Polk's Gloucester (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed as in the original Polk Directory (pages 33-181). Rockport is not included in this directory. The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Rabian Florence Mrs h 22 Locust
Radcliffe Annie E wid Lewis M h 51/2 Clearview av WG
Radcliffe H Roy (Anna G) registar Stenotype Co r 259 Wash
Radcliffe John A (Dora M) v-pres and editor Gloucester Daily Times h "The Green" 259 Wash
Radenkovitch Yovan (Yovan School of Contemporary Art) h at New York city
Raeff Carl pres-treas Colonial Sea Foods Inc at Salem
Rafuse Catherine E wid Reuben h 6 Gould ct
Ragusa Chas fishermn r 20 Gould ct
Ragusa Frances wid Francis h Gould ct
Ragusso Wm (Margt) fishermn h 55 Fort sq
Railroad Avenue Market (Jos F Silva jr) 50 School
Railway Express Agency Inc, John A Irwin apt 31 Railroad av
Rainwater Homer C (Mary) h 26 Shepherd
Raizin Benj (Rebecca) h 531/2 Prospect
Raizin Benj, USA r 18 Allen
Raizin Saml (Ann) clk h 9 Highland pl
Raizin Wm, USA r 18 Allen
Rallo Jos (Catherine) fishermn h 60 Commercial
Ralph Jessie actress r 612 Essex av WG
Ramos Alf G, USN r 334 Main
Ramos Doris r 60 Friend
Ramos Gabriel (Amelia) fish handler h 2341/2 Main
Ramos Jos (Catherine) fishermn h 60 Friend
Ramos Thos J, USN r 334 Main
Rand Frank C agt B&M freight h at Manchester
Rand Sherburne S (Naomi) (Watertown) sum res Wolf Hill
Randall-MacIver David (Mabel) ( N Y city) sum res Eastern Point blvd W
Eandazza Benedetto (Margt) fishermn h 32 School
Randazza Helen Mrs sten G-P h 23 Granite
Randazza Jos (Pauline) fishermn h 6 Beach ct
Randazza Salvatore (Anna) fishermn h 19 Mason
Randazza Thos (Antoinetta) fishermn h 29 Fort sq
Randazza Thos (Helen) fishermn h 23 Granite
Randazzo Annie fish packer r 20 Fort sq
Randazzo Antonio (Rose) fishermn h 29 Fort sq
Randazzo Giovanni (Lena) fishermn h 39 Commercial
Randazzo Salvatore (Grace) fishermn h 6 Beach ct
Randazo Vincenza fish packer r 29 Fort sq
Rankin Dr sum res Grape Vine rd
Rankin Jas M (Carol) h 3 Arlington
Rankin Walter M (Princeton, N J) sum res 154 MtPleasant av
Ranta Edw E (Viola) gro 62 Langsford r 5 Smith-st ct Rockport
Ranta Jacob utilitymn Gloucester Electric Co r 4 Forest, Rockport
Ranta Sulo lab r 12 Langsford
Ranter Carl E (Evelyn M) formn h 1042 Wash
Rao Anthony (Sebastiana) fishermn h 23 Taylor
Rasmussen Ingeborg wid Carl h 39 Witham
Ratti Alex r 8 Cleveland
Ratti John h 45 Western av
Ratto Jos fishermn r 49 Taylor
Raven Edith T Mrs drsmkr and lodging house 275 E Main r do
Raven Robt (Edith T) carp h 275 E Main
Ray Beer Co (Raoul L'heureux) 24-26 Railroad av
Ray Geo E clk (Wash, DC) r 1133 Wash
Ray Georgia W (B) h Adams Hill rd
Ray Josephine P tchr High sch h 208 Wash
Ray Matti (Sundra) paving ctr h 1133 Wash
Ray's Lunch (Raymond Lattof) 301 Main
Raymond Domingos (Mary) fishermn h 93 Maplewood av
Raymond Domingos jr r 93 Maplewood av
Raymond Emma S wid Saml A (Cleveland, Ohio) sum res "The Ramparts" Fort Hill av
Raymond Jonathan S (Pauline P) (New York city) sum res "The Ramparts" Fort Hill av
Raymond Jos r Causeway st, WG
Raymond Loring H (Laura) phys (Somerville) sum res Nashua av
Raymond Manuel (Helen) fishermn h 21 Centennial av
Raymond Oliver lab r 93 Maplewood av
Re Antonio S (Maria L) died April 21, 1941
Re Jos M (Annie) fish handler h 20 Millett
Re Manuel S (Mary E) canner h 86 Friend
Re Manuel S (Mary E) fish trimmer h 75 Perkins
Re Maria L wid Antonio S h 18 Elwell
Readdy Albert M Rev pastor StAnn's R C Ch h 60 Prospect
Reardon Catherine M Mrs tel opr G-P r 71 Pleasant
Reardon Edw L (Dorothy E) lab h 172 Wash
Reardon Harry J (Mary C) fishermn h 7 Cedar
Reardon Harry J jr, USA r 7 Cedar
Reaveley Lida Mrs h 54 Summer
Reaveley Norma clk Gloucester Electric Co r 54 Summer
Reblin Wm F (Nellie A) shoe ctr h 637 Wash
Recreation Bowling Alleys (Mrs Jeannette B Irving) 9 Elm
Red Men's Building 65 Middle
Redding Walter H (Mary P) fish handler h 14 Oak
