Polk's Gloucester (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed as in the original Polk Directory (pages 33-181). Rockport is not included in this directory. The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Caddoo Eliz A wid Wm (Dorchester) sum res Uncas rd
Caddoo Martha F (Dorchester) sum res Uncas rd
Caddoo Mary J (Dorchester) sum res Uncas rd
Cadieu Philip G mgr Gloucester Yacht Yards Inc r at Marblehead
Caffrey Dorothy clk Gloucester Electric Co r Ocean av PC
Caffrey Mary A clk r 10 Grove
Cahill Eliz M sten (B) r 18 Conant av
Cahill John R (Helen) h 18 Conant av
Cahill John R jr (Marguerite M) public administrator and lawyer 11 Pleasant rm 20 Brown bldg tel 431 h Wallace rd Rockport
Cahill Margt A ins (B) r 18 Conant av
Cahoon B June r 8 Brightside av
Cahoon Calvin A r 57 MtPleasant av
Cahoon Eliz A wid Abijah h 4 Smith
Cahoon Frank M (Helen A) fruit h 22 Gee av
Cahoon John E carp h 57 MtPleasant av
Cahoon Lillian P h 211/2 Orchard
Cahoon Raymond, USA r 22 Gee av
Cahoon Thos E clk r 4 Smith
Caig Delia A wid John J h 9 Hawthorne rd
Caig Grace K stitcher D O Frost r 9 hawthorne rd
Cain Thos J (Mary A) fishermn h 51 Hartz
Cairnes Mabel G night supvr Addison Gilbert Hosp r 298 Wash
Cairns Luthera S wid Wm M h 9 Summer, WG
Caissie Albert J, USCG r do
Calder Chas (Florence) mach h 5 Story rd Magnolia
Calder Clyde A (Gladys C) fishermn h 119 pleasant
Calder Dorothy F (Mrs Howard O) died Jan 21, 1941
Calder Emily r City Infirmary
Calder John F (Dorothy E) jan r 95 Pleasant
Calder W Edw (Grace M) h 292 Essex av WG
Calder Walter O h 24 Shepherd
Caldwell Wallis (Rachel) eng h Rowley Shore
Calkins Grosvenor corp clk Consolidated Lobster Co Inc h at Boston
Call Archibald K (Kathleen T) masseur 304 Main h do
Call Arthur E h 40 Woodward av WG
Call Arthur E jr (Lillian E) cabt mkr 8 Curtis sq h 331/2 Elm
Call Chas L, USN r 304 Main
Call Flora M wid W Scott h 6 Herrick ct
Call John H (Ethel T) chauf J Coyle Motor Trans h at Rockport
Call Mary E wid Thaddeus F bkpr Jas B Benham h 39 Prospect
Call Mary S (Mrs Arthur E) died Oct 7, 1941
Call Sumner G (Mary L) mgr Jas B Benham h 68 Perkins
Call Thaddeus F Estate pntrs 46 Wash
Call Wilbur L (Kathleen L) clk PO h 36 Comlth av
Call Wm R pntr Jas B Benham r 39 Prospect
Callaghan Adeline F clk r Woodward av WG
Callaghan Mildred M r Woodward av WG
Callaghan Thos J stage mgr r Woodward av WG
Callahan Robt H h 29 Exchange
Callahan Robt H jr, slsmn r 29 Exchange
Callahan Thos H (Eliz G) mgr First Natl Stores Inc h 16 Mansfield
Callahan W J ( Mary) dentist 11 Pleasant rms 1-2 Brown bldg tel 102-W h 10 Riverside av tel 102-R
Callamore Annie Mrs h 1 Millett
Calledare Wm (Violet) lab h 34A Comlth av
Calnan Geo F (Edith E) USCG h 12 MtVernon
Calomo Jos (Rose M) fishermn h 9 Commercial ct
Calvary RC Cemetery, Eastern av
Cameron A Carl (Gerda E) (Cameron's Café) h Ledgemont av
Cameron Elmer B (Amelia) mach h 7 Taylor
Cameron Harvey J (Eleanor) plmbr 7 Pearce h 35 Chapel
Cameron John L civil eng (B) r 24 Prospect
Cameron Leroy F (Marjorie C) millwright h 9 Pew ct
Cameron Louise H wid Danl B h 24 Prospect
Cameron Mabelle L tchr Forbes sch r 35 Chapel
Cameron Mary studt r 35 Chapel
Cameron Mayo (Effie F) upholsterer 179 Washington tel 3730 h do tel do
Cameron Myrtle L tchr MtVernon sch r 35 Chapel
Cameron Reuben (Leretha) pres Independent Machine Co h 326 Essex av WG
Cameron Rueben jr (Bernice M) clk r 217 Magnolia av WG
Cameron Russell jr, rem to Springfield
Cameron Russell G (Bessie M) jan High sch h 5 Seeall
Cameron Wm J carp h 515 Essex av WG
Cameron Wm S (Greta O) chauf h 127 Essex av
Cameron Wm S (Marion L) hlpr h 129 Essex av
Cameron's Café (A Carl Cameron, Anthony J Cuppello) restr and liquors 208 Main
Camille Anna M Mrs clk S S Kresge Co r 14 Addison
Camille Arthur E pntr r 12 webster
Camille Manuel (Mary F) fish handler h 12 Webster
Camille Margt F wid John A h 25 MtVernon
Camille Milton J clk r 25 MtVernon
Camille Richd J (Marjorie S) chauf r 12 Webster
Campbell Albert S (Helen M) installation formn NET&T Co h 26 Chestnut
Campbell Alice G wid Geo A r 75 Brightside av
Campbell Chas F studt r 70 Centennial av
Campbell Danl A (Clara E) h 12 Liberty
Campbell David F mgr h 52 Wash
Campbell Edw F (Alice M) slsmn r 46 Cleveland
Campbell Jas (Alice) paving ctr h 9 Shepherd
Campbell John died Jan 11, 1941
Campbell Kenneth R fishermn r 18 Spring
Campbell Lloyd (Virginia E) fishermn h 38 Sargent
Campbell Margt A stitcher D O Frost Corp h 12 Allen
Campbell Mary A wid John died June 4, 1942
Campbell Ralph W studt r 12 Wash sq
Campbell Stephen R (Mary T) fishermn h 12 Myrtle sq
Campbell Wallace (Jennie P) clk Wm G Brown Co h 21 Wheeler
Campbell Wm E (Pauline F) police h 16 Spring
Canadan John lab r 8 Duncan
Canas Joaquin (Mary) fishermn h 5 Elwell
Canas Joaquin jr (Eleanor) fishermn h 100 Friend
Canillas Frank (Constance) fishermn h 381/2 Wharf
Canillas John L (Margt A) mach opr Murmac Mfg Co h 6 Amero ct
Canillus Anthony mariner r 381/2 Wharf
Canning Angeline wid Jos h 122 MtPleasant av
Canning Jos S (Anna D) landscape gdnr 50 Cherry h do
Canning Jos S jr, mariner r 50 Cherry
Canning Stephen W, USA r 50 Cherry
Canto Dorothy M r 581/2 Granite
Canto Gardner, USN r 581/2 Granite
Cantrell Arthur R (A Lillian) jan Gloucester Safe Deposit & Trust Co h 114 E Main
Cape Ann Anchor & Forge Co Richard B Fisher pres W Norman Fisher v-pres-gen mgr Isaac D Nutton treas-clk foot of Whittemore tels 240 and 990
Cape Ann Board of Underwriters, Warren A Elwell sec-treas 1911/2 Main
Cape Ann Camera Club, Cheever Hersey sec 119 Main
Cape Ann Community League Inc, Josephine Colby sec-treas C Louisee Friend exec sec 8 Angle
Cape Ann Diner (Jas Zertos) 1 Commercial
Cape Ann Employment Bureau (Mrs Florence M Martin) 209 Main rm 202
Cape Ann Fisheries Inc Thomas J Carroll pres John DelTorchio treas-gen mgr wholesale fresh and frozen fish Fort sq tels 2100-2101
Cape Ann Fruit Co (Paul J Apostolopoulos, Jas Karayanes) 27 Wash
Cape Ann Garden Club, Miss Eleanor E H Jones cor sec meets at homes of members Norman av Magnolia
Cape Ann Granite Co Inc 1179 Wash
Cape Ann Grocery (Constantine Psaledes) 36 Wash
Cape Ann laundry & Dry Cleaning Co Irvin C and Robert W Andersen cleansers and launderers 21 E Main tel 524
Cape Ann Manufacturing Co Richard S Bell pres Max Leavitt treas Joaquin Baptiste v-pres foreman Harold Bell, Arthur E Duchane and Manuel Santos v-presidents Edward J Silveira sec-clk manufacturers of Cape Ann sportswear, specialists in boys' mackinaws 31-33 Commercial tel 2060
Cape Ann Motors Inc D Ralph Lynch pres-treas Ford, Mercury and Lincoln Zephyr sales and service 95 Bass av tel 850- For further information see page 2 Buyers' Guide
Cape Ann National Bank J Hollis Griffin cashier 154 Main tel 41- For further information see page 3 Buyers' Guide
Cape Ann Parsons Club, Edw V Ambler sec-treas 71 Middle
Cape Ann Racing Pigeaon Club, Wm J Silveira sec 13 Sadler meets 1st Wed at YMCA
Cape Ann Savings Bank Temple A Bradley treas 109 Main- For further information see page 3 Buyers' Guide
Cape Ann savings Bank bldg 109-113 Main
Cape Ann Scientific Literary and Historical Assn Edw Hagstrom treas Carrie A Colby rec sec E Kathleen Brophy cor sec 27 pleasant
Cape Ann Ticket and Label Co (Richd C Tarr) 222 Eastern av
Cape Ann Tool Co inc'05 Lindley I Dean pres Fred S Moore v-pres Wm J Dean treas 185 Granite PC and office 146 do tel 451
