Canadian Finnish Soldiers in WW II

The book Canadan suomalaisten sotilaiden muistoalbumi vuonna 1946 (Sudbury, Ontario 1946, 69 p.) lists and shows by province photos of Finnish Canadian soldiers who served during WW II. The captions, written in Finnish, under each individual mentions hometown, sometimes the birth year and place of birth, occupation, rank, arenas of service and where they were discharged.

If there is no district, province or country after the name of the town, it is in Ontario since the province was left off all the locations in Ontario. Also, since the book was published in Sudbury, many of the locations are local or are now ghost towns and would not show up on a current map. In these cases Sud Dist was put after the location to indicate Sudbury District. Some of the cells are empty because there was no information for that individual.

Compiled by Marty Neva, November 2000.

[Aalto-Jaskela] [Johnson-Luhta] [Luhtala-Pouttu] [Pudas-Yrjölä]


1st Name

2nd Name



Year Born

Place Born



Date Joined

Joined in

Served in


Pte Tauno   Pudas Sudbury 1923 Merijärvi, Finland Miner Army Dec 1944 Sudbury Canada  
LAC Niilo   Puhakka Cobalt 1915 Inkeroinen, Finland   Air Force as Electrician Dec 1942   Canada  
Pte Elmo E Pulkkinen Long Lake, Sud Dist 1919 Levack Truck Driver Army 1942 Toronto Canada Dischg'd Feb 1944  
Pte Jalo J Pulkkinen Long Lake, Sud Dist 1915 Wanup Miner Army Jul 1942   Canada  
L/Cpl Joel J Pulkkinen Long Lake, Sud Dist 1917 Levack Truck Driver Army Tank Corp Aug 1942   Canada, Germany  
  John E Pulkkinen Long Lake, Sud Dist 1923 Levack Miner Army RCASC 1942 Sudbury Canada, Overseas Pacific Forces  
Sgt Harold   Punkari Waters Twp, Sud Dist 1918 Nickelton, Sud Dist   Army Jan 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Gnr Tauno   Purra South Porcupine 1910 Virta parish, Finland Mine Worker Army Artillery Feb 1941   Canada Dischg'd Oct 1943  
Pte Oiva J Puska South Porcupine 1925 South Porcupine Farmer Army Aug 1944   Canada  
Pte Tarmo Vilho Johannes Puska Webster's Corners, BC 1919     Army 1941   Canada, Overseas for 3 years, Germany  
S/Sgt Henry N Putula Kapuskasing 1906 Mara B.C. Farmer Army Jan 1943   United States  
Gnr Elmer   Puuronen Kirkland Lake 1910 Sturgeon Falls Truck Driver Army Artillery 1942   Canada  
Pte E W Raappana Kapuskasing 1909 Bivabig, Minnesota Lumber & Sawmill Workers Union Organizer Army May 1943 Winnipeg, Manitoba East Coast Canada Dischg'd Jan 1944  
Pte Edward August Raappana Picture Butte, Alberta 1925 Waldo, BC Farmer Army Mar 1944   Canada Dischg'd Jul 1944  
LAC Eugene Howard Raappana Picture Butte, Alberta 1918   Mechanic Air Force Mar 1943 Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Newfoundland  
LAC Mathew Ernest Raappana Picture Butte, Alberta 1922   Farmer Air Force May 1943 Edmonton, Alberta Canada, England  
Rfn Aake M Raasu Sudbury 1925 Lappeenranta, Finland Electrician Army Sep 1943 Toronto Canada, Overseas Pacific Forces  
Spr Vilho   Rahko Kaministiquia 1924 Port Arthur Plumber Army 1943 Port Arthur Canada, Pacific Forces  
Pte Verner R Raivio Oras, Alberta 1910 Rocky Mtn. House, Alberta Railway Worker Army Oct 1942   Canada  
Pte Douglas Ed Rajala Timmins 1920 Cobalt Miner Army RCE Sep 1942   West Coast Canada  
Cfmn Edwin E Rajala Nipigon 1919 Nipigon Truck Driver Army Jan 1941   Canada  
