Polk's Gloucester (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed as in the original Polk Directory (pages 33-181). Rockport is not included in this directory. The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Pacheco Frank (Dorothy) lab h rear 99 Duncan
Pacheco Malvin, USA r 21 MtVernon
Pacheco Otis (Louise W) lab h 21 MtVernon
Padre Alcides fishermn r 18 Elwell
Padre John B (Ethel) chef Hotel Savoy h 18 Elwell
Padre Jos R (Mary T) fishermn h 30A Friend
Page Jos lab r 10 Sylvan
Page Peggy Beauty Salon (Harry Jarnes) 269 Main
Paige Edw sum res Causeway WG
Paige Lillian M musn h Nashua av
Painters Union, John E Carrigan sec Wells meets 2d and 4th Wednesday at 100 Main
Pajari Esther A clk Cape Ann National Bank r 1A Norseman av
Pajari John A (Jennie) h 1A Norseman av
Palasetti Anthony stone mason h 7 Arcadia ct
Palazola Anthony stone mason h 3 Mansfield
Palazola Antonio (Anna) fishermn h 23 Mansfield
Palazola Antonio jr, fishermn r 3 Mansfield
Palazola Carl (Sadie) fishermn h rear 3 Lloyd
Palazola Jerry fishermn r 3 Mansfield
Palazola Saml J h 1 Mansfield
Palazzolla Clifford (Filippina) fishermn h 48 Fort sq
Palazzolo Josephine wid Salvatore r 6 Orchard
Palelli Louis U (Catherine M) bldg contr 6 Andrews h do
Palelli Louis V clk r 6 Andrews
Palisola Vito (Annie) fishermn h 161/2 Main
Palisola Vito jr, fishermn r 161/2 Main
Palk Earl R shtmlwkr L E Smith Plumbing & Heating Co r 31 Warner
Palk Wm E (Ruth M) clk h 625 Essex av WG
Pallazola Frank (Jennie) h 2 Beach ct
Pallazola Gaspare (Grace) fishermn h 22 Chestnut
Pallazola Gasper (Antonetta) h 55 Fort sq
Pallazola Jos (Vince) fishermn h 10 Middle
Pallazola Jos (Rose) fishermn h 55 Fort sq
Pallazola Serafino J (Mary J) fishermn r 3 Highland ct
Pallazolla Salvatore (Anna) USA h 6 Gould ct
Pallazolo Antonio fishermn r 3 Fort sq
Pallazolo Bertha wid Giuseppe h 3 Fort sq
Pallazolo Gaspar (Antonina) h 85 Commercial
Pallazolo Lorenzo (Julia) fishermn h 3 Fort sq
Pallazolo Saml, USA r 3 Fort sq
Palloni Dominic mill mn Gloucester Coal & Lumber Co r 271 Granite Rockport
Pally Barnet (Lillian) (Worcester) sum res Witham st Brier Neck
Palmer Beatrice W (Albany, N Y) sum res 12 Wiley
Palmer Francis M (Bertha E) fish handler h 24A Friend
Palmer Frank M (Margt) died Dec 22, 1941
Palmer Geo H (Lilla T) pntr h 51 Quarry
Palmer Louis M shoe rpr 58 Main h 1 Esperanto av WG
Palmer Margt Mrs mgr Scotty's Dry Cleaners h 18 Hampden
Palmieri Filomena studt nurse Addison Gilbert Hosp r 298 Wash
Palmisano Pasquale (Theresa) variety 29A Commercial h do
Palozala Vincent (Grace) fish handler h Babson ct
Panter Wm J (B Mildred) caretkr h 7 Gloucester av
Pappas Chas (Ruth) custodian h 85 Leonard
Pappas John C spcl justice District Court of Eastern Essex h at Watertown
Pappas Therion C custodian Legion Memorial Bldg r 102 Wheeler
Paquette John W carp r 4 Babson ct
Paquette Jos W (Mary H) fish handler h 51 Eastern av
Paquette Marguerite maid r 215 Western av
Paradis M Alice bkpr R J Ederer Co r 18 Hale Rockport
Parady Alf W (Aldrith M) fish ctr h 122 Maplewood av
Parady Alf W jr fish ctr r 122 Maplewood av
Parady Clifton L rem to Essex
Parady Jeannette insp r 122 Maplewood av
Parco Antonio, USN r 16 Main
Parco Cosimo (Catherine) fishermn h 12 Granite
Parco Salvatore (Mary) fishermn h 16 Main
Parisi Anthony (Nina) barber 62 Wash h 31 Whittemore
Parisi Anthony fishermn r 33 Rogers
Parisi Anthony (Theresa) USN h 27 Mansfield
Parisi Anthony jr r 31 Whittemore
Parisi Antonino (Catherina) fishermn h 19 Commercial
Parisi Baptiste box mkr r 31 Whittemore
Parisi Benj, USN r 69 Commercial
Parisi Domenick fishermn h 2 Fort sq
Parisi Dominic r 2 Fort sq
Parisi Jennie r 2 Fort sq
Parisi John (Clothilda) fishermn h 77 Friend
Parisi John (Mary) USA h 7 Water
Parisi John fishermn r 31 Whittemore
Parisi Jos (Mariana) h 2 Fort sq
Parisi Jos (Pearl) h 38 Wash sq
Parisi Jos (Grace) fish ctr h 11 School
Parisi Jos (Josephine) fishermn h 42 Fort sq
Parisi Jos fishermn r 9 Beach ct
Parisi Jos (Katherine) gardnr r 22 Plum
Parisi Lawrence, USA r 9 Beach ct
Parisi Lena r 20 Gould ct
Parisi Michl r 69 Commercial
Parisi Mildred (Mrs Paul) died Jan 30, 1941
Parisi Nicholas (Rose) fishermn h 2 Fort sq
Parisi Nicholas (Mary) fishermn h 20 Gould ct
Parisi Nicholas (Grace) fishermn h 45 Commercial
Parisi Paul fishermn r 33 Rogers
Parisi Percy hlpr r 22 Plum
Parisi Philip (Grace) fishermn h 9 Beach ct
Parisi Philip (Frances) fishermn h 11 School
Parisi Philip (Florence) fishermn h 33 Rogers
Parisi Phyllis M r 33 Rogers
Parisi Rosalina r 9 Beach ct
Parisi Rose r 9 Beach ct
Parisi Salvatore (Maria) fishermn h 30 Commercial
Parisi Salvatore (Josephine) fishermn h 38 Wash sq
Parisi Salvatore (Grazia) fishermn h 69 Commercial
Parisi Salvatore (Grace) fishermn h 33 Rogers
Parisi Saml fishermn r 45 Commercial
Parisi Santo h 22 Plum
Parisi Thos fish handler r 45 Commercial
Parker Albion S (Viola M) pntr h 36 Rocky Neck av
Parker Bernard C mgr Atlas Diesel Engine Co h 109 Broad Lynn
Parker Chas r 374 Wash
Parker Douglas (Muriel) h 723 Western av
Parker Emery P (Eliz R) mariner h 14 Abbott rd
Parker Emma wid Fred h 896 Wash
Parker Frank C clk r 164 Prospect
Parker John E (Laura A) real est h 38 Rocky Neck av
