Polk's Gloucester (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed as in the original Polk Directory (pages 33-181). Rockport is not included in this directory. The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Nacastro Josephine wid Jos h 9 Gould ct
Nagle John (Allie) (Brookline) sum res Kent rd off Essex av WG
Nagle John 3d (Brookline) sum res Kent rd WG
Nagle John J prntr r 72 Prospect
Nagle Mary A bkpr h 72 Prospect
Nagle Ruth F (Brookline) sum res Kent rd WG
Nahass Annie wid Mirshid h 29 Willow
Nahass Norman (Priscilla) died june 30, 1942
Nahass Phyllis winder r 29 Willow
Nakis Gladys G Mrs r 27 Bass av
Nally Annie B h 15 Friend
Nally Fredk J (Isabel M) chauf Patk J Nally r 80 Bass av
Nally John sum res Brier Neck
Nally John E (Ellen M) carrier PO h 72 Bass av
Nally Patk J range and fuel oil 86 Grove r 82 Bass av
Nally Robt J (Ada L) shipwright h 22 Friend
Nangle Oil Co (Wm J Nangle) rear 99 Duncan
Nangle Wm J (N Jeannette) (Nangle Oil Co) h 9 Essex av
Nangle Wm J jr r 9 Essex av
Napier Chas fish handler r 12 Wash sq
Nash Emma C h 20 Pine
Nason Earl S (Mary A) h 7 Hickory
Nasser Emilia M wid Zar h 34 Clevelabd
Nasser John J (Helen G) formn General Sea Foods h 39 Derby
National Butchers Co, Saul S Block mgr meats 99 Main
National House Furnishing Co inc Mass' 35 Joseph E Kerr pres-treas Benedict A Kerr asst treas furniture, jewelry, carpets and house furnishings 196-198 Main tel 1904-For further information see front cover
National Loan Co (Harry Slafsky) loans and gift shop 76 Main
Natti Eino A, USA r 1142 Wash
Natti Erick (Matilda N) lab h 1142 Wash
Natti Ilmar M sculptor's asst r 1142 Wash
Natti John J studt r 1142 Wash
Natti Lauri D (Elsie H) office mgr Linen Thread Co h 13 McLellan
Natti Robt H tchr r 1142 Wash
Natti Wm E, USN r 1142 Wash
Nauss Benj S, USA r 77 Middle
Nauss Chas S (Fannie E) pres-treas L B Nauss & Sons Inc h 20 Wonson
Nauss L B & Sons Inc Charles S Nauss pres-treas Charles Henry Gibbs asst treas-mgr Daniel K Davis asst mgr lumber, lime and cement Railroad av opp Depot tels 195-196-197-For further information see page 18 Buyers' Guide, back bone, top and bottom ends and front edge
Nauss Loren H (Grace S) h 77 Middle
Nauss Robt M jr, lab r 14 Harold av
Naves Manuel (Gloria) fish wkr h 5 Elwell
Nearis Josiah B (Edith A) h 15 Colonial
Neilsen Bessie T clk Cape Ann Savings Bank r 12 Gloucester av
Neilsen Chester A tchr (Lexington) r 12 Gloucester av
Neilsen Neils C (Augusta) rigger h 12 Gloucester av
Nelles Mary wid Walter (New Haven Conn) h Cambridge av
Nelles Peter P, USA sum res Cambridge av
Nelson Addie N Mrs tel opr NET&T Co r 179 Wash
Nelson Anna G wid Wm h 50 MtVernon
Nelson Annie E wid John S r 44 Grove
Nelson Annie S wid Anton h 10 Trask
Nelson Arthur C (Grace P) eng r 38 Sargent
