Canadian Finnish Soldiers in WW II

The book Canadan suomalaisten sotilaiden muistoalbumi vuonna 1946 (Sudbury, Ontario 1946, 69 p.) lists and shows by province photos of Finnish Canadian soldiers who served during WW II. The captions, written in Finnish, under each individual mentions hometown, sometimes the birth year and place of birth, occupation, rank, arenas of service and where they were discharged.

If there is no district, province or country after the name of the town, it is in Ontario since the province was left off all the locations in Ontario. Also, since the book was published in Sudbury, many of the locations are local or are now ghost towns and would not show up on a current map. In these cases Sud Dist was put after the location to indicate Sudbury District. Some of the cells are empty because there was no information for that individual.

Compiled by Marty Neva, November 2000.

[Aalto-Jaskela] [Johnson-Luhta] [Luhtala-Pouttu] [Pudas-Yrjölä]


1st Name

2nd Name



Year Born

Place Born



Date Joined

Joined in

Served in


Sgmn Carl W Johnson Port Arthur 1916 Port Arthur Truck Driver Army Artillery 1942   Canada, Italy, Holland  
LAW Hellen V Johnson Toronto   Toronto Office Worker Air Force Jul 1943 Toronto Canada  
LAW Ida M Johnson Solsqua, BC   Cambie, BC Waitress Air Force Apr 1943   Canada Dischg'd Nov 1944  
Pte Kaarlo   Johnson Long Lake, Sud Dist 1923 Broder Twp, Sud Dist Farmer Army 1945   Canada  
Pte Lauri   Johnson Cobalt 1924 Cobalt Truck Driver Army 1942 Toronto Canada, Overseas Wounded in Belgium
Gnr Leo   Johnson Long Lake, Sud Dist 1913 Hansville   Army Mar 1944   Canada, Holland  
Cpl Mae M Johnson Solsqua, BC   Cambie, BC Nurse Air Force Apr 1943 Calgary, Alberta Canada  
Pte Veikko   Johnson Sudbury 1917 Creighton Mine   Army 1942 Toronto Canada Dischg'd 1944  
Cpl Vilho M Johnson Beaver Lake, Sud Dist 1920 Creighton Mine Farmer Army Jun 1941 North Bay East Coast Canada  
Pte Sointu   Jokela Nipigon 1917 Nipigon Labourer Army 1940 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
Rfn Eino   Joki Wabosi 1922 Wabosi Farmer Army May 1944 Toronto Canada, Overseas  
Pte Fred   Jokinen Kapuskasing 1916 Sault Ste Marie Paper Worker Army Nov 1944   Canada  
Pte Karl   Jokinen Whitefish 1922 Whitefish Farmer Army   Toronto Canada, Germany  
Pte Eino J Jussila McKerrow 1922 McKerrow Farmer Army Oct 1942   Canada, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
Sgt Pilot Edsel Archie Kaario Vancouver, BC 1922 Sointula, BC Welder Air Force Jun 1943   Canada  
Bdr Pentti   Kaarto Toronto 1923 Pori, Finland Mechanic Army Jan 1942 Toronto Canada, Newfoundland  
A/S Antti Veikko Kaija Port Arthur 1923 Finland Aircraft Factory Worker Navy 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
Pte Mikko Armas Kaija Port Arthur 1922 Finland Aircraft Factory Worker Army Oct 1942   East Coast Canada  
Cpl Kaarlo   Kainula Hornepayne 1923 Dinorwic Store Helper Army 1942   Canada, Overseas Wounded in Belgium Oct/44
Pte Kaarlo   Kalenius Beaver Lake, Sud Dist 1919 Creighton Mine         Canada, Germany  
Pte Asser   Kallela Rankin 1924 Isojoki, Finland Steel Worker Army 1942 Sault Ste Marie Canada, Overseas Wounded in France Aug 1944
Pte Henry E Kallio Rouyn, Que 1925 Garson Mine Mine Laboratory Worker Army Nov 1943   Canada, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
F/O John W Kallio Long Lake, Sud Dist 1924 Waters Twp, Sud Dist Store Helper Air Force 1942 Sudbury Canada, Overseas  
Cfmn Walter Victor Kallio Hearst 1920 Sault Ste Marie Truck Driver Army Aug 1942 Kapuskasing Canada  