Parker John E jr (La Petite Gallery) r 38 Rocky Neck av
Parker Mary M (Mrs Chas) died March 22, 1942
Parker Sarah L Mrs house mother Addison Gilbert Hosp r 298 Wash
Parker Winnefred studt r 723 Western av
Parkhurst Adelia E wid Percy C h 4 Elizabeth rd
Parkhurst Fred lab r 23 Duncan
Parkhurst Horace W (Arizona R) boat carp h 21 Sumner WG
Parkhurst Hugh (Julia A) (Parkhurst Radio Shop) h 158 Essex av
Parkhurst Hugh technician Biological Laboratory r 4 Elizabeth rd
Parkhurst Lucy wid Epes M r 160 Wash
Parkhurst Mamie B h 62 Middle tel 122-R
Parkhurst Marine Railway Co J Norman Abbott treas 2 Railway av Burnham Branch 15 Wharf main office 5 do tel 2775
Parkhurst Marine Railway Co's Wharf 15 Wharf
Parkhurst Pearce, USA r 4 Elizabeth rd
Parkhurst Priscilla E tel opr NET&T Co r 4 Elizabeth rd
Parkhurst Radio Shop (Hugh Parkhurst) radios and electric appliances 238 Main
Parkhurst Winslow S (Irene E) tchr High School h 25 Leonard
Parks Albert h 50 Centennial av
Parks Albert H bkpr r 50 Centennial av
Parks Alton P (Catherine E) lab LePages Inc r 451 Wash
Parks Annie L wid Danl M r 16 Granite
Parks Bros (Russell W and Frank W) electric contrs 13 Haskell
Parks Battery & Radiator Shop (Edw S Parks) 159 Maplewood av
Parks Daniel E studt r 36 Harbor ter
Parks Edw S (Florence E) (Parks Battery & Radiator Shop) h 73 Gloucester av
Parks Eva M sten (B) r 50 Centennial av
Parks Everett L (Pauline E) died Dec 4, 1940
Parks Frank W (Ruth I) (Parks Bros) h 12 Amero ct
Parks G H Mrs (Helfrich) h at Columbia, S C
Parks Geo r 8 Duncan
Parks Harold C (Bernice V) fish handler h 36 Harbor ter
Parks Harold C jr, fish handler r 36 Harbor ter
Parks Helen G clk John Hancock Mut Life Ins Co r 125 Maplewood av
Parks J Lester (Mildred L) slsmn h 7 Stanwood
Parks Kathryn E h Hesperus av
Parks Lewis C (Josephine G) mgr L H Young Co h 4 Prospect
Parks Lottie C sten (B) r 50 Centennial av
Parks Louis R (Nettie M) lab LePages Inc h 451 Wash
Parks Lucy Mrs sewer C F Tompkins Co h 4 Mason ct
Parks Pauline E wid Everett L h 3 Liberty
Parks Russell W (Catherine E) (Parks Bros) h 29 Hartz
Parks Sarah Mrs sewer C F Tompkins Co h 4 Mason ct
Parla Jos h 28 Harbor ter
Parmenter Frank C (Alice S) h Farrington av Eastern Point
Parnell Edw J lab r 12 Smith
Parnell Harriet wid Wm h 12 Smith
Parnell Robt G (Rebecca H) millwright h 45 Wheeler
Parnell Wm B (Alice E) auto rpr 22 Blynman av h do
Parson Jas W opr r 136 E Main
Parsons A Lovell tchr Central Grammar Sch r 19 Trask
Parsons Ada F lndry wkr r 3 Harmony sq
Parsons Albert r 19 Hartz
Parsons Alice M wid Austin h 32 Warner
Parsons Alice M wid Chas M h 65 MtPleasant av
Parsons Almira C Mrs h 32 Witham
Parsons Amanda wid J Otis h 11 Short
Parsons Anne clk J J Newberry Co r 18 Exchange
Parsons Annie C wid Fred h 705 Wash
Parsons Arthur B (Rosamond G) baker Nelson's Bakery h 19 Trask
Parsons Audrey S r 15 Witham
Parsons Benj shipper R J Ederer Co r 8 Beckford
Parsons Bessie tchr Point Grammar School h 1 Harbor View ct
Parsons Carleton E, USA r 6 Myrtle sq
Parsons Carleton H (Una) died Oct 15, 1941
Parsons Carolyn L office sec 10 Pleasant rm 10 r 6 Myrtle sq
Parsons Carroll fishermn r 701 Wash
Parsons Carroll D (Frances B) lab h 701 Wash
Parsons Chas F jr (Marie S) marine eng h 11 Water
Parsons Chas G h 30 Elm
Parsons Chas H (Edith F) clk National Butchers Co h 199 E Main
Parsons Chas H jr, USA r 199 E Main
Parsons Chas L (Alice E) h 7 Trask
Parsons Clarence poultry mn r 15 Witham
Parsons Clarence C (Ada M) variety 62 MtPleasant av h do
Parsons Clifford F (Margt R) acct h 4 Chapel
Parsons David I (Helen A) glue wkr h 10 Gerring rd
Parsons David I lab r 241C Eastern av
Parsons Della opr r 19 Mason
Parsons Dorothy M clk S S Kresge Co r 32 Bass av
Parsons Dorothy M Mrs r 581/2 Granite
Parsons Edith C sec (Swampscott) r 199 E Main
Parsons Edith M wid Chester L h 490 Wash
Parsons Edw r Fernwood Bungalow, Woodward av WG
Parsons Edw A (Jennie M) buyer Lowell Rendering Co h 21 Gloucester av
Parsons Edw D (Margt) mgr The Moorland h Atlantic rd cor Moorland rd
Parsons Edw H (Grace C) pntr 49 Bass av h do
Parsons Edwin A h 5 Trask
Parsons Eliz M tchr h 14 Chapel
Parsons Elliott H (Anna I) hlpr h 39 Pearl
Parsons Emma A cafeteria mgr h 134 E Main
Parsons Emma A wid Rufus died Jan 18, 1942
Parsons Ernest D (Hannah M) h 11 Madison ct extn
Parsons Ernest S watchmn r 51 Middle
Parsons Etta B clk r 44A Eastern av
Parsons Eug B (Margt J) carp h 18 Exchange
Parsons Evelyn tel opr NET&T Co
Parsons Fannie M Mrs h 32 Bass av
Parsons Florence E wid Roy W h 347 Essex av WG
Parsons Florence M clk J J Newberry Co r 18 Exchange
Parsons Frank C (Mae A) mach r 16 Gloucester av
Parsons Frank S (Helen A) h 134 E Main sum res Long Beach Rockport
Parsons Frank W h 48 Warner
Parsons Frank W h 6 Beachmont av
Parsons Fredk (Gwendolyn) chauf h 5 Story rd Magnolia
Parsons Gardner W (Geneva M) chauf National House Furnishing Co h 11 Sayward
Parsons Geo F auto mech r 27 Witham
Parsons Gertrude clk Saunders Ice Cream Co
Parsons Gertrude H tchr h 80A Middle su 12
Parsons Gladys E G bkpr Gloucester National Bank of Gloucester r 19 Mason
Parsons Guy S fishermn h 32 Witham
Parsons Harold B (Mildred) carp r 44A Eastern av
