Norden - Subscribers List, 1954-1955

The weekly newspaper Finska Amerikanaren was published for the first time at February 2, 1897 in Worcester, Massachusetts. The text was in Finnish and Swedish, but was soon reduced to Swedish only. The newspaper had serious economical problems, and got new owners several times. In 1899 it moved to Brooklyn, New York. The circulation was as largest between 1910 and 1915 when the paper was printed in about 6,000 copies. The name of the paper was changed to Norden in 1935.

The printed subscribers list belongs to professor Anders Myhrman's collection at the Manuscript Department of Åbo Akademi University Library, Turku, Finland. The names in the original list are sorted in a rough order.

Typed to computer by Karen Hardy, Elk Grove, Illinois, and Susanne Grönberg, Kirkkonummi, Finland.


Abbors, Gunnar A., Mr., 3224 Laurel St., North Burnaby BC, Canada
Abrahamsen, Ina, Mrs., Park Ave., R. F. D. 1, Lake Ronkonkoma, L.I. NY
Abrahamson, A., Mrs., 1148 E. 42nd St., Brooklyn 10 NY
Abrahamson, Anni, Mrs., 2835 G St., Eureka CA
Abrahamson, Aug., 570-44th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Abrahamson, Carl, Mrs., Ennis Rd., North Oxford MA
Abrahamson, Edla, Mrs., 2231 Garland St., Eureka CA
Abrahamson, H., Mrs., 4211 W. 6th St., Duluth MN
Abrahamson, Hj., 672-46th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Abrahamson, J., Mrs., Rt. 1, Lake Stevens WA
Acel, Inc., Ervin S., Checking Dept. 15 Whitehall St., New York NY
Ackerman, Otto W., Mr., 39 Wickman Dr., Gardner MA
Ackerman, Vendla, Mrs., 93 Douglas Rd., Gardner MA
Agren, Maria, Mrs., Box 582, South Bend WA
Agren, Wilhelm, Mr., Belleville Turnpike, Bayonne Water Dep't Gate House, Arlington NJ
Ahlberg, Richard, Mr., 552 Capp St., San Francisco 10 CA
Ahlfors, J.A., Mr., Center St., R. D. 4, Beaver Falls PA
Ahlkvist, John, Mr., 3225 Freese Ave., Eureka CA
Ahlquist, Selma, Mrs., 2211 Rockefeller Ave., Everett WA
Ahlskog, Arvid, Mr., 9631 7th Pl. N.E., Seattle WA
Ahlskog, Edw., Mr., 208 S. Chambers St., Port Angeles WA
Ahlskog, Ernst, Mrs., 1773 Winnemac Ave., Chicago 40 IL
Ahlskog, John, Rt. 3, P.O. Box 679, Coeur d'Alene ID
Ahlskog, Ruben, Rev., Spencer NY
Ahlskog, Victor, Mr., 8039 14th N.W., Seattle WA
Ahlstrand, Albin, Mr., Mary St., RR 2, Port Arthur ON, Canada
Ahlström, John, Mr., 21 Duxbury Rd., Worcester 5 MA
Ahlström, Lydia, Mrs., 42 Belmont St., Worcester 5 MA
Akerman, A.M., Mr., 1350 Monroe St., Benton Harbor MI
Akerman, Ch. L., Mr., 1111 Bryant Ave., Bronx 59 NY
Akers, John, 20 Clark Ave., Hamilton ON, Canada
Alholm, August, Mrs., 178 Detroit Ave., Staten Island 12 NY
Alm, Anna, Mrs., 723 Washington Ave., Linden NJ
Alm, Chas, Mr., 690 E. Villa St., Pasadena CA
Alm, Erhard, Mr., 415 Health St. E., Toronto ON, Canada
Alm, Olof, Mr., 124 Franklin Ave., Willowdale ON, Canada
Alm, Sylvia, Mrs., 36 Van Reypen St., Jersey City NJ
Almqvist, George, 120 Rutgers Ave., Jersey City NJ
Almqvist, Olof, Mr., 34 Jackson Ave., Jersey City NJ
Alskog, August, Mr., 1344 Franklin Ave., Seattle WA
Alskog, Sofia, Mrs., 701 Commerce St., Tacoma WA
Alsved, Fred, Mrs., Reed Ave., R. D. 5, Trenton 8 NJ
Altio, K.F., Mr., 225 Potter Ave., Staten Island 14 NY
Amberg, John, Mr., Pomfret Center CT
Ambjornson, Algot, 419 Melrose Ave., San Francisco 14 CA
American Suometar, C/o Finnish Luth. Book Concern, Hancock MI
American Swedish News Exchange, 630 5th Ave., New York NY
Andersen, Gunvor, Mrs., 96 Surrey Lane, River Edge NJ
Andersen, Lina, Miss, P.O. Box 117, Commack, L.I. NY
Andersen, Veino, Mrs., R. F. D. No. 2, Westwood NJ
Anderson, A., Mr., 5651 45th S.W., Seattle WA
Anderson, A., Mr., Box 119, 423 Queen St. W, Toronto ON, Canada
Anderson, A., Mrs., RR 1, Markstay ON, Canada
Anderson, Adrian, Mr., 22 Lowell St., Springfield MA
Anderson, Albin, Mr., 632 W. 171 St., New York 32 NY
Anderson, Alfr., 102 Union Ave., Irvington NJ
Anderson, Algot, Mr., P.O. Box 77, Wales WI
Anderson, Alli, Miss, 155 E. 89 St., New York 28 NY
Anderson, Andolph, Mrs., R. F. D. No. 73, Sterling CT
Anderson, Anna M., Mrs., 8 Poniken Rd., Worcester 6 MA
Anderson, Anna R., 326-1/2 9th St., Raymond WA
Anderson, Anna, Mrs., Box 173, Ladysmith BC, Canada
Anderson, Arthur, Mr., 354 Van Nostrand Ave., Jersey City NJ
Anderson, Arthur, Mrs., 814 New York Ave., Union City NJ
Anderson, Arvid, Mr., 428 W. 4th St., Duluth MN
Anderson, Aug. M., Mr., 507 E. Front St., Port Angeles WA
Anderson, Aug., Mr., 610 N. 8th St., Gladstone MI
Anderson, Axel, Mr., 1820 8th St., Anacortes WA
Anderson, Bruno, Mr., 601 W. Wabash Ave., Eureka CA
Anderson, C.P., Mr., 97 Montowese St., Branford CT
Anderson, Carl J., Mr., 1815-26 St., Rockford IL
Anderson, Carl O., Mr., C/o Lowell Bobb, Rt. 2, Cadillac MI
Anderson, Carl, Mr., 355 Newland St., Los Angeles 42 CA
Anderson, Carl, Mrs., R. F. D. 2, West Nyack NY
Anderson, Ch., 874 10th Ave., Woonsocket RI
Anderson, Charlie, Mr., 517 Wisconsin Ave., Gladstone MI
Anderson, Chas., Mrs., 775 W. Crescent Ave., Allendale NJ
Anderson, Dagmar, 87 Pineapple St., Brooklyn 2 NY
Anderson, E.A., Mrs., 1479-10th St., Berkeley 2 CA
Anderson, Edward, Mr., Box 201, Ramsay MI
Anderson, Elvira, Mrs., 240 E. 50 St., New York 22 NY
Anderson, Erick, 827 Washington Ave., Escanaba MI
Anderson, Ernest, Mr., 41 Summer St., Worcester 5 MA
Anderson, Eskil, Mr., R. D. 4, Bridgeton NJ
Anderson, Fina, Mrs., 5 Roald St., Worcester MA
Anderson, Fred, 96 W. 163rd St., Bronx 52 NY
Anderson, Fred, Mrs., P.O. Box 352, Rock MI
Anderson, Geo. F., 3241 Deering St., Oakland 1 CA
Anderson, Gust, Mr., 610 Winton St., Everett WA
Anderson, Gust, Mr., Rt. 2, Pleasant Mt. PA
Anderson, H. Geo., Mr., 54 Parker Ave., Holden MA
Anderson, Harold E., Mrs., 5308 W. Hirsch St., Chicago 51 IL
Anderson, Harold, Mr., 5717 38th Ave., Kenosha WI
Anderson, Herman, Mrs., 8613-134 Ave. S.E., New Castle Rd., Renton WA
Anderson, Hilda, Mrs., 9 Montowese St., Branford CT
Anderson, Hjalmar J., Mr., 6 Oakwood pl., Worcester 5 MA
Anderson, Ida, Mrs., 223 Redwood Ave., Fort Bragg CA
Anderson, Ida, Mrs., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 213, Spanaway WA
Anderson, Ingrid, Mrs., 27 Chapel St., Gardner MA
Anderson, Isaac, Mr., 1235 Cedar St., Hancock MI
Anderson, J., 209 Sterling St., Clinton MA
Anderson, J., Mrs., 38 Belmont St., Worcester 5 MA
Anderson, Joel, Mr., 262 Chester Ave., San Francisco 25 CA
Anderson, Johanna, Mrs., Rt. 1, Sandpoint ID
Anderson, John F., Mr., 1505 B St., Hoquiam WA
Anderson, John M., Mr., 23 Francis Ave., Hamden CT
Anderson, John, 2 Adolph St., Worcester MA
Anderson, John, Mr., 189-45-45th Dr., Flushing, L.I. NY
Anderson, John, Mr., 2705-1/2 6th Ave. E., Hibbing MN
Anderson, John, Mr., 438 N. 80th Ave. W., Duluth MN
Anderson, John, Mr., P.O. Box 356, Durango CO
Anderson, John, Mr., Rt. 2, Box 183, Crystal Falls MI
Anderson, John, Mrs., 224 North Boundary Rd., Vancouver BC, Canada
Anderson, John, P. Bost 11, South Bend WA
Anderson, John, Rt. 2, Box 136, Rochester WA
Anderson, Joseph, Mr., 213 16th St. S., Escanaba MI
Anderson, K., Mrs., 714 8th Ave., N. Port Alberni BC, Canada
Anderson, Karl, Dividing Creek NJ
Anderson, Karl, Mr., 23 Ash Rd., Garden City, Chester PA
Anderson, Karl, Mrs., 583 W. Broadway, Gardner MA
Anderson, L., 672-46th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Anderson, Leander, Gen. Del., Iron Mountain MI
Anderson, Lee, Mr., 2064 N. 78th St., Seattle WA
Anderson, Lennart, Mr., 51 Grandview Rd., Fairfield CT
Anderson, Leonard, Mr., 1660 Franklin Ave., Astoria OR
Anderson, Marie, Miss, 86 Seaview Ave., Piedmont 10 CA
Anderson, Marie, Mrs., 521 E. 5th St., Leadville CO
Anderson, Mary, 2220 E. Superior St., Duluth MN
Anderson, Mary, Mrs., 703 Crystal Ave., Crystal Falls MI
Anderson, Oscar, 308 N. D St., Aberdeen WA
Anderson, Oscar, Mr., 206 Olive St., Bridgeport 4 CT
Anderson, Oscar, Town Farm, Palmer MA
Anderson, Peter, 8 Wood St., Hudson MA
Anderson, Saima, Mrs., 1156-3rd Ave., Apt. 1 C, New York 21 NY
Anderson, Selma, Mrs., E. 2307-6th., Spokane 31 WA
Anderson, Waldo, Mr., 1075 Bryant Ave., Bronx 59 NY
Anderson, William, Mr., Box6B Lake Rd., Ironwood MI
Anderson, William, Mr., Gleen Ave., Cdover Plain NY
Anderson, Wm., Mr., 108-20 N.E. 8th St., Bellevue WA
Anderson, Wm., Mr., 1625 Henderson St., Eureka CA
Anderson, Wm., Mr., 318 N. Lotus Ave., Chicago 44 IL
Andsten, Edvin, Mr., 265 Westmorland St., Fredricton NB, Canada
Andsten, Otto, Mr., 605-41st St., Brooklyn 32 NY
Antell, Tristan, Mr., 1 Pierrepoint St., Brooklyn 2 NY
Antoniello Bros., 4102 8th Ave., New York NY
Anttila, Mary, Mrs., P.O. Box 284, Newport NH
Arborelius, Edith, Mrs., 865 3rd Ave., New York 22 NY
Arell, William, Mr., 549-41 St., Brooklyn 32 NY
Areskog, Donald C., 744-43rd St., Brooklyn 32 NY
Asplund, Albert, 3275 Williams St., Vancouver BC, Canada
Asplund, Chas, Mrs., Augustana Mission Col., 1405-10th Ave. So., Minneapolis MN
Asplund, Fred, Putman Rd., Holden MA
Asplund, John, 409 N. 50th Ave. W., Duluth MN
Aura, Carl A., Mr., 73 Leamy St., Gardner MA
Aura, Wm., Mr., Rt. 1, Box 359-9A, Port Angeles WA
Axelson, Sigfrid, Mr., 708 Florence Ave., Astoria OR
Back, Alfred, Mrs., 3043 Eastchester Rd., Bronx 69 NY
Back, Axel, 4121-7th Ave., Brooklyn 32 NY
Back, Axel, Mr., Box 45, North Cobolt ON, Canada
Back, Esther, Mrs., 228 E. 1st St., Duluth MN
Back, H. L., Mr., 400 4th Ave. N., Port Alberni BC, Canada
Back, Herman, 2805 Hammond Ave., Fresno 4 CA
Back, Herman, Mr., 2517 Everett St., North Bend OR
Back, Hilding, Mrs., 305-6th Ave. No., Virginia MN
Backlund, Alfred, Mr., 3311 20th Ave. S., Seattle WA
Backlund, Anna, Mrs., 632 W. 51st St., Seattle WA
Backlund, Arvid, Mrs., Green Lane, Byram CT
Backlund, Charlie, Mr., Cornell MI
Backlund, Edwin, P.O. Box 489, Scotia CA
Backlund, Eskil, Mrs., 2043 N. Laramie Ave., Chicago 39 IL
Backlund, Frank, Mr., 616 Boundary St., Olympia WA
Backlund, Gunnar, Mr., W. Blvd., Rd. 6, Vineland NJ
Backlund, J. R., Mr., 233 W. 4th St., Port Angeles WA
Backlund, Karl, Mr., R. F. D., P.O. Box 70, Moosup CT
Backlund, M., Mrs., R. F. D., P.O. Box 52, Woodbine NJ
Backlund, Walfred, Mr., 1467 Dalton Dr., Schenectady NY
Backlund, Wm., P.O. Box 23, Shelton WA
Backman, Anders, R. F. D. 1, P.O. Box 15, Gardner MA
Backman, Carl J., Box 381, Ramsay MI
Backman, Emil J., Mr., 1003 Augusta Ave. E., Spokane WA
Backman, Helmi, Mrs., 8 Overlook Dr., Valhalla NY
Backman, Hugo, Mr., 25 Wasa St., Gardner MA
Backman, Hulda, Miss, 1226 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles 17 CA
Backman, Isak, 32 Waterford St., Gardner MA
Backman, Karl, Mrs., Cimino Blvd., R. F. D. 5, Vineland NJ
Backman, Lee, Mr., 7652 S. 135th, Seattle WA
Backman, M.J., Mr., 40 Argyle Pl., Arlington NJ
Backman, Victor, Mr., 416 N. 53rd Ave. W., Duluth MN
Backstrom, Allan, Mr., 430 N. 47th Ave. W., Duluth MN
Backstrom, Carl, Mr., 410 Lakeshore, Soap Lake WA
Backstrom, Gustav, Mr., Mill Rd., P.O. Box 14 A, Boylston MA
Backström, Arnold, Mr., 41 Stevens St., Sault Ste. Marie ON, Canada
Baker, John W., Rt. 3, P.O. Box 396, Poulsbo WA
Barthell, L., Mr., 727½ E. Galena St., Butte MT
Bearnarth, Earnest, c/o Swedish American Line 636 5th Ave., New York NY
Beck, Alf., 1113 Sheridan Rd., Escanaba MI
Beck, Andr., 1063 Vine St., Nanty Glo PA
Beck, Augusta, Mrs., Baraga MI
Beck, Chas. H., Mr., 1106 Stephenson Ave., Escanaba MI
Beck, F. O., 1123 Ludington St., Escanaba MI
Beck, Helmer, Mr., 410 N. 38th Ave. W., Duluth MN
Beck, Hilma, Mrs., 519 Lange Court, Libertyville IL
Beck, John A., Mr., 1590 Washington St., Eugene OR
Beck, John S., 1510 11th Ave. N., Escanaba MI
Beck, John, 1115 Sheridan Rd., Escanaba MI
Beck, Lennart, Mrs., 1207 Ogden Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Beck, Otto E., Mr., 1253 Grove Ave., Racine WI
Beck, Wm., Mr., 2411-10th St., Berkeley CA
Bedell, Victor, Mrs., Bullet Hole Rd., Mahopac NY
Bengds, Uno, Mr., R. D., Pleasant Mount PA
Bengs, Hilda, Mrs., 204 N. 2nd St., Donaldson Apts. 333, Harrisburg PA
Bengs, John, Mrs., 2025 Venables St., Vancouver BC, Canada
Bengson, Gust, Mrs., 1036-57th St., Brooklyn 19 NY
Bengtson, Peter A., Mr., 173 Main St., Gardner MA
Berg, Albert, Mr., 1425 Corbett St., Lansing MI
Berg, Alex, Mrs., 318 Minnesota Ave., Gladstone MI
Berg, Alf., 1414 6th St. E., Ashland WI
Berg, Annie, Mrs., 37 Aldie St., Allston MA
Berg, Carl E., Mr., 102 Winter St., Leominster MA
Berg, Ch., Brampton MI
Berg, Ed., 515 Michigan Ave., Gladstone MI
Berg, Elsa, Mrs., 225 Chapel St., Gardner MA
Berg, Fanny, Mrs., 18 Saari Passway, Fitchburg MA
Berg, Fred, Mrs., 9848 S.E. Division, Portland OR
Berg, Isac, Rev., 4907 W. Crystal St., Chicago 51 IL
Berg, John A., Brampton MI
Berg, John M., Mr., 523 Adams St., Olympia WA
Berg, John, Mr., 2610 V. St., Eureka CA
Berg, Walter M., Mr., 111 Terrace Ave., Shawomet, Warwick RI
Bergendahl, Oscar, 8 Coleman St., Gardner MA
Berglund, Alfons, Mr., 4 W. St., Norwood MA
Berglund, R., Mr., 270 N.E. 82nd St., Miami 38 FL
Bergman, Edith, Miss, 50 Laguna St., Apt. 204, San Francisco 2 CA
Bergman, Erik, 209-6th St. S., Virginia MN
Bergman, Helge, Mr., 1817-5th St., Rockford IL
Bergman, J., 44 W. St., Warwick NY
Bergman, Ture, Mr., 20 Library Pl., Princeton NJ
Bergstrom, Isaac, 625 Hayes St., Eveleth MN
Bergström, Frank, 10 Ellestuen Rd., Worcester 5 MA
Bernas, Birger, Mr., 1246 Westchester Ave., Bronx 59 NY
Bertell, Alex, Mr., 968 Baldwin Ave., Negaunee MI
Bertell, Arthur, Mrs., 142 Boyd St., Boonton NJ
Berts, Alfred, Box 878, Sec. 5, Eveleth MN
Bidne, Sigurd, Mr., Riverside, Gardner MA
Birch, Victor E., 207 E. Harrison St., De Quincy LA
Bishop, Arthur, Mr., 611 N. 12th St., Coos Bay OR
Bishop, Henry, Mr., 3605 Donahue Ave., Santa Rosa CA
Bishop, Hugo, 4533 Pampas Ave., Oakland 19 CA
Bjork, Bertel, Mrs., 1085 Trafalgar St., W. Englewood NJ
Bjork, E., Mr., Box 225, Whalley BC, Canada
Bjork, Elis, Mr., 729-60th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Bjork, Hemming, Mr., 28 Mill Creek Rd., Branford CT
Bjork, Margaret, Mrs., 43 Terrace St., Haworth NJ
Bjorklund, Ed, Mr., 349 Franklin St., Fort Bragg CA
Bjorklund, Gosta, Mr., Box 1115, Val D'or PQ, Canada
Bjorklund, Victor, Mr., 6212 45th N.E., Seattle WA
Bjorkroth, Elmer, 6250 Oaklawn Dr. S.E., Washington 22 DC
Björk, Alfred, Mr., 924 Summit Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Björk, Edith, Miss, P.O. Box 68, Wolfeboro NH
Björk, Maria, Mrs., 95 W. 162nd St., Bronx 52 NY
Björk, Sanfrid, 4113-7th Ave., Brooklyn 32 NY
Björk, Uno, Mr., 214 E. 60 St., New York 22 NY
Björklund, Michael, Mr., 22 Pelican Ave., Worcester MA
Björndal, Rudolph, Mrs., 17 Clarkson Ave., Brooklyn 26 NY
Blom, Anna, Mrs., 6203 No. Meridian., Puyallup WA
Blom, Eva, Mrs., 12 Gibson Blvd., Valley Stream, L.I. NY
Blomberg, Gösta, Mr., P.O. Box 96, Dodge MA
Blomfelt, Alfred, Mr., 37-55 at 84th St., Jackson Hights, L.I. NY
Blomgren, Florence, Mrs., 1770 Mahan Ave., Bronx 61 NY
Blomgren, Ralph, Mrs., 6231 Broadway, New York 71 NY
Blomkvist, Bror, Mr., 41 Basano Rd., Basano Willowdale P.O., Lansing ON, Canada
Blomkvist, Maria A., Mrs., S. Montowese St., Branford CT
Blomquist, A., Missionaire, Cook MN
Blomquist, Albert, Mr., 163 Armstrong Ave., Jersey City NJ
Blomquist, Emil, 720 4th Ave. W., Ashland WI
Blomquist, Fanny, Maple St., Branford CT
Blomquist, Hugo, C/o Erickson, 25-83-35th St., Astoria, L.I. NY
Blomquist, Ida, Mrs., Star Route 1, Box 124, Iron Mountain MI
Blomquist, John, Mr., 1675 McPherson St., North Bend OR
Blomquist, Jonas, Star Route 1, Iron Mountain MI
Blomquist, Verner, Mr., Friendsville Stage, Binghamton NY
Blomstrom, W., Mrs., 344 Franklin Ave., Port Arthur ON, Canada
Bloom, Emil, 900 Wellington St. E., Sault Ste. Marie ON, Canada
Boardson, Olga, Mrs., 614 Templeton Ave., San Francisco CA
Boatman, Victor, Mr., 2628 W. Oak St., Seattle WA
Bohling, Alfred, Mr., 593 E. 135th St., New York 54 NY
Boling, Alex, 4757 47th N.E., Seattle WA
Boling, Mary, Mrs., J.W. Nygard, Williams Parkway, R. F. D. 1, Waterliet NY
Boling, O., Mr., 7521 25th Ave. N.W., Seattle WA
Boling, Oscar, 95 W. 162nd St., Bronx 52 NY
Boling, Walter, Mr., 70 Runyan Ave., Deal NJ
Boman, Gunnar, Mr., 34 Tremont St., Norwood MA
Bonde, Gust, Mrs., Rt. 6, Box 252, Mt. Vernon WA
Bonde, John G., Mr., 2014 K, Anacortes WA
Bong, Alex, Mr., 7414 Colonial Rd., Brooklyn 9 NY
Borg, Arnold, Mrs., Merry Hill Rd., R. D. 2, Poughkeepsie NY
Borg, Ture, Mr., 223-3rd St. S.E., Washington DC
Borgeson, C., Mrs., C/o Mrs. L. Wagner, 219-10-101st Ave., Queens Village, L.I. NY
Borgstrom, R., Mrs., Sudamtex Maragay, Garagas Apartado 671, De Veneduela, C. A.