Pte Herbert S Rajala Nolalu 1918 Nolalu   Army Jul 1940   Canada, Germany  
L/Cpl Pentti   Rajala Matachewan 1926   Air Force Jul 1944     Canada. Dischg'd from Air Force & called to Army  
L/Cpl Pentti J Rajala Toronto 1925 Toronto Student Air Force 1944   Canada  
Pte Sam   Rajala Toronto       Army Aug 1943   East Coast Canada  
Pte Toivo   Rajala Whonnock, BC 1918 Vancouver, BC Army RCAMC 1941     Canada, France, Belgium, Germany  
Pte Unto G Rajala Nipigon 1917 Nipigon Truck Driver Army   Port Arthur Canada, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
Pte Vilho Alfred Rajala Nipigon 1922 Nipigon Mechanic       Canada  
Pte E E Ranta Cochrane 1906 Rauma, Finland Forestry Worker Army Aug 1940   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Lennart   Ranta Webster's Corners, BC       Army Jan 1944 Vancouver, BC Canada, Overseas  
Pte Raymond E Ranta Geraldton 1923 Fort William Mechanic Army Dec 1943   Canada, Overseas  
LAC Tuure William Ranta Fort Frances 1915 Fort Frances Labourer Air Force 1943 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada  
LAC Kyösti W Rasanen Willowdale 1922 Kuopio, Finland Sheet Iron Worker Air Force Dec 1941 Toronto Canada, Overseas  
L/Cpl Norman   Rauta Sault Ste Marie 1917 Sault Ste Marie Miner Army Jul 1943   Canada, Overseas Died in Italy
Pte Arne   Reinikka Canmore, Alberta 1922 Canmore, Alberta Miner Army 1942 Calgary, Alberta Canada  
Pte Arvo   Reinikka Canmore, Alberta 1919 Canmore, Alberta Miner Army 1941 Calgary, Alberta Canada, England  
Sgt Viljo L W Rinne Sudbury 1919 Burritt Book Keeper Army Medical Corp May 1943 Fort William East Coast Canada  
Pte Walter   Rinne Mattawa 1913 Toronto Farmer Army Jun 1943   Canada, England, Holland  
WO 2 Edwin Arvid Rinta Solsqua, BC 1923 Salmon Arm, BC Welder Air Force Nov 1942 Vancouver, BC Canada  
Cpl Walter Oskar Rintala Timmins 1913 Garson Mine Truck Driver Army Nov 1943 Timmins Canada, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany Wounded 25/4/45 in Germany & Died 26/4/45
Tpr Eino   Rintaluhta Sudbury 1917 Kauhava, Finland   Army Cdn Armoured Corp Jul 1942 Fort William Canada, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
LAC Vilho   Rintamäki South Porcupine 1925 South Porcupine Miner Air Force Aug 1943   Canada, Overseas  
  Ensio   Rissanen Wabosa 1921 Finland Labourer Army Artillery Nov 1943   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Aaro   Ristimäki Timmins 1923 Alavus, Finland Miner Army RCASC   Hamilton Canada, England, Germany, Pacific Forces  
Gdsm Lauri Matias Riutta Sudbury 1916 Toholampi, Finland Smelter Worker Army Jan 1940   Canada, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Pacific Forces  
Sto Paul J Roiko Port Arthur 1920 Port Arthur Mechanic Navy 1942   Canada, Overseas  
CPO Uuno John Roiko Port Arthur 1910 Finland Fisherman Navy 1940   Canada, Overseas  
LAW Helmi Sylvia Roine Vancouver, BC   Thorhild, Alberta   Air Force   Vancouver, BC Canada  
LAC Johannes Victor Roine Vancouver, BC 1922 Thorhild, Alberta Student Air Force Nov 1940 Edmonton, Alberta Canada, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
LAC Laurie   Roine Vancouver, BC 1919 Edmonton, Alberta Student Air Force   Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Overseas Dischg'd Jan 1945  
L/Wren Elsa   Romanoff Toronto   Helsinki, Finland   Royal Cdn Navy Show Sep 1943   Canada & Newfoundland  
