Along the Burnt Lake Trail

Below is a partial index to a book entitled "Along the Burnt Lake Trail". One section of the book, about 60 pages or so, concerns the 'life and times' of a small Finnish-Canadian community at the turn of the century.

The settlement, called Kuusamo, was located in the west central part of Alberta, Canada, just west of the city of Red Deer and not far from Sylvan Lake. Descriptions of church, school and social life, farm life, occupations, establishment of community halls, gymnastic clubs, youth clubs, ladies' clubs, etc. are given. Short biographies and anecdotes are given for many of the original Finnish settlers. The family stories frequently provide minute detail of lifestyles at the turn of the century and also include names of parents and offspring plus places of birth in Finland and in North America. Migration and transmigration routes across Canada and USA are sometimes discussed. Other matters, such as name of ship on which the settlers arrived, place of embarkation and disembarkation, causes of death and place of interment are often given.

The book is published by Burnt Lake History Society, RR1, Red Deer Alberta T4N 5E1, Canada in 1977. It has over 544 pages. The index was posted by Max Hahto on Finngen mailing list, 4 Dec 1997.

Note! Some female names may be their married names. Most names of descendants born on Canadian soil are omitted.

Abrahamson, Arvo

b. 22 Jun 1914 at Sylvan Lake

Abrahamson, Samuel

b. Samuel Rautio 20 Jan 1881 in Karunki, m. 29 Aug 1913 to Mrs. Maria Koski

Abrahamson, Wayne (Waino)


Aho, Ed


Aho, William


Bergstedt, Kaarle Aukusti

b. 6 Sep 1861 in Rantsila, changed name to Carl August Pass, m. Greta Amalia Poykku

Erkkila, Bill


Frantti, Maria Sophia

b. 22 Mar 1882 in Kauhajoki, m. to Sanfred Koski on 15 Dec 1904

Halla-aho, Mary Matilda

b. Alajärvi

Halstein, August Leander

b. Alajärvi

Halstein, Hilma


Harju, Felix


Harju, Jennie


Harju, John Elmer

b. 16 Dec 1897 in Finland

Harju, Matt

b. 6 Nov 1872 in Finland, m. 1894 in Ylistaro, d. 19 Jan 1945, interred in Kuusamo cemetery

Harju, Matt Emil

b. 30 Sep 1895 in Finland

Harju, Andrew A.


Harju, Ray


Harju, Sophia

b. 20 Dec 1871, d.19 Mar 1944, interred in Kuusamo cemetery

Heikkinen, John


Hiltonen, Aina


Hiltonen, Kaleb

buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Holappa, Abraham


Holappa, Siiri

d. 17 May 1971, buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Huhtala, Oiva


Humalamaki, Israel


Jarvi, Ellen


Jarvie, Ivy


Jarvie, Siefert


Jarvie, Sifert


Kaila, Matt

b. 11 Dec 1860 in Oulu, m. to Ida Kesti in 1884, d. 17 Aug 1945, buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Kalaputas, Charles Gust

b. 29 Mar 1900

Kalaputas, Elmer Waino

b. 21 Apr 1896

Kalaputas, Gust Anderson

b. 24 Mar 1870 in Merijärvi, m. 20 Jun 1894 in Evanston, Wyoming

Kangas, Autu


Keltikangas, Venla

from Alajärvi

Kesti, Ida

b. 29 Nov 1865 in Oulu, d. 2 Aug 1945, buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Kinna, Ena


Kinnunen, Alex


Korhonen, Lempi


Korhonen, Rev.

buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Koski, Eileen Ellen

d. 23 Mar 1969, buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Koski, John


Koski, Kaarl Sanfred

b. 5 Jun 1882 in Lohtaja

Kujala, Debbie


Kujala, Matilda

b. Finland

Kujala, Matt

b. Finland, d. Jan 1941, buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Kujala, Walfred

b. 12 Oct 1897 in Sand Coulee, Montana

KUHUNA (Or Kuhna), Andrew


Lampi, Isaac

d. 24 Nov 1911 at age 29

LAMPI, Mr And Mrs.

buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Leeti, Elmer


Leeti, Arvid

b. 1863 in Finland, m. to Sofia Miettunen, d. 15 Apr 1929, buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Lindy, Fanny Maria

emigrated from Lestijärvi, m. to Frank Staudinger, later to Victor Koski

Lund, Walter


Luoma, Elmer


Luomala, Rev.


