Polk's Gloucester (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1971 (incl. Rockport)

Below are all names listed as in the original Polk Directory (pages 2-390). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Quadros Angie Mrs retd h5 Silva Ct
Quadros Arnold A (Caroline R) fishermn hSaville Rd
Quarterdeck The (Yankee Clipper Inn) 123 Granite St (R)
Quasarano Leo (Josephine) ctr North Atlantic fish h9 Angle St
Queen Thos (Gloria) h42 Summer St
Quick Freeze Corp (O'donnell-Usen Fisheries) frozen fish Fort Wharf
Quigg Miss (Edna E Quigley) gifts South Rd (R)
Quigley Edna E (Miss Quigg) h2 Harvard St
Quigley Edw (Dorothy A) insp US Dept Of Interior h15 Poplar St
Quigley Margt L treas Lucky Fish Co r2 Harvard St
Quimby Charles M (Muna K) mtecmn Cape Ann Tool h17 Broadway (R)
Quimby Charles M Jr r17 Broadway (R)
Quince John S (Grace M) coml fishermn h74 Grove St
Quince Vitina (Wid Philip) h14 Chestnut St
Quince Vito P (Phyllis) utility wkr Gorton's h6 Addison St
Quincy Market Cold Storage & Warehouse Co Railroad Av
Quincy Market Cold Storage & Warehouse Co Michl J Burke V-Pres-Genl Mgr Rogers St
Quincy Mkt Cold Storage & Warehouse Co (Br) Rowe Sq
Quinn Anna R (Wid John R) registrar of voters Town Of Rockport h164 E Main St (R)
Quinn Carol A emp Sec (B) r23 Parker St (R)
Quinn Dennis carp Gloucester Marine Railway
Quinn Desmond H (Helen R) registrar of voters Town Of Rockport h12 Parker St (R)
Quinn Dorothy R mgr Canteen Discount h13b Short St
Quinn Edw J sum res h7 Cliff Rd
Quinn Elsie A (Wid Thos) aide Gloucester Rest Home r12 Emerald St
Quinn Helen R Mrs dir State Bd Of Pub Welfare r12 Parker St (R)
Quinn Herbert D (Constance E) driver Geo H Todd Corp h55 High St (R)
Quinn James E (Marilyn R) asst hd clk First Natl Stores h11 Hampden St
Quinn James T (Lydia B) h3 Marmion Wy (R)
Quinn John studt r164 Main St (R)
Quinn John F (Kathleen J) policemn City Police Dept h3 Juniper Rd
Quinn Joseph A (Josephine A) mtcemn h2 Norwood Ct
Quinn Kath studt r47 Centennial Av
Quinn Margt T (Wid Thos E) h23 Parker St (R)
Quinn Paul retd r29 Cleveland St
Quinn Robt J (Mary E) pilot Northeast Airlines (B) h47 Centennial Av
Quinn Robt P (Sheila E) supvr Solid State Products (S) h108 Cherry St
Quinn Sadie M h110 Prospect St
Quinn Thos chem wkr Gray Chem r42 Summer St
Quinn Thos E Jr studt r23 Parker St (R)
Quinn Thos G USN r55 High St (R)
Quint Bernard (Beverly) art editor Life Magazine hDrumlin Rd (R)
Quirk Mary clk Addison Gilbert Hosp h72 Lexington Av (M)