Polk's Rockport (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed in the Rockport part of the Gloucester Polk Directory (pages 246-278). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Eason Sidney W (Josephine F) h 1A Pigeon Hill ct PC
Easton Thorwald G (Hulda A) paving ctr h 11 Pigeon Hill PC
Eaton Ceylon L (Doris M) garagemn h 29 High
Eaton Eleanor waitress r 49 Bway
Eaton Jas H (Broadway Garage) r 49 Bway
Eaton Robt L (Margt L) h 49 Bway
Eaton Wm A, USA r 49 Bway
Eaton Wm F (Gertrude M) (Medford) sum res Eden rd Land's End
Edsall Richd S (Katherine) (Boston) sum res 96 Granite PC
Edson Mary F (Boston) sum res Marmion way
Edwards Jas W mate 1st class USCG h at E Boston
Eldredge Wm F (Ruby C) h 82 High
Eldridge Parker E (Svea G N) installer r 4 Pier av
Elliott Paul B (Eleanor) (Winchester) sum res Land's end
Ellis Clifton G (Helene) (Haverhill) sum res Eden rd Land's end
Ellis Cyril F (Florence A) (The Chicautaubut) summer hotel Long Beach h do
Ellis Donald D (Haverhill) sum res Eden rd Land's End
Ellis Luella L wid Granville L (Norwood) sum res "Chicataubut" Long Beach
Ellis Margt N tchr Geo J Tarr sch h 14 School
Elso Albinus E lab r 11 Norwood ct
Elso Anna E r 33 Pigeon Hill PC
Elso Everett (Josephine) lab h 5 Norwood ct
Elso Frank J (Mary E) lab h 23 Pigeon Hill PC
Elson Arthur (Boston) sum res Shetland rd nr Marmion way
Elson Bertha L wid Louis C sum res Shetland rd nr Marmion way
Elwell Chas E glue wkr r 201 Main
Elwell Frank E optician 51 MtPleasant r do
Elwell Henry E (Priscilla S) chauf h 5 MtPleasant pl
Elwell Oscar (Ruth D) fishermn h 99 Main
Elwell Roy r 19 South
Elwell Theora R wid Wm H h 19 South
Emery Eliz M (Brooklyn, NY) sum res Gale av PC
Emery Gilbert C (Rita M) clk First Natl Stores h 103 Main
Emery M Eliz r 9 Summit av
Emery Stephen (Nellie T) h 7 Gale av PC
Emery Stephen A professor (Chapel Hill, N Carolina) sum res 7 Gale av PC
Emery Wm T professor (Brooklyn, NY) sum res 7 Gale av PC
Emmons Frank factory mgr Cape Ann Tool Co h at Gloucester
Engman Edla E wid Isaac h 9 Norwood ct
Engman Hjalmar cement wkr r 9 Norwood ct
Enright Edw F (Frances) clk (Cambridge) sum res 3 Point de Chene av PC
Erickson Arline M dom r 112 Granite PC
Erickosn Arthur R (Freda S) USCG h 15 High
Erickson Gustaf Y (Emma I) die sinker h 112 Granite PC
Erickson John P (Matilda S) gro 30 Pigeon Hill PC h 28 do
Erickson Raymond O r 112 Granite PC
Erickson Robt T (Frances J) h 17 Story PC
Erskine herbert O (Rachel M) cond B&M h 30 Railroad av
Erwin Geo F h 145 Main
Erwin Harold F (Grace E) drop forger h 32 King
Erwin Hermon C (Shirley S) tchr High sch h 2 King
Erwin Leo C (Hilda S) pntr h 6 Breakwater av PC
Erwin Leo C jr r 6 Breakwater av PC
Erwin Margt laundress r 6 Breakwater av PC
Erwin Robt, USN r 6 Breakwater av PC
Evans Arthur K (Nettie T) died March 11, 1942
Evans Chas (Boston) sum res off Marmion way
Evans Herbert S (Miriam M9 (Melrose) sum res Briarstone rd Land's End
Evans John (Nellie E) pntr h 72A Main
Evans John jr (Mary I) pntr h 59A Main
Evans Margt M dom r 72 Main
Evans Martin jr, lab h 72 main
Evans Mary A clk First Natl Stores r 60 Main
Evans Mary G r 87 Main
Evans Patk T (Mary A) driver Geo H Todd Corp h 60 Main
Evans Robt E caddie r 75A Main
Evarts Sarah P (Cambridge) sum res Country Club rd
Everett Eliz J Mrs h 5 Cleaves
Everett Gilbert F (Virginia C) pntr h 123 Main
Ewing Eleanor W (Peabody) sum res 15 Gale av PC
Ewing Lena W Mrs (Peabody) sum res 15 Gale av PC
Ewing Robt W (Peabody) sum res 15 Gale av PC