Cape Pond Ice Co organized '02 Benjamin F Cronin pres E Raymond Abbott v-pres-treas 1051/2 Main tel 180 and 107 Eastern av storehouse Fort Wharf- For further information see page Y and right top lines
Capillo Carmello (Norma) pres-treas Ceo A Davis Co and Cappy's Tavern h 7 Marshfield
Capillo Jerome, USA r 7 Marshfield
Capillo Joanna opr r 7 Marshfield
Capillo Laurence J (Rosa M) asst mgr North Shore Theatre h 16 Summit
Capillo Leo (Josephine M) beverages h 44 Friend
Capillo Louis J (Arline K) fishermn h 64 Friend
Capillo Nathaniel, USA r 7 Marshfield
Capillo Wm D (Vulant M) clothing oiler D O Frost h 41 Friend
Cappello Anthony J (Gillian G) (Cameron's Café) h 52 Pleasant
Cappello Gerard (Vivian) clk h 111/2 Chestnut
Cappy's Tavern (Carmello Capillo) liquors 2 Porter
Capstick Wm J (Lucy C) ship carp Parkhurst Marine Wwy h 42 Warner
Carbonaro Alf (Grace M) barber 67 Main h 32 Granite
Card Prescott O died July 15, 1940
Card Russell R chauf r 18 Webster
Card Vulant wid Fredk h 18 Webster
Cardoes Frank V (Mary A) fish skinner h 3 Bass av
Cardos Manuel (Alice) mach h 618 Western av Magnolia
Cardos Manuel F (Mary F) fish hndlr h 34 Bass av
Cardos Melvin F, USA r 34 Bass av
Cardoza John (Mae) ctr h 6 Elwell
Cardoza Manuel E jr (Helen E) meter reader Gloucester Elec Co h 1182 Wash
Cardy Wm A (Chelsea) sum res Salt Island rd Brier Neck
Carew Clement h 6 Harbor ter
Carew Mary J wid Patk C h 10 Harvard
Carey John r City Infirmary
Carey Manuel J (Mary M) gdnr h 51 Eastern av
Carey Wm P (Kathleen) chauf h 97 Western av
Carignan Mary E Mrs h 236, E Main
Carise Manuel fishermn r 300 Main
Carl Gerald V (Laura) carpet layer C F Tompkins Co h 7 Forest
Carls Josephine E r 24 Millett
Carls Mary P wid John J h 24 Millett
Carlson see Colson
Carlson Axel H (Idella A) paving ctr h 48 Woodbury
Carlson Carl fishermn r 3 Ivy ct
Carlson Carl (Gladys) mach h 50 Warner
Carlson Carl R (Mabel J) fishermn h 6 Ivy ct
Carlson Chas R (Julia E) fishermn h 3 Ivy ct
Carlson Eold W (Hildur J) mgr Hotel Savoy h 45 Middle
Carlson Eric A (Anna V) marine eng h 39 Mansfield
Carlson Evelyn clk Hotel Savoy r 45 Middle
Carlson Gertrude Mrs r 27 Addison
Carlson Gertrude M Mrs cook City Infirmary h Englewood rd Magnolia
Carlson Grace Mrs stitcher h 135 Essex av
Carlson Gustave W r 2 Centennial av
Carlson Gustave W jr, clk Gloucester Electric Co h 2 Centennial av
Carlson Irene M wid Olaf h 5 Traverse
Carlson John F (Margt G) artist 1991/2 E Main h do
Carlson Lewis r 5 Traverse
Carlson Melvin E studt r 39 Mansfield
Carlz Chas opr (Beverly) r 41 MtVernon
Carlz Manuel J 2d (Mary A) h 65 Taylor
Carlz Mary wid Chas h 41 MtVernon
Carlz Viola M clk Wm G Brown Co r 65 Taylor
Carmichael Bonnie W (Eliz E) rem to Worcester
Carne Blanche E sten LePage's Inc r at Pigeon Cove
Carney Eleanor G h 95 Prospect
Carpenter Chas F (Marion) (Boonton NJ) sum res 1261 Wash
Carpenter Dorothie J sec to Mayor, City Hall r 296 Main
Carpenter Edw h 13 Sargent
Carpenter Edw J atndt r 8 Rowe sq
Carpenter Gerald F (Hazel M) hlpr r 8 Rowe sq
Carpenter Hazel M r Rowe sq
Carpenter John (Boonton, NJ) sum res 1261 Wash
Carpenter Jos H (Hannah) fish wkr h 296 Main
Carpenter Mary (Boonton, NJ) sum res 1261 Wash
Carpenter Philip J (Myra L) pntr Gloucester Times h 18 Elizabeth rd
Carpenter Thos cement wkr h 8 Rowe sq
Carpenter Thos J (Margt A) pressmn Gloucester Times h 347 Essex av WG
Carpentier Mary carp h Stanwood av
Carr Alice opr r 9 Addison
Carr Alton E (Martha I) lab h 1 Elizabeth rd
Carr Elliott (Susan M) (Carr's Garage) r 8 Blake ct
Carr Henry S (Flora A) h 9 Addison
Carr J Russell (Helen) bkpr Hart Garage & Marine Co h 24 Cleveland
Carr Jas W (Hilma S) fish wkr h 46 MtVernon
Carr Jas W jr (Eliz M) fish ctr G-P Co h 7 Harvard
Carr Jos h 25 Taylor
Carr Jos carrier PO r 26 Taylor
Carr Leonard C (Mary A) ship carp Parkhurst Marine Rwy h 53 Warner
Carr Lillian G clk W T Grant Co Inc r 53 Warner
Carr Margt Mrs h 26 Taylor
Carr Ora E wid Richd B r 18 Procter
Carr Patk J fish wkr h 1 Maple
Carr Robt fish handler r 13 Church
Carr Russell (Helen G) auto mech h 24 Cleveland
Carr Russell G, USA r 46 MtVernon
Carr's Garage ( G Elliott Carr) 34 Railroad av
Carrancho Antone fishermn h 91 Friend
Carrancho John S (Leonora S) fishermn h 27 Friend
Carrancho John S jr, clk r 27 Friend
Carreiro Anthony P r 4 Trask
Carreiro Lloyd U, USA r 4 Trask
Carrigan Everett L (Carolyn) mach h 7 Mason ct
Carrigan Francis C rug clnr h 31/2 Wells
Carrigan John h 18 Cleveland
Carrigan John E pntr r 31/2 Wells
Carroll Agnes M tchr High School r 12 Warner sum res Riverview
Carroll Ann Frances drsmkr h 130 Prospect
Carroll Augustus r 104 Duncan
Carroll Betty M librarian (Pawtucket, R I) r 12 Warner sum res Riverview
Carroll Chas firemn fish hatchery Ten Pound Island h at Rockport
Carroll Chas E jan Central Grammar School r 7 Carlisle
Carroll Chas H (Martha P) knitter h 3 Harbor View ct
Carroll Cut Rate Perfumer (Albert E Goose) 137 Main
Carroll Danl F (Margt H) formn G-P h 16 Harvard
Carroll Eben C (Eliz) formn G-P h 24 Summer
Carroll Eben C jr (Florence M) clk G-P h 67 Bass av
Carroll Edw F (Emma J) sail mkr h 15 Cleveland
Carroll Eleanor V bkpr Gloucester National Bank of Gloucester r 24 Summer
Carroll Francis N, USA r 15 Cleveland
Carroll Hannah M r Edgewood rd
Carroll Helen tchr r 12 Warner
Carroll Helen E r 15 Cleveland
Carroll J Clifton (Rose E) fish hndlr h 9 Taylor
Carroll Jas E (Viola M) mach h 8 Walker WG
Carroll Julia M hkpr r Edgewood rd
Carroll Margt sum res 113 Bass av
Carroll Martha A tchr High School r 12 warner
Carroll Mary wid John r 656 Essex av WG
Carroll Mary F r 9 Taylor
Carroll Philip j (Ruth E) asst mgr G-P (New Brunswick) r 8 Bass av
Carroll Richd T (Marion J) employment mgr G-P h 517 Wash
Carroll Richd T jr, studt r 517 Wash
Carroll Thos J (Catherine A) pres-gen mgr G-P pres Cape Ann Fisheries Inc and pres Producers Fish Co h 12 Warner sum res Riverview
Carroll Wm P r City Infirmary
Carter Alex gardnr h Lynndale av WG
Carter Alonzo M (Anne D) ship carp Parkhurst Marine Rwy h 239 Essex av WG
Carter Austin L (Margt J) ship carp Parkhurst Marine Rwy h 12 cedar
Carter Caroline A (Mrs Raymond I) died Oct 17, 1941
Carter Carrie B packer G-P h 3 Marion way
Carter David A gardnr r 13 Fair
Carter Donald C (Frances) cook Hesperus Diner
Carter Dorothy B Mrs clk Alpers Clothing Store r 95 Pleasant
Carter Edmond (Sophie) fishermn h 56 Middle
Carter Eleanor L r 21 Plum
Carter Eunice P (N Y City) sum res Beach rd Bass Rocks
Carter Frances M Mrs (Franklin, N H) h Stewart av
Carter Francina D opr r 56 Middle
Carter Geo (Ella S) h 27 Willow
Carter Geo B r 21 Plum
Carter Helen (New York City) sum res Beach rd Bass Rocks
Carter Herbert G (Gladys N) jan High School h 22 Cherry
Carter Herman E (Dorothy M) fishermn h 5 Willow
Carter Ida M Mrs ( N Y City) sum res Beach rd cor Atlantic av Bass Rocks
Carter Jas P mechanical drftsmn r 22 Cherry
Carter John D lab r 3 Marion way
Carter Josephine N h 3 Marion way
Carter Mary B wid Richd J h 13 Summit
Carter Nellie B packer G-P r 3 Marion way
Carter Nellie B wid John D died Dec 9, 1941
Carter Ralph (Florence E) driver O'Neill & Newman h Woodman st WG
Carter Raymond jr, chauf r Woodman st WG
Carter Raymond E (Eliz B) chauf h Woodman st WG
Carter Raymond I mgr Gloucester Auto Bus Co h 74 Eastern av
Carter Richd N (Dorothy E) h 24 Haskell
Carter Robt A h Barberry 1a
Carter Rose M wid Remie h 21 Plum
Carter Walter W dairymn r 21 Plum
Carter Wilbur G (Martha W) pntr h 9 Willow
Carter Wm (Barbara) USA r 12 Columbia