Borman, Axel, Mr., 672-46th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Bosk, Arvid, 306 N. 14th St., Escanaba MI
Bosk, Elsie, Mrs., 895 Wisconsin St., San Francisco CA
Bosk, Marie, Mrs., Rt. 2, Box 104, Crystal Falls MI
Bossenberger, Signe, Mrs., 910 Summit Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Bostrom, E., Mrs., 1403 Silver Ave., San Francisco CA
Branbeck, Edw., Mrs., Star Route 1, Box 304, Iron Mountain MI
Brann, Erik, Mrs., 520 Church St., San Francisco 14 CA
Brannfors, Louise, Mrs., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 289, La Center WA
Brazell, Thomas, 201 Pleasant St., Gardner MA
Breitholtz, Sigrid, 985 Lexington Ave., New York 21 NY
Brewers Harbor Drug Co, 102 Washington St., Seattle WA
Bridgforth, Rob., Mrs., 9055 E. Shorewood Dr. 674, Mercer Island WA
Brien, Josef, Mrs., 532 Pennsylvania, Ontonagon MI
Brink, Carl B., Mr., 655 N. Monterey St., Gilroy CA
Brod, Otto, Mr., 1646 University Ave., Bronx 53 NY
Brodd, John, Mrs., 806 Superior Ave., Gladstone MI
Brodie, Bill, Mr., 465 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn 26 NY
Broman, Carl E., Mr., 239 Wilson St., Bridgeport 5 CT
Brommels, John E., Mr., 90 Indian Neck Ave., Branford CT
Broo, John, Hansville WA
Brostrom, G., Mrs., 249 Fairfield Ave. N., Hamilton ON, Canada
Browman, Andr., 739 N. 10th St., DeKalb IL
Bruner, Fred M., Mrs., 41-15-45th St., Sunnyside 4, L.I. NY
Brunstrom, Nestor, Mr., 3 E. 76 St., New York 21 NY
Brännback, Hugo, Mr., 1621 Bonita Ave., Berkeley 9 CA
Buck, Karl, Mr., 282 Clinton Ave., Bridgeport 5 CT
Burbeck, August, 101 Lincoln St., Fort Bragg CA
Burman, Gunnar, Mr., 828 Gerard Ave., Bronx 51 NY
Burman, Werner, Mr., 658 Laveta Terrace, Los Angeles 26 CA
Bush, Andrew G., Rd. 1, P.O. Box 34, Nanty Glo PA
Bygden, Anders G., Mr., 94 Saxton Ave., Sayville NY
Byman, Gust, Mr., 111-26-134th St., South Ozone Park, L.I. NY
Bärnas, Leander, Mr., P.O. Box 55, Branford CT
C.A. Hansen Bros. Inc., 4711-5th Ave., Brooklyn 20 NY
Carlberg, Aina, Mrs., 35 Aldie St., Allston 34 MA
Carlberg, Evert W., Mr., 65 Waterford St., Gardner MA
Carlsen, Ida, Mrs., 664 Paris St., San Francisco CA
Carlson, A., 312 Holden St., Holden MA
Carlson, Alex., Mrs., 1222 W. Schley St., Aberdeen WA
Carlson, Alfred, Mrs., 10 Belvidere Ave., Worcester 5 MA
Carlson, Algot, Mr., Route 5, P.O. Box 680, Oregon City OR
Carlson, Andrew, L Box 92, Dollar Bay MI
Carlson, Anna K., 272 Prospect St., W. Auburn MA
Carlson, Anna, Mrs., 12 Southold Rd., Worcester MA
Carlson, Anna, Mrs., 2125 Benton, Edgewater CO
Carlson, Anna, Mrs., Clara Barton Rd., North Oxford MA
Carlson, Anna, Mrs., Wassaic NY
Carlson, Anselm, 5918 W. Schubert St., Chicago 39 IL
Carlson, Arvid, Mr., 918 N. 70th St., Seattle WA
Carlson, Axel, 20 Havana Rd., Worcester 3 MA
Carlson, Axel, Mrs., 2826 2nd Ave. W., Hibbing MN
Carlson, Bill, Mr., 736 Bell St., E. Palo Alto CA
Carlson, Borje, Mr., 142 N. 3rd St., Manistique MI
Carlson, C. J., 197 8th Ave., Woonsocket RI
Carlson, C. O., Mrs., 10733 N.E. Marx Rd., Portland OR
Carlson, Carl O., Mr., 1 Adele Circuit, Worcester 7 MA
Carlson, Carl O., Mr., 2806 O St. S.E., Apt. 7, Washington 20 DC
Carlson, Carl S., Mr., 1115 Montana St., Coos Bay OR
Carlson, Carl U., Mr., 3218 Vista Ave., Lemon Grove CA
Carlson, Carl, 739 N. 11th St., DeKalb IL
Carlson, Carl, Mr., 1201 Smith St., Kingsburg CA
Carlson, Carl, Mr., Rt. 2, Box 391, Anacortes WA
Carlson, Carl, Mrs., Ardis Apartments, 716 S. Westlake Ave., Los Angeles 57 CA
Carlson, Ch., 349 Franklin St., Fort Bragg CA
Carlson, Charles, Mr., 3714 Columbia St., Vancouver WA
Carlson, Charles, Mrs., 135 Chenault Ave., Hoquiam WA
Carlson, Chas. J., Mr., 1103 Alabama Ave., Lynn Haven FL
Carlson, Chas. J., Truman Ave. W., Newberry MI
Carlson, Chas., 394 Communipaw Ave., Jersey City NJ
Carlson, Chas., Mr., 844 N.E. 80th Ave., Portland OR
Carlson, Edgar, Mr., R. F. D. 1, West Redding CT
Carlson, Edith, Mrs., Crofton P.O., Vancouver BC, Canada
Carlson, Edla, Mrs., 143 Eastern Ave., Worcester 5 MA
Carlson, Edla, Mrs., 2415-26th Ave., San Francisco 16 CA
Carlson, Edla, Mrs., 71 Stanton St., Worcester MA
Carlson, Elis, Mr., 1191 Clay Ave., Bronx 56 NY
Carlson, Emil, Mr., 1717 Walker St., Seattle WA
Carlson, Emil, Mr., 2510 Grant St., Berkeley CA
Carlson, Emil, Mr., Grapeview WA
Carlson, Eric, Mr., 907 Washington Ave., Escanaba MI
Carlson, Ernest, Mrs., 149 E. 165th St., Bronx 52 NY
Carlson, Ernest, Mrs., 25 Ashmont St., Providence 5 RI
Carlson, Ernst., Mr., Rt. 208, Old Ford Rd., New Paltz NY
Carlson, Felix, Mr., R. F. D., P.O. Box 500, Eureka CA
Carlson, Felix, Mrs., 1880 S.W. 3rd Ave., Portland OR
Carlson, Frank, Mr., 240-4th Ave., San Francisco CA
Carlson, Frank, Mr., 275 Linden Ave., Jersey City NJ
Carlson, Fred, Mrs., 3314 24th S., Seattle WA
Carlson, Gabriel, Mrs., 608 N. Jefferson St., Aberdeen WA
Carlson, Geo., Mrs., 2295 Andrews Ave., Bronx 68 NY
Carlson, Gunnar, Mr., R. F. D. 2, Willimantic CT
Carlson, Gust, Mr., 3301 N. Austin Blvd., Chicago 34 IL
Carlson, H. O., Mr., 161 Auburn St., Auburn MA
Carlson, H., Mr., 8213 A St., Tacoma WA
Carlson, Hanna, Mrs., 106 Rodney St., Worcester MA
Carlson, Hanna, Mrs., 53 Merrifield St., Worcester 5 MA
Carlson, Hannah, Miss, 201 N.E. 23rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale FL
Carlson, Harold, Mr., Chateau Trailer Park, Riviera Beach FL
Carlson, Helga, Mrs., 69 Bay 7th St., Brooklyn 28 NY
Carlson, Helmi, Mrs., 57-56-157th St., Flushing, L.I. NY
Carlson, Henry, 809 George Ave., Waukegan IL
Carlson, Henry, Mr., 3723 W. 4th St., Duluth MN
Carlson, Henry, Mr., 780 Post St., San Francisco CA
Carlson, Herman F., Mr., 927 Garfield Ave., Duluth MN
Carlson, Hugo, Mr., Arrow Trailer Park, Santa Rosa FL
Carlson, Hugo, Mr., Old Princeton Rd., Hubbardston MA
Carlson, Ina, Mrs., Box 47, Blind River ON, Canada
Carlson, Irene, Mrs., 905 Van Houten, Clifton NJ
Carlson, Isaac E., Mr., Herbert Blvd., P.O. Box 499, Sicklerville NJ
Carlson, Ivar, Mr., 10 Nehring Ave., Babylon, L.I. NY
Carlson, Ivar, Mr., 20 Wilbur St., Worcester 6 MA
Carlson, Ivar, Mr., 320 S. Gretta Ave., Waukegan IL
Carlson, Ivar, Mr., 46 Mill Creek Rd., Branford CT
Carlson, J. Victor, 49 Olga Ave., Worcester MA
Carlson, J., Mrs., Box 164, Craik SK, Canada
Carlson, Joe, 1613 N. B St., Aberdeen WA
Carlson, John A., Mr., 1620 11th St., Anacortes WA
Carlson, John A., Mr., 912 No. 12th St., DeKalb IL
Carlson, John, 521 17th Ave. W., Ashland WI
Carlson, John, Mr., 1175 Clay Ave., Bronx 56 NY
Carlson, John, Mr., 1309 S. Ainsworth Ave., Tacoma WA
Carlson, John, Mr., 422 No. Lawler Ave., Chicago 44 IL
Carlson, John, Mr., 612 So. 11th St., Virginia MN
Carlson, John, Mr., Lawrence St., Greendale Sta., Worcester MA
Carlson, John, Mr., P.O. Box 583, Denville NJ
Carlson, John, Mrs., 25 E. 11th St., Riviera Beach FL
Carlson, John, Mrs., 833 Continental Ave., River Edge NJ
Carlson, John, Mrs., P.O. Box 404, Lantana FL
Carlson, Leo W., Mrs., 3331 Croffut Pl. S.E., Washington 19 DC
Carlson, Leonard, Mr., R. 4, P.O. Box 364, Traverse City MI
Carlson, Oscar, 132 Magnolia Ave., Sebring FL
Carlson, Oscar, 341-53rd St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Carlson, Oscar, Mr., 426 W. 6th St., Aberdeen WA
Carlson, Oscar, P.O. Box 502, Toledo OR
Carlson, Otto, 142 Wheeler Ave., Hoquiam WA
Carlson, Otto, Mr., 893 W. Palisade Ave., Englewood NJ
Carlson, Pete, Mr., 4147 N. Monitor Ave., Chicago 34 IL
Carlson, Sophie, Mrs., C/o Beck, 76 Winter St., Bronx 64 NY
Carlson, Werner, Mr., 73 Lexington Ave., Jersey City NJ
Carlson, Victor, Mr., 1451 Thousand Oaks, Albany 6 CA
Carlson, Victor, Mr., 265 Central St., Gardner MA
Carlson, Victor, Mr., 716 S. 19th St., Escanaba MI
Carlstrom, Hanna, Mrs., 509 Wisconsin Ave., Gladstone MI
Castanetti, Hulda, Mrs., 22469 No. 5th St., Hayward CA
Caya, Karin, Mrs., E. Colombia Park, Landover MD
Cederberg, Alfred, 4750 Douglas Rd., North Burnaby BC, Canada
Cederberg, Ivar, Mr., 1502 Rockefeller Ave., Everett WA
Cederberg, John, Mr., Rt. 2, Roscommon MI
Christiansen, Rhea, Mrs., 445-53rd St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Christianson, Ingrid, Mrs., Wawa ON, Canada
Clark, J.W., Mrs., Candlewood Hill, Higganum CT
Clements, R., Mr., 348 Bay St., Port Arthur ON, Canada
Clemets, Oswald, Mr., 235 Cypress Ave., Bronx 54 NY
Clockars, J., Mrs., 2704 G St., Eureka CA
Clyve, Harald, 532 Main St., Saco ME
Cole, Fred, Mr., 1356 New Jersey, Marysville MI
Collan, Elin, Miss, 215 W. 108 St., Apt. 11, New York 25 NY
Collander, Paul J., Dr., 1572 W. 8th St., Ashtabula OH
Collin, Eric, Mr., 917 Raspberry St., Erie PA
Common Council, Willkie Memorial Bldg. 20 W. 40th St., New York NY
Compass Center, 77 Washington St., Seattle WA
Condell, Eufemia, Mrs., 43 Davis Ave., Norwood MA
Condu, Sven Chr., Mr., 1159 N.E. 9th St., Grants Pass OR
Conn, Charles, Mr., 1928 Grand Ave., Everett WA
Conn, Erik, Mr., Box 425, Juneau AK
Consulate General of Finland, Legal Department Finland House 41 E. 50th St., New York NY
Consulate General of Finland, Reception Room Finland House 41 E. 50th St., New York NY
Cook, Wm. A., Star Route 1, Iron Mountain MI
Cooley, Alex, 205 No. Evans St., East Tawas MI
Copperud, S., Mrs., 603 St. 3rd Ave., Virginia MN
Corten, Marie, Mrs., 213 W. Murray St., Eureka CA
Cronquist, Jacob, Mr., Rt. 2, Eagle River WI
Dahl, Carl J., Mr., Kallio Tavern, L'Ance MI
Dahl, Gus, Mrs., P.O. Box 35, Willamina OR
Dahl, Magnus I., 1652 B St., Eureka CA
Dahl, Magnus, Mr., 968 Anderson Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Dahl, Oscar, Mr., 707 Douglas Ave., Eveleth MN
Dahlberg, Alina, Mrs., 810 E. 1st St., Duluth MN
Dahlberg, Axel, 1036 Chester Park Dr., Duluth MN
Dahlberg, Emil, Mr., 1204 Willapo St., Raymond WA
Dahlbo, Matt, Mr., 35 So. Victory St., Waukegan IL
Dahlin, Herman, Mr., 259 Mullen Ave., San Francisco 10 CA
Dahlman, Ida E., Mrs., Edgecliff Dr., Langley WA
Dahlros, John, 235 Cypress Ave., Bronx 54 NY
Dahlström, Herbert, Mr., 517-49 St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Dahlvik, Oscar, Mr., 112 7th St. N.W., Chisholm MN
Dahlvik, Oscar, Mr., 112 7th St. N.W., Duluth MN
Dailey, Lydia, Mrs., 2042 N. Mohawk, Chicago 14 IL
Danielson, C., Mrs., 949 Ogden Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Danielson, John, 52 Elliot St., Norwood MA
Davids, Lena, Mrs., 958 San José St., San Leandro CA
Dittmer, Sigrid, Mrs., 844 Santiago St., San Francisco 16 CA
Djerf, Ero K., Mr., 51 Chambers St., New York NY
Donahue, Sigrid, Mrs., 4278-3rd Ave., Apt. 16, Bronx 57 NY
Durchman, Anna, Mrs., 260 W. 72nd St., New York 23 NY
East, Robert, Mr., Box 303, South Bend WA
East, Thure, Mr., 220 Belle Dr., N. Lake Village, Melrose Park 3 IL
Eastman, Albert, 602 3rd Ave., W., Bessemer MI
Eastman, Alfred, Mr., 1516 Lombard St., Everett WA
Eastman, John, Rt. 1, Box 108, Port Angeles WA
Eckholm, Arvid, P.O. Box 13, Los Altos CA
Eckholm, Ed., Mrs., 410 Garden St., Palo Alto CA
Eckman, Uno, Mr., Sherwood Park, Rensselaer NY
Edison, John S., Mr., P.O. Box 3036, Glenoaks Station, Burbank CA
Edlund, G., Mrs., 123 E. 116th St., New York 29 NY
Edman, John, Mr., 6221 Nordica Ave., Chicago 31 IL
Edson, Jenny, Mrs., 1178 Clay Ave., Bronx 56 NY
Edwards, Alice, Miss, 835 Cathcart St., Orlando FL
Edwards, Werner, 1025 Oak St., Negaunee MI
Edwardson, Otto, 1290-20th Ave., San Francisco 22 CA
Efraimson, Aina, Mrs., 80 Causeway Rd., Lawrence, L.I. NY
Ehn, George, Mr., 229 E. 84th St., Apt. 28, New York 28 NY
Ehn, Robert, Mr., 650 Palisade Ave., Jersey City NJ
Ehn, Uno, Mr., 173 Jackson Ave., Jersey City NJ
Ehnstrom, Evert, Mr., P.O. Box 16, East Templeton MA
Ehnström, Emil, Mr., 292 High St., Gardner MA
Ehrström, J. E., 1302 N.E. Schuyler St., Portland OR
Ek, Alina, Miss, 1680-60 St., Brooklyn 4 NY
Ek, John, Mr., 405 E. Heron St., Aberdeen WA
Ekblad, Emil, Mr., 63 Parker St., Gardner MA
Ekblad, Hulda, Mrs., Plains Rd., Essex CT
Ekblom, Uno, 2814 N. Lima St., Apt. B, Burbank CA
Ekblom, Wm., Mr., 317 N. 2nd St., Titusville PA
Ekengren, Helge, Mr., 2763 W. 37th Ave., Vancouver BC, Canada
Eklund, Axel, Mr., 66 Cliff Ave., Hempstead, L.I. NY
Eklund, Bertha, Mrs., Route 1, P.O. Box 167, Clarkston WA
Eklund, Carl, Mr., P.O. Box 514, Greenfield CA
Eklund, Erik, Mr., 299 Armstrong Ave., Jersey City NJ
Eklund, Hilda, Mrs., P.O. Box 154, Biwabik MN
Eklund, Olga, Mrs., 1133 E. Pleasant St., Milwaukee 2 WI
Eklund, Wm., Mrs., Waterside Ave. & Ave. A., Northport, L.I. NY
Ekman, Eli, 153-6th St., No. Arlington NJ
Ekman, Herman, Mr., 826 Orange St., Burlington WA
Ekqvist, Alfred, Mr., 319 Elba Ave., Eveleth MN
Ekqvist, Verner, 416 Fayal Ave., Eveleth MN
Ekstrom, Alma, Miss, 11 Olga Ave., Worcester 5 MA
Ekstrom, John R., 1124 So. 91st St., West Allis 14 WI
Eliason, Ivar, Mrs., Star Route 1, Box 175, Hibbing MN
Eliason, John, Mr., P.O. Box 273, Silverton CO
Eliasson, Jarl, Mr., 609 New Hyde Park Rd., New Hyde Park, L.I. NY
Ellison, N., Mrs., 1042 White Ave. N.W., Grand Rapids MI
Emett, Otto, Mr., Lower Mill Rd. 2, Elmer NJ
Enberg, Edw., Mr., 2025 B St., Eureka CA
Enberg, Elis, Mr., 611 9th Ave., Kaimuki HI
Enegren, E.A., Mr., 523 Penn Ave., Ontonagon MI
Engblom, Alex O., 745 N. 41st St., W. Philadelphia 4 PA
Engblom, Isaac, 1901 Ave. D, Galveston TX
Englund, Agnes, Mrs., 37-25-81st St., Jackson Heights, L.I. NY
Englund, Johanna, Mrs., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 150, Kinder LA
Englund, John, 31-01-84th St., Jackson Heights, L.I. NY
Englund, Karl, Mr., 61 Overlook Dr., Valhalla NY
Engman, Ed, Mr., 123-5th St. S., Virginia MN
Engstrom, Otto, 501 6th Ave. S., Port Alberni BC, Canada
Engström, C.A., Mr., 45 Parkway, Maywood NJ
Engström, Elma O., P.O. Box 1184, Boynton Beach FL
Engström, Gunnar, 12004 17th N.E., Seattle WA
Enholm, Walter, 3085 Mary St., Miami 33 FL
Enlund, Victor, Mr., 87 Stanton St., Worcester 5 MA
Enquist, Erick, Mr., P.O. Box 747, Troutdale OR
Enquist, Erik, 322 E. Brwy, Butte MT
Enquist, John, Mr., 369 Catheart St., Sault Ste. Marie ON, Canada
Enroth, John E., Mr., 97 Huntington Rd., Garden City, L.I. NY
Enstrom, Jonas E., Mr., 5 Hjelm Ave., Worcester MA
Enves, Anna, 103 Santos St., San Francisco 24 CA
Erickson, A., Mrs., 44 Rosslyn Ave. N., Hamilton ON, Canada
Erickson, Albert, 728 N. 40th Ave. W., Duluth MN
Erickson, Alfons, Mrs., 288 Walter Ave. N., Hamilton ON, Canada
Erickson, Anna L., Mrs., P.O. Box 991, Cortez CO
Erickson, Anna, Mrs., 241 S. Brimhall St., St. Paul 5 MN
Erickson, Anna, Mrs., 72 Whitney Ave., Bridgeport CT
Erickson, Anna, Mrs., C/o Luther Home For The Aged, Marinette WI
Erickson, Anna, Mrs., Chestnut St., Branford CT
Erickson, Anna, Mrs., P.O. Box 560, Millville MA
Erickson, Anna, Mrs., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 111, Sandpoint ID
Erickson, Chas V., Mr., Wallum Lake Rd., Pascoag RI
Erickson, Chas, Mr., 1861 Victor St., Bronx 60 NY
Erickson, E., Mrs., Cherhill AB, Canada
Erickson, E.C., Mr., MA
Erickson, Ed, Mr., 1011 N.E. 71st St., Portland OR
Erickson, Edith, Mrs., 596 Van Norman St., Port Arthur ON, Canada
Erickson, Ellis, 199 Laurel Ave., Irvington 11 NJ
Erickson, Emanuel, Mr., 516 3rd St. N.W., Chisholm MN
Erickson, Emil, Mrs., 1435 Pendrell St., Vancouver BC, Canada
Erickson, Emil, Mrs., RR 1, Sault Ste. Marie ON, Canada
Erickson, Erick, 2705 E. 2nd St., Ashland WI
Erickson, Frank, Mrs., 146 Sherman St., Gardner MA
Erickson, Fred, 415-1/2 Fayal Ave., Eveleth MN
Erickson, Harald, Mrs., 1076 E. 3rd Ave., New York 21 NY
Erickson, Harry, Mr., 218 Pool Location, Star Rte 3, Hibbing MN
Erickson, Herman, Mrs., Rt. 1, Box 308, Bessemer MI
Erickson, Hilda, Mrs., 2618 3rd Ave. E., Hibbing MN
Erickson, Ida, 632 London St., San Francisco 12 CA
Erickson, Joe, Mr., 518 Ave. E. South, Saskaton SK, Canada
Erickson, John V., 4621 N. 29th St., Tacoma WA
Erickson, John, Mr., 1114 S. 18th St., Tacoma WA
Erickson, John, Mr., 2812 E. Front St., Ashland WI
Erickson, John, Mr., 419 Chenault Ave., Hoquiam WA
Erickson, John, Mr., 70 Cochran Pl., Valley Stream, L.I. NY
Erickson, John, Mr., P.O. Box 43, Shushan NY
Erickson, John, Mr., U.S. Veterans Hospital, Northampton MA
Erickson, John, Mrs., P.O. Box 43, Shushan NY
Erickson, Joseph, Mrs., 111 Indian Neck Ave., Branford CT
Erickson, Karl A., West St., Lunenburg MA
Erickson, Martin, Rev., C/o The Standard (Editor), 5750 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago 26 IL
Erickson, Mathilda, Mrs., 770 Park Ave., Apt. 14 D, New York 21 NY
Erickson, Oscar, Mr., Chisago City MN
Erickson, Selma, Mrs., 6 Doane St., Worcester 4 MA
Erickson, W.O., Mrs., 509 Broad Ave., Palisades Park NJ
Erickson, Walter, Mr., 102 W. House St., Duluth MN
