Canadian Finnish Soldiers in WW II

The book Canadan suomalaisten sotilaiden muistoalbumi vuonna 1946 (Sudbury, Ontario 1946, 69 p.) lists and shows by province photos of Finnish Canadian soldiers who served during WW II. The captions, written in Finnish, under each individual mentions hometown, sometimes the birth year and place of birth, occupation, rank, arenas of service and where they were discharged.

If there is no district, province or country after the name of the town, it is in Ontario since the province was left off all the locations in Ontario. Also, since the book was published in Sudbury, many of the locations are local or are now ghost towns and would not show up on a current map. In these cases Sud Dist was put after the location to indicate Sudbury District. Some of the cells are empty because there was no information for that individual.

Compiled by Marty Neva, November 2000.

[Aalto-Jaskela] [Johnson-Luhta] [Luhtala-Pouttu] [Pudas-Yrjölä]


1st Name

2nd Name



Year Born

Place Born



Date Joined

Joined in

Served in


Pte Arvo E Aalto Sault Ste. Marie 1919 Copper Cliff Steel Worker Army Dec 1942   Canada  
Gnr George   Aaltonen South Porcupine 1922 Finland Miner Army Artillery Apr 1943 Toronto Canada, Holland  
Pte Lauri Lennart Aaltonen Val d'Or, Que 1925 D'Alma, Que Miner Army Sep 1943 Val d'Or, Que Canada, Overseas  
A/S Leo R Aber Nemegos, near Chapleau 1926 Chapleau   Navy   Port Arthur Canada  
Telegraph Operator Arvo Arne Aho Timmins 1909 Murola, Finland   Navy 1939 Toronto Canada, Overseas Drowned at sea 6p/2/1941
Pte Eino   Aho Neelon Twp, Sud Dist 1925   Farm Worker Army Oct 1944   Canada, Holland  
Sgt Kauno Elias Aho Arrowhead, BC 1920 Kuortane, Finland Railway Worker Army Jun 1941   Canada, France, England  
Spr Roy W Aho Sault Ste. Marie 1922 Sault Ste. Marie Mechanic       Canada, Overseas  
Pte Aksel Andrew Ahokas Cobalt 1919 Cobalt Miner       Germany, France Holland & Belgium  
A/S Mauno   Ahola Sointula, BC 1914 Sointula, BC Fisherman Navy   Vancouver, BC Dischg'd Dec 1944  
Gnr Eino J Ahtila Port Arthur 1920 Ylistaro, Finland. Canada in 1925   Army Artillery Jan 1941   Canada, Sicily, Italy, Holland, Germany  
Gnr Pentti H Ahtila Port Arthur 1921 Ylistaro, Finland Canada in 1925 Farm worker Army Artillery Oct 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany  
Bdr Valdemar O Ahtila Port Arthur 1923 Ylistaro, Finland Canada in 1925 Farm Worker Army Artillery Nov 1942 Port Arthur Canada, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
Rfn Harry M Alanen Nolalu 1926 Silver Mountain Labourer Army Apr 1944 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, Overseas and Occ. Forces  
Rfn Sulo W Alanen Nolalu 1914 Silver Mountain Labourer Army Apr 1943 Fort William Canada, Overseas Died in Caen, France 5p/7/44
Gnr Norman   Alm Dunblan, Sask   Birsay, Sask Farmer Air Force   Regina, Sask West Coast Canada  
Pte William W Alto Sault Ste Marie 1910 Mond Mine, Sud Dist Miner & Forestry Worker Army Forestry Corp 1940 Port Arthur Canada, France, Belgium, Holland Died in Holland 16/2/45
Pte E V Alton Ladysmith, BC 1917 Ladysmith, BC Sawyer Army Jun 1942 Vancouver, BC Canada, Newfoundland  
