Finns on the 1890 R. L. Polk & Co. City Directory for Astoria, Oregon

Compiled by Liisa Penner

Only those names that appear to be Finnish were indexed on the list below. Names with "-son" on the end were not included. The people who compiled these names in 1890 were "creative" spellers. Some guesses as to modern U.S. spellings are in the third column. Uniontown was the main residential area for the Finns. 1st is now Astor Street (on the waterfront). The streets are named in alphabetical order with Astor (1st) at the rivers edge; Bond (2nd) the next south; then Commercial (3d). Uniontown is on the west end of Astoria and Upper Astoria on the east end.

Askela Andrew lab, res Uniontown
Barnell John teamster, res e s Polk bet 1st and 2nd Parnell
Beltanus Albert lab., res Upper Astoria
Bentela Alexander fisherman, res Uniontown Bengtila, Penttila?
Eskola Matz fisherman, res Uniontown
Erola John bartender, Alexander Gilbert, rms same.
Gondola Andrew fisherman, res Uniontown Kantola?
Gotula Lars fisherman, res Uniontown
Hakala Susie domestic, 65 Water
Hannila Hannah domestic, 140 Jackson
Hauka Julius lab., bds Parker House
Juoper Ellen domestic, 469 4th
Kaleniki Abram fisherman, res Uniontown
Kanaver Erick fisherman, res Uniontown
Karu Isaac lab., res Uniontown
Kaski Eva L. domestic, 645 Cushing
Kaukenan Jacob fisherman, res Uniontown
Keiski Wm lab., Rms 1831 Hemlock
Kongas Olof watchman, bds 1827 Hemlock
Korpela Charles saloon 291 1st, res same
Kurtti Miss Helma domestic, George W. Sanborn
Lakdeupera Mary domestic, Gabriel Wingate
Lamppa Helma domestic, 227 2d
Laurila John A fisherman, rms 1815 Hemlock
Laurin Theodore F. Clk H W Strickler, rms 357 2d\
Leback Leander carp., res Uniontown
Lintela Josephine domestic, 705 Spruce
Lokken Mary domestic. J. O. Hanthorn
Kukkavila Matz fisherman, res Uniontown
Lumijarvi John H. pastor, Apostolic Church, res s s 8th near Cass.
Luskkane Herman fisherman, res Wall bet W 1st and W 2d
Makela Henry fisherman, res Uniontown
Mannula Andrew fisherman, bds rear Hemlock bet E 6th and E 7th
Mannula Emanuel lab., Res rear Hemlock bet E 6th and E 7th
Martlala Neiti Keti domestic, 225 W 9th
Mattila Elizabeth domestic, Mary A Adair
Melin Antone saloon 608 3d, res same
Metkela Adeline domestic, 121 Washington
Mylyaja Andrew fisherman, res Uniontown
Niemela August bds John Jackson
Niemi John fisherman, res Uniontown
Niemi John G (Niemi & Engroos) res 716 3d
Niemi Mats fisherman, bds Uniontown
Niemi & Engroos (John G. Niemi, Lukwig Engroos) Jewelers and Watchmakers, 628 3d
Nikander Gustave A. fisherman, rms 1815 Hemlock
Niscavara Annie domestic, 657 Cedar Niskavaara
Nylund John carp., res 172 2d
Oja Jacob fisherman, bds Uniontown
Osimaa Carl notions w end 1st, res same
Panttaja Jacob E. fisherman, res Uniontown
Paylia Emma domestic, Wm S. Kinney
Pelettari Joseph fisherman, res Uniontown
Reippa Herman saloon 263 1st, res w end 1st Riippa
Reippa Mrs Mary dry goods w end 1st, res same
Riippa Jospeh clk Shanahan Bros, rms New York House
Rohele E. carp., bds Astor House
Rummlin Miss Pauline acct., Clatsop Mill Co, rms 598 3d
Runpite Funa domestic, 629 Cushing
Russian Church W 5th bet Wall and Arch, [a Finnish Church]
Rybaa Joseph clerk, bds 622 3d
Saari Jacob E. bds 622 3d
Saari Nels fisherman, res Uniontown
Saari Reinhold (R Saarri & Co) bds 622 3d
Saari R & Co (Reinhold Saari, A. Hagqvist) clothing 632 3d
Saikka Berthas (wid Gust) res Uniontown
Saikka John fisherman, res Uniontown
Sanderson Herman fisherman, bds 52 1st
Sanderson Victor (Sanderson & Bair) res 52 1st
Sanderson & Bair (Victor Sanderson, Lee Bair) saloon 52 1st
Sepbanen Victor boiler maker, bds 622 3d
Sodka Abraham fisherman, res 1827 Hemlock Sotka
Suti John fisherman, res e s E 4th bet Hemlock and Pine
Takkula Eric fisherman, bds Wall bet W 1st and W 2d
Tienhaasa Zuhan lab., res Uniontown Tienharra
Waaraniemi Aerud fisherman, res Uniontown
Wantila Kate domestic, 638 Cedar
Watula Gollap fisherman, res Uniontown
Yrall Alexander fisherman, res Uniontown Urell