Directory of the Finnish Speaking Population in Florida, 1961

Source: Directory of the Finnish Speaking Population in Florida. Nimi- ja osoiteluettelo Floridan suomalaisista 1961. Published, edited and compiled by Mauno E. Nikander and Staff.

Lake Worth

Aalto, Kalle, 922 Lehto Lane
Abrahamson, Herbert and Merrian, 1602 No. 13th Ave., Tel. 582-0486
Adamson, Andrew and Aino, 1026 Lehto Lane
Ahava, Alex and Lucina, 128 So. E St.
Ahlström, Alfred and Elina, 3323 No. 2nd Ave.
Ahnger, Charles and Rosa, 830 So., C St.
Aho, Ida, 1617 No. J Terrace, JU 2-8388
Aho, Joe and Hilda, 1030 Mathis St.
Aho, John and Aino, 217 No. C St., JU 5-0154
Aho, Matti, E/S Patio Court
Aho, Oliver and Lillian, Sussex Ave.
Aho, Olli and Aino, 108 So. E. St.
Aho, Thomas and Mary, 510 So. E St.
Aho, William, 213 So. E St.
Ahonen, Senni, 224 Beverly St.
Ahokas, Helen, 308 No. E St.
Aijala, John and Hilma, 1407 Lucerne Ave.
Ainasoja, Alina, 1016 Filer Rd.
Airikka, Konsta and Sylvia, 4910 Vermont Ave.
Alajoki, Alex, 308 No. E St.
Alho, Hilda, 606 No. C St.
Alho, Niilo and Helen, 320 So. D St., JU 2-0483
Alin, Hugo and Olga, 819 So. Palmway, JU 2-8248
Allik, Mary, 410 No. B St.
Andelin, Fanny, 217 No. F St.
Andelin, Frank, Route 2. Box 292
Andelin, Kalle, 113 No. Gulfstream Rd.
Anderson, August and Kirsti, 307 Wilkinson Drive
Anderson, Impi
Anderson, John E., 1717 So. 12th Ave., JU 2-9393
Anderson, Otto and Signe, 601 So. C St.
Anderson, Walter and Senja, 1613 No. J Terrace, JU 2-7321
Annala, Nikolai and Mary, 1117 So. Lehto Lane
Antila, Eino and Julia, 917 Mathis St.
Anttila, Anselmi and Lyyli, 5 No. Gulfstream Rd.
Anttila, Dr., Elias and Sylvia, 1004 No. A St., JU5-5102
Anttila, Ida, 607 No. L St., JU 5-5910
Anttila, Olga, 12 No. B St.
Anttonen, Olga, 18 So. E St.
Arenius, Arthur, 718 So. F St.
Arnio, Esko
Arnio, George and Ida, 726 So. Pine St., JU 2-9746
Aro, August and Ida, 922 So. Lehto Lane
Aronen, Lydia, Route 2, Box 295
Asmund, Matt and Lilja, 320 So. C St.
Austin, Charles and Fanny, 1618 No. J Terrace, JU 2-9028, Business: Sports Haven, 513 Lake Ave., JU 2-3030
Autio, Ada, 1410 No. 3rd Ave., JU 5-5310

Back, Anna, 810 No. E St.
Backlund, Mandi, 419 So. J St.
Balo, Carl and Fanny, 525 So. D St.
Barks, Sam and Ada, 411 So. C St.
Bartlett, Elsie, 1030 No. F St.
Bedell, Jacob and Elene, 512 No. B St.
Björkman, Sam and Aino, 609 No. H St.
Blom, Alma, 218 So. H St.
Brown, Felix, 1926 Lucerne Ave.
Buck, Martin and Mary, 120 So. B St.
Burke, Harold and Ida, 402 No. C St., JU 5-3991

Carlson, William, 229 Cornell Drive, JU 2-4804
Chernak, Hilma, 622 So. E St., JU 5-0230

Dahl, Charles and Anna, 4019 Dahl Drive
Dahl, Kalle and Sigrid, 610 So. D St.
Dahlburg, Hilma, 301 No. C St.
Dahlman, William and Mary, 14 Corrigan Court
Dale, Kurt and Viola, 4515 No. 10th Ave., JU 2-3982
Davidson, Hjalmar and Hanna, 35 So. Detroit St.
Davis, David, 713 So. A St., JU 2-3729
Djerf, Tom and Helen, 217 So. M St.
Dolk, Edward and Anna, 813 No. Federal Hway, JU 5-6062
Dukti, Abel, 509 So. 11th Ave.

Edwards, Carl and Evelyn, 825 No. O St., JU 2-0318, Business: JU 2-6717
Eliason, Anton and Ann, 1706 No. D St., JU 5-6373
Elo, John and Rosa, 225 So. C St.
Elomaa, Edward and Ann, 615 So. Kirk Rd., 965-0089
Englund, Anna, 4631 Fern St.
Englund, John and Aino, 181 Morgans Way, JU 5-0213 Palm Springs Fla.
Erickson, Emil, 8 No. Gulfstream Rd.
Erickson, Impi, 731 So. D St., JU 5-0111
Erkkilä, Saimi, 124 No. K St.
Eskola, Kalle and Elma, 4930 Melaleuca Lane, 965-2614
Exel, Axel and Elizabeth, 1215 Lucerne Ave.

Fagerlund, Leonard and Mary, 1525 No. 16th Ave., JU 5-7017
Falson, Edward and Taimi, 918 State St.
Finnish, Workers Educational Club, 908 Lehto Lane
Fimlaid, Oscar and Fanny, 1212 No. 13th Ave.
Fischer, Martha Johnson, 1413 Lake Eric Drive, JU 2-6829
Foltz, Homer and Aino, 1507 No. 16th Ave.
Fors, Ivar and Martha, 417 So. B St.
Fors, Onni, 615 No. A St., JU 5-6914
Forsblom, Lydia, 4625 Fern St.
Forsman, Charles, 127 So. F St.
Forsell, Wäinö and Suoma, 509 No. K St.
Frantsi, Emil, 201 So. C St.
Franttila, John and Elizabeth, 627 So. C St.
Freeman, Arthur
Freeman, Wäinö and Sanni, 511 So. E St., JU5-5267
Friis, John A. and Toini, 931 So. B St.
Fritz, Pete and Edna, 1101 No. C St.
Froid, Esther
Froid, Ted and Sylvia, Route 1, Box 10768, Tel. Boyton Beach 2311
Frändilä, Olga, 415 So. F St.

Gagelman, Elvi, 124 No. H St., JU 2-7409
Grundfeldt, John and Hilma, 327 No. H St.
Grönroos, Ellen, 631 No. J St., JU 2-8513

Haapala, Hanna, 1610 No. 2nd Ave., JU 2-4305
Haapala, Lydia, 915 Mee Court
Haapaoja, Lyydia, 6 So. C St.
Haavisto, Helmi, 221 So. E St.
Haavisto, T. W. and Sybil, 1213 14th Court, So., JU 2-8426
Haila, Paul and Aino, 428 No. D St.
Haines, Anette
Haines, John and Martha, 910 No. B St., JU 5-0383
Haka, Thomas and Saima, 905 Mulberry St., 965-1094
Hakala, Charles, 609 No. H St.
Hakala, David and Siiri, 815 Mathis St.
Hakala, Emma-Liisa, 35 So. J St.
Hakala, Lizzie, 421 So. C St.
Hakala, Jenny, 605 Corrigan Court, JU 2-9795
Hakamaa, Almida, 923 Mee Court
Hakanen, Thomas, 127½ So. D St.
Hakola, Impi, 623 No. F St.
Hakulinen, Maria, 232 So. C St., JU 2-8178
Hakundi, Otto and Anna, 921 So. B St.
Halin, John and Rauha, 4126 Lakewood Rd.
Halla, Emil and Aino, 611 So. Palm Way
Halme, August and Hulda, 407 So. E St.
Halme, John and Elsie, 706 So. F St.
Hamer, Hjalmar and Marie, 114 So. H St., JU 2-2160
Hammar, Helen, 27 Edward St.
Hanhivaara, John and Fanny, 918 No. E St.
Hanhiwaara, Walter, 10 3/4 So. K St., JU 2-0971
Hankala, Anna, 2201 No. 7th Ave.
Hanson, Ole and Fannie, 628 Royal Palm
Harju, Alma, 504 So. C St.
Harju, Frank and Milja, 1009 So. B St.
Harju, Mike and Anna, 1203 Mathis St.
Harju, Sanna, 1411 So. 6th Ave.
Harmaala, John and Annie, 707 So. Pine St.
Hautala, Arne and Elsie, 355 Coconut Drive
Hautala, William and Myrtle, 378½ So. Davis Rd.
Hautanen, Hilma, 702½ So. D St.
Havisto, Lawrence and Aina, 903 Mulberry St.
Haynes, Oscar and Ella, 913 So. F St., JU 5-1006
Heikkilä, Alina, 302 Lake Osborn Dr., JU 5-8938
Heikkilä, Hulda
Heikkilä, Melvin and Allan, 908 Sylvan Lane
Heikkilä, Sulo, 2005 Lucerne Ave.
Heikkilä, Toivo and Hilda, 4904 Melaleuca Lane
Heikkilä, William and Vendla, 2005 Lucerne Ave.
Heimo, John and Elli, 1725 LaVue Ave.
Heino, Arvo and Emma, 611 So. Kirk Rd., 965-2631
Heino, Hulda, 17 So. F St.
Heinonen, Aili, 1782 No. 18th Ave., JU 5-8067
Heinonen, Minnie, 211 So. F St.
Heiskanen, Aate, 224 Beverly St.
Hekkanen, Ernest and Helmi, 828 No. Gulfstream Rd.
Helander, Aina, 306 So. F St.
Helander, Felix, 631 Rostan Lane
Helander, Justine, 130 So. C St.
Helander, Sally, 203 No. Gulfstream Rd., JU 5-1203
Helenius, Osmo and Hilja, 427 No. F St.
Helin, Victor and Lydia, 228 Corrigan Court
Helin, Väinö and Olga, 209 Elizabeth St.
Helin, William, 1015 No. E St.
Hellman, Vivian, 903 Mulberry St., 965-1877
Hendrickson, Alfred and Wilma, 332 No. A St., JU 5-0576
Hendrikson, Armas and Aino, 622 So. D St.
Hentunen, Emil and Katri, 817 No. C St.
Hern, Fanny, Route 2, Box 268 B
Hietamäki, Toivo and Hilma, 813 So. E St.
Hietanen, Frank W., 1115 Bertha St.
Hill, Edward and Lyyli, 123 No. Kirk Rd.
Hill, Leo and Hilja, 4727 Gardenia St., 965-2565
Hill, Nestor and Ellen, 1601 So. Federal Hway, JU 2-7250
Hill, Victor and Wendla, 201 So. C St.
Hill, Walter and Hanna, 826 No. H St.
Hiltunen, Lauri and Janice, 1715 No. 18th Ave., JU 5-1805
Hoikkala, Anna, 226 So. C St.
Hokans, Victor and Martha, 507 So. C St., JU 2-8895
Hokkanen, Mandi, 228 No. K St.
Hokki, Mikko and Ida, 4515 No. 10th Ave.
Holm, Hilda, 202 So. B St.
Holm, Senja
Holm, Kustaa and Varma, 821 Mulberry St.
Hohn, Victor and Emma, 642 Royal Palmway
Hohn, William and Astrid, 930 Lehto Lane
Holmström, Jalmar and Lydia, 910 Mee Court
Honkala, Abe and Lizzie, 929 Lehto Lane
Hook, Minnie, 419 So. C St.
Hooker, Joseph and Barbara, 4607 Arlette Court
Hostman, Kurt and Lempi, 104 No. E St.
Huhtala, Carl and Sandra, 1009 Bertha St.
Huoponen, Antti, 912½ 1st Ave., So.
Hurme, Frank, 211 So. E St.
Huttunen, Mandi, 730 No. B St.
Hyden, William and Cecile, 121 Serubi Court
Hytinen, Jack, 110 Fyler Rd.
Hyökki, Mikko and Ida, 4515 No. 10th Ave.
Hämälä, John and Maude, 614 So. 1st Ave.
Hämäläinen, Kauno and Alice, 5129 E. Carver St., 965-2694
Hämäläinen, Otto and Anna, 810 So. L St.