Pte Jalo I Anderson Port Arthur     Electrical Engineer Army 1941 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
A/S Theodore   Anderson Sointula, BC 1916 Sointula, BC Fisherman Navy RCFR Aug 1942   BC Coastguard Dischg'd Dec 1944  
Gnr Aarne A Annala Nolalu 1917 Fort William Truck Driver Army Oct 1941   Canada, Germany  
Pte Leonard   Antilla Orasis, Alberta 1917 Rocky Mtn House, Alberta Farmer Army May 1942   Canada Dischg'd Mar 1945  
LAC William   Arnberg Port Arthur 1915 Port Arthur   Air Force Jan 1943   Canada, England  
Sto Allan O W Arnio Geraldton 1915 Fort William Miner Navy 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Gnr Geo Leonard Aro South Porcupine 1924 USA Miner Army Artillery Aug 1944 Toronto Canada  
Spr Leo Waldemar Aro South Porcupine 1921 USA Miner Army RCE Aug 1942 Toronto Canada Dischg'd May 1945  
Gnr Allan A Arola Red Rock 1920 Port Arthur   Army 1941 Fort William Canada, Belgium, Holland  
Pte Axel A Arola Red Rock 1920 Port Arthur   Army Cdn. Forestry Corp 1941 Fort William Canada, Scotland, Belgium, Germany  
Pte Eino   Arola Red Rock 1924     Army 1945 Nipigon Canada  
A/S Helge Olavi Arpe New Westminster, BC 1921 Mikkeli, Finland Fisherman Navy     Canada Dischg'd Apr 1944  
Pte Eero Matti Autio Toronto 1915 Copper Cliff Miner Army R.C.A.M.C. May 1942 Sudbury Canada, Italy, Belgium, Germany  
L/Cpl Esko   Autio Cobalt 1924 Ilmajoki, Finland   Army Artillery May 1943   Canada, Holland  
Gnr Emil E Basto Waters Twp, Sud Dist 1914 Waters Twp, Sud Dist Farmer Army Oct 1943   Canada, East Coast  
LAC M   Belveal Sointula, BC 1921   Forestry Worker Army 1942   Canada  
Tpr Norman A Belveal Sointula, BC 1925   Forestry Worker Army 1943   Canada, Overseas Died in Germany 2p/4/45
Pte Neilo H Bergstrom Toronto 1918 Toronto Factory Worker Army RCE Dec 1941   Canada  
S/Sgt Oiva John Bergstrom Toronto 1911 Toronto   Army RC Signal Aug 1942 Toronto Canada  
Cfn William Andrew Black Salmon Arm, BC 1923 Vermilion, Alberta   Army 1941   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Matt   Buckingham Revelstoke, BC 1919 Cambie, BC Labourer Army 1939   Canada, Germany  
Pte Matt?   Buckingham Vancouver, BC 1918 Cambie, BC   Army Apr 1940   Canada, England, Sicily, Italy  
LAW Eva Aili Buckle (Sorjonen) Timmins   Frood Mine Sud Dist Store Clerk Air Force 1942   Canada  
Pte Armas   Buolsata Salmon Arm, BC 1914 Salmon Arm, BC Forestry Worker Army 1942   Canada, Overseas  
F/O Bill   Capyk South Porcupine     Diamond Driller Air Force Dec 1940   Canada, Overseas  
Sto PO Oiva Allan Carey Ladysmith, BC 1915 Nanimo, BC Machine Operator Navy Oct 1940 Victoria, BC Pacific & Atlantic Oceans  
Spr Roy   Cummingham (Cunningham?) Rorketon, Manitoba             Over five years in England, Gibraltar, France, Holland, Germany  
Spr Harold   Custison Nanimo, BC 1920 Chase River, BC Construction Worker Army 1942 Nanimo, BC Canada, Overseas Pacific Forces  
Cpl Hellen E Dahl Kapuskasing   Sudbury Book Keeper Air Force 1941   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Kenneth   Dodd Canmore, Alberta       Army 1944 Vancouver, BC Canada, England  
L/Cpl W   Eklund Sudbury 1907 Finland Print Worker Army Aug 1943 Toronto East Coast Canada Discharged for health reasons Oct 1944