Erickson, Walter, Mrs., 156 Trogina Ave. N., Hamilton ON, Canada
Erickson, Verner, Mrs., 453 Cuyler St., Port Arthur ON, Canada
Erickson, Victor, 5005 S. L. St., Tacoma WA
Erickson, Victor, R. F. D. 1, P.O. Box 131, Oakville WA
Erickson, William, Mrs., 47 Mosley Ave., Annadale, Staten Island 12 NY
Ericson & Ericson, 500 State St., Brooklyn NY
Ericson, Arthur, Mr., R. D. 2, Washington T.w.p., Westwood NJ
Ericson, John, Mrs., 60 Cloverdale Ave., White Plains NY
Erikson, Alarik, Mr., P.O. Box 246, East Templeton MA
Erikson, Albert, Mr., 3656 Boulevard, Jersey City NJ
Erikson, Albin, Mr., 48 Euclid Ave., Quincy MA
Erikson, Alfred, Mr., Rt. 2, Anacortes WA
Erikson, Edw. J., Mr., 8 Shoreham St., Worcester MA
Erikson, Elsa, Mrs., 672-46th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Erikson, Erik E., 526 E. 5th St., Mt. Vernon NY
Erikson, Erik, Rt. 2, Box 403, Ironwood MI
Erikson, Fred, Mr., P.O. Box 15, Hansville WA
Erikson, Gust, 613 N. 8th Ave., Gladstone MI
Erikson, Gösta, 138 Woodlawn Ave., Jersey City NJ
Erikson, Hilda, Mrs., 3266 Blackstone Ave., Minneapolis 16 MN
Erikson, John I., 213 E. Ash St., Ironwood MI
Erikson, John, 92 Old Bergen Rd., Jersey City NJ
Eriksson, Arne M.S., Mr., 2165 Chatterton Ave., Bronx 61 NY
Eriksson, Karl A., Mr., 401 Pleasant View Court, Copiague, L.I. NY
Eriksson, Karl, Mr., 1253-75 St., Brooklyn 28 NY
Ermel, Alma, Mrs., 1035-5th Ave., 14 C, New York 21 NY
Erstedt, Victor M., Mr., 6506 S. Mozart Ave., Chicago 29 IL
Erstrom, Chas., Mr., 14 Beach St., Branford CT
Ervast, Geo E., Mr., 3207 Mt. Pleasant St. N.W., Washington 10 DC
Esquire Travel Service, 501-5th Ave., New York 17 NY
Esselström, Felix, Mr., 2740 Mayfield Ave., La Crescenta CA
Evaldson, Leonard, Mr., P.O. Box 491, Colfax CA
Evensson, Anna J., Mrs., 45 Entrance Way, Valhalla NY
Everts, Elsa, Mrs., 135-14 Sutter Ave., So. Ozone Pk. 20 NY
Fagerlund, Eric, Mr., 143 Prospect Ave., No. Arlington NJ
Fagerlund, Gustaf E., Mr., 71 Newton St., San Francisco 12 CA
Fagernas, Johanna, Mrs., 2615 Garland St., Eureka CA
Fagerstrom, William, Mr., 719 Westbourne Dr., Los Angeles 46 CA
Fahler, Anna, Box 343, Ramsay MI
Faiss, Sofie, Mrs., 200 Claremont Ave., Montclaire NJ
Faler, Gustaf, Mr., 15 Svenson Ave., Worcester MA
Falin, Oscar, Mr., Rt. 1, Box 13, Bessemer MI
Fant, Gust, Mr., 215 W. 5th St., Port Angeles WA
Fant, Isaak, Mr., Route 2, P.O. Box 277, Enumclaw WA
Feature Mat Syndicate, 46 W. 57th St., New York 32 NY
Fellman, Erik, Mr., 380 E. 167th St., Bronx 56 NY
Finholm, John, 1104 49th Ave. N.W., Puyallup WA
Finholm, Leander, Mr., Gig Harbor WA
Finley, Charley, Mrs., P.O. Box 111, Bergland MI
Finne, Chas, Mr., R. F. D. 1, Katonah NY
Finne, Ida, C/o Miss Inga Larson, 412 E. 74th St., Apt. 17, New York 21 NY
Finneman, Erik, Mr., 150 So. Portland Ave., Brooklyn 17 NY
Finnila, Herman, Mr., R. 4, P.O. Box 169, Traverse City MI
Finnis, Lee, Mrs., 3043 W. 69th St., Seattle WA
Finnish Empl. Agency, Hilda Kotila, 860 Madison Ave., New York 21 NY
Finstrom, Axel, Mr., 672-46 St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Finström, H., Mrs., 225 Pine St., Fort Bragg CA
Fisher, C.T., R. 1, P.O. Box 323, Warren OR
Flink, Gustav B., Mr., 6 Piehl Ave., Worcester MA
Flintberg, Jenny, Mrs., 52 Ely Ave., West Springfield MA
Fogde, Gust, Mr., 613 Monroe St., Hoquiam WA
Fogde, Matt, Mr., 1313 B St., Hoquiam WA
Fogelberg, Arthur, 511 E. 1st St., Port Angeles WA
Foreign Currency Serv., 1472 Broadway, New York NY
Foreign Press Publ. Serv., 258 5th Ave., New York NY
Fornas, Levi L., Mr., 10509 Chandler Blvd., No. Hollywood CA
Fors, Andrew, Mr., 140 Marvin Ave., Los Altos CA
Fors, Atte, So. Orchard Rd., Vineland NJ
Fors, Birgit, Miss, 71 W. 109th St., New York 25 NY
Fors, Elin, Miss, 95 W. 162nd St., New York 52 NY
Fors, Hugo, Mr., Campbelle River BC, Canada
Forsberg, Bruno, Mrs., 3505 Bruckner Blvd., Bronx 61 NY
Forsberg, Ernest, P.O. Box 971, Yuma AZ
Forsberg, Lydia, Mrs., 341 Hillcrest Dr., Seaford, L.I. NY
Forsberg, Naima, Mrs., 1531 Lombard St., Everett WA
Forsblom, Edwin, Mr., Fremont Center, Sullivan County NY
Forsell, J. Fred, Mr., Rt. 2, Mt. Pleasant Rd., Box 9?, Port Angeles WA
Forsell, O., Mrs., 116 W. 7th St., Port Angeles WA
Forsell, Victor, Mr., 418 6th St. N.W., Chisholm MN
Forslund, Helga, Mrs., Box 217, Bessemer MI
Forslund, John, P.O. Box 34, Alpha MI
Forsman, Birger, Mr., 13432½ Burbank Blvd., Van Nuys CA
Forsman, Ed., Mrs., Cornell MI
Forsman, Edward, 1632 Laurel St., Chico CA
Forsman, Emil, Mr., 257 Castro St., San Francisco 14 CA
Forsman, Gust, 307 E. Pine St., Ironwood MI
Forsman, H., Mrs., P.O., Aldergrove BC, Canada
Forsman, Marie, Mrs., 810 Adams Ave., Eveleth MN
Forsman, Oscar, Mr., Ark Rd., Little Plains, Branford CT
Forsman, W., Mrs., 27 Valentine St., Glen Cove, L.I. NY
Forssell, Frans, superint., 549-41st St., Brooklyn 32 NY
Forsström, Frank, Mr., 924 Summit Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Forstrom, Bert, Mr., 14 Bosworth Rd., Shrewsbury MA
Forstrom, Carl, Mr., 2132 S. Ash St., Tacoma WA
Forstrom, Erik S., Mr., C/o V. Bryntesen, 33 Main St., Fort Lee NJ
France, Ingeborg, 3040 Mason Lane, San Mateo CA
Frans, Carl V., Mrs., 926 Sheridan Rd., Escanaba MI
Frans, Emil, Mr., P.O. Box 181, Voluntown CT
Frans, Fred, Mrs., 6105 S. D St., Tacoma WA
Fransen, F., Mrs., R. F. D. 1, P.O. Box 60, Saugerties NY
Frantz, Edward, Mr., 2025 K Ave., Anacortes WA
Franzen, Carl F., Box 62, Gladstone MI
Franzen, Carl J., 1183 De Haro St., San Francisco 10 CA
Franzen, I., Mrs., 6127 Berenice Ave., Chicago 34 IL
Franzen, John, 227 N. 11th St., Escanaba MI
Fredlund, Gösta, Mr., 230 Long St., Eureka CA
Fredlund, John, Mr., 125 Garfield Ave., Norwood MA
Fredman, Helge, Mr., 327 Beverley St., Sault Ste. Marie ON, Canada
Fredrickson, G., Mrs., 5035 S.W. Nevada Ct., Portland OR
Fredrickson, Lily, Miss, 1418 Hood St., Aberdeen WA
Fredricson, Carl, Mrs., Rt. 2, Box 431, Tacoma WA
Freeberg, Signe, Miss, 3134 H. St., Eureka CA
Freelund, Sofia, Mrs., 662 W. 52nd St., Seattle WA
Freeman, John B., Electric Ave., Lunenburg Section, Fitchburg MA
Fri, Ivar, Mr., 171 E. 95th St., New York 28 NY
Friedman, S., Mrs., 716 Cleveland St., Eveleth MN
Friis, L., Mr., Box 721, Port Alberni BC, Canada
Frilund, Ellen, Mrs., 116 Ramblewood Ave., Great Kills, Staten Island NY
Fritsch, Mikael, Mr., 309-86 St., Brooklyn 9 NY
Froberg, Hugo, Mr., 144 W. Clearfield Rd., Havertown PA
Frohm, Carl, Mr., 915 N. Lavergne Ave., Chicago 51 IL
Frost, Anna, 45 High St., Closter NJ
Frost, Oscar, 378 Packman Ave., Mt. Vernon NY
Frost, Victor, R. F. D. 1, Redmond WA
Frusti, Emil, 871 Caledonia St., Calumet MI
Frykberg, E., 205 Carrall St., Vancouver BC, Canada
Frälsningsarméns 2 kår, 213-22 E. 52nd St., New York 22 NY
Full Gospel Assembly, 346 E. 69th St., New York NY
Furu, Berger, Mr., Genl. Delivery, Katonah NY
Furu, Werner, Mr., R. 6, P.O. Box 213, Bridgeton NJ
Gabrielson, Gabe, Mr., 34 N.E. Bridgeton Rd., Portland OR
Gabrielson, John, Mr., 1076 W. Larch Ave., Muskegon MI
Gabrielson, Sigurd, 356 10th Ave., Woonsocket RI
Gard, Adrian, Mr., 28 Jewett Ave. 28, Staten Island 2 NY
Gardis, Charles, Mr., 2667 Van Buren St., Long Beach 10 CA
Gasstrom, Herman, 134 Loring Ave., Pelham 65 NY
Gasstrom, John, Mr., 1 Manger Circle, Pelham Manor NY
Gates, Lewis, Mrs., 2844 Broadway, North Bend OR
Gedda, Verna, Miss, Lock, P.O. Box 23, Sidnaw MI
Genberg, Victor, Mr., 19 Belmont St., Englewood NJ
Gerl, Geo., Mrs., No. High St., Clinton CT
Gibson, Hugo, Mr., 539 W. 162nd St., New York 32 NY
Ginman, Andrea, Mrs., 1415 S. Orange Grove Ave., Los Angeles 19 CA
Ginman, J.A., Mr., Marlboro Rd., R. F. D. 1, Old Bridge NJ
Glader, Frank, C/o Johnson's Stor'e, 1019 Plymouth Ave., San Francisco CA
Glennon, Ellen, Mrs., 1925 Gough St., Apt. 4, San Francisco 9 CA
Golden Gate News Co., 66-3rd St., San Francisco 3 CA
Goldman, John, Mr., Pierce Camp, Wauna WA
Gottberg, Gunnar, Mr., 32 Sumner St., Norwood MA
Gragg, Walter, Mr., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 712, Kirkland WA
Grahn, Edwin, Mr., 25 Alturas Rd., Spring Valley NY
Gran, Charles, 507 North Park Dr., Port Alberni BC, Canada
Granberg, E.A., Mr., R. F. D. 5, Mercer PA
Granberg, Sigurd, Mr., 79 Ridgewood Ave., Springdale CT
Grandell, Anna, Mrs., C/o Strang, 830-41 St., Brooklyn 32 NY
Grandell, Edna, Mrs., 37 Arlington Ave., Hawthorne NJ
Grandell, Francis, Dr., 661-41st St., Brooklyn 32 NY
Grandell, Len., Mrs., 88 Highland Ave., Jersey City NJ
Granfors, Andrew, Mr., 227 E. 178th St., Bronx 57 NY
Granfors, Carl, 626 E. 141st St., Bronx 54 NY
Granfors, Lena, Miss, 169 E. Rock Rd., New Haven CT
Granholm, J.A., 170 C. Edgewater Park, Bronx 61 NY
Granholm, Lisa, Mrs., Rock MI
Grankull, Arthur, Mrs., 3403 W. 70th St., Seattle WA
Granlund, Emil, 18498 Sunderland, Detroit MI
Granlund, Maria, Mrs., 309 Lincoln St., Negaunee MI
Granlund, Victor, Mr., 607 7th St. N., Gladstone MI
Grannas, Axel, Mr., 194 Longview Ave., Fairfield CT
Grannas, Thure, Mr., 57-56 80th St., Elmhurst, L.I. NY
Granqvist, Alfred, Mr., 293 Poultney St., Staten Island 11 NY
Granroth, Verner, Mr., Poplar WI
Grant Wadsworth Inc., Chrysler Bldg., New York 17 NY
Granö, Felix, Mr., 114 Huetter St., Buffalo 7 NY
Green, Chas, Mr., P.O. Box 800, Eureka CA
Green, Gunnar, Mrs., P.O., Swastika ON, Canada
Greenberg, Selma, Mrs., C/o Mrs. Hopkins, 6 A., 142 E. 71st St., New York 21 NY
Gregg, Conrad, 450 Lincoln Ave., Rewood City CA
Gren, Naima, Mrs., 216 W. 69th St., New York 23 NY
Gripenberg, Albert, Mr., 924 Summit Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Gronblom, K.W., Mr., 270 Holden St., Holden MA
Gronholm, Aug., Mr., 8238 So. Campbell Ave., Chicago 29 IL
Gronlund, Aug., Mrs., 1264 Adams St., Denver 6 CO
Gronlund, Edw., Mr., 11 Oak St., Auburn MA
Gronlund, Frank O., 115 E. Berkeley St., Gladstone OR
Gronlund, Gunnar, 130 Thorne St., Jersey City NJ
Gronlund, Leo, Mrs., 858-53rd St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Gronroos, S., Mr., 944 N. Parkside Ave., Chicago 51 IL
Groop, Herman, P.O. Box 541, Frederick SD
Grundfeldt, John, Mr., 327 N.H. St., Lake Worth FL
Gull, Ivar, Mr., White Acres, Langley WA
Gullans, Frank, 57 E. Main St., Branford CT
Gullans, O., Mr., 82 Grove St., West Springfield MA
Gullman, Theo., Mr., 54 Mohawk Trail, Westfield NJ
Gullmes, Eric, Mr., 2151 1/4 Montana St., Los Angeles 26 CA
Gullmes, Eskel, 301 A. Brunette St., New Westminster BC, Canada
Gullmes, Fjalar, Mr., 3740-25th St., San Francisco CA
Gullmes, O.A., Mr., 85 N.W. 53rd St., Miami 37 FL
Gullmets, Ed., Mr., P.O. Box 486, Virginia MN
Gullstrom, Chas., Mr., R. R. 2, P.O. Box 88, Fort Lauderdale FL
Gullstrom, Edith, 201 E. 79 St., New York 21 NY
Gustafson, Carl, Mr., 227 Central St., Olympia WA
Gustafson, Eliel, Mr., 2227 W. 6th St., Duluth MN
Gustafson, Elmer A., 1433 Hayes St., Eureka CA
Gustafson, Emil, Mrs., 2912 4th Ave. E., Hibbing MN
Gustafson, George, 1237 Rhus St., San Mateo CA
Gustafson, Gust, Mr., 428 Fulton St., Kingsford MI
Gustafson, Gust, Mr., 822 Olympia Ave., Olympia WA
Gustafson, Ida, Mrs., 5207 S. Puget Sound Ave., Tacoma WA
Gustafson, John A., 6737 17th Ave., Kenosha WI
Gustafson, Maria, Mrs., 2837 A. St., Eureka CA
Gustafson, Theodore, Mr., 803 34th St., Anacortes WA
Gustafson, Vera, Miss, Pocantico Hills, Tarrytown NY
Gustafson, Victor, Mr., 903 Washington Ave., Hoquiam WA
Gustafson, Wm., Mr., General Delivery, Lacey WA
Gustafsson, I., Mrs., 21741 Homer St., Dearborn MI
Gustavson, Arthur, Mr., 3129 Hoadly St., Olympia WA
Gustavson, Edith K., 1670 Metropolitan Ave., 3 G, Bronx 62 NY
Gustavson, Maria, Mrs., 53 Waterford St., Gardner MA
Gustavson, Robert, Collins Rd., Holbrook MA
Gustavson, Victor, Mrs., Rt. 5, Box 383, Mt. Vernon WA
Gustavson, Wm., Mr., 117 E. 21st Ave., Olympia WA
Haag, Signe, Mrs., 27 E. 124 St., Apt. 1 D, Zone 35, NY
Haga, Alex, Rt. 6, Box 363, Duluth MN
Haga, Hilda, Mrs., Route 1, Gladstone MI
Haga, M. Sigurd, Mrs., 3211 Laurel St., North Burnaby BC, Canada
Hagblom, Gunnar, 121 King Edward Ave., New Westminster BC, Canada
Hagen, Maria, Mrs., 8532 13th Ave. N.W., Seattle WA
Haggblom, Gunnar, Mr., P.O. Box 38, Hyde Park NY
Haggman, Helge, Mr., 575 Queen St. W., Sault Ste. Marie ON, Canada
Haggqvist, Helen, Mrs., 222 E. 60th St., New York 22 NY
Hagkvist, Selma, Mrs., 1005 Anderson Ave., Coos Bay OR
Hagland, Carl, Mr., 4003 30th Ave. S.W., Seattle WA
Haglund, Mary, Mrs., P.O. Box 88, Morris Run PA
Haglund, Victor, Mr., Rt. 2, Box 24, Anacortes WA
Hagman, Oliver, 729 Princeton St., New Milford NJ
Hagman, Overt P., Mr., 42 Mozart St., Binghamton NY
Hagman, Uno, Mr., 815-51st St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Hagstrom, Albin, Mrs., 3418 Quentin Rd., Brooklyn 34 NY
Hagstrom, Solveig, Miss, 162 W. 165th St., Apt. 3 E, Bronx 52 NY
Halland, Gust, Mr., 2920 Queen Ann Ave., Seattle WA
Halldin, Arthur, Mr., P.O. Box 84, Indiana PA
Halldin, John, Mr., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 575, Lake Stevens WA
Hallund, William, Mr., 33 Summit Ave., Westwood NJ
Halver, Gust, Mr., Suquamish WA
Hamilton, Neely, Mrs., 52-101-79th St., Elmhurst, L.I. NY
Hannus, Einar, Mr., Ashburnham MA
Hannus, Karl, Mr., 306 S. 15th Ave. E, Duluth MN
Hansen, Augusta, Mrs., 458 Dunham Ave., Mt. Vernon NY
Hansen, Marie S., Mrs., 2112 N. 61st St., Seattle WA
Hanson, Elna, Mrs., 115 So. 2nd St., Virginia MN
Hanson, Esther, Mrs., 101 Merrifield St., Worcester 5 MA
Hanson, Fritz, Mr., 146 Holmes Ave., Toronto ON, Canada
Hanson, Hulda, Mrs., 37 South 14th Ave., Mt. Vernon NY
Hanson, John, Mrs., 601 E. 135th St., Bronx 54 NY
Hanson, Lars, Mr., 25 Cambridge Ave., Toronto ON, Canada
Hanson, Louis, Mrs., 19 S. Gaylord, Butte MT
Hanson, Ture, Mr., Rt. 1, Box 14, Rochester WA
Harikkala, Allan, Mr., 702-45th St., Englund, Brooklyn 20 NY
Harjulin, Evert, Mr., 9038 15th Ave. N.W., Seattle WA
Harlow, Harry, Mrs., 4313-9th Ave., Brooklyn 32 NY
Harrison, Edw., Mr., Belvidere Ave., Oxford NJ
Hartell, Erick, Mr., Lark Hotel, Lark UT
Hartull, Runar, Mr., 319 W. 14th St., Port Angeles WA
Hartwick, Alb., Mr., 320½ Shae St., New Castle PA
Hartz, Eric A., Mr., 121 Park Ave., Holly MI
Hartz, Frank, Mr., 104 Belmont St., Worcester 5 MA
Hastbacka, Anna, 162 W. 165th St., Bronx 52 NY
Hawkinson, V.L., Rev., 1070-59 St., Brooklyn 19 NY
Hay, Vera, Mrs., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 72, Windsor CA
Hayers, James, Mr., 300 Elm St., Franklin OH
Hedman, Aina, Miss, 774 Cayuga Ave., San Francisco 12 CA
Hedman, E.A., Mrs., 10 Myrtle Pl., Tuckahoe 7 NY
Hedman, Georg, Mr., 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York NY
Hegdahl, Emilia, Mrs., 2089 Monroe St., North Bend OR
Hegg, Ingeborg, Miss, 414 W. Front St., Ashland WI
Hegg, John, P.O. Box 86, Wallace ID
Heggblad, Sigurd, Mr., Algonquin IL
Heglin, F.E., Mrs., 39 Foss Rd., Gardner MA
Helfond Newstand, L., S.W. Corner 3rd Ave., New York NY
Helgren, H., Mrs., 1026 S.W. Front St., Aberdeen WA
Helgren, Oscar, Mrs., 280 Smith St., Lulu Island, Vancouver BC, Canada
Helin, Ragnar, Mrs., 3751 Venable St., North Burnaby BC, Canada
Hellman, Erik, Box 37, Dollar Bay MI
Hellman, Otto A., R. F. D. 21, Ashburnham MA
Hellman, Wm., 407 S. Clayberg St., Bessemer MI
Hellsten, Helmi, Miss, 318 E. 82 St., New York 28 NY
Helm, Carl C., Mr. (Editor), 14 W. 49 St., New York 20 NY
Helsing, Albert, 2355 Palo Verde Ave., Palo Alto CA
Helsing, Anselm, Mr., 196 Pearsall Ave., Jersey City NJ
Helsing, Arvid, Mr., 6 Lincoln Ave., W., Cranford NJ
Helsing, E., Mr., 202-15-50 Ave., Bayside 64, L.I. NY
Helsing, John, 252 Demarest Ave., New Milford NJ
Henders, Anna, Mrs., 3 Waverly Pl., London ON, Canada
Henderson, John, Mr., 886-3rd Ave., Brackenridge PA
Hendrickson, Alina, Mrs., 803 N.E. Sumner St., Portland OR
Hendrickson, Arthur, Mr., 4 Summer St., Worcester MA
Hendrickson, Arvid, Blind Channel BC, Canada
Hendrickson, Emil, Mr., P.O. Box 4, Templeton MA
Hendrickson, Esther, Mrs., 127 Indian Neck Ave., Branford CT
Hendrickson, Fred, Mr., 215 W. Hackley St., Muskegon Heights MI
Hendrickson, John, Mr., Star Route 1, Box 238, Hibbing MN
Hendrickson, John, Mrs., 9 4th St., Bergenfield NJ
Hendrickson, Leander, c/o Aftenro Home 19th Ave. E., Duluth MN
Hendrickson, Mathilda, 33 Dane Ave., Worcester 7 MA
Hendrickson, Oscar, Mrs., 115 Madison St., Astoria OR
Hendrickson, Otto S., Mr., 6 Talcott Ave., Gardner MA
Hendrikson, John, Mrs., 2762 Yates Ave., Bronx 67 NY
Hendrikson, Wm., Mr., 3703 W. Dravus St., Seattle WA
Henenlotter, Mrs., 203 Lexington Ave., New York 16 NY
Henrickson, Oscar, 227 Chapel St., Woonsocket RI
Henrickson, Selma, Mrs., Route 1, P.O. Box 111, Conover WI
Henrikson, Axel, Mr., Rt. 2, P.O. Box 2014 A, Paradise CA