Carter Wm A (Doris) asst supt Prudential Life Ins Co h 107 Essex Beverly
Carvalho Manuel lab r 7 Silva ct
Carvell Hanford (Alvada H) phys 1038 Wash h do
Casavant Chas H (Gertrude M) cook h 160 Prospect
Casey Albert F (Alice J) bridge tndr B&M RR h 111/2 Procter
Casey Danl M (Katherine) h 5 Angle
Casey Edw L baker Sunnyside Bakery r 20 Prospect sq
Casey Esther C Mrs phone opr NET&T Co r 32 King Rockport
Casey Gardner M gate tndr B&M RR r 111/2 Procter
Casey Gerard r 5 Angle
Casey John J plmbr h 1 Dexter pl
Casey John J jr, plmbr h 33 Whittemore
Casey Lillian H wid Wm E h 14 Bickford way
Casey Margt r 374 Wash
Casey Margt L died July 3, 1942
Casey Wm r 374 Wash
Casino The (Frank Fishburne) restr Hesperus av Magnolia
Cassidy Wm F slsmn National House Furnishings r 5 Oakland ter Lynn
Castan Albert (Evabelle) dishwasher F W Woolworth Co h 331/2 Sargent
Castan Albert L clk r 331/2 Sargent
Castle Alice M wid Jos died Oct 12, 1940
Castle Dorothy (Newtonville) h sum res Horton
Castle Herman lndry wkr r 14 Spring
Castle Lois r rear 18 Marble
Castle Loring L lndry wkr r 14 Spring
Caswell Amelia B h 31 Elm
Cataldo Antonio, USN r 17 Centennial av
Cataldo Saml (Santa) fishermn h 17 Centennial av
Catalini Albert pool room 287 Main
Catalini Alf R (Anna V) mach r 21 Cleveland
Catalini Basil (Edna) fish handler h 49 Prospect
Catalini Francesca wid Giovanni h 21 Cleveland
Catalini Gino fish handlr r 21 Cleveland
Catalini Helen M Mrs fish handlr r 13 Beacon
Catalini Wm lab r 10 Sylvan
Catania Albert r 21 Riggs
Catania Antonio (Leonora) r 21 Riggs
Catania Michl (Sarah) fishermn h 27 Commercial
Catrino Henry (Mary) fishermn h 48 Friend
Catto John D (Florence M) granite ctr h 923 Wash
Caulkins Edw B (Muriel E) (Arlington) sum res Glenmere av
Cautio Jos L fishermn r 7 Silva ct
Cavagnero Ernest P (Lena H) (B) sum res Starknought Hts
Cavagnero Louis A (Catherine E) (B) sum res Starknought Hts
Cavanaugh Catherine wid Wm D h 4 Willow
Cavanaugh Clarence A (Irma M) fishermn h 33 Myrtle sq
Cavanaugh Eliz Mrs h 108 Centennial av
Cavanaugh Frances E sten Chas F Mattlage & Sons Co r 4 Willow
Cavanaugh J W Herman meat ctr Wm G Brown Co r 531/2 Mansfield
Cavanaugh Jos A canner G-P r 6 Mystic av
Cavanaugh Lester W (Catherine) fishermn h 21 Sargent
Cavanaugh Mabel E r 531/2 Mansfield
Cavanaugh Robt E (Mary M) mach r 36 Sargent
Cavanaugh Wallace A (Mary L) formn G-P h 6 Mystic av
Cavanaugh Wm D (Catherine) died May 10, 1942
Cavanaugh Wm J (Helen P) canner G-P r 6 Mystic av
Cavanaugh Wm J (Anna L) driver Cape Pond Ice Co h 21 Harrison av
Cavender Philip A clk Gloucester Gas Light Co h Adams Hill rd
Cavin Grace K r 14 Bellevue av
Cavin Hannah L wid John H h 14 Bellevue av
Cavin Jas P (Washington D C) r 14 Bellevue av
Cecilio Cecilio J master mariner r 11 Sadler
Cecilio Custodio jr (Mary) h 9 Herrick ct
Cecilio Truibia wid Jos h 11 Sadler
Cederstrom Olga A wid Andrew G h 1245 Wash
Cellino Jerome (Antonetta) fishermn h 38 Fort sq
Cellino Peter (Grace) fishermn h 38 Fort sq
Center Lillian G wid Harry B (Newton) sum res Riverside, Wheeler's Point
Center's Block 115-121 Main
Central Wharf 93 Rogers
Ceplikas Olga nurse Addison Gilbert Hosp r 319 Wash
Cerniglara Emanuel (Annie) slsmn h 90 Western av
Cevolani John (Elena) steward h Ocean av Magnolia
Chadbourne Frank S (The White Gull) h 17 Essex av
Chadbourne Fred M (Grace A) died April 12, 1941
Chadbourne Grace A wid Fred M h 12 Hampden
Chadbourne Robt O, USA r 12 Hampden
Chaikin Chick (Roselyn) dir I L G Workers sum res 16 Wiley
Chaisson Olive wid Roderick h 24 Gloucester av
Chaisson Rita M wid Geo h 12 Liberty
Chaisson Roderick (Olive) died Feb 18, 1941
Chamber of Commerce, Lawrence J Hart mgr 120 Main rm 2
Chamberlain Edwin M (Edna G) (Belmont) sum res Riverview
Chamberlain Emma F Mrs (Belmont) sum res Riverview
Chamberlain Florence A (Belmont) sum res Riverview
Chamberline Eliz A wid John B h 27 Granite
Chamberline Louise D h 1 Babson
Chambers Helen L sub tchr r 271 Western av
Chambers Marguerite E died Dec 27, 1940
Chandler Frank L (Mary A) city collr City Hall h 5 Riverside av
Chandler Frank L jr, USA r 5 Riverside av
Chandler Robt L h 78 Rocky Neck av
Chandler Ruth Mrs (B) sum res Agamenticus Hts
Chandler Walter E (Etta L) carp h 3 Ellery
Chaney Ada E h 956 Wash
Chanticler Ice Cream (Saunders Ice Cream Co) 53-55 Washington tel 485- For further information see page 14 Buyers' Guide, right top lines and front cover
Chanute Eliz (Pasadena, Calif) r Hawthorne Inn
Chanute Olivia (Pasadena, Calif) r Hawthorne Inn
Chapman Emily (Cambridge) sum res "Fairview" 52A Eastern Point rd
Chard Frank died June 21, 1942
Chard Grace A wid frank W (Chard & Wilkinson) h 32 River rd
Chard Laura S h 8 Sawyer av
Chard & Wilkinson (Mrs Grace A Chard, Geo M Wilkinson) fish and grocers 33 River rd
Charles of the Ritz ( N Y City) Pierre Renard mgr beauty parlor Lexington av Magnolia
Charles Peter carp 38 Cleveland
Charlette Amos O (Mary) slsmn h 43 Centennial av
Charlton Adolphus W died Aug 9, 1941
Charlton Chas (Jessie M) clergymn (Dorchester) sum res Uncas rd
Charlton Grace E (Maplewood, N J) sum res Salt Island rd Brier Neck
Charlton John E Rev (Mabel A) (Maplewood, N J) h Salt Island rd Brier Neck
Charvet & Fils ( N Y City) Harold A Dowdall mgr mens furnishing Lexington av Magnolia
Chase Anna (Philadelphia, Pa) r Hawthorne Inn
Chase Clara (Philadelphia, Pa) r Hawthorne Inn
Chatwood Walter A fish wkr h Overlook av WG
Cheek Tolbert F (Mildred E) research wkr h 11 Beauport av
Cheek Wallace L r 11 Beauport av
Chekares Gus (Pauline) ins and real est 123 Main rm 1 h 17 School
Cherry Hill Cemetery 915 Wash
Chesley John, GE Co r 10 Sayward
Cheves Alex R (Mary A) eng h 4 Hickory
Chevis John fishermn h 13 Fair
Chez Nevarte (Helene Nevarte) hats, dresses and gifts Lexington av Magnolia
Chianciola Antoinette wid Walter h 8 Gould ct
Chianciola John (Sebastiana) died March 22, 1941
Chianciola Sebastiana wid John whol fish 4 railway av h 13 Lookout
Chianciola Seraphina M studt r 13 Lookout
Chiancolo Salvatore (Mary) fishermn h 19 School
Chiancolo Sam G stockmn F W Woolworth Co r 19 School
Chiasson Angus (Mary J) eng h 4 Comlth av
Chiasson Roland clk r 4 Comlth av
Chichester Chas artist h 209 Main rm 410
Chick Edw clk First National Stores Inc h rear 63 Wash
Chick Edw J (Helen M) hlpr h 34 High
Chick Eug M (Anna C) chauf S R Harvey Co h 1050A Wash
Chick Frank O (Miriam W) chauf S R Harvey Co r 43 High
Chick George P & Son Mary I Chick manager General Real Estate Business Specializing In Seashore Property "Ask Mr Chick" 353 Main tel 1180
Chick Henry L r 1050A Wash
Chick Lester (Mary) h 5 Hutchins ct
Chick Marjorie B waitress r 53 warner
Chick Mary I wid Val R (Geo P Chick & Son) h 353 Main
Chick Prescott E (Lois R) mgr First National Stores Inc h 1083B Wash
Chickering Eleanor W wid Tileston h 6 Union ct
Chickering Ida wid Geo E r 5 Bass av
Child Julia N r 22 Blynman av
Childs Elmer M (Alice) lab h 302 Western av
Chinchello Catherine wid Augustine r 70 Wash
Chisholm Alex J (Ellen F) pres-treas John Chisholm Fisheries Co h 1 Wiley
Chisholm Anna I h 9 Chestnut
Chisholm Edw J gro 46 Granite h do
Chisholm Jas E, USN r Uncas rd
Chisholm Jeannette M nurse Addison Gilbert Hosp r 317 Wash
Chisholm John Fisheries Co Alex J Chisholm pres-treas wholesale fish, ship chandlery, seine and net repairing 35 Wharf tels 3014-1015- For further information see page 9 Buyers' Guide
Chisholm Leo A (Evelyn R) pntr 51 Duncan h Uncas rd
Chisholm Margt J maid Addison Gilbert Hosp r 59 Maplewood