Gnr Hugo Wilbor Ellman Sudbury 1918 Worthington Type Setter Army Jun 1942   Italy, Holland Wounded in Caen, France 10p/8/44
  George A Elo Toronto 1914 Toronto Printer Air Force RAAF Jun 1942 Toronto Canada, Overseas  
Pte Allan R Erickson Nolalu 1921 Nolalu Farmer Army 1942   Canada  
Pte Charles   Erickson Thorhild, Alberta 1917 Radway, Alberta Farmer       Canada  
WO1 Tapio   Erickson Montreal, Que 1922 Kannus, Finland Book Keeper Air Force 1941 Montreal, Que Canada, Overseas Died on Atlantic patrol & body found on Scotland shore. Buried on Tir(e) Island on Coast of Scotland
W/O II Douglas   Erkkilä Sault Ste. Marie 1923 Sault Ste. Marie   Air Force Jan 1943   Canada, Overseas  
Cmfn William R Falls Fort William             Canada, Overseas  
Pte Eric   Fergus Long Lake, Sud Dist 1900 Eurajoki, Finland Machinist Army Oct 1944   Canada  
Pte Felix   Fors Quibell 1920   Forestry Worker Army 1943 Fort William Canada  
Tpr Väinö   Fors Quibell 1922   Forestry Worker Army Tank Corp Nov 1942 Fort William Canada, Overseas Wounded Germany 14/8/44
Pte Mauno Andrew Forsell Timmins 1914 Kotka, Finland Miner Army Nov 1943   Canada, Overseas  
Sgt Toivo E Frantsi Timmins 1914 Helsinki, Finland Store Worker, Radio Repairman Air Force 1940   Canada, West Africa, Palestine, Egypt, France, Belgium. Dischg'd Apr 1945  
Sgt Ray   Freeman Rouyn, Que 1922 Port Arthur   Air Force Mar 1943 Vancouver B.C. U.S. Air Force  
Cpl Vieno   Goudour (Väänänen) Rouyn, Que   Cobalt   Army Jun 1943   Canada  
Pte Aarne   Haapala Long Lake, Sud Dist 1915 Broder Twp, Sud Dist Miner Army 1943 Sudbury Canada  
Sto Wilfred   Haapala Nanimo, BC 1914 Chase River, BC Fisherman Navy Jan 1944 Victoria, BC Canada  
Pte Benhard   Haavisto Sudbury 1923 Copper Cliff   Army Sep 1942   Canada, Labrador  
Pte Lauri   Haavisto Sudbury 1919 Copper Cliff Smelter Worker Army Jul 1944   Canada  
Pte O E Häivälä Timmins 1924 Kuopio, Finland Miner Army RCASC Oct 1944 Timmins Canada  
F/O Allan F Hakala Sioux Lookout 1918 Kenora Forestry Worker Air Force 1941 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, Overseas Reported missing 2p/4/43 Biskajan ? Bay
Pte John   Hakala Rouyn, Que   Cobalt Mine Worker Army May 1945   Canada  
Cpl Varma   Hakala (Väänänen) Rouyn, Que   Cobalt           Dischg'd for health reasons Jun 1944
Pte Eelis E Hakanen Geraldton 1920 Rauma, Finland Carpenter Army 1945 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada  
Sto Allan   Hall Port Arthur 1914 Port Arthur Railway Worker Navy 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas Dischg'd Jun 1945  
Steward Paul E Hall Port Arthur 1921 Port Arthur   Navy Sep 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
CPO Robert   Hall Port Arthur 1917 Port Arthur Foundry Worker Navy Jan 1943   West Coast Canada  
F/Lt Olavi   Hallikas Fort Frances 1915 Fort Frances   Air Force Oct 1941   Canada, Overseas  
Cpl V I Halme Hearst 1923 Parkano, Finland Store Helper, Steel Worker Army Jul 1923   Canada  
Spr John Edward Halonen Sprucedale 1921 Oulu, Finland Miner, Forest Worker Army Apr 1942   Canada, Dischg'd 1945  