Henrikson, Conrad, Mr., 47 Harold St., Worcester MA
Henrikson, Hildegard, P.O. Box 283, Branford CT
Henrikson, John, 418 Monroe St., Eveleth MN
Henrikson, John, Mr., 11 Olga Ave., Worcester MA
Henrikson, Mathilda, Mrs., 42 Terrace Ave., New London CT
Henrikson, Wilhelm, 1234-44th St., Brooklyn 19 NY
Henze, Herman, Mrs., 19-49-77th St., Jackson Heights, L.I. NY
Herman, H. Gabriel, Mr., 106 W. 62nd St., Seattle WA
Hermans, Bruno, Mr., Hillside Lake, Wappingers Falls NY
Hermanson, Alf., Mr., 828 Gerard Ave., Bronx 51 NY
Hermanson, Aug., 37 Ellington Ave., San Francisco 12 CA
Hermanson, Einar, Mr., No. Wilbraham MA
Hermanson, John, 59 Terhune Ave., Jersey City NJ
Hermanson, John, Mr., 527 20th St. N., Escanaba MI
Hermanson, Werner, Mr., Almond Rd., R. D. 6, Vineland NJ
Hermanson, Victor, Mr., 1 Peters Ave., San Francisco CA
Herrgard, Iver, Mr., 1837 Franklin St., Muskegon MI
Herrgard, William, Mr., 1465 Barclay St., Muskegon MI
Herrgård, Agda, Mrs., 6814 So. Keeler Ave., Chicago 29 IL
Highland, Hannah, Mrs., Rt. 7, Box 17, Tacoma WA
Hill, Anna, Miss, C/o Dalin, 737-53 St., Apt. 3 A, Brooklyn 20 NY
Hill, Edv., 2521 Rainier Ave., Everett WA
Hill, Ester, Mrs., 16 Meadow Ct., Fairfield CT
Hill, Louis Jr., Mr., W-1453, 1st Natl. Bank Bldg., St. Paul 1 MN
Hillman, Ted, Mrs., 7017 S. Bell St., Tacoma WA
Hillstrom, A., Mr., R. 1, P.O. Box 15, Oakville WA
Hirsimäki, Chas E., Mrs., 9229 Shore Rd., Brooklyn 9 NY
Hjerpe, Esther, Mrs., 4654 N.E. 34th Ave., Portland OR
Hjort, Otto, 2720 Commercial Ave., Anacortes WA
Hjort, Sig, Mr., 315-7th Ave., Two Harbors MN
Hobart, J., Mrs., 1218 Mill St., Raymond WA
Hoegberg, Einar, Mr., 626 Siena Way, Bel-Air, Los Angeles CA
Hoffman, Anna, Mrs., 50 Idalla Rd., Worcester MA
Hoffman, Karl, Mr., 17 Jackson Pl., Moonachet NJ
Hofman, Erik, 671-47th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Hoglander, Martha, Mrs., Harper Ave., P.O. Box 170 A, Toms River NJ
Hoglund, Alex, Mr., R. 1, P.O. Box 116, Rock MI
Hoglund, Carl W., 458 Boxter, Eugene OR
Hoglund, Elis, Mr., Geraldton ON, Canada
Hoglund, Emma, Mrs., 1415 C St., Hoquiam WA
Hoglund, Hugo, Mr., 3808 W. 5th St., Duluth MN
Hoglund, John, Mr., Rogers Route, P.O. Box 85, International Falls MN
Hoglund, Wendla, Mrs., 526 Chester Ave., Bakersfield CA
Hognell, Walter, Mrs., 872 Fairmount Pl., Bronx 60 NY
Hokans, Aug, Mr., 846 Logan Ave., Bronx 61 NY
Hokans, K.I., Mr., 2054 Illinois Ave., Santa Rosa CA
Hokans, Sophia, Mrs., 601 S. Broad St., Holly MI
Holm, Andr., Rt. 2, Box 868-1/2, Duluth MN
Holm, Andrew, Mr., 1819 7th St., Anacortes WA
Holm, Arvid, Mr., 423 Queen St. W., Box 193, Toronto ON, Canada
Holm, Aug. E., Mr., 2821 Fairfield, Eureka CA
Holm, Axel, Mrs., 1927 E. 55th Ave., Vancouver BC, Canada
Holm, Chas., Mrs., 812 Superior Ave., Gladstone MI
Holm, David, Mrs., 157 Lexington Ave., Westwood NJ
Holm, Edla A., Miss, 1341 Highview Pl, Honolulu HI
Holm, Elena, Mrs., 959 Anderson Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Holm, Ellen, Miss, C/o Mrs. Lloyd Smith, 810-5th Ave., New York 21 NY
Holm, Fred, Mr., 53 Main St., Worcester MA
Holm, Hilma, Mrs., 3823 8th St. S., Tacoma WA
Holm, Ingo, Mrs., C/o Ida Peterson, 341-41 St., Brooklyn 32 NY
Holm, John, 605 Montana St., Gladstone MI
Holm, John, Mr., 520 Dakota Ave., Gladstone MI
Holm, John, Mr., 91 Pine St., Gardner MA
Holm, John, Mr., P.O. Box 43, Gate WA
Holm, Lennart, Mr., 46 Grandview Ave., Staten Island 8 NY
Holm, Oscar, Mr., Charlotteville NY
Holm, Runar, Mr., 681 E. 139th St., Apt. 14, Bronx 54 NY
Holm, Sigurd, Mr., 60 Christine St., Worcester MA
Holm, Sofia, Mrs., C/o Mattson, Victory Dr. & No. 4th St., Lake Ronkonkoma, L.I. NY
Holm, V., Mrs., 411 Karr Ave., Hoquiam WA
Holm, William, Mr., 335 Newland, Los Angeles CA
Holmberg, Elin, Miss, Rt. 1, P.O. Box 1137, Redwood City CA
Holmberg, John, Mr., 229 W. 6th St., Port Angeles WA
Holmberg, Nils, Mr., 101 Kampfe Pl., North Bellmore, L.I. NY
Holmberg, Victor, Mr., 59 Coles Ave., Amityville, L.I. NY
Holmgren, A., Rev., 2 Suntaug Rd., Worcester 4 MA
Holmlund Bros., 8107 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles 44 CA
Holmlund, A., Mr., Ladysmith BC, Canada
Holmquist, August, Mr., 2147 Linden Ave., Long Beach CA
Holmquist, H., Mrs., 32 Murphy St., Pontiac 18 MI
Holmquist, Uno, Mr., 15 Wellington Pl., Westwood NJ
Holmstrom, Nels, 575 Alderson Ave., New Westminster BC, Canada
Holmstrom, Sigurd, Mr., 166-69th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Holt, Charles, Mrs., Fairmouth St., Woonsocket RI
Home Paper News Ag, 1520 Westlake Ave., Seattle WA
Hougberg, Richard, Mr., 978 Ellis St., Apt. 50, San Francisco 9 CA
Howes, C. S., Mrs., 416 Eye St., Tacoma WA
Hovland, George, Mrs., Fairlawn Ave., Branford CT
Hoyer, Edv., 610 Michigan Ave., Hancock MI
Hult, Christina, Mrs., 360 E. Webster Ave., Frendale 20 MI
Hult, J., 350 Albert St. W., Sault Ste. Marie ON, Canada
Hultgren, Karl, Mr., 265 Butler Ave., Vineland NJ
Hultman, Agnes, Mrs., Outpost Farm, Norwood MA
Hunsaker, Ellen, Mrs., 60 Humboldt St., Willits CA
Hurtig, Fanny, Mrs., 117 Beach St., Jersey City NJ
Häggblom, Albert, 1345 Springfield Ave., Irvington NJ
Häggblom, Vidar, Mr., 166 Robinson St., West Englewood NJ
Höglund, Elsa, Miss, 550 Park Ave., New York 21 NY
Höglund, Ernst, Mr., 73 Monadnock St., Gardner MA
Höglund, Karl, Mr., 830-59th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Höglund, Sofi, 252 Chase St., Clinton MA
Ingman, Erik, Mrs., 1250 James Ave. So., St. Petersburg FL
Ingman, G., Mrs., 112-30 202nd St., St. Albans 12 NY
Ingman, J., 123 Elzey Ave., Elmont NY
Ingman, Olga, Mrs., 373 E. 167th st., Bronx 56 NY
Ingman, Oscar, Mr., 1131 Montana St., Coos Bay OR
Ingo, John, Mr., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 169, Montesano WA
Ingves, Bertha, Miss, 232 Rich Ave., Mt. Vernon NY
Ingves, Frank, Mr., Rd. 82, Hopewell Junction NY
Ingves, Hulda, Mrs., 16 Wickman Dr., Gardner MA
Ingves, John A., R. F. D. 5, Norwichtown CT
Inter-Racial Press of America, Inc., 405 Lexington Ave., New York NY
Irling, Karl R., Mr., 160-11-128th Ave., Jamaica 5, L.I. NY
Irvin, Maria, Mrs., 4215-25th St., San Francisco 14 CA
Isaacson, Abram, Mr., 2208 13th Ave. S., Seattle WA
Isaacson, Anna H., Mrs., Star Route 1, Box 175, Iron Mountain MI
Isaacson, Arthur, Star Route, Crystal Falls MI
Isaacson, E.A., Mrs., P.O. Cloverdale CA
Isaacson, Ester, Miss, 2284 Market St., San Francisco CA
Isaacson, Mary, Mrs., 3214 Hoadly St., Olympia WA
Isacson, Arthur, Mr., 1686 Clay Ave., Bronx 57 NY
Isakson, Edwin, Mr., Indian Neck, Soundview Heights, Branford CT
Isakson, Hanna, Mrs., 59 Tarence St., Rockville Centre, L.I. NY
Jackson, Ed, Mr., Route 1, Gladstone MI
Jackson, Emil, Mr., 1606 Boston Blvd., Lansing MI
Jackson, Gust, Mr., Rt. 3, Box 378, Mt. Vernon WA
Jackson, H., Mr. and Mrs., 205 S. 66th Ave. W., Duluth MN
Jackson, Herman, Mr., Rt. 6, Box 292, Duluth MN
Jackson, Herman, P.O. Box 177, Moffat CO
Jackson, J. E., Mr., 319 N. Quince St., Olympia WA
Jackson, J. J., 1522 S. 45th St., Tacoma WA
Jackson, Lina, Mrs., Rt. 2, Box 143A, Rochester WA
Jackson, Wm., Mr., 1621 6th Ave. E., Hibbing MN
Jacobsen, Signe, Mrs., W. Tiana rd., Hampton Bays, L.I. NY
Jacobson Travel Bureau, 226 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn NY
Jacobson, Anna, Mrs., 415 E. 5th Ave., Grandview WA
Jacobson, C.G., 52 Church St., Gardner MA
Jacobson, Emil, Mr., 5831 W. Harding St., Hollywood FL
Jacobson, Herman, Mrs., 1516 14th St., Anacortes WA
Jacobson, Joel, Mr., 7605 Stanley St., Center Line MI
Jacobson, John, Mr., 203 Sellers St., Hibbing MN
Jacobson, John, Mr., 2358 Glebe Ave., Bronx 62 NY
Jacobson, John, Mr., Rt. 2, P.O. Box 464, Marysville WA
Jacobson, Oscar, Mrs., 1142 Woodycrest Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Jacobson, Sanna, Mrs., P.O. Box 791, Kellogg ID
Jacobson, Victor, Box 706, Ironwood MI
Jaeger, S. K., Mrs., 3954 E. 115th St., Seattle WA
Janesch, Ed., Mrs., 3245 N. Narragansett Ave., Chicago 34 IL
Jansson, Bertil G., Mr., 45 Curtis St., Quincy 69 MA
Jansson, G., Mr. & Mrs., 3724-84 St., Jackson Hgts. NY
Jansson, Walter, Mr., 425 Sunset Lane, Westwood NJ
Jansson, Vendla, Mrs., 924 Summit Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Joffs, Evert, Mr., 6810 Francis Ave., Seattle WA
Joffs, Olof, Mr., 1935 S. 7th St. E., Salt Lake City UT
Johanson, I.S., 157 Pine St., Gardner MA
Johanson, Ida, 451 Villa Terrace, San Mateo CA
Johanson, Ivar, Mr., 371-77 St., Brooklyn 9 NY
Johanson, J. W., Mrs., 729 8th St., Astoria OR
Johanson, Jenny, Mrs., 200 The Uplands, Berkeley CA
Johanson, John, Mrs., 829-71st St., Brooklyn 28 NY
Johansson, Ernest, Mr., 688 Grand St., Jersey City NJ
Johansson, Geo., Mrs., 848-43rd St., Brooklyn 32 NY
John Morton Memorial Museum, 19th St. & Pattison Ave., Philadelphia PA
Johnsen, Anna, 3503 Grand Blvd., Spokane WA
Johnson, Aina M., 2802 State St., Everett WA
Johnson, Albert, Mr., 147 Secord St., Port Arthur ON, Canada
Johnson, Albert, Mr., 203 4th St., Hoquiam WA
Johnson, Albinus, 282 Harbor St., Branford CT
Johnson, Alex, Mr., 700 E. 141st St., Bronx 54 NY
Johnson, Alex, Mr., Route 2, Roscommon MI
Johnson, Alex, Mr., Rt. 6, Box 452, Duluth MN
Johnson, Alfons, 230 Stegman St., Jersey City NJ
Johnson, Alfred, Mr., Rt. 5, Box 350, Mt. Vernon WA
Johnson, Alfred, Strawberry Ave., R. D. 1, Vineland NJ
Johnson, Algot, Mr., 27-3rd St., Norwood MA
Johnson, Algot, Mrs., 197 Locust St., Floral Park, L.I. NY
Johnson, Alice, Mrs., 69-35 E.-186th Lane, Fresh Meadows, Flushing, L.I. NY
Johnson, Alina, P.O. Box 614, Peekskill NY
Johnson, Andrew, Mr., 2299 Harrison Ave., Eureka CA
Johnson, Andrew, Mr., 623 17th Ave. W., Ashland WI
Johnson, Andrew, Mr., Rt. 1, Box 1126, Duluth MN
Johnson, Ann, Mrs., 1031 Idaho St., Lewiston ID
Johnson, Aron, Mr., 50 Bryan Rd., Branford CT
Johnson, Arthur, Brae Burn Rd., R. F. D. 3, E. Longmeadow MA
Johnson, Arthur, Mr., Old Post Rd., Walpole MA
Johnson, Arthur, Mrs., 101 W. 163rd St., Bronx 52 NY
Johnson, Arvid, Mr., 69 Madison St., San Francisco CA
Johnson, Arvid, Mrs., 3648 Oxford St., Vancouver BC, Canada
Johnson, August, Mr., 2546 Lurting Ave., Bronx 67 NY
Johnson, August, Mr., Rt. 1, Box 301, Iron Mountain MI
Johnson, Axel E., Mrs., Rt. 2, P.O. Box 547, Cloquet MN
Johnson, Axel, Mr., 1823 Hayes St., Eureka CA
Johnson, Axel, Mr., P.O. Box 130, Olalla WA
Johnson, C. B., Mrs., 1016 W. Bothwell St., Seattle WA
Johnson, Carl A., 284 E. 169th St., Bronx 56 NY
Johnson, Carl A., Stafford St., R. F. D. 150, Worcester MA
Johnson, Carl E., Rt. 2, Box 61, Ironwood MI
Johnson, Carl E.A., Mr., 44 Cranch St., Quincy 69 MA
Johnson, Ch. J., Mrs., 1507 Swinton St., Sault Ste. Marie MI
Johnson, Ch., 304 W. Loomis St., Ludington MI
Johnson, Char. J., P.O. Box 1384, Keewatin MN
Johnson, Charles J., Mr., 13 Thenius St., Worcester MA
Johnson, Charles, Mr., N. 6th St., Crystal Falls MI
Johnson, Charles, Mrs., P.O. Box 2422, Paterson NJ
Johnson, Charlie, Mr., P.O. Box 61, Port Richmond VA
Johnson, Chas, Mr., 700 River Rd., Eugene OR
Johnson, Chas, Mr., 715 E. Bryan St., Bryan OH
Johnson, Chas., 1210 Pioneer Blvd., Aberdeen WA
Johnson, Chas., Mrs., 1018 Sheridan Rd., Escanaba MI
Johnson, E., Mrs., Hansville WA
Johnson, E.A., Mr., 10 Van Ness Ave., Shrewsbury MA
Johnson, Ed., Mr., P.O. Box O, Templeton MA
Johnson, Edla, Mrs., Rt. 2, Box 112, Rochester WA
Johnson, Edw. K., Mr., 480 Newton St., Westbury NY
Johnson, Edw., Mr., Alfred St., P.O. Box 87, Menlo Park NJ
Johnson, Edwin, Mr., 702½ W. Holly St., Bellingham WA
Johnson, Emil, Mr., 192 Marshall St., Fitchburg MA
Johnson, Emil, Mr., 501 Andover St., San Francisco CA
Johnson, Emil, Mrs., Rt. 1, Box 9, Rochester WA
Johnson, Emilia, Mrs., Box 150, Victoria Harbor ON, Canada
Johnson, Emma, Mrs., 949 Ogden Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Johnson, Erick, Mr., Home, R. D. 1, Indiana PA
Johnson, Erick, Mr., Route 1, P.O. Box 4, Makinen MN
Johnson, Erik, Metropolitan MI
Johnson, Ernest G., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 417 B, Warren OR
Johnson, Eskil, Mrs., Volumtown CT
Johnson, Esther S., Mrs., Rt. 3, Box 225, Astoria OR
Johnson, Esther, Mrs., R. D., Bloomsbury NJ
Johnson, Evald, Mr., 921 Oak St., Windsor ON, Canada
Johnson, Frank B., 3705 N. 13th St., Tacoma WA
Johnson, Frank O., Mr., 225 Astor St., Astoria OR
Johnson, Frank, Mr., 932 Baldwin Ave., Negaunee MI
Johnson, Frank, Mr., Route 1, P.O. Box 199, Windsor CA
Johnson, Frans, Rt. 2, Box 73B, Anacortes WA
Johnson, Fred, 716 Beach Ave., Bronx 61 NY
Johnson, Gabriel, Mrs., 932 Baker St., Muskegon Heights MI
Johnson, George, Mr., 1513 Bank St., Victoria BC, Canada
Johnson, Gilbert, Mr., 64 Christine St., Worcester 6 MA
Johnson, Gustaf R., Mrs., New St., P.O. Box 160, Georgetown CT
Johnson, Gustav, 1179 Clay Ave., Bronx 56 NY
Johnson, Hanna, Miss, 35 Huntington St., New Haven CT
Johnson, Hanna, Mrs., 309 S. Albert St., Port Angeles WA
Johnson, Harold, Mr., 1713 N. 16th St., Philadelphia 21 PA
Johnson, Harold, Mr., 3075 Dix Rd., Lincoln Park 25 MI
Johnson, Helen, Mrs., 1599 St. Anthony Ave., Apt. 4, St. Paul MN
Johnson, Heming, 384 W. Boylston St., Worcester 6 MA
Johnson, Herman, Mr., R. F. D. 3, Georgetown CT
Johnson, Hilda, Mrs., R. 1, P.O. Box 270 A, La Center WA
Johnson, Hilma, Mrs., 447 Boon St., Cadillac MI
Johnson, Hjalmar, Mr., 702-45th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Johnson, Hugo, Mr., 1246 Westchester Ave., Bronx 59 NY
Johnson, Hugo, Mr., 7 Hawthorne St., City Line, Millbury MA
Johnson, Hugo, Mr., 973 Main St., Fitchburg MA
Johnson, Ida, Mrs., 6027 Jefferson Ave., Merchantville NJ
Johnson, Isaac, Mrs., 5 Wright St., San Francisco CA
Johnson, Iver, Mr., P.O. Box 25, Metropolitan Sta., Brooklyn 6 NY
Johnson, J. D., 202 Highland St., Mt. Vernon WA
Johnson, J. Eliel, Mr., 58 E. Cross St., Norwood MA
Johnson, J.H., Mrs., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 1120, Beaverton OR
Johnson, Jack, Mr., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 152, Cook MN
Johnson, Jacob, Mr., 405 N. 48th St., Seattle WA
Johnson, Jenny, 150 E. 72 St., Apt. 12 East, New York City 21 NY
Johnson, John E., Mr., 28 Wasa St., Gardner MA
Johnson, John H., P.O. Box 907, Mullan ID
Johnson, John R., Mr., 516 E. Birch St., Ironwood MI
Johnson, John V., Mr., 2256 Fischer Ave., Detroit MI
Johnson, John W., Mr., C/o Vance, 1769 W. 10th St., Brooklyn 23 NY
Johnson, John, 604 St. Marys St., Bronx 54 NY
Johnson, John, 622-8th Ave., Two Harbors MN
Johnson, John, 8 Hawthorne St., Millbury MA
Johnson, John, Mr., 218 Gennessee St., San Francisco 12 CA
Johnson, John, Mr., c/o Nakat Pack. Corp., Ketchikan AK
Johnson, Joseph, Mr., Chapin Rd., R. F. D. 3, P.O. Box 302, New Castle PA
Johnson, Joseph, Mrs., 121 Indian Neck Ave., Branford CT
Johnson, Katrina, Mrs., 15558 Dixie, Detroit MI
Johnson, L.K., Mr., 131 Cherry St., Gardner MA
Johnson, Lena, Mrs., 245 L. St., Bakersfield CA
Johnson, M., 229 N. 52nd Ave. W., West Duluth MN
Johnson, Maria, Mrs., 200 Ash St., Baraboo WI
Johnson, Maria, Mrs., 422 Dakota Ave., Gladstone MI
Johnson, Maria, Mrs., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 359, Warren OR
Johnson, Martin, Mr., 412 Montana Ave., Gladstone MI
Johnson, Martin, Mr., 778-6th St., Lyndhurst NJ
Johnson, Mary, Mrs., Star Route, Crystal Falls MI
Johnson, Matt L., Mr., 924 Summit Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Johnson, Nestor, Mrs., 3705 N. 13th St., Tacoma WA
Johnson, Nils, Mr., 924 Summit Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Johnson, Oscar A., 73 Hopson Ave., Branford CT
Johnson, Oscar F., Mr., 2725 Brite St., Bakersfield CA
Johnson, Oscar, Mr., 4011-7th Ave., Brooklyn 32 NY
Johnson, Oscar, RR 8, 921 Mona Ave., New Westminster BC, Canada
Johnson, Oscar, U.S. Soldiers Home, Washington 25 DC
Johnson, Otto, Mr., 2714 G St., Eureka CA
Johnson, Otto, Mrs., 678 So. Jackson St., Waukegan IL
Johnson, Ragnar, Mr., 813 Waveland Ave., Chicago 13 IL
Johnson, Ragnar, Mr., Rivierview Dr., Norwalk CT
Johnson, Robert J., Mr., 161 Logan St., Gardner MA
Johnson, Sigfrid, P.O. Box 173, East Templeton MA
Johnson, Ted, Mr., Dudley Rd., Templeton MA
Johnson, Thure, Mrs., 6407 17th N.W., Seattle WA
Johnson, Thyra, Mrs., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 137, Fort Bragg CA
Johnson, Torsten, Mr., 2237 Strang Ave., Bronx 66 NY
Johnson, W., Mrs., 1581 E. 49th St., Brooklyn 34 NY
Johnson, Waldemar, Mr., 4425 W. 7th St., Duluth MN
Johnson, Walter, Mr., 3214 Pine St., Eureka CA
Johnson, Wendla, Mrs., 735 E. 242 St., Bronx 70 NY
Johnson, Werner, Mr., P.O. Box 89, Stonington MI
Johnson, Victor M., Mrs., 681 Taylor St., Astoria OR