Parsons Harold H (Florence G) aud h 7 Summit
Parsons Harold L (Marion R) tinsmith Success Mfg Co h 7 Harvey pl
Parsons Harold L jr, USA r 7 Harvey pl
Parsons Harriet B r 2 Lookout
Parsons Harriet E clk F W Woolworth Co r 7 Trask
Parsons Helen H wid Harold T h 8 Beckford
Parsons Hubert fish wkr h 12 Perkins
Parsons Ida G Mrs fish packer Davis Bros h 3 Arcadia ct
Parsons Ira fishermn h 30 Witham
Parsons Irving C (Harriet S) lab h 241C Eastern av
Parsons Jas master mariner r 31 Chestnut
Parsons Janet M tchr Riggs School r 142 E Main
Parsons John E civil eng r 80A Middle su 12
Parsons John L (Laura E) h 3 Harmony sq
Parsons John L jr (Edna) hosemn Engine 2 h 17 Gee av
Parsons John P clk r 6 Gould ct
Parsons Jos B publisher h 123 Prospect
Parsons Laura J wid Ralph C h 5 Kent Circle
Parsons Lemuel C (Margt S) chauf Cape Pond Ice Co r 89 Eastern av
Parsons Lillian F wid Geo H h 44A Eastern av
Parsons Lillian M r 48 Warner
Parsons Lovell R (Lois G) lab h 151 E Main
Parsons Margt S bkpr Addison Gilbert Hosp r 5 Kent Circle
Parsons Martha L mgr Holland Cleansers & Dyers r 8 Beckford
Parsons Maud D wid Geo R r 7 Summit
Parsons Melvin A lab r 30 Witham
Parsons Melvin A (H Abbie) maintenance mn Cape Ann Fisheries h 137 Maplewood av
Parsons Melvin A jr r 32 Witham
Parsons Milton E clk r 49 Bass av
Parsons Nellie Mrs r 1 Western av
Parsons Nellie F wid Wm F h 408 Essex av WG
Parsons Otis r 374 Wash
Parsons Otis, USA r 7 Harvey pl
Parsons Owen N (Lydia W) instr h 142 E Main
Parsons Otis, USA r 7 Harvey pl
Parsons Owen N (Lydia W) instr h 142 E Main
Parsons Perry W (Charlotte) lab h 27 Witham
Parsons Philip h 31 Witham
Parsons Phyllis W billing clk Gloucester Coal & Lumber Co r 5 Kent Circle
Parsons Ralph C (Olive C) jan Babson School h Lynnwood av
Parsons Ralph P (Agnes G) v-principal High Sch h 28 Washington sq
Parsons Ralph W (Ella F) gardnr h 707 Wash
Parsons Richd G (Kathryn M) electn h 240 E Main
Parsons Robt O clk r 142 E Main
Parsons Roy L (Doris L) reporter Gloucester Times h 6 Myrtle sq
Parsons Roy L jr, electrical eng r 6 Myrtle sq
Parsons Roy W (Florence) died Jan 27, 1942
Parsons Roy W r 347 Essex av WG
Parsons Ruby E wid Clarence h 15 Witham
Parsons Russell jan h Esperanto av WG
Parsons Russell E (Lucy L) weigher h 2 Wise pl
Parsons Russell H (Gladys G) carp h 113 Centennial av
Parsons Ruth I sten (B) r 14 Chapel
Parsons Sarah E wid Aaron h 160 Prospect
Parsons Stanley E r 15 Witham
Parsons Stanley T clk r 8 Beckford
Parsons Theo (Rhoda F) lab h 13A Marchants
Parsons Una E wid Carleton H h 612 Essex av WG
Parsons Virginia H tchr MtVernon School r 7 Summit
Parsons W Story clk r 142 E Main
Parsons Wallace A (Jennie P) boat bldr h 9 Cross
Parsons Wallace A (Marion S) clk Wm H Moody r 7 Trask
Parsons Walter C (Martha L) h 136 E Main
Parsons Warren F, USA r 8 Beckford
Parsons Wharf 159 E Main
Parsons Wm H ins agt John Hancock Mut Life Ins Co h 1 Charte pl Rockport
Parsons Wm H (Amy E) mgr First National Stores h 124 Maplewood av
Partridge Everett G (Estella M) sec L O O M h 45 Bass av
Paschal J Howard (Greta) (Medford) sum res 60 Revere
Pascucci Americo, USA r 8 Western av
Pascucci Antonio (Rosamond) shoe rpr 33 Main h 30 Summer
Pascucci Everett (Julia) lab h 6 Orchard
Pascucci Frank, USA r 8 Western av
Pascucci Jos, USN r 8 Western av
Pascucci Pasquale (Mary) clk A&P r 91 Prospect
Pascucci Rose wid Louis h 8 Western av
Pascucci Saml (Alice) chauf r 81/2 Myrtle sq
Pata Manuel (Edith F) auto mech h 4 Cedar
Pata Manuel M (Umbelina) fishermn h 45 Perkins
Patch Isaac (Helen A) pres Gloucester Safe Deposit and Trust Co 191 Main and pres Gloucester Coal & Lumber Co h 31 Eastern Point rd
Patch Isaac jr, USN r 31 Eastern Point rd
Patience Carroll G (Pauline T) bkpr G-P h 34 Exchange
Patience Jas C (Muriel M) lab r 453 Wash
Patience Ralph T (Gladys P) restr 98 E Main h 1 Hammond
Patil Michl S (Eleanor) window clnr h 155 Wash
Patillo Store The (C F Tompkins Co) 67 Middle
Patrican Danl E (Gladys E) longshoremn h 19 Willow
Patrican Edmund J fish wkr r 22 Liberty
Patrican Herman A fish wkr r 22 Liberty
Patrican Jos A r 26 Wash sq
Patrican Louis J (Mary G) fishermn h 22 Liberty
Patriquin John N (Rose M) auto rpr 4491/2 Western av h 449 do
Patriquin Jos (Elaine) fishermn h 49 MtVernon
Patriquin Mary L studt nurse r 449 Western av
Patriquin Nancy studt r 449 Western av
Patrons of Husbandry, West Gloucester Grange No 286 Alf G Ireland sec 562 Essex WG meets 2d and 4th Tues at 561 Essex av WG
Patten Hollis H (Katherine E) chauf h 8 Winchester ct
Patten J Roger (Ethel G) r 4 Liberty
Patten Lawrence P (Helena) slsmn h 6 Grove
Patten Wilbur S (Lydia M) atndt h 967 Wash
Patterson Mina E r 7 High
Pattillo Carol P h 6 Hancock
Pattillo L May h 6 Hancock
Paul Dwight M (Mary R) h 12 Quarry
Paul E Arthur (Mildred W) drfstmn (B) h 42 Beacon
Paul Florence Mrs maid r Folly Point Lanesville
Paul Helen M Mrs h 7 Willow
Paul Mildred Mrs clk G-P r 42 Beacon
Paul Minerva F wid Elmer D r 7 Willow
Paul Theo D (Flora W) drfstmn (B) h 42 Beacon
Paula Deolinda mrs h 42 Taylor
Payne Jos A h 85 Prospect
Payne Sadie r 85 Prospect
Paynotta Anthony J r 9 Calder
Paynotta John J (Lillian M) mgr Sea Products Truckers h rear 291 Wash