Immonen, Erik and Ilmi, 232 Serubi Ave.
Ingers, Gust and Hilda, 709 So. E St.
Isaacson, Anni, 616 No. D St.
Isaacson, Arthur and Marion, 817 So. D St., JU 2-1060
Isaacson, Henry and Anna, 385 So. Davis Rd.
Isberg, Martin and Tina, 401 So. F St.
Isola, Albin, Route 2, Box 292

Jaatinen, Lempi, 362 So. Davis Rd.
Jacobson, W. Andrew, 349 Coconut Drive
Jacobson, Emil
Jacobson, Emma, 1220 So. Mathis St.
Jacobson, George, 823 No. F St.
Jalonen, Charles and Mandi, 1220 So. Mathis St.
Jarkko, Oscar and sandra, 326 No. O St., JU 2-2215
Johnson, Einar and Hilma, 601 So. Pine St., JU 5-0689
Johnson, Fred and Ida, 812 So. B St., JU 5-2880
Johnson, Henry and Anna, 1200 So. Mathis Rd., 965-0459, Business: JU 2-6717
Johnson, Hilda, 1005 Bertha St.
Johnson, Henry, 35 So. J St.
Johnson, Hugo and Amanda, 201 Randolph Court
Johnson, John, 1219 So. Mathis St.
Johnson, Matt and Sandra, 1703 Kathrine Court
Johnson, Susanna, 208 So. D St., 585-2858
Johnson, Vieno, 400 So. Kirk Rd., 965-1852
Johnson, walter and Helen, 2108 Lucerne Ave.
Johnson, William and Elizabeth, 1413 Lake Eric Drive, JU 2-6829
Jokela, Emil and Hilma, 636 Ridge St.
Joki, Charles and Minnie, 1115 Bertha St.
Jolma, Robert
Jolma, Wilbert and Clatia, 102 Cleveland St.
Jouppi, Isak and Sanna, 1113 So. Lehto Lane
Juden, Matt and Hulda, 815 So. D St., JU 5-3809
Julin, Helmar and Jenny, 904 No.Federal Hway, JU 5-8127
Junnonen, Paavo and Marjatta, W/S Witch Lane
Juntti, Kalle, 124 No. H St.
Junttila, Wäinö and Ilene, 119 No. A St.
Juntunen, Kaarlo and Hilja, 18 So. E St., JU 5-0493
Justinen, Mari, 204 So. E St.
Järvi, Otto and Aino, 1108 Filer Rd.
Järviaho, Edward and Fanny, 618 No. H St.
Järvinen, Wäinö, 1025 Bertha St.

Kaarre, Ellen, 323 So. E St.
Kahilainen, Jacob and Janet, 17 So. Detroit St., JU 2-7342
Kahkonen, Katri, 413 No. E St.
Kaikkonen, Esko and Hellä, 710 No. A St., 852-8540
Kail, Anna, 607 No. E St.
Kaipainen, Aaro and Lydia, 831 No. C St.
Kajander, Arvo and Agnes, 1222 No. B St., JU 5-9890
Kaksonen, Aino, 228 So. C St.
Kalapudas, Otto, 374 So. Davis Rd.
Kallila, Lillian, 1425 No. M St., JU 2-3766
Kallio, Emil and Hilda, 620 Royal Palm Drive. JU 5-3631
Kallio, Esther, Route 1, Box 1175
Kallio, Helen, 1507 No. 16th Ave.
Kallio, Urpo and Aune, 4400 Lake Worth Rd., JU 5-4701
Kalliomäki, Frans and Elizabeth
Kanen, John, 330 No. D St.
Kanerva, Karl and Lempi, 301 Randolph Court
Kangas, Aino, 35 So. J St.
Kangas, Ida M., Route 2, Box 202
Kantola, Matt and Elma, 215 No. Gulfstream Rd.
Karhala, Victor and Lydia, 429 Corrigan Court
Karhula, Jonas, 110 No. A St.
Kari, Emil and Helen, 1007 No. 4th Ave.
Kari, Henry and Hanna, P. O. Box 509
Karppinen, Sandra, 2005 Lucerne Ave., JU 5-8042
Kary, Anna, 614 No. L St.
Kaske, Paul and Aune, 918 No. D St., JU 5-5284
Kataja, Frank and Ida, 207 No. F St.
Katajamäki, John and Lempi, 412 Corrigan Court
Katajisto, Arvo and Impi, 721 No. E St., JU 5-1556
Kauhanen, Bernhard, 1128 So. L St.
Kauppi, Albin and Esther, 202 Elizabeth St.
Kauppi, Michael and Lempi, 201 No. C St.
Kauppila, Sofia
Kauppinen, Julius and hilja, 310 So. B St.
Kavander, Frank and Aina, 35 So. J St.
Keinänen, Sauli, 356 Coconut Drive
Kemppainen, Jenny, 323 So. E St.
Kervinen, Ida, 330 No. E St.
Keränen, Jacob nad Hilja, 425 Corrigan Court
Keskinen, Eino and Bertha, 11th Ave., So. K St.
Keskinen, Martin and Olga, Box 492
Ketola, Carl and Iola, 509 So. 11th Ave., JU 2-2771
Ketola, Fanny, 1218 Lucerne Ave.
Ketola, Viola, 421 So. C St., JU 5-8071
Ketola, William and Dorothy, 814 No. 20th Ave.
Kilpelä, Antti and Sigrid, 10 No. Gulfstream Rd.
Kilpinen, Carl and Vieno, 329 So. F St.
Kinkaid, Hilma, 1501 So. 15th Ave.
Kinnunen, Pekka, 1501 So. 15th Ave.
Kisko, Emil and Edith, 4315 Canal Rd., JU 5-3964
Kivinen, Evert and Anna, 113 No. So. F St.
Kivikoski, Urho and Sylvi, 531 No. A St., JU 2-1245
Kiviranta, Karl and Lempi, 205 Serubi Ave.
Kivistö, Uno, 912 Lucerne Ave.
Knaab, Henry and Laina, 375 So. Davis Rd.
Kohlström, Irma, 902 No. Gulfstream Rd. JU 5-2270
Koikkala, David and Senja, 920 Mathis St.
Koivisto, Gunnar and Ella, 914 No. Lehto Lane
Koivula, Fanny, 113 No. Gulfstream Rd.
Koivuniemi, Jussi, 374 So. Davis Rd.
Kokkinen, Albert and Anna, 1113 Lehto Lane
Kolehmainen, Julia, 902 No. Gulfstream Rd. JU 5-2270
Komonen, Esko and Helmi, 3875 Edward Ave.
Komulainen, Anna, 1601 So. 15th Ave.
Komulainen, Dagmar, 214 So. D St.
Komulainen, Helvi, 1601 So. 15th Ave.
Konstenius, Kalle and Delia, 821 So. F St., JU 2-0544
Konnzt, Jonathan and Anna, 1406 Tropical Drive, JU 2-0769
Kopsa, Alina
Kopsa, Andrew, 222 So. D St.
Korhonen, Eddie and Emma, 408 So. E St., JU 2-0189
Korhonen, Hulda, 1009 Bertha St.
Korpi, John and Jennie, 723 So. E St., JU 5-4204
Korpinen, Alina
Korpinen, Lois, 1206 Lake Geneva Dr., JU 5-7842
Koskela, Nestro and Alina, 4229 7th Court
Koski, Abraham and Anna, 1940 LaVue Ave.
Koski, Anna, 1739 No. 4th Ave., JU 5-3610
Koski, Felix and Ilmi, 227 Serubi Ave.
Koski, Gust and Katri, 112 So. C St.
Koski, Hellä, 902 So. Coconut Drive
Koski, Hilma, 5125 Filer Rd.
Koski, John and Alina, 312 No. F St.
Koski, John and Inkeri, 713 So. F St.
Koski, John and Ruth
Koski, Linda
Koski, Paula, 1308 Lake Ave., JU 2-9156
Koski, Katri, 817 So. B St., JU 5-4993
Koski, Martha, 228 No. B St.
Koski, Mike and Mary, 810 Rostan Lane, 965-1190
Koski, Sandra, 631 So. C St., JU 5-8651
Koski, Willis and Jenny, 1520 No. St., JU 2-1527
Koski, Yrjö and Kerttu, 910 No. Federal Hway, JU 2-1519
Koskinen, Auno and Lydia, 209 Randolph Court
Koskinen, Edward and Ila, 724 So. D St.
Koskinen, Gustav and Hilma, 921 Mulberry St.
Kousa, Arvo and Thelma, 604 Corrigan Court
Kovero, Fred and Aili, 308 No. F St.
Krook, Onni and Tyyne, 810 So. E St.
Krutar, Kalle and Hilda, 363 Coconut Drive
Kuitunen, Otto and Hilma, 926 So. B St., JU 5-6072
Kujala, Katri, 102 No. B St.
Kukkola, Ivar, 312 No. 5th Ave.
Kulmala, Fia, 510 No. C St.
Kunelius, Herbert and Aino, 18 No. Gulfstream Rd.
Kuru, Thomas and Lempi, 730 So. D St., JU 2-2305
Kutilainen, Toini, 529 No. F St.
Kuukkanen, Lempi, 421 So. B St.
Kärki, Willehard and Lydia, 408 No. C St., JU 2-9791
Käyhkö, Anni, 617 No. H St.
Käyhkö, Mary, 217 So. F St.

Laakso, Ida, 135 Riedel Ave.
Laatu, Gerhard and Saimi, 813 No. Federal Highway
Lack, William and Ida, 376 So. Davis Rd.
LaCourse, Amanda, Melaleuca Trailer Park
Lahdenperä, Eva, Route 2, Box 53, JU 5-5109
Lahti, Anna, 308 No. E St.
Lahti, Elin, 127 So. F St.
Lahti, Ina, 201 No. D St.
Lahti, Oswald, 710 So. A St.
Laihi, Anni, 24 No. Gulfstream Rd.
Laihinen, Hjalmar and Selma, 112 Elizabeth Ave.
Laine, Charles and Hilma, 32 No. Buffalo St.
Laine, Edwin and Helmi, 306 No. A St.
Laine, Emil, 413 No. E St.
Laine, Fanny, 110 So., Detroit St.
Laine, John and Martha, 420 No. B St.
Laine, Maurits and Sadie, 501 Corrigan Court
Laine, Victor and Hilma, 123 So. J St.
Laita, Jack and Ellen, 4215 Sally Lane
Laitala, Konsta and Martha, 1105 So. Lehto Lane
Laitinen, Jalmar and Esther, 647 Ridge St.
Laitinen, Marie, 403 So., 4th Ave., JU 2-1546
Laitinen, Paavo and Katri, 302 Serubi Ave.
Lake, Henry and Hellin, 1330 No. A St., JU 5-5249
Lammi, Edwin and Verna, 201 No., 9th Ave., JU 2-1207, Business: JU 2-6622
Lampi, Herman and Vilhelmiina, 225 So. E St., JU 5-1741
Lampi, Myron, 901 So. C ST., JU 2-3368
Larson, Anton and Selma, 822 So. E St.
Latva, George and Olga, 1502 No. O St., 5-2171
Latvala, Antti
Latvala, Jacob and Jenny, 522 No. C St.
Laukka, Allan and Patricia, 635 So. Pine St., JU 5-5131
Laipiainen, Paavo and Esta, 911 So. F St.
Lauri, Matt and Ida, 1104 Filer Rd.
Laurikainen, Helen H., 1101 Lehto Lane
Laurila, Arthur, 423 So. E St., JU5-8773
Lautiainen, Adi and Dorothy, 701 So. E St., JU 5-5917
Leaf, Mark and Hanna, 501 So. C St.
Lehtinen, Eine, 523 No. D St.
Lehtinen, Heimo and Thelma, 520 No. E St., JU 2-8581
Lehtinen, Walter, 923 No. 4th Ave.
Lehtinen, Wilho, 1228 So. Mathis St.
Lehto, Ella, 418 So. C St., JU 2-5266
Lehto, George and Hulda, 16 Buffalo St., So.
Lehto, Henry, Route 2, Box 292
Lehto, John and Elli, 725 So. D St.
Lehto, John and Lillian, 1205 So. Mathis St., JU 2-9091
Lehto, Marie, 831 Mulberry St., JU 5-1524
Lehto, Reino and Laila, 1015 So. K St., JU 2-8698
Lehto, Richard and Fanny, 1001 So. G St., JU 5-7087
Lehto, Vernon, 2905 Vassallo Ave., JU 5-5769
Lehtonen, Leo and Selma, 3213 No. 2nd Ave., JU 5-2075
Leino, Emil, 1006 So. J St.
Leino, Emily, 810 Mathis St.
Leino, Erhlund and Hilja, 702 So. D St.
Leino, Gabriel and Hilma, 626 No. L St.
Lepistö, Lempi, 710 No. F St.
Lepistö, Verner, 125 No. A St.
Levander, Pehr and Marie, 4014 Lakewood Rd., JU 2-7784
Levelius, Nick and Martha, 115 No. Gulfstream Rd.
Liimatainen, Carl and Nancy, 302 No. C St.
Lilja, Jack, 204 So. E St.
Liljenfeldt, Ernest and Helmi, 324 No. A St.
Linden, Siviä, 405 So. E St.
Linden, Lauri and Aune, 219 So. F St., JU 5-8537
Lindewall, Helmi, 311 So. Gulfstream Rd., JU 2-1419
Lindfors, Eino and Ruth, 374 So. Davis Rd., JU 2-9491
Lindfors, Robert and Anja, 374 So. Dvsi Rd., JU 2-9491
Lindfors, Karl and Impi, 322 So. A St.
Lindfors, Sigrid, 421 So. E St.
Lindgren, John and Aili, 526 So. C St.
Lindh, Charles and Eileen, 826 Randolph Rd., JU 5-8067
Lindroos, Frank and Aino, 801 Rostan Lane
Lindström, Charles and Jennie, 510 So. Kirk Rd.
Lindell, Alvar and Ella, 1204 Mathis Rd., 965-2498
Lintula, Jack and Agnes
Lintula, Leo, 3120 Carol Ave.
Lipponen, Antti and Mary, 913 Mathis St., JU 5-8851
Liukko, Edward and Joyce, 1115 No. Rostan Lane, 965-2298
Lockhart, Theodor and Mary, 127 No. A St.
Louko, Victor and Hilma, 705 So. D St.
Luhtala, Victor and Lempi, 1125 No. Gulfstream Rd.
Lund, Fred and Tilda, 613 No. Kirk Rd.
Lund, Karin, 726 No. A St., JU 5-2931, Business: JU 2-6187
Lundeen, William and Anna, 1123 So. E St.
Lunden, Eino, 2202 Lucerne Ave.
Lundstedt, Eino and Aina
Lundstedt, Laila
Lundstedt, Linda, 809 So. M St., JU 5-0904
Luoma, Matti E., 1009 Bertha St.
Luoma, Oscar and Maria, 10 No. Gulfstream Rd.
Luoma, Tyyne, 1015 No. E St., JU 2-6471
Luoma, Wilho and Viola, 4709 Arlette Court Tel. 965-2258
Luukkonen, Eino and Hilja, 824 No. Gulfstream Rd.
Lyijynen, Alex and Aino, Route 2, Box 295
Lähde, Veikko and Anna-Liisa
Lähde, Victor and Lillian, 4421 No. 7th Court, JU 5-1138
Lähde, Väinö and Hilda, 705So. E St.
Lähde, William and Anna, 417 No. F St., JU 2-3835