Johnson, Victor, Mr., 4455 Norland Ave., North Burnaby BC, Canada
Johnson, Victor, Mr., 506 W. 179th St., Apt. 20, New York 33 NY
Johnson, Victor, Mr., 514 Michigan Ave., Gladstone MI
Johnson, Victor, P.O. Box 566, Two Harbors MN
Johnson, Wilhelmina, 14157 Dolphin, Detroit MI
Johnson, William, Mrs., Kenton MI
Johnson, Wm., Mr., 1527-2nd St., Marysville WA
Johnson, Wm., Mr., 52 Orange St., Englewood NJ
Johnson, Wm., Mrs., Grayland WA
Johnson´s Tower, 3901 Colley Ave., Norfolk VA
Johnsons Funeral Home, 129 Lincoln St., Worcester MA
Johnston, Herbert, Mr., 1 Arden St., New York 34 NY
Jokinen Travel Agency, 324 John St., Sault Ste. Marie ON, Canada
Josefson, George, Mr., 314 E. 159th St., Bronx 51 NY
Josephson, Amanda, Mrs., Rt. 2, Box 854, Everett WA
Josephson, Chas., 10 Swenson Ave., Auburn MA
Josephson, Emil, 1173 De Haro St., San Francisco 7 CA
Josephson, Fred, Mrs., Charlotteville NY
Josephson, J., Mrs., Singletary Ave. (Via Millbury), Sutton MA
Josephson, John, Mr., R. 1, P.O. Box 365, Warren OR
Josephson, Julia, Miss, 5337 No. Clark St., Chicago 40 IL
Jossis, Jacob J., Mr., R. 2, Meridian ID
Jules, S. O., Mrs., 2624 Plymeth St., Seattle WA
Julin, Sven, 456 Wilson St., New Westminster BC, Canada
Julin, Werner, 811 3rd Ave., New Westminster BC, Canada
Jusell, Walter, 155 Page St., San Francisco CA
Juslin, Aline, Mrs., 372 E. 156th St., Bronx 55 NY
Juslin, John, Mrs., 1180 West Hastings St., Vancouver BC, Canada
Juthans, Lydia, Mrs., 4566 Brentlawn Dr., Burnaby BC, Canada
Juthans, Verner, Mr., Port McNeill BC, Canada
Kahlerth, M., Mrs., P.O. Box 203, Lockhart FL
Kaino, Sofia, Mrs., C/o Ullman, 78 Chestnut St., No. Arlington NJ
Kald, Marie, Mrs., 5035 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Portland OR
Kall, John, Mr., 6 Putney Rd., Brattleboro VT
Kallstrom, Aug., Mr., 129 Ellis St., Raymond WA
Kallstrom, Karl J., 51 De Hart Ave., Mariners Harbor, Staten Island NY
Kamb, Alma M., Mrs., Rt. 6, Mt. Vernon WA
Kamb, C.J., Mrs., 1965 Euclid Ave., San Marino CA
Kamb, Ellen, 308 Oxford St., San Francisco 12 CA
Kamb, G., Mr., 1105 Orange St., St. Paul MN
Kamb, John E., Mr., 33 Harding Ave., Branford CT
Kambeitz, Charles, Mrs., P.O. Box 922, Mullan ID
Karab, Edward, Mrs., 179 Indian Neck Ave., Branford CT
Kareen, Leo, Mr., Box 1123, Anchorage AK
Karlberg, Anton, Mr., 2433-45th St., Pennsauken 8 NJ
Karlsen, Alef, Mrs., 222 E. 60 St., New York 22 NY
Karlson, E., Mrs., 49 Harrison St., Napa CA
Karlson, Sigurd, Mr., 672-46th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Karlstedt, Xenia, Miss, 3408 Hope St., Huntington Park CA
Kars, Emil, Mrs., 1418 Queen St. E., Sault Ste. Marie ON, Canada
Kasen, Alfred, Mr., 6730 Mary Ave. N.W., Seattle WA
Kasen, Herman, Dr., Sister Bay WI
Kasen, Wm., Mr., 5722 W. Fulton St., Chicago 44 IL
Kask, Arne, Mr., 855 Woodin St., Hamden CT
Kastus, Emil, Mr., Box 869, Malartic PQ, Canada
Kehlstrom, August, Mr., 800 Broad St., St. Joseph MI
Keller, Olga, Mrs., 39 E. 60th St., New York 22 NY
Kellström, Axel, Mr., 34 Bridgeport Ave., Devan CT
King, George A., Mr., 619 So. 4th Ave., Maywood IL
King, Ragnhild, Mrs., 3 N. 3rd Ave., Maywood IL
Kingelin, K., Mrs., Sicamous BC, Canada
Kirsila, Katarina, Miss, Fruithurst AL
Kjellman, Edwin, 5930 S. Emerald Ave., Chicago 21 IL
Klemets, H.A., Mr., 920-16 St., Moline IL
Klemets, Karl, Mr., 244 S. Court St., Port Arthur ON, Canada
Klemetts, Erika, Miss, C/o Mrs. S. Falk, 9 Somoset Ave., Providence RI
Klippa, Hildur, Miss, C/o Gunholm, Tourist Court, R. F. D., Westboro MA
Klockars, Anna, Mrs., Wawa ON, Canada
Klockars, Edwin, 150 Conrad St., San Francisco CA
Klockars, Ida, Mrs., P.O. Box 66, Port Ludlow WA
Klockars, Lena, 12 Grove St., Kearny NJ
Klockars, Wm., Mrs., 3454 E. 4th Ave., Vancouver BC, Canada
Klockars, Wm., P.O. Box 1351, Keewatin MN
Knipstrom, A., Mrs., 952 Brunette St., New Westminster BC, Canada
Knudsen, Anna S., Mrs., 226-94 St., Brooklyn 9 NY
Knuts, Emil, Mr., 1081 Teller Ave., Bronx 56 NY
Koerber, Otto, Mrs., 2357-31 St. Dr., Astoria, L.I. NY
Koivumäki, Lennart, 1625 D. St., Eureka CA
Koll, Alex, Mr., 6545 2nd Ave. N.W., Seattle WA
Koll, Elna, Mrs., RR 8, 2846 Bainbridge Ave., New Westminster BC, Canada
Koll, Lydia, Mrs., 3510 Turner St., Vancouver BC, Canada
Koping, Arthur, Mr., Erickson MB, Canada
Koping, Victor, Mr., 156 N.E. Marine Dr., Portland OR
Koski, Ralph, Mr., 21 Academy St., Danielson CT
Kotka, Victor, Mr., 509 So. Natchez Ave., Yakima WA
Kotzian, Alice, Mrs., Recriation Camp, Genoa City WI
Krantz, Amanda, Mrs., 65 Wilson Ave., Valhalla NY
Kristola, John, Mr., 6620 W. Devan Ave., Chicago 31 IL
Kronholm, Ed., Mrs., R. 1, P.O. Box 136, Cook MN
Kronlund, R., Mr., Box 724, Alberni BC, Canada
Kronquist, John, Mrs., 318 W. Helen St., Newberry MI
Kronqvist, Ivar, P.O. Box 59, Nabnasset MA
Kronstrom, Dina, Mrs., 513 Dunbar St., Port Alberni BC, Canada
Krook, John Justus, 82 Grove St., West Springfield MA
Krooks, John, Mrs., R.F.D. No. 1, Box 4, Negaunee MI
Krutar, Victor, 9 Barthel Ave., Gardner MA
Krypar, Arvid, 60 Robillard St., Gardner MA
Kulla, Victor, Mr., 630 15th Ave. N., Port Alberni BC, Canada
Kulla, Victor, Mrs., 3905 N. 16th St., Tacoma WA
Kullberg, Lars, Mr., 38 Belmont St., Worcester MA
Kullhem, Evert, Mr., Palisade MN
Kuniholm, Eric, Mrs., 39 School St., Gardner MA
Kuniholm, Harry, Mr., 186 Elm St., Gardner MA
Kuskinen, Eina, Mrs., R. F. D. No. 3, Westerly RI
Källström, Victor, Route 2, P.O. Box 724 A, Poulsbo WA
Lackstrom, John, Mr., 5800 Greenwood, Seattle WA
Lagerstrom, Helmer, 625 E. 140th St., Bronx 54 NY
Lagerstrom, Sigfrid, Mr., 968 1st St. N.W., Chisholm MN
Lagerström, Elis, Mr., 232 Knickerbocker Ave., Hillsdale NJ
Lambert, Edith, C/o Mrs. Markham, Pequot Lake MN
Lampe, Ernest, Dr., 126 E. 54th St., New York 22 NY
Lamsa, Ellen, Mrs., Thorndyke Ave., Fitchburg MA
Lane, Sophia, Mrs., 28 Crestmoore Dr., Denver CO
Larka, Gunnar, Mr., 1480 Shakespere Ave., Bronx 53 NY
Larsen, Esther, Mrs., 162-01-99th St., Howard Beach 14, L.I. NY
Larson, Ivar, Mrs., 62 11th Ave., Woonsocket RI
Lasell, Ed, Mr., P.O. Box 97, Fort Bragg CA
Lasell, Edith, Mrs., 1017 Gallatin St., Butte MT
Lasell, Herman, Mr., 2316 "F" St., Eureka CA
Lassus, Simon, Mr., 702 Carney Blvd., Marinette WI
Lauren, Ole, Mr., 29 E. 124th St., New York 35 NY
Lauren, Walter, C/o G. Sannders, 962 Anderson Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Lawson, Adelaide, 1000 N.W. 116th Terrace, Miami FL
Lax, Ida, Mrs., 2012 Grant St., Berkeley 3 CA
Leafman, Wm., P.O. Box 92, Schuyler Lake NY
Lebeck, Otto, Mrs., 1394-25th Ave., San Francisco CA
Lebou, Inez, Mrs., 437 Peninsula Ave., San Francisco 24 CA
Legation of Finland, 1900-24th St. N.W., Washington DC
Lehtinen, Mandy, Mrs., 351 N. State St., W. Concord NH
Lehtonen, Veikko, R. F. D. 6, Bridgeton NJ
Leif, Frank, Mr., 2515 Nob Hill Ave., Seattle WA
Lenck, Martta, 22 Harbor View Pl., Staten Island 5 NY
Lenck, Raphael, Mrs., 5220 St. Barnabas Rd. S.E., Washington 21 DC
Lesch, Axel, Mr., 458-68th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Lesch, Henry, Mr., 1043 Redondo Blvd., Los Angeles 19 CA
Lesch, Julia, Mrs., 239 E. 35th St., New York 16 NY
Librarian of Congress, Washington DC
Lidner, V.A., Rev., 65 Willis Ave., Floral Pk. NY
Liljequist, Elmer, 316 E. Tamarack St., Ironwood MI
Liljequist, Wm., Mr., 1020½ S. Lorena St., Los Angeles 23 CA
Liljeqvist, Andrew, Mrs., 139 Hayden Ave., Syracuse 4 NY
Lillas, Ake V., Mr., c/o Barclays Bank, Nassau, British West Indies
Lillmars, Arne, 3864 Glandale Ave., Muskegon Hts. MI
Lillmars, Gabr., Mr., 1744 Ellis Rd., Lake Harbor, Muskegon MI
Lillquist, Aug., Mr., 1546 Magnolia Blvd., Seattle WA
Lillquist, Frank, 30 Esplanade, Nanaimo BC, Canada
Lillquist, John, Mr., 6751 Division Ave. N.W., Seattle WA
Lillquist, Manne, Mr., 2321 Belmont Ave., Chicago 18 IL
Lillquist, Pete, Mr., 523 S. Adams St., Olympia WA
Lillsjo, Harold, Mr., 3612 Marine Dr., Hollyburn BC, Canada
Lind, A.L., Mr., Hillside Lake Rd., Wappingers Falls NY
Lind, Ester, Miss, 1053-2nd Ave., New York 22 NY
Lind, Gustav, Mr., 51 Charles St., Gardner MA
Lind, K.J., Mrs., 108 Burncoat St., Worcester 5 MA
Lind, N.O., Rev., 12292 E. Swanson Ave., Kingsburg CA
Lind, Oscar, Mr., 2124 S. Ash St., Tacoma WA
Lind, Selim, 805 Central Ct., Eveleth MN
Lind, Selma, Mrs., P.O. Box 545, Ojai CA
Lindberg, Arvid, Mr., 430 Crescent Ave., San Francisco 22 CA
Lindberg, Dagmar, Mrs., 561-41st St., Brooklyn 32 NY
Lindberg, Ellen, 3320 Kingsland Ave., Bronx 67 NY
Lindberg, Fred, 205 N. Court St., Gladstone MI
Lindberg, J.E., Mr., 17 Russell Rd., Brockton 11 MA
Lindberg, Lasse, Mr., C/o Ingram, Acworth NH
Lindberg, Signe, Miss, 825 N.W. 22, Portland OR
Lindblad, Hugo, Mrs., 1467 Williams Pl., Bronx 61 NY
Lindblom, John, Mr., Rt. 1, Box 124, Baraga MI
Lindblom, V., Mr., 127-21 Liberty Ave., Richmond Hill, L.I. NY
Linde, J.A., Mr., 3133 Sands Pl., Bronx 61 NY
Linde, Kurt, 570-44th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Linde, M., Mr., 1925 McGraw Ave., Bronx 62 NY
Lindell, Geo., Mrs., 1336 Gillespie Ave., Bronx 61 NY
Lindell, Sigurd, Mr., 235 E. 120 St., New York 35 NY
Lindeman, Fredrik, Mrs., 181 Clafton Blvd., Franklin Square, L.I. NY
Linden, Arthur, Mr., R. D. No. 1, P.O. Box 149, Mt. Vision NY
Linden, Charles, 61 Hopson Ave., Branford CT
Linden, Ernst, 310 Holmes St., New Westminster BC, Canada
Lindfors, Ellen, Mrs., 224 Irene St., Bakersfield CA
Lindfors, Jarl, Mr., 3232 Bayo Vista, Alameda CA
Lindfors, Verner, Rt. 1, P.O. Box 25, Green Cove Spring FL
Lindgren, Victor, Mr., 101 Leeuwarden Rd., Darien CT
Lindhagen, Irene, Mrs., 698 E. 138th St., Bronx 54 NY
Lindholm, Helmi, Mrs., 145-21-155th St., Zone 34, Jamaica 5, L.I. NY
Lindholm, Lydia, Mrs., 54 Everard St., Worcester 5 MA
Lindman, Herman K., 52 Birchman St., East Springfield MA
Lindner, Anna, Mrs., 1157 Francisco St., Berkeley CA
Lindquist, Algot, 2007 27th St., Kenosha WI
Lindquist, Axel, Mr., 44 Ilford Ave., No. Arlington NJ
Lindquist, Frank, 13 Fairview Rd., Warwick Downs RI
Lindquist, Fred, Mr., 112 Covert, Butte MT
Lindquist, Harold, Mr., Lake Ave., St. James, L.I. NY
Lindquist, Jörgen, 804 Gauthier Ave., New Westminster BC, Canada
Lindquist, Sven, P.O. Box 126, Highland Mills NY
Lindqvist, Conrad, Mr., 104 Stanton St., Worcester MA
Lindros, Wm., Mr., 1963 Daly Ave., Bronx 60 NY
Lindskog, Ida, Mrs., 642 Lincoln Ave., Waukegan IL
Lindstedt, Carl H., Mr., 19 So. Main St., New Milford CT
Lindstrand, O., Mr., R. F. D. 1, P.O. Box 27, Soledad CA
Lindstrom, Anton, 850-52nd St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Lindstrom, Aug., Mrs., 48-24-43rd St., Woodside, L.I. NY
Lindstrom, Hans, Mr., 14 Forest Ave., Baldwin, L.I. NY
Lindstrom, John, Mr., 10685 Farmington Rd., Livonia MI
Lindstrom, O., Mrs., P.O. Box 69, Rhinecliff NY
Lindstrom, Saima, Mrs., c/o R. J. McMillan 914 Chenault Ave., Hoquiam WA
Lindstrom, Wm., Mr., 1119 Washington St., Raymond WA
Lindström, Fanny, Mrs., 5301-6th Ave., Brooklyn 20 NY
Lindström, Paul, R. D. 9. S. 28, New Brunswick NJ
Lindström, V., Mrs., 189-20, 45 Rd., Flushing NY
Lingonblad, Hannah, Mrs., 3328 E. St., Humboldt Co., Eureka CA
Lithen, Aug., 1102 Erie Ave., Crystal Falls MI
Lithén, Esther, Mrs., 55 Allan St., Hillside Heights, L.I. NY
Lofs, John, Mr., 1410 E. 2nd St., Port Angeles WA
Long, Gust, Mr., 221 W. 14th St., Port Angeles WA
Long, Wm. J., Dr., 903 Barrett Ave., Richmond CA
Longfors, Ragnar, Mr., Box 359, Lake Cowichan BC, Canada
Longvick, Evald E., Mr., 26430 Mallard Ave., Euclid 23 OH
Lov, Ragnar, Mrs., 171 Rintin St., Franklin Square, L.I. NY
Lovsund, Leo., Mrs., 205 Melrose St., Port Alberni BC, Canada
Lugas, Nanny, Miss, "Champ Soleil", Bellevue Ave., Newport RI
Lund, Alina, Mrs., 138 Woodlawn Ave., Jersey City NJ
Lund, Andrew, Mr., Rt. 1, Lake Stevens WA
Lund, Anna, Mrs., Route 1, Gladstone MI
Lund, Eric, Mr., RR 3, Aldergrove BC, Canada
Lund, Erick Y., 2015 California St., Apt. 3, Eureka CA
Lund, Fred, Mr., 24603-24 Ave. So., Kent WA
Lund, George, 420 5th Ave. S., Port Alberni BC, Canada
Lund, H.T., Mr., 1930 A St., Eureka CA
Lund, John W., Mr., 314 Judge Ave., Waukegan IL
Lund, Leonard, Mr., 2823 A St., Eureka CA
Lund, Oliver, Mr., 3639 No. Luna Ave., Chicago 41 IL
Lund, Otto, Mrs., 2415 Acton St., Berkeley CA
Lundberg, John, Mr., 1435 Richmond Beach Rd., Seattle WA
Lundell, Carl, c/o M & H Co., Stephenville NF, Canada
Lunden, Berndt O., 63 Howard St., Norwood MA
Lundgren, C. Roland, Rev., 1223 E. 34 St., Brooklyn 10 NY
Lundman, John, Mr., Box 113, Dollar Bay MI
Lundquist, William, Mr., 924-47 St., Brooklyn 19 NY
Lundstrom, Matt, 111 Fourth Ave., Gladstone MI
Lundström, Gust, Mr., 1532 E. 1st St., Duluth MN
Lundström, H. Geo, 402 Plainfield Ave., Floral Park, L.I. NY
Lundström, J., Mrs., 319 Flagner Ave., New Smyrna Beach FL
Lutheran Seamens Center, 6 Water St., New York NY
Lutz, Harry, Mr., 924 Summit Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Lutz, Tyra, Mrs., 95 W. 162 St., Bronx 52 NY
Lärka, Anna, Mrs., 63 Leamy St., Gardner MA
Lövdahl, John, Mr., 3239 K St., Eureka CA
M. S. "Gripsholm", c/o Swedish American Line 636 5th Ave., New York NY
M. S. "Stockholm", c/o Swedish American Line 636 5th Ave., New York NY
Madden, Elin, Mrs., 593 E. 135th St., New York 54 NY
Madison, Albert, Mr., 99 Grant Ave., Jersey City NJ
Madison, Thyra, Mrs., 14 Bishop St., North Haven CT
Magnusson, John, Mrs., 4401-4th Ave., Brooklyn 20 NY
Majors, Alfred, Mr., 1571 Division St., Muskegon MI
Mallen, Hilma, Mrs., Rt. 2, P.O. Box 1610, Escalon CA
Malm, Alfred, Mr., 29 Fleetwood Pl., Newark 6 NJ
Malm, Dagny, Mrs., 21 Rich Ave., Mt. Vernon NY
Malm, J.V., Mr., 860 G St., Arcata CA
Malm, Victor E., Mr., 860 E. 172nd St., Bronx 60 NY
Malms, Hulda, Mrs., R. F. D. 6, Bridgeton NJ
Manfolk, J.G., Mr., 505 B St. S.E., Washington 3 DC
Mangs, Carl, Mr., 119 Indian Neck Ave., Branford CT
Mangsén, Erik, Mr., 246 Quinsigamond Ave., Shrewsbury MA
Marander, E., Mrs., 2720 Westlake Ave., Seattle WA
Marklund, J., Mrs., R. 2, P.O. Box 269, Oregon City OR
Martens, Charley, Mr., 2319 Morris Ave., Bronx 68 NY
Martens, Ivar, Mr., 360 Tailor Ave., Astoria OR
Martensen, Henry, Mr., Rt. 1, Rapid River MI
Martins, John, RD. 2, Delanson NY
Martinson, Erik, 805 Summit St., Eveleth MN
Martinson, John, 1202 Cherry St., Port Angeles WA
Martola, Evert, 1603 N.E. 2nd Ave., Miami 32 FL
Matson, A.E., Mr., 328 Whipple St., Fort Bragg CA
Matson, Alice, Mrs., P.O. Box 766, Eureka CA
Matson, Emil, Mr., Rt. 1, Lake Stevens WA
Matson, Hugo, Mr., 1820 Walnut St., Eugene OR
Matson, J.A., Mr., P.O. Box 64, Ramsey NJ
Matson, Lena, Mrs., 1003 Jones St., Berkeley 2 CA
Matson, Uno, Mr., 3314 Pine St., Eureka CA
Matson, Victor, Mrs., 18304 Wisconsin Ave., Detroit MI
Mattila, Frithiof, Mr., 605 W. Muskegon Ave., Muskegon MI
Mattlar, Elvira, Miss, 3931 Clay St., San Francisco CA
Mattlar, Fred, Mr., 909 J St., Hoquiam WA
Mattson, A., Mr., 304 Mastick Ave., San Bruno CA
Mattson, A.H., Mr., 160 Blecker St., New York 12 NY
Mattson, Albert, Mr., 90 Wilson St., Norwood MA
Mattson, Albin, Mr., 3135 Sands Pl., Bronx 61 NY
Mattson, Albin, Mr., Rt. 5, Box 361A, West Duluth MN
Mattson, Andrew, Mr., Larsmont MN
Mattson, Anna, Mrs., Cornell MI
Mattson, Art., Mrs., Rt. 6, Box 530, Duluth MN
Mattson, Arthur, Mrs., 1606 S. Ainsworth, Tacoma WA
Mattson, Arvid, Mr., 3032 5th St., Muskegon Heights MI
Mattson, Charles, Mrs., 1613 W. 4th St., Brooklyn 23 NY
Mattson, Daniel, Mr., Josefine Gate 18, Oslo, Norway
Mattson, Daniel, Sgt., A.F. 12300516 Flt "C" 7470th Hqs Spt Sq Apo 85. C/o Post Master, New York 1 NY
Mattson, David, Transportation Bldg. 1600, Great Lakes IL
Mattson, Dorothy, Mrs., Cedarville MI
Mattson, Edvin, Mr., R. D. 4, Bridgeton NJ
Mattson, Elmer, Mr., 7036 25th N.W., Seattle WA
Mattson, Eric, Mr., R. 1, P.O. Box 330, Warren OR
Mattson, Erik, 3309 Federal, Everett WA
Mattson, Erik, Mr., 7615-4th Ave., North Bergen NJ
Mattson, Gunnar, Mr., 510 W. Columbia Ave., Clementon NJ
Mattson, Gus, P.O. Box 463, Centerport, L.I. NY
Mattson, Gust, Mr., 1084 E. Larch Ave., Muskegon MI
Mattson, Hannah, Mrs., 450 Bedford Ave., Mt. Vernon NY
Mattson, Herman, 526 S. 22nd Ave. E., Duluth MN
Mattson, Hilda, Mrs., 1355 Excelsior Ave., Oakland CA
Mattson, Hilda, Mrs., 410 N. 46th St., Seattle WA
Mattson, Ida, Mrs., Box 389, Raymond WA
Mattson, Irene, Mrs., 154 Prague St., San Francisco CA
Mattson, Irene, Mrs., 1816 Adams St., Olympia WA
Mattson, John, Mr., 1121 Chauser St., Berkeley CA
Mattson, John, Mr., 1414 State Ave., Olympia WA
Mattson, John, Mr., 532 20th St. N., Escanaba MI
Mattson, John, Rt. 2, Port Angeles WA
Mattson, K., Mr., c/o Scandia Films, Inc. 220 W. 42nd St., New York NY, Adv.