Paynotta Jos (Mary) fish handler h 9 Calder
Peabody Walter N (Ethel M) chauf Parkhurst Marine Rwy h 111 Essex av
Peach Richd r 234 Main
Pear Wm H (Fannie C) (Cambridge) h Rockholm rd
Pearce Chas F (Bertha G) treas h 30 Beacon
Pearce Chas F jr, studt r 30 Beacon
Pearce Ruth B r 30 Beacon
Pearce Virginia L clk Addison Gilbert Hosp r 30 Beacon
Pearce Wharf 393 and 401 Main
Pearce Wm S r 12 Plum
Pearson Mary E (The Steerage) h Ledge la
Peavey Barbara M r 14 Sadler
Peavey Bertha S clk (B) r 129 Prospect
Peavey Mary P Mrs h 14 Sadler
Peavey Roy B fish handler r 14 Sadler
Peck Cyril F (New York City) sum res 209 Concord WG
Peck & Peck (N Y City) Laura Loud mgr women's clothing Lexington av Magnolia
Pedersen Harry (Bethsabe) U S Merchant Marine Cambridge av
Pedroni Rena C studt r 16 Quarry
Pedroni Rose office asst Wm G Brown Co r 16 Quarry
Pedroni Suntina V packer r 16 Quarry
Pedroni Victor J lab h 16 Quarry
Pedrotti Angelo (Esther) jan Bradstreet Sch h 862 Wash
Pedrotti Emilio carp h 8 Quarry
Peeples Kathleen M private sec Carroll K Steele r 22 Acacia
Peeples Margt E wid Geo H h 22 Acacia
Peeples Saml A (Mary E) carp h 16 columbia
Pelletier Edna L fish packer r 26 Hancock
Pellier Danl died Jan 22, 1941
Pendleton Bernard J (Minnie T) mgr Wm G Brown Co h 4 Beauport av
Pendleton Dorothy E clk of corp John A Johnson Inc r 4 Beauport av
Pendleton Geraldine F Mrs bkpr Gloucester Safe Deposit & Trust Co r 10 Carlisle
Penkallow Jean Mrs (Beverly) sum res 48 Magnolia av Magnolia
Penn Harry r 45 Middle
Penn Harry A mgr Geo K Rogers Store h 162 Seaver Roxbury
Penney Howard M (Evelyn L) shtmlwkr h 155 Maplewood av
Penney Margt A wid Howard r 10 Orchard
Pentecost Eliz E sec (B) r 11 Riverside av sum res 20 Seeall
Pentecost G Hortense h 11 Riverside av sum res 20 Seeall
Penttila Adolph died May 26, 1942
Perala Helvi M r 14 Eastern av
Perala Oscar (Maria) h 14 Eastern av
Perala Taimi T sewer r 14 Eastern av
Pereen Wm J (Lillian E) tractor opr h 32 Granite
Pereira Albino M (Amelia M) fishermn h 6 Linnet pl
Pereira Albino M jr (Mary) USN r 6 Linnet pl
Perkins Bessie D wid Aaron F h 38 Prospect
Perkins Box Co, Anna C O'Brien pres Geo P Merchant treas 10 Sargent
Perkins Cooperage Shop 32 Maplewood av
Perkins Everett P (Barbara L) slsmn h 6 Forest
Perkins F Kenneth (Edith S) hotel (Rockport) h 6 Middle
Perkins Frank r 7 Middle
Perkins Gertrude E (Bon Ton Beauty Shop) r 635 Wash
Perkins Gertrude L Mrs clk Wm G Brown Co r 462 Wash
Perkins Hannah T wid Perry h 62 Eastern av
Perkins Harold S (Gertrude E) h 635 Wash
Perkins Horace W died July 27, 1941
Perkins John F (Mary9 died Aug 27, 1940
Perkins Josephine L wid Benj A r 24 Hodgkins
Perkins Lewis (Gertrude E) butcher r 462 Wash
Perkins Lillian Mrs r 374 Wash
Perkins Lillian F Mrs h 147 Western av
Perkins Mary C wid John F h 37 Pleasant
Perkins Mildred L nurse r 55 Concord WG
Perkins Noel (Helen) carp h 531/2 Concord WG
Perkins Ralph F r 62 Eastern av
Perkins Raymond L (Mary A) lab h MtAnn rd WG
Perkins Robt, USA r 55 Concord WG
Perkins Robt M r 9 Fair
Perkins Russell S (Mabel A) treas and corp clk Perkins & Corliss Inc h 3 Old Salem rd
Perkins Walter F (Christine E) carp h 55 Concord WG
Perkins & Corliss Inc Russell S Perkins treas-corporation clk Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Plymouth and Pontiac cars, G M C and Dodge Trucks, sales and service, gasoline, fuel oils and automobile supplies 1-3-5 Middle tel 200-For further information see page 2 Buyers' Guide
Perls Hugo (Eugenie) writer sum res 5 Wiley
Perra Adolph chauf Gloucester Coal & Lumber Co r Upper Main st Rockport
Perreen John E (Dorothy E) chauf h 22 Blynman av
Perrin Randolph C (Lydia E) mach h 20 Orchard
Perriway Doris wid Freeman L h 10 Smith
Perry Adelbert O (Margt) fishermn h 22 Taylor
Perry Adria L died Oct 21, 1940
Perry Agnes T clk Gloucester Co-operative Bank r 42 School
Perry Albert F (Evelyn M) mgr Gorin's Stores h 5 Linnet pl
Perry Albert F (Ellen S) pntr h 12 Hodgkins
Perry Albert H (Selina) farmer h 32 Hodgkins
Perry Albert N (Marie C) formn h 25 Acacia
Perry Allan C clk L D Lothrop Sons r 10 Taylor
Perry Almeda L wid John F h 170 Wash
Perry Alvin assembler L D Lothrop Sons r 11 Taylor
Perry Anthony (Mary) lab r 342 Essex av WG
Perry Antoine F lab r 5 Linnet pl
Perry Antone fishermn h 2 Perkins
Perry Carrie A wid John F r 86 Eastern av
Perry Chas A (Rena M) auto mech h 49 Hartz
Perry Chas W jr (Emma A9 paint mkr Henderson & Johnson Inc r 616 Western av
Perry Deborah h 15 Walker WG
Perry Dorothy E clk r 68 Friend
Perry E Russell (Fannie) lab r 38 Revere
Perry Edith opr r 20 Webster
Perry Edith F sten LePages Inc r 38 Revere
Perry Ella E wid John h 9 Church
Perry Ernest J (Mary) jan h 5 Linnet pl
Perry Eugene S (Eliz) clk r 25 Perkins
Perry Eva M wid Chas h 10 Taylor
Perry Evelyn M Mrs r 52 Prospect
Perry Francis J fish wkr r 25 Sargent
Perry Frank F (Esther F) firemn Gloucester Electric Co h 17 Taylor
Perry Frank R, USA r 111/2 E Main
Perry Frank W (Hazel M) slsmn h 15 Prospect sq
Perry Fredk H (Watertown) sum res Salt Island rd Brier Neck
Perry Gardner J r 38 Revere
Perry Geo opr (Beverly) r 69 Perkins
Perry Georgianna r 5 Linnet pl
Perry Gertrude E music tchr r 17 Taylor
