Polk's Rockport (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed in the Rockport part of the Gloucester Polk Directory (pages 246-278). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Oakes Everett B (Helen H) h 169 Main
Oakes Helen H Mrs sec Pierce N Hodgkins r 169 Main
O'Brien Anne T (B) sum res 212 Granite PC
O'Brien E Josephine (B) sum res 212 Granite PC
O'Brien Harriet L (B) sum res 212 Granite PC
O'Brien Jos W (Frances) h 9 Hale
Ocean View House (Coral Gables Fla) (Geo P Chick) 40 Phillips av PC
O'Connor Eliz A wid Wm h 40 Bway
O'Connor Gerald B mach h 40 Bway
O'Connor Gerald B jr r 40 Bway
O'Connor Kathleen E r 40 Bway
O'Connor Mary G tchr High sch r 75 Bellingham Chelsea
Odd Fellows Hall 18 Bway
Odd Fellows Shop The (Edw H Defoe) uphol 23 South rd Bear Skin Neck
O'Hearn Agnes G wid John h 165 Granite PC
O'Hearn Jos (Alice G) sta eng Pumping Sta h 1 Phillips av PC
O'Hearn Jos jr r 1 Phillips av PC
O'Hearn Mary h 137 Granite PC
O'Hearn Wm r 231 Granite PC
Oikle Forman A mate r 14 Pigeon Hill PC
Oker Ida E wid Arthur F h 109 Main
Okerson Oscar fish handler h 50 Bway
Old Castle The 3 Castle la PC
Old Harbor Gallery (Lester Hornby) 3 MtPleasant
Old Parish Cemetery 101/2 Beach
O'Leary Thos B (Elimore) phys (Dorchester) sum res Eden rd Land's End
Oleson A Wm (Esther) h 15 Summit av
Olsen Einar A studt (B) sum res Granite st Folly Cove
Olson Albert M (Edith) sta eng r 77 Pigeon Hill PC
Olson Anna S wid O Edwin h 151 Granite PC
Olson Elof (Serafia) paving ctr h 1701/2 Granite PC
Olson Geo (Cora) (W Newton) h Long Beach
Olson Helga wid Chas h 223 Granite PC
Olson Hilda L treas and acct h Marmion way
Olson Lester F (Jennie M) formn h 16 King
Olson Mabel T (The Little Weave Shop) r 151 Granite PC
Olson Melvin A chemist r 2 Oakland av PC
Olson Olof (Augusta) paving ctr h 77 Pigeon Hill PC
Olson P Aug (Sigrid) granite ctr h 2 Oakland av PC
Olson Shirley A clk Johnny's Restr r 16 King
Olson Warren O E stock clk r 2 Oakland av PC
Oman Andrew (Hilma) died May 6, 1941
Oman Hilma wid Andrew h 5 Pigeon Hill PC
Oman Johannes A lab r 5 Pigeon Hill PC
O'Neil Chas F (Ruth) (Lowell) sum res 33 Long Beach
Orchard The (Mrs Ruth White) 44 Beach
Order of vasa Spiran Lodge No 98 Carl E Peterson treas 5 Bway meets 1st and 3d Thurs at 23 School
Orne Ferdinand (Alice A) supt h 13 Granite PC
Orne Homer G clk Pigeon Cove PO r 13 Granite PC
O'Rourke Danl F (Katherine) (Danvers) sum res Long beach
Orr Edmund D (Margt C) candy mkr h 12 Summit av
Orr Edmund S H (Edith M) h 11 Bway av
Oteri Leone (Wellesley Farms) sum res Richards av
O'Toole Larry h 6 Dock sq
Outhouse Sally (Waltham) sum res Long Beach