Cpl Emil   Halverson Fort Frances 1917 Sweden   Army Artillery Jun 1942 Fort Frances Canada, Overseas  
Pte Swante   Hanhikangas Whitefish 1920 Whitefish Farmer Army Oct 1942 Toronto Canada, Dischg'd May 1943  
Pte Onni   Hänninen Sudbury 1913 Long Lake, Sud Dist Mine Worker Army Jun 1943 Sudbury Canada, Overseas Died in France 9/9/44
Pte Wäinö Julius Hari Nolalu 1922 Marks Twp Farmer Army Nov 1942 Fort William Dischg'd Jun 1944  
Pte Aarne   Harja Geraldton 1921 Ilmajoki, Finland Mechanic Army RCEME Oct 1944 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada  
S-Sgt Harry John Harju Sudbury 1916 Copper Cliff   Army RCOC 1940 Sudbury Canada, Holland Belgium, Germany  
Pte Kaarlo E Harju Sault Ste Marie 1913 Sault Ste Marie Co-op Manager Army Nov 1943 Toronto Canada, Overseas  
Spr Tauno   Harju Intola 1913 Intola Truck Driver Army Aug 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Italy, Holland  
  Urho   Harju Intola 1911 Intola   Navy Mar 1941 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
Pte Edvin   Harjula South Porcupine 1920 Garson Mine Insurance Worker Army May 1941 North Bay Canada Dischg'd Dec 1941  
Sgt Everett   Hauta Steeledale, Sask 1919 Dinsmore, Sask Farmer       Canada, Africa, Italy  
Gnr Matti   Hauta Wanup 1923 Kauhava, Finland Farmer Army Mar 1942   Canada, Newfoundland  
Sgt Toivo A Hauta Hornepayne 1909 Ähtäri, Finland Railroad Worker Air Force 1940 Fort William Canada, Italy  
Pte Weikko E Hauta Hornepayne 1922 Dinorvici Farmer Army 1942   Canada, Overseas Died in France 14/8/44
LAC Jack Raymond Hautala Salmon Arm, BC 1922 Salmon Arm, BC Student Air Force Apr 1942 Vancouver, BC Canada  
LAC Robert Alan Hautala Salmon Arm, BC 1921 Salmon Arm, BC Student Air Force Apr 1942 Vancouver, BC Canada  
L/S Edward   Hautanen Nolalu 1924 Port Arthur   Navy Mar 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
Pte Arthur Arnold Heckley Port Arthur 1925 Fort William Forestry Worker Army 1943   Canada  
L/Cpl Roy Alfred Heckley Port Arthur 1920 Cromwell, Minn. Truck Driver Army Artillery Dec 1941   Canada, Italy, Belgium, Holland  
Gnr Raymond   Heikkilä Sault Ste Marie 1921 Sault Ste Marie Steel Worker Light Anti Aircraft Battery Jun 1942 Sault Ste Marie Canada, Newfoundland  
Pte Toivo Richard Heikkilä Cobalt 1912 Cobalt Miner Army Sep 1941 Sudbury Canada, Italy, Sicily, England  
Sgt Walter J A Heikkinen Port Arthur 1918 Fort William   Air Force Jun 1940 Fort William Canada, Overseas  
Pte K V Heinämäki Timmins   Finland Miner Worker Reserve 1942   Participated in Action  
Gnr E T Heino Wanup 1922 Wanup Farmer Army 1942 Sudbury Canada, Italy, Holland  
Sgt Frank   Heino Sudbury 1907 Calumet, Mich Miner Army Sault Ste Marie & Sudbury Reg't 1942 Sudbury Canada  
Sgt Kauko Henrich Heino Sudbury 1921 Pori, Finland Chemist Army Aug 1942   Canada  
Rfn Reino E Heino Fort William 1914 Fort William Truck Driver Army Dec 1942 Fort William Canada, Holland  
Sgt Sulo Armas Heino Sault Ste Marie 1922 Sault Ste Marie Steel Worker Army Parachute Corp   Sault Ste Marie Canada  
Cpl Stanley S Heisholt Port Arthur 1923 Port Arthur War Related Employment Air Force Sep 1942 Port Arthur Canada, India  
Pte Wilho   Helin Timmins 1917 Schumacher Miner Army Feb 1942   Canada, Germany, Holland  