Redding Walter H jr, lndry wkr r 14 Oak
Redmond Francis E fish handler r 98 Maplewood av
Redmond Frank L (Helen C) fishermn h 98 Maplewood av
Redstone Edw sum res Cliff rd Brier Neck
Reed see Reid
Reed Abbie H h 191 E Main
Reed Alden (Mary) hlpr r 222 Main
Reed Arizona r 124 Essex av
Reed Aubrey G (Helen) hosemn FE 4 h 491 Wash
Reed Bradford D (Hattie C) carp h 6A Wesley
Reed Chas H (Ruth H) chauf h 12 Hodgkins
Reed Donald S (Esther) pntr h 83 Leonard
Reed Earle C (Ruth G) police 10 Duncan h 100 Essex av
Reed Elmer A (Gladys W) chauf h 661 Essex av WG
Reed Emma L drsmkr h 124 Essex av
Reed G Warren (Charlotte) slsmn Ray Beef Co h 9 Colinial
Reed Geo A (Emma J) (Geo A Reed & Son) h 141 Essex av
Reed George A & Son (George A Reed, Mrs Anna R Winslow, Charles M Clark) brass and iron founders 19 Myrtle sq tel 3700-For further information see page 10 Buyers' Guide
Reed Geo W h rear 115 Wash
Reed Harold Mrs (Brookline) sum res Hawthorne Inn
Reed Herbert O (Alice E) service mgr Roy Reed's Garage h 1 Blake ct
Reed Jas W (Kathleen F) lab h 102 Maplewood av
Reed John H (Eleanor P) h 54 Prospect sum res Stanwood Point
Reed Josephine P wid Wm H died Dec 10, 1940
Reed Lena wid Roland J h 15 Calder
Reed M Irene Mrs h 7 Prospect
Reed Motor Transportation Co Inc, Roger F Lufkin pres J Bruce Shoares v-pres M Leona McShara sec-treas trucking 20 Pearce
Reed Pauline Mrs h 77 Wash
Reed Ralph C (Margt) fish packer h 4 Tolman
Reed Ralph J (Mildred A) heater Cape Ann Tool Co h 23 Liberty
Reed Robt R (Anna R) lab h 7 Locust
Reed Roger C mariner r 12 Hodgkins
Reed Roy T (Clara E) (Roy Reed's Garage) h 1 Blake ct
Reed Sterling hlpr Gloucester Coal & Lumber Co h King st, Rockport
Reed Studios, Reed's wharf off 197 E Main
Reed Wm (Dora L) eng h 5 Clarendon
Reed & Gamage's Wharf 217 E Main
Reed's Roy Garage ( Roy T Reed) 67 E Main-Wharf off 197 E Main
Reese Thos A h 126 Magnolia av Magnolia
Reeves Bertha E sten r Winniahdin av
Reeves Leona E sten LePage's Inc r Winniahdin av
Reeves Lois L sten LePage's Inc r Winniahdin av
Reeves Wm H (Adeline R) carp h Winniahdin av
Regan Ellen A tchr (B) h 17 Dodge
Rehn Frank K M (Peggy) ( N Y city) sum res Oakes av Magnolia
Reichert Henry G h 529 Wash
Reichner Philip S (Anna T) mgr W T Grant Co Inc h 33A Elm
Reid see Reed
Reid Mary wid Francis h 5 High
Reid Mary E sten r 5 High
Reilly see Riley
Reilly Wm A (Lucille K) mach G-P h 16 Sayward
Reis Caesar (Louise C) fishermn h 51 Perkins
Reis Everett A r 51 Perkins
Reis Jos r 51 Perkins
Reliable Meat Market (James Kyrouz) meats 274 Main
Remby Mary J wid Wm h 639 Wash
Renard Pierre mgr Charles of the Ritz h at Boston sum res Lexington av Magnolia
Renderer Wm, USCG r 71 Middle
Rennie Jennie cok Ava W Poole r 81 Eastern Point rd
Renton Georgia A (Fairview) summer hotel h 52A Eastern Point rd
Renton Olive H (Fairview) summer hotel h 52A Eastern Point rd
Republican City Committee, Edw M Currier chairman 20 E Main Harold H Parsons treas meets on call
Resnick Abraham Camp, Stanwood Point
Resser Almira P Mrs janitress Parsons sch h 110 Western av
Reynolds Anna E wid Isaac r 42 School
Reynolds Eleanor forwmn r 211/2 Orchard
Reynolds Ella r 166 Wash
Reynolds Ella P Mrs nurse r 456 Wash
Reynolds Fredk (Florence M) slsmn Dick's Shoe Shop h 339 Western av
Reynolds Jas A r 339 Western av
Reynolds Jas H (Agnes F) (Lowell) sum res 47 Haskell
Reynolds Jas H jr (Lowell) sum res 47 Haskell
Reynolds John M (Lowell) sum res 47 Haskell
Reynolds Lillian A wid Geo died April 25, 1941
Reynolds Ruby L r 211/2 Orchard
Rhinelander Fredk (Constance) (B) sum res Eastern Point blvd W
Rhinelander Helen wid Philip M (Wash, DC) sum res Eastern Point blvd W
Rhinelander Lawrence (Wash, DC) sum res Eastern Point blvd W
Rhinelander Philip (Virginia) (B) sum res Eastern Point blvd W
Rhodes Clara M wid fredk C r 148 Maplewood av
Rhodes Fredk C (Margt F) jan High sch h 148 Maplewood av
Riberio Oscar (Irene) fishermn h 18 Perkins