Mattson, Karl E., Mr., 924 Summit Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Mattson, Karl P., Mrs., 5 Alder St., Worcester MA
Mattson, Lisa, Mrs., 106 Cordova St., San Francisco 12 CA
Mattson, Lydia, Mrs., 603 Michigan Ave., Manistique MI
Mattson, M. W., Mrs., 304 E. Front St., Port Angeles WA
Mattson, Magnus, Mr., 749-53rd St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Mattson, Maria, Mrs., C/o Mr. Boo, 101 Merrifield St., Worcester 5 MA
Mattson, Matt, Mr., 6556 N. Denver Ave., Portland OR
Mattson, Oscar, Mrs., 1522 S. 3rd St., Mt. Vernon WA
Mattson, Oswald, 208 Myrtle Ave., Jersey City NJ
Mattson, Ruben, Mrs., 1157 Morris Ave., Bronx 56 NY
Mattson, Sigurd, Mr., 1531 Lombard Ave., Everett WA
Mattson, Thyra, Miss, C/o E. Anderson, P.O. Box 247, Verplanck NY
Mattson, Walter, Mr., 149 Bidwell Ave., Jersey City NJ
Mattson, Wm., Mr., Stillman Ave., Rt. 6, Bridgeton NJ
Mattsson, Arne, 3263 W. 142nd St., Cleveland OH
Mattsson, Bengt, Mr., 155 E. 182nd St., Bronx 53 NY
McMillan, Marie, Mrs., Route 2, P.O. Box 353, Cloquet MN
Michaelson, John E., 1017 22nd Ave. W., Duluth MN
Michaelson, John, Mr., R. D. 2, English Town NJ
Michels, Johan, Mr., 223 Cypress Ave., Apt. 3 E, Bronx 54 NY
Michelson, Chas., 86 Quinapoxet Lane, Worcester MA
Mickelson, A.O., Mrs., P.O. Box 80, Stonington MI
Mickelson, Aina, Mrs., 735-55th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Mickelson, Axel, 427 Kelly St., New Westminster BC, Canada
Mickelson, Axel, Mr., Wood Ave., Menlo Park NJ
Mickelson, Erik, Rt. 2, Box 209, Ironwood MI
Mickelson, Fred, Mr., 1680 White Oakway, San Carlos CA
Mickelson, Hjalmar, Mr., 131 Bostwick Ave., Jersey City NJ
Mickelson, Ida, Mrs., Rt. 2, P.O. Box 485 D, Marysville WA
Micklin, Ceralia, Mrs., 50 Beechwood Ave., Port Washington, L.I. NY
Mickson, Chas., Mrs., 113 W. 27th St., Hibbing MN
Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul 1 MN
Missions-Vännen, 365 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago 10 IL
Mitts, Emil, Mr., 2826 Q. St., Eureka CA
Moberg, Annie, Mrs., 347-11th St., Brooklyn 15 NY
Moberg, Mary, Mrs., 1563 Treat Ave., San Francisco CA
Molin, Jarl, Mr., 2830 Bryant St., Palo Alto CA
Molno, Elsa, 1115 E. 165th St., Bronx 59 NY
Moody, Robert, Mrs., 32 Pond St., Gardner MA
Moog, Hanna, Mrs., 412 E. 2nd St., Leadville CO
Moring, Saima, Miss, 203-96, Apt. 3 C, New York 28 NY
Morney, Herman, Mr., 706 N. 70th St., Seattle WA
Mukkala, Elsie, Mrs., 816 Quincy Ave., Bronx 61 NY
Munter, Anna, Mrs., 4617-42nd Ave. S., Minneapolis MN
Myhrman, Andrew M., Dr., 173 Wood St., Lewiston ME
Myhrman, Herman, Prof., 2620 N. Union St., Tacoma WA
Mynthi, Verner, Mr., Boyd Rd., P.O. Box 234, Concord CA
Naas, Hilma, 8409 S. 117th Pl., Seattle WA
Nase, R., Mr., Box 14, Alberni BC, Canada
Nasman, Elsa, Mrs., 1255 Webster Ave., Apt. 1 F, Bronx 56 NY
Nass, Anna, Mrs., 2220 Biron St., Berkeley 2 CA
Nelin, Hanna, Mrs., 2323 B St., Eureka CA
Nelin, John, Mr., 469 E. 136th St., Bronx 54 NY
Nellin, Vivian, Mrs., 3131 Sands Pl., Bronx 61 NY
Nelson, Alf., 1 Watson Ave., Worcester 5 MA
Nelson, August, 523-38th St., Union City NJ
Nelson, August, Mr., 233 W. 7th St., Port Angeles WA
Nelson, Carl, Mr., 7016 Jones Ave. N.W., Seattle WA
Nelson, Eskil, Mr., 641 E. 136th St., Bronx 54 NY
Nelson, Evert, Mr., 3046 Kenmore Ave., Chicago 13 IL
Nelson, Fred, Mrs., Rt. 2, Box 132, Rochester WA
Nelson, Hugo, Mr., 95 W. 162nd St., Bronx 52 NY
Nelson, Inez, Mrs., 1118-17th St., Rockford IL
Nelson, J., Mr., C/o Cowles, Lord´s Highway, Weston CT
Nelson, John E., 50 Marsh Ave., Worcester 5 MA
Nelson, Selim, Mr., 320 Faribault St., Duluth MN
Nelson, Verner, Mr., 4 Poplar St., Worcester MA
Nelson, Wm., Mr., Star Route 1, Box 109, Iron Mountain MI
New York City Civil Defense, Press Officer, 500 Park Ave., New York NY
Newman, Charles, Mr., Rt. 4, Ashland WI
Nielsen, P. August, Mr., Fisher St., Walpole MA
Niemelas Stationery Store, 118 S. H St., Aberdeen WA
Nieminen, John, Mr., 12 Rodney St., Worcester 5 MA
Nieminen, Nestor, Mr., 65 Robillard St., Gardner MA
Nilsen, Palmer, Mrs., P.O. Box 14, Lady Lake FL
Nisper, John, Mr., 322 Southern Ave., Muskegon MI
Nissen, Genfrid, Mr., 301 E. 161st St., Bronx 51 NY
Nissen, Joseph, 414 Ryan St., Hancock MI
Nisuls, John, Mr., 329 E. 75th St., New York 21 NY
Nixholm, Harold, Mr., R. 1, Elmer NJ
Norberg, Gust, Mrs., 4015 N. Troy St., Chicago 18 IL
Nordbeck, Isaac, Mrs., Rt. 1, Box 125, Baraga MI
Nordberg, Elsie, Miss, 368 Hillside Pl., So. Orange NJ
Nordberg, Eric, No. Delsea Dr., Newfield NJ
Nordgren Mem. Chapel, 49 Belmont St., Worcester 5 MA
Nordgren, John A., 399 Alameda Ave., Astoria OR
Nordgren, Magnus, Mr., 223-3rd St. S.E., Washington 3 DC
Nordin, Otto, Mrs., 715 N. 39th Ave. W., Duluth MN
Nordman, Anna, Mrs., 14 Svea Ave., Branford CT
Nordman, Edwin, 506 Kelly St., New Westminster BC, Canada
Nordman, Ivar, Mr., 629 S. Skeena St., Vancouver BC, Canada
Nordman, John, Mr., 219 Hawthorne St., Eureka CA
Nordman, John, Mr., 96 Cedar St., South Norwood MA
Nordquist, Andrew, Mrs., 2430 Woodhull Ave., Bronx 69 NY
Nordquist, John, Mrs., 846 Main St., Newington 11 CT
Nordqvist, Hugo, Mrs., 2049 Mc Graw Ave., Apt. 5 D, Parkchester, Bronx 62 NY
Nordstjernan, P.O. Box 505, Church St. Annex, New York NY
Nordstrom, Fred, Mr., Milton WA
Nordström, Fred, Mr., 78 Chester St., Worcester MA
Nordvall, Karl A., 73 Graystone Lane, Levittown PA
Norgard, Gust, Mr., 492 E. 139 St., Bronx 54 NY
Norgard, Joe, Mrs., 4 S. Delta Ave., North Burnaby BC, Canada
Norgard, John S., Mrs., 439 Cedar Ave., Mt. Vernon NY
Norgord, Wilhelm, Mr., 235 E. 120th St., New York 35 NY
Norheim Studio, 6007-8 Ave., Brooklyn NY
Norman, Felix, 213 16th St. S., Escanaba MI
Norman, Paul, Mr., Pacific Bldg., 7th Fl., Portland OR
Norrgard, Chas., Mr., 2023 L Ave., Anacortes WA
Norrgard, Herman E., 5 Edmonds Rd., Worcester 5 MA
Norrgard, Hilda, Mrs., 821 N. Prospect St., Tacoma WA
Norrgard, John, Mrs., 2250 Chatterton Ave., Bronx 61 NY
Norrgard, O. V., Mr., 155 Yesler Way, Seattle WA
Norrgard, William, 265 Cypress Ave., San Bruno CA
Norrgård, Hanna, Mrs., 3586 Knob Hill Ave., Eugene OR
Norrgård, John, Mr., 9001 N.W. 9th Court, Miami FL
Norrholm, Bo H., Mr., 1344 Nelson Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Nyback, Evert, Mr., Charlotteville NY
Nyberg, Carl W., Mr., R. D. 1, Pleasant Mount PA
Nyberg, E.R., 40 City Hill St., Union City CT
Nyberg, Einar, Mr., 95 W. 162nd St., Bronx 52 NY
Nyberg, Henry, Mr., R. D. 1, Lakewood PA
Nyberg, John E., 2296 Cedar St., Astoria OR
Nyberg, Katherine, 312 Mountain Ave., Piedmont 11 CA
Nyberg, Oscar, Mr., RR 4, 2458 McLarty Rd., Langley Prairie BC, Canada
Nyberg, Sam, Mr., Palatine Rd., R. D. 1, Elmer NJ
Nyborg & Nelson, 841 3rd Ave., New York NY
Nybrann, Andrew, Mr., 300 S.E. "M" St., Grants Pass OR
Nyfors, August, Mr., 613 Harrison St., Eveleth MN
Nyfors, Evert, 5308 Norland Ave., North Burnaby BC, Canada
Nygard, Alfred, Mr., 238 Knickerbocker Ave., P.O. Box 2, Hillsdale NJ
Nygard, Axel, Mr., 53 Main St., Worcester MA
Nygard, Edla, Mrs., Box 543, South Bend WA
Nygard, Evert, Mr., 42 Wickman Dr., Gardner MA
Nygard, Fritz, Mr., 714 Garfield St., Eveleth MN
Nygard, Holger O., Mr. & Mrs., 24 A, Sunnyside Apts., Sunnyside Ave., Univ. Of Kansas, Lawrence KS
Nygard, Hulda, Mrs., 418 9th Ave., Woonsocket RI
Nygard, John, Box 551, South Bend WA
Nygard, John, Mr., 907 McAlister Ave., Waukegan IL
Nygard, Joseph, Mr., 357 Yuba St., Muskegon MI
Nygard, Mina, Mrs., C/o Mr. Adolph Norr, 32 Dwight Pl., East Haven CT
Nygard, V., Mr., 309 Nigel Ave., Vancouver BC, Canada
Nygard, Vic, Mr., 924 N. Grant Ave., Tacoma WA
Nygren, Albert, Mr., 1373 Ellison Ave., Bronx 61 NY
Nygård, Ed., 924 Summit Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Nygård, Edvin, Mr., P.O. Box 42, Rumely MI
Nygård, Ivar, Mr., 2515 46th St., Kenosha WI
Nygård, J.A., 34 James St., Newark 2 NJ
Nygård, Tilda, Mrs., Sterling Junction MA
Nyhetsbyran, Amer., Sv., Vattugatan 20, Stockholm, Sweden
Nyholm, A.T., Mr., 1214 Knapp Ave., Flint 3 MI
Nyholm, E., Mrs., Port McNeill BC, Canada
Nyholm, Frank O., Mrs., 28 E. 32nd St., Brooklyn 26 NY
Nyholm, Gabriel, Mr., 318 N. 43rd Ave. W., Duluth MN
Nyholm, Leonard, Mr., West Poland ME
Nyholm, Lina, Ebenezer Home, Poulsbo WA
Nyholm, Olivia, Mrs., 16 Poniken Rd., Worcester MA
Nylind, E.O., 12 Stoneleigh Rd., Holden MA
Nylund, Alfred, Mr., 1724 Irving St. N.E., Washington 18 DC
Nylund, Andrew, 4523 No. Racine Ave., Chicago 40 IL
Nylund, Axel W., 61 Stanton St., Worcester MA
Nylund, E., Mr., 58 Sylvan Ave., Royal Oak MI
Nylund, Emil, Rev., 512 Teal Lake Ave., Negaunee MI
Nylund, Fred, Mr., Charlotteville NY
Nylund, Geo, Mr., P.O. Box 522, Bradwood OR
Nylund, George, Mr., Wallace Ave., Vineland NJ
Nylund, Ida, Mrs., 1306 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago 51 IL
Nylund, Joe, Rt. 2, Box 68, Anacortes WA
Nylund, John, 212 E. Larch St., Ironwood MI
Nylund, Otto, Mr., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 657 A, Sonoma CA
Nylund, Walter, Mr., Rt. 1, Dukes MI
Nylund, Victor, 545 E. Park, Butte MT
Nylund, William, 230 W. Oliver St., San Pedro CA
Nyman, Aina, P.O. Box 213, Superior AZ
Nyman, Alf, 42 A St., Gardner MA
Nyman, Alfred, Mr., 1615 S. Barber St., Bessemer MI
Nyman, Edw., Mr., Nisland SD
Nyman, Frank R., 1832 U. Pl. S.E., Washington 20 DC
Nyman, Gust, Mr., R. F. D. 2, Yorktown Heights NY
Nyman, Gustav, Mr., 151-40-134th Ave., Jamaica, L.I. NY
Nyman, H., Mr., 333 E. 75th St., New York 21 NY
Nyman, Herman, Mr., 428 W. 4th St., Duluth MN
Nyman, Hilda, Miss, 8435 S.E. Division St., Portland OR
Nyman, Isaak, Star Route, Menominee MI
Nyman, Johanna, Mrs., 55 Leamy St., Gardner MA
Nyman, Richard, Mr., 3131 Sands Pl., Bronx 61 NY
Nyman, Verner, Mr., 10686 Laurel Rd., Livonia MI
Nyman, Victor, Mr., 57 Main St. S., Weston ON, Canada
Nyman, Victor, Mr., 866 Marlborough, Detroit MI
Nyman, Victor, Mr., Box 135, Ramsay MI
Nymark, Herbert, Mrs., 787 E. 24th St., Patterson NJ
Nystrom, A.S., Mr., 528 E. 149th St., Bronx 55 NY
Nystrom, Edwin, Mr., 35 Judy Lane, Stamford CT
Nystrom, Ellen, Mrs., 935-52 St., Brooklyn 19 NY
Nystrom, Frank, Mr., Otsego County, Mt. Vision NY
Nystrom, John, Mr., 18 Hegland Ave., Bingham Canyon UT
Nyström, Arne, 57 Morris Ave., Manasquan NJ
Oakman, John, 329 N. 19th St., Escanaba MI
Oberg, Herman A., Mr., 848 Nielson St., Berkeley CA
Oberg, Hulda, Mrs., Soda Springs ID
Oberg, J.A., Mr., 64 Everard St., Worcester MA
Ogren, Ivar, Mr., 601 N. 11th St., Gladstone MI
Ogren, Olga, Mrs., P.O. Box 182, A. A. R. D. 1, Sewell NJ
Ogren, Victor, 613 N. 9th St., Gladstone MI
Ogren, Wm., 613 N. 9th St., Gladstone MI
Ohlson, Eric E., Mr., P.O. Box 222, Mullan ID
Ohman, Edith, Mrs., 13 Beaumout Ave., Brockton 11 MA
Ohman, Edwin, Mr., P.O. Box 342, Great Notch NJ
Ohman, Mary, Mrs., 604 Jackson St., Eveleth MN
Ohmar, John, Mr., 1824 Roosevelt Ave., Los Angeles 6 CA
Ojala, Knut, Mr., 10233-6th Ave., Inglewood CA
Oling, Mike, Mr., Rt. 1, Box 307, Bessemer MI
Olli, John, Mr., Rt. 1, Voluntown CT
Olsen, Josephine, Mrs., 1604 Metropolitan Ave., Apt. 4 E, Bronx 62 NY
Olson, Carl S., Mr., 249 Shrewsbury St., Holden MA
Olson, Charles, Mr., 265 E. Chester St., Valley Stream, L.I. NY
Olson, Edw. T., Optician, 265 Main St., Worcester MA
Olson, Edwin, Mrs., 8952-212th Pl., Queens Village, L.I. NY
Olson, G.T., Mrs., P.O. Box 216, Congers NY
Olson, Hanna, Mrs., 132-50-159 St., Jamaica Zone 34 NY
Olson, Henry, Mr., 42 Viking St., East Haven CT
Olson, Ivar, Mr., Elisabeth Dr., R. F. D. 2, Yorktown Heights NY
Olson, John, 1325 Kansas St., San Francisco 10 CA
Olson, Nanny, Miss, 55 E. 175th St., Bronx 53 NY
Oman, Arthur, Mrs., 66 Abigail Adams, C, North Weymouth MA
Oman, Edla, Mrs., Star Route 1, Box 146, Iron Mountain MI
Oman, Wilhelmina, Mrs., 9 Gaudette Ave., Brockton MA
Orasto, Carina, Mme., 349 W. 84th St., New York 24 NY
Orndahl, Ivar, Mr., P.O. Box 52, Algonquin IL
Orre, Hilda, Mrs., 2850 D St., Eureka CA
Ost, John J., Mr., 185 Barkley Ave., Staten Island 12 NY
Ost, Nils, Mr., 543 Morris Ave., Bellwood IL
Oster, Elin, Mrs., 980 E. 95 St., Brooklyn 36 NY
Osterback, Frank, Mr., 95 W. 162nd St., Bronx 52 NY
Osterback, Irene, 1378 Barton St. E., Hamilton ON, Canada
Osterberg, Erick, Mr., Route 1, Gladstone MI
Ostergard, A., Mr., R. 2, P.O. Box 208, Elma WA
Ostergard, Herman, Mr., 228 Broadway, Tacoma WA
Osterlund, Eric, Mr., 1342 Monroe St., Benton Harbor MI
Ostman, Eric W., 50 Huntington Ave., Worcester MA
Ostman, Ivar, Mr., No. Chelmsford MA
Ostrand, Andrew, Mr., 617 Marquette Ave., Crystal Falls MI
Ostrand, John, Mr., R. F. D. 1, P.O. Box 207, Pt. Blakely WA
Ostrand, Mary, Mrs., Box 1, Dollar Bay MI
Ostrom, Emil, Mr., 27 E. 125th St., P.O. Box 22, New York 35 NY
Ostrum, A.A., Mr., 3440-12th Ave., Sacramento 17 CA
Ostrus, Esther, Mrs., 716 L St., Eureka CA
Ottoson, Karl, Mr., 915-84th St., Brooklyn 28 NY
Pada, Ray, Mr., 4211 6th Ave., Kenosha WI
Pagliarini, Harry, Mrs., 714 Garfield St., Eveleth MN
Palm, John, Mr., 489 S. Daniel Way, San Jose CA
Palm, Signe, Mrs., RR 8, cor. Government Rd. & Phillips Ave., New Westminster BC, Canada
Palm, Wendla, Mrs., 4907 W. Crystal St., Chicago 51 IL
Palmgren, Ivar, Mr., 511 E. 1st St., Port Angeles WA
Palmroth, John, Mr., 72 E. Johnson St., Bergenfield NJ
Parrild, Sven, Mr., Ad. Manager c/o Scan. Airlines Syst. 1250 6th Ave., New York NY
Parson, Ben, Mr., 1798 W. 5th St., Dunellen NJ
Pearson, Nils, 4437 Carpenter Ave., Bronx 70 NY
Pearson, Sophie, Mrs., 569 N. Sierra Bonito, Pasadena CA
Peatow, Martin, Mr., Ward 56, U.S. Veterans Hospital, Lyons NJ
Pedersen, Judith, Mrs., 1038 Anderson Ave., Apt. 3 C, Bronx 52 NY
Pelander, Karin, Miss, 322 E. 61st St., New York 21 NY
Peldan, M., Mrs., 622 So. 20th St., Newark 3 NJ
Pelmas, Herman, Mrs., 614-40th St., Brooklyn 32 NY
Penttila, Esther, Mrs., Chase BC, Canada
People's Ice & Coal Co., 63 Main St., Gardner MA
Peppe´s Paint and Wallpaper Co., 4722-8 Ave., Brooklyn 20 NY
Peter Fahrney & Son, 4541-45 N. Ravenswood Ave., Chicago 40 IL
Peterson, Augusta, Miss, 38 Belmont St., Worcester 5 MA
Peterson, Chas., Mrs., Rt. 9, Box 685, Olympia WA
Peterson, E., Mrs., 866 Maurice Ave., Rahway NJ
Peterson, George, Mr., 2424 St. George St., N. Las Vegas NV
Peterson, Gust, 314 W. 2nd St. N.W., Chisholm MN
Peterson, Ida M., Mrs., 1342-15 St., San Pedro CA
Peterson, Irene, Miss, W. Main St., Hopkinton MA
Peterson, Irene, Mrs., 1152 Nelson Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Peterson, John, Mr., 205 44th St., Hoquiam WA
Peterson, John, Mr., 716 Cedar St., Marquette MI
Peterson, Leonard, Mr., W. Fair Dr., Westport CT
Peterson, Martin, Mrs., Rt. 2, Box 25, Rochester WA
Peterson, Mary, Mrs., 1275 W. Center St., Provo UT
