Post Offices, Towns, Villages and Railroad Stations in Carlton County 1927-1928

Below are all names listed as in the original directory of Post Offices, Towns, Villages an Railroad Stations in Carlton County (pages 147-272) of the Cloquet City and Carlton County Directory 1927-1928.

For names of residents and farmers not found here see Carlton County Farmers.

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Pop. 216. A village on the N P Ry 28 miles w of Carlton has a bank, creamery and lumber yard. Henry Groth, P M. The village is governed by a board of trustees: Fred Groth, pres; E W Groth, clk; C A Fenton, treas; Jj H Nordquist, assessor; Fred Bushey, S O Ilstrup and Henry Rosvold, trustees.
Anderson Arvid R lab r Mrs Hannah Anderson
Anderson Chas J r Oscar Stenson
Anderson Hannah (wid Frank)
Baptist Church
Behrens Dedrich C gen store
Bergstrom Fred B farmer
Bergstrom Henning driver Public Sch r F B Bergstrom
Beseman Peter O rural carrier P O
Borglund Walter carp N P Ry
Boyle Anna Mrs housekpr D C Behrens
Bradford Leamon blksmith
Brown Erick J farmer
Burdick Gordon hlpr r Mrs Mary Burdick
Burdick Mary Mrs farmer
Burdick Roy driver r Mrs Mary Burdick
Bushey Bros (Paul and Fred) gen store and garage
Bushey Fred (Bushey Bros)
Bushey Paul (Bushey Bros)
Catholic Church
Chambers Alonzo lab
Chelgren Esther L tchr Public Sch
Dower Lumber Co C A Fenton mgr
Ellis Eliz (wid Frank)
Erickson Eric hlpr Bushey Bros
Farmers Co-operative Co Helen Peterson mgr gen store
Farmers Hall
Fenton Chas A mgr Dower Lbr Co
Fenton Earl student r C A Fenton
Ferguson Jean tchr Public Sch r C A Fenton
Flash Jos farmer
Forgerson Geo farmer
Forgerson Loretta r Geo Forgerson
German Lutheran Church (Services held in Swedish Lutheran Church)
Gilbert Geo farmer
Gowdy Willard S gen store
Groth Augusta (wid Fred)
Groth Augusta r Mrs Augusta Groth
Groth Ernest W live stock
Groth Fred saw mill (nr)
Groth Henry Postmaster
Groth Oscar tchr r Mrs Augusta Groth
Guitaire Jno farmer
Gustafson Jno farmer
Hagman Edw farmer
Hamren Carl barber
Hamren Jno farmer
Hunsinger Clyde C agt N P Ry
Ilstrup Eva C Mrs cash Wright State Bank
Ilstrup Saml O pres Wright State Bank
Johnson Nels mason
Julstad Ole farmer
Keisler Lowell lab
Larsen Hilda tchr Public Sch
Lear Ida Mrs housekpr Peter Peterson
Matson Wm expmn
Mattila Emelia clk Farmers Co-op Co
Methodist Episcopal Church
Morrison Geo farmer
Nordquist Aug formn N P Ry
Nordquist Jno H clk Bushey Bros
Nordquist Lawrence lab r Aug Nordquist
Nordquist Violet hlpr r Aug Nordquist
Nordstrom Jno
Northberg Arch farmer
Northberg Ernest farmer
Northberg Mathilda Mrs
Northern Land Co A H Beseman pres
Olson Chas farmer r Mrs Wm Olson
Olson Wm Mrs farmer
Osen Mary clk Bushey Bros r Mrs Minnie Osen
Osen Minnie Mrs opr Wright Rural Tel Co
Otten Jno lab
Palm Herman farmer
Parent Teachers Assn Hugo Nordquist sec
Pearson Percy prin Public Sch
Peterson Helen mgr Farmers Co-op Store
Peterson Herbert auto mech
Peterson Herbert P mech Bushey Bros
Peterson Peter lab
Pettit Saml
Post Office Henry Groth Postmaster
Pracht Ferd shoe repr
Public School Percy Pearson prin
Ranta Helma dom Mrs Hannah Anderson
Ricker Anna Mrs r G A Forgerson
Rosvold Henry farmer
Schmehl Anna dom S O Ilstrup
Sieber Michl farmer
Sipes Anna Mrs r Alf Zoerb
Stenson Oscar lab
Swedish Lutheran Church
Tack Walter grinder Bushey Bros
Vizneau Abr hlpr r Jos Vizneau
Vizneau Jos farmer
Walli Jno clk Farmers Co-op Co
Wanous Wm W buttermkr Alf Zoerb
Wickland Johanna jan Public Sch
Wickstrand Anna (wid Per)
Wickstrand Jno r Mrs Anna Wickstrand
Wolfram Godfrey F pool room and cafe
Wright Edw r G F Wolfram
Wright Rural Telephone Co Mrs Minnie Osen opr
Wright State Bank S O Ilstrup pres
Zoerb Alf creamery