Gnr Olavi   Kallunki Timmins 1919 Timmins Labourer Army Artillery 1941 North Bay Canada, Overseas  
Pte Arvo Elmer Kalvia Geraldton 1920 Regina, Sask Farmer Army Apr 1943 Port Arthur Canada  
Pte Roy Leonard Kalvia Geraldton 1917 Regina, Sask'n Farmer Army Jun 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
AC2 Raymond J Kamppi Copper Cliff 1925 Copper Cliff Student Air Force Sep 1943   East Coast Canada, Pacific Forces  
Cpl Jack   Kanerva Calgary, Alberta 1922 Three Hills, Alberta Student Air Force Jul 1941 Calgary, Alberta Canada, Alaska  
Pte Henry R Kangas Hornepayne 1917 Fort William Stoker Army   Fort William Canada, Overseas  
Sgmn Raino K Kangas Hornepayne 1920 Port Arthur Railway Worker Army   Montreal Canada, Overseas  
Cfmn Urho E Kangas Port Arthur 1920 Port Arthur Farmer Army Sep 1941 Fort William Canada  
Sgt Walter R Kangas Whitefish 1917 Whitefish Farmer Army Parachute Corp Mar 1941   Canada, Italy  
F/O Reino W Kannakko Toronto 1913 Toronto   Air Force Jun 1943 Toronto Canada, Overseas  
Sto Allan   Karhi Toronto 1924 Finland   Merchant Marine Sep 1943 Montreal Canada, Overseas Dischg'd May 1945  
Pte Wiljo   Karhi Toronto 1917 Tampere, Finland   Army Tank Corp Mar 1941 Toronto Canada  
Cpl Ahti U Kari Port Arthur 1906 Port Arthur Office Worker Army Nov 1942 Detroit, Mich Sicily, Italy, Occupied Germany  
Pte T E Karikka Port Arthur 1909 Finland Port Arthur Army Apr 1942 Canada, Overseas, Spanish War Veteran  
Pte Lauri Erik Kartio Toronto 1921 Finland Miner Army Oct 1941 Timmins Canada, England, Holland  
Pte Taisto Wm Katainen Port Arthur 1917 Webster's Corners, B.C. Int'l Co-op Branch Manager Army May 1943   Canada, Overseas  
LAC Tenho Peter Katainen Webster's Corners, BC 1923 Webster's Corners, BC Student Air Force Summer 1942   East & West Coasts Canada  
Pte Paul Wm Kauhanen Sudbury 1921 Whitefish Truck Driver Army Mar 1943   Canada  
Pte Vilho Johannes Kauhanen Sudbury 1914 Toronto Book Keeper Army RCE Aug 1942   Canada, Overseas Wounded on France/Belgium border 17/9/44
P/O Waino (Vern) P Kauhanen Sudbury 1912 Toronto Musician Navy Jul 1943 Toronto Canada, Overseas  
Cpl Oiva   Kaukolin Sudbury 1923 Wanup Miner Army Oct 1942 Sudbury Canada, Overseas Participated in D-Day invasion in France  
Cpl Armand   Kauppila Calgary, Alberta 1921 Vaasa, Finland Student Army Artillery Jul 1940 Sylvan Lake, Alberta Canada, Overseas Imprisoned in German POW camp a week before surrender  
Sgt Victor I Kauppinen Nemogos 1918 Nemogos Railway Worker Army   North Bay Canada, Holland, Belgium, Germany  
F/O Eino   Kautto South Porcupine 1921 South Porcupine   Air Force Nov 1942 Toronto Canada, Overseas  
LAC Erkki   Kehusmaa South Porcupine 1925 Kemi, Finland Store Helper Air Force Aug 1943   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Mikko   Kekäläinen Vancouver, BC 1905 Kuopio, Finland Miner Army Apr 1943      
Gnr Toivo   Keränen Whitefish 1923 Whitefish Farmer Army 1942 Toronto Canada, Belgium  
Sgt Melvin   Kero Vancouver, BC 1925 Cambie, BC Welder Air Force Apr 1944   Canada  
A/S Allan S Ketola Salmon Arm, BC 1926 Kamloops, BC Railway Worker Navy Feb 1944 Vancouver, BC Canada, Ocean  
Sgt Hertta Maria (Mary) Ketola Vancouver, BC   Finland to Canada age 3   Army Spring 1943 Vancouver, BC    
Pte Kaino   Ketola Point du Bois, Manitoba 1923 Kauhava, Finland   Army Sault Ste Marie & Sudbury Reg't Oct 1941 Sudbury Canada, Overseas  
Pte Kalervo Kaarlo Ketola Vancouver, BC 1925 Finland to Canada age 1   Army Spring 1945 Vancouver, BC    
Pte Sakari   Ketonen Hearst 1904     Army Mar 1942   Canada, Overseas Dischg'd Jul 1944  
