Polk's Rockport (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed in the Rockport part of the Gloucester Polk Directory (pages 246-278). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Fairbanks Cora E tchr High sch h 2 King
Fairbanks Mary L artist (Boston) sum res South rd Bear-Skin Neck
Fears Chas C (Nettie A) contr 46 High h do
Fears Chas C jr (barbara S) h 211 Main
Fears Dorothy L teller Granite Savings Bank r 15C Hale
Fears F Clifton (Ruth S) (F Clifton Fears Co) h 123 Granite PC
Fears F Clifton Co (F Clifton Fears) carpenters and builders 123 Granite PC
Fears Frances r 15A Hale
Fears Geo R carp h 15B Hale
Fears Harrison B (Marion K) msngr h 15C Hale
Fears Harvey J (Betsey W) carp h 5 Henderson ct
Fears Jas G carp h 5 Henderson ct
Fears L Marion r 15B Hale
Fears Millie A Mrs dressmkr r 3 Story PC
Fears Richd M radio opr r 3 Story PC
Fears Robt E (Margt B) drop forger h 3 Henderson ct
Fears Ruth S Mrs tchr drawing public schs r 123 Granite PC
Fears Sarah E wid Francis A h rear 45 High
Feolaa Francis J hlpr Blacksmith Shop Pasteries r 21 MtPleasant
Ferrazi Girolamo (Paulina) lab h 10 Breakwater av PC
Ferris justine (Cambridge) sum res Landmark rd PC
Ferry John F (H Frances) pntr h 3 Granite
Fielding Anne (Greenfield) sum res Long Beach
Fifield Leston M (mary) h 25 Norwood av
Figurado john clk First Natl Stores r 100 Friend Gloucester
Finn Mary L (Boston) h 24 MtPleasant
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran ch 20 Forest Rev Antti O Kuuisisto pastor
Finnish National Lutheran ch 145 Granite PC, M Anttonen pastor
Finnish Workingmens Association, Squam ct
First Baptist ch Mt Pleasant cor High
First Congregational ch, Main cor School Oviat E Desmond pastor
First Methodist ch 36 Bway
First National Stores Inc, Theo J Parady mgr gro 201 Granite PC, 37 Main and 11 MtPleasant
First Snack Shop (maude L Thomas) restr 2 Bear-Skin Neck
First Universalist ch Hale cor Cleaves, Morris R Robinson pastor
Fisher Wm A (Emma R) (Boston) sum res Land's End
Fisher Wm F (Eleanor T) box mkr h 54 Main
Fisk Brenton K (Amelia W) lawyer (Boston) sum res 80B Granite PC
Fitzgerald Frances W r 22 cleaves
Fitzpatrick Jeremiah L (Mary E) clk h 4 Phillips av PC
Flanders John J (Nannie) fishermn h 4 MtPleasant
Flanders Nannie r 4 MtPleasant
Flanders Richd J r 4 MtPleasant
Floyd Harry J (Alice C) lab h 4A High-st ct
Flynn Louise E Mrs r 117 Main
Flynn Maurice R Judge (Nellie T) (Malden) sum res Long Beach
Flynn Maurice R jr, studt sum res Long Beach
Foresters of America, Court Svea No 170, J August Holgerson treas 10 Curtis PC meets 2d and 4th Wed at Spiran Hall 23 School
Forsman Evert W (Esther V) tool mkr h 6 Smith
Fosberg Frank E R (Olga L) mason h 1701/2 Granite PC
Foster Helen A wid B F sum res 135 granite PC
Fox Edw W (Eliz S) (Cambridge) sum res 80D Granite PC
Francis Arthur J (Almeda) plmbr h 15 Parker
Francis Chas C (Mary A) carrier PO r 32 School
Francis Frank (Marion F) truckmn r 17 Norwood av
Francis Ida M r 4 Union la
Francis John J (Anna B) barber 175 Granite PC h 47A High
Francis Jos F h 47 High
Francis Marion J (Evelyn T) (Dock Square Garage) h 142 Main
Frazier Jas E (Melinda B) h 23 Curtis
Fredriksen Annie L Mrs h 66 Pigeon Hill PC
Fredriksen Harry J r 66 Pigeon Hill PC
Freitas John M asst sta agt B&M sta h 10 Parker
Friendly Shop The (Mrs Hester K Newton) gifts and specialities 11 Main
Frisbee Ellen B wid Chas H h 41 South
Frisbie Abbie R wid Elmer h 7 Phillips av PC
Frisbie Barbara R tchr (New York City) sum res 7 Phillips av PC
Frithsen A Robt studt r 10 Hooper pl
Frithsen Anna S wid Chas h 7 Bway
Frithsen Arthur C (Margt S) asst formn h 10 Hooper pl
Frithsen Harold L r 10 Hooper pl
Frithsen John C lab r 10 Hooper pl
Frithsen Marion r 7 Bway
Fritz Herman J (Mary M) formn h 11 Prospect
Fritz Jas R r 11 Prospect
Frost Albert (Belmont) sum res 5 Point de Chene av PC
Frost Donald F (Ruth B) h 121/2 Prospect
Frost Elliot P (Marion) (Winchester) sum res Land's End
Frost H louise (West Newton) sum res Land's End
Frost Jennie C librarian (B) h 25 Pleasant
Frost Josephine C sec (Cambridge) h 25 Pleasant