Nelson Arthur L (Eleanor G) lab h 11 Sylvan
Nelson Arthur L wharfmn Gloucester Coal & Lumber Co h 11 Sylvan
Nelson Bertha J sten Gloucester Safe Deposit & Trust Co h 21 Addison
Nelson Carl W mach r 246 Wash
Nelson Celia M wid Henry O h 246 Wash
Nelson Chas r 2 Walker ct WG
Nelson Chas (Hulda C L) master mariner h 7 Bellevue av
Nelson Chas C (Anna M) dentist 6 Pleasant h 7 Church
Nelson Danl E (Addie W) h 179 Wash
Nelson Doris maid Richd B Fisher 4 Hovey
Nelson Eliz M wid John h 13 Procter
Nelson Ellen wid Peter N h 2 Brightside av
Nelson Elliott R died Mar 16, 1942
Nelson Forest L lab r 13 Exchange
Nelson Francis firemn Gloucester Electric Co r 50 MtVernon Beverly
Nelson Franklin E, USN r 50 MtVernon
Nelson G Roger paints and oils and pntr 10 Railroad av r 21 Addison
Nelson Grace M prin Haskell sch r 9 Harrison av
Nelson Ida G wid Emil M h 6 Gerring rd
Nelson Jean T r 58 Eastern av
Nelson John B (Mabel E) eng h 1101 Wash
Nelson John E farmer h 2 Walker ct
Nelson John E (Helen M) mach h 15 Hawthorne rd
Nelson John F tchr Central Grammar sch h 8 Riggs
Nelson John H r 98 Centennial av
Nelson John P (Neta) jan Gloucester Gas Light Co h 98 Centennial av
Nelson Jos P (Ethel D) coml supvr Gloucesterr Gas Light Co h 88 Centennial av
Nelson Jos P jr, clk Dutchland Farms r 88 Centennial av
Nelson Josephine W wid Saml r 8 Riggs
Nelson Josephine W wid Saml r 8 Riggs
Nelson Lars F (Margt B) firemn Eng 3 h 22 Chapel
Nelson Leo A (Marie) pntr r 605 Western av Magnolia
Nelson Lillian J fish packer Davis Bros r 9 Lookout
Nelson Manton K (Nelson's Bakery) r 10 Trask
Nelson Margt Mrs (Delray Beach Fla) fabrics and yarns Lexington av Magnolia r at Manchester
Nelson Mary L tchr Central Grammar sch r 10 Trask
Nelson Mildred r 21 Addison
Nelson Neil J pharm Leo E Comeau r 58 Eastern av
Nelson Nicholas (Emma J) h 605 Western av Magnolia
Nelson Nora F G wid Ralph h 13 Exchange
Nelson Norman G oil dealer r 13 Exchange
Nelson Oliver (Ethel C) clk PO h 6 Riggs
Nelson Olof (Johanna) fishermn supplies 309 Main h at Long Beach
Nelson Oscar (May) B&M h Lynndale av WG
Nelson Paul G r 246 Wash
Nelson Peter N (Ellen) died Nov 25, 1940
Nelson Phyllis D slswmn r 88 Centennial av
Nelson Ralph Russell hlpr r 13 Exchange
Nelson Richd C baker r 88 Centennial
Nelson Roy R, USN r 605 Western av Magnolia
Nelson S Kimball (Nelson's Bakery) r 10 Trask
Nelson Simon V (Abbie M) fishermn h rear 183 E Main
Nelson Walter F jan Gloucester Natl Bank of Gloucester h 394 Western av
Nelson Wm A (Victoria Q) sub carrier PO h 51/2 Sadler
Nelson's Bakery (Manton K and S Kimball Nelson) 5 Sargent
Nelson Block 311-313 Main
Nettler Walter (Marie) bkpr h Norseman av
Nevarate Helene (Chez Nevarte)
Neves Anthony (Deolinda) lab h 5 Poplar ct
Neves Antoine J (Mary) gdnr h 4 Summit