Ribero David (Emily) fishermn h 145 Prospect
Rice Barbara J maid Addison Gilbert Hosp r 131/2 Addison
Rice Chas E (Julia) electn h 131/2 Addison
Rice Earl F (Avis A) chauf h 5 Stanwood
Rice Florence W (Brighton) sum res Salt Island rd Brier Neck
Rice Francis W (Elsie) (Beverly) sum res Hillside rd
Rice Grace H wid Jos (Rice's Annisquam Ice Co) and express and garage 20 Leonard h 16 do
Rice H Carlton (Ethel M) icemn h 1 Arlington
Rice Helen E Mrs bkpr Gloucester Sea foods Corp r 40 Granite
Rice Jos r City Infirmary
Rice Jos W jr, USA r 16 Leonard
Rice Julia wid Peter h 22 Taylor
Rice Mark J (Helen G) dentist (Somerville) h Ocean av Magnolia
Rice Miriam clk r 40 Granite
Rice Priscilla A physio-therapist r 40 Granite
Rice Shirley E r 131/2 Addison
Rice Wm A (May S) (New Haven, Conn) sum res 2 Chester sq
Rice's Annisquam Ice Co (Mrs Grace H Rice) 20 Leonard
Rich Alf (Anna) carp h 41 Derby
Rich C H & Co Inc, inc Mass'36 John J Schofield treas Mrs Mary E Gilbody director liquors 20 Main
Rich Chas G died May 20, 1942
Rich Chas G (Helen) USCG h 10 Friend
Rich Constance P clk Cape Ann National Bank r 15 Myrtle sq
Rich Frank L (Almira L) carp h 15 Myrtle sq
Rich Katherine M nurse Addison Gilbert Hosp r 23 Exchange
Rich Mary E clk r 483 Wash
Rich Melvin E (Marion E) carp h 44 School
Rich Raymond F (Pauline E) mach h 281 Concord WG
Rich Wm G (Angelina M) 1st class boatswain Ten Pound Island Light House h 483 Wash
Richards Ethel T dom r 94 MtPleasant av
Richards G Thayer (Eliz L) prof sum res Adams Hill rd
Richards Jos h 25 Eastern av
Richards Jos S died Dec 26, 1940
Richards Philip R hotel wkr r 94 MtPleasant av
Richards Villie wid Herbert E h 20 E Main
Richardson see Rutgerson
Richardson Albert h 19 Hampden
Richardson Albert r 43 Main
Richardson Alberta A r 19 Hampden
Richardson Chas H chauf r 16 Wells
Richardson David L (Jane) ( N Y city) sum res Fort Hill av
Richardson Dorothy tchr 350 Essex av WG
Richardson Elmer P (Alice P) chief clk Custom House h 350 Essex av WG
Richardson Ethel clk r 16 Wells
Richardson Gertrude r 16 Wells
Richardson John G r 16 Wells
Richardson Jos h 21 Centennial av
Richardson Loulie sum res 17 Wonson
Richardson Mildred J r 19 Hampden
Richardson Otis W (Lucille) (Brookline) sum res Norman av Magnolia
Richardson Sarah E h 16 Wells
Richardson Sarah E wid Nathan h 5 Marsh
Richardson Wm D (Rose E) lab h 41 Holly
Richardson Wm R (Emma M) h 456 Wash
Richardson Wilson B (Bessie M) gardnr h 84 Magnolia av Magnolia
Richenburg Henry (Daisy) (B) h 15 Norseman av
Ricker Edson H (Elmira T) carp h 29 School
Ricker Lois Mrs clk L E Andrews & Co r 134 Leonard
Ricker Miles E auto mech Highway Dept r 83 Middle
Ricker Perley G (Lois S) mason contr 134 Leonard h do
Ricker Wm H (Agnes M) bldg contr 117 Leonard h do
Rideout David J r 21 Centennial av
Rideout Eug, USA r 141 E Main
Rideout Jas R (Annie R) fishermn h 141 E Main
Rideout Kathleen L r 141 E Main
Rideout Mabel r 21 Centennial av
Rideout Robt L (Helen W) lab h 21 Centennial av
Ridgely Kate D Mrs (Wash DC) sum res Hawthorne Inn
Riggs Annie J wid Jas h 536 Wash
Riggs Charlotte L wid Harold B h rear Wash
Riggs Clarence h 25 Gee av
Riggs Edw W (Theresa A) steward Elks Home h 9 Prospect sq
Riggs Eliza C wid Joshua M died Oct 12, 1940
Riggs Francis P (Marjorie R) dentist (N Y city) h 492 Wash
Riggs Fredk O (E Gertrude) lab LePage's Inc h 449 Wash
Riggs Harold B (Charlotte L) died Jan 20, 1942
Riggs J Marshall (Jeska) foundry wkr r rear 536 Wash
Riggs Jas W fishermn r 536 Wash
Riggs Leonard F (Florence C) hlpr Griffin & Co h 29 Reynard
Riggs Otis N (May E) tchr (Beverly) sum res 533 Wash
Riggs Otis N, USA sum res 533 Wash
Riggs Wm r 25 Gee av
Riley see O'Reilly
Riley Bertha M packer r 4 Myrtle sq
Riley Chas (Betty) clk h 1 Morton pl
Riley Chas W (Isabel K) h 164 MtPleasant av
Riley Geo P (Addie L) lab h 4 Myrtle sq
Riley Geo P jr, chauf r 4 Myrtle sq
Riley Herbert P (Elmira C) fish handler r 39 Perkins
