Polk's Gloucester (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1971 (incl. Rockport)

Below are all names listed as in the original Polk Directory (pages 2-390). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Y-Men's Club Robt M Williams Pres 71 Middle St
Y W C A Of Bsoton (Sum Camp) 6 Pier Av (R)
Yacht Club Apts (James Donahue) (summer rentals) 5 Wiley St
YANKEE CAB INC, Matthew P Amaral Sr Pres, Taxicab Co, 119 Washington St (01930), Tel 283-4477
Yankee Clipper Inn (Fredk S Wemyss) hotel 127 Granite St (R)
Yankee Clipper Inn Guest Hse 96 Granite St (R)
Yankee General Store (Wm Huke Jr) 279 E Main St
Yankee Gift Shop (Mrs Eliz C Barlett) South Rd (R)
Yarke Gertrude rCape Ann Nursing Home
Yatman Charles F (Linda F) wtchmn h5 Tucker St
Yatman Ellis L sum res 47 Atlantic Rd rProvidence RI
Yatman Thos L sum res 55 Atlantic Rd rProvidence RI
Yegerlehner Bonnie R laby tech Addison Gilbert Hosp r17 Hale St (R)
Yegerlehner David A Rev (Bonnie R) pastor Methodist Church h17 Hale St (R)
Yelland Leslie F Rev (Evelyn R) chaplain Gloucester Fishermen's Institute h6 Apple St
Yentsch Charles (Clarice M) oceanographer h6 Prospect St (R)
Yonna David (Anna) sum res hShips Bell Rd
York Alfred (Margt M) mtcemn Quincy Mkt h90 E Main St
York Florence R Mrs (Curtis Real Estate) h114 Prospect St
York Mary H (Wid Leighton H) retd h38 King St (R)
York Norma E ward aide Addison Gilbert Hosp r114 Prospect St
York Ruth L (Wid Alf C) waitress Village Sq Restr (Essex) h109 E Main St
York Theresa L retd h35 King St (R)
Yorke Gertrude S (Wid Merton L) retd h21 Friend St
Yorra Henry (Eve) lawyer (b) h201 Main St (R)
Yorra Myron h3 Norwood Ct (R)
Yorra Myron studt r201 Main St (R)
Young Bros (Geo F And C Russell Young) milk dlrs 61 High St
Young C Russell (Louise E) (Young Bros) h1082 Washington St
Young Carl T Jr r8 Summer Street Ct (R)
Young Craig R (Jane L) cook Cape Ann Nursing Home h111 Riverdale Pk
Young Edw G (Vera E) design eng Square Buff h502 Washington St
Young Edw W (Nancy) mach Murmac Mfg h10 Taylor St
Young Eileen M retd hCaleb's La (R)
Young Eleanor P Mrs retd h54 High St
Young Eug J (Jean) emp B F Goodrich h4 Young's Rd
Young Florence S r67 Atlantic Rd
Young Geo F (Young Bros) h55 High St
Young Harold P (Lillian) retd h49 Lincoln Pk
Young James T (Aili) retd h3 Young's Rd
Young Jessie W (Wid Crosby R) h184a Main St (R)
Young John H (Barbara R) sls eng Witt-Armstrong (B) h1 Tolman Av
Young June C ofc wkr Mighty Mac r54 High St
Young Margt sum res h4 Mt Locust Pl
Young Marion (Wid Percy) sum res 52 Langsford St rNewton Center Mass
YOUNG'S MEN CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF GLOUCESTER, Arthur Warner Exec Dir, Ethel Gorman Office Mgr, 71 Middle St (01930), Tel 283-0470
Young Men's Christian Association Women's Auxilary Anna A Harris Sec 71 Middle St
Young Nathl J Jr lwyr (boston) h67 Atlantic Rd
Young Noreen r502 Washington St
Young Paul E (Alice M) carp Hobbs & Mackey (R) h312 Main St
Young Paul W (Jo Ann M) mach (P) h9 Perkins St
Young Ralph D (Esther A) (Cook & Young) h15b Hale St (R)
Young Robert D shopmn Cape ann Automotive Sup h1088 Washington St
Young Robt J (Shirley M) mach United Shoe (BEV) h20 Riverdale Pk
Young Rosa r1 Babson St
Young Vera E Mrs bkpr N Shore Furn r502 Washington St
Youngberg Timothea tchr West Parish Sch r23 Palmer Rd (BEV)