Cpl Gunner H Rönkä Beaver Lake 1918 Beaver Lake Plumber Air Force 1943   Canada, Newfoundland  
Pte Walfrid W Rönkä Beaver Lake 1917 Worthington Mechanic Army 1944 Toronto Canada Dischg'd Sep 1945  
Pte Walter   Rönkä Beaver Lake 1915 Sudbury Carpenter & Farmer Army RCAMC 1942 Toronto East Coast Canada  
LAC Henry E Roukkula Port Arthur 1918 Port Arthur Mechanic Air Force 1940   Canada, Overseas  
F/O William   Roukkula Port Arthur 1921 Port Arthur Book Keeper Air Force 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Antti Allan Ruoho Nipigon 1925 Nipigon Forestry Worker Army Mar 1944 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada  
Cpl Jalmar W Saari Sudbury 1905 Finland Publisher Reserve Sault Ste Marie & Sudbury Reg't Jan 1943   Canada  
Pte Mauri   Saari Nanimo, BC 1921 Kalajoki, Finland Forestry Worker Army Mar 1942 Vernon, BC Canada  
A/B Oswald O Saari Kirkland Lake 1923 Simo, Finland Book Keeper Navy 1944 Ottawa Canada, Overseas  
A/S Pentti   Saari Nanimo, BC 1922 Kalajoki, Finland Forestry Worker Navy Mar 1943   Canada  
Cfn Tauno Samuel Saari Whonnock, BC 1925 Vancouver, BC Mechanic Army Mar 1944   Canada  
Gnr William   Saari Rorketon, Manitoba 1924 Rorketon, Manitoba Farm Worker Army Sep 1943 Winnipeg, Manitoba    
  Eero   Saarikko Campbell River, BC       Army Just prior to end of war      
  Eino   Saarikko Campbell River, BC       Army     Canada, 2 yrs England, 1½ yrs Italy, Total 4½ yrs Wounded in Italy
Pte Anton Michael Salmi Nolalu 1913 Nolalu Farmer & Forestry Worker Army Jun 1944 Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, Overseas Died 21/4/45 in Oosterwytwerd, Holland
L/Cpl Emil R Salmi Intola 1919 Intola Truck Driver Army 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
LAC O A Salminen Benalto, Alberta 1901 Tampere, Finland Construction Worker & Farmer Air Force 1941   Canada, Overseas Dischg'd Dec 1945  
Sgt Taisto   Salo Toronto 1917 Magpie Mine   Army Artillery Aug 1942   Gymnastics & Athletics Leader at Petawawa. Held many army & SCAUL records  
F/O Ero A Salomaa Timmins 1912 South Porcupine   Air Force 1942 Timmins Canada, Overseas Missing 6p/6/44 in France. Presumed dead
Pte Albert   Salonen Nipigon 1918 Nipigon Store Helper & Truck Driver Army Mar 1942   Canada, British West Indies  
LAC Arvi   Salonen Port Arthur 1918 Port Arthur Mechanic Air Force 1941   Canada  
F/O Väinö   Salovaara South River       Air Force Nov 1942   Canada, Overseas Flew 32 missions over enemy territory  
LAC Carl P Sandberg Sudbury 1926 Levack   Air Force Aug 1943   Canada, Overseas Pacific Forces  
Cpl Eino   Santala Nairn Centre 1914 Creighton Mine Truck Driver       Canada, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany Received Holland's Orange Nassau Star Decoration  
L/Cpl Reino   Särkilahti Port Kell, BC 1915 Dunblan, Sask Mechanic Army 1943 Vancouver, BC Canada, Overseas  
Pte Leo V Sarlund Ladysmith, BC 1918 Ladysmith, BC Forestry Worker Army Dec 1943 Nanimo, BC Canada, Pacific Forces  
Pte Edwin Albert Saterpakka Nanimo, BC 1918 Chase River, BC Forestry Worker       Canada, Overseas  
Pte Eero   Saunamäki Solsqua, BC 1921 Lapua, Finland Mechanic Army 1943 Vancouver, BC Canada  
Sgmn T E Savela Toronto 1906 Kuortane, Finland Miner Army 1941 Timmins Canada Dischg'd Sep 1943  