Riley Isabel K Mrs, Riley Nursing Home r 164 MtPleasant av
Riley Jas W (Julia) r 515 Essex av WG
Riley John J fish handler r 12 Caledonia pl
Riley Katherine wid R Sanford (Worcester) sum res Norwoods Hts
Riley Loretta wid Melvin C h 994 Wash
Riley Nursing Home (Mrs Isabel K Riley) 164 MtPleasant av
Riley Paul R (Hannah F) h 3 Madison ct extn
Riley Paul R jr r 3 Madison ct extn
Ring Everett carp h 8 Sunset rd
Ring Melvin A (Harriet M) h 68 Middle
Rinne Geo E (Sylvia K) carp h 15 Brierwood
Riordan Danl (Marie) slsmn h 9 Chestnut
Rioux Gerard X (Amelia) fishermn h 10 Hampden
Risman Louis pres-treas H C Brown Inc h at Medford
Ritcey Frank G formn r 5 Elm
Ritcey Frank R (Mary M) h 5 Elm
Ritcey Margt E waitress r 5 Elm
Ritcey Mary D wid Horace D r 5 Elm
Ritchie Ralph E (Mary E) fishermn h 531/2 Prospect
Riverdale Grange No 330, 457 Wash
Riverdale Methodist Church 438 Wash, Rev Donald W Emig pastor
Riverdale Nursing Home (Mrs Nina G LaFlam) 374 Wash
Rivers Jos M pntr r 3 Fair
Riverside Club 40 Railroad av
Roach J Jos (Margt V) teller Gloucester Safe Deposit & Trust Co h 44 River rd
Roach Katherine F wid Jeremiah h 3 Morton pl
Roach Mary E Mrs h 33 Taylor
Roach Philip E (Mary C) mgr First National Stores Inc h 21 Granite
Roadside Flower Shop (Corliss Bros inc) 407 Wash
Robbins Charlotte E Mrs (The Wheeler House) antiques r rear 133 Wheeler
Robbins Geo S (Martha E) died Nov 7, 1941
Robbins Geo W chauf Ry Ex r 2 Wheeler
Robbins Martha E wid Geo S h 441 Essex av WG
Robbins Russell C (Charlotte E) (The Wheeler House) antiques h rear 133 Wheeler
Robbins Sadie M wid Geo W h 2 Wheeler
Robbins Virginia clk Sandler's r 2 Wheeler
Robblee Evelyn M wid Wm M h 17 Harvard
Robert Lester r Beach rd Bass Rocks
Roberts Ada wid Odin (B) sum res Eastern Point blvd W
Roberts Anna T wid John W r 4 Bass av
Roberts Azor H B (Lucy) watchmn h 554 Essex av WG
Roberts Bessie Mrs buyer Wm G Brown Co
Roberts Byron caretaker r 612 Essex av WG
Roberts Clifford (Olga) (Winchester) sum res Norwood Hts
Roberts Clifford G (Martha B) chauf h 18 Atlantic WG
Roberts Constance E Mrs supvr Addison Gilbert Hosp r 38 Summer
Roberts Dorothy E Mrs clk Chas J Gray & Sons Inc r 503 Essex av WG
Roberts Earl D (Margt M) eng h 136 Maplewood av
Roberts Earl D jr, USA r 136 Maplewood av
Roberts Edna E r 194 Essex av
Roberts Edw F (Marion F) carp h 596 Essex av WG
Roberts Eleanor C waitress r 136 Maplewood av
Roberts Eliz R wid Walter E h 507 Essex av WG
Roberts Emma wid Jas Overlook av WG
Roberts Ephraim A (Frances) carp h 35 Sumner WG
Roberts Fredk M (B) sum res Eastern Point blvd W
Roberts Geo A (Margt L) glue wkr h 592 Essex av WG
Roberts Geo E (Annie P) died Nov 5, 1941
Roberts Harold W r 288 Concord WG
Roberts Homer (Eunice) mach h Walker st, WG
Roberts Jas pntr h MtAnn rd WG
Roberts Jas S (Marjorie A) chauf h 115 Concord WG
Roberts Joshua E died Oct 22, 1940
Roberts Marjorie A governess r 136 Maplewood av
Roberts Martha E r 554 Essex av WG
Roberts Mary F wid Chas E h 288 Concord WG
Roberts Myrtle J wid Geo M housekpr r 4 MtVernon
Roberts Oscar R (Kathleen) lab h Overlook av WG
Roberts Percy E (Bessie M) mach h 249 Concord WG
Roberts Roger F (Ruby E) carp 487 Essex av WG h do
Roberts Roger M mach r 487 Essex av WG
Roberts Ruth bkpr r 672 Wash
Roberts Sarah E Mrs h 20 Locust
Roberts Shirley M nurse r 136 Maplewood av
Roberts Walter E (Doris B) lab h 565 Essex av WG
Roberts Weymouth A (Etta I) clammer h Overlook av WG
Roberts Wm H h 497 Essex av WG
Roberts Wm L (Doris L) lab h 42 Friend
Robertshaw Chas (Margt) USA r 209 Main rm 407
Robertshaw Cleveland lab h 209 Main rm 407
Robertson Geo D mgr r 1030 Wash
Robertson Jas A, USN r 1030 Wash
Robertson Rosa J wid Thos B died March 13, 1942
Robertson Sarah mrs h 1030 Wash
Robey A Alex (Harriet S) wool mfr (Cambridge) h 6 Mechanic pl
Robey A Alex jr, shipyard wkr r 6 Mechanic pl
Robichaud Catherine E wid Odilon J h 42 Langsford