Neves Antone J (Mary) sum res Rowley Shore
Neves Antonio (Mary) h 16 Friend
Neves Rose nurse r 4 Summit
New England Telephone & Telegraph Co business office 14 Elm
Newberry J J Co, Raymond Myler mgr five, ten and twenty-five cent store 207 Main
Newell Alfred M, USA r 6 Prospect
Newell Clara S wid Geo F r 110 Prospect
Newell Geo H (Marion) died Mar 26, 1941
Newell Jas W (Brookline) sum res Nautilus rd Bass Rocks
Newell Jones E (Doris M) steel ctr Cape Ann Tool Co h 52 Grove
Newell Katherine H wid John L sum res Nautilus rd Bass Rocks
Newell Louise packer r 6 Prospect
Newell Marion A wid Geo H h 83 Middle
Newell Wm H (Annie L) steward h 6 Prospect
Newman Carrie wid John W r 441/2 Main
Newman Chas W (Wilhelmina A) chauf h 12 Concord, WG
Newman Donald S clk r 8 Day ct WG
Newman Ernest C (Eleanor A) truckmn 129 Magnolia av Magnolia
Newman Geo H (Bertha E) gdnr h Cole's Island, WG
Newman Lillian (Detroit, Mich) sum res 6 Mason sq
Newman Mabel E bkpr D F Harris & Sons Inc r 70 Magnolia av
Newman Margt E fish packer r 129 Magnolia av Magnolia
Newman Merrill R (Avis M) ice dealer h 286 Essex av WG
Newman Myron J (Marion M) driver O'Neill & Newman h 4 Concord, WG
Newman Paul (Hazel) formn Griffin's Coal Wharf h 70 Magnolia av Magnolia
Newman Paul B (Hazel A) chauf Griffin & Co r 128 Magnolia av Magnolia
Newman Ralph S (Virginia E) chauf Griffin & Co r 128 Magnolia av Magnolia
Newman Richd hlpr Griffin & Co r 70 Magnolia av Magnolia
Newman Richd, USA r 129 Magnolia av Magnolia
Newman Seth M (Ethel L) driver O'Neil & Newman h 8 Day ct WG
Newman Waldo P (Margt J) calker Wm J Crawley h 342 Essex av WG
Newton D Augustine Rev (Reading) sum res Atlantic rd Bass Rocks
Newton Walter H (Lue) sum res Woodman st WG
Nicastro Annie opr r 7 Water
Nicastro Baptiste (Caroline) fishermn h 53 Fort sq
Nicastro Battista (Felicia) fishermn h rear 3 Fort sq
Nicastro Ciro (Serafina) fishermn h 53 Fort sq
Nicastro Jas (Grace) fishermn h 7 Water
Nicastro Philip (Grace) fishermn h 19 Chestnut
Nicastro Salvatore (Vincenza) fishermn h 53 Fort sq
Nicastro Saml (Mary) fishermn h 7 Water
Nichols Abbie Mrs visitor The Shaw Fund r at Cambridge
Nichols Candy Kitchen (Walter W Nichols) confr 81 Main
Nichols Danl candy mkr Nichols Candy Kitchen r 8 Columbia
Nichols Edw (Ida) formn h 8 Columbia
Nichols Edw L, USN r Barberry la
Nichols Ella nurse h 9 Foster
Nichols Ernest R mech Cape Ann Motors Inc r 2 Brierwood
Nichols Florence sum res Prospect ter Brier Neck
Nichols Frank P (Nellie P) h 150 Leonard
Nichols Geo C (Jeannette S) dentist 128 Main rm 5 h 711 Wash
Nichols Geo C draw tndr Blynman Bridge h 711 Wash, Annisquam
Nichols Harriet A clk Wm G Brown Co r 2 Brierwood
Nichols Haslam G (Jennie M) fishermn h Barberry la
Nichols Jeannette S Mrs nurse r 711 Wash