Chisholm Margt M sten Fredk H Tarr r 3 Maple
Chisholm Mary I died Dec 4, 1940
Chisholm Wm studt r Uncas rd
Choste Babson L chauf Davis Taxi Service r Wash st
Choste Eliot mariner r 130 Maplewood av
Choate Stephen L, USA r 130 Maplewood av
Christensen Carrie E asst Cape Ann Savings Bank r 21 Riverside av
Christensen Harry P (Ingar M) capt Auto Pump 5 and rigger rear 49 Rogers h 21 Riverside av
Christenson Clifton E (Lily H) slsmn h 9 Traverse
Christenson John N (Elvina C) ship carp Parkhurst Marine Rwy h 9 Traverse
Christian Science Church, Sunday sch 3 Riggs
Christian Science Reading Room, E Pearl Smith librarian 16A Pleasant
Christiansen Ingebord r 262 E Main
Christinsin Evon S (Henrietta) clk Sears, Roebuck & Co h 5 Summit
Christopher frances M Mrs sec Dr Thos H Odeneal h 321/2 Blyman
Christopherson Beatrice H tchr High School r 271 Western av
Christopherson Geo R (Winnifred) slsmn National House Furnishing Co h 271 Western av
Churchill Catherine E tchr r 44 School
Churchill Duncan J baker r 44 School
Churchill G Clarence (Matilda W) lab r 22 Butman av
Churchill Jos D baker Sunnyside Bakery r 44 School
Churchill Robt F (Caroline E) formn h 6 Hampden
Churchill Robt T died Oct 28, 1941
Churchill Sarah wid Ernest G h 44 school
Ciamataro Michl (Marion) fruit dlr h 30 Summer
Cianciola Benj studt r 9 Bellevue av
Cianciola Jos (Domiana) fishermn h 23 Granite
Ciarametaro Jos (Rose) fishermn h 11 Commercial ct
Ciarametaro Michl (Helena) fishermn h 23 granite
Ciarametaro Salvatore (Mary L) fishermn h 73 Friend
Ciarametaro Salvatore, USN r 11 commercial ct
Ciarametaro Vincent, USN r 611 Commercial ct
Ciaramitaro Anthony fishermn r 12 Beach ct
Ciaramitaro Antonio (Frances) fishermn h 2 Fort sq
Ciaramitaro Antonio (Mary) fishermn h 6 Western av
Ciaramitaro Carle (Mary) fishermn h 16 Fort sq
Ciaramitaro Dominica r 2 Fort sq
Ciaramitaro Eliz Mrs retr 27 Main h Mansfield av
Ciaramitaro Gaetano (Rozalia) fishermn h 2 Fort sq
Ciaramitaro Jos carp r 2 Fort sq
Ciaramitaro Jos (Jennie) fishermn h 10 Fort sq
Ciaramitaro Jos (Felicia) fishermn h 7 Wash sq
Ciaramitaro Jos fishermn r 12 Beach ct
Ciaramitaro Michl h rear 3 Fort sq
Ciaramitaro Michl fishermn r 2 Fort sq
Ciaramitaro Peter (Florence) fishermn h 7 Commercial ct
Ciaramitaro Saml (Rose) fishermn h 12 Beach ct
Ciaramitaro Vincent (Lena) billiards 21 Main h 28 Commercial
Ciaramitaro Vincenzana r 2 Fort sq
Ciaramitoro Jos h 52 Granite
Ciaranitaro Michl (Rose) fishermn h 21 Church
Ciarmitaro Chas fishermn h 12 Babson
Ciluffo Paul (Clara) fishermn h 59 Fort sq
Cilufo Jos (Jennie) fish ctr h 81 Commercial
Ciolino Dominic fishermn h 15 Commercial
Ciolino Sebastiano fishermn r 15 Commercial
Cirella Lawrence barber Shore rd Magnolia sum res do
Cirella Mary Ann (Mary Ann) beauty shop r Shore rd Magnolia
City Cleansers & Dyers 209A Main
City Hall, Dale av and Warren st
City Infirmar, Henry L Wolfe supt Emerson av
Ciulla Anna seamer r 29 Mansfield
Ciulla Anthony (Rose) fishermn h 41/2 Alpine ct
Ciulla Antonio (Catherine) fishermn h 29 Mansfield
Ciulla Frances D r 29 Mansfield
Ciulla Lawrence (Rose) fishermn h 9 Bellevue av
Ciulla Thos lab r 41/2 Alpine ct
Cividad Bruno lab r 41 Whittemore
Cividad Mario (Christina) lab h 41 Whittemore
Claar Chas C (Mary L) asst eng Tarr & Wonson Ltd h 6 Summer
Claar Clarence C r 4 Summer
Clancey Arline G clk Gloucester Food Shop r 28 Railroad av
Clancey Mary J wid Walter R h 45 Reynard
Clancey Walter R (Mary J) died Dec 29, 1940
Clancey William H (Mary E) insurance of all kinds 23 Railroad av tel 1103 h do
Clancey Wm H jr, USA r 28 Railroad av
Clancy Chester C mason tndr r 1 Blynman av
Clancy Evelyn B r 1 Blynman av
Clancy Everett W mason tndr r 1 Blynman av
Clancy Geo M (Bertha L) pntr h 1 Blynman av
Clancy Geo M jr r 1 Blynman av
Clancy Gordon L box mkr r 1 Blynman av
Clancy Harold C (Violet M) USA h 64 Granite
Clancy Harold W, USA r 1 Blynman av
Clancy Martha J clk r 26 Taylor
Clancy Mary A wid Jas H h 26 Taylor
Clancy Mary M packer Frank E Davis r 28 Railroad av
Clancy Norman E lab r 1 Blynman av
Clancy Pauline F opr r 26 Taylor
Clancy Sarah I wid John F h 4 Spring
Clapp Fred E (Jennie) chauf h 42 Langsford
Clark Ada J wid Benj C h 27 Lincoln av
Clark Adelbert M (Lena M) carp h 4 Harvey pl
Clark Albert h sum res Vine st
Clark Alf B (Cora E) (By-Water Inn) h Highland av
Clark Benj (Lora) cashr h 733 Wash
Clark C Richd (Lucy D) lawyer 11 Pleasant rm 10 h 152 Leonard
Clark Carolyn opr r 27 Trask
Clark Carrie E clk Frank E Davis r 94 Prospect
Clark Chas (Annetta C) (Newton Hlds) sum res Ledge rd
Clark Chas sawyer r 19 Lincoln WG
Clark Chas M (Amelia G) (Geo A Reed & Son) h 7 Commonwealth av
Clark Curtis B, USA r 27 Trask
Clark Davis W jr (B) sum res Arlington
Clark Dorothy M Mrs clk r 12 Centennial av
Clark Drug Co Inc, J Richd Clark pres-treas druggists 237 Main
Clark Edith (Scenectady, N Y) r The Delphine
Clark Eliz Mrs slswmn Empire Clothing Co r 8 Myrtle sq
Clark Francis M died Nov 21, 1941
Clark Franklin W (Lizzie E) prntr h 132 Maplewood av
Clark Fred h 12 Centennial av
Clark Harold L (Nella R) clk h 13 S Kilby
Clark Harrison G r 507 Wash
Clark Isabelle Mrs h 14 Spring
Clark J Redman (Alice C) (B) sum res 28 River rd
Clark J Richd pres-treas Clark Drug Co Inc r 279 Wash
Clark Jas P jr, reporter Gloucester Times r at Rockport
Clark John F (Florence M) pntr h 20 River rd
Clark John H (Golden B) USN h 71 Raymond Magnolia
Clark John T (Margt A) died June 2, 1941
Clark Louis T (Marion E) fish wkr h 21A Eastern av
Clark Lyle Mrs r The Delphine, 51 Eastern Point rd
Clark Margt wid John T r 15 Procter
Clark Marion E opr r 24A Eastern av
Clark Michl master mech r rear 238 Main
Clark Nellie M wid Jas F r 15 Prospect sq
Clark Paul J fishermn r 4 Sylvan ct
Clark Paul W, USN r 225 wash
Clark Raymond B (Bessie M) auto mech h 20 Chapel
Clark Robt C (Katherine) deputy sheriff 11 Pleasant rm 10 h 8 Beacon
Clark Russell C (Mildred C) film opr h 279 Wash
Clark Saml L (Eliz) carp h 8 Myrtle sq
Clark Walter F (Doris M) prntr h 14 MtVernon
Clark Wm (Mary A) h 881 Wash
Clark Wm (Ina) fishermn h 50 Woodbury
Clark Wm A (B) sum res 12 arlington
Clark William C (C Evelyn) lawyer 11 Pleasant rm 10 tel 1314 h 225 Washington tel 906
Clark Wm G jr (Ruth A) lawyer 11 Pleasant rm 10 r at washington D C
Clark's Cemetery near Bridge-st-Cemetery
Clattenburg Harry R (Agatha W) fishermn h 123 Maplewood av
Clauson Wm (Mary) (Woodstown, N J) sum res Salt Island rd Brier Neck
Clay John jr (Dorothy) (Chicago, Ill) sum res Fort Hill av
Clayton Frank C bkpr r 4 Harvard
Cleary Anna E r 6 Andrews
Cleary D Edw studt r 45 High
Cleary Danl E (Annie M) monuments 15 Mansfield h 45 High
Cleary Maurice hlpr r 43 main
Cleary Timothy F eng h 6 Andrews
Cleaves Norman (Gertrude) jan h 2 Lewis ct
Clement Arthur (Agnes) fishermn h 136 Prospect
Cleveland Ansley C (Edith F) fishermn h 25 Wonson
Cleveland Edith F mrs lino opr Gloucester Times r at Rocky Neck
Cleveland Ruth Mrs r 413 Essex av WG
Cliff s Market gro 39 Perkins
Clifford Clarence J (Dorothy H) florist h Rocky Pasture rd
Clifford Doris E clk r 16 Maplewood av
Clifford Geo F (Nellie O) fishermn h 16 Maplewood av
Clooney Jos M lab r 18 Willow
Clooney Michl J (Nellie M) fishermn 18 Willow
Closson Grace wid Wm B (Newton) sum res Field rd Magnolia
Clough Annie I wid Geo B died May 19, 1942
Clough Frank G (Maude C) h 19 Langsford
Clough Frank G (Maude C) h 19 Langsford
Clough Nathalie D h 80A Middle