Perry Harriet wid Jos h 67 Perkins
Perry Jas B mariner r 38 Revere
Perry Jas S fish handler Cape Ann Cold Storage r 9 Church
Perry John cook Depot Café
Perry John A (Georgianna T) clk h 25 Perkins
Perry John S asst pastor Our Lady of Good Voyage RC Church h 142 Prospect
Perry Jos F (Mary) lab h 20 Webster
Perry Jos J (Helen R) chauf h MtAnn rd WG
Perry Jos J (P Gertrude) USN h 40 Bass av
Perry Kathleen M phone opr LePages Inc r 9 Church
Perry Lawrence fish handler r 5 Chestnut
Perry Lawrence F lab r 20 Webster
Perry Manuel (Eliz) fish wkr h 9 Stanwood
Perry Manuel A (Ellen T) clk L E Andrews Co h 68 Friend
Perry Manuel F r 24 Gloucester av
Perry Manuel R clk r 68 Friend
Perry Manuel S (Rita) lab h 222 Essex av
Perry Manuel W (Ellen T) h 38 Revere
Perry Margt waitress Hotel Savoy r 11 Chestnut
Perry Marion G clk Frank E Davis r 38 Revere
Perry Minnie S tchr (Swanpscott) r 49 Hartz
Perry Percy E (Eva A) carp h 101 Centennial av
Perry Philip C (Camilla P) mach h 10 Ferry
Perry Pierce A (Margt) hlpr h 111/2 Chestnut
Perry Priscilla M dom r 17 Taylor
Perry Raymond S (Madeline M) chauf Davis Taxi Service h 46 Prospect
Perry Richd A (Catherine E) engine 1 h 6 Perkins rd
Perry Richd A jr, stock clk Gorin's Stores r 6 Balford
Perry Richd V (Lucille B) clk Chard & Wilkinson h 11 Addison
Perry Ruby W wid Alvah r 142 E Main
Perry Thelma E sten r 15 Prospect
Perry Theresa wid Frank F h 69 Perkins
Perry Wilfred F (Selma) mgr lumber dept Gloucester Coal & Lumber Co h 25 Leverett
Perry Wm r 11 Dodge
Perry Wm C (Annie G) G-P h 30 Hodgkins
Perry Wm F lab r 69 Perkins
Perry Wm R (Shirley P) nursery mn h 358 Wash
Personal Finance Company Room & Rogers Bldg 222 Cabot Beverly
Peterkin Madeleine O Mrs (N Y City) sum res rear 17 Wonson
Peters Arthur G (Melrose) sum res 207 Western av
Peters Frank V (Thelma M) pattern ctr h 4 Exchange
Peters Jos A (Gertrude C) supt sewerage City Hall r 2 Trask sum res Riverside Wheelers Point
Peterson Ada C wid Chas A h 5 Herrick ct
Peterson Albertine Mrs r 100 Prospect
Peterson Arletta E Mrs r 53 Beacon
Peterson Arthur died June 29, 1941
Peterson C Thurston mgr (B) h 16 Mason
Peterson Carl F fish handler h 3 Spring ct
Peterson Carl F (Wilhelmina) died May 8, 1941
Peterson Carl M eng r 8 Davis
Peterson Earl A lab r 48 Woodbury
Peterson Edith M wid Ralph W h 46 MtPleasant av
Peterson Edw r 93 Prospect
Peterson Edw (Gertrude C) fishermn h 10A Langsford
Peterson Edw E acct h 8 Davis
Peterson Everett D fish handler r 15 Harold av
Peterson Henry lab r 11 Perkins rd
Peterson Hilda wid Jacob died April 19, 1942
Peterson Janet M r 7 Neptune pl
Peterson Julia M wid Jas h 15 Harold av
Peterson Lawrence N (Dorothy T) ( L E Smith Plumbing & Heating Co) r 15 Allen
Peterson Ludwig (Lempi A) lab h 31 Leverett
Peterson Oliver (Rebecca) lab h 7 Neptune pl
Peterson Roselyn O Mrs r 19 Sumner WG
Peterson Wilhelmina (Mrs Karl F) died Jan 4, 1941
Pett Lizzie wid Louis r 54 Middle
Pett Morris H phys 54 Middle h do
Pett Sarah G rem to Everett
Pettingill Gilbert N (Jane M) chiropodist 119 Main tel 806-W h 103 Western av tel 2098 J-For further information see page 6 Buyers' Guide
Pettipas Anna E Mrs lndrs Addison Gilbert Hosp r 15 Columbia
Petzold Arthur lab r 301 Main
Pew Barbara r Grape Vine rd
Pew Chas E (Helen G) clk G-P h 507 Wash
Pew Chas H (Lillian M) clk G-P r Grapevine rd
Pew Gordon G, USA r 507 Wash
Pew Harry G confr h 80A Middle
Pew's Wharf 331 Main
Peyton Ann S Mrs h rear 64 MtPleasant av
Peyton Bertha M wid A Conway, 1st reader First Church of Christ Scientist and artist 4 Sayward h do
Phalen Deborah E wid John J h 8 Elizabeth rd
Phalen Lester W (Harriet F) clk PO h at Rockport
Phelps Robt W (Minnie G) custodian Historical House h 25 Pleasant
Phenix Laurent G (Florence D) auto mech h 5 Allen
Phenix Roger M (Rosalind A) fish wkr r 76 Friend
Philbrook David r 374 Wash
Phillips Beatrice M sten r 22 Gloucester av
Phillips Donald W (Julia H) USNR h 27 Beach rd
Phillips Earl O (Mary E) h 22 Gloucester av
Phillips Grace B wid Ezra L h 30 Gloucester av
Phillips Hazel H Mrs (Cincinnati, Ohio) r StLouis av
Phillips M Marion wid Chipman h 14 Blynman av
Phillips Manuel ship pntr Parkhurst Marine Rwy r 34 Perkins
Phillips N Carleton (Eliz W) pres Cape Ann Nat Bank and pres-gen mgr LePages Inc h 159 Wash sum res Wolf Hill
Phillips Shoe Store, Jordon J Winer mgr 170 Main
Phippen Hardy surgeon (Salem) sum res Wingaersheek Beach WG
Picard Lauretta r 7 Madison ct extn
Pier Tap Café (Jas Thanos) 14 Parker
Pierce see Pearce
Pierce Ada B wid Geo h 57 Warner
Pierce Catherine M wid Geo h Andrews ct WG
Pierce Dorothy H (Everett) sum res Warwick rd Brier Neck
Pierce Elwin R (Everett) sum res Warwick rd Brier Neck
Pierce Geo r 7 Oak
Pierce Geo A chauf O'Neill & Newman h Seven Oaks st
Pierce Geo E (Vashti) (Waban) sum res Atlantic rd Brace's Cove
Pierce Helen C (Waban) sum res Atlantic rd Brace's Cove
Pierce Helen G (Everett) sum res Warwick rd Brier Neck
Pierce Henry E hlpr r 24A Beacon
Pierce John fish handler r 236 Main
Pierce Mabel V r Andrews ct WG
Pierce Mary J L wid Edwin F h sum res "Bramblestone" Brier Neck
Pierce Ruth L (Everett) sum res Warwick rd Brier Neck
Pierce Wm E (Edith G) h 24A Beacon