Robichaud Geo D (Inez L) asst mgr Sears, Roebuck & Co h 28 Sayward
Robichaud John J (Rachel F) formn Ry Ex h 10 Spring
Robinson Adelaide M Mrs h 5 Herrick ct
Robinson Albert E (Katherine A) jan Hildreth sch h 76 Eastern av
Robinson Albert W, USA r 6 Bond
Robinson Alice A clk (Salem) r 98 Wash
Robinson Alice M wid Edw h 98 Wash
Robinson Bessie D wid Chas H h 21 Eastern av
Robinson Chas E, USN r 6 Acacia
Robinson Clarence (Bertha) atndt gas sta h 1122 Wash
Robinson Edith K Mrs matron Huntress Home r 110 Prospect
Robinson Edna G Mrs sec F J Babson & Co r Grape Vine rd
Robinson Emma J C h 77 MtPleasant av
Robinson Eva M wid ferdinand r 110 Prospect
Robinson Evelyn D store clk r 924 Wash
Robinson Fitz E R (Annie D) depy chief Gloucester Fire Dept h 101 MtPleasant av
Robinson Frank W (Edith K) caretaker Huntress Home r 110 Prospect
Robinson Geo clk First National Stores Inc r at Lanesville
Robinson Georgianna P wid Wm L h 108 E Main
Robinson Helen D tchr (Andover) r 77 MtPleasant av
Robinson Helen L maid Addison Gilbert Hosp r 11 Cleveland
Robinson Henry A (Rebecca R) lab h 1 Myrtle sq
Robinson Herbert W h Lynndale av WG
Robinson Jas E r 6 Acacia
Robinson John I (Hattie L) bkpr h 37 Hartz
Robinson John J (Julia C) h 36 Bass av
Robinson Melvin D (Helen) cooper h 11 Cleveland pl
Robinson Morris Reed (Mary C) pastor Annisquam Univ Church h 129 Leonard
Robinson Nellie M wid Geo E diedd Nov 16, 1941
Robinson Saml jwlr r Flume rd Magnolia
Robinson Saml C (Doris A) watchmn h 6 Acacia
Robinson Verna E sec r 37 Hartz
Robinson W Raymond (Ruth T) asst cashr Gloucester National Bank of Gloucester 185 Main h 643 Wash
Robinson Wm r City Infirmary
Robinson Wm E (Ruth H) lobster wkr h 924 Wash
Robinson Wm H (Anne) h 219 Western av
Robinson Wm H (Pittsburgh, Pa) sum res Page st Bass Rocks
Robinson Wm H jr, chairman American Red Cross sum res Page st Bass Rocks
Robinson Wm P (Marie W) lobster hlpr h 1012 Wash
Robinson Wm R mariner r 1 Myrtle sq
Robishaw Alf Eug (Grace I) driver Hose 1 h 51 Beacon
Robishaw Eleanor C r 129 Essex av
Robishaw Ellen h 3 Liberty
Robishaw Margt M (Mrs Chas C) died June 12, 1941
Robsahm Knut E (Eliz K) mgr DePinna h Breakers Cottage
Rocha Alex fish wkr r 5 Fair
Rocha Jos (Rufina) baker h 5 Fair
Rocha Manuel (Mary C) fishermn h 102 Friend
Rocha Manuel jr (Elsie M) fishermn r 102 Friend
Rocha Sylvia fish packer r 5 Fair
Roche Charlotte Mrs h 76 Gloucester av
Rockaway Hotel The (Wm A Publicover) 7 Rackliff
Rockwell Winthrop G (Elsie B) (Watertown) sum res Cliff rd Brier Neck
Rocky Neck Guest House (Mrs Jane Muller) summer hotel 1 Eastern Point rd
Rocky Neck Marine Railways ( T Ralph Foley) off end Rocky Neck av
Rodenmayer Robt N (Alice) rector StJohn's Episcopal Church h 165 Wash
Roderick Carrie S Mrs h 125 Prospect
Roderick Evelyn D clk r 16 Perkins
Roderick Frank J plmbr r 16 Perkins
Roderick Isabel S wid Manuel F h 16 Perkins
Roderick Jos F (Mary) fish handler h 42 Perkins
Roderick Manuel F (Isabel) died July 21, 1940
Roderick Manuel F fishermn r 16 Perkins
Roderick Rose Mrs h 2 Sadler
Roderiques Antonio V fishermn r 67 Friend
Roderiques Silvario fishermn r 67 Friend
Rodgers Ellen Mrs police matron r 181/2 Exchange
Rodgers John J (Theresa C) formn Gordon-Pew Fisheries Co h 10 Maple
Rodgers Mollie N sec (Beverly) r 10 Maple
Rodriques Jos (Amelia) fish handler h 44 Friend
Roe Louis A (Florence M) (Winthrop) sum res Wolf Hill
Rogals Barney (Dora) h 6 Raymond Magnolia
Rogers see Rodgers
Rogers Arthur lab r 298 Main
Rogers Arthur J (Amanda) longshoremn h 15 Willow
Rogers Benj T (Bertha M) eng Gloucester Gas Light Co h 6 Harmony sq
Rogers Catherine h 136 Prospect
Rogers Celia Mrs slswmn Empire Clothing Co r 21 Wash
Rogers Clifford N (Celia L) clk h 21 Wash
Rogers Danl fish handler r 69 Friend
Rogers Dorothy G sten r 21 Wash
Rogers Dorothy M r 243 Eastern av
Rogers Eliz I tchr (South Yarmouth) r 357 Main
Rogers Ellen B wid John H h 19 Exchange
Rogers Ellen C waitress Depot Café r 19 Exchange