Cloutman Earle W (Esther M) maintenance mn Addison Gilbert Hosp h 33 Perkins
Club Sans-Egal 7 Webster
Cluett Abner M (Bessie E) fishermn h 127 Prospect
Cluett Amos W (Vivian I) lobster fishermn h 129 Prospect
Cluett Geo S (Melenda) fishermn h 169 Western av
Cluett Geo S jr, drftsmn r 169 Western av
Cluett Hubert C (Beulah) fishermn h 80 Perkins
Cluett John W fishermn r 2481/2 Main
Clymer Edwin S artist (Philadelphia, Pa) sum res 1240 Wash
Coad Herbert B servicemn Sears, Roebuck & Co r 25 Revere
Coad Roy, USA r 25 Revere
Coad Wm (Nellie K) blksmth h 25 Revere
Coakley Building 140 Main
Coakley Howard G (Gertrude E) clk Army Base (B) h 40 Bass av
Coan Priscilla B (Melrose) sum res Thurston's Point
Coan Robt A (Carrie K) (Melrose) sum res Thurston's Point
Coas Adelaide H sec (B) h 8 Comlth av
Coas Myra A wid Chas H died July 16, 1940
Cobb Ada A wid Geo W r 666 Wash
Cobleigh Frank W (Mary E) linmn r 120 Magnolia av Magnolia
Cocotas Nicholas S (Georgia) (Boulevard Grocery) h 51 Western av
Coddaire Chas H (Edith B) mgr Liggett Drug Co Inc h 1 Kent Circle
Codinha Anthony E (Mary E) pntr h 11 Perkins
Codinha Bert (Marie) formn h 18 Sayward
Codinha Joaquin (Esther M) fish wkr h 10 Elwell
Cody see Cuddy
Cody Jos M fish handler General Sea Foods r 11 Harvard
Cody Mary Mrs h 104 Duncan
Cody Michael D r 11 Harvard
Coelho Gus A (Emily) counter mn h 10 Fair
Coes John H Mrs (Worcester) r Hawthorne Inn
Coes Mary (Worcester) r Hawthorne Inn
Coffell Jas E (Eleanor G) lab h 132 Eastern av
Coffey Minnie E hkpr r 16 Pearl
Coffey Sadie H Mrs h 18 Maplewood av
Coffill May Indrs Addison Gilbert Hosp
Coffill Norman E (Zelia G) gas sta 288 Main h rear 4 Harmony sq
Coffin Ada D 161 E Main
Coffin Arthur (Martha) (Belmont) sum res Beachcroft rd
Coffin Celinda M h 60 E Main
Coffin Chas F (M Naomi) h 57 Bass av
Coffin Clifton S r 87 MtPleasant av
Coffin Edw C jr r 87 MtPleasant av
Coffin F Shirley r 11 Chapel
Coffin Gladys K tel opr Gloucester Electric Co r 87 MtPleasant av
Coffin Guy C died Nov 10, 1940
Coffin Harriet A bkpr Gloucester Gas Light Co r 11 Chapel
Coffin Harvey M 2d, mgr h 11 Chapel
Coffin John H automobiles (Cambridge) r 10 Chapel
Coffin Nellie M wid John A h 39 Beacon
Coffin Perley A (Eliz C) chemical eng r 4 Hammond
Coffin Rachel B r 39 Beacon
Coffin Wm sum res 72 Concord WG
Coffin Wm H mgr Gloucester Gas Light Co r 39 beacon
Cohan Jos B (Sophie) sum res 120 Bass av
Cohee Vincent (Carrie M) (Malden) sum res Vine st
Cohen David J phys 83 Middle r do
Cohen Dexter S (Sally E) lawyer h Stage Fort av
Cohen Dorothea bkpr Alpers Clothing Store r 46 Poplar
Cohen Harold E studt r 46 Poplar
Cohen Helen tchr Central Grammar School r 46 Poplar
Cohen Louis (Sadie) died March 10, 1942
Cohen Sadie wid Louis h 46 Poplar
Colbert Dorothy F Mrs dental hygienist Drs Irving H and Irving H Pomeroy jr r 3 Essex av
Colbey Carrie A h 73 Wash
Colby Alice C clk treasurer's office City Hall r 10 Chestnut
Colby Annie B r 18 Pine
Colby Benj H (Annie R) pres-treas East Gloucester Yacht Yard Inc h 4 Flume rd Magnolia
Colby Gertrude Mrs cashr Western Union Telegraph Co h 4 Dexter pl
Colby Hannah wid Samuel h 10 Chestnut
Colby Josephine drsmkr h 18 Pine
Colby Saml L (Gertrude) custodian High School h 3 Dexter pl
Colby T Parker antiques 110 Eastern av sum res do
Colby Wm B h 15 Madison av
Colcord Natalie studt nurse Addison Gilbert Hosp r 298 Wash
Cole Cora A wid Isaac r 18 Webster
Cole Glen lab r 25 Duncan
Cole John A (Margt) firemn Addison Gilbert Hosp h 311 Wash
Cole Mary C Mrs dist nurse Gloucester Dist Nursing Assn Inc h 34 Bass av
Cole Minnie K h 28 Willow
Cole Nicholas (Jennie) master mariner h 4 Scott
Cole Philip P (Marguerite B) (Andover) sum res 23 River rd
Cole Richd A (May C) podiatrist r 34 Bass av
Cole Roger E (Mary) asst mgr Thom McAn h 11A Middle
Cole Roger M (Elva F) film opr h 14 Whittemore
Cole Walter J pres Murmac Mfg Co r 27 Lincoln av
Cole Walter L fish wkr h 18 Webster
Cole Warren F, USA r 311 Wash
Coleman Clarence C (Florence S) slsmn Cape Ann Laundry & Dry Cleaning Co h 427 Essex av WG
Coleman Jas G (Eula R) carrier PO h 542 Essex av WG
Collamore Edw M chauf (B) r 18 Fuller Magnolia
College Women's Club, Mrs Katherine Flatley pres 23 Mason meets monthly at members homes
Collinesis John (Beatrice) clk h 92 Main
Collins Ada M wid A Foster prin Hovey Sch h 80A Middle
Collins Albert (Ella) (Dorchester) sum res Salt Island r Brier Neck
Collins Alice M wid Andrew W r 350 Essex av WG
Collins Annie E wid Frank B h 7 Wall
Collins Chas S lab LePage's r 47 Wheeler
Collins Earl B (Eleanor A) asst mgr h 106 Western av
Collins Edna G wid Wm W h 6 Bond
Collins Ellen h 9 Addison
Collins Elliott F (Sonia D) collr National House Furnishing Co h 38 Bass av
Collins Freeman G (A P Stoddart & Co) h 36 Summer
Collins Guy F (Olive F) caretkr h 591 Essex av WG
Collins Harold R piano tchr (B) and 7 Wall r do
Collins Helen sum res Woodward av WG
Collins Helen S tchr (Brookline) r 15 Trask
Collins Lavinia S wid Willard F h 15 trask
Collins Leroy J (Iola H) driver h 551 wash
Collins Lucretia sum res Woodward av WG
Collins Marion B tchr Hildreth School r 80A Middle
Collins Mary Mrs sum res Stage Fort Park av
Collins Millard E (Miriam M) asst purch agt LePages Inc h 7 Stage Fort av
Collins Nellie F h 12 Butman av
Collins Package Store (Ralph D Collins) 375 Main
Collins Ralph D (Collins Package Store) r 7 Wall
Collins Roland, USMC r 551 Wash
Collins Russell A chauf Wm G Brown Co r 7 Wall
Collins S Lucretia tchr (Brookline) r 15 Trask
Collins Timothy S (mary M) longshoremn h 5 Cross
Collins Viola M r 11 Summit
Collins Walter L superior court judge (Dorchester) sum res Salt Island rd Brier Neck
Collum Marie S wid Edw A h 17 Hammond
Colman Geo H (Florence R) tchr High Sch h 3 beauport av
Colombo Harry (Linda) lab h 91 High
Colonial Sea Foods Inc, Carl Raeff pres-treas 4 Railway av
Colson see Carlson
Colson Eliz C r 12 Lookout
Colson Louise C wid Saml h 26 Addison
Colson Oscar A (Lucy M) cook h 12 Lookout
Colson Otto P clk r 26 Addison
Come and See Shop (Margaret H Baker) arts and crafts 11 Eastern Point rd
Comeau Alf J (Margt M) ship pntr Parkhurst Marine Rwy h 11 Abbott rd
Comeau Arthur C (Angeline P) tailor h 20 Oak
Comeau Arthur C jr, tchr Central Grammar Sch r 20 Oak
Comeau Caroline E tchr Point Grammar School h 36 Haskell
Comeau Celia r 39 Derby
Comeau Chas A (Lillian) lab h 38 MtPleasant av
Comeau Edw slsmn Empire Clothing Co r 13 Knowlton sq
Comeau Edw C (Catherine J) USA r 54 Granite
Comeau Geo lab r 2 E Main
Comeau Geo F (Adelia) gardnr h 4 Brightside av
Comeau Helen E r 48 Grove
Comeau Jos H (Ella B) junk 23 Wharf h 107 Prospect
Comeau Leo E (Winifred W) druggist 276 Main h 66 Eastern av
Comeau Wm J (Augusta M) gardnr h 107 Prospect
Comeau Wm L fishermn r 38 MtPleasant av
Cominelle Walter r City Infirmary
Cominelli Gladys, LePages r 1 Hawthorne rd
Cominelli Gladys G Mrs hkpr r 1 Hawthorne rd
Comins Albert K (Esther) (Winchester) sum res Salt Island rd Brier Neck
Community Church of east Gloucester, Chapel st nr E Main st Ralph M Barker pastor
Como Edw T (Addie M) clk h 13 Knowlton sq sum res Long Beach Rockport
Companions of the Forest of America Court No 1028, Mrs Hattie M Goyatche fin sec
Compton Geo M (Ellen M) fish handler h 7 Williams ct
Conant Danl (Edith) auto mech h 541 Wash
Conant Evelyn clk r 541 Wash
Conant Frank (Ailie) hkpr h rear 21 Leverett
Conant Warren S (Mary E) carrier PO h 17 Prospect
Condit Louise (B) sum res Page st Bass Rocks
Condit Sears B (B) sum res Page st Bass Rocks