Pieroway Albert P (Gertrude) master mariner h 36 Trask
Pigeon Cove Library Katherine R Parsons librarian 138 Granite Pigeon Cove Rockford
Pike Alice G wid Willard r 28 Middle
Pike Eliz wid Waldron r 234 Main
Pike Harold N (Marguerite E) (W S Pike Funeral Service) h 61 Middle tel 884
Pike Hattie E Mrs h 30 Warner
Pike Isaac S (Katherine J) carp and bldr rear 29 Hartz h do
Pike Reginald (Mary C) fishermn h 234 Main
Pike Valance E (Evelyn M) carp 17 Addison h do
Pike W S Funeral Service (Harold N Pike) 61 Middle tel 884-For further information see page 11 Buyers' Guide and back cover
Pimental Mabel D Mrs h 16 Sadler
Pimentel Elmyra wid Jos r Pine Haven Camp, Woodward av WG
Pimentel Manuel J (Helen M) fish ctr h 12 Myrtle sq
Pimentel Manuel J (Mary G) fishermn h 41 Friend
Pimentel Mary Mrs h 31 MtVernon
Pine Alice M Mrs h 7 Taylor
Pine Benj (Alice M) mgr Atl Supply Co
Pine Tree Tap Room & Lunch Inc, Jas Stavas pres Peter G Grammas treas 14 Main
Pinko Manuel de (Olivia) master mariner h 4 Parker ct
Pinkham Albert C (Lottie B) h 28 Elm
Pinkham Arthur r 29 Bond
Pinkham Chester M (Edna B) yardmn L B Nauss & Sons Inc h 143 Wash
Pinkham Clarence A (Edna) LePages Inc h 461 Wash
Pinkham Fred G carp h 10 Friend
Pinkham Marie E Mrs died June 22, 1941
Pinkham's Wharf 169 E Main
Pinkney Gladys T Mrs tel opr NET&T Co r 23 Exchange
Pino Concetta r 23 Granite
Pino Concitino (Eleanor) chauf h 23 Granite
Pino David J (Mary V) fishermn h 17 Millett
Pino David J jr r 17 Millett
Pino Florence hairdrsr r 23 Granite
Pino John fishermn r 23 Granite
Pino Lucy wid Anthony h 23 Granite
Pino Ralph R studt r 17 Millett
Pinto Anthony fishermn r 300 Main
Pinto Gerald (Deolinda) leather wkr r 11 Prospect sq
Piper Leonora E wid Wm(Brookline) sum res 48 Leonard
Piper Minerva M (Brookline) sum res 48 Leonard
Piscitello Alf, USA r 21 Pine
Piscitello Augustine fishermn r 21 Pine
Piscitello Chas, USN r 21 Pine
Piscitello John (Sally) lab h 21 Pine
Piscitello Salvatore (Rosalie) fishermn h 21 Pine
Pispana Tobis r City Infirmary
Pistema Wm (Martha) ctr h 17 S Kilby
Pistenmaa Aili E sten Producers Fish Co r 2 Barker av
Pistenmaa Antti (Ventla G) farmer h 2 Barker av
Pistenmaa Fannie clk r 2 Barker av
Pistenmaa Geo (Taimi) gardnr h rear 2 Barker av
Pistenmaaa Helen tchr Bray School r 2 Barker av
Pistenmaa Lauri (Pauline A) hosemn FE 4 h 1 Barker av
Pistenmaa Urho J (Winifred) mach h 1041 Wash
Pistenmaa Winnie M bkpr r 2 Barker av
Pittee Jane wid David A h 14 Fremont
Pittman Leo (Mary) fishermn r 31 Chestnut
Pitts Jos (Mary) variety 324 Main h do
Pizzimenti Samuel (Theresa) fishermn h 8 Western av
Place Abbott (Dorothy) fishermn h 8 Centre
Place Carl C (Mabel S) (Malden) h "Riverview" Woodward av WG
Place Richd W, USN r 172 E Main
Place Vernon (Mildred C) fishermn h 172 E Main
Place Vernon L, USN r 172 E Main
Plouf Edmond (Angeline F) gardnr h 84 Friend
Plouf Jos r 84 Friend
Plow Harry J (Mary E) died Jan 7, 1942
Plow Mary E Mrs h 10 Hammond
Plummer Bessie wid Fred L r 35 High
Plunkett Rose J Mrs h 40 Wharf
Pohas George J (Martha E) physician 33 Pleasant tel 9 h do tel do
Poirier Annie V (Mrs Philip) died April 24, 1941
Poirier Bart fishermn r 23 Duncan
Poirier Barholomew H (Christina A) master mariner h 4 Exchange
Poirier Henry B, USNR r 4 Exchange
Poirier Jos (Regina) fishermn h 957 Wash
Poirier Lenus C (Mary) fishermn h 5 Myrtle sq
Poirier Louis (Alice) fish ctr h 9 Pew ct
Poirier Mary C r 4 Exchange
Poland Eleanor I wid Gardner M r 429 Essex av WG
Poland Fredk L (Annie) caretkr h 1172 Wash
Poland Warren M (Edith H) phys 47 Pleasant h do
Poland Wm H jr (Jennie C) blksmth h 864 Wash
Polansky Louis (Sophie I) clnr and presser r 140 Maplewood av
Poli Louis J (Helen M) supvr h 1206 Wash
Police Court 10 Duncan cor Rogers
Police Court Building 10 Duncan
Polisson Angelo P (Angela) shoe rpr 2341/2 Main h 2 Centennial av
Polisson Harriette sten Gloucester Electric Co r 2 Centennial av
Polisson Paul A (Marguerite) city eng City Hall h 2 Centennial av
Polizzia John (Mary) fishermn h 11 Commercial ct
Polk R L & Co publishers of the Gloucester City Directory and more than 750 other City, Country, State and National Directories. Addressing and Mailing Service, Trade Lists specially compiled Eastern District Office 179 Lincoln, Boston, Mass tel Hancock 6309
Polland Clara Mrs r 13 Sargent
Pollard Victoria Mrs died Jan 26, 1941
Polloni Joanna P asst supvr Addison Gilbert Hosp r 52 Curtis Rockport
Pomeroy Bessie I wid Edw A h 24 Haskell
Pomeroy Eliz wid Sidney died May 7, 1942
Pomeroy Evelyn R Mrs (Pomeroy House) r 20 Eastern Point rd
Pomeroy Irving H dentist 96 Middle h 18 Procter
Pomeroy Irving H jr (Alice D) dentist 96 Middle tel 1230 h 11 Poplar (USN)
Pomeroy John S (Evelyn R) contr h 20 Eastern Point rd
Pomeroy John S jr, mach's hlpr r 20 Eastern Point rd
Pommet Eug H (Winnifred D) restr wkr h 9 Marble
Pond Jane W wid Chas B died Nov 28, 1940
Pool Alice C Mrs h 10 Smith
Pool Lewbelle F r 10 Smith
Pool Philip L, USN r 10 Smith
Pool Roy P, USA r 10 Smith
Poole Albert N asst r 42 Holly
Poole Alf T h 42 Holly
Poole Ava W (Agnes J) died March 14, 1941
Poole Chas H (Marion E) lab h 1107B Wash
Poole Effie May record librarian Addison Gilbert Hosp h 7 Sayward