Rogers Elliott C (Helen G) florist 101 Western av and 717 Wash h do
Rogers Ernest K (Alice G) ( W Somerville) sum res Thurston's Point
Rogers Evelyn M stitcher r 29 Allen
Rogers Evelyn M wid Rev Geo H (Cooperstown, N Y) sum res "Riverside", Wheeler's Point
Rogers Florence A Mrs h 148 Main
Rogers Frank (Josephine) chauf h 122 Wash
Rogers Frank A (Olivia S) h 357 Main
Rogers Freeman (Adeline V) lab h 26 Bass av
Rogers George K Store Harry A Penn mgr jewelers and gift shop 150 Main tel 806 J-For further information see page 17 Buyers' Guide
Rogers Harold J (Alice E) lab h 22 Andrews
Rogers Henry (Dorothy) formn h rear 102 E Main
Rogers Isinglass & Glue Co Mrs Lillian B Rogers pres H B R Kenyon v-pres-treas Rosa M Venturini sec 210 Eastern av
Rogers J King h 235 Main
Rogers John (Annie A) h 316 Main
Rogers John H (Ellen B) died Jan 11, 1941
Rogers Leo T h 9 Harmony sq
Rogers Lillian B wid Wm E P pres Rogers Isinglass & Glue Co h 50 Eastern av
Rogers Llewellyn watch mkr Wm E Blanchard r 34 School
Rogers Manuel (Mary C) died Jan 15, 1942
Rogers Marion L sec (B) r 243 Eastern av
Rogers Mary C wid Manuel h 11 Fair
Rogers Mary N wid Jos R h 29 Allen
Rogers Milton J (Mary C) clk G-P h rear 5 Maple
Rogers Muriel C tchr Hovey sch r 312 Main
Rogers Percy S real est h 243 Eastern av
Rogers Raymond (Mary E) h 12 E Main
Rogers Thos I (Agnes E) eng h 37 Eastern av
Rogers Thos J (Veronica M) reserve police h Thurston's Point
Rogers Thos S fishermn r 9 Pearce
Rogers Wm lab r 33 Perkins
Rogers Wm (Rose) lab Cape Pond Ice Co h 11 Eastern av
Rogers Wm E (Beatrice V) opr Gloucester Auto Bus Co h 111/2 E Main
Rogusa Anthony (Nina) fishermn h 51 Fort sq
Roland Adolph box mkr r 67 Friend
Roland Barbara r 435 Main
Roland Caesar R (Alice M) physical instr h 67 Friend
Roland Jos (Mary) fishermn h 67 Friend
Rolfe Irving W mgr NET&T Co r 7 Angle
Rolland Jos (Julia) fish wkr h 86 Friend
Roller Kathryn B h 3 Duley
Romanes & Paterson (B) Mary P Smith mgr Scotch tweeds and sports wear Lexington av Magnolia
Ronka Ida wid Saml H h 1236 Wash
Ronka Martha L Mrs cashr Wm G Brown Co r 21 Andrews
Ronka Toimi, USCG r 1236 Wash
Roper Bettina G clk LePage's Inc r 2 Centennial av
Roper Sumner G (F Janette) hlpr r 157 Western av
Roper Walter H (Nellie) died Nov 3, 1941
Rose Albert hlpr r 8 Winchester ct
Rose Albert L (Dorothy M) chauf h 1 Wise pl
Rose Alice sten r 105 Prospect
Rose Anna C opr r 19 MtVernon
Rose Anthony S (Mary S) lab h 13 Spring
Rose Antone E (Mary S) fish skinner h 41A Friend
Rose Antone F h 87 Friend
Rose Arthur L (Hanora) lab h 13 Spring
Rose Benilda P clk r 41A Friend
Rose Chas ins agt Met Life Ins Co r at Ipswich
Rose Chas A (C Helen) wiremn NET&T Co h 7 Harold av
Rose Dulce opr r 13 Elwell
Rose Ernest (Rose) fish wkr h 22 Eastern av
Rose Everett (Ruth S) shipper h 38 Magnolia av Magnolia
Rose Francis D fish handler r 96 Friend
Rose Francis V (Alice O) auto mech h 105 Prospect
Rose Frank (Eleanor) lab r 41B Friend
Rose Frank lab r 71 Middle
Rose Frank (Edith M) master mariner h 15 Summit
Rose Frank jr (Ruth) formn h 11 Trask
Rose Frank jr (Ellen C) lab G-P h 10 Brightside av
Rose Frank B (Alice P) fish handler h 21 Bass av
Rose Frank J (Martha T) died March 21, 1941
Rose Fred D r 4 Harrison av
Rose Geraldine M clk (B) r 19 MtVernon
Rose Gilbert F dairymn r 105 Prospect
Rose Helen M insp r 71/2 Forest
Rose Jas (Laura A) fish wkr h 96 Friend
Rose Johanna F (Mrs Albert) died Nov 19, 1941
Rose John M (Sarah G) fish ctr h 30 Friend
Rose Jos (Lucy A) eng h 8 Alpine ct
Rose Jos D (Mary C) fishermn h 42 Millett
Rose Jos D jr, fishermn r 42 Millett
Rose Jos F (Annie M) jan High sch h 32 Blynman av
Rose Jos G (Eliz M) firemn h 79 Perkins
Rose Jos G fishermn h 32 Millett
Rose Jos K restr wkr r 15 Russell av
Rose Josephine r 105 Prospect
Rose Julia P wid Wm J h 4 Perkins
Rose Lloyd S (Albertina A) fish ctr h 16 Trask
Rose Loncia V (Leonora) fish handler h 19 MtVernon