Cpl Paul Michael Kimola Whonnock, BC 1911 Lahti, Finland Machine Operator Army Jun 2, 1943 Vancouver, BC Canada, Holland, Germany  
Pte Arne   Kinnunen Long Lake, Sud. Dist. 1923 Copper Cliff Farmer Army Dec 1942 Toronto Canada, Holland  
A/S Ensio   Kirsilä Fort Frances 1923 Finland Papermill Worker Navy 1943 Winnipeg, Man Canada, Overseas  
Pte T A C Kivi Nolalu 1919   Sawyer Army Apr 1942   Canada, Overseas Dischg'd May/45 Wounded in France 29/8/44
Pte Vilho Alfred Kivi Fort William 1917 Vermilion Bay Mechanic Army     Canada, Holland Wounded in Italy 5p/10/44
Pte David Victor Kivinen   1916 Vermilion Bay Fisherman Army   Fort William Canada, Overseas Died in France 9p/8/44
Pte Harold William Kivinen Val d‘Or, Que 1924 Nakkila, Finland Miner Army Parachute Corp 1943   Canada, Overseas, Pacific Forces Wounded in Normandy, France 8p/6/44
Pte Jorma Jaakko Kivinen Val d'Or, Que 1923 Harjavalta, Finland Miner Army Telegraph Operator 1940   Canada, Italy, France, Holland  
Sgt Archie Allan Kivistö Nipigon 1918 Nipigon Truck Driver Army Artillery 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Holland  
Pte W J Knuuttila Webster's Corners, BC 1918 Rock Point, Sask Farmer Army Jul 1942   Prince Rupert, BC  
Sgt T E Koistinen Hearst 1923 Finland Forestry Worker Air Force Jan 1943   Canada  
Gnr L S Koivisto Sault Ste Marie 1922 Sault Ste Marie Farmer Army Sep 1942   Canada  
Pte George   Koivu Rouyn, Que   Connaught   Army Mar 1944   Canada, Pacific Forces  
PO Jack O Koivu Rouyn, Que 1920 Port Arthur Mechanic Air Force Oct 1941   Canada, Overseas Died during bombing mission over Essen, Germany 26/3/44
Gnr Rauno   Koivula Swastika 1915 Cobalt   Army   Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
Gnr Rauno   Koivula Port Arthur 1915 Cobalt Truck Driver Army Artillery May 1941   Canada, Overseas Wounded in Holland
Cpl Ted H Koivula Sudbury 1919 Copper Cliff Truck Driver Amy Scottish Reg Jul 1941 Toronto Canada, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
Pte Theodore   Koivunen Sudbury 1922 Murray Mine, Sud Dist Mechanic Army Jul 1942   Canada, Pacific Forces  
Pte Ellie   Koivuranta Port Arthur   Kaskinen, Finland Waitress Army Feb 1945 Vancouver, B.C. Canada  
Gnr Elo   Koivuranta Port Arthur 1923 Karijoki, Finland Truck Driver Army Nov 1944 Winnipeg, Manitoba East Coast Canada  
Pte Toivo   Kokko Hornepayne 1919 Port Arthur Railroad Worker Army Signal Corp 1941 Fort William Canada, Holland  
P/O Aimo U Kolari Beaver Lake, Sud Dist 1926 Levack Farmer Merchant Marine Oct 1944      
Tpr Victor W Kolari Skead 1923 Beaver Lake, Sud Dist Truck Driver Army Nov 1942 Toronto Canada, Overseas Pacific Forces  
Gnr Leo   Korhonen Swastika 1924 Round Lake Labourer Army, Artillery Aug 1944   Canada  
Tpr Alex   Korpi Cobalt 1913 Cobalt Miner Army Jul 15 1943   Canada, Germany Volunteered for Pacific Theatre  
Spr Arvid A Korpi South Porcupine 1912 South Porcupine Black Smith Army RCE 1942 Timmins Canada, Germany  
Pte Eino   Korpi South Porcupine 1913 South Porcupine Miner Army, Artillery Aug 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Sgt Kauno John Korri Timmins 1922 Timmins Student Army May 1940   Canada, Italy, Holland, Belgium  
Pte A   Koski Port Arthur 1923 Port Arthur Sailor Army Nov 1942   Canada, Overseas Wounded in Italy Feb 1945
Rfn A R Koski Port Arthur 1924 Port Arthur Forestry & Factory Worker Army   Vancouver Canada, Holland  
Pte Charles W Koski Meadow Portage, Manitoba 1922 New Finland, Saskatchewan Farmer & Fisherman Army Lorne Scots Reg't Jan 1943 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, Italy, Germany Wounded in Italy Dec 1944 & Jan 1945