Nichols Leola l sec Mary Eliz Hammond 196 Western av
Nichols Louisa wid Wm A h 2 Brierwood
Nichols Luther fish ctr r 71 Middle
Nichols Margt A wid Adelbert (Claremont NH) sum res Nashua av
Nichols Morton R (Jane C) driver Hose 1 h 97 Western av
Nichols Seviah drsmkr 8 Columbia r do
Nichols Susan h 8 Columbia r do
Nichols Walter W (Margt H) (Nichols Candy Kitchen) h 14 Myrtle sq
Nicholson Adeline wid Chas r 19 Warner
Nicholson Chas E wldr r 12 Wash sq
Nicholson Saima A wid John R h 19 Warner
Nickas Anna clk F W Woolworth Co r 1 Friend
Nickas Antonio (Samata) gro 156 Prospect h 1 Friend
Nickas Callie clk S S Kresge Co r 1 Friend
Nickas Chas (Rena) restr h 148 Prospect
Nickas Ouranta (Rena) restr 376 Main h 148 Prospect
Nickas Wm (Georgia) restr 320 Main h do
Nickerson Alice E wid Harry S h 12 Stanley ct
Nickerson Annie E wid Wm L h 72 Maplewood av
Nickerson Augustus h 108 Wash
Nickerson Barbara F packer r 22B Taylor
Nickerson Bowman C (Mary A) h 7 Willow
Nickerson Bridget A wid Chas R h 9 Perkins
Nickerson Chas S lab h 22B Taylor
Nickerson Clifford A (Helen) elctn h 2 Forest
Nickerson Constance (Mrs Kenneth W) died Nov 8, 1940
Nickerson Doane S (Carrie E) eng h 1 Exchange
Nickerson Ernest B (Madeline D) lobster packer h 3 Sylvan ct
Nickerson Eldora F wid Wallace E h 1092 Wash
Nickerson Eleanor P wid Jos W r 123 Prospect
Nickerson Eliz F beautician r 42 School
Nickerson Ernest lobstermn r 12 Chestnut
Nickerson Florence clk Wm G Brown
Nickerson Harry S jr, auto mech r 12 Stanley ct
Nickerson Idella M wid Roy M r 41/2 Perkins
Nickerson Jas A (Mary A) died Feb 20, 1941
Nickerson Kenneth S (Elsie R) lab LePage's Inc h 447 Wash
Nickerson Kenneth W merchant marine r 4 Gee av
Nickerson Leroy (Louisa R) chauf Gloucester Coal & Lumber Co h 12 Carlisle
Nickerson Leslie L (Florence M) chauf Gloucester Coal & Lumber Co h 5 Mystic av
Nickerson Mary A wid Jas A h 35 Derby
Nickerson Mary C r 22B Taylor
Nickerson Minnie wid Edgar h 12 Railroad av
Nickerson Raymond A (Eva M) maintenance mn h 24 Madison sq
Nickerson Stanford O (Cordelia) formn Consolidated Lobster Co h 42 School
Nickerson Sumner fish handler r 12 Chestnut
Nickerson Wallis G (Grace E) lab LePage's Inc h 447 Wash
Nickerson Wm fishermn r 104 Duncan
Nickerson Wm (Mildred) lab h 10 Cedar
Nickerson Wm L r 72 Maplewood av
Nickerson Wm R, USA r 9 Perkins
Nicolosi Augustino (Lucy) fruit h 76 Wash
Nicolosi Chas auto mech r 76 Wash
Nicolosi Eleanor clk Gorin's Stores r 76 Wash
Nicolosi Frances studt r 76 Wash
Nicolosi Lawrence (Harriet W) fishermn h 12 Granite
Nicolosi Salvatore, USA r 76 Wash
Nielsen Mark (Gloucester Food Shop) r 23 Mansfield
Nielsen Matilda J (Mrs Niels B) died Jan 29, 1941
Niemi Arnold B (Esther E) lab h 5 Viking
Niemi Carl A lab r 21 Brierwood
Niemi Donald N (Blanche) lab h 41 Langsford
