Polk's Gloucester (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed as in the original Polk Directory (pages 33-181). Rockport is not included in this directory. The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Y-Men's club, D J Brosnan sec meets every other Mon at YMCA 71 Middle
Yatman Ellis L (Providence, R I) sum res Atlantic rd Bass Rocks
Yeaton J Southgate Mrs (Baltimore, Maryland) sum res 1275 Wash
York Merton L (Gertrude M) fishermn h 3 Davis
York Sumner D (Eliz C) lawyer 111 Main rm 2 h 35 King Rockport
York Theresa L sec A W Dodd & Co Inc r 35 King Rockport
Young Alma M died March 7, 1941
Young Annie G wid Wm T hairdrsr 55 River rd r 56 do
Young Carleton lab LePages Inc r 13 Seeall
Young Chas A (Lydia R) fish ctr r 74 Friend
Young Chester (Charlotte) mgr Jas McCutcheon & Co h at NY City
Young Cora A wid Chas P h 7 Haskell
Young Crosby R (Jessie W) (Norwood) sum res Hillside ct
Young Geo F (Eleanor) farmer h 62 High
Young Harold P (Lillian B) mach opr h 18 Allen
Young Hilda mrs clk Wm G Brown Co h 18 Pleasant
Young Jas (Myra T) jan h 8 MtVernon
Young Jas T (Aili J) mgr marine dept Hart Garage & Marine Co h 7 Haskell
Young John L (Lillian M) mariner h 126 Prospect
Young Jos L (Albertina M) fiahermn h 351 Western av
Young L H Co, Lewis C Parks mgr trucking Fort Wharf
Young Lillian A wid Chas F h 43 High
Young lydia R Mrs hairdrsr 74 Friend r do
Young M A (N Y City) r Hawthorne Inn
Young Mary Ann wid Siras died Feb 13, 1942
Young Mary J wid Hubert h 307 Main
Young Men's Christian Association, Womens Auxiliairy, Mrs Edw V Ambler pres Mrs Sumner Y McKenney sec meets 1st Mon Oct to May at 71 Middle
Young Minnie J wid Austin P h 8 Reynard
Young Paul (Mary E) h 7 Leighton ct
Young Paul (Alice) fish handler h 234 Main
Young Robt J, USN r 451 Western av
Young Simon J (Mabel R) carp 312 Main h do
Young Wm fishermn h 209 Main rm 404
Younger Albert T lab h 117 Centennial av
Younger Frank W r 6 Ashland pl
Younger Jessie A wid Jos R h 139 Maplewood av
Younger Joss R (Jessie A) died April 30, 1941
Yovan School of Contemporary Art (Yovan Radenkovitch) Farrington av
Yungquist Anna T wid Axel h 5 Norseman av
Yvonne's Beauty Shop (Mrs Yvonne B Joyce) 15 Wash