Condon Abbie L bkpr G-M-I Laundry Co r 50 Granite PC
Condon Ellen F stitcher D O Frost r 50 Granite PC
Condon John treas Elmer F Burgess Inc h 40 School Rockport
Congregation Ahavath Achim 14 Prospect, Morris Rosenblatt rabbi
Conklin Paul A firemn fish hatcheries r 40 Middle
Conklin Thos (Clara) clk h Lawrence Mountain rd
Conley Edw F, USN r 5 Morton pl
Conley Estelle M wid Jos H nurse r 4 Lendall
Conley John J (Florence) fish handler h 8 Loring's ct
Conley Jos H (Estelle M) died Dec 2, 1940
Conley Jos H, USA r 5 Morton pl
Conley Julia A wid Thos J h 7 Beauport av
Conley Mary E Mrs r 110 Prospect
Conley Mary E Mrs janitress High School r 5 Morton pl
Conley N Mildred tchr Central Grammar School r 7 Beauport av
Connelly John J (Mary E) died Aug 22, 1940
Connelly Martin clk r 9 Perkins
Connelly Mary E wid John A h 9 Perkins
Connolly Anthony formn r 71 Middle
Connolly coleman r 20 Mason
Connolly Margt B wid Michl J h 7 Fears ct
Connor Esther Mrs h 121/2 Hampden
Connor Ida M Mrs h 20 Blynman av
Connor John F (Helen F) died May 17, 1941
Connor John J died Sept 16, 1940
Connor Raymond A (Margt) (G-M-I Laundry Co) h 1 Trask
Connor Summer R, USN r 20 Blynman av
Connor Wm F (Mary) ins agt Met Life Ins Co r 4 Prescott rd Ipswich
Connors Austin W (Gladys E) pharm Frank B Sullivan r 26 Prospect
Connors Jennie wid Jas r 2 Middle
Connors Mary A (Quincy) sum res 10 Duley
Connors Mary T wid John J h 26 Prospect
Connors Wm D (Washington D C) sum res Rocky Pasture rd
Conrad A Mansfield fishermn h 12 Mason
Conrad Annie E wid Everett C r 47 Prospect
Conrad Busby r 2481/2 Main
Conrad Calvin C died Feb 8, 1942
Conrad Clarence r 8 Duncan
Conrad Edna L nurse maid r 9 Montgomery pl
Conrad Everett C, USA r 47 Prospect
Conrad Geo C (Louise) h 74 E Main
Conrad Geo D (Grace M) electn Navy Yard (B) h 17 Derby
Conrad Ivan fishermn h 4 Mason ct
Conrad J Freeman (Louisa E) carp h 9 Montgomery pl
Conrad Moyle E fishermn r 119 Pleasant
Conrad Priscilla V wid Joy r 96 Middle
Conrad Sadie E wid Henry Saml r 18 Hancock
Conrad Virginia studt nurse Addison Gilbert Hosp r 298 Wash
Conrad Wm M (Dorothy B) fishermn h 171/2 Cleveland
Conroy Edw B fishermn r 301 Main
Conroy Geo R h 132 Wheeler
Consigalio Frank (Rose) r rear 55 Main
Consolidated Lobster Co Inc John K Whiting pres Robt E Noble v-pres Grosvenor Calkins corporation clerk Wm Hodge treas raymond M O'Connell general manager rear 924 Washington tel 400-1-2
Consumer's Fish Co Inc, Henry L Burnham treas 17 Rogers
Conway Chas (Florence F) lab h 24 Lookout
Conway John J fishermn r 106 Wash
Conway Mabel A Mrs died March 6, 1942
Conway Rebekah VanBrunt (Philadelphia, Pa) h Folly Point Lanesville
Conway Thos F (Florence E) linemn Gloucester Electric Co h 32 Eastern av
Conway Wm H (Jennie) fishermn h 28 Laurel WG
Cook C Russell (Lillian M) pntr h 17 Pine
Cook Clarence S (Harriet L) mach h 34 Pine
Cook David E, USMC r 18 Poplar
Cook Eliz B wid Geo A h 5 Summer WG
Cook Emma E wid Benj C h 7 Harrison av
Cook Frank D (Margt E) died Feb 9, 1942
Cook Genevieve r 5 Howe
Cook Geo F chauf h 12 Caledonia pl
Cook Hattie P wid Chas H h 12 Spring
Cook Jas B (Veronica) chauf Gloucester Coal & Lumber Co r 54 Sumner WG
Cook Jean B Mrs librarian Magnolia Library h Lake av Magnolia
Cook Jedidah D wid John R h 16 Walker WG
Cook Jessie M wid Isaac died Sept 4, 1941
Cook Loring A (Jean B) auto mech Davis Garage h Lake av Magnolia
Cook Mamie E r 16 Walker WG
Cook Margt E wid Frank D r 120 Bass av
Cook Mary E wid Jeremiah E h 87 Pleasant
Cook Mildred A clk r 16 Walter WG
Cook Miriam H Mrs corsetiere 624 Wash h do
Cook Ray A (Hester G) welder h 175 Western av
Cook Sarah M wid Peter E h 18 Poplar
Cooke Florence clk Hotel Savoy r 6 Prospect ct
Cooke Natalie M clk Sears, Roebuck & Co r 104 Western av
Cooke Rita M clk Prudential Life Ins Co r 136 Lothrop Beverley
Cooley Alvah B (Dorothy S) RD carrier PO h 4 Lynnwood av WG
Cooley Dorothy clk Saunders Ice Cream Co r 4 Lynnwood av WG
Cooley Lorraine F office asst Wm G Brown Co r 4 Lynnwood av WG
Coolin Viola h 209 Main rm 212
Coombs Woodman C lab h 835A Wash
Cooney Anthony clk r 22 Sayward
Cooney Frank (Haverhill) sum res Riverside Wheeler's Point
Cooney Frank J (Alice) hosemn Combination A h rear 35 Hartz
Cooney Frank J jr, USA r rear 35 Hartz
Cooney John J r 10 Staten
Cooney Jos r 8 Duncan
Cooney Jos slsmn G-P at Rockport
Cooney Marian J pres-treas Cooney Sail Co Inc h Norwood av Rockport
Cooney Matthew W (Etta E) barber 18 Hancock h 5 Cedar
Cooney Sail Co Inc Marian J Cooney pres-treas sailmaker, awnings, tents and hammocks 305 Main tel 3220- For further information see left top lines
Cooney T & Co (Tobias Cooney) electrical contrs 99 Duncan
Cooney Tobias (T Cooney & Co) h 10 Staten
Cooney's Wharf 71-15 Wharf
Cooper-Bessemer Corp The Lawrence C McEwen district mgr Diesel engines 49 Duncan tel 2490- For further information see page 8 Buyers' Guide
Cooper Chas G Mrs (MtVernon, Ohio) sum res Atlantic rd Bass Rocks
Cooper Ernest W (Genesta) slsmn North Shore Furniture Co Inc h 182 Western av
Cooper Flora B wid Jos r 34 Pleasant
Cooper Grace V Mrs 761/2 Gloucester av
Coose Geo H (Delia A) electrical contr 15 Essex h do
Copeland Elsie M (Cambridge) sum res Riverview
Copeland Geo musn h off 912 Wash
Copeland Melvin T (Elsa H) (Cambridge) sum res Riverview
Copla Vito fishermn h 14 Western av
Copperman Mildred T h rear 269 E Main
Coppola Jos J mgr Vincent & Co r at N Y City sum res 67 Raymond
Corbiey Jas A died Aug 12, 1940
Corbiey Joanna M Mrs h 334 Essex av WG
Corbiey Margt G waitress r 334 Essex av WG
Corbiey Thos H (Minnie M) slsmn h 52 E Main
Corcoran Clarence (Irene) h 231/2 Mansfield
Corcoran Jas A r City Infirmary
Corcoran Jas F died Aug 25, 1941
Corcoran Wm H h 7 Harmony sq
Cordeau Thos fishermn r 8 Duncan
Corkum Barbara R hairdrsr r 142 Maplewood av
Corkum Gerald J (Eliz J) sub carrier Magnolia PO h 142 Maplewood av
Corkum I Freeman (Alma J) fishermn h 69 Centennial av
Corkum Richd C fish handler r 142 Maplewood av
Corkum Wm C (Harriet L) master mariner h 142 Maplewood av
Corliss Arthur W (Rose) h MtAnn rd WG
Corliss Bros Inc Mrs Leonette Corliss pres Howard F Corliss treas Howard R Corliss v-pres Clifford D Corliss sec-gen mgr William K Corliss asst sec florists 9 Procter tel 581 nurseryman and landscape contractors 21 Reynard tel 3576- For further information see page 21 Buyers' Guide
Corliss Chas died Oct 25, 1940
Corliss Chas F (Bertha L) mach (Reading) sum res rear 259 Essex av WG
Corliss Christopher used car mgr Perkins & Corliss Inc h 25 Parker Rockport
Corliss Clifford D (Martha E) sec-gen mgr Corliss Bros Inc and landscape gardnr 765 Western av Magnolia h do
Corliss Edith D h Lynndale av WG
Corliss Howard F (Bertha) treas Corliss Bros Inc h 266 Essex av WG
Corliss Howard R (Gladys I) v-pres and landscape supt Corliss Bros Inc h 1 Riverdale pl
Corliss Ida C sec General Sea Foods Corp h 18 Pleasant
Corliss Leonette B wid Wm D pres Corliss Bros Inc h 7 Orchard
Corliss Lillian A Mrs h 96 Western av
Corliss Lincoln R nursery mn r 266 Essex av WG
Corliss Mary B r 15 Dodge
Corliss Ray W (Mary E) second hand furn 266 Main h 226 E Main
Corliss Stanley F (Anna B) clk Success Mfg Co r 15 Dodge
Corliss Wm K (Beatrice K) supt Corliss Bros Inc h 470 Wash
Cormier Dorothy E r 67 Pleasant
Cormier Edmund, Waltham Watch Co sum res Rowley Shore
Cormier Edw P (Gladys C) waiter Lufkin's Diner h 3 Willow
Cormier Louis (Dorothy) formn h 78 E Main
Cormier Viola fish wkr r 23 Duncan