Gnr Bert Henrick Helstein Quibell 1920   Store Helper Army Jul 1942   Belgium, Holland Wounded Belgium Oct/44
Sgt Martti Emil Helstein Quibell 1918 Quibell Farmer Army Jul 1910     Wounded in France 5p/8/44. Died 4p /4/45 Delden, Holland
Spr Urho   Helstein South Porcupine 1900 Helsinki, Finland Diamond Driller Army Jun 1941 Kirkland Lake Canada, Overseas  
Tpr Ero   Hemming Timmins 1923 Kauhava, Finland Miner Army Tank Corp 1942   Canada, England, Italy, Holland  
Rfn Albert Richard Hendrickson Keewatin 1915 Laclu Forestry Worker Army Apr 1942 Fort William Canada  
LAC James   Hendrickson Thorhild, Alberta 1922 Abee, Alberta Farmer Air Force Nov 1943 Edmonton, Alberta Canada Dischg'd Jun 1945 Died in Italy 15/6/44
Pte Onni Robert Hendrickson Keewatin 1917 Laclu Labourer Army May 1942 Kenora Canada, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
A/S Vic   Hendrickson Keewatin 1922 Laclu Metal Worker Navy Jul 1943 Fort William Canada, Overseas  
Pte Walter   Hendrickson Keewatin 1920 Laclu Mechanic Army Sep 1943   Canada, Overseas Dischg'd May/45  
Spr Willie   Hendrickson Keewatin 1914 Laclu Carpenter Army May 1942 Fort William Canada  
Pte Fred Dorsey Henrickson Mattawa     Mechanic Army Jan 1944 Toronto Canada, Holland  
Cfmn Tauno Armas Henrickson Mattawa 1907 Cobalt Farmer Army Jun 1941 Mattawa Canada, Holland  
Pte T W Herala Geraldton 1899 Vöyri, Finland Forestry Worker Army 1941 Geraldton Canada, Overseas Dischg'd 1944  
Pte Charles Theodor Hermanson Whonnock, BC 1926 Vancouver, BC Truck Driver Army Jan 1945   Canada  
Pte Sulo John Hietala Sault Ste Marie 1914 Sault Ste Marie   Army 1942   Canada  
Pte Victor Jack Hietala Sault Ste Marie 1917 Sault Ste Marie   Army 1941   Canada, Overseas  
L/Cpl Toivo K Hietanen Nakina 1918 Sioux Lookout Train Man Army & Parachute Corp Jan 1942 & Nov 1943 Fort William Canada, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
L/Sto Walter J Hietanen Nakina 1914 Sioux Lookout Brake Man Navy Aug 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Kauno I Hietikko Worthington 1915 Worthington Farmer Army Mar 1942 North Bay Canada, Kiskan Saari  
Pt V J Hiitola Hespero, Alberta 1912 Eckville, Alberta Farmer Army Dec 1942 Calgary, Alberta Canada, Overseas  
Pte Elo   Hill Thornhild, Alberta 1916 Thornhild, Alberta Barber Army Jul 1942 Calgary Canada  
Pte Ernest O Hill Sault Ste Marie 1914 Seewhy, Mich Steel Worker Army   Toronto Canada, Overseas  
Pte Ernie R Hill Meadow Portage, Manitoba 1913 Beocket, Dakota, USA Fisherman       Canada  
Pte Fred Walter Hill Rorketon, Manitoba 1925 Rorketon, Manitoba   Army Jun 1943   Canada, Holland  
Pte Gust Adolph Hill Salmon Arm, BC 1917 Salmon Arm, BC Farmer       Canada, Overseas  
Pte Karlo   Hill Thornhild, Alberta 1919 Edmonton, Alberta Teacher Army Aug 1941 Camrose, Alberta Canada, England  
Cpl Oliver   Hill Sudbury 1917 Copper Cliff   Army Oct 1943   Canada, Overseas Wounded in France 29/8/44
Pte Oliver   Hill Salmon Arm, BC 1919 Salmon Arm, BC Miner Army Feb 1942   Canada, Germany Army of Occupation  
Tpr Reino Olavi Hill Toronto 1919 Sault Ste Marie Machinist Army Jun 21 1941   Canada, England, Holland, Germany  
