Polk's Gloucester (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed as in the original Polk Directory (pages 33-181). Rockport is not included in this directory. The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Imbrunone John (Vincie G) gro 53 Main h 16 Granite
Improved Order of Redmen Wingaersheek Tribe No12 Albert E Dickerson chief of records meets Thursdays at 65 Middle
Degree of Pocahontas Utica Circle, Mrs Saml C Robinson, K of R 6 Acacia meets Tues at 65 Middle
Ina (Palm Beach, Fla) (Akel S Ina) linens and laces Lexington av Magnolia
Ina Akel S (Mabel) (Ina) h at Palm Beach Fla
Independent Christian Church (Universalist) 50 Middle Rev Clinton L Scott pastor
Independent Fisheries Co Wharf 51 Wharf
Independent Hall 175 E Main
Independent Machine Co, Reuben Cameron pres Wallace Bruce treas Geo H Morse clk 43 Wharf
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Odd Fellows Hall 89 Main Cape Ann Encampment No 33 Willis P Cressy treas 286 Wash meets 1st Thurs at 89 Main
Sea Shore Rebecca Lodge No 14 Mrs Estelle W Purdy rec sec 73 Bond meets 2d and 4th Tues at 89 Main
Ingalls Chas A (May E) asst cashr and asst trust officer Cape Ann Natl Bank h 97 Wash
Ingalls Clarence H (Iona R) fish trimmer h 8 Highland pl
Ingalls Eliz N chemist (Boston) r 11 Harrison av
Ingalls Etta H wid Guy B h 11 Harrison av
Ingalls Guy B (Etta H) died Mar 11, 1942
Ingersoll Chas C (Evelyn L) maint mn h 18 Mystic av
Ingersoll Chas L (Nettie M) pntr Gloucester Times h 299 Essex av WG
Ingersoll Dorothy M sec (Boston) r 10 Burnham
Ingersoll Helen M sten Cape Ann Laundry & Dry Cleaning Co r 12 Chapel
Ingersoll Howard L fish wkr r 10 Burnham
Ingersoll John R chauf r 10 Burnham
Ingersoll Justine L (Emma M) fish wkr h 12 Chapel
Ingersoll Lowell S (Mary C) fishermn h 14 Staten
Ingersoll Lydia wid Walter J h 10 Burnham
Ingersoll Nellie S clk r 299 Essex av WG
Ingersoll Robt T (Lempi E) auto mech r 380 Wash
Ingersoll Saml M (Mary) United Shoe (Beverly) h 41 Beacon
Ingersoll Sumner S clk Gloucester Elec Co r 64 Centennial av
Ingersoll Walter E (Mary G) hlpr h 10 Pew ct
Ingersoll Wm (Mary A) h 380 Wash
Inglis Antoinette Mrs h 28 Leonard
Intermideo Tina (Margt) hlpr h 17 Granite
International Beauty Shop (Angelo F Squillace) 12 Pleasant
Interrante Gaspar (Rose) fishermn h 27 Mansfield
Interstate Automatic Candy Corp, Grace Thomas mgr conf 73 Main
Iona Supply Company 7 Pond, Salem tel Salem 2543
Iovanne Margt packer r 24 School
Iovanne Mary wid Carmen h 24 School
Iovanne Nicholas (Marguerite) ship pntr Parkhurst Marine Rwy h 40 School
Iovanne Philomena Indry wkr r 24 School
Ireland Alf G (Ethel C) mgr h 562 Essex av WG
Ireland Orville F (Alice M) asst treas Gloucester Safe Deposit and Trust Co h 462 Essex av WG
Irvin Oscar L (Henrietta F) lab h 9 Staten
Irvin Richd F (Avis R) lab h 22 Locust
Irving Eliz G tchr Hovey sch r 4 Riggs
Irving Eliz G wid Ralph W h 4 Riggs
Irving Etta F (Mrs Frank J) died Sept 18, 1940
Irving Evelyn G r 231 Main
Irving Everett G (Hattie G) r 8 Riggs
Irving Frank J hlpr h 231 Main
Irving Geo W (Mary E) h 30 Prospect
Irving Jeannette B Mrs (Recreation Bowling Alleys) r 35 Middle
Irving Lester C (Carrie M) rprmn NET&T Co h 27 Harrison av
Irving Margt E r 4 Riggs
Irving Ralph B (Marion) shipper h 25 Lookout
Irving Robt C stockmn F W Woolworth Co r 25 Lookout
Irving Stephen T (Florence M) clk Frank Powler Inc r 27 Harrison av
Irving William R (Jeannette B) physician 35 Middle tel 287 h do tel do
Irwin John A (Gail F) agt Ry Ex h 326 Wash
Irwin's (Daytona Beach, Fla) Mrs Irwin Morrison mgr Women's wear Lexington av Magnolia
Isaacs John (Agnes) fishermn h 8 Prospect
Isaacsen Arthur M (Annie C) fishermn h 200 Wash
Isaacsen Gerald A, USN r 200 Wash
Isner Jessie F wid Rupert r 21 Trask
Israelite Katie wid Peter B (Bangor Creamery Co) h 7 Exchange
Italian Groceries, Jos Virgilio 10 Western av
Ives Eleanor (Winchester) summer res Norwood Hts
Ives Fredk (Charlotte) (Winchester) summer res Norwood Hts