Mackey, Ben and Fanny, 216 So. D St., 585-2981
Mackey, Jalmar, 119 So. F St.
Mackey, Leo and Hilma, 506 No. B St.
Mackey, Mary, 410 So. E St.
Mackey, Otto and Saimi, 926 So. Lehto Lane
Mackey, Ray and Helena, 344 Mid-Pines Rd. Palm Springs JU 55-6650
Mackie, Frank and Helene, 1711 No. L St., JU 5-1372
Maikkola, Fred and Anna, 1009 So. E St.
Majander, Pauline, 927 So. D St., JU5-4903
Makkonen, Liisa, 1019 Bertha St.
Malin, Gust and Mary, 1300 So. Mathis St.
Manelius, Niilo and Aino, 231 Corrigan Court
Manley, Jonas and Aina, 1229 So. M St.
Mannila, Onni and Emma, 510 No. Kirk Rd.
Marjamaa, Henry and Fanny, 132 No. D St., JU 5-3645
Marlowe, Andy and Lillian, 19 Bellevue Rd., JU 2-8601
Matero, John and Olga, 374 Davis Rd.
Matilainen, Eero, 516 No. J St.
Matinheimo, Aino, 1425 No. M St., JU 2-3766
Matson, Andrew and Alma, 1216 So. E St., JU 2-5698
Matson, Aliina, 231 So. D St.
Matson, Anna, 631 So. F St.
Matson, Wäinö and Hanna, 215 So. B St.
Mattson, Leo and Miina, 1020 So. Mathis St.
Mattila, Lauri and Emma, 105 So. F St.
Mattila, Nestor and Mirjam, 15 So. Kirk Rd.
Mattinen, Eino and Lillian, 920 So. B St., JU 5-1440
Mattsen, Harry, 214 So. Kirk Rd., 965-0925
Mayblom, Kerttu, 4119 Dahl Drive, 965-0513
McDougal, Eva, 205 No. Kirk Rd., 965-0088
Merivirta, William and Minnie, 814 So. D St.
Michelson, Otto and Lempi, 211 So. D St.
Mielty, Archie
Mielty, John and Impi, 109 Riedel Ave.
Mington, Aino, 325 So. F St., Business: 13 So. Dixie
Mikko, Ernie and Annikki
Miller, Einar and Irene, 1814 Lake Osborne Blvd.
Moilanen, Leo and Ida, 220 No. E St.
Monto, Mike
Monto, Reino and Marie, 1809 High Ridge Rd., JU 2-0139
Moisio, Anna, P. O. Box 374
Morson, Martha, 301 Seubi Ave., JU 2-8304
Murto, William and Sandra, 408 Corrigan Court
Myllymäki, Herman and Siiri, 721 So. E St.
Myyrä, Arvid and Ellen, 706 So. C St.
Mäenpää, Albert and Eva, 224 Beverly Rd.
Mäenpää, Martha, 911 Lake Ave.
Mäkelä, Eric and Pearl, 1112 Filer Rd.
Mäkelä, Leo and Irja, 2620 Lake Osborn Drive, 582-3889
Mäkelä, Matt and Mary, 372 So. Davis Rd., JU 5-5408
Mäki, Arthur and Sanni, 4016 Lakewood Rd.
Mäki, Charles and Saima, 621 No. D St.
Mäki, Eino and Matilda, 420 No. C St.
Mäki, Ernest and Impi, 1006 So. J St.
Mäki, Henry, 1106 So. F St., JU 2-8575
Mäki, Hilja, 1100 Filer Rd.
Mäki, Ivar and Matilda, 342 Coconut Drive
Mäki, John, 8221 Mulberry St.
Mäki, John, 1739 No. 4th St.
Mäki, Lisse, 105 No. Kirk Rd.
Mäki, Minnie, 405 No. D St., JU 5-8262
Mäki, Oscar, 2101 Lucerne Ave.
Mäki, Saima, 917 Mec Court
Mäki, Sam and Amanda, 376 So. Davis Rd.
Mäki, Sam and Josefina, 207 Serubi Ave.
Mäki, Santeri and Aili, 1329 Andrews Drive
Mäki, Santeri and Lillian, 33 So. Detroit St.
Mäki, Simon, 216½ So. E St.
Mänty, Allan and Ellen, 311 So. Gulfstream Rd. JU 2-1419
Mänty, Edward and Hilja, 215 No. Kirk Rd., 965-1095

Nevanperä, John and Hulda, 301 No. C St.
Nevanranta, Axel and Lempi, 505 No. K St.
Nicander, Paul
Nicander, Martin, 131 No. E St.
Nicander, Thomas and Laila, 131 No. E St.
Niemelä, Felix, 4802 Selberg Lane
Niemi, Alex and Katri, 1030 So. E St.
Niemi, Edward and Hertta, 1225 So. N St., JU 2-6193
Niemi, Emil and Ida, 26 Wisconsin St., 965-1855
Niemi, George and Adele, 525 No. A St., JU 5-7125
Niemi, Ilmari and Alli, 530 So. C St.
Niemi, Dr., Ivar and Ingrid, 406 No. J St.
Niemi, Matt and Ella, 123 So. E St.
Niemi, Niel and Betty, 1016 So. Mathis St.
Niemi, Salomon and Hilja, 4015 Lakewood Rd.
Niemi, Victor and Sylvia, P. O. Box 568
Niemi, William and Elna, 332 No. D St.
Nieminen, John and Sanni, Melaleuca Trailer Park
Nieminen, Wilho, 312 No. 5th St.
Nikander, Ida, 918 Lehto Lane, 965-2352
Nikander, Mauno and Barbara, 1506 No. L St., JU 2-9785, Business: 7 So. J St., JU 2-4561 or JU 2-0380
Nikkilä, Elis, 505 No. D St.
Nikko, John and Mary, 1001 So. Kirk Rd.
Nikkola, Anton, 915 No. D St.
Nikula, Linda, 26 Wisconsin Rd.
Nikula, Sandfrid and Naimi, 825 So. C St.
Nikunen, Jack and Elina, 372 So. Davis Rd.
Niskanen, Charles, 13½ No. K St.
Niskavaara, Richard and Annie, 402½ No. C St.
Niski, Charles, 1126 So. L St.
Nissilä, Hjalmar and Saimi, 602 So. B St.
Nisula, Eino, 4930 Melaleuca Lane
Nojonen, Elina
Nojonen, Gail, 210 So. D St.
Nokelainen, Lizzie, 215 So. F St.
Nordberg, Wäinö and Elsie, 410 Corrigan Ct., JU 5-1572
Nordblom, Amanda, Eason Nursing Home
Nordblom, Saima, 330 So. D St.
Nordgard, Henry and Josefina, 1019 Bertha St.
Norlund, Isaak and Rosa, 28 So. Kirk Rd., JU 5-6483
Nukala, August and Anna, 363 So. Davis Rd.
Nummela, Alma, 710 So. H St.
Nurmi, Arvo, 402 No. F St.
Nurmi, Charles and Hilda, 1017 So. Mulberry St.
Nurmi, Dan and Martha, 828 So. E St.
Nurmi, Hilda, 9 No. C St.
Nurmi, John and Anna, 202 So. B St.
Nurmi, John and Elizabeth, 706 So. B St., JU 5-7646
Nurmi, Kalle and Martha, 229 So. D St.
Nurmi, Fanny, 4101 Lake Worth Rd.
Nurmio, Uno and Amanda, 2202 Lucerne Ave.
Nyburn, George and Evi, 4878 Kirkwood Rd., 965-1067
Nyman, Constant and Emma, 230 Corrigan Court

Ohman, Lasse and Elsie, 1026 So. B St., JU 2-4694
Oja, Altti, 203 No. E St.
Oja, Fanny, 227 Corrigan Court
Oja, Frank and Lempi, 1214 Mathis St.
Oja, Seth and Ida, 532 So. C St., JU 5-0286
Oja, Tauno, 532 So. C St.
Ojala, John and Senja, 618 No. H St.
Oksanen, Alma, 607 No. L St.
Oksman, Tyyne, 117 So. F St., JU 5-8601
Olander, Theodor and Sanni, 225 No. Kirk Rd.
Ollikainen, John and Helen, 917 Mathis St.
Ollila, Rev., Douglas and Elsie, 909 So. E St., JU 2-0996
Olsen, Ray, 1025 No. Gulfstream Rd.
Omilson, Arvi and Hilma, 931 So. D St.
Orell, Amanda, 17 So. Detroit St.
Osterman, Frank, 708 No. H St.

Paananen, Arvo and Vilma, 4119 Dahl Drive, 965-0513
Paavola, Jacob, 228 No. B St.
Pakkanen, John and Mathilda
Pakkanen, Theodore, 1026 No. B St.
Palm, John and Anna, 125 Serubi Ave.
Palmu, Robert and Hilma, 405 So. C St., JU 5-3350
Palo, Hanna, 1104 No. E St.
Palo, Maria, 1004 Kirkwood Rd.
Palosaari, John and Adolph, 505 No. D St.
Pananen, William and Viola, 1303 So. Mathis St., 965-0739
Panttila, Ida, 1711 No. L St., Ju 5-1372
Panula, Mary, 627 So. C St.
Paronen, Paul nad Alma, 127 So. C St.
Partanen, John and Tillie, 3920 Lakewood Rd.
Partanen, Matti and Saima, 385 So. Davis Rd.
Partanen, Pekka and Laina, 726 So. B St.
Pasanen, Alfred and Lena, 3065 Corrigan Court
Pasonen, Wäinö and Elva, 617 No. K St., JU 5-3294
Pehkonen, Liina, 8 No. Gulfstream Rd.
Pekuri, Eino, 230 So. K St.
Pelkonen, Margaret, 1109 So. Lehto Lane
Pellinen, Charles and Alma, 4713 Arlette Court
Pellinen, William and Ida, 1332 No. J St., JU 2-8255
Pelto, Guts and Katri, 619 So. D St.
Pelto, Carl and Naimi, 620 So. C ST., 585-5104
Pelto, Matti, 353 Coconut Drive
Peltola, Arvid and Fanny, 110 No. A St.
Peltonen, Walter and Anna, 214 So. Kirk Rd.
Pennala, Alex, 206 So. C St.
Penttilä, Matti and Bertha, 1332 No. J St., JU 2-8255
Pesola, Leonard and Vivian, 522 So. C St.
Petander, Elsie, 126 So. E St.
Peterson, Emil and Alma, Lehto Lane
Peterson, Lilja, 340 Coconut Drive
Peterson, Peter, 101 So. D St.
Petrell, Edwin and Anna, 4330 Melaleuca Lane
Pettersen, George and Anne, 2220 Lucerne Ave., JU 2-1063
Piilo, Sandra, 4203 No. 7th Ave., JU 5-2745
Piirainen, Jenny, 14 So. D St.
Piirainen, Mike and Olga, 316 So. C St.
Pikkarainen, George and Signe, 1211 Mathis St.
Pitkänen, John and Lovisa, 617 No. E St., JU 5-5845
Pohjonen, Herman and Sigrid, 829 Mulberry St.
Pohjonen, Victor and Elina, 120 So. C St.
Point, Ely and Aliina, 301 Corrigan Court
Pokela, Eli and Saima, 3789 Edward St.
Pokela, Titus and Hilma, 809 Rostan Lane
Prauda, Olga, 518 No. C St., JU 5-2723
Prusila, Hjalmar and Hilja, 1518 Federal Hway, JU 8774
Pulkkinen, Hugo and Hilma, 309 So. C St.
Pulline, Arvid, 724 So. H St.
Puronen, Emil and Elsie, 189 Morgans Way, JU 5-2801 Palm Spring, Fla.
Putkonen, Eino and Alvina, Route 2, Box 159
Putkonen, Minnie, 1006 So. G St., JU 2-7464
Pyknen, Vane and Marie, 714 No. Palmway, JU 5-5661
Pyykkönen, Elvira, 221 So. C St.

