villages and Railroad Stations in Carlton County 1927-1928

Below are all names listed as in the original directory of Post Offices, Towns, Villages an Railroad Stations in Carlton County (pages 147-272) of the Cloquet City and Carlton County Directory 1927-1928.

For names of residents and farmers not found here see Carlton County Farmers.

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Pop. 102. An incorporated village on the N P Ry 1 mile e of Carlton the banking point. Odin Hanson, pres; Jno Peterson, Levi Sheff and Oscar Larson, trustees; Robt Neimi, clk; Alice Ruikka, treas and postmaster.
Anderson Rudolph
Anderson Sophie (wid Ole)
Anton Wm wtchmn
Finnish Local Fire Insurance Co Emil Johnson sec
Finnish Lutheran Church Rev E V Neimi pastor
Forbord Andr lab
Freeman Andr wtchmn
Gustafson Saml caretkr Jay Cooke Park
Hanson Odin bridge bldr
Harris Anna (wid DeForest)
Harris Anna r Mrs Anna Harris
Harris DeForest A clk r Mrs Anna DeForest
Johnson Emil sec Finnish Local Fire Ins Co h Cloquet R F D 2
Johnson Geo jan Washington Sch h R F D 1
Kesti Chas lab
Kesti Jno lab r Chas Kesti
Larson Anna L
Larson Andr
Larson Conrad
Larson Einar lab
Larson Oscar swtchbd opr
Lawrence Clarence deckmn r Frank Lawrence
Lawrence Ed lab r Frank Lawrence
Lawrence Frank dockmn
Lindberg Chas J
Lindberg Wm carp r C J Lindberg
Mickelson Jno lab
Neimi E V Rev pastor Finnish Lutheran Church
Neimi Robt
Nelson Gust jan r Nels Nelson
Nelson Nels carp
Nelson Tannie lab
Olson Ever lab
Olson Fred
Olson Ole wtchmn
Olson Ollie r Ever Olson
Oswald Hans E wtchmn
Peterson Jno lab
Ruikka Alice Postmaster
Ruikka Jno mgr Henry Ruikka
Ruikka Henry General Store
Santanen Abertina Mrs conf
Shaw Bert trucker
Sheff Levi carp
Sheff Ned hlpr r Levi Sheff
Solomon Jno lab
Solum Iver carp
Steffer Fred formn
Vartanen Arth lab r Saml Gustafson
Winter Annie (wid Paul)


A station on the G N Ry 3 miles s e of Carlton the banking point and 1 n e of Wrenshall the p o. The Wrenshall Brick Co has a large yard here. For names see Wrenshall.