Pte Yrjö W Savela Wabosa 1919 Sault Ste Marie Farmer Army Jan 1943   Canada, Overseas  
  Prho (Jack) Schneider South Porcupine 1914 South Porcupine Machine Operator Merchant Marine Sep 1942 Montreal, Que Canada, Overseas  
Spr J   Seijari Kapuskasing 1898 Kuortane, Finland Labourer Army Jun 1941   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Oiva Aksel Seppälä Copper Cliff 1919 Vaasa, Finland Welder Army Feb 1945 Peterborough Canada  
Pte Taisto Adolf Seppälä Port Arthur 1918 Port Arthur Teacher Army Apr 1941   Canada, Germany  
F/O Oli Memet Shakrim Toronto 1924 London, Ontario Air Force Apr 1944     Canada, Overseas, Pacific Forces  
Pte Sulo   Sihvola Cobalt 1919 USA Labourer Army Provost Corp Jun 1943   Canada  
Sgmn Veikko A Siira Nolalu 1915 Nolalu Truck Driver Army Apr 1942 Fort William Canada, Overseas Dischg'd Jun 1945 Injured May 1944
F/O Torsti   Siltala Sault Ste Marie 1916 Sault Ste Marie   Air Force Dec 1942 North Bay Canada, Overseas Missing in Enemy Territory 29/1/44
Gnr Aimo J Sinnemäki Kaministiquia 1917 Kuortane, Finland Labourer Army Artillery Jul 1941   Canada, England, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
Rfmn Paavo V Sinnemäki Kaministiquia 1919 Kuortane, Finland Labourer Army Artillery Jan 1942   Canada, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
LAC Walter   Sippola Port Arthur 1925 Port Arthur Electrician Air Force Mar 1943   Canada  
L/Cpl Weikko   Sippola Port Arthur 1915 Port Arthur   Army Jun 1942   Canada Dischg'd Jun 1945  
Cpl Paul   Siren Toronto 1917 Alppila UAW Organizer Army Mar 1943   Canada  
Pte Aare   Sirviö Solsqua, BC 1918 Cambie, BC Farmer Army Jul 1942   Canada, Holland  
Pte Arvie Emil Soderholm Finland, Ontario 1916 Finland, Ontario Farmer & Forestry Worker Army Jan 1943 Fort William Canada  
Wren Impi Elina Soderholm Finland, Ontario   Finland, Ontario Waitress Navy Apr 1943   East Coast Canada Dischg'd Oct 1944 to assist with farm work  
Radio Op Arvo R Soon Salmon Arm, BC 1916   Transport Driver Army May 1942   Canada  
Pte Matti   Soon Salmon Arm, BC 1910 Salmon Arm, BC Railway Worker Army Nov 1941   Canada, Holland  
A/S Karl A Sorjonen Timmins 1916 Levack Mechanic Navy 1943 Windsor Canada  
F/Sgt Ernest Alexander Star Picture Butte, Alberta 1916   Farmer Air Force Oct 1941   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Melvin Z Star Picture Butte, Alberta 1917   Farmer Army Oct 1942   Canada, Overseas Wounded in Italy Dec 1943
Pte Vernie Arnold Star Picture Butte, Alberta 1925   Farmer Army Oct 1943 Calgary, Alberta Canada  
Cpl Neil S Stenberg Canmore, Alberta 1912 Cardiff, Alberta Railway Worker Army Aug 1943 Edmonton, Alberta Canada  
F/O Frank   Stokes Blairmore, Alberta 1916 Winnipeg, Manitoba   Air Force May 1941   Canada, India  
N/S Valma T Stokes Blairmore, Alberta   Bellevue, Alberta Nurse Navy 1941   Canada  
LAC John Hogan Stuure Port Arthur 1916 Port Arthur Telegraph Operator Air Force Oct 1942   Canada  
Spr Tauno   Suni Hearst 1925   Farmer Army Aug 1944   Canada  
Pte Arvo H Suomela Northmount 1901 Vaasa, Finland Cook Army RCASC May 1942 Toronto Canada  
Pte Sulo Rafael Suotaila Wanup 1921 Helsinki, Finland Farmer Army & Parachute Div Apr 1942 & Fall 1942 Sudbury Canada, Kiska, Italy Died in Italy 3p/12/1943
Pte Leo Holger Syrjä Fort William 1916   Labourer Army Sep 1940 Winnipeg Canada, Overseas  