Quick, George and Kay, 1307 So. 15th Ave., JU 2-8668
Quick, Wäinö and Martha, 1004 No. 7th Ave., JU 2-1697

Rahikainen, Aino, 314 So. C St., JU 5-5748
Raita, David and Miriam, 1609 No. J Terrace, JU 5-3781
Rajala, Anna, 3104 Emerson Ave.
Rajala, Hilma, 9 No. F St.
Rajala, Isaak and Hilda, 227 No. M St.
Rajala, Victor, 912 Lucerne Ave.
Rajamäki, John, 515 No. E St.
Randelman, Margie, 713 So. A St., JU 2-3729
Ranne, Karl, 921 No. 4th Ave.
Ranta, Alice, 421 No. L St.
Ranta, Arnold
Ranta, Elis, Route 2, Box 292
Ranta, Jack and Tyyne, 424 So. E St.
Ranta, Robert, 1320 No. 14th Ave., JU 5-7120
Ranta, Tilda, 321 No. F St., JU 5-0792
Ranta, William and Tyyne, 4501 Gardenia St.
Raström, John and Mary, 470 So. Kirk Rd., 965-0477
Rauma, Andrew and Josefine, 612 No. C St.
Rauta, Wilma, 211 So. D St.
Rautio, John and Edna, 108 Beverly Rd.
Rautio, John and Lydia, 1630 No. J Terrace, JU 2-2400
Rautio, K. E. and Fanny, 1121 No. K St., JU 2-6468
Raymond, Lydia, 1115 Bertha St.
Redding, Dorothy, 701 So. D St.
Repo, Oscar, 301 Corrigan Court
Reponen, Elli
Reponen, Dan, 517 No. A St., JU 5-1894
Riihiaho, Alfred, 312 No. 5th Ave.
Rimpelä, John and Ann, 302 Corrigan Court, JU 5-3915
Ringbom, Kalle and Anna, 414 Corrigan Court
Rinne, Hilda, 421 So. F St.
Rinne, Lillie, 1003 Lake Ave., JU 2-2403
Rinto, Arthur and Selma, 218 Cornel Drive, JU 5-7186
Roine, Emil, 4114 Lakewood Rd.
Roivas, Aino, 210 So. D St.
Roos, Oscar and Laimi, 114 So. E St.
Rosendahl, August and Tyyne, 825 Mulberry St.
Rosengren, Eric and Hilja, 1117 So. Palmway, JU 2-2140
Ruohola, Anna
Ruska, Selma, 301No. C St., JU 5-7371
Rusko, Emil and Hanna, 622 So. C St.
Ruuska, Aro, 4505 NO. 7th Court
Ruuska, Ila, 902 No. Gulfstream Rd., JU 5-2270
Räinä, John and Ella, 4109 Waterway Drive

Saalasti, Anne, 910 Lucerne Ave., JU 5-4944
Saari, Emil, 1109 So. Lehto Lane
Saarinen, Gus. and Elizabeth, 1321 So. N St., JU 2-8906
Saarinen, Oiva and Anna, 626 Royal Palm Drive, JU 5-9966
Saario, Naemi, 1510 So. H St., JU 5-6109
Saaristo, Ingrid, 4902 Melaleuca Lane, 965-1668
Saarnio, Victor and Vera, 25 So. Detroit St.
Saastamoinen, John and Aino, 5100 Melaleuca Lane
Sahanen, Adolph and Ida, 201 Serubi Ave.
Saik, John and Josefine, 626 No. B St.
Salmen, Robert and Hilja, 525 No. 21st Ave.
Salmi, Bertha, 420 So. F St.
Salmi, Charles and Tyyne, 10 Gulfstream Rd.
Salmi, Dolores, 276 Military Tr.
Salmi, Ellen
Salmi, George and Vieno, 362 So. Davis Rd.
Salmi, J. A. and Lempi, 1011 So. Mulberry St.
Salmin, Arne, 320 No. E St., JU 5-1059
Salo, Edward and Anna, 326 No. C St.
Salo, Gust and Lyyli, 228 So. E St.
Salo, Ida, 811 So. Federal Hway, JU 2-8493
Salo, John and Aileen, 30 No. Gulfstream Rd., JU 2-8052
Salo, Lilja, 1735 Sunset Ave., JU 5-6741
Salo, Victor and Margie, 727 Rostan Lane
Salonen, Fred and Louise, 3114 Emerson Rd.
Salonen, Veikko, 1321 So. N. St.
Sandberg, Gunnar and Inez, 721 So. D St., JU 2-7820
Sanninen, Sulo and Henna, 4114 Lakewood Rd., JU 5-8266
Santala, Hilda, 30 Wisconsin St.
Saranpää, Herman and Henna, 535 Corrigan Court
Sarkki, Bruno and Senja, 206 So. D St., JU 2-0941
Sarkki, Eugene and Janet, 1220 No. Reo Lane, JU 5-1693
Sarya, Yalmer and Aliina, 928 Sylvan Lane
Satama, Wäinö and Vappu, 3611 Almar St.
Savi, Arvo and Ruth, 361 Coconut Drive
Savinen, Helen, 215 So. F St.
Scandia, Bakery, 815 Lucerne Ave., JU 2-1600
Selin, Hilma, 428 Corrigan Court
Selin, John and Vieno, 428 Corrigan Court
Seppälä, Dick and Ann, 4101 Lake Worth Rd., JU 2-3018
Seppälä, Runo and Terttu, 814 So. C St.
Seppälä, Rodney and Margaret, 1115 So. F St., JU 5-7310
Seppälä, Victor and Martha, 1111 So. F St., JU 5-0752
Seppänen, Lauri and Beatrice, 4325 Melaleuce Lane, 965-2411 Lauri`s TV
Setälä, Annalisa
Setälä, Herman, 15 No. C St.
Sevon, Arthur and Helen, 1105 So. F St.
Sider, Albin and Ida, 4723 Gardenia St.
Sihlman, Nils and Eila
Sihvo, William and Alli, 831 No. Kirk Rd.
Siira, Alfred, 525 So. D St.
Sillan, Jack and Ester, Kirk Lane, 965-0463
Sillanpää, Gust and Elisa, 910 Mathis St.
Sillanpää, Lempi, 1228 Mathis St.
Silver, Arvid and Martha, 805 Mathis St.
Silver, John and Ida, 419 So. Davis Rd.
Silvola, V. A. and Hilda, 349 Coconut Drive, JU 2-3479
Simo, Benjamin and Ruth, 1322 So. L St., JU 2-1920
Simula, Wäinö and Katri, 901 So. K St.
Sippola, Charles and Ida, 110 No. D St.
Sippola, Verner and Matilda, 1213 Lucerne Ave., 585-1427
Siren, Senja, 2101 Lucerne Ave., JU 2-9306
Siro, Verner and Ellen, 502 No. E St.
Sjöblom, Gottfied and Olga, 1222 Ford Rd.
Snell, Alva, 821 So. F St.
Somppi, Isaak and Alli, 1123 So. F St., 582-8193
Sooger, Matt and Tyyne, 215 So. D St.
Sorvari, Matt and Lmepi, 805 So. B St.
Sorvo, Auguts and Helmi, 528 No. E St.
Stein, Cyrus and Lydia, 1520 Lake Ave.
Stenholm, Victor and Mary, 130 No. B St.
Stenman, Wilfred, 721 No. Dixie, JU 2-4014
Stevens, Hulda, 911 Lehto Lane
Stick, Ellen, 506 So. E St.
Sudri, John and Alma, 201 So. C St.
Sundell, Olga, 260 A Dahl Drive
Suomi, Albert and Elin, 225 So. D St.
Suomi, Hinni, 607 No. L St., JU 5-0397
Suonperä, Kalle and Sigrid, 824 So. F St., 2-7073
Suonperä, Olli and Dorothy, 824 So. F St., JU 2-7073
Suorsa, Jaakko, 312 No. 5th Ave.
Suutari, Veikko, 1610 No. 2nd Ave.
Suvanen, Oscar and Saimi, 615 No. A St.
Svedberg, Alfred and Hilda, 417 So. F St.
Svide, Veikko and Helen, 512 So. B St.
Säilä, John and Saimi, 4079 Dahl Drive, 965-2361
Syrjälä, Emanuel, 617 So. C St.
Syrjälä, William, 113 Riedell Ave., JU 2-8997
Syrjäniemi, Onni and Alli, 325 So. B St.
Söderholm, Thor and Saimi, 7 So. Congress Rd., JU 2-5193

Taipale, George and Anna, 3407 Rudolph Rd.
Taittonen, John and Elma, 632 So. C St., JU 5-4706
Talso, Uuno and Tillie, 330 So. D St.
Tammik, Henry and Senja, 320 No. E St.
Tapper, Cerry
Tapper, Oscar and Ina, 339 Coconut Drive, JU 5-8288
Taskinen, Erick, 1805 Lucerne Ave.
Tenlen, Ida, 802 So. N St., JU 2-1733
Thompson, , John and Lempi, 208 So. D St.
Thompson, Jenny, 30 So. D St., 582-8778
Tienvieri, Emil and Heidi, 501 So. B St.
Tienvieri, Selma, 221 So. C St.
Tirronen, Laina, 1111 No. 10th Ave., JU 5-4694
Toivola, Leo and Martha, 4120 Lakewood Rd., 582-4901
Toivonen, Hilma, 207 No. F St.
Torikka, John and Sally, Route 2, Box 292
Torvela, Erick and Fanny, 430 So. C St.
Trygg, Anna, 302 No. F St.
Tulin, Hildur, 915 Lehto Lane
Tuomi, Alice, Melaleuca Trailer Park
Tuomi, Alma
Tuomi, Anton and Maija, 101 So. F St.
Tuomi, Dan and Hilda, 615 No. B St.
Tuomi, Elsie
Tuomi, Janette, 604 No. D St., JU 2-8120
Tuomi, Ida, 402 No. Kirk Rd.
Tuomi, Victor, 4625 Fern St.
Tuomikoski, John and Esther, 2005 Collier Ave., JU 2-0346
Tuominen, Jalmar, 228 No. B St.
Tuominen, Eino and Alina, 1826 High Ridge Rd.
Tuominen, John, 225 So. D St.
Tuominen, Paavo and Eira
Turja, William, 228 No. B St.
Turpeinen, Hilda, 609 No. H St.
Turnquist, Gunnar and Mary, 514 So. Federal Highway
Tuuri, Frank and Hilda, 706 So. D St., JU 2-8732
Tuuri, Senja, 706 So. D St.
Törmä, David and Edla, 1407 So. 1st Ave.

Uimonen, Esa and Sanni, 232 Serubi Ave.
Uitto, Victor and Hilda, 601 No. C St., JU 5-3831
Ujanen, Jack, 1213 Lucerne Ave., 585-1427
Uusitalo, Charles, 27 Edward St.