Niemi Emil (Olga) quarrymn h 5 Viking
Niemi Emil A (Annie H) paving ctr h 21 Brierwood
Niemi Geo T (Lillian M) Cape Ann Tool h 3 Norseman av
Niemi Helen J clk Cape Ann Natl Bank r 1130 Wash
Niemi Nestor (Ida) h 5 Norseman av
Niemi Wm E (Lydia J) carp h 1130 Wash
Nikola Aune A sten MacInnis & Wonson r 16 Langsford
Nikola Briita wid John h rear 56 Langsford
Nikola Matti (Lempi) carp h 16 Langsford
Nikola Siama sec r rear 56 Langsford
Nikola Toivo H (Lily) drfstmn r rear 56 Langsford
Ninfo Frank (Rose) fish packer h 25 Mansfield
Ninfo Jennie clk Gorin's Stores r 25 Mansfield
Nissinen Mary Mrs (Princess Beauty Shoppe) h 20 Eastern Point rd
Nixon A Clifton meter reader Gloucester Elec Co h 6 Wiley
Nixon Ann B Mrs gift shop Lexington av Magnolia h do
Nixon May A maid r 11 Mansfield
Nixon Ralph I baker r 15 Liberty
Nixon Wm A (Cecelia A) fish handler h 6 Caledonia pl
Noble Albert E (Ada C) police h 17 Comlth av
Noble Barbara r 34 Perkins
Noble Chas H (Mary A) carrier PO h 7 Sadler
Noble Chas H jr (Jennie) carrier Annisquam PO h 7 Sadler
Noble Clarence E (Annie C) watchmn h 5 Oak
Noble E G (Eleazer G Noble) plumbing and heating 22 E Main tel 100-For further information see page 22 Buyers' Guide
Noble Eleazer G (Margt A) ( E G Noble) h 22 E Main tel 100
Noble Ernest W (Julia M) guard Cape Ann Tool Co h 9 Liberty
Noble Florence A Mrs stitcher D O Frost r 24 Liberty
Noble Jerome (Grace J) fishermn h 50 Warner
Noble Jerome jr r 50 Warner
Noble John W (Alvira M) watchmn and call capt Hose 1 h 34 Perkins
Noble Pauline E clk S S Kresge Co r 17 Comlth
Noble Robt E v-pres Consolidated Lobster Co Inc h at Adams
Noble Robt G, USN r 22 E Main
Noble Ruth A sten r 17 Comlth av
Noble Wm R (Madge) lab h 27 Gee av
Nocton Alice M clk r 431/2 Warner
Nocton Jas P (Edith F) lab h 431/2 Warner
Nocton Lenora Mrs h 741/2 Gloucester av
Noesworthy Moses F rigger h 36 Derby
Nordling Walter lab r 31 Langsford
Norris Caroline (Baltimore Md) sum res Fairview 52A Eastern Point rd
Norris Genevieve M wid Geo A h 64 Grove
Norris J Alf marine eng r 64 Grove
Norris John J jr (Eunice M) fish wkr h 104 Pleasant
Norris Lucy E Mrs h 311/2 Rogers
North Harriet Mrs (Minneapolis Minn) sum res 62 Eastern Point rd
North Shore Arts Association, Reed's wharf off 197 E Main
North Shore Credit Bureau Austin F Daley treas credit reports 120 Main rm 9 tel 889
North Shore Dyeing & Cleaning House (Saml and Robt Kramer) 245 Main
North Shore Fillet Co (Richd J Ryan) whol fish Gloucester Fish Pier
North Shore Fruit Store (John A Silva) 218 Main
North Shore furniture Co Inc Jacob Levy pres-treas complete home furnishers and upholsterers 161 Main tel 94
North Shore Inn The, hotel Hesperus av Magnolia
North Shore Taxi (Manuel G Souza) 301 Main
