Polk's Rockport (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed in the Rockport part of the Gloucester Polk Directory (pages 246-278). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Nash Mary (B) r 9 Point de Chene av PC
Nason Earle S (Baycraft Press) h 7 Hickory Gloucester
Natteford Ella H h 7 Summer
Neal Ernest S (Martha B) (The Granite Shore Inn) h 20 Main
Neill Arthur W (Mary B) (Chestnut Hill) sum res 9 Point de Chene av PC
Nelson Anna L C r 13 Bway
Nelson Bertha J r 5 Prospect
Nelson Carl F (Karen G) (Grant Mfg Co) h at Portland Me
Nelson Carl G (Jennie L) fishermn h 13 Bway
Nelson Chas H fish pdlr r 158 Granite PC
Nelson Chas W (Wilhelmena) fishermn h 158 Granite PC
Nelson Clarence H (Winifred L) ins (Lowell) sum res 7 Point de Chene av PC
Nelson Doris A dom r 158 Granite PC
Nelson Ernest A (Euphemia M) mason contr 9 Bway h do
Nelson Ernest G (Edith S) lobstermn h 4 High-st ct
Nelson Ernest M (Anna G) fishermn h 4 Summit av
Nelson Frank F (Jennie M) pntr h 18 Cleaves
Nelson Geo L (Emma P) lobstermn h 6 Curtis PC
Nelson Henry (Frances E) marine eng h 196 Granite PC
Nelson Herman r 13 Bway av
Nelson Herman K (Lotti) died Feb 26, 1941
Nelson John A (Mary I) lobstermn h 2 Hlobrook
Nelson Lottie wid Herman h 13 Bway av
Nelson Mildred (Lowell) sum res 7 Point de Chene av PC
Nelson Otto J bicycles T Wharf r 5 Prospect
Nelson Ralph C (Sue) carp h 85 Main
Nelson Richd E r 13 Bway
Neuman Irene F (The Mariners Book Stall) h 1 MtPleasant
Nevela Paavo (Elsie) h Stockholm av PC
New England Telephone & Telegraph Co 64 Main
Newell Wm (Esther L) h 30 School
Newman Edith F wid John h 2 Green PC
Newman Grant T (Gertrude E) r Stockholm av PC
Newman Paul A (Signe A) h 207 Granite PC
Newton Hester K Mrs (The Friendly Shop) r 8 Pleasant
Nichols Edw (Bertha E) filet ctr h 10 Union la
Nichols Gilman T (Lucy) (Camb) sum res Land's End
Nickerson Annie L wid Oliver H r 14 Main
Nickerson Annie M tchr (Lexington) r Squam ct
Nickerson Ellen M wid Stillman L h Squam ct
Nickerson Fred L (Lucy A) gro 2 Railroad av 131 Main
Nickerson Luella h 50 High
Nickerson Stillman L (Ellen N) died Aug 15, 1941
Niedner Chas L (Mary E) (Malden) sum res Marmion way
Niedner Wm H (Ruth B) (Malden) sum res Marmion way
Nielsen Carl (Evelyn) r 36 Pigeon Hill PC
Nielsen Niels W paving ctr h 36 Pigeon Hill PC
Niemi Andrew H (Elna W) shoe rpr 181 Granite PC h 23 Pigeon Hill do
Niemi Emil fishermn r Squam rd
Niemi Ernest A studt r 125 Main
Niemi Ernest A P (Evelyn) died Apr 29, 1941
Niemi Evelyn Mrs h 4 Hooper pl
Niemi Gladys r 125 Main
Niemi Lempi I clk Board of Selectmen Town Hall r 8 Smith-st ct
Niemi Maria wid Matthew h 8 Smith-st ct
Niemi Matthew I lea wkr r 8 Smith-st ct
Niemi Saul T (Maude F) mach opr h 125 Main
Nemi W John (Jennie M) mach opr h 112 Main
Nisbet Martha L Mrs died Nov 3, 1940
Niskanen John I lab r 42 Curtis PC
Niskanen Lena r 42 Curtis PC
Niskanen Sarah wid Matti h 42 Curtis PC
Noble Philip R (New York) sum res Old Garden rd
Noera Florence (Hot Springs Va) sum res Cove Hill la
Norberg Carl F (Cora V) lobstermn h 6 Smith
Norling Olaf E (Annie W) lobstermn r 23 Bway
Norris Sally D Mrs h 3 Briarstone rd
Norton Alice M Mrs h South rd Bear-Skin Neck
Norton Harriet W (Auburndale) sum res Highland av
Norwood Arthur R (Emma) lobster fishermn h 14 Parker
Norwood Carlton E gas sta r 154 Main
Norwood Doris A r 14 Parker
Norwood Edgar A (May) eng (W Medford) h 10 Mill la
Norwood Edith N Mrs maid r 43 Bway
Norwood Ernest B chef r 8 South
Norwood Lewis F (Ida M) eng Pumping Sta h 125 Main
Norwood Lewis F jr, tchr r 125 Main
Norwood Mary F wid Wm E h 66 Main
Norwood Stanley B (W Medford) sum res 10 Mill la
Norwood W Russell (Marion) h Allen av Headlands
Norwood Wm E (Mary) died Dec 29, 1941
Nuttall Mary C wid Jas h 72 Main
Nylund Adolph L (Ella E) paving ctr h 3 King-st ct
Nyquist Holga S tchr Pigeon Cove sch r 10 Granite