Rose Mabel G opr r 13 Elwell
Rose Mabel R stitcher r 30 Webster
Rose Madeline D r 41A Friend
Rose Manuel jr, fish ctr r 9 Locust
Rose Manuel G fish skinner h 13 Elwell
Rose Manuel K (Gloria M) auto mech h 15 Russell av
Rose Mary stitcher r 30 Webster
Rose Mary B wid Antone G h 71/2 Forest
Rose Mary G opr r 13 Elwell
Rose Priscilla J studt nurse r 32 Blynman av
Rose Sebastian (Louisa) fishermn h 1 Wise pl
Rose Tea Room (Mrs David E Mehlman jr) 18 Rackliff
Rose Wm J lab r 4 Perkins
Rose Winifred E nurse r Edgewood rd
Rosen Henry (Rhea) tchr High sch h 99 Essex av
Rosen Jos (Bertha) clothing h 18 Addison
Rosenblatt Morris D (Esther) rabbi Cong Ahavas Achim h 10 Bellevue av
Rosenblatt Sumner clk Gloucester Hardware & Plumbing Supply r 45 Middle
Ross Catherine F wid Norman A h Edgewood rd
Ross Donald J (Emily K) mayor and lawyer 140 Main rm 1 h 10 Clarendon
Ross Henry (Lydia) h 1234 Wash
Ross Hugh W (Loretta J) marine eng h 80 Bond
Ross Jos J (Phyllis P) repairmn NET&T Co h 141/2 Lookout
Ross Kathryn M tchr Maplewood sch r Edgewood rd
Ross Norman C (Helen B) tchr and athletic coach High sch h 75 Leonard (USN)
Ross Robt F firemn US Naval Reserve r 80 Bond
Ross Winifred E school nurse City Hall r Edgewood rd
Rossi Henry H (Margt M) shoe rpr 332 Main h 3 Sylvan
Rossitor Thos J (Esther I) fishermn h 13 Cleveland
Rotary Club, Arthur S Murch jr, pres Edw V Ambler sec meets every mon at 12:15 in Hotel Savoy
Rothschild Harold M pres and treas Magnolia Antique Shop h at New York city
Rourke Frank W (Leah C) (Melrose) sum res "Bon Accord" Salt Island rd Brier Neck
Rourke Margt L (Melrose) sum res "Bon Accord" Salt Island rd Brier Neck
Rouvalis Andrew (Eva) (Arthur's Fruit Co) h 31 Summer
Rowe Alice D sten r 7 Middle
Rowe Augustaa wid C Nelson h 49 Witham
Rowe Carrie F sum res Winthrop av
Rowe Chas E (Lillian) chauf Saunders Ice Cream Co h 16 Langsford
Rowe Dorothy Mrs h 111/2 Gould ct
Rowe Edith R h 108 E Main
Rowe Edw L (Mary C) mach h 67 Revere
Rowe Edwin S (Julia) fish handler h 182 E Main
Rowe Esther G Mrs hairdrsr 80A Middle su 5 h do
Rowe Fannie H sum res Winthrop av
Rowe Frank (Blanche) clothing ctr h 7 Middle
Rowe Frank (Harriet I) ins agt Met Life Ins Co h 45 School
Rowe Frank jr, fish wkr r 7 Middle
Rowe Fredd H (Emma P) slsmn (Salem) h 3 Harbor View ct
Rowe Fredk (Jennie D) h 8 Foster
Rowe Geo H died Nov 5, 1940
Rowe Grace T r 67 Revere
Rowe John T (Mary) mach h 93 Wash
Rowe John W carp h 18 Centennial av
Rowe Jos H coml trav h 4 Beachmont av
Rowe Lawrence E, USA r 67 Revere
Rowe Lucy H wid Arthur died April 19, 1942
Rowe M Eliz wid Wm A h 115C MtPleasant av
Rowe Margt C r 45 School
Rowe Mary E r 67 Revere
Rowe Perie L (Hattie E) h 572 Essex av WG
Rowe Richd E (Ann M) lab h 29 Trask
Rowe Robt A (Stella M) USA r 22 Hodgkins
Rowe Sarah G h 6 Foster
Rowe Walter W sum res Glenmere av
Rowe Wm A lab r 35 Gee av
Rowley Augusta J wid Chas h 953 Wash
Rowley Chas E atndt Alf M Anderson jr h 22 Exchange
Rowley Ellen tchr Lane sch h 35 High
Rowley Geo h 1022 Wash
Rowley Lizzie E Mrs r 22 Exchange
Rowley Philip W (Minnie) phys 4 Eastern Point rd h do
Rowley Phyllis tchr r 43 Beacon
Rowley Ruth H Mrs nurse h 43 Beacon
Roy Angus L (Harriet A) h 532 Wash
Roy Frank fishermn r 23 Duncan
Royce Raymond L (Emma) (Brookline) sum res Atlantic rd Bass Rocks
Royuk Jos (Evelyn) pntr h 30 Revere
Rubin Harry (Mary) chauf The Boston Dye House h 12 Whittemore
Rubin Saml (Esther) variety 55 Prospect h 18 Allen
Rubino Carlo (Antonia) fishermn h 9 Beach ct
Rubino Lucy sewer r 9 Beach ct
Rubino Rose r 9 Beach ct
Ruby Margt Mrs (B) h Lexington av Magnolia
Rudin Annie M wid Hugh C matron YMCA h 10 Acacia
Rudolph Gwendoline H r 50 Warner
Rudolph Wylie C (Blanche B) liquors 38 Rogers h 5 Willow
Ruggles Benj C (Stella M) watch mkr h 18 Harrison av
Ruggles Emma K wid Aubrey died March 15, 1941
Rulison L Constance h 11 Chester sq
Rumbolt Henry steward Moose Home r 26 Pleasant