Cornell Lucy r 136 Prospect
Cornell Mattie S (Flushing, N Y) r "The Delphine", 51 Eastern Point rd
Corragio Esther M Mrs beauty shop 84A Wash h do
Corragio Jas V(Esther M) barber Adolph W Frederickson h 84A Wash
Corrao Carl G fish ctr r 531 Essex av WG
Corrao Salvatore (Betta) h 531 Essex av WG
Corrao Sylvia M stitcher r 531 Essex av WG
Corrigan P Jos printing shop Vocational Sch h 40 Draper Medford
Cosgrove Jas r 301 Main
Cosgrove Wm H r 164 Prospect
Costa Albion textile wkr r 10 Summit
Costa Anthony S (Mary G) police h rear 138 Prospect sum res Beachcroft rd
Costa Beatrice r 74 E Main
Costa Dorothy A Mrs r 29 Cleveland
Costa Frank S r 30 Hodgkins
Costa Henry fishermn r rear 238 Main
Costa Howard H (Phyllis M) mgr r 29 Centennial av
Costa Joao (Henrietta R) fish handler h 3A Bass av
Costa John daL fish ctr r 14 sandler
Costa Jos (Mildred V) chauf h 171/2 Comlth av
Costa Jos (Mary) fish handler h 4 Parker ct
Costa Jos (Mary A) watchmn h 74 E Main
Costa Leo lab r 50 Taylor
Costa Louis da (Isaura) fish skinner h 14 Sadler
Costa Maria Mrs h 10 Summit
Costa Mario daJ fish wkr r 14 Sadler
Costa Mary daE stitcher r 14 sadler
Costa Roger h 209 Main rm 304
Costa Rose r 74 E Main
Costello Ellen F bkpr Gloucester Hardware & Plumbing Supply r 52 Wash
Costello Josephine G dept collr of taxes City Hall h 52 Wash
Costello Robt M Rev curate StAnn's RC Church r 60 Prospect
Cote Catherine M Mrs r 34 Millett
Cotreau Gilbert r 3 Acacia
Cotton Emma J wid Jason r 1104 Wash
Cottone Jos (Ida M) fishermn h 11 Riggs
Coughlin Jas R (Auto Radiator Shop) h 352 Main
Coull Ellen P Mrs nurse Addison Gilbert Hosp h 1012 Wash
Coull Geo A P (Anna) locksmith h 18 Mason
Coull Grace E baker 10 Pine h do
Coull Lotta M clk r 10 Pine
Coull Robt B (Helen A) clk h 12 Pine
Coull Robt B jr, studt r 12 Pine
Coull Robt H rem to Lynn
Coull Roy G (Cora) LePages Inc h 18 Gee av
Coull Wm E (Ellen P) died may 4, 1941
Counihan Thos F (Emily) r 8 Madison ct extn
Courant Benj teller Gloucester safe Deposit & Trust Co r 56 Wash
Courant Edw A (Martha E) ins agt Prudential Life Ins Co h 22 Bass av
Courant Frank (Eva M) lab h 371/2 Derby
Courant Genevieve A prin Blynman Sch r 56 Wash
Courant Josephine P wid Jos F died July 17, 1941
Courant Mary A wid Antoine J h 56 Wash
Courant Reginald (Eliz A) dentist 8 Hancock h do
Courant Robt D (Eleanor I) supt gas works r 85 Pleasant
Courant Una P shopper (B) r 27 Green
Courtney Arthur (Bessie) h 131 Essex av
Courtney Geo A film opr r 131 Essex av
Courtney Mabel E clk S S Kresge Co r 131 Essex av
Courtney Margt Mrs (B) sum res "Fairview" 52A Eastern Point rd
Cousins Ivan R (Ruth A) sls mgr Consolidated Lobster Co h 28 Eastern Point rd
Couture Clara R r 21 Perkins
Couture Pamphile J (Lena J) carp h 21 Perkins
Cove Robt J (Mary E) mgr Baxter & Kerr Inc h 56 Granite
Cove Villa and Cottages (Margt A Sheedy) hotel 5 Eastern Point rd
Cowan Charlotte F wid Arthur r 749 Western av Magnolia
Cowie Bernard, USA r 29 Addison
Cowie dolina B wid Ronald M bkpr h 29 Addison
Cowie Eliz clk r 29 Addison
Cox Arthur M (Lauretta H) (New York City) sum res Nautilus rd Bass Rocks
Cox Dorothy A sec r 161 Wash
Cox Frank L (Annabelle) research h 608 Western av Magnolia
Cox Frank L jr, studt r 608 Western av Magnolia
Cox Imelda M cook Addison Gilbert Hosp r 298 Wash
Cox Jos P (Helen) (B) sum res Nashua av
Cox Lee M (Anna J) optometrist 123 Main rm 3 h 161 Wash
Cox Norman A studt r 608 Western av Magnolia
Coy Lee (Dorothy G) (Hyde Park) sum res Woodward av WG
Coyle J Motor Transportation (Jos L Coyle) trucking 2 Main
Coyle John J (Alice M) segt police h 27 Church
Coyle Jos L (J Coyle Motor Transportation) h at Watertown
Craig Jas K (Mary T) clk G-P h 6 MtVernon
Craig John (Novella) mgr h 154 Essex av
Crane thos J steam enginemn Fish Hatchery r Main st
Cranton J Warren (Catherine) shoe wkr h 24 Friend
Craske Leonard sculptor 77 Rocky Neck av h do
Craweey Eug ship pntr Parkhurst Marine Rwy
Crawford Geo A (Eliz A) lab h 9 S Kilby
Crawford Irving lab 581/2 Main
Crawford Sadie M r 63 Wash
Crawley Marjorie S tchr High School r 213 Wash
Crawley William J caulker Parkhurst Railway av tel 1828-W h 213 Wash tel 963
Craybeck Jacob eng r 23 Duncan
Craybeek May F Mrs waitress h 106 Maplewood av
Creaser Clarence H (Mary G) drop forger h 154 Prospect
Creaser Clarence H jr, studt r 154 Prospect
Creelman Ralph (Gladys) (Everett) sum res Woodward av WG
Creightney Albert A (Ellen C) rprmn NET&T Co r 27 Prospect
Cressey Alpheus r City Infirmary
Cressey Geo (Eliz) lab h 2 Harbor ter
Cressy Carrie S h 120 Prospect
Cressy Roger (Emily) fish wkr h 18 Harbor ter
Cressy Willis P (Clara W) mailing clk PO h 286 Wash
Crichet Edgar (Catherine) fish handler h 397 Main
Crichton Florence nurse City Infirmary r do
Criscolo Alphonse (Jennie) trucker h 500 Essex av WG
Criscolo Andrew (Ilene) r 500 Essex av WG
Criscolo Jas fishery wkr r 500 Essex av WG
Crispin J Gilbert (Marion G) carp h Ocean av Magnolia
Crispin Marion G Mrs clk PO r Ocean av Magnolia
Cristo Agnes wid Jos h 34 Friend
Cristo Albert P r 34 Friend
Cristo Anthony (Mary) fishermn h 12 Neptune pl
Cristo Anthony jr r 12 Neptune pl
Cristo Anthony R clk r 34 Friend
Cristo Lucy r 12 Neptune pl
Cristo Rita r 12 Neptune pl
Critchet Ernest H, USA r 397 Main
Critchet Prior W h 397 Main
Critchett Arthur S (Jennie) ship carp Parkhurst Marine Rwy h 435 Wash
Critchett Carleton L (Eliza T) comp h 44 Eastern av
Critchett Charlotte Mrs r 89 Prospect
Critchett Dana S, USCG r 435 Wash
Critchett Edwin W (Desa) died Dec 9, 1941
Critchett Fred died Feb 7, 1941
Critchett J Wm (Kittie F) fish ctr h 8 Adams pl
Critchett John E (Eleanor) mgr personal loan dept Gloucester h 153 Granite Rockport
Critchett Marjorie G Mrs clk h 32 Bass av

Critchley Jas V (Maude P) (Worcester) sum res Wingaersheek Beach WG
Crittenden Alf J h 5 Bass av
Crittenden Augustus E lab r 7 Oak
Crittenden Carleton E (Anna F) variety 43 Bass av h do
Crocker Dora Mrs r 164 MtPleasant av
Crocker Irvin S (Edith L) (Lynn) sum res Wingaersheek Beach WG
Cronin Benj F (Winifred R) pres Cape Pond Ice Co h 46 Beacon
Cronin Edmund T J died March 7, 1941
Cronin Farrell G clk r 71 Pleasant
Cronin Grover J (Helen F) (Wellesley Hills) sum res Lexington av Magnolia
Cronin Grover J jr (Wellesley Hills) sum res Lexington av Magnolia
Cronin Hannah sum res Lexington av Magnolia
Cronin John J, USMC r 71 Pleasant
Cronin Mary W clk Gloucester Electric Co r 71 Pleasant
Cronin Robt E (Alberta) police h 24 Bass av
Cronin Winifred M nurse (N Y City) r 71 Pleasant
Crosby Geo G (Rose B) died May 9, 1941
Crosby House The (Mrs Rose R Crosby) 16 Eastern Point rd
Crosby Rose R wid Geo C (The Crosby House) h 16 Eastern Point rd
Cross Annette wid Wm H r 1 Barberry la
Cross Eleanor Mrs r 47 Summer
Crossman Margt wid John r 6 Mystic av
Crossman Saml S (Greenfield) sum res 1003 Wash
Crouse Martha Mrs r 164 MtPleasant av
Crowe Cynthia r 12 foster
Crowe Lester R (Mabel W) h 12 Foster sum res Ferry Hill
Crowell Chas prntr r 906 Wash
Crowell Dorothy A tchr r 73 Western av
Crowell Dorothy M Mrs clk city clerks office and notary City Hall h 18 Western av
Crowell Ernest R shoe wkr r 906 Wash
Crowell Grover C (Adelia P) gardnr h 7 Morgan av
Crowell John E (Katherine G) aud Producers Fish Co h 73 Western av
Crowell John T (Mabel A) whol contr 6 Crowell av h do
Crowell Lawson W lobster wkr r 924 Wash
Crowell Minnie A wid Thos died May 1, 1942
Crowell Percy (Aline V) formn h 9 S Kilby
Crowell Sarah R cashr 119 Main h 7 Fears ct