North Shore Theatre, Arthur S Murch mgr 281 Main
North Shore Veterinary Hospital (Dr Osman Babson) rear 341 Wash
Northway Edgar stone ctr h 4 Linwood pl
Norton Fredk H (Ann H) prof MIT (Cam) h 90 Revere
Norton Jane B studt r 90 Revere
Norton Margt herbs h 146 Leonard
Norton Morris H (Mamie) (Norton's) h 16 Poplar
Norton's (Morris H Norton) ladies' furnishings 143 Main
Norwood Aaron A died March 17, 1941
Norwood Albert F h 16 Spring
Norwood Albert M (Lenore C) clk Sears Roebuck & Co h 92 Prospect
Norwood Carleton gas sta 321 Main h 154 Main Rockport
Norwood Chas A jr (Dorothy B) carp 426 Wash h do
Norwood Chester H (Emma J) carp h 25 Mason
Norwood Doris S librarian Village Hall Library r 424 Wash
Norwood Eliz W clk Linen Thread Co r 25 Mason
Norwood Esther J wid Chas A h 424 Wash
Norwood Gladys E sten Linen Thread Co r 25 Mason
Norwood Jaane M slsmn Filene's r at Salem
Norwood Raymond R (Eliz B) purch agt (Wash DC) h 6 Hodgkins
Noseworthy Robt (Lena) fishermn h 30 Warner
Notman Edith (NY City) sum res Eastern Point blvd W
Noto Peter fishermn h 10 Pearl
Novello Bonaventura (Vincenza) fishermn h 32 Fort sq
Novello Jos (Lena) fishermn h 32 Fort sq
Novello Nicholas (Rosalie) fishermn h 32 Fort sq
Novello saml r 32 Fort sq
Nowe Albert E (Emma A) h 3 Burnham
Nowe Bernard M (Lillian C) driver r 134 Prospect
Nowe Christianna E wid John H r 12 Arthur
Nowe David L (Helen G) fish ctr h 7 Cleveland pl
Nowe Edmund E (Mary J) knitter m 14 Dodge
Noyes Frank A (Noyes Transportation Co) h 16 Gloucester av
Noyes Geo W (A Kathleen) truckmn 5 Maple h do
Noyes Transportation Co (Frank A Noyes) 121 Rogers
Nugent Catherine A r 22 Witham
Nugent Chas J (Clara H) fish dealer h 22 Witham
Nugent Edw J died Oct 19, 1940
Nugent Geo C (Alice A) farmer h 137 Eastern av
Nugent Geo C jr, farmer h 137 Eastern av
Nugent Jas P (Mary L) supt h 14 Marble
Nugent John lab r 22 Witham
Nugent Madeline E studt r 14 Marble
Nugent Margt E tchr r 14 Marble
Nugent Mary J tchr Babson sch r 14 Marble
Nugent Richd O farmer r 137 Eastern av
Nugent Sarah h 164 Prospect
Nunes Domingos P h 27 Green
Nunes Eleanor M opr r 32 Concord, WG
Nunes Evelyn M r 24A Friend
Nunes Hannibal A (Rosalinda) pntr h 50 MtVernon
Nunes Helen I clk Snow White Laundry r 32 Concord
Nunes Jos A h 3 Wonson
Nunes Manuel A lab h 32 Concord, WG
Nunes Melvin S (Gwendelyn M) wharf wkr h 513 Essex av WG
Nunes Nora Mrs r 25 MtVernon
Nunes Philomena (Mrs Jos A) died march 30, 1942
Nunes Stephen (Rosella) fish handler h 24A Friend
Nurmi Gustaf (Aili) mason h 35 Granite
Nutting Mary L r 6 Procter
Nutton Andrew H (Harriet L) priorities mgr Cape Ann Anchor & Forge Co h Overlook av WG
Nutton Isaac D (Alice G) treas Cape Ann Anchor & Forge Co h 103 Centennial av
Nutton Raymond, USN r 292 Western av
Nystrom Henry fishermn r 8 Duncan