Pte Usko   Hill Timmins   Finland   Reserve 1941     Died 9/44 of disease
Pte Alf Laurie Hilland Webster's Corners, BC 1916 Eastend, Sask Miner & Forestry Worker Army Jan 1943   Canada, Belgium Wounded in Belgium Sep 1944
Sgt Carl C Hilland Webster's Corners, BC 1919 Merryflat, Sask Forestry Worker & Fisherman Air Force Nov 1943   Canada  
L/Cpl Grace B.C. Hilland Webster's Corners, BC   Merryflat, Sask Army CWAC Nov 1944     Canada  
Tpr Harold J Hilland Webster's Corners, BC 1925 Shaunavon, Sask Shipbuilder & Fisherman Army Tank Corp Feb 1944   Canada, Germany  
Pte E O Hillman Hornepayne 1924   Truck Driver Army Dec 1943   Canada  
LAC Leo Everet Hillman Calgary, Alberta 1920 Copper Cliff Labourer Air Force Nov 1941 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, England  
A/S Allan E Hilton Sointula, BC   Sointula, BC Store Clerk Navy 1943 Victoria Canada  
A/S Phillips   Hilton Sointula, BC 1915 Sointula, BC Fisherman Navy Aug 1942   Canada  
  Arthur C Hissa Toronto 1914 Toronto Mechanic Air Force Mechanic Jan 1944   Canada Dischg'd Feb 1944  
Pte Niilo   Hissa Toronto 1913 Toronto   Army RCASC Jun 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Oscar Alexander Hjelt Steeledale, Sask 1918   Farmer Army RCASC 1943 Regina, Sask Canada  
Sgn J A Hoicka Webster's Corners, BC 1914 Vancouver, BC   Army RCSC Mar 1943   Canada  
Pte Carl   Hoikka Vancouver, BC 1927 Cambie, BC Army Apr 1945     Canada  
PO Erick   Holm Solsqua, BC 1910 Pori, Finland Engineer   1943 Calgary, Alberta Canada, Overseas  
Cpl Esko   Holm Toronto   Helsinki, Finland   Army 1940   Canada, Africa, Italy. Arrived back fall of 45 Recovering in hospital
Pte Raymond   Holmsteen Nolalu 1922 Fort William Farmer       Canada, Overseas  
Sgt William   Hölsä Port Arthur 1919 Port Arthur   Cdn Parachute Batt'n Jul 1941     Wounded in Germany Jan 1943 Died from wounds in Port Arthur Hospital 9p/8/45
Pte Arthur   Hongell Long Lake, Sud Dist       Army Mar 43   Canada, England, Holland, Belgium  
Pte Kaarlo   Hongell Long Lake, Sud Dist 1926   Farmer Army Spring 1943 Sudbury Canada  
Pte Aatos Robert Honkanen Beaver Lake, Sud Dist 1919 Copper Cliff Farmer Army 1942   West coast Canada, England  
Pte Karl   Honkanen Port Arthur 1914 Port Arthur Labourer Army Jul 1940   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Kauko   Honkanen Port Arthur 1916 Port Arthur Labourer Army Artillery Mar 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Pte E   Hostikka Intola 1915 Intola Farmer Army Jul 1942 Fort William Dischg'd Jan/44  
Sgt Harold   Hostikka Intola 1917 Intola Ass't Store Manager Army Aug 1942 Fort William Canada, Holland  
Spr Reino   Hovi Cochrane 1910 Cobalt Diamond Driller Army Jul 1940   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Taimi   Hovi South Porcupine   Säkkijärvi, Finland Waitress Army Jun 1943 Cochrane Canada  
L/Cpl Arvo   Huhtala Salmon Arm, BC 1922 Salmon Arm, BC Sawyer Army Artillery 1943   Canada, Holland  
Pte Elmer   Huhtala Salmon Arm, BC 1913 Salmon Arm, BC Hairdresser Air Force 1942 Calgary, Alberta Canada  
Pte Vilho   Huhtala Whitefish 1919 Whitefish Truck Driver Army   North Bay Canada, Overseas  