Crowell Shirley clk LePages Inc r 18 Western av
Crowell Wm H lieut FE 4 r 906 Wash
Crowley Artell B jr (Hilda A) USCG r 41 Comlth av
Crowley Bernard C (Leila) master mariner h 31 High
Crowley Eug (josephine) pntr h 95 Prospect
Crowley Herbert L (Nellie F) (Belmont) sum res 968 Wash
Crowley Thos P (Lida A) clk h 48 Cleveland
Crowley Wm J calker railway av h 213 Wash
Cruser Carolyn ( E Orange, N J) sum res Fairview, 52A Eastern Point rd
Cruz Jos (Jennie) fishermn h 67 Prospect
Cuddy Mary asst city and City Hall h 9 Prospect
Cudios Emerson h Ledge rd
Cuilla Marie r 29 Mansfield
Cullen Margt T died Nov 1, 1941
Cullen Walter H (Mary E) h 4 Conant av
Cullivan Edw D (Priscilla) lab h 22 Columbia
Cullivan Patk W lab r 22 columbia
Culver Anna R maid Addison Gilbert Hosp r 168 Wash
Culver Doris E Mrs packer r 4 myrtle sq
Cummings Chas E (Leah) h 101 Wash
Cummings R P Mrs (Philadelphia, Pa) r Hawthorne Inn
Cunha Earl (Linda M) lab Consolidated Lobster Co h 117 Centennial av
Cunha Jos P fish handler r 10 Staten
Cunningham A Ida wid Fredk W clk Geo K Rogers Store r 46 Pleasant
Cunningham Chas A died May 19, 1942
Cunningham Chas Walter ( M Josephine) blksmth Water dept h 19 Madison sq
Cunningham Donald E, USN r 626 Wash
Cunningham Florence (Gloucester School of the Theatre) and (Inner Harbor Inn) h 258 Wash
Cunningham Frances E wid Guy h 12 Hovey
Cunningham Franklin N, USN r 12 Hovey
Cunningham Fred L (Mary L) h 39 River rd
Cunningham Geo supt Annisquam PO h 6 Millett
Cunningham Jas H (Annie M) eng PO bldg h 16 Myrtle sq
Cunningham Jas M r 39 River rd
Cunningham John D (Corinne) ins h 626 Wash
Cunningham John D jr, ins r 626 Wash
Cunningham John P prin Eastern Avenue School (USN)
Cunningham M Clayton musn r 19 Madison sq
Cunningham Margt M wid John J r 24 Summer
Cunningham Myrtle H wid Ralph P h 162 Wash
Cunningham Nora I r 6 Millett
Cunningham Paint Co Inc, Owen E Steele pres Addison D Martin treas pntrs 55 Main
Cunningham Ralph E (Norma) dentist 201 Main rm 3 h 4 lookout
Cunningham Robt (Alice) fish wkr h 15 Essex
Cunningham Sylvester, USN r 12 Hovey
Cunningham Walter fishermn r 141 E Main
Cunningham Wm T (Edith) h 258 Wash
Cunningham & Kerr (William E Kerr) insurance and real estate 111 Main tels 3280-3281 For further information see page 14 Buyers' Guide and left top lines
Cunningham & Thompson's Wharf 88 Commercial
Cupboard The (Lester P Bragg & Benj C Haley) restr Hough av
Curcuru Benj (Josephine) pres-treas Producers Fish Co h 131 western av
Curcuru Chas J (Margt A) fish handler h 16 Myrtle sq
Curcuru John B (Irene B) fish handler h 29 Church
Curcuru John B, USA r 1 Beach ct
Curcuru Jos (Angeline) fishermn h 15 Middle
Curcuru Jos C studt r 131 Western av
Curcuru Nicholas, USN r 1 Beach ct
Curcuru Philip (Grace) fishermn h 1 Beach ct
Curcuru Philip B studt r 131 western av
Curcuru Salvatore J (Rose J) fish handler h 29 Church
Curcuru Saml (Florence) fishermn h 47 Commercial
Curcuru Saml (Elaine) mgr Producers Fish Co h 62 Centennial av
Curcuru Thos r 1 Beach ct
Curhan Edw (Ida A) (Curhan Stamp Co) h 8 Stone ct
Curhan Stamp Co (Edw Curhan) 14 Pleasant
Curley Ada A wid Stephen H r 7 Foster
Curley Chas A (Mary L) (Curley's Esso Station) h 16A Myrtle sq
Curley Delia R wid edw h 159 E Main
Curley Jennie Mrs h 11 Locust
Curley John J (leona M) liquors 26 Rogers h 11 Harvard
Curley Mary wid Michl r 102 Maplewood av
Curley Mary (Mrs Stephen J) died Sept 4, 1941
Curley Nora dom r 14 Harvard
Curley Patk E (Maud D) sanitary insp City Hall h 57 Western av
Curley Roy P lab r 159 E Main
Curley Stephen J died feb 3, 1942
Curley Thos J (Kathleen R) chauf h 461/2 Warner
Curley Wm E (Nora A) furn wkr h 8 Middle
Curley Wm M (Arline G) linemn Gloucester Electric Co h 16 millett
Curley's Esso Station (Chas A Curley) 85 Wash
Curran Annie K wid Bartholomew died July 15, 1941
Curran Arthur F fish handler r 10 Stanley ct
Curran Edw r City Infirmary
Curran Edw L slsmn r 10 Stanley ct
Curran Francis J slsmn r 31 Centennial av
Curran Jas A fish hndlr h 10 Stanley ct
Curran Kathleen G sec r 31 Centennial av
Curran Marjorie A maid r 30 Millett
Curran Mary A wid Thos W h 13 Woodbury
Curran Thos W (Mary) died Aug 16, 1941
Curran Timothy (Delia) h 31 Centennial av
Curran Walter M (Eliz C) lab h 30 Millett
Curran Walter M jr, mgr r 30 Millett
Currie Anna r 48 Friend
Currie Clark W (Jennie W) (Somerville) sr Stage Fort av
Currie John F (Mary J) h 23 MtVernon
Currie Sarah S wid manuel h 48 Friend
Currier Albert A mgr r 245 E Main
Currier Anthony F formn Wm J Crawley h 245 E Main
Currier C Dean, USA r 6 Mason
Currier Chas B (Alice E) gardnr h 248 Western av
Currier Chas M gardnr r 10 sayward
Currier Chester D mariner r 245 E Main
Currier Clarence E (Mabel P) clk L E Andrews & Co h 6 Mason
Currier Eben L farmer h 236 Concord WG
Currier Edw M (Eleanor M) mach h 131/3 Main
Currier Ernest sr 255 Concord WG
Currier Ezra H (Carrie T) farmer h 237 Concord WG
Currier Geo B (Eleanor C) USA r 10 Sayward
Currier Geo W (Harriet M) h 301/2 Exchange
Currier Irene wid Bradley E (NY city) sr Fort Hill av
Currier Jas M (Blanche S) formn h 231 Eastern av
Currier Lester O forge heater r 301/2 Exchange
Currier Margt B wid Chas h 10 Sayward
Currier Newton A (Anne) pipeftr h 5 Bond
Curry John H ( M Blanche) firemn lab PO h 22 Eastern av
Curtin Patk H Rev asst pastor StAnn's RC ch r 60 Prospect
Curtis Alf H ( S Curtis Sons) h 264 Wash
Curtis Allen (Carrie W) civ eng (Boston) h 38 School
Curtis Allen jr, eng (New Haven Conn) r 38 School
Curtis Barbara E tchr Forbes sch r 264 Wash
Curtis Betsey P gen sec Associated Charities r 134 Centennial av
Curtis Chester L ( J Etta) cashr Gloucester National Bank of Gloucester 185 Main h 83 Western av
Curtis D Olive tchr (Revere) h 192 Wash
Curtis E Sumner (Bernice S) (S Curtis Sons) h 265 Wash
Curtis Eliz M h 132 Centennial av
Curtis Ernest R (Clara A) boat bldr 114 Wheeler h 16 Riverview
Curtis Ernest S (Alice M) (S Curtis Sons) h 273 Wash
Curtis Florence R clk Cape Ann Savings Bank r 114 Prospect
Curtis Leigh died March 31, 1942
Curtis Lillian F r 132 Centennial av
Curtis Lizzie S h 267 Wash
Curtis M Evelyn asst physical educ Public schs r 114 Prospect
Curtis Marion clk Wm G Brown Co r 132 Centennial av
Curtis Mary S Mrs real est 114 Prospect h do
Curtis Maud A (Mrs Alf H) died feb 25, 1942
Curtis Nellie M supvr r 80A Middle
Curtis Otis E (Helen L) carp h 41 Wheeler
Curtis Robt D (Eleanor C) (S Curtis Sons) h 275 Wash
Curtis Russell M (Rosalind C) contr and bldr 151 Western av h do
Curtis S Sons (Alf H, Ernest S, Robert D and E Sumner) florists 272 Washington tel 301-W
Curtis Sarah E h 10 Haskell
Curtis Sylvia L h 87 Prospect
Curtis Virginia I wid Henry died Jan 1, 1942
Curtis Walter L service hlpr Gloucester Elec Co r 41 Wheeler
Curtis Wilbur E (M Marguerite) shoe rpr 2 Railroad av h 11 Amero ct
Curtis Wm H (Etta E) h 180 Wash
Curtis Wilma r 23 Pleasant
Cushing Fannie (Camb) sr Fairview 52A Eastern Point rd
Cushing Roger P Mrs sr Salt Island rd Brier Neck
Cusick Ethel (Mrs Grassia) died April 4, 1941
Cusick Richd, USN r 10 Locust
Cusick Robt (Priscilla) fish wkr h 10 Locust
Custis Eleanor artist sr 75 Rocky Neck av
Custis Marvin Mrs (Wash DC) sr Rocky Neck av
Custom House 15 dale av rm 200
Cusumano Angelo (Mary) fishermn h 76 Centennial av
Cutler Ruth E h 261 E Main
Cutler Wallace M (Elise S) cons eng h 732 Wash
Cutter Mary B Mrs h 2 harvey pl
Cutter Walter E h 107 Concord WG
Cutting Carrie F wid Drummond h 6 Ashland pl