Poole Eliz E r 27 Beach rd
Poole F C Shop The (Peter J H and Effie Poole Keffer) antique dlrs Bond's Hill
Poole Frank H (Wayland) sum res 81 Eastern Point rd
Poole Henrietta wid Chas W h 1107 Wash
Poole Philip P stone ctr r 1107B Wash
Poole Roland L (Roselyn E) chauf Saunders Ice Cream Co h 476 Wash
Poole Waldo E h 16 Granite
Poole Winston R (Dorothy) mach opr h 9 Prospect
Poole's Carburetor Shop (Thos Poole) 8 Railroad av
Pooler Andrew B (Lucy L) lab G G L Co h 701/2 Maplewood av
Pooler Howard F (Irene M) fish handler h 99 Wash
Pooler Ralph A (Rose) fishrmn h 17 Centennial av
Poor Vivian C clk S S Kresge Co r 82 Eastern av
Poore Richd (Gladys N) eng h 82 Eastern av
Popkin Gertrude agt Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children r at Beverly
Poque Robt W (Russell L) (Cincinnati, Ohio) sum res Beach rd Bass Rocks
Porper Carolyne L, LePages r 21 Allen
Porper Chas R r 54 Eastern av
Porper Eliz wid Robt B h 3 Centennial av
Porper Marie slswmn r 3 Centennial av
Porper Robt B, USCG r 21 Allen
Porper Robt D (Gladys E) formn Gorton Cod Liver Oil Co h 54 Eastern av
Porper Russell D, USCG r 21 Allen
Porper Wm T (Freda M) fish ctr h 38 Cleveland
Porter Amanda Mrs h 2 Mason ct
Porter Arthur fishermn r 8 Duncan
Porter Ashley L (Gladys V) Cape Ann Tool Co h 23 Lookout
Porter Edmond M h 32 Grove
Porter Harold R, USA r 4 Cross
Porter Harriet L died Jan 13, 1941
Porter Ivory W (Alice C) asst factory mgr LePages h 8 Federal
Porter Jas W (Laura A) lab h 4 Cross
Porter Roland r 4 Cross
Porter Wm J (Letitia A) h 4 Cross
Post Molly wid Stephen h 222 Wash
Post Office 15 Dale av sub sta 195 E Main
Post Wilfred fishermn r 8 Duncan
Postal Telegraph-Cable Co, Riley C Adams mgr 146 Main and 1068 Wash
Pothier Gerald P (Mary I) clk h 66 Perkins
Pothier T Odler (Alta I) eng h 78 Concord WG
Pouzzner Benj S Mrs (Brookline) sum res 10 Avon ct
Powell Josephine M Mrs h 4 Mason ct
Powell Lilian wid Lewitt r 969 Wash
Powell Mary L (Cincinnati, Ohio) sum res Harbor rd Bass Rocks
Powell Thos C (Cincinnati, Ohio) sum res Harbor rd Bass Rocks
Power Eliz r 6 Perkins sum res Riverside Wheeler's Point
Power Ethel B (Boston) h Mussel Point rd
Power Julia M wid Maurice D h 22 Mansfield
Power Kathleen 6 Perkins sum res "Riverside" Wheeler's Point
Power Wallace B (Corrine E) insp forgings Cape Ann Tool Co h 96 Prospect
Powers Albert J (Adelaide M) watchmn h 9 Liberty
Powers Alf C (Caroline E) pntr h 5 Derby
Powers Anne C r 3 Knowlton sq
Powers Carolyn M tchr Maplewood sch r 7 Liberty
Powers Catherine A claim examiner US Employment Service (Lynn) r 7 Liberty
Powers Catherine C r 3 Knowlton sq
Powers Catherine G office sec North Shore Credit Assn r 17 Conant av
Powers Collin S (Carrie A) fishermn h 9 Warner
Powers Edw K sail mkr r 124 Maplewood av
Powers Edw P (Alice J) (B) sum res Thurston's Point
Powers Edw W (Helen M) cashr G-P h 30 Harrison av
Powers Eliz r 23 Liberty
Powers Ellen wid Chas W h 14 Harvard
Powers Evelyn F Mrs forwmn r 5 Gee av
Powers Everett A (Viola R) ins agt Met Life Ins Co h 124 Maplewood av
Powers Francis B (Helen M) phys 46 MtPleasant h 9 Liberty
Powers Geo H (Lennie A) plumbing insp City Hall h 4 Wash
Powers Harry D clk Theo G Barkas r 8 Middle
Powers Helen M Mrs tel opr NET&T Co r 30 Harrison av
Powers Jas fishermn r 8 Duncan
Powers Jas A (Eliz C) fishermn h 8 Middle
Powers Jas I (Mary L) jan Haskell sch WG h 294 Main
Powers John fishermn r 8 Duncan
Powers John C fish handler G-P r 23 Liberty
Powers John H jr (Priscilla M) eng h 22 Riverside
Powers Katherine Mrs h 23 Liberty
Powers Margt A r 5 Mystic av
Powers Mary A Mrs tel opr NET&T Co h 321/2 Millett
Powers Mary E r 5 Pearl
Powers Michl J (Sarah E) sum res Stanwood av
Powers Natalie G studt r 8 Cedar
Powers Richd clk Chard & Wilkinson h Thurston's Point
Powers Roland (Alice) Cape Ann Tool Co r 35 Langsford
Powers Sylvester E r 8 Cedar
Powers Thos J (Grace H) lab fish hatchery Ten Pound Island r 8 Cedar
Powers Walter J (Helen M) dentist 79 Middle h 4 Gerring rd
Powers Willis (Gertrude) fishermn h 34 Sargent
Powler Frank pres-treas Frank Powler Inc and (East Gloucester Filling Station) r 28 Bass av
Powler Frank Inc, Frank Powler pres-treas gros 158 E Main
Powler Genevieve J wid Frank Adams r 8 Amero ct
Powler Mary E h 28 Bass av
Powler Peter r 28 Bass av
Powler Weston (Minnie L) fish ctr h 8 Amero ct
Prada Antonio (Lena) fishermn h 51/2 Sadler
Praderio Angela wid Angelo h 70 Friend
Praderio Angelo h 27 Colburn
Praderio Emma clk r 70 Friend
Praderio Evelyn A clk r 70 Friend
Praderio Henry (Eliz M) fish wkr h 132 Prospect
Praderio Lewis (Gretchen M) hoisting eng h 4 Marion way
Praderio Mary r 27 Colburn
Praderio Robt F factory wkr r 70 Friend
Pratt Anna I bkpr Producers Fish Co r 18 Fair
Pratt Aubert (Pauline) presser Cape Ann Laundry h 11 Exchange
Pratt Chas R jr (Natalie J) mason contr 47 Beacon h do
Pratt D Bernard supvr physical education, public schools r 6 Allen
Pratt E Dana (Eliz M) mason h 15 Revere
Pratt Geo G (Helen M) gas sta h 14 Marchant
Pratt Gilbert H (Letty S) h Nashua av
Pratt Jas F (Helen M) insp h 6 Springfield
Pratt Jas N Mrs (Philadelphia, Pa) sum res "The Delphine"
Pratt Richd (Ruby W) insp r 114 Eastern av