Pte Ebi   Koski Black Hawk 1920 Steeldale, Sask Farmer       Canada, Overseas  
Pte Ernest   Koski Lucky Lake, Sask 1910 USA Farmer       Canada, Overseas Wounded in Normandy, France & hospitalized in England
Pte F M Koski Hearst 1920 Nivala, Finland Carpenter Army RCOC Sep 1943   Pacific Theatre  
Pte Fred Mathew Koski Salmon Arm, BC 1919 Salmon Arm, BC Taxi Driver Army Jan 1943 Vernon, BC Canada, Germany  
P/O H J Koski Port Arthur 1917 Port Arthur Sailor Navy Feb 1941   Canada, Overseas  
Pte H W Koski Port Arthur 1918 Port Arthur Farmer, Forestry Worker Army   Port Arthur Canada  
Cpl John Ernest Koski Salmon Arm, BC 1910 Salmon Arm, BC Truck Driver Army Feb 1942 Vernon, BC Canada, Germany  
Bdr John L Koski Intola 1920 Intola Farmer Army Artillery Feb 1943   Canada, Newfoundland  
Tpr Leslie B Koski Beechy, Sask 1921 Dinsmore, Sask Farmer Army Fall 1942   Canada  
Pte Reino A Koski Port Arthur 1917 Port Arthur Store Helper Army Feb 1942 Port Arthur Canada  
Rfn Severi W Koski Meadow Portage, Manitoba 1921 New Finland, Saskatchewan Farmer & Fisherman Army S. Saskatchewan Reg't Dec 1942   Canada, Overseas Dischg'd Feb 1945 Wounded in Normandy, France on D-Day. In Deer Lodge Hospital after discharge
K/Cpl Tauno   Koski Nemegos, near Chapleau 1916 Säkkijärvi, Finland Miner   1943   Canada, Germany  
Pte Veikko   Koski Neelon Twp, Sud Dist 1925 Sudbury Labourer Army Mar 1944   Canada, Belgium  
LAC Walter   Koski Nemegos. Near Chapleau 1919 Säkkijärvi, Finland Miner Air Force     Canada, Overseas  
Pte William A Koski Hearst 1910 Finland Farmer, Forestry Worker Army Oct 1944 Toronto West Coast Canada  
Sgmn Lloyd   Koskie Sarnia 1923 Windsor   Navy     Canada, Overseas  
L/Cpl Ahti J Koskinen Hornepayne 1919 Pakarinkyla, Finland Truck Driver       Canada, Overseas Wounded twice in Italy. 2nd time hospitalized in Eng
Pte Eino K Koskinen Hornepayne 1921 Pakarinkyla, Finland Machine Shop Worker       Canada, Holland  
Spr L   Kotila South Porcupine 1921 Finland Miner Army Jan 1942 Timmins Canada, Overseas Wounded in Holland Dec 1944
Pte Edward Albert Kranrod Webster's Corners, BC 1925 Saskatchewan Farmer Army 1944 Vancouver, BC Canada, Overseas Died in Belgium Oct 1944
L/Cpl Voitto   Krats Whitefish 1918 Mond Mine, Sud Dist Farmer Army 1941 North Bay East Coast Canada  
Pte Frank   Kronlow Montreal, Que 1921 Salt Lake City, Utah Office Worker Army, The Black Watch of Canada 1942 Montreal, Que Canada, Overseas Dischg'd May 1945 Wounded in France 23/7/44 & Holland 13/10/44
L/Cpl Veikko   Kuhmo Port Arthur 1920 Lappe, Ont Farmer Army RCASC Dec 1941 Fort William East Coast Canada  
Pte Arthur Oiva Kuisma Kirkland Lake 1915 Port Arthur Tailor Army RCASC Sep 1943 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, Holland  
Cpl Arnold   Kujala South Porcupine 1916 Kotka, Finland Miner Army Jun 1939   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Eugene   Kukko Port Arthur 1925 Port Arthur Labourer Army Apr 1943 Port Arthur Canada, Germany  
A/S O   Kukko Port Arthur       Navy        
L/S Olavi   Kukko Port Arthur 1918 Port Arthur Labourer Navy Nov 1940   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Toivo   Kukko Port Arthur 1914 Port Arthur   Army Nov 1944   Canada  
Pte Leo   Kukkola Webster's Corners, BC 1918 Ii, Finland Forestry Worker Army RCAMC Jan 1942   Canada, Germany  
A/S Douglas   Kullas South Porcupine 1924 Schumacher Electrician Navy May 1943 Ottawa Canada, Overseas  