Rundquist Edna J tchr High sch r 139 Western av
Rundquist Emma C wid John P h 139 Western av
Runes Manuel R clk r 68 Friend
Runkle L Danl elec eng r 144 MtPleasant av
Runkle Lloyd O (Helen M) supvr h 144 MtPleasant av
Runkle Oliver O sexton r 144 MtPleasant av
Runsala Aili M r 1234 Wash
Runsala Hugo paving ctr h 1234 Wash
Rushton Marion E Mrs (Montgomery, Ala) sum res 21 Wiley
Russ Bryan I, USA r 749 Wash
Russ Geo H (Florence G) h 749 Wash
Russell Alan H, USA r 47 Summer
Russell Annie H wid Geo E h 47 Summer
Russell Chas (Evelyn) lab h 38 Sargent
Russell Fredk F (Alice F) fishermn h 11 Plum
Russell Geo E (Annie) died April 30, 1942
Russell Peter C (Mary E) gardnr h 11 Plum
Russell Seymour W studt r 47 Summer
Russell Wm (Thelma) fishermn h 51/2 Perkins
Russell Wm H gardnr r 11 Plum
Russo Angelo (Catherine) (Malden) sum res Thurston's Point
Russo Angelo jr (Lena) (Malden) sum res Thurston's Point
Rust Ada M wid Frank W r 175 Western av
Rust Asa J (Cora R) farmer h 546 Essex av WG
Rust Carleton C (Lora E) chauf Socony Vacuum Oil Co h Forest lane
Rust Caroline Mrs r "The Delphine" 51 Eastern Point rd
Rust Clayton E (Ada N) mach h 29 Bond
Rust Donald C (Bertha) Ipswich Ship Yard h 524 Essex av WG
Rust Florence studt r Bond
Rust Geo S (Pauline G) phys 48 Pleasant h 55 Haskell
Rust Harry G (Florence I) slsmn Socony Vacuum Oil Co h 10 Stanwood
Rust Hazel G Mrs bkpr h 1047 Wash
Rust Howard M r 10 Stanwood
Rust Ivan G (Madeline G) leather sorter r 524 Wash
Rust Leila L wid Sylvester h 524 Wash
Rust Nellie G wid Frank B h 105 Wash
Rust Wm (Ina) h 525 Essex av WG
Ruth Chas H (Evelyn A) carp h 102 Essex av
Ruth Dorothy L clk Gloucester Ice & Cold Storage Co Inc r 102 Essex av
Ruth Florence E wid Sherman B died Sept 20, 1940
Ruth J Harold (Lillian R) slsmn r 21 Chestnut
Ruth Jennie V prin Bray sch r 51 Middle
Ruth Jos B (Helen K) clk G-P h 26 Highland
Ruth Jos B jr, USMC r 26 Highland
Ruth Katherine wid Chas J r 102 Essex av
Ruth Kathryn M bkpr Gloucester Ice & Cold Storage Co Inc r 102 Essex av
Ruth Sherman B studt r 12 Elm
Ruth Sherman B Inc, John F Barrett pres John J Burke treas ship chandler 3 Bruce pl
Rutherford Bertha wid Wm O (Greensburg, Pa) sum res Salt Island rd Brier Neck
Ruud Hilma M Mrs h rear 76 Langsford
Ryan Agnes A clk (B) r 166 E Main
Ryan Albert B mgr First National Stores Inc r 26 Sayward
Ryan Bertha A wid John Chas h 9 Cedar
Ryan Claire P wid Harry C (Brookline) sum res 147 Wheeler
Ryan Danl r 164 MtPleasant av
Ryan Eliz M (Wash, DC) r 166 E Main
Ryan Francis (Marylyn) mach h 11/2 Trask
Ryan Francis H clk First National Stores Inc r 26 Sayward
Ryan Gladys clk (B) r 166 E Main
Ryan Hercules H (Edith B W) fishermn r 8 E Main
Ryan Irma C Mrs r 41 Whittemore
Ryan Jas A treas Gloucester Ice & Cold Storage Co Inc h at Arlington
Ryan Jas T (Mary M) formn Gloucester Ice & Cold Storage Co Inc h 64 Poplar
Ryan John fishermn r 43 Main
Ryan John (Mary) pres Gloucester Ice & Cold Storage Co Inc h 15 Westwood rd Somerville
Ryan John S fish wkr r 26 Sayward
Ryan Laura M Mrs h 12 Cross
Ryan Leland G, USN r 12 Cross
Ryan Lewis (C Eliz) floor sander r 38 Concord WG
Ryan Lewis C r City Infirmary
Ryan Martin (Catherine) fishermn h 26 Sayward h do
Ryan Martin H (Ellen T) ice and oil 26 Sayward h do
Ryan Mary A wid Peter died Oct 13, 1941
Ryan Mary M wid John (Brookline) sum res 147 Wheeler
Ryan Michl J (Ida M) pntr h 6 Arthur
Ryan Monica M wid John J h 91/2 Harmony sq
Ryan P Russell (Mildred B) fish ctr h 7 Burnham
Ryan Patk J (Catherine) asst treas Gloucester Ice & Cold Storage Co Inc h 214 Wash
Ryan Paul D (Helen D) fish ctr h 7 Burnham
Ryan Paul M (Catherine P) restr 20 Hancock h 34 Haskell
Ryan Richd J (Ida L) (North Shore Fillet Co) h 15 Hartz
Ryan Richd J jr (Marion S) ice mkr h rear 38 Bass av
Ryan Thos J r 214 Wash
Ryan W Wallace (Sarah V) pres East Gloucester Pharmacy Inc h 28 Hartz
Ryan Wm packer r 43 Main
Ryan Wm E (Marjorie F) fish handler h 11 Cleveland