Pratt Robt P (Dorothy R) mason h 1 Essex
Pratt Sadie B wid Wm J r 18 Fair
Pratt Wm J (Carrie M) clk Oakes Bros h 5 Elizabeth rd
Prendegast John Rev (B) sum res Cliff rd Brier Neck
Prentiss Marie wid John W (N Y City) sum res "Blighty" Eastern Point blvd W
Prereira Joaquim lab r 7 Silva ct
Presson Alf E (Amanda G) real est and mgr real est dept Gloucester Co-operative Bank 16 Pleasant h 25 Church sum res rear 15 Concord WG
Presson Eleanor mrs, jr asst Sawyer free Library r 185 School, Manchester
Presson Ice cream Co (William H Presson) ice cream mfrs wholesale and retail 87 Rogers tel 2212
Presson Insurance Agency (William Presson) insurance 16 Pleasant tel 2085-W
Presson Pauline studt r Fresh Water Cove
Presson Robt K r 25 Church sum res rear 15 Concord WG
Presson-Ryan Express Co Chandler B Todd manager 17 Rogers tel 377, 77 kingston, Boston tel Hancock 4936 and 42 Chatham do tel Capitol 4740-For further information see page 9 Buyers' Guide
Presson Wm (Presson Insurance Agency) r 25 Church sum res 15 Concord av WG
Presson Wm H (Alice C) (Presson Ice Cream Co) h Fresh Water Cove
Prevost Burton E (Lucy A) lab h 34 Harbor ter
Price Jos (Annie) fishermn h 71 Wash
Price Margt S Mrs r Cole Island WG
Primmer Harold R (Hilda M) (The Wharf) h rear 14 Harrison av
Prince Louise Mrs stitcher Universal Coat Co r 3 Harold av
Prince Wilmot W (Florence L) carp h 206B Wash
Princess Beauty Shoppe (Mrs Mary Nissinen) 201 Main rm 2
Pringle Vina B wid Jas R h 5 Beachmont av
Prior Elroy (Effie M) h 38 Beacon
Procter Adeline W h 84 Prospect
Procter Albert (Blanche M) tool sharpener 25 Poplar h do
Procter Bertha E wid Percy C h 522 Wash
Procter Ethel A r 25 Poplar
Procter Florence C (Mrs Jos O) died Feb 14, 1942
Procter Gladys P Mrs bkpr Cunningham & Kerr r 25 Essex av
Procter Jos O h 8 Hovey
Procter Lavinia wid John J h 9 Forest
Procter Wm A (Ida M) pres-mgr Gloucester Daily Times h 4 Conant av
Procter's J O Wharf 120 Commercial
Procter's Building, Main cor Centre sts
Proctor Annie E (Mrs Edw A) died Dec 17, 1941
Proctor Edw A died March 2, 1942
Proctor H Alice sten h 423 Essex av WG
Proctor Jas H (Ipswich) sum res Wingaersheek Beach WG
Proctor John clk h 104 Duncan
Proctor Lena E wid Edw M h 95 Pleasant
Proctor Leon V (Gladys) electn h 25 Essex av
Producers Fish Co, Benjamin Curcuru pres-tres Thos J Carroll v-pres Fort Wharf
Progressive Fish Wharf inc Frank Favorolo pres Leonardo Linquata v-pres-treas 88 Commercial tels 2000-2001
Proietti Jos (Adelia) lab Gloucester Gas Light Co r 23 Cleveland
Prospect Street Methodist Church 80 Prospect, Rev C Oscar Ford D D pastor
Provencher Arthur (Gerturde) mach h 1 Dexter pl
Provost Ernest M (Kathleen) fishermn h 11 Colonial
Prowse Tidd (Sarah) gro 22 Fuller, Magnolia h do
Prudential Insurance Co of America William A Carter manager 119 Main tel 2500
Psaledes Constantine (Catherine) (Cape Ann Grocery) h 30 Wash
Public Health Dispensary, Gloucester City of City Hall
Publicover Alpheus (N Y City) r 26 Chapel
Publicover Ethel wid Wm S h 26 Chapel
Publicover Ethel M bkpr North Shore Furniture Co Inc r 95 Prospect
Publicover Hulda E wid Jas L h 11 Leonard
Publicover Isabelle Mrs h 95 Prospect
Publicover Lewis E musn r 11 Leonard
Publicover Robt G r 6 Rackliff
Publicover Sarah E wid Stanage h 6 Rackliff
Publicover Wm A (Eliz C) (The Rockaway Hotel) h 10 Fremont
Publicover Wm A jr, USA r 10 Fremont
Pucci Angelo (Pearl M) fish wkr h 76 Perkins
Pugllsi Frances r 140 E Main
Pugllsi Jos G fishermn r 140 E Main
Pugllsi Salvatore (Giovanna) lab h 140 E Main
Pugllsi Santo, USA r 140 E Main
Pulcifer Helen G tchr Central Grammar Sch h 121 Western av
Pulcifer J Marion bkpr Consumer's Fish Co r 121 Western av
Pulkka Aug (Tilda M) steel ctr h 68 Langsford
Pulkka Taisto S (Gertrude) cashr Frank E Davis h 4 Tucker
Pulsifer Maude E wid Fredk D r 63 Middle
Puma Jos fish ctr r 41 Mansfield
Purdy Albert H (Estelle W) chiropodist 128 Main rm 7 tel 420 h 73 Bond-For further information see page 6 Buyers' Guuide
Purdy Carrie H wid Chas W h 171 Essex av
Purdy Edw M mach opr Murmac Mfg Co r 198 Wash
Purdy Fred Day (Ida) tinsmith h 10 Ellery
Purdy Fred Duncan, USA r 10 Ellery
Purdy Jas E (Frances C) firemn Gloucester Gas Light Co h 24 Acacia
Purdy Martin H (Mary M) eng h 198 Wash
Purrington Ellison S (Harriet M) v-pres Hammond Laboratory h 244 Western av
Pusatare Alf (Julia) fishrmn h 40 Wharf
Pusatare Antoinette r 11 Beach ct
Pusatare Connie r 11 Beach ct
Pusatare Salvatore fishermn h 11 Beach ct
Pushee Henrietta M h 33 Elm
Putaansuu Henry (Ida W) lab h 116 High
Putaansuu Onni P lab r 116 High
Putala Blanche F waitress Busy Bee Inc r 19 Exchange
Putnam Geo treas Gordon-Pew Fisheries Co Ltd at Boston and Manchester
Putnam Warren J (Susie D) (Winchester) sum res "Riverside", Wheeler's Point
Puutenan Eino (Fernande) chauf h 884 Wash
Puutonen Arthur E gardnr r 9 Vale ct
Puutonen Aug (Matilda) mason h 9 Vale ct
Puutonen Eric (Roseann) gardnr h 7 Vale ct
Puutonen Impi E housekpr r 21 S Kilby
Puutonen Mary wid Andrew J h 21 S Kilby
Puutonen Selma E clk LePage's Inc r 9 Vale ct
Pythian Hall 1080 Wash
Pythian Sisters, Loyal Temple No4, Mrs Gertrude R Lane MRC 972 Wash meets 1st & 3d Thursdays at 1080 Wash