Sgmn Howard B Kulmala Sault Ste Marie 1923 Sault Ste Marie Plumber Army Mar 1943   East Coast Canada  
L/Bdr August E Kunto Sudbury 1919 Sellwood Labourer       Canada, France Belgium, Holland, Germany Wounded in Germany 11p/4/1945
Tpr Jalo W Kunto Sudbury 1917 Sellwood Miner Army Jul 1943   Canada, Holland  
Pte Paavo V Kunto Sudbury 1920 Sellwood   Army 1941 North Bay Canada, Kiska  
Gnr A E Kurki Hearst 1922 Finland Store Clerk Army Spring 1941 Toronto Canada, England, Italy, Holland, Pacific Forces  
Flt Sgt Oiva   Kuukkanen Sudbury 1922 Mond, Sud Dist   Air Force Dec 1943   Canada, Overseas  
Cpl Signe   Kuukkanen Sudbury   Mond, Sud Dist Office Worker Air Force Oct 1942   Canada  
Gnr Uljas Arthur Kuula Turbine, Sud Dist 1921 Beaver Lake Smelter Worker Army Jan 1943   Canada, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany Lastly in orchestra performing overseas  
Pte Martti Oswald Kuusela South Porcupine 1922 Fort William Labourer Army CASSC Aug 1943 Toronto Canada, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
Tpr Mauno   Kuusela Kirkland Lake 1920 Viipuri, Finland Store Clerk Army Tank Corp Mar 1941   Canada, England  
Sgmn Vesa Edwin Kuusela South Porcupine 1919 Fort William Store Clerk Army Mar 1941   England, France, Belgium, Holland Wounded in Holland Jan 1945
Pte Wm   Kuusela Conaught Stn 1922 Finland Forestry Worker Army Sep 1942 Toronto Canada, Dischg'd Mar 1944  
Pte Hannes   Kuusisto Salmon Arm, BC 1922     Army May 1943   Canada, England, Holland  
L/Cpl John Edward Kuusisto South Porcupine 1909 Crean Hill, Sud Dist Miner Army Nov 1942 Timmins Canada, Belgium, Germany, Holland  
Pte Wayne Jacob Kuusisto Dunblan, Sask 1921 Birsay, Sask Farmer Army   Regina, Sask Canada Dischg'd Dec 1944  
Pte Charles Nestor Laahanen Sault Ste Marie 1911 Sault Ste Marie   Army Jul 1942 Timmins Canada, England, France Wounded in France
Pte Harry   Laahanen Sault Ste Marie 1919 Sault Ste Marie Printer Army RCASC 1942 Vancouver Canada, England, Belgium, Germany  
Pte Arvi V Laakso Sudbury 1914 Sault Ste Marie Steel Worker Army Oct 1943 Toronto Canada, Germany  
Tpr Wiljo   Laakso Toronto 1911 Perniö, Finland Mechanic Army Apr 1941   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Arne   Lahti Fort Frances 1917 Fort Frances Farmer Army 1941 Fort Frances Canada, Overseas  
Pte Dave   Lahti Sudbury 1919 Copper Cliff Store Clerk Army Sep 1941   Canada, Italy, Prisoner in Italian Concentration Camp  
Gnr Edwin   Lahti McKerrow 1926 Levack Labourer Army Oct 1944 Toronto Canada  
Gnr Ensio   Lahti McKerrow 1918 Levack Labourer Army Jan 1942 Toronto Canada, Dischg'd Oct 1942  
Pte Eugene   Lahti McKerrow 1921 Copper Cliff Labourer Army Sep 1942 Toronto Canada, Dischg'd Jan 1943  
Pte Reino H Lahti Whitefish 1913 Michigan, USA Miner Army Dec 1942 Toronto Canada, Overseas Wounded in Italy
LAC Waino   Lahti Hornepayne 1911 Port Arthur Prospector Air Force 1942 Port Arthur Canada  
Pte Elmo W Lahtinen Port Kell, BC 1919 Frontier, Sask Forestry Worker Army RCASC Jul 1944   Canada Injured & Dischg'd as a result
L/Cpl Toivo E Lahtinen Port Kell, BC 1918 Frontier, Sask Forestry Worker Army RCASC Aug 1941 Vancouver, BC Canada, Overseas  
Pte Tuovi V Lahtinen Port Kell, BC 1922 Frontier, Sask Forestry Worker Army Oct 1942 Vancouver, BC Canada  
Pte Arvi Ensio Laine Timmins 1914 Timmins Office Clerk Army 1942 Toronto Canada  
LAC Carl W Laine Toronto 1918 Orimattila, Finland Plumber Air Force Jun 1943 Toronto West Coast Canada  
Cpl Harold   Laine Toronto 1921 Toronto   Army 1941   Canada, Overseas  