Pte Helge A Syrjänen Nolalu 1915 Finland Labourer Army Apr 1941 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
Pte Oscar H Talson Eckville, Alberta   Eckville, Alberta Farmer Army Apr 1941 Edmonton, Alberta Canada, England Dischg'd Summer 1945  
L/Str Leslie   Tammi Mattawa 1916 Dunblan, Sask Mechanic Navy 1940   Canada, Overseas  
L/Sto Leslie   Tammie Dunblan, Sask 1916 Dunblan, Sask Forestry Worker Navy 1940   Canada  
Str Oiva   Tamminen Kirkland Lake 1925 Cobalt   Navy   Montreal    
Pte Toivo V Tamminen Kirkland Lake 1917 Creighton Mine Truck Driver Army Sep 1942   Canada, England, France Dischg'd Jul 1945 Wounded in Falais, France
Pte Frank   Tarvanen Doe Lake 1904 Inkeroinen, Finland Forestry Worker Army Mar 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Erkki   Tarwood Hamilton 1910 Kortesjärvi, Finland Truck Driver Army Apr 1940   Canada, Overseas Dischg'd for health reasons Jun 1944
Pte Aimo   Tasa Port Arthur 1921 Virolahti, Finland Labourer Army Mar 1945   Canada  
Lieut John E Taynen Toronto 1913 Toronto Office Worker Army Artillery Jul 1942 Toronto Canada, Pacific Forces  
F/Sgt Tauno J Taynen Toronto 1917 Toronto Office Worker Air Force Nov 1941   Canada, Overseas Died 20/8/42
Sgt Tom   Toivanen Toronto 1911 Turku, Finland Engraver Army RCOC 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Cpl Lauri   Toivonen Mattawa 1916 Kauhajoki, Finland Farmer Army Oct 1942 North Bay Canada, Overseas Wounded in France 29/8/44 Died in France 1p/9/44
Cfm Lauri E Torsti Hespero, Alberta 1908 Cumberland, USA Mechanic       Canada, Overseas  
  Helmi   Torttila Sault Ste Marie   Sault Ste Marie Store Clerk Air Force 1941 Sault Ste Marie Canada, Overseas  
Pte Arnold Edwin Tryyki Steeledale, Sask 1919 Ironwood, Mich   Army Oct 1941   Canada, Overseas Wounded in Germany Apr 1945
Pte Marty   Tuhkala Lucky Lake, Sask 1919 Butte, Montana Farmer Army Apr 1942 Vernon B.C. Canada, England, France Dischg'd Dec 1944  
Gnr Olavi J Tuokko Port Arthur 1915 Port Arthur   Army Artillery Jun 1945   Canada, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
LAC Reino T Tuokko Port Arthur 1925 Port Arthur   Air Force Sep 1943 Port Arthur Canada  
L/Cpl Eddie   Tuomi Thornhild, Alberta 1915 Radway, Alberta Farmer Army Jul 1942 Canmore, Alberta Canada, Overseas  
Gnr Niilo Andrew Tuomi Solsqua, BC 1922   Farmer Army   Vancouver, BC Canada  
LAC Unto A Tuomi Worthington 1913 Sellwood, Sud Dist Miner Air Force May 1943   Canada  
Cpl William (Bill) Tuomi Thornhild, Alberta 1913 Radway, Alberta Labour Organizer & Newspaperman Army Heavy Artillery Jan 1944 Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Italy, European Front, Germany  
Pte H V Tuominen Kaministiquia 1917 Port Arthur Truck Driver Army Mar 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Holland  
  K   Tuominen Kaministiquia 1913 Port Arthur Truck Driver Army Jul 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
LAC Oiva Tere (Ted) Tuori Victoria Mine, Sud Dist 1920 Victoria Mine, Sud Dist Electrician Air Force   North Bay Canada, Overseas  
Eng III Martin H Turunen Lockerby, Sud Dist 1921     Merchant Marine 1943 Montreal Canada, Overseas  
Pte Weikko A Turunen Lockerby, Sud Dist 1919 Finland Mechanic Army 1943 Toronto Canada, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
Pte Frederick   Tuumanen South Porcupine 1916 Poulin Store Clerk Army Oct 1943 Timmins East Coast Canada  