Vainik, Ben V., 218No. K St., P. O., Box 564
Vainio, Alex, 135 Reidel Ave.
Vainio, August and Jenny, 4410 Melaleuca Lane
Vainio, Selina, 1710 No. J Terrace, JU 2-2005
Vanley, Hanna, 625 No. C St., JU 2-2336
Vanhusen, Richard, 4631 Fern St.
Vaittinen, Helen, 413 No. F St.
Vienonen, Ida, 204 No. M St.
Vihinen, Martha, 1766 No. 2nd Ave., JU 2-5285
Virta, Elsie, 1812 So. Mathis St., 965-0599
Virta, Daniel and Lempi, 1207 So. Mathis St.
Virta, Jalmar and Anna, 1534 No. 17th Ave., JU 5-3632
Virtanen, John and Hilja, 923 So. D St.
Virtanen, Toivo, 312 5th Ave., No.
Väisänen, Vilhelmiina, 425 So. E St.

Wakkuri, John and Katri, 32 No. Gulfstream Rd. JU 5-9894
Wainio, Wäinö, 2905 Vasallo Ave.
Walkkinen, Martha, 2111 Lucerne Ave., JU 2-6385
Wallin, Wenny and Hulda, 427 Corrigan Court
Wallin, Oscar
Wallin, Reino, 205 So. L St., JU 2-1102
Wasama, George and Sigrid, 218 Serubi Ave.
Wasama, Kalle, 128 Serubi Ave.
Wasström, Alma, 1220 So. Mathis St.
Welling, Antti and Olga, 609 No. C St.
Wenta, Lillian, 213 So. F St., 585-2143
Wesa, Jack and Elli, 909 No. E St.
West, Emil and Fanny, 532 No. F St.
Westerback, Jack and Aino, 1021 So. B St.
White, Hulda, 1126 So. L St.
Wick, John and Hilma, 730 No. B St.
Wigren, Edla, 1303 Lucerne Ave., 585-1510
Wigren, Sven, 1610 No. 3nd Ave., JU 2-4305
Wiita, Aino, 517 So. E St.
Wilen, Elli, 616 No. C St.
Wilen, Ralph and Hilja, 1009 Bertha St.
Wiljama, Hugo and Sofia, 4009 Lakewood Rd.
Wiljanne, Arvo, 421 So. B St.
Wilkman, Edna
Wilkman, Janet, 306 No. A St.
Wilska, Henry, Redding Rd., 965-1286
Wilson, Selma, 509 No. K St.
Wirkkala, Mike and Lucille, 514 No. Kirk Rd., 965-0075
Wirkkala, Wäinö and Ida, Canal Rd.
Wirtanen, John and Mandi, 111 Gulfstream Rd.
Wirtanen, Elsie
Wirtanen, Victor and Amanda, 1727 No. 11th Ave., JU 2-7567
Woods, Sarah, 631 No. E St.
Wuori, Anna, 231 Corrigan Court
Wuori, Charles and Eva, 421 So. C St.
Wuori, Evert and Vendla, 523 So. D St.
Wuori, Matti and Anna, 2600 So. 6th Ave.
Wuori, Thure and Liina, 4400 Melaleuca Lane
Wuorinen, Nikolai and Ellen, 807 Rudolph Rd.
Wäinölä, Wäinö and Alina, 813 So. B St., JU 5-6029
Wäyrynen, Alex and Mary, 801 No. F St.

Ylen, Ivar and Tyyne, 230 So. K St., JU 5-6597, Business: JU 2-1600
Yokie, Edward and Anne, 1514 So. N St.


Aho, Amanuel, 4th Ave., No. Pine Tr. Court
Aho, Emil, 209 Osborne Rd.
Aho, Reino and Kaarina, 415 No. 4th St., JU 2-2431
Ahokas, Ilmari amd Elsie, 719 No. 5th St.
Ahola, Oscar and Edla, 609 Branch St.
Alanen, Wäinö and Sandra, 611 No. 7th St.
Alanen, William and Helen, 611 No. 8th St.
American-Finnish, Tourist Club, , Business: 301 Central Blvd
Anderson, Henry and Impi, 811 Broadway
Anderson, Harold, 1300 So. Broadway, JU 5-7259
Anderson, Herman and Eva, 610 No. Broadway
Anderson, John E., 407 W Pine St.
Arnio, Arne and Tyyne, 236 Perry St.

Beck, Berner and Jennie, 719 W. Pine St.
Blad, Carl and Alma, Box 8457
Bulli, John and Wilhelmiina, 708 So. Broadway

Erickson, Arvo and Olive, 509 Drew St.
Eskola, Einar and Helmi, 608 Drew St., JU 5-7286
Erickson, Nestor and Tekla, 327 Palm St.
Erkkinen, Albert, 706 So. Broadway

Frasa, Ivar and Lydia, 515 Mango St.
Frigard, Toivo and Noora, 427 No. 7th St.

Granholm, Andrew and Anna, 514 No. 7th St.
Gustafson, Elmer and Aino, 519 Greynolds Circle, JU 5-9737

Hack, Onni and Hanna, 722 No. 5th St., JU 5-8183
Haga, John and Lempi, 715 W. Pine St., JU 2-1528
Halme, William and Helen, 809 Atlantic Ave., JU 2-1843
Hakkila, William and Sylvia, 125 Melaleuca Rd. JU 2-8763
Heinonen, Wäinö and Elin, 414 Branch St.
Heilakka, Einar and Elvira, 402 No. Broadway
Helin, Amalia, 508 Drew St.
Hellsten, Hanna, 703 No. 4th St.
Hesselgren, John and Hanna, 1300 So. Broadway
Hietapelto, Hugo and Betty, 706 No. 8th St., JU 2-8707
Hill, Wäinö and Hilda, 915 Ridge Rd.
Honkamaa, John and Ida, 511 No. Broadway
Hurme, Kusti and Hanna, 505 Drew St.
Huttula, Charles, 703 No. 5th St.
Hyttinen, Emil and Emma, 1300 So. Broadway

Ikonen, Karl and Alma, 603 No. Broadway
Illikainen, Wayne and Viola, 722 No. 7th Ave., JU 2-2963

Jansson, Väinö and Anna, 711 No. Broadway
Jacobson, August and Saima, 520 Perry St.
Jacobson, John, 400 Perry St.
Johnson, Arthur and Jenny, 6122 Pine Drive
Johnson, Erick and Lempi, 334 Anderson Rd.
Jokisaari, Eugene, 410 Broadway
Jorgensen, Nellie, 411 No. 7th St.
Järvi, Otto and Olga, 611 No. Broadway, JU 2-6902
Järvenpää, John and Liina, 616 Pine St.
Järvinen, Toivo and Helen, 215 Lakeview Ave., JU 2-8705

Kallio, Arne and Siviä, 1009 No. Ridge Rd., 585-7040
Kankainen, Hilma, 714 No. 7th St.
Kari, Alex and Mary, 614 No. Broadway, JU 2-0659
Kaurala, John and Lempi, 505 Greynolds Circle
Keinänen, Robert and Sanni, 607 No. Broadway
Keto, Amanda, 730 No. 7th Ave., JU 2-1195
Kinnunen, Matti and Lempi, 422 No. 7th St.
Koivisto, Selim and Helga, 427 No. Broadway
Korpela, Swante and Ida, 703 No. Broadway
Korpi, Hilda, 306 Palm St.
Konstenius, Henry and Lydia, 501 Perry St.
Koski, Charles and Sofia, 613 No. 5th St.
Koski, Richard and Hilja, 426 No. Broadway
Koski, Tyyne, 400 Perry St.
Kuisman, Lydia, 607 No. 7th St.
Kuitunen, Matt and Minnie, 323 Anderson Rd.
Kumlin, August and Ellen, 718 Palm St.
Kunnas, William and Fanny, 1300 So. Broadway, 585-2242
Kuoppala, Alex E. and Alma J., 501 Atlantic Ave.
Kuusisto, Jalmar and Katrin, 418 No. 7th St.
Kyrö, William and Olga, 1326 Southwinds Drive, 582-3682
Kärki, Aarne and Siiri, 1308 New Wordl Ave., JU 5-6831

Laasanen, William and Ellen, 525 Perry St.
Laine, Eino and Alma, 330 Anderson Rd., JU 2-0345
Lahti, Erkki and Minnie, 117 Mayfield Rd.
Lahti, Herman and Wilma, 702 Minnesota Ave.
Lampi, David and Tilda, 727 No. Broadway
Lampi, Frank and Ina, 422 Mango St.
Lampi, Robert and Anna, 422 Mango St.
Latvatalo, Henry and Ida, 510 No. Broadway
Lauman, Matti and Eine, 510 No. 5th St.
Laurila, Mary, 510 Mango St.
Lauste, Lempi
Lauste, Phyllis, 715 No. No. 7th St., JU 5-3653
Lehto, Anna, 418 No. 7th St.
Lehto, Aino and Alina, 611 Drew St.
Lehto, Elmer and Barbara, 606 W. Minnesota St., JU 2-8110
Lehtonen, Frank and Esther, 1007 So. Broadway
Leino, Arvid and Mildred, 103 So. Oak St.
Leivo, Fredrik and Tyyne, 414 No. 7th St.
Leivo, Victor and Tyyne, 414 No. 7th St.
Liljeroos, Martin and Olga, 502 No. Broadway
Lind, Onni and Marguerite, 707 No. 7th St.
Linna, Vendla, 209 Osborne Rd.
Lintonen, Ida
Luoma, Elias and Sandra, 726 No. 5th St.
Lähde, Kalle and Elizabeth, 702 No. Broadway

Mackey, Ernest and Sandra, 506 No. 4th St.
Mackey, Hilja
Mackey, William, 327 Anderson Ave.
Magnus, William and Ellen, 406 Mango St., JU 2-8512
Mallula, Martha, 615 East Coast Ave.
Mandelin, Arvid and Betty, 514 No. Broadway, JU 5-2258
Manner, Henry and Margaret, 607 Ridge Rd., JU 2-9433
Manner, Matti and Eine, 510 No. 5th St.
Manner, Kathrine, 612 W. Branch St., JU 5-9732
Marttala, Ilta-Eva M., 719 No. Broadway, JU 2-6068
Marttila, William, 1300 So. Broadway, JU 5-8978
Menne, John and Mary, 514 Perry St.
Melkinen, William, Lantana Trailer Court
Merikanto, Kalle and Tyyne, 611 Mango St.
Metsälä, Eino and Jenny, 415 No. Broadway
Millimäki, William and Bertha, 499 Atlantic Drive
Moisio, Albin and Ida, 606 No. 7th St.
Munch, Arthur and Marie, 517 Greynolds Circle, JU 2-0956
Mäenpää, Elna, 612 W. Pine St., JU 2-2762
Mäenpää, Gustaf and Naimi, 614 No. 5th St.
Mäkelä, Olga, 514 No. 7th St.
Mäki, Urho and Helen, 607 Bloxham St.

Niemi, Eino and Lempi, 406 No. 7th St.
Niemi, Emma, 514 Drew St.
Niemi, Frank and Helen, 1717 So. 12th Ave.
Niemi, Kalle and Lyydia, 719 No. Broadway
Niemi, Oscar and Mary, 510 No. 7th St.
Niemi, Tyyne, 215 Lakeview Ave.
Niemi, Wäinö and Lempi, 519 No. Broadway
Nieminen, Arne and Olga, 530 Perry St.
Nieminen, Oscar and Tilda, 710 W. Pine St., JU 2-4223
Niskanen, John and Lydia, 706 No. Broadway
Nordquist, samuel and Hilda, 615 No. 7th St.

Oberg, Isaac and Hilda, 410 No. Broadway
Oja, Anton and Impi, 719 No. 5th St., JU 2-6083
Ojala, Jack and Edith, 1301 Southwinde Drive, JU 2-8515
Ojamäki, Väinö and Emma, 723 No. Broadway
Olsen, Ralf and Hilja, 418 No. Broadway
O'Niel, Emmett and Sally, 1300 So. Broadway, JU 2-3621

Palomäki, John and Mary, 423 No. 7th St.
Palomäki, Mari, 608 No. 7th St.
Parr, Percy and Varma, 615 Drew St., JU 5-5563
Pelkonen, Edwin and Bertha, 423 No. 4th St., JU 2-8675
Peters, Hilma, 602 No. Broadway
Peterson, Gunnar and Aune, 615 No. 4th St.
Pollari, Hilma, 1300 So. Broadway, JU 2-2218
Pänkälä, Otto and Anna, 603 No. 5th St.

Quik, Victor and Lempi, 710 Palm St., JU 2-5677

Ranta, Alfred and Eva, 531 Perry St.
Ranta, Armas and Emma, 715 No. Broadway
Ranta, Kustaa and Olga, 602 No. 5th St.
Rauhava, Impi, 332 Mango St.
Rautio, Matti and Elsie, 719 Drew St., JU 5-5958
Rissanen, George and Olga, 606 No. Broadway
Ristimäki, Matti and Selma, 326 Osborne Rd.
Roine, John and Mary, 323 Pine St.