Peterson, Naimi, 1414-3rd Ave., New York 28 NY
Peterson, Olivia, Mrs., 312 Wailupe Cir., Honolulu HI
Peterson, S., Mr., 744-51st St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Peterson, Sandra, Mrs., 800 Olive St., Menlo Park CA
Peterson, Sigurd, 568 Sunderlin St., Waukegan IL
Peterson, Sigurd, Mr., 176 Moreland St., Worcester 5 MA
Peterson, Walter, Mr., 102-21-135th St., Richmond Hill 19 NY
Peterson, Victor, 1413 E. 3rd St., Port Angeles WA
Peterson, Wm., Mr., 251 Tamarack St., Ironwood MI
Petterson, Walter, 616 N. Alder St., Aberdeen WA
Petterson, Wm., 1191 Grand Ave., Astoria OR
Pettersson, Barbro, Miss, 39-30-59th St., Woodside, L.I. NY
Pierson, Ann, Mrs., 2770 Broadway St., San Francisco 15 CA
Pilblad, Eric, Mrs., 68 E. 94 St., New York 28 NY
Pilgrim Lutheran Church, 923 Woodycrest Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Plomgren, O.R., Mrs., 2515 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn 26 NY
Pofs, Evert, Mr., 30 Bates Rd., Gardner MA
Porsman, Charles, Mr., 1406 N. 20th St., Escanaba MI
Posten, Svenska, 2228 1st Ave., Seattle WA
Pott, Mathilda, Mrs., 7 Metropolitan Oval., Apt. 7 D, Bronx 62 NY
Pott, Oskar, 43 Church St., Branford CT
Pott, Victor, Mr., 239 Cowper St., Palo Alto CA
Potter, Florence, Miss, 881 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge 39 MA
Prest, C. E., Mrs., 7532 20th Ave. N.W., Seattle WA
Proctor, Hilda, P.O. Box 1525, Lima MT
Pörtfors, Karolina, Mrs., 133 Thorme St., Bridgeport CT
Quist, Eric E., 3 Widerberg Rd., Worcester MA
Quist, John, 607 N. Park Dr., Port Alberni BC, Canada
Quist, Marie, Miss, 3 Widerberg Rd., Worcester 5 MA
Rabb, Alfred, Mrs., 420 Evergreen Ave., Hatboro PA
Rank, Oscar, Mr., 42 Harding Ave., Branford CT
Rank, Runar, Mrs., 176 8th Ave, Haney BC, Canada
Rantanen, V., Mr., 44 Metropolitan Oval, New York 62 NY
Raunio, Anna, Mrs., 2622 Aberdeen Ave., Aberdeen WA
Rawler, G.A., Mrs., 420 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn 5 NY
Reardon, Mary, Mrs., 97 Cleveland Ave., South River NJ
Reback, John, Mrs., 1323 Summer St., Eureka CA
Reimers, Hilma C., Mrs., 3902 Warsaw St., Seattle WA
Rein, John H., Star Route 1, Box 306, Iron Mountain MI
Renberg, Irene, Miss, 848-43rd St., Brooklyn 32 NY
Renlund, Ernest, Mr., 22 Chestnut Ave., Larchmont NY
Renlund, Karl, Mrs., 184 S. Empire Ave., Port Arthur ON, Canada
Renquist, Signe, Mrs., Poplar WI
Revell, Felix, Mr., 991 Polk St., Eugene OR
Ribacka, Nestor, Mr., 56 Jewett Ave., Port Richmond 2, Staten Island NY
Richardson, Arne, Mr., 60 Chester St., Arlington 74 MA
Riddar, Harold, Mr., 62 Fountain St., Worcester 5 MA
Roberts, Joseph, Mrs., Brand Ave., P.O. Box 176, Wilmington MA
Rodas, Uno, Mrs., 4378 Napier St., North Burnaby BC, Canada
Rofhök, Gottfrid, Mr., 404 E. 175 St., Bronx 57 NY
Rogers, H., Mrs., 1729-45th St., Brooklyn 4 NY
Ronback, Johanna, C/o Ch. Olson, R. R. I., Wildwood on Gages Lake, Grayslake IL
Ronnback, C., Mr., 344 E. 134th St., Bronx 54 NY
Roos, Gust, Mr., 2115 Simpson Ave., Hoquiam WA
Roos, Hugo E., Mr., 616 Loch Lomond Dr., Bakersfield CA
Roos, Rudolph, Mr., Mill Rd., P.O. Box 242, Westwood NJ
Rosander, Gus., Mrs., 1046 Dewey Pl., Elizabeth NJ
Rose, John, Mr., P.O. Box 178, Aberdeen WA
Rosenback, Selma, Mrs., Cascade Locks OR
Rosenberg, Oswald, 212 Dwight St., Jersey City NJ
Rosenberg, Rosa, Miss, C/o Miss Granfors, 860-3rd Ave., New York 19 NY
Rosenberg, Selma, Mrs., 2917 Green Pl., Bronx 61 NY
Rosenberg, Wm., Mrs., 221 N. Bridgeton, Portland OR
Rosenlund, Bertel E., Mr., 637-41 St., Brooklyn 32 NY
Rosenlund, Josephine, Mrs., 128 Hallday Ave., San Francisco CA
Ross, Oscar, Mr., 269 Andover St., San Francisco CA
Ross, Oscar, Mr., 5 Johnson St., Millbury MA
Roth, Geo., Mr., 185 Indian Neck Ave., Branford CT
Roth, Hilda, Mrs., 666 Common, Walpole MA
Roy, Victor, Mr., 2914 Cedar St., Everett WA
Rudback, Gunnar, Mr., 112 Clarence Rd., Scarsdale NY
Rudman, Victor, 328 Franklin Ave., Port Arthur ON, Canada
Ruesch, Ellen, Mrs., 419 E. 154 St., Bronx 51 NY
Ruesch, Ellen, Mrs., 419 E. 157 St., Bronx 56 NY
Rundberg, Johan, Mr., 924 Summit Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Runquist, H. W., Mr., 214 2nd St. N.W., Chisholm MN
Rusk, Hugo, Mr., 3411 H St., Eureka CA
Rusk, John, Mr., 711 Evelyn Ave., Albany 6 CA
Saari, Aino, Mme., 358 Tappan St., Brookline 46 MA
Saarinen, Eliel, Mrs., Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills MI
Salin, Werner J., Mr., 231 E. Harding St., Ironwood MI
Salm, Hugo, Mr., 95 W. 162nd St., Bronx 52 NY
Salvation Army, 4224-8th Ave., Brooklyn 32 NY
Samling, Allsvensk, Box 3010, Göteborg 3, Sweden
Samson, Carl, Mr., 402 S. L St., Tacoma WA
Samson, Otto, Mr., R. 1, P.O. Box 403, Lake Stevens WA
Sand, Gustaf, 15 Wasa St., Gardner MA
Sand, Ragnar, Mr., 933 Sherwood Ave., New Westminster BC, Canada
Sandberg, Andrew, Mr., 102 Decatur St., Olympia WA
Sandberg, Edwin, Mr., 1029 Center N., San Carlos CA
Sandberg, Hugo, Mrs., 2565 William St., Vancouver BC, Canada
Sandberg, Matt H., Mr., Box 292, Eveleth MN
Sandelin, Andrew, Mr., 562 W. Wabasha, Duluth MN
Sandell, Selim, Mr., 166 Brussel St., San Francisco CA
Sander, John, Mr., 1824 C St., Eureka CA
Sanderson, Oscar, R. D. 6, Bridgeton NJ
Sandholm, Lydia, 107-50-126th St., Richmond Hill 19, L.I. NY
Sandholm, Sofia, Mrs., 750-43rd St., Brooklyn 32 NY
Sandstrom, A. H., Mr., 4603 4th Ave., Brooklyn NY
Sandstrom, Frank, Mr., 6056 4th Ave. N.W., Seattle WA
Sandstrom, John, Mrs., 51 No. W. 139 St., Miami FL
Sandstrom, Jos., Mrs., 279 Florence St., Turlock CA
Sandstrom, Selma, Mrs., 1421 S. Grant Ave., Tacoma WA
Sandström, Wm., Mr., 672-45th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Sandvik, Axel, Mr., 1134 College Ave., Bronx 56 NY
Sandvik, Axel, Mrs., 233 Wallace Terrace, Sault Ste. Marie ON, Canada
Sandvik, Axel, Mrs., 233 Wallace Terrace, Sault Ste. Marie ON, Canada
Sandvik, Emma, Mrs., 95 W. 162nd St., Bronx 52 NY
Sandvik, Otto, 2264 E. 177th St., Bronx 72 NY
Sandvik, Ted, Mr., Madison Ave., P.O. Box 151, Newfield NJ
Sappe, Regina, Mrs., 2935 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn 35 NY
Sargent, Linnea, Mrs., 24 Cononicus Ave., Newport RI
Sarlin, Hugo, Mrs., 521-41 St., Brooklyn 32 NY
Satterberg, Milton, Rev., 26 Forsberg St., Worcester 7 MA
Savola, Alina, Mrs., 5702-8 Ave., Brooklyn 20 NY
Saxen, Alvar, P.O., Alcona ON, Canada
Saxon, Charles, Mr., 2749-40th Ave. S., Minneapolis 6 MN
Scand. Seamen´s Mission, 287 Hanover St., P.O. Box 31, Boston 13 MA
Schoblom, H.A., Mr., 467 W. 17th St., Eugene OR
Schublom, John J., Mr., 4206 W. Michigan St., Duluth MN
Schugren, G.A., Rev., 401 E. Pearl St., Ishpeming MI
Schultz, Alfred, Mr., L. Box 53, Baraga MI
Schultz, Lars, 2916 Raleigh Ave., St. Louis Park 16 MN
Schultz, Signe, Miss, Leominster Rd., Lunenburg MA
Schulz, Hannah, Mrs., 146 Irving Ave., Floral Park, L.I. NY
Schutten, Rudolph G., Mr., 933 Vale St., Seattle WA
Schwartz, A., Mrs., Sheridan Rd., Winthrop Harbor IL
Scutnabb, Ellen, Mrs., 3648 Turner St., Vancouver BC, Canada
Seablade, Karl E., Mr., 97 Lafayette Ave., Westwood NJ
Seablom, Gus, Mr., 1217 E. 10th St., The Dalles OR
Sealund, Esther, Mrs., 210 Rockwell Ave., Bloomfield CT
Sealund, John, Mr., Star Route 1, Iron Mountain MI
Seastrand, Charles O., Mr., P.O. Box 173, Stony Creek CT
Seattle Seamens' Mission, 107 Columbia St., Seattle WA
Selander, James, Pastor, 3131 N. Natoma Ave., Chicago 34 IL
Sherlund, Levi, Mr., 11726 Wilfred, Detroit MI
Shogren, Wm., Mr., Rt., Crystal Falls MI
Sigg, John, Mr., 115 4th Ave., Gladstone MI
Silander, Arne, Mr., 2421 Rucker Ave., Everett WA
Silverberg, Arvid, Dr., Medical & Dental Bldg., Seattle WA
Silversten, Carl, Mr., 1149 Oregon St., Coos Bay OR
Silversten, John, Mr., 4 Oakwood Pl., Worcester MA
Silverstone, Arthur, Mrs., P.O. Box 82, Felch MI
Simons, H. E., Mr., Box 247, Ancon CZ, Canal Zone
Simons, John, Mr., Rt. 2, P.O. Box 158, Shelton WA
Simons, Oscar, Mr., Route 1, P.O. Box 365, Warren OR
Simonson, John, P.O. Box 45, Felch MI
Simonson, Wm., Mr., Kottvägen 5, Helenelund, Sweden
Sions Väktare, Coalmont TN
Siren, Erland, Mr., 4075-19th St., San Francisco CA
Sjoblom, Emilia, Miss, P.O. Box 87, Dark Harbor ME
Sjoblom, Kasper, Mr., 316 E. 81st St., New York 28 NY
Sjoblom, M., Mr., 423 Queen St., Toronto ON, Canada
Sjoblom, M., Mr., 423 Queen St., Toronto ON, Canada
Sjogren, Helga, Mrs., 141½ Eastern Ave., Worcester 5 MA
Sjolund, Helmer, Mrs., 814 Union St., Brooklyn 15 NY
Sjolund, Richard, Mr., P.O. Box 305, Rock MI
Sjostrom, Paul, Mr., 3368 Decatur Ave., Bronx 67 NY
Sjöberg, A.A., Mr., 1472-19 Ave., Kingsburg CA
Sjöblad, Ernest, Mr., Wintonbury Rd., Simsbury CT
Sjöblad, Karl S., Mr., 55 Olga Ave., Worcester MA
Sjöblom, A., Mr., 42 W. Chester St., Worcester MA
Sjöblom, Anna, Mrs., 137-47 Southgate St., Springfield Gardens, L.I. NY
Sjöblom, John, Mrs., 59 Church St., Gardner MA
Sjölund, Linnea, Miss, 60 E. 2nd St., Mt. Vernon NY
Sjöman, Sigrid, Mrs., RR2, Parry Sound ON, Canada
Sjöman, Sigrid, Mrs., RR2, Parry Sound ON, Canada
Sjösten, Sofia, Mrs., 2480 Cedar St., Astoria OR
Skog, Edla, Mrs., 24 Burncoat Ter., Worcester MA
Skog, Edwin, Mr., 924 Summit Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Skoglund, Herbert, Mr., 4838 Haddon St., Chicago 51 IL
Skogman, V.A., Mr., 1910-43rd Ave., San Francisco 16 CA
Skomars, Betty, Miss, 479 E. 141st St., Bronx 54 NY
Skomars, Holger, 1042 Heavens St., Redwood City CA
Skomars, L., Mr., 3362 E. 6th Ave., Vancouver BC, Canada
Skoog, Elvi, Miss, C/o V. D. Crisp, Glen Head, L.I. NY
Skoog, Emil, Mrs., R. F. D. 2, New Preston CT
Skoog, Helmi, Miss, Homeopathic Hospital, Middletown, Orange Co. NY
Skrivars, Eric, Mr., 38 Ararat St., Worcester 6 MA
Skutnabba, Gunnar, 3109 E. 4th Ave., Vancouver BC, Canada
Skutnabba, Gunnar, 3109 E. 4th Ave., Vancouver BC, Canada
Skytte, Ellen, Mrs., 949 Ogden Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Skytte, Frans, 147 S. Algoma St., Port Arthur ON, Canada
Slade, Fannie, Mrs., Manomet MA
Sladey, Peter, Mrs., P.O., Egmont BC, Canada
Sladey, Peter, Mrs., P.O., Egmont BC, Canada
Slotte, Carl, 318 E. 82nd St., New York 28 NY
Slotte, Edla, Mrs., 443 James St., Astoria OR
Slotte, Herman, Mr., 745 7th St., Astoria OR
Smeds, Esther, Mrs., 1587 Washington Ave., Bronx 57 NY
Smeds, Harald, 4048 Ottawa Ave., Chicago IL
Smith, Chas, Mr., 24 Wilford Ave., Branford CT
Smith, Emil, Mr., P.O. Box 4, Stonington MI
Smith, Erick, Mr., 25 Forbes Pl., East Haven CT
Smith, Ernst, R. F. D. 1, P.O. Box 172, Gardner MA
Smith, Hugo, Mr., 1909 1st Ave., Seattle WA
Smith, John, Mr., 610 S. G St., Tacoma WA
Smith, Maria, Mrs., 1355-27th Ave., San Francisco 22 CA
Smith, Walter G., Mr., Maine St., Collinsville CT
Smith, Victor, Mr., 2506 E. 68th St., Seattle WA
Smith, Wm., 1641 Union St., Eureka CA
Smulter, Blance, Mrs., 3007 16th Ave., S., Seattle WA
Snell, Walter, Mr., R. 4, Idaho Falls ID
Snellman Torgerson, J. W. John, Mrs. Mrs., 4609 W. 8th St., Duluth MN
Snickars, Anna, Miss, 41 Chidsey Ave., East Haven 12 CT
Snickars, Bertil, Mr., 323 W. Howard St., Hibbing MN
Snickers, Alfred, Mr., P.O. Box 5, Alborn MN
Soder, William, Mr., 2652 E. 5th Ave., Vancouver BC, Canada
Soderback, Gust, Mrs., Box 302, Calgary AB, Canada
Soderback, Gust, Mrs., Box 302, Calgary AB, Canada
Soderberg, Felix, Mrs., 17 W. Bond St., Astoria OR
Soderberg, John G., 417 Kelly St., New Westminster BC, Canada
Sodergard, J. A., Mr., 111 E. 4th St., Port Angeles WA
Sodergrann, Carl C., 9 W. 69th St., New York 23 NY
Soderholm, A., Mrs., 5135 N. Keating Ave., Chicago 30 IL
Soderholm, T., Mr., Nolans Point, Lake Hopatcong NJ
Soderlund, A. Leo, Mr., 707 N.E. 6th St., Grants Pass OR
Soderlund, Alfred, Mr., 842 Carlton Blvd., Annadale, Staten Island 12 NY
Soderlund, Carl, Mr., 904-58th St., Brooklyn 19 NY
Soderlund, Jenny, Mrs., P.O. Box 61, Cedarville MI
Soderman, Abe, Mr., P.O. Box 502, Soda Springs ID
Soderman, John, 2031 Cecilia Pl., Seaford, L.I. NY
Soderman, John, 3046 N. Kenmore Ave., Chicago 13 IL
Soderman, John, 8 Hermitage Lane, Worcester MA
Soderman, John, Mr., 243 E. 76th St., Los Angeles 3 CA
Soderman, Kai, C/o New York Life Insurance Co., 41 E. 42nd St., New York 17 NY
Soderstrom, Jack, Mr., 810-40 St., Brooklyn 32 NY
Soderstrom, John, Mr., 748-43 St., Brooklyn 23 NY
Solfvin, Lena, Mrs., 284 Gifford Pl., Teaneck NJ
Sound, Carl V., 1801 S. 23rd St., Tacoma WA
Spellman, Arthur, Mr., 1662 Lexington Ave., N. Merchantville NJ
Spellman, John, Mrs., 1708 Morgan St., Aberdeen WA
Spolander, F.N., 257 Hawthorne St., Glen Ellyn IL
Spongberg, Anna, Mrs., 1117 Mountain Blvd., Oakland 11 CA
Staaf, Edwin, Mr., 15025 Wallingford, Seattle WA
Staff, John, Mr., 1725 E. Ave., Eureka CA
Staffan, Marie, Mrs., 322½ Knott St. E., Bakersfield CA
Stalman, Gust, Mr., 7213 Redruth St., West Duluth MN
Stark, Hanna, Mrs., 4 Summer St., Worcester 8 MA
Sten, A.E., Mr., 117 Laidley St., San Francisco CA
Sten, Melvin, Mr., 822 Niagara Ave., San Francisco 12 CA
Sten, R., Mrs., 2725 Truxtun Ave., Bakersfield CA
Stenback, Walter, Mr., 383 Jerome St., Brooklyn 7 NY
Stenbacka, Chas., Mr., 9920 S. Tacoma Wy., Tacoma WA
Stenfors, J.A., Mr., 2518 Cypress, Kansas City 1 MO
Stenman, And., 509 17th Ave. W., Ashland WI
Stenman, Nils, Mr., 576 Rivington Ave., Astoria OR
Stevens, Elin, Mrs., 222 S. Gretta Ave., Waukegan IL
Stohl, Herman, Mr., Rt. 3, Box 356, Mt. Vernon WA
Stolpe, Karin, 207 Eureka St., San Francisco 14 CA
Stolpe, Wm., Mr., 29 Richard St., Jersey City NJ
Stoltzenberg, J., Mrs., C/o Enderle, Wolfpit Rd., Norwalk CT
Stone, Edid, Miss, 428 N. 38th St. W., Duluth MN
Stoor, Carl E., Mr., Box 55, Dollar Bay MI
Stora, Sigurd, Mr., 944 Woodycrest Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Storbacka, Frank, Mr., Campbell River BC, Canada
Storbacks, Frank, Mr., Campbell River BC, Canada
Storbjörk, Herman, Mr., 580 E. 137th St., Bronx 54 NY
Storgård, Edvin, Mr., 275 Nevada St., San Francisco 10 CA
Storm, John, Mr., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 9, La Center WA
Storm, Oscar, Mr., 808 Hill Ave., Hoquiam WA
Storm, Oscar, Mrs., 15 Concord St., Crawford NJ
Storm, Werner, Mr., R. F. D. 1, P.O. Box 220, Gardner MA
Storman, Arne, Mr., 1118 E. 2nd St., Port Angeles WA
Strand, Fred, Mrs., 113 Frankdale Ave., Toronto ON, Canada
Strand, Fred, Mrs., 113 Frankdale Ave., Toronto ON, Canada
Strand, H., Mrs., 96 ½ Carr Fork., Bingham Canyon UT
Strand, Raymond, Mr., 200 N. Court St., Gladstone MI
Strand, Victor, Mr., 15 Fitzgerald Pl., Westwood NJ
Strand, Victor, Mr., 38 Monroe St., Bridgeport CT
Strandberg, August, Mr., 135 Ookland St., Springfield MA
Strandberg, Emily, Miss, 1835 No. Wastenow Ave., Chicago 47 IL
Strandberg, Frans, Mr., c/o RO in CC, Navy 214, Contract No. 22808, Fleet Post Office, New York NY