Mackie, Helmie Maria

b. 30 Aug 1887 in Kauhava, d. 26 Feb 1958, buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Mackie, Jacob

d. Nov 1933

Maki, Eric, Pastor


Maki, Gust

b. 1882 in Finland, d. 16 Apr 1965, buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Maki, Irene Silta


Maki, Mary


Mattson, Emil

b. 1897

Mattson, George

b. 1899

Mattson, Jennie

d. 16 Jun 1961

Mattson, Matt


Mattson, Matt Peter

b. Finland, m. Maria Katherin Unkuri, d. 1918

Mattson, Norman


Mattson, Saima


Mattson, Wayne

b. 1907, m. 1932 to Helvi Porttin

Miettunen, Sofia

d. 1908, buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Mynta, Sanna (Susanna)

b. in Finland, m. to Andrew Woltti, d. 24 Nov 1906 at age 33, first adult buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Nikkola, Ed


Parvi, Arvi


Pasma, Alex

had a son Isaac who died Dec 1913 at age 29 years

Pass, August


Pastobak, Victor

b. 7 Aug 1862 in Seinäjoki, m. 20 Sep 1890 to Hanna Peltoniemi from Evijärvi, d. 7 Sep 1938, buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Peltoniemi, Hanna

d. 4 Aug 1954 at age 84

Pitkanen, Anna

b. May 1870 in Viipuri, d. Aug 1944

Pitkanen, August


Pitkanen, August Jr.


Pitkanen, August

b. 1866 in Kuopio, m. to Anna Pitkanen, d. 1921

Porttin, Eino


Porttin, Issac

b. 1860 in Finland, m. to Mary Puukila, d. 1943

Porttin, Matt

b. 29 Dec 1882 in Lapua, m. 1906 to Helmi Maria Mackie

Porttin, Wilfred

b. 1 Oct 1908, in Kuusamo district. m. 9 Sep 1939

Poykku, Greta Amalia

b. 1868 in Rovaniemi, d. Feb 1945, buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Puukila, Mary

b. 1857, d. 1907, buried in First Kuusamo cemetery

Riekki, Esther


Riekki, Helia

b. 23 Sep 1898

Riekki, Sakri Alfred

b. ca.1869 in Pudasjärvi, m. Tilda Maria Sylvasti, d. Oct 1945

Ropsfelt, John

b. Finland

Ropsfelt, Jack

b. Finland, m. 1920 to Siiri Holappa

Ropsfelt, Saima

b. Finland, m. 3 Jan 1914 to Richard Kangas

Ropsfelt, Oliver

b. 7 Oct 1920, m. 19 Mar 1954 to Aili Stenlund

Rosendahl, Aline Wilhelmina

b. 27 Mar 1879 in Pori, d. 13 Mar 1959, buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Saha, Amanda

d. 4 Oct 1947 at age 71

Saha, Helmi

m. to Ed Nikkola, then to Bill Erkkila.

Saha, Sam


Saha, Sylvester

b. 31 Dec 1876 in Teuva, m. 1899 to Amanda Saha, d. 1 Nov 1958 in Eckville AB at age 82

Salonen, Ellen

m. Jan 1906 to Sifert Jarvie in Sylvan Lake

Salonen, Henry

m. 1883 to Hedvig Vasti in Merikarvia, d. 1937, buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Sloop, Eino


Soderback, Elmina

b. 9 Jul 1874 in Alajärvi

Soderlund, Karl

b. 18 Apr 1878 in Pori, m. 2 Jun 1900 to Aline Wilhelmina Rosendahl in Pori, d. 25 Feb 1959 at Sylvan Lake at age 80, buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Staudinger, Frank Oscar

emigrated from Kalajoki, m. 27 Jun 1905 to Fanny Maria Lindy, d. 18 Jun 1925

Stenlund, Aili

b. 2 Aug 1919 in Turku

Stenlund, Arthur


Stoly, Mary

b. 10 Jun 1873 in Kuortane

Sylvasti, Tilda Maria

from Sievi, d. Oct 1933

Talson, Ida


Unkari, Maria Katherin

d. 1961

Valli, Ed


Valli, Jacob


Vasti, Hedvig

d. 1921 buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Wallis, Rev.

from Finland

Wetelainen, Peter


Wirta, Lauri

from Finland

Woima, Andrew

b. 10 Nov 1866 in Alavieska, m. 12 Feb 1893 to Mary Stoly, d. 21 Apr 1914

Woima, Danny


Woima, Ernest

b. 1 Feb 1914, d. 10 Apr 1969

Woima, Steffie


Woima, Walter


Woltti, Andrew

b. Finland, m. to Sanna (Susanna) Mynta in USA, d. 14 May 1935, buried in Kuusamo cemetery

Woltti, Gust


Woltti, John