Saarela, Lars and Aina, 339 Anderson Rd., JU 5-8398
Saari, Matti, 506 Osborne Rd., JU 2-2455
Saari, William and Elizabeth, 515 No. 7th St.
Salakka, Wilho and Lyyli, 505 Broadway, JU 5-8848
Salmi, Clifford and Gloria, 325 Wickline Blvd., JU 5-8627
Salmi, Einari and Anna, 510 Perry St.
Salmi, John and Lydia, 506 No. Broadway
Salmi, Reino, 515 Minnesota Ave.
Salminen, Brita
Salminen, Emil and Hilma, 513 E. Drew St., JU 5-6565
Salminen, Gustaf and Elin, 505 Perry St.
Salo, Charles and Aino, 511 No. 5th St.
Salo, Joseph and Hanna, 910 East Coast Ave., JU 2-7028
Sandström, Edward and Lydia, 611 Branch St., JU 5-5052
Sankari, Amanda, 716 So. Broadway
Sarvoy, Hilja, 512 No. 4th St.
Seppälä, Charles and Ida, 703 No. 4th St.
Seppälä, Robert and Minnie, 410 No. 8th St.
Sevelius, Ralph and Emma, 335 Anderson Rd., JU 5-7845
Sheldon, Margaret, 402 Lantana Ave., JU 2-6696
Siikki, Matti and Lyyli, 607 Drew St.
Siiro, Frank and Elli, 1300 So. Broadway
Sinkkanen, Victor and Marie, 815 No. Broadway., JU 2-8721
Sorjonen, Olga, 506 No. Broadway
Stenson, Bo and Elli, 714 No. 7th St., JU 5-0371
Sundell, Oscar and Hilja, 500 No. 4th St.
Suntala, John and Lempi, 336 Mango St., JU 2-3927
Suomalainen, Oscar and Alma, 719 No. 7th St.
Suominen, Wäinö and Frieda, 714 No.Broadway
Suvanto, Hellin, 702 West Branch St.
Söderholm, Carl and Edith, 417 No. 7th St.

Takalo, Anna, 714 Pine St., JU 5-8967
Talas, Wäinö and Siiri, 404 Osborne Rd., JU 2-6157
Tanttu, Toivo and Tyyne, 1315 New World Ave., JU 5-8404
Tarvainen, Kalle and Hanna, 505 Perry St.
Thompson, Erland and Elli, 516 Perry St.
Tohkanen, Alfred and Olga, 507 No. 4th St.
Tohkanen, George and Barbara, 606 No. 5th St.
Toivonen, Arvo and Tyyne, 410 No. 7th St.
Tokkola, Arvi and Aili, 1300 So. Broadway
Tommola, Adele, 230 Sunrise Ave., JU 2-1320
Turp, John and Hilma, 514 Drew St.

Veijola, Aino, 1331 Southwind Drive
Viita, Iver and Hilma, 417 No. 5th St., JU 2-6407
Vuori, Hannes, 812 So. Broadway, JU 2-1572

Wahtera, Niilo and Mary, 714 No. 8th St.
Wasama, Axel and Nelma, 511 No. 7th St.
Weitala, John and Selma, 715 No. Broadway
Westerburg, Uno and Vera, 723 No. 4th St.
Westman, Evert and Senja, 703 No. 7th St.
Wickholm, Einar and Anna, 710 No. 5th St.
Wilska, Albert
Wilska, Julie, 1331 Southwind Drive, JU 5-8086
Wuori, Frank and Hilja, 113 East Mayfield Rd.
Wuorimäki, Wilhard and Anna, 1316 Sandpiper Lane

Boynton Beach

Alanne, Alma, 2111 N. E. 4th St., Tel. 6773

Hynninen, Charles and Irja, 123 S. W. 14th Ave., Tel. 6265

Järvi, Frank, 634 Osk St.

Kimmo, Eino and Elli, 315 N. W. 7th St.
Koivu, Hugo, 324 S. W. 3rd Ave.
Kolehmainen, William and Betty, 321 N. W. 7th St.
Koso, Aura, 634 Oak St.

Laine, Edward and Laila, 316 N. W. 7th St.
Lammi, Jacob and Helen, 40 So. Atlantic Drive
Lehto, Carl and Lillian, 413 N. W. 13th St.
Liisanantti, Selma, 402 S. W. 3rd St., Tel. 9396
Lilja, Adolph and Pat, 1681 N. E. 1st St., Tel. 3880

Mackey, Larry and Esther, 351 N. E. 27th Court, JU 5-3876
Mäki, Urho and Helen, 502 N. W. 5th St.

Ness, George and Kathrine, 522 N. E. 5th Ave., Tel. 9645
Niemelä, Waldemar and Lempi, 241 No. Atlantic Drive

Pasanen, John and Helmi, 1610 N. E. 2nd Court
Peterson, Jeanette, Castilla Ave., Tel. 3006
Pietilä, Mike and Mary, 324 S. W. 3rd Ave., Tel. 6685

Salo, Charles and Hanna, 434 N. W. 4th Ave., Tel. 6413
Satama, Paavo and Rauni, 501 N. W. 4th Ave.
Schell, George and Emilia, 669 N. W. 2nd Ave., Tel. 4711
Sjöblom, Ivar and Olga, 80 So. Atlantic Ave.
Sola, Eino and Kaisu, 402 S. W. 3rd St.

Tuomela, Walter and Mary, 210 N. E. 27th Court

Walo, John and Hilja, 40 Flamingo Drive
Wiitala, John J. and Hilja E., 1644 N. W. 3rd Lane


Kojola, Einar and Evi, 632 Ridge Rd.

Niemelä, Isaac and Edith, 617 Highland Rd.

Perälä, Sam and Suoma, 401 Oleander Rd., JU 5-3201

Delray Beach

Mattson, Yrjö and Thelma, 217 No. Federal Hway, CR 6-9159

Saarinen, Nick and Aino, 1500 No. Federal Highway
Suominen, Dr., Arne, 830 East Atlantic Ave., CR 6-5872
Suominen, Dr., Arne and Eila, 504 S. E. 5th Ave., CR 8-2301

Green Acres

Ahola, Victor and Olga, 204 Martin Ave.

Harjula, Elmer, 117 Jackson Ave.

Isaacson, Henry and Silja, 321 Jackson Ave., JU 2-1040

Järvi, Sofia, 344 Jackson Ave.

Kangas, Carland and Martha, 340 Jackson Ave. (Green Acres)
Kleba, Perry and Eva, 117 Jackson Ave.

Lilja, Adolph and Amelia, 6100 No. 2nd Ave. Ext.
Lindberg, Esther, 313 Fleming Ave.

Nokari, John and Amanda, 113 Jackson Ave.

Saarinen, Irma, 6100 2nd Ave. Ext., JU 5-3908
Siekkinen, Harley, 265 Swain Blvd.
Siekkinen, John and Sandra, 413 Swain Blvd.


Johnson, William and Irene, Palm Tree Rd.

Langley, John and Tyyne, 5th St., Tel. 4312

Sillan, Henry and Leona, P. O. Box 727 Tel. 4522

Wasenius, Jarl and Bessie, Palm Tree Rd., Tel. 4065

Riviera Beach

Kajander, Roy and Helen, 19 East 22nd Court, VI 4-1144
Koski, Paul, 134 East 23rd St., VI 4-5355

Lake Park

Salminen, Leo, 119 Greenbriar Drive, VI 8-1563

Toivola, Kosti and Nelli, 731 Hawthorne Drive

Fort Pierce

Reiman, Emil and Hilja, Route 4, Box 566, Tel. HO 1-5214

Palm Beach

Annala, Selma, 206½ Seaspray Ave., Tel. 3-7347
Aksila, Ames and Kathrine, 4000 So. Ocean Blvd., JU 2-9432

Grönquist, Uno, 120 Clark Ave., TE 2-9795

Kangas, Sigrid, 4001 So. County Rd., JU 5-0654
Kiuru, Tauno, 4001 So. Ocean Blvd., JU 5-9024

Lagenback, Leo and Evelyn, 4182 Faith Road
Luoma, Matti, 101 Bravodo Lane, VI 4-7414, Business: Palm Beach Shores

Markkanen, Hilja, 130 Barton Ave.

Raeburn, Maurice and Ida, 3500 So. County Rd., JU 2-1435

Wanen, Carl and Lulu, Ibis Island, JU 5-1017

West Palm Beach

Brown, Elina, 3827 Pinewood Ave., VI 4-0980

Haakana, Matti, 627 31st St, VI 4-5635

Ketola, Wayne, 920½ Jessamine St.
Kiippa, Tuula
Kiippa, Veikko and Aili, 4327 Colt Lane, OV 3-2635
Kisko, Ardel and Mary, 836 Beech Rd., OV 3-0606
Koski, Vera, 306 35th St., VI 4-6648

Mattson, Verner T., 808 35th St., VI 4-6693
Nieminen, Ingrid, 920½ Jessamine St.

Okkonen, Jack J., 233 Arlington Rd., JU 2-7231

Sillanpää, Charles and Vieno, 4330 Melaleuca Trail
Salmi, William, 422 50th St., VI 8-2945
Sundwall, Aina, 643 40th St., VI 4-5671

Terho, George, 526 Westwood Rd.

Vihinen, Frank, 620 Winter St., JU 5-7895

Weber, John and Ida
Weber, Peggy, 5826 Churchill Court, JU 5-2146

Fort Lauderdale

Aho, Eric and Einie, 2181 S. W. 28th Way
Ahonen, Ellen S., 700 N. E. 16th Terrace, JA 3-3622
Albertson, Karl and Alli, 200 N. E. 34th St., LO 4-5300
Anderson, Chris and Martha, 2735 N. E. 9th St.

Brunn, Nils and Helen, 4841 N. E. 7th Ave., LO 6-3659
Brunstad, Oscar, 201 No. Gordon Rd., JA 4-7263

Churchill, Katy, 4412 S. W. 49th Court, LU 1-0172

Ehrlund, Bruno and Jenny, 1020 N. E.12th Ave., JA 2-4169
Ehrlund, John A., Oakland Park, LO 6-6178

Fisher, Jack, Sirkka and Vellamo, 2264 S. E. 17th St., JA 4-6274
Froid, Elma, 801 S. W. 20th Ave., JA 3-6386
Froid, John and Gertrude, 2600 S. W. 18th Terrace, JA 3-6252

Gran, F. W., 1001 S. E. 2nd Court, JA 3-2238
Grönwall, Oscar and Hertta, 1443 Grand Drive, JA 4-7506

Hill, Ray and Aina, 19 N. E. 24th St., 6-5660

Jones, R. W., 712 S. E. 11th Court, JA 3-2368
Järvelä, Charles and Kitty, 2224 N. W. 26th St., LU 3-7167

Lahtinen, A. J., 720 S. W. 19th St., JA 4-7130
Lamberg, Gust and Anna, 119 N. E. 12th Ave., JA 2-6468
Linden, Hugo, 2757 N. E. 32nd St., LO 4-4508
Lindfors, Charles, 100 N. E. 3rd Ave., JA 2-4885
Lukko, John and Conchita, 4850 S. W. 61st Ave.

Mäki, Anna nad Helen, 1714 West State Rd. 84, JA 3-5977
Mäki, George, 2200 S. W. 50th Terrace, LU 10496
Melander, William E., 4821 N. E. 7th Ave.
Miller, Julia, 2607 Marathon Lane, LU 3-3551
Murto, Mary K., 4561 Poinciana Lauderdale-by-the-sea LO6-8089

Nasbe, Fred and Hilma, 1230 Gordova Rd., JA 2-3761
Nurmi, Arne and Annalisa, 1113 N. E. 12th Ave., JA 3-7627
Nurmi, Victor, 224 Royal Palm Drive, JA 2-5869
Nurmi, Sulho A., 180 Isle of Venice, JA 2-4654

Peterson, Jack and Aliina, 1230 Gordova Rd., JA 2-3761
Pouttu, Thomas, 829 S. E. 12th St., JA 4-7051

Reivo, Sanni, 1515 S. W. 26th St.
Reivo, William and Sonja, 1515 S. W. 26th St., JA 4-7310

Salo, Victor, 4124 S. W. 62nd Ave.
Silvola, James and Jean, 1560 S. W. 25th Ave., LU 1-0041
Sihto, Paul, 5273 N. E. 1st Ave.
Ström, Carl and Selma, 4241 S. W. 50th St.