Strandberg, Oskar, 1 Knapp Ave., Worcester MA
Strandberg, Sigrid, Mrs., 1288-1st Ave., Apt. 1 A, New York 21 NY
Strandholm, Matilda, Miss, 53 E. 66th St., Apt. 2 C, New York 21 NY
Stremberg, E., Mr., 208 6th Ave. N., Port Alberni BC, Canada
Strom, Ch., 1023 Stephenson Ave., Escanaba MI
Strom, Charles, Mr., P.O. Box 274, Eureka CA
Strom, Charles, Mrs., 8371 So. Alta, Reedley CA
Strom, Edwin, Mrs., 3343 Provost Ave., Bronx 69 NY
Strom, Emil, 601 Minneapolis St., Gladstone MI
Strom, Emil, Mr., 312 E. 17th Ave., Olympia WA
Strom, Fred, Mr., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 64, Two Harbors MN
Strom, John, Mr., 285 Cypress Ave., Bronx 54 NY
Strom, John, Mr., R. D. 5, Schenectady NY
Strom, Sylvia, Mrs., 1938 King St. E., Hamilton ON, Canada
Stromfors, Axsel, Mr., R. D. 1, Rising Sun MD
Stromholm, Waino, 262 Lake Ave., Worcester 4 MA
Stromsten, John, Mr., RR3, Langley Prairie BC, Canada
Strömbäck, Gustav, Mr., 774-57 St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Styris, Ellen, Mrs., 20 Bronte St., San Francisco CA
Styris, Manda, Mrs., 685 Anderson Ave., Coos Bay OR
Ståhl, Ragnar, Mr., 673 E. 137 St., Bronx 54 NY
Sund, E. Geo., Mr., 467 Marquette Ave., Muskegon MI
Sund, E., Mr., 8 Ogilvie St., Dundas ON, Canada
Sund, Eric, Mr., 20 Julian Ave. S., Hamilton ON, Canada
Sund, Herman, Mr., Rt. 2, P.O. Box 200, Elma WA
Sund, Ida, 281 W. St., Gardner MA
Sund, John, Mrs., 1301 Laurel St., Hoquiam WA
Sund, Karolina, Mrs., Grapeview WA
Sund, Sandra, Miss, 147 Westminster St., Springfield MA
Sundberg, E., Mr., 1341 Broadway Ave., Grand Rapids 4 MI
Sundberg, Maria, Mrs., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 33, McGregor MN
Sundblad, Bruno, Mr., 31 Everton Ave., Staten Island 12 NY
Sundblom, Albert, Mr., P.O. Box 11, Templeton MA
Sundblom, August, Mr., 2910 Seymour Ave., Bronx 69 NY
Sundell, George, Mr., 2359 Palo Verde, Palo Alto CA
Sundell, John, Mr., 3323 J St., Eureka CA
Sundell, O., Mr., 2525 Grant St., Vancouver BC, Canada
Sundell, Oskar, R. F. D. 1, P.O. Box 273, Eureka CA
Sundheim, Ingrid, Mrs., 1373 Ellison Ave., Bronx 61 NY
Sundholm, Fanny, Miss, Willow Rd., P.O. Box 427, Westport CT
Sundholm, Hilma, Mrs., 2937-164th St., Flushing NY
Sundlin, Wm., Mr., 58 Bowker St., Worcester MA
Sundman, Hilda, Miss, W. Barnstable MA
Sundman, Lily, 431 Buchanan Ave., New Westminster BC, Canada
Sundquist, Aug., Mrs., 8833 S.E. 9th Ave., Portland OR
Sundquist, Herman, Mr., 315 S. 60th Ave. W., Duluth MN
Sundquist, Manda, Mrs., 5332 Norland St., North Burnaby BC, Canada
Sundquist, Victor, 1002 Stephenson Ave., Escanaba MI
Sundquist, Vivian, Miss, 31-45-41st St., Long Island City 3 NY
Sundquist, Wm., Mrs., 5121 N. Defiance St., Tacoma WA
Sundqvist, Emil E., Cherry Island, Rockwood MI
Sundsen Studio, 907 Pine St., Seattle WA
Sundstrom, Ed., Mr., 1647 Hobart Ave., Bronx 61 NY
Sundstrom, Walter, Mr., 2086 Tiebout Ave., Bronx 57 NY
Sundström, Walter, Mr., R. 2, Bovey MN
Sundvick, Bertel, 311 Hospital St., New Westminster BC, Canada
Sundvik, Axel, Mr., 1171 Sacket Ave., Bronx 61 NY
Sundvik, Gustav, Mr., R. D. 1, Freehold NJ
Sunström, Adolph, Mr., Rt. 6, Box 594, Duluth MN
Sutherland, Ed., Rt. 2, Box 947, Tacoma WA
Swanbeck, Leonard, Mr., 18 Madison St., Newton NJ
Swanberg, Th., Mrs., 1037-57th St., Brooklyn 19 NY
Swanson, Alice, Mrs., Buffalo Center IA
Swanson, Carl, Mrs., 2958 Bird Ave., Miami FL
Swanson, Hilma, Mrs., 706 Hewitt Ave., Bremerton WA
Swanson, Mary, Mrs., Berghyddan, Tystberga, Sweden
Swanson, Oscar, Mrs., 2750 Harrison Ave., Eureka CA
Swanson, Wm., Mrs., P.O. Box 357, Bovey MN
Svarvar, Gust, Mr., Rt. 2, P.O. Box 6602, Issaquah WA
Svarvar, Jenny, Mrs., 49 Waterford St., Gardner MA
SVEA, 311 Main St., Worcester MA
Sved, Matt, Mrs., Box 29, Dollar Bay MI
Svedberg, Carl, Mr., 1911 S. Sheridan Ave., Tacoma WA
Svedberg, Lennart, Mr., Rt. 2, Box 559, Tacoma WA
Swedish National Sanatorium, Englewood CO
Svenbeck, John, Mr., P.O. Box 836, Coos Bay OR
Svendsen, F., Mrs., 271 Nevada St., San Francisco CA
Svenfors, John, 4524-8th Ave., Brooklyn 20 NY
Svenn, Alfred, Mr., 3111 N. Kenmore Ave., Chicago 13 IL
Svenn, J., Mrs., 221 E. Bay Drive, Olympia WA
Svens, Anna, 1051 College Ave., Bronx 56 NY
Svens, Carl F., 10 Bond St., Fitchburg MA
Svens, J.I., Mrs., 45 Harding Ave., Branford CT
Svenska Amerikanaren, 208 N. Wells St., Chicago 6 IL
Svensk-Finlands Vanner, Valhallavagen 116, Stockholm, Sweden
Swenson, Carl E., Mrs., 419 Mill St., Willits CA
Svevar, Axel, Mr., P.O. Box 48, Sound Beach, L.I. NY
Sydholm, Arne, Mr., RR4, Jarvis ON, Canada
Söderberg, E., Mrs., 1134 Finley Ave., Bronx 56 NY
Söderholm, Charles, Mr., 4451 Boston Ave., P.O. Box 544, Highway Highlands CA
Söderlund, A., R. 3, P.O. Box 46, Georgetown CT
Söderlund, Augusta, Mrs., 223 Halladay St., Jersey City NJ
Söderman, Alfa, Miss, 770 Park Ave., Apt. 17 A, New York 21 NY
Söderström, A., Mrs., Wentworth WI
Tast, Andrew, Mr., 6 Jost Pl., Yonkers NY
Teir, Emil, Mr., Gales Creek OR
Teir, Ivar, 702-45th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Telenius, Sigrid, Mrs., 3403 Sumpter Dr., Zone 20, Dallas TX
Tenniswood, Irvin, 34921 Beacon Rd., Livonia MI
Thayer, Fred, Mr., 12563 7th Ave. N.W., Seattle WA
The Congregational Beacon, Richfield Sta., P.O. Box 1314, Minneapolis 9 MN
The Nordic Newstand, 142 E. Hastings St., Vancouver BC, Canada
The Norwegian Seamen´s Church, 5 So. Broadway, Baltimore 31 MD
The Swedish Press, 315 Vernon Dr., Vancouver BC, Canada
Thorvaldsen, Herman T., 319 S.W. Taylor St., Portland OR
Thunquist, Agnes, Mrs., 40-46-192nd St., Flushing, L.I. NY
Thur, Charles, Mrs., 1203 Schriber Ave., Joliet IL
Thurberg, Frances S., Mrs., 105 Phillips St., Weymouth 88 MA
Thure, Otto, Mr., 3440 California St., Eureka CA
Tihleman, Ingeborg, Mrs., 14 E. 125th St., New York 35 NY
Timberg, Sigurd, Mr., 949 Ogden Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Timgren, Tor, Mr., 143 Franklin Ave. Willowdale P.O., Lansing ON, Canada
Tjäder, Mildred, Mrs., 1121 Findlay Ave., Bronx 56 NY
Tobiason, Irene, Mrs., Pennington NJ
Toivonen Kuntsch, Lempi, 35-35 105 St., Corona 68 NY
Tomlison, Ida, Mrs., 90 Ridge Rr., Rahway NJ
Torgerson Snellman, John J. W., Mrs. Mrs., 4609 W. 8th St., Duluth MN
Tornroth, Abel M., Mr., P.O. Box 336, Ossining NY
Tresback, Maria, Mrs., 63 Barthel Ave., Gardner MA
Träsk, Walfred, Mr., 1736 Hampton Rd., Grasse Pointe Woods MI
Tue, Henry, Mrs., 43-01-46th St., Sunnyside, L.I. NY
Tunis, Mike, Mr., Rt. 1, P.O. Box 154, Port Blakely WA
Tuomi, Sigrid, Mrs., 674-55th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Tuominen, Rob., Mr., Grayland WA
Turner, Oswold F., Mr., 218 S. 11th St., Las Vegas NV
Turnquist, G., Mrs., Middlesex Turnpike, R. F. D, Bedford MA
Udd, John E., Mr., 203 6th St., Crystal Falls MI
Udd, John, Mr., Rt. 4, Box 333, Tacoma WA
Uddman, John, 138 Leamy St., Gardner MA
Udell, John, Mr., 225 Ashland Ave., River Forest IL
Udman, Anna, 2510 Highland, Everett WA
Uljens, Bertel, Mr., Ark Rd., Branford CT
Ulter, Linda, Miss, 5105A Victoria Dr., Vancouver BC, Canada
United Nations Press Division Feature Service, Lake Success NY
Uppgård, Hilda, Miss, C/o H. Graves Jr., 834-5th Ave., New York 21 NY
Upsala College Library, East Orange NJ
Wadstrom, Oskar, Mrs., 91 Harbor St., Branford CT
Wahlqvist, Signe, Mrs., 122 West St., Auburn MA
Wahlstrom, Conrad, Mrs., 876 Van Nest Ave., Bronx 62 NY
Waldenstrom, Alex, Mr., 944 No. Parkside Ave., Chicago 51 IL
Waldenstrom, C., Mr., 2454 W. Hollywood Ave., Chicago 45 IL
Waldenstrom, Mr., 6600 W. Barry Ave., Chicago IL
Walderman, Alfred, Mrs., 2844 E. 197th St., Bronx 61 NY
Valine, Martin, Mr., 1221 Eliza St., Green Bay WI
Wall, Edith, Mrs., R. F. D. 3, Bainbridge NY
Wallen, John, Mr., 789 Howard St., San Francisco CA
Wallin, John, Mr., 712-45th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Vallstrom, Oscar, Mrs., 1018 Burbaby St., Vancouver BC, Canada
Walsberg, Emil, Mr., 320 Oleander Ave., Bakersfield CA
Wangman, Anna, Mrs., 2320 Pioner Rd., Evanston IL
Vargelin, Sanfrid, Mrs., 241 B W. Hawthorne, Eureka CA
Warnstrom, Eric, Mr., 2024 Ash St., Butte MT
Warnström, John, Mr., 944 Baldwin Ave., Negaunee MI
Wasastjerna, Greta, General Delivery, Soquel CA
Wasberg, Edward, Mr., 1315 N. California Ave., Chicago 22 IL
Wasberg, Elsa, Mrs., Box 95, South Bend WA
Weden, John, Mr., 746 E. Broadway, Butte MT
Welander, Emil, Mr., 339 E. 9th St., Brooklyn 18 NY
Vella, L.J., Mrs., 401-7th Ave., Menlo Park CA
Venberg, John, Mrs., 143 W. Mankato St., Duluth MN
Wennberg, Oscar, Mrs., Box 832, South Bend WA
Wennerstrom, G., Mr., 1071 Inner Dr., Cold Brook Manor, Schenectady NY
Wennström, John, Mr., 88-73rd St., Brooklyn 9 NY
West, Albert, Mr., 6366 Van Buren, Detroit MI
West, Albert, Mr., 924 Summit Ave., Bronx 52 NY
West, Andrew W., Mrs., 16716 Asbury Park, Detroit MI
West, Aug., Mr., P.O. Box 581, Kellogg ID
West, Carl H., Mr., 368 30th St., Astoria OR
West, Chas. E., Mr., RR2, Wetaskiwin AB, Canada
West, Elmer, 224 Parliament St., Toronto ON, Canada
West, Elsa, Mrs., 617 E. 141st St. (Basement), Bronx 54 NY
West, Henry, Mr., 1150 Nelson Ave., Bronx 52 NY
West, John, Mr., 1330 Delta Ave., North Burnaby BC, Canada
West, Runar, Mr., 3 Hilltop Dr., E. Millbury MA
West, Sigurd, Mr., Grayland WA
West, Theo. V., 2925 M. St., Eureka CA
West, Victor R., 523 E. Tamarack St., Ironwood MI
West, Wm., Mr., 2519 Cedar St., Everett WA
Westeen, Andrew, Box 395, Ramsay MI
Wester, Alfred, Mrs., 3234 W. 52 St., Cleveland 2 OH
Wester, Emil, Mr., 31 Wasa St., Gardner MA
Westerback, A., Mrs., 692 E. 139th St., Bronx 54 NY
Westerback, Carl A., Mr., 211 S. Curry St., Ironwood MI
Westerback, John, Mrs., 706-45th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Westerberg, John, Mr., 816 Grant Ave., Eveleth MN
Westerberg, Nestor, 830 Brown Court, Uniondale, L.I. NY
Westerbloom, John, Mr., 709 37th St., Anacortes WA
Westergard, Emilia, Mrs., R. 1, Everson WA
Westergord, Anna, Mrs., Cedar River MI
Westerholm, Chas., 4435 Murdock Ave., Bronx 66 NY
Westerlund, Ed., Mr., 4023 N. St. Louis Ave., Chicago 13 IL
Westerlund, Gunnar, 3364 Sacramento St., San Francisco CA
Westerlund, Ida, Miss, 216 E. 77th St., New York 21 NY
Westerlund, Verner, Mr., 1141 Allston Way, Berkeley 2 CA
Westerlund, William, Mr., 8448 Cypress Ave., Fontana CA
Westerman, Edith, 250 W. Delphine St., Philadelphia 20 PA
Westerman, Ellen, Mrs., P.O. Box 63, Templeton MA
Westerman, Oscar, Mr., Elmwood Ave., Millbury MA
Westin, Carl, R. 1, Langley WA
Westin, Mia, 835 N.E. 72nd St., Portland OR
Westland, Oscar, Mr., 2515 Bank St., Bakersfield CA
Westlin, A., Mrs., 2640 E. 23rd Ave., Vancouver BC, Canada
Westlund, Chas, Mr., Route 5, P.O. Box 694, Oregon City OR
Westlund, John, Mr., 719 K St., Bakersfield CA
Westmalm, Ebba, Mrs., 375-42nd St., Brooklyn 32 NY
Westman, C.F., 2315-38th Ave., Oakland CA
White, John, Mr., P.O. Box 222, Warren OR
Whittick, Rudolph, Mr., 1623 McPherson St., North Bend OR
Wick, C.W., 185 Belmont St., Worcester 5 MA
Wick, Gust, Mrs., 713 Wellington St. W., Sault Ste. Marie ON, Canada
Vick, R.V., Mr., 1630 Park Ave., North Chicago IL
Wicklund, Arvid, Rt. 3, Box 270B, Anacortes WA
Wicklund, Axel, Mr., 820 Summit St., Eveleth MN
Wicklund, Esther, Mrs., P.O. Box 176, Stambough MI
Wicklund, John, Mrs., Chase BC, Canada
Wickman, Anna, Mrs., P.O. Box 96 A, Warren OR
Wickman, Arne, Mr., 968 Anderson Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Wickman, Edith, Mrs., 949 Ogden Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Wickman, Len., Mrs., RR 3, Brown Rd. S., Langley Prairie BC, Canada
Wickman, Lena, Mrs., 109 East Oak St., Ironwood MI
Wicks, Alfred, Mr., 8316 10th Ave. N.W., Seattle WA
Wicks, John E., Mr., 370 16th St., Astoria OR
Vickson, Ivar, Mrs., 6820 Curtis St., Vancouver BC, Canada
Wickstrom, A., Mr. & Mrs., Route 1, P.O. Box 115, MN
Wickstrom, Carl J., Mr., 312 Faulkner St., New Smyrna Beach FL
Wickstrom, Fred, Mr., 530 W. Palm St., Compton CA
Wickström, Kaarlo, Mr., R. D. 1, Kunkletown PA
Widjeskog, Elis, Mr., Rt. 6, Bridgeton NJ
Widjeskog, Michael, Mr., P.O. Box 125, Canterbury CT
Wiese, Agnes, 3704 Cheasty Blvd., Seattle WA
Wiik, Carl E., Mrs., 2937 Nash Pl. S.E., Washington DC
Wiik, Henning, Mr., 95 W. 162nd St., Bronx 52 NY
Wiik, Otto, Mr., 275 King St. W., Hamilton ON, Canada
Wik, Bertha, Mrs., 1587 Washington Ave., Bronx 57 NY
Wikholm, Einar, 503 Bergen Ave., Jersey City NJ
Viklund, Edvin, Mr., 8201-4th Ave., Brooklyn 9 NY
Wikman, Hugo, 10 Van Norden Rd., Woburn MA
Wilberg, Erick, Mr., Lynnmour P.O., Vancouver BC, Canada
Vilen, H., Mrs., R. F. D. 4, P.O. Box 1042, Annapolis MD
Willamo, Herbert, Mr., c/o Pioneer Timber Co., Port McNeill BC, Canada
Willandt, Aug., Rev., 10 Afton Lane, Huntington, L.I. NY
Villanti, N., Mr. & Mrs., 276 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn 5 NY
Williams, Albert Finne, 1485 Russell Ave., Santa Rosa CA
Williamson, Carolina, Mrs., 1085 James K Blvd., Pontiac MI
Williamson, Olof, Mr., Box 172, Eveleth MN
Willman, Enok, Mr., West Cornwall CT
Willman, John, 1712 11th St., Everett WA
Wilson, A., Mr., 1067 Anderson Ave., Bronx 52 NY
Wilson, Alex, Mr., 2358 Glebe Ave., Bronx 62 NY
Wilson, Arthur J., Mrs., 2415 E. St., Eureka CA
Wilson, Emil, Mr., 2145 Kenny, R. 1, P.O. Box 124, Hagel Park MI
Wilson, G.L., Mrs., Sparkill NY
Wilson, Georg, Mrs., 549 Tedman Ave., Sudbury ON, Canada
Wilson, Hugo, Mr., Rt. 2, Box 245, Raymond WA
Wilson, Hulda, 219 Sheldon Ave., Staten Island 12 NY
Wilson, Victor, Mr., 717 E. Summit, Aberdeen WA
Wilson, Victor, Mr., Rt. 1, Box 455, Raymond WA
Wingard, John, Mr., 408 Fayal Ave., Eveleth MN
Winter, Kay, Mrs., c/o The Frank Schwartzman Company 303 W. 42nd St., New York NY, Adv.
Wiren, Arvo, Mrs., 154 Peoria St., Daly City CA
Wirtanen, Edith, R. D. 1, Odessa NY
Wittick, Torvald, Mr., 96 W. 163 St., Apt. 1 D, Bronx 52 NY
Worland, Frank, Mr., 3740-25th St., Apt. 505, San Francisco CA
Worsman, Ethel, Mrs., Parkside Ct., Copiague NY
Youngberg, Agda, 320-3 St., East Northport NY
Younggren, Ivar, Mr., 91 Jewett St., Jersey City NJ
Younggren, J.J., Rev., 645-55th St., Brooklyn 20 NY
Youngren, Emil, Mr., 7729 15th Ave. N.W., Seattle WA
Zachman, Martha, Mrs., 4511 40th St. S.W., Seattle WA
Zimmerman, Bo, Mr., 6747 Torresdale Ave., Philadelphia 35 PA
Öhman, Evert, Mr., 1050 Byron St., Chicago 13 IL
Öst, Victor, Mr., 43 Summit Ave., Westwood NJ
Österberg, Andrew, Mr., 791 Marcy Ave., Huguenot Park, Staten Island 12 NY
Östergard, Emil, Mrs., 3220 Laurel St., North Burnaby BC, Canada
Östergård, John, Mr., R. 1, P.O. Box 82, Oakville WA
Österlund, Charles, Mrs., 109 Primrose Ave., Mt. Vernon NY
Östman, Gust, Mrs., 203 Melrose St., Port Alberni BC, Canada