Sgmn Nathan Clifford Uttley Copper Cliff 1920 Copper Cliff Mechanic Army 1941 Toronto Canada  
Pte Väinö   Väänänen Rouyn, Que 1921 Cobalt Miner Army Aug 1942   Canada  
Cpl Veikko   Väänänen Rouyn, Que 1919 Cobalt Miner Army Tank Corp Aug 1942   Italy, Holland, Germany  
A/S Aate L Vähämaa Azilda 1923 Ilmajoki, Finland   Navy Feb 1943 Ottawa Canada, Overseas  
L/Cpl Leo Walter Vähämaa Azlida 1919 Mattawa   Army Military Police Oct 1940   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Lauri J Vähäypyä Timmins 1909 Finland Forestry Worker Army Aug 1942 Kapuskasing Canada, Overseas Wounded in Italy Dec 1943
Tpr Tauno   Vainio Long Lake, Sud Dist 1925 Copper Cliff   Army Mar 1945 Sudbury Canada  
Spr Reino R Valenius Timmins 1915 Magpie Mine Printer Army 1940 Timmins Canada, Overseas Dischg'd Jan 1945  
Tpr Edwin R Valimaa Nolalu 1922 Fort William Labourer Army Armoured Corp Aug 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Holland  
Torpedoist Aaro   Välimäki Montreal, Que 1925 Pomarkku, Finland Millwright Navy 1943   Canada, Overseas  
Pte John   Vargelin Sprucedale 1910 USA Forestry Worker Army 1943   Canada, Overseas  
F/O Vern   Venhola Sudbury, 1919 Sudbury Labourer Air Force 1942 Toronto Canada  
Gnr Toivo   Ventelä Montreal, Que 1925 Karvia, Finland Office Worker Army Artillery 1943   Canada, Germany  
Spr John K Vesala McIntosh Spring 1921 Kauhajoki, Finland Army RCE Jan 1942     Canada, England, Italy, Holland, Germany  
Tpr Kauko I Vesala McIntosh Spring 1923 Kauhajoki, Finland   Army Tank Corp Nov 1941   Canada, Overseas Dischg'd May 1945 Wounded in Italy 13/2/44 & 21/6/44
PO Walter K Vickberg Toronto 1922 Helsinki, Finland Tool Maker Navy Apr 1944   West Coast Canada  
A/S Henry   Viita Sault Ste Marie 1922 Nokia, Finland Labourer Navy 1943 Sudbury Canada, Overseas  
Pte Aarne   Virta Sudbury 1919 Garson Mine Miner Army Sep 1942 Toronto Canada, Germany  
  D.R. Jorma Virtanen Nakina 1916 Port Arthur Labourer Army Apr 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Flt. Lt. Kalle   Vuori Kapuskasing 1923 Finland Came to Canada Age Four Mechanic Air Force Jun 1942   Flew 32 missions over enemy territory. Awarded DFC  
Sgmn Max Howard Vuorio Connaught Stn 1918   Labourer Army Mar 1942 Toronto Canada  
Pte Armas   Waananen South Porcupine 1916 Port Arthur Truck Driver Army Oct 1943   Canada  
Gdsm L W Waananen South Porcupine 1908 Port Arthur Truck Driver Army Artillery Feb 1941   Canada, England, France, Holland, Germany  
2nd Lt N/S Gerda   Walden Sault Ste Marie     Nurse Navy   Sault Ste Marie Canada  
A/S Holger   Wallin Port Arthur 1924 Port Arthur Mechanic Navy Jun 1943   Canada, Overseas Participated in invasion of France  
Pte Sven   Wallsten Sault Ste Marie 1916 Helsinki, Finland Plumber Army   Newmarket Canada  
A/S John William Walsh Windsor 1923 Cobalt Mother Finnish Father Irish         Canada, Overseas Torpedoed in English Channel Wounded in torpedoing
Pte Eugene Allan Warpula Port Arthur 1922 Fort William Truck Driver Army RCASC 1942   Canada, Overseas Wounded in fall 1944 in Belgium & France in spring 1945. Died in field hospital in Germany 2p/5/45 Buried in Holland
Pte Kaarlo   Wauhkonen Sudbury 1919 Creighton Mine Labourer Army 1942   Canada, Kiska, England, France, Holland  
Pte Lempi Liljan Wauhkonen Meadow Portage, Manitoba       Army CWAC Apr 1943   Canada  