Tikkanen, Hugo, 3516 S. W. 12th Court, LU 3-3271
Tolonen, Edward, 4412 S. W. 49th Court
Tuomisto, reino L., 4651 N. E. 2nd Terrace LO 6-7745
Tyska, Konstanty, 1536 N. E. 15th Ave., LO 4-8413
Tyska, Robert and Ida, 1834 N. E. 34th St.

Vahterainen, Toivo and Fanny, 705 N. W. 42nd St., LO 6-5605

Deerfield Beach

Väisänen, V. A., 824 N. E. 4th Court

Pompano Beach

Ek, Carl and Ruth, 1536 N. E. 27th St., WH 1-2564

Holm, Leon and Virginia, 3660 N. E. 15th Terrace WH 1-1106

Lensu, Oscar and Alma, Dial 363 then dial 6359

Russell, Freida, 604 No. Ocean Blvd.


Aho, Jonathan, Rev., 6871 N. W. 20th St., YU 3-1145
Ahola, Weina, 2140 S. W. 66th Terrace YU 3-7459

Killian, R. Helmi, 3610 S. W. 40th St., YO 3-6485

Lund, Odvar and Lahja, 2610 Taft St., WA 2-6065


Aho, Carl and Hilja, 2422 N. W. 4th Terrace, NE 4-7538
Alitalo, Charles, 2455 N. W. 78th St., PL 8-4835

Backström, E., 6463 N. W. 32nd St.
Bennet, Lester, 3565 N. W. 36th St.
Bower, James and Elsie, 1000 N. W. 26th Ave.
Björk, Allan and Sylvia, 6001 S. W. 48th St., MO 1-4522

Carlson, Hilma, 6342 S. W. 32nd St., MO 6-4000

De Lano Laina, 1241 N. W. 102nd St.

Forsman, Eino and Hilma, 1141 N. W. 56th St., PL 1-3113
Fox, Onni and Helen, 1045 N. E. 85th St., PL 1-9633

Gustafson, Albert and Leila, 441 N. W. 23rd Place, NE 4-4314
Gustafson, Charles, 2138 N. W. 16th Terrace

Haarala, Victor, 3810 N. W. 99th St., MU 1-8953
Hakala, Sylvester and Lillian, 720 N. E. 45th St.
Hallila, Gust and Saimi, 6609 N. W. 4th Ave.
Harjanne, Toivo and Aili, 667 N. E. 60th St., PL 8-0474
Harju, Tyko and Liisa, 1050 N. W. 143rd St., MU 5-3606
Helmistö, Axel, 229 N. E. 24th St.
Hendrickson, George and Miriam, 2138 N. W. 16th Terrace NE 5-6384
Hendrickson, Katri, 823 N. W. 99th St., PL 8-3198
Hendrickson, Olavi and Eleanor, 9900 N. W. 8th Ave., PL 8-6341
Hendrickson, Oliver, 3939 S. W. 6th St., HI 8-5201
Hill, Mary, 229 N. E. 24th St.
Hiltunen, Henry, 877 N. W. 108th St., PL 8-1924
Honkonen, Charles, 10220 N. W. 22nd Court
Honkonen, Kalle, 43 N. E. 11th Terrace
Huhtala, Hilda, 1918 N. W. 19th Ave., NE 5-8244
Hypönen, Emil and Amanda, 79 N. E. 17th Terrace, FR 9-0486
Hänni, Mary, 43 N. E. 11th Terrace FR 9-9090

Ilmonen, Charles, 1200 S. W. 19th Ave.
Ikola, Emil, 32236 S. W. 64th Ave.

Johnson, Antti and Anna, 3280 Perciva Ave. Coconut Grove
Johnson, Fred, 3022 N. W. 24th St.
Jokinen, Fanny, 1918 N. W. 19th Ave., NE 5-8244
Juhola, Jalmar, 2486 N. W 101st St.
Juhola, John, 2215 N. W. 96th St.
Järvi, Toivo, 136 N. W. 47th St.
Jylhä, John and May, 910 N. W. 22nd Court NE 4-8940

Kallio, Olavi and Shirley, 158 E. 13th St., Hialeah TU 8-2852
Kallio, Wäinö and Anni, 911 N. W. 99th St., PL 1-0994
Kangas, Elsie, 8221 S. W. 69th Court
Kangas, Matti and Elma, 910 N. W. 22nd Court NE 4-8940
Karlson, Hilma, 1039 N. W. 39th St.
Kejonen, Alex, 290 N. W. 181st St.
Kekkonen, Anna, 1431 Lincoln Terrace Miami Beach Fla.
Kent, Oscar and Aili, 1770 N. W. 16th Terrace
Koivu, Henry, 3130 Day Ave., Coconut Grove
Koitto, Tilda, 6551 S. W. 16th St., West Miami
Kolehmainen, Ray, 5859 S. W. 26th St.
Koski, Hugo, 640 E. 59th St., Hialeah
Koski, Irene, 2630 N. W. 23rd Ave.
Koski, Onni, 4251 Galloway Rd.
Kuuse, Hilma, 61 N. W. 50th St., PL 8-1556

Laaksonen, Wiljo and Taimi, 10635 N. W. 11th Ave., PL 4-2017
Lahti, Esther, 2138 N. W. 16th Terrace
Lahti, William, 5200 S. W. 5th St., HI 3-1401
Lane, Hilma, 275 N. E. 57th St.
Larson, Vendla, 114 N. E. 29th Terrace FR 3-3558
Latvala, K. W., 7450 S. W. 72nd Court, MO 7-4025
Latvala, W. V., 2284 S. W. 22nd Terrace HI 3-0550
Lehtinen, Kauko, 9340 S. W. 87th Ave., MO 7-7025
Lehto, George, 4700 S. W. 108th Ave., GA 1-7745
Lehtonen, Larry, N. W. 84th Terrace, PL 8-2804
Lilja, Oscar and Anna, 1274 N. W. 79th St.
Lind, John and Ellen, 79 N. E. 17th Terrace, FR 9-0486
Lind, Saima, 2180 N. W. 19th Ave.
Lindquist, Eilzabeth, 324 N. W. 47th St., PL 9-6760
Lindström, Gustaf and Bertha, 2731 S. W. 33rd Ave., HI 6-6040
Lundahl, William and Saima, 2847 N. W. 169th Terrace MU 8-9460
Lähde, Dick, 2498 S. W. 16th Terrace HI 4-7735
Lähde, Victor and Hilja, 1840 N. W. 22nd Ave., NE 4-0283
Löfström, Ellen, 2180 N. W. 19th Ave., NE 5-9960

Mackey, Matt T. Realtor, 5012 N. W. 17th Ave., NE 5-2647
Mattila, Anton and Saima, 1630 East 13th St., Hialeah
Mim's, Gift Shop, 1560 N. W. 36th St., NE 5-2352
Minkkinen, Onni and Aino, 166 East 13th St., Hialeah
Moilanen, 10501 N. W. 35th St.
Montonen, Peter, 2921 S. W. 22nd terrace
Mulari, Matti and Jenny, 1026 N. W. 53rd St., PL 7-5030
Mäenpää, Gustaf, 8311 N. W. 15th Ave.
Mäkelä, Erick, 1340 N. E. 13th St., No.
Mäki, Saima, 846 N. W. 98th St.

North, Henry and Aili, 28 S. W. 28th Terrace

Ohman, Armas, 515 N. W. 140th Terrace
Ojala, John K., 6290 N. W. 30th Ave., NE 4-5232
Ostman, Harold J., P. O. Box 325, Coral Gables 34, Fla HI 8-5328
Ostman, John and Martha, 141 N. E. 24th St., FR 9-6149
Overmark, Oscar, 84 Bal Ray Dr., Miami Beach Fla. UN 6-6729

Paananen, Julius and Maria, 1269 N. W. 22nd St., NE 5-7925
Pagi, Edith, 3537 N. W. 16th Terrace NE 4-8655
Pajunen, Paul, 6051 N. W. 6th Court
Pelkonen, Frank, Rev., 15801 N. W. 28th Ct., Opa Locka NA 1-3038
Petersen, Martin and Siiri, 10325 N. W. 26th Ave., MU 8-9460
Peterson, Axel and Sonja, 1471 N. W. 52nd St., PL 8-4001
Pierson, Carl and Helen, 760 N. E. 2nd Place, Hialeah
Puotinen, Onni, 3740 N. W. 1st St.
Puotinen, Toivo, 222 West 43rd St., Hialeah
Pölkkynen, Katri, 20 S. W. 6th Ave.

Rosander, Sandra, 1975 N. W. 47th St., NE 4-1610
Ruhala, William and Elsie, 74 N. W. 31st St., FR 3-3823

Saari, William, 242 N. E. 55th Terrace
Saarinen, Walter, 449 N. E. 79th St., PL 7-4423
Saaristo, Ilma, 2138 N. W. 16th Terrace NE 5-6384
Salo, Anna, 3280 Perciva Ave.
Saxlund, Elizabeth, 324 N. E. 47th St., PL 9-6780
Selkee, Väinö and Aliina, 2109 N. E. 24th St., JA 4-3621
Simo, Leslie, 4750 N. W. 1st St.
Stafrin, John and Mary, 2845 N. W. 169th Terrace NA 1-6040
Storrier, Al and Elsie, 306 East 16th St., Hialeah
Stream, Mrs., 3012 N. W. 24th St.
Suominen, Lauri, 552 N.W. 100th Terrace
Suominen, V. J., 4810 S. W. 69th St.
Suominen, Victor and Ida, 39 N. W. 49th St., PL 9-3727

Taimioja, John, 215 N. E. 33rd St.
Timber, Will and Liina, 5122 N. W. 42nd St., NE 5-7603
Tirkkonen, Aino, 320 N. W. 44th St.
Toivonen, T. A., 1025 S. W. 20th Ave.
Tolvanen, Ernest, 591 N. W. 110th St.
Toss, Elis, 624 East Pkeechopee Rd., Hialeah

Uuttu, Erick, 9000 N. W. 19th Ave., NE 9960

Vallila, Toivo and Sanni, 1520 S. W. 6th St., FR 1-3910
Vartia, Karl, 241 White Horn Drive Miami Springs, Fla.
Vartia, Karl H., 6732 N. W. 2nd Ave., PL 9-6416
Virtanen, Toivo, 2952 N. W. 63rd St.

Wenshaw, Jack and Irja, 2553 S. W. 16th Terrace

New Port Richey

Ahl, Kalle and Lydia, 722 So. Van Buren St.
Aho, Hulda, 421 Nebraska Ave.
Aho, Victor and Elina, 231 East Missouri Ave.
Ahola, Tyyne, 905 East Main St., Tel. 6261
Anderson, Frank and Hilda
Arvio, Hilma, 229 West Central Ave.
Arvo, Clyde, Selma and Daniel, 703 East Illinois Ave.
Autio, Albin and Varma, 909 Green Key Rd., Tel. 6679

Bennett, Hilda, P. O. Box 1333
Bergström, Waino and Ida, 710 Magnolia Ave.
Berkio, John and Alina, 420 East Delaware Ave.
Birch, Edward, Route 1, Box 2407
Björninen, Anna, 530 East Iillinois Ave.
Brennan, W. E. and Betty, Box 1613 Tel. 7393
Burman, Frank and Anna, 618 Magnolia Ave., Tel. 4421
Busha, Edward J. and Lillian, 508 High St., Tel. 2642

Corpy, Matti and Ellen, Box 522 Anclote River Estates

Day, Elmer, 409 Crcle Blvd.

Edwards, John and Hilppa, 801 So. Van Buren St., Tel. 3760
Eklund, Eric and Hilda, West Gulf Drive, Tel. 7661
Eloranta, Albert and Edith, P. O. Box 963, Tel. 3762
Erkkilä, Solomon, 1610 Palm Ave.
Eronen, Edward, East Tennessee Ave., Tel. 3767

Finnish, American Club, 409 East Delaware Ave.
First, Evangelical Lutheran Church, East Delaware Ave & Polk St. Tel. 9511
Forsström, Simo and Amalia, P. O. Box 424
Forsten, Ossi and Lempi, 203 West Madison St.