S/Sgt Henry   Laine Toronto 1916 Turku, Finland Office Clerk Army 2 days before war declared in 1939   Canada, Overseas  
LAC Karlo Venner Laine Toronto 1918 Nastola, Finland   Air Force 1943 Toronto Canada  
Tpr Leo   Laine McKerrow 1926 Levack Tech. School Graduate Army Jun 1944   Canada  
Pte Toivo   Laine Hearst 1910 Finland Forestry Worker Army Sep 1941 Toronto Canada Dischg'd Oct 1943  
L/Cpl Gust Arvid Laitinen Salmon Arm, BC 1917 Salmon Arm, BC Farmer Army Artillery Jun 1942   Canada, Germany Army of Occupation  
Pte Arvi   Laituri Oras, Alberta 1913 Rocky Mtn. House, Alberta Farmer Army Jul 1942   Canada  
Sgt B E Lammi Sault Ste Marie 1908 Sault Ste Marie Machine Operator Army Tank Corp   Sault Ste Marie Canada, Overseas  
Pte Jack H Lampi Kirkland Lake 1916 Kirkland Lake Post Office Worker Army Postal Serv Aug 1943   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Lauri   Lansitie Toronto       Lorne Scots Reg't     Canada, Overseas  
Gnr Walter   Lansitie Toronto       Army Artillery        
Sgt Aili   Lappalainen Gorham     Dental Asst Port Arthur Air Force Flying School     Winnipeg, Manitoba  
Gnr Arne A Lappalainen Nolalu 1921 Port Arthur Book Keeper Army 1941 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
Pte Yrjö   Lappalainen Gorham 1913   Store Helper Int'l Co-op Trading Co. Ltd       Canada, Holland  
Pte Edward   Lassi Nakina 1923 Mattice Railway Worker Army 1942 Fort William Canada, Germany  
Pte Eva H Lassi Nakina   Nakina Office Worker Army 1945 Toronto Canada  
Pte Ivar A Lassi Nakina 1921   Railway Worker Army 1942   Canada, Germany  
Gnr Oscar   Laukkanen Dunblan, Sask 1919 Dunblan, Sask Farmer Army 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Gnr Otto   Laukkanen Dunblan, Sask 1917 Dunblan, Sask Farmer Army Artillery 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Cpl Heikki Gunnar Lauren Quebec, Que   Vähä-Rauma, Finland   Army Royal Rifles of Canada Reg't Jan 1939      
Pte Helen Violet Laurila Meadow Portage, Manitoba   Meadow Portage, Manitoba Waitress Army CWAC Sep 1942 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada  
Pte Sulo Eugene Laurila Meadow Portage, Manitoba 1923 Meadow Portage, Manitoba Labourer Anti Aircraft Corp Mar 11 1943 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, France, Belgium, Holland Wounded in Holland 20/10/44 & died 22/10/44. Buried in Schoonelhop Military Graveyard, Antwerp, Belgium
Pte Martti E Lautaoja Swastika 1918 Rantsila, Finland Farmer Army   Kirkland Lake Canada, Overseas  
Pte Arvo   Lehikoinen Geraldton 1920 Oulu, Finland Miner Worker Army Fall 1945   Canada  
Pte Taisto Armas Lehikoinen Sudbury 1913 Copper Cliff Miner Army 1942 Timmins Canada, Kiska, England, Belgium, Holland  
Pte Tauno W Lehikoinen Long Lake Sud Dist 1915   Miner Army   Sudbury Canada, Overseas Wounded in Italy in fall 1943 & Feb 1945
Pte Eero   Lehti Azilda 1921 Azilda Farm Worker Army 48th Highlanders Aug 1944   Canada, Belgium, Holland  
Tpr Niilo   Lehti Azilda 1913 Whistle Mine, Sud Dist Railway Worker Army Dec 1942   Canada  
Gnr George   Lehtimäki South Porcupine 1914 South Porcupine Mechanic Army Artillery Nov 1943   Canada, Labrador  
Gnr Aulis   Lehtinen Wabosa 1916 Sault Ste Marie Merchant Army, Artillery Jun 1942   Canada, Sicily, Italy, Holland, Germany Wounded in Italy 11p/9/1944
P/o Matti   Lehtinen Nemegos 1922 Tampere, Finland Radioman Navy Nov 1942   Canada  
Pte Tuure Olavi Lehtisalo Timmins 1917 Finland Labourer Army Mar 1943   Canada  
CPO Noble   Lehto Port Arthur 1913 Fort William Joiner Navy Oct 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas and Pacific Forces  


