Early Finnish Settlers in Colvill, Cook County, Minnesota

The list contains about 95 % of the Finnish families but does not include the loggers. Unfortunately the loggers were often buried without much ceremony and the only information about them will be in the obituaries or notices in the newspaper.

Information taken from local sources, primarily death records but including information from newspaper obituaries.

Compiled by Patricia Zankman.

Date of Birth
Date of Death
Bloomquist, Anna Lisa 28 August 1871 19 April 1960 Born in Westerhamko, Finland to Johan Beck and Johanna Nessman.
Bloomquist, John Jacob 1866 26 December 1948 Born in Munsala, Finland to Jacob Bloomquist and Brita Baka.
Carlson, William 2 December 1874 19 June 1935 Born in Finland to Carl Erickson, mother unknown.
Hagberg, Fred      
Hagen, Issac      
Issacson, Alma Johanna 26 June1880 24 August 1937 Born in Toby, Korsham, Finland. Parents Marander and Soderberg.
Issacson, Issac 12 September 1868 2 May 1940 Born in Finland to Issac Vik (or Wiik) and Maria Johnson.
Jackson (Jacobson), Maria 9 April 1868 25 September 1943 Born in Kvevlax, Finland to John Eric Kvevlander and Britta Stina Svann.
Jackson (Jacobson), Arvid Fritzoff 15 January 1899 20 April 1979 Born in Kvevlax, Finland to John Jacobson and Maria Kvevlander.
Jackson (Jacobson), John 15 May 1868 15 May 1946 Born in Kvevlax, Finland to Jacob Pasto and Amanda Sofia Knip.
Johnson, John Sr. 7 December 1884 29 November 1934 Born in Finland to John Johnson, mother unknown.
Johnson, Julia 10 March 1884 2 January 1934. Born in Finland. Father Ephat Lief.
Johnson, Matt H. 24 August 1877 15 October 1927 Born in Finland to John Johnson and Anna G. Prast.
Johnson, Peter 24 August 1876 15 May 1921 Born in Finland.
Lief, Esther 1 September 1914 3 September 1917 Born in Colvill to John and Urika Lief.
Lief, Issac Mathensten 22 December 1843 26 March 1919 Born in Finland to Matt Kvinhukta Lief, and Lisa.
Lief, John 25 July 1870 12 August 1953 Born in Vasa, Finland.
Lief, Lydia 25 May 1916 27 May 1916 Born in Colvill to John and Ulrika Lief.
Lief, Ulrika 2 July 1873 27 June 1925 Born in Finland. Father Backman, mother unknown.
Nessman, Jonas 14 August 1865 1 December 1941 Born in Vasa, Finland to Jonas Issac Issacson and Anna Oman.
Samskar, John 11 October 1871 30 May 1945 Born in Larsmo, Finland to Jonas Mattson Samskar and Maja Lisa Johansdr Bosund.
Willman, Greta Lisa 29 September 1891 27 December 1942 Born in Vasaland, Finland to Jonas Nessman and Brita.
Willman, John 22 July 1876 30 December 1963 Born in Finland to Jacob Jacobson and Karie Anderson.