Gilman, Ila M., 514 Warren Ave., Tel. 2888
Gongas, Jennie, 121 Pine St.
Granros, Elli, 210 East Deleware Ave. Tel. 2738

Hackman, Antti and Saimi, 410 East Delaware Ave. Tel. 3781
Hamalainen, Otto and Hulda, 315 East Montana Ave.
Hanning, Vieno, 406 East Missouri Ave.
Harju, Hjalmar, 802 Washington St., Tel. 5433
Helin, John, 126 Indiana Ave., W., Tel.4403
Hellen, Armas and Anna, 721 East Tennessee Ave.
Helman, August, 221 Pennsylvania Ave., E., Tel. 5576
Helman, Martin A. and Esther, 221 Pennsylvania Ave., E., Tel. 5576
Heng, George and Naima, 709 So. Monroe St.
Hort, Fannie, 134 Indiana Ave., W., Tel. 4255

Jacobson, Jacob and Laimi, 514 Warren Ave., Tel. 2888
Jalava, Anna, 520 East Iillinois Ave.
Jansen, Anna, 212 East Missouri Ave., Te. 5493
Järvinen, Adolph and Lempi, 505 Warren Ave., Te. 6716
Johnson, Helmi J., 213 E. Florida Ave., Tel. 5843
Johnson, Ida, 406 E. Delaware Ave., Tel. 3786
Johnson, Ivar V. and Onerva, 530 E. Tennessee Ave., Tel. 4069
Johnson, Victor and Amanda, P. O. Box 721
Johnson, William, 409 Circle Blvd.
Johnson, William and Mary, 517 E. Missouri Ave., Te. 5835
Juntunen, John and Elsa, 525 East Illinois Ave.

Kail, Mike and Impi, 704 Arthur Ave., Tel. 4708
Kallio, John and Julia, 217 Florida Ave.
Kangas, Victor and Hilma, 418 East Florida Ave.
Karlson, George and Tuulikki, 1109 So. Monroe St., Tel. 3562
Kary, Martha, 423 E. Wyoming Ave., Tel. 3789
Kentanen, Maria, 522 East Illinois Ave.
Ketola, Oscar and Sophia, 329 E. Virginia Ave., Tel. 7491
Kettunen, Henry and Mrs., 413 Pine St.
Kinnunen, Dr., Niles H., 124 West Main St., Tel. 5301
Koivisto, Herman and Saima, 424 E. Delaware Ave., Tel. 2672
Komulainen, Konsta and Senja, 331 east Delaware Ave.
Korhonen, Elmer, P. O. Box 306
Korpela, Lydia, 607 East Tennessee Ave.
Koutonen, Ida, 424 East Illinois Ave.
Kovisto, Hugo and Ellen, 905 East Main St., Tel. 6261
Kukkola, August and Anna, 510 E. Illinois Ave., Tel. 2898
Kulju, Carl A., 121 East Pine St.

Lakso, Ben and Maija, Route 1, Box 2407 Tel. 5562
Laiho, Dan and Aini, 614 Magnolia St., Tel. 4425
Laitinen, Abel and Maria, P. O. Box 1152
Laitinen, Matti and Elma, 702 Forest Ave., Tel. 8905
Laitinen, Tobias and Martha, P. O. Box 1483
Lampi, Elias and Mary, 714 Alaska Ave., Tel. 4068
Lappi, Albin and Olga, 1021 South Monroe St.
Larsson, Thelma, Michigan Ave., Tel. 4870
Latvala, Anna, P. O. Box 822, Tel. 5901
Lehti, Sophia, 311 East Missouri Ave.
Lehtikangas, John and Senja, 414 East Florida Ave.
Lehto, John and Ellen, 314 Central Ave., Tel. 6687
Lepistö, Rev., Eli G. Elma and Paul, 835 Vermont Ave., Tel. 8704
Lilja, Oscar and Anna, P. O. Box 1283
Lindros, Sulo and Saima, 722 River Rd., So., Tel. 5206
Louhi, Laina, 511 E. Missouri Ave., Tel. 9843
Lucander, Anna, 418 East Main St.
Luomala, Emil and Ida, 1240 Willow St., Casson Hts. Tel. 5736
Luoto, Henry and Elli, P. O. Box 272

Mack, Emil and Alma, 511 East Montana Ave.
Maki, Anna, Toimi and Violet, P. O. Box 682, Tel. 3766
Maki, John and Esther, 126 Missouri Ave., W., Tel. 5331
Maki, Kalle and Evelyn, 613 Warren Ave., Tel. 2880
Makinen, Oscar and Hilda, P. O. Box 861
Markkanen, Vilho and Ida, 2604 Azalea Drive, Jasmine Hts.
Marttinen, David and Elina, 611 Jackson Ave.
Marttinen, Matti and Saimi, 223 Missouri Ave.
Mattila, Alland and Hellen, 421 East Virginia Ave.
Mattila, Nels and Ida, 409 Circle Blvd., Tel. 3860
Mattson, Henry, 406 Missouri Ave.
Mattson, Waino and Hilja, 619 Warren Ave., Tel. 2887
May, Gilbert and Verna, 105 E. Delaware Ave., Tel. 5581
Mergin, Alec and Ida, 618 East Main St., Tel. 4301
Mergin, Anna, Box 1613, Tel. 7393
Merikanto, August, 525 East Illinois Ave.
Miete, Otto and Minnie, 331 E. Missouri Ave., Tel. 6224
Miller, Arthur and Mary, 429 East Illinois Ave.
Mononen, William and Lydia, 1521 North Washington St.
Myllynen, Hulda, 531 E. Montana Ave., Tel. 5836
Mäki, Hilja I., 201 E. Delaware Ave., Tel. 3976

Nayha, August, 803 Green Key Rd.
Nayha, Ida, 327 E. Delaware Ave., Tel. 6732
Neilan, John A. and Hilma, 507 Corson Ave., Tel. 6711
Niemi, Jacob and Hanna, 432 E. Delaware Ave., Tel. 8484
Niemi, Sanni, 431 East Delaware Ave.
Nikkari, Ray E. and Zeina, 133 Vermont Ave., Tel. 3104
Nygard, Jacob and Maija, East Delaware Ave.
Nyman, Richard and Anna, 211 East Louisiana Ave.

Oja, Emil and Tyyne, 515 E. Missouri Ave., Tel. 9842
Ollikkala, Andrew and Mary, Dean St.
Orquist, John and Mrs., 409 E. Indiana Ave., Tel. 2658

Palmu, Frank and Hilma, 222 E. Virginia Ave., Tel. 2620
Pelto, Henry and Mae, 309 East Delaware Ave.
Peters, John and Ida, 503 River Rd., Tel. 3921
Peters, Kusti and Ida, P. O. Box 973 Tel. 3765
Pienimaa, Kalle and Aina, 417 East Illinois Ave.
Poutiainen, Peter and Fanny, P. O. Box 584, Tel. 5560

Rantala, Isak and Lempi, 302 E. Illinois Ave., Tel. 6633
Renlund, Ernest and Edla, 601 South Madison St.
Rintala, Jack and Mrs., 1610 Palm Ave.
Ripatti, Elsa, 530 East Illinois Ave.
Roivas, William and Aino, 510 Florida Ave., Tel. 3844

Salo, Saima, 530 E. Tennessee Ave., Tel. 4069
Salonen, Anni, 221 Florida Ave.
Sams, Walter and Ella, 605 E. Illinois Ave., Tel. 5832
Savolainen, Tobia and Mrs., 327 East Delaware Ave.
Seilonen, Matilda, 302 E. Delaware Ave., Tel. 3788
Siljander, Ida, P. O. Box 835
Sims, Richard, 1610 Palm Ave.
Sixtus, Hjalmar and Anna, 1812 George St.
Smith, Oscar and Eva, 824 East Main St., Tel. 2914
Stenfors, Uuno and Hanna, 417 Virginia Ave.
Stenroos, John and Naima, 407 High St.

Thygesen, Magnus and Aino, 711 E. Montana Ave., Tel. 6765
Tikka, John and Lempi, High St.
Tikkanen, August and Emilia, 529 Florida Ave., Tel. 2256
Tila, Olga, 815 E. Montana Ave., Tel. 2579
Toivonen, John and Wendla, 321 E. Illinois Ave., Tel. 6632
Torkkala, Otto, 811 Green Key Rd.
Trani, Arnold and Elli, Elfers, Tel. 4754
Tuomela, Anna, 704 East Delaware Ave.
Tuomisto, Fred and Sigrid, P. O. Box 252, Tel. 3768
Tuuri, Jacob and Jennie, Route 1, Box 1620

Vehko, Hanna, Route 1, Box 226
Vehko, Nanni, Route 1, Box 226, Tel. 5794
Vehko, Viljo and Clara, Route 1, Box 226

Wahatalo, Sivie and Venni, P. O. Box 991
Wainio, Otto, 409 Circle Blvd., Tel. 3860
Wainio, Thomas and Maria Sofia, 117 E. Georgia Ave., Tel. 6554
Waisanen, Emil and Aura, 324 North River Rd., Tel. 3791
Waltari, John and Hanna, 413 Pine St., Tel. 8855
Wantin, Anna, 726 South River Rd., Tel. 5203
Ware, Oscar and Martha, 503 Corson Ave.
Wartian, Henry and Ida, 317 E. Delaware Ave., Tel. 3787
Wicklund, John, P. O. Box 1142
Wiita, Otto and Hilma S., 118 East Louisiana Ave.
Wiskari, Rev., Matti and Mamie, P. O. Box 1482
Wirta, Frank and Lydia, P. O. Box 55

St. Petersburg

Harsila, Jacob and Selma, 827 20th Ave., So.

Koskinen, Saima, 2138 North Quimby Ave.

Mattson, Arthur and Helen, 751 So. 17th Ave.
Mäkinen, Hilja, 2138 No. Quimby Ave.

Nousiainen, George and Selma, 222-43rd Ave., N. E.

Ostman, Lydia, 119 So. 38th St., 7429-43

Raatikainen, Jennie, 850 So. 17th Ave.
Rantamaa, Edith, 1727 So. 6th St.

Seilo, Lauri and Helmi, 4321 No. 52nd St.

Wickström, Anna, 827 So. 20th Ave.
Wood, Ellsworth and Helen, 5639 No. 54th Ave.

Tarpon Springs

Ingman, Frank and Liisa, 919 Bayshore Drive

Lainen, Otto W. and Ida, R 11-361 Beckett Way
Lillberg, Arne and Mrs., Beckett Way


Carlson, Arthur, 149 Treca Road

Howard, Irving, 3109 San Salvador, Beach Wood

Kallio, Henry, R. 133 S. Roscoe Blvd., P. Ved. Bch.
Kehus, Henry and Sofia, 10310 Driftwood, So. Jax RA 4-490 1
Kivi, H. E. Hannes, 7609 Signet St.

Mallinen, Ed, 9966 Haley Rd.
Melart, Gunnar B., 1750 Arlando Circle

Sutinen, Seppo and Inkeir, 1205 Le Baron Ave., Jax 7

Välisalo, Paavo, 1643 Beach Ave., Atlantic Beach


Grönlund, Wlliam

Lahti, Sam and Anna

Komula, Victor and Sofia

Astor Park

Harrison, Abro

Jokinen, Oswald

Mäki, Albert and Helmi

Niskanen, Adam and Lily
Niskanen, Sofia

Okerman, Martha

Savola, Olli and Hilda
Soini, Matti and Hilda

Watanen, Anna
Watanen, Heimo
Watanen, Ivar
Watanen, Kalle
Wiik, Nestor and Elin
Wiik, Kersti
Wäänänen, Robert


Ranta, Helmi

Lutheran Retirement Center


Berg, John and Lempi Maria, 915-25th St.

Freis, Charles and Mrs., 18 West Preston Ave.

Harju, Hilda, 1215 Austein Ave.

Kangas-Laine, Josephine

Laine, Lawrence L.
Leppanen-Cook, Lillian

Golden Rod

Pernu, John and Martha


Setälä, Alpo Rev., and Lahja, 2411 Laurel Ave.
Serepta Rest Home, Route 2 Box 463, Fairfax 2-4724

Beadle, Hilma
Braiden, Taamar

Falbo, Ella

Heckle, Lillie
Helman, August

Laine, Ida

Mank, Martha
Mykkänen, K. V., Rev. and Impi

Nisula, Anna

Panttila, Katri

Savola, Pekka

Tujunen, Ellen

Untinen, John


Aho, Raymond, 370½ East Henry Ave.

Erman, T. D., Mr. and Mrs., 6807 No. Breward, Tampa 4, Fla.

Kajander, John, Route 4, Box 811 B, Tampla 7. Fla.

Lilja, Edwin, 7303 St. Vinsent, Tampa 4, Fla.
Lilliey, Paul, Mr., and Mrs., 8421 Ave., Tampa 4, Fla.

Mäkelä, Edward, 4409 Sevilla
Mäki, Carl, 10229 No. Aremenia Ave., Tampa 4
Mäkinen, George, 4802 So. West Shore Blvd.

Pyykkö, Isaac, 7904 Klondyke, Tampa 4, Fla.

Wallace, Lee and Sylvia, 4510 Eddy Drive, Tampa 3, Fla.

Plant City

Mäki, Ida, Route 3, Box 25

Punta Corda

Naskale, Matt and Alice, Route 2, Box 947


Lampinen, William and Ida, Box 72