Pte Walter   Huhtala Salmon Arm, BC 1909   Labourer Army 1943 Vancouver, BC West Coast Canada  
Pte Onni   Humppi Port Arthur 1920 Pietarsaari, Finland Baker Army 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
Gnr Nilo   Hurskainen Thornhild, Alberta 1920 Edmonton, Alberta Farmer Army Jan? Camrose, Alberta Canada  
L/Bdr Armas   Hutman South Porcupine 1913 Cobalt Machine Operator Army Artillery Apr 1943   East Coast Canada  
Pte Harry E Huttula Steeledale, Sask 1918 Dunblan, Sask Labourer Army Royal Cdn Ordnance Apr 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Victor   Hyppönen Toronto 1917 Sortavala, Finland Aircraft Inspector Air Force and Army 1943 and 1944 Resp   Canada  
Gnr Walfred   Hytönen Sault Ste Marie 1925 Sault Ste Marie Book Keeper       Canada  
Sgmn Reino K Hyyrylä Port Arthur 1921 Nolalu Forest Worker Army Feb 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Holland  
Gnr Allan W Ilkka Nolalu 1918 Nolalu Forestry Worker Army Jul 1941 Port Arthur Canada, Sicily, Italy, Holland  
L/S Allan Oswald Illbury (Illberg) Toronto 1916 Toronto   Navy Jul 1939 Toronto Canada, Overseas  
1st Cl S/M Kaarlo   Ilola South Porcupine 1919 Ely, Minn   U.S. Navy Mar 1944 Buffalo, NY United States  
L/Sto Keijo   Ilola South Porcupine 1922 Urhala, Finland Miner Navy May 1942   Canada, Overseas  
LAC J I Innes Rorketon, Manitoba     Brakeman Air Force Jan 1942   Canada  
Spr Vick   Into Rouyn, Que   Finland Miner Army 1940   France, Belgium, Holland, Germany Wounded in Germany Mar 1945
Pte Frank U Isacson Waters Twp, Sud Dist 1921 Waters Twp, Sud Dist   Army Oct 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Pte John S Isacson Copper Cliff 1919 Copper Cliff   Army Sep 1941 Sudbury Canada, Overseas Wounded on German front Dec/44
Rad. Op. Fred   Jaakkola Timmins 1913 Finland Draughtsman Air Force 1942 Timmins Canada  
PO Olavi Leonard Jackson Webster's Corners, BC 1915 Vancouver, BC   Air Force   Vancouver, BC Canada, England Died during bombing mission over Germany 25/3/44
Gnr Arthur E Jackson (Jaskari) Toronto 1913   Mechanic Army RCSC 1943   Dischg'd Apr 1945  
Pte Carl William Jacobson Nolalu 1924 Fort William Sawmill Worker Army Aug 1943   Canada, Germany  
Pte John A Jäntti Meadow Portage, Manitoba 1912 Hinsdale, Mo, USA Fisherman & Forestry Worker Army May 1943      
2nd Lt Edith   Jarvi Toronto   Toronto Book Keeper Army CWAC Jul 1945 London Canada  
LAC Esko Emil Järvi Timmins 1923 Voikkaa, Finland Miner Air Force Nov 1942   Canada, Overseas  
F/O Robert W Järvi Toronto 1924 Toronto Student Air Force Jul 1943   Canada, Overseas  
Flt Lt Aarre   Järvinen Toronto 1920 Helsinki, Finland   Air Force Nov 1941 Toronto Canada, Overseas  
  A E Jaskari Toronto     Wife of Arthur E Jackson (Jaskari) Army        
Pte Olavi Harold Jaskari Toronto 1917 Toronto Office Worker Army 1943   West Coast Canada  
Pte Veikko J L Jaskari Toronto 1919 Toronto Foundry Worker Army RCASC   Kitchener Canada, Holland, Belgium  
Paratrpr Charles W Jaskela Lucky Lake, Sask 1924 Rock Point, Sask Farmer Army Paratroop Corp 1942   Canada, Overseas  
LAC Toivo   Jaskela Lucky Lake, Sask 1922 Rock Point, Sask Farmer Air Force Summer 1940 Saskatoon, Sask Canada, Holland