  Lehto Salmon Arm, BC 1917 Saarijärvi, Finland   Army 1941   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Uuno   Lehtola Rouyn, Que 1923 Reisjärvi, Finland Mechanic Army 1945 Rouyn, Que Pacific Forces  
LAC Eino   Leino South Porcupine 1915 Timmins Store Worker Air Force May 1943   Canada  
Gnr Alfred   Lemmetty Abee, Alberta 1922 Finland   Army Jun 1941   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Roy   Leppä Dunblan, Sask 1919 Macrori, Sask? Farmer Army   Regina, Sask Canada  
Pte Bruno   Leppänen Port Arthur 1923 Port Arthur Student Army Sep 1943 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada  
Pte E   Leveälahti Toronto 1925 Toronto   Army Jan 1944   Canada, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
Pte Viljo   Lind Sault Ste Marie 1920 Sault Ste Marie   Army Dec 1943   Canada  
Spr Pekka J Linden Vancouver, BC 1923 Tampere, Finland Miner Army RCE May 1942   Canada, Holland  
  O E Lindqvist Calgary, Alberta 1923 Drumheller, Alberta   Air Force 1941 Calgary, Alberta Canada, Overseas Flew 30 missions over Germany Dischg'd May 1945  
F/O Pentti Johannes Lindqvist Sudbury 1922 Seinäjoki Finland Store Clerk Air Force Sep 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Rfm Walter   Linna Timmins 1913 Cobalt Miner Army Jan 1943 Toronto Canada  
F/O Berhard T Lod Port Arthur 1924 Myllykoski, Finland   Air Force Oct 1942   Canada, Overseas  
1st Cl Str Paul   Lofberg Hamilton 1923 Seinäjoki, Finland   Navy Nov 1943   Canada  
Cpl Eino   Luhta South Porcupine 1917 Beaver Lake Store Clerk Army Mar 1942   Canada, Holland  
Gnr Kusti   Luhta South Porcupine 1913 Stobie Mine, Sud Dist Store Worker Army, Artillery May 1942   Canada, Overseas Participated actively in CSJ cultural activities Died in Italy 23/5/44