F/O Reino Ensio Weiglund Sault Ste Marie 1915 Sault Ste Marie Book Keeper Air Force Sep 1939 Toronto Canada, Overseas  
Cpl Kauno John Wessman South Porcupine 1920 Sault Ste Marie Miner Army 48th Highlanders Jun 1940   Canada, England, Italy, Holland  
LAC Arne E West Thornhild, Alberta 1912 Radway, Alberta Corn Buyer Air Force 1941 Edmonton, Alberta Canada Dischg'd For health reasons in 1941
PO H   West (Wirtanen) Toronto 1915 Toronto Insurance Worker Air Force Sep 1943   Canada  
F/O Edwin J Widenoja Port Arthur 1915 Port Arthur Paper Mill Worker Air Force Jul 1942 Port Arthur Canada, England Injured in England Aug 1944
L/Cpl Eero Mikael Wiita Port Arthur 1919 Isojoki, Finland Railway Worker Army Tank Corp 1942 Fort William Canada, Overseas Wounded in Italy Dec 1944
Pte Toivo John Wiita Port Arthur 1917 Isojoki, Finland Railway Worker Army Tank Corp 1942 Fort William Canada Dischg'd Apr 1945  
Sgt Arvi Victor Wiitala Mara, BC 1919 Mara, BC Labourer Army Heavy Artillery Mar 1940   Canada, Holland  
Pte Donald Eugene Wiitala Mara, BC 1926 Mara, BC   Army 1945 Vancouver, BC Canada  
Rfm Leonard M Wiitala Mattawa 1919 Mattawa   Army Dec 1943   Canada, Overseas Dischg'd Jul 1945 Wounded in Germany 16/2/45
Pte Phillip Oliver Wiitala Mara, BC 1922 Mara, BC Farm Worker Army 1941   Canada, Germany  
Pte Tauno   Wiitala Mattawa 1921 Mattawa Factory worker Army RCAMC Fall 1942   Canada  
Pte Lauri   Willberg Toronto 1895 Helsinki, Finland Foundry Worker Army Reserve 1943   Canada  
Gnr Toivo I Willhelm Kaministiquia 1914 Kaministiquia Farm & Forestry Worker Army Aug 1942   Canada, Holland, Italy Wounded in Italy 13/12/44
LAC Albert William Williams Sointula, BC 1922 Sointula, BC Fisherman Air Force Nov 1942   Canada  
Cpl Alfrid Bernhard Williams Sointula, BC 1921 Sointula, BC Fisherman Army Nov 1942   Canada  
Gnr Alvin Lennard Williams Sointula, BC 1919 Sointula, BC Fisherman Apr 1941     Canada, Overseas  
LAC David   Wilson Picture Butte, Alberta 1923   Farmer Air Force Jun 1943   Canada  
Gnr G E Wilson Picture Butte, Alberta 1915   Farmer Army Jun 1940   Canada, England, Italy, Holland  
Pte Robert   Wilson South Porcupine     Miner Army Nov 1943   Canada, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
Spr Wainö   Wink Port Arthur 1906 Port Arthur Machine Operator Army RCE Apr 1943 Port Arthur East Coast Canada  
Spr Walter   Wink Port Arthur 1911 Port Arthur   Army RCE Apr 1943 Windsor Canada  
A/S A I Wirta Kirkland Lake 1913 Cobalt   Navy 1944 Sarnia Canada  
Pte Ruth   Wirta Fort William   Wamsley Store Clerk Army CWAC Apr 1944   Canada  
Sgt T A Wirtanen Toronto 1924 Kajaani, Finland   Air Force     Canada Dischg'd Jul 1945  
Pte Tom   Wright Port Arthur 1918 Fort William Labourer Army   Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
PO Tauno O Wuolle Port Arthur 1916 Finland Mechanic Navy 1944 New Westminster, B.C. Canada  
Pte Veijo Kalervo Wuorinen Kaministiquia 1921 Isojoki, Finland Farmer Army Jul 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
Pte Ahti   Ylistö Sointula, BC 1921 Cambie, BC Farmer Army   Vancouver, BC Canada Dischg'd Feb 1944  
Bdr Paavo   Ylistö Solsqua, BC 1919 Cambie, BC Farmer Army Artillery   Vernon, BC East Coast Canada  
L/Cpl Wilbert J Yrjölä McKerrow 1919 McKerrow Farmer Army Apr 1940 North Bay Canada, France, Belgium, Holland