Polk's Rockport (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed in the Rockport part of the Gloucester Polk Directory (pages 246-278). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Packer Louise (Winchester) sum res Land's End
Packer Wm S (Mary G) (Winchester) sum res Land's End
Packer Wm S jr (Winchester) sum res Land's End
Pakkala John (Mary) lab h Squam rd
Palfrey Robt G (Marion R) h Dean rd
Palmquist Edw N (Ada L) auto mech h 4 Smith-st ct
Palmquist Mary wid Hans h 6 Smith-st ct
Pancoast Morris H (Minnie L) sum res 17 Beach
Paradis Arthimise L wid John B died June 7, 1942
Paradis Frank I (Alexandrine M) caretkr h 68 Main
Paradis J Alf (Gertrude M) clk h 18 Hale
Paradis John B jr (Lea B) died Aug 12, 1941
Paradis John B 3d, studt r 36 High
Paradis Lea B wid John B jr, gro 67 Bway h 36 High
Paradis M Alice bkpr r 18 Hale
Paradis Mary L clk The General 5 and 10 cent Store r 68 Main
Parady Arthur J (Mabel E) jan High School r 8 Dock sq
Parady C Edw (Eleanor) h 4 Pleasant
Parady Chas E (Lottie B) eng h 156 Granite PC
Parady Jos P (Alberta M) chief eng h 76 Main
Parady Theo J (Sarah L) mgr First National Stores Inc h 127 Main
Pare Oliver A (Annie) sum res Eden rd Lands End
Park Arthur N (Gertrude H) (Belmont) sum res Marmion way
Park Evelyn F (Belmont) sum res Marmion way
Parker chas W (Mary M) h 44 School
Parker L Geo studt r 23 High
Parker Marian J tchr r 23 High
Parker Ralph T (Ella) plmbr 23 High h do
Parker Sophie tchr r 55 Bway
Parks Thos J (Hilda M) wholesale fish Breakwater av PC h 17 Curtis do
Parsons Catherine L wid Henry C h 22 Pleasant
Parsons Chester E (Gertrude F) belt mn h 167 Main
Parsons Frank S (Helen A) (Gloucester) sum res Long Beach
Parsons Fred F h 129 Granite PC
Parsons Geo F (Marion L) supt (Rockport Infirmary) h 44 South
Parsons Katharine R Mrs librarian Pigeon Cove Public Library r South st
Parsons L Cleaves (Winnifred L) h 7 Railroad av
Parsons Lambert W h 25A Pigeon Hill PC
Parsons Lillian H r 129 Granite PC
Parsons Marjorie M r 1 Castle la PC
Parsons Raymond A (Gladys P) h 36 South
Parsons Velma H waitress r 167 Main
Parsons Wm H (Florence G) ins h 1 Charte ct
Pascucci John A clk r 52 High
Pascucci John A (Esther L) USA h 121 Main
Pascucci Jos (Catherine) shoe rpr 61 Main h 52 High
Pascucci Patsy clk r 52 High
Patience John W (Lucy R) collr h 5 Mill la
Patneaude Herbert M (Marion) h 16 Cleaves
Patriquin W Leslie h 12 Mill la
Patten Chester S (Cambridge) sum res Marmion way
Paving Cutters' Union of U S & Canad, Albert M Anderson pres-mgr 23 School
Pearsall Geo (B) sum res Marmion way
Pearson Arthur G h Marmion way
Pearson Bruno N (Margt A) r Country Club rd
Pearson Clarice M r 24 Hale
Pearson Eric G (Bertha M) mason h 24 Hale
Pearson Marguerite S (B) artist South rd Bear Skin Neck h do
Pearson Ola (Mary A) fishermn h 34 Beach
Pearson Oscar (Beda M) h Country Club rd
Pearson Wm E (Newton) sum res 18 Breakwater av PC
Peasant Shop The (Mary Hannum, Anna B Dudley) specialty gift shop 7 Dock sq
Peck Wm W (Frances C) (Groton) sum res Breakwater, Bear skin Neck
Peckham Geo W (Ethel B) aud h 44 MtPleasant
Peckham Geo W jr, studt r 44 MtPleasant
Pedone Lillian B h 153 Main
Pedroni Rena tchr Pigeon Cove School r at Gloucester
Pelletier Lucille M wid Wm r 81 Main
Peltier Frederic D died Sept 15, 1940
Peltier Fredk B (MtVernon, N Y) sum res 226 Granite PC
Perham Mary V h 29 MtPleasant
Perk Emil quarrymn r 6 Rowe av PC
Perk Ina E r 6 Rowe av PC
Perk Mary wid Jacob h 6 Rowe av PC
Perkins Agnes L Mrs bkpr Lindley I Dean r 20 Phillips av PC
Perkins Albert gardnr r 6 Pleasant
Perkins Arthur R (Flora D) plmbr L E Smith Inc h 46 Main
Perkins Bessie D wid Aaron F (Gloucester) sum res 53 Long Beach
Perkins Eaton H (Eliz M) (Melrose) sum res Eden rd Land's End
Perkins Edith S Mrs (Cape Hedge Inn) h do and 6 Middle Gloucester
Perkins F Kenneth (Edith S) treas Geo H Todd Corp r 6 Dexter pl Gloucester sum res Land's End
Perkins Geo S (Corinne A) h 40 Haven av PC
Perkins Norman C r 20 Summer
Perkins Parker S artist 5 Gott h do
Perkins Phyllis cook Brick Oven Spa r Summer st
Perkins Spencer W (Jessie L) eng B&M h 20 Summer
Perkins Spencer W jr (Winifred) chauf h 10 Summer
Perkins Wm H r 121/2 King
Perkins Woodbury E (Lucy N) eng h 121/2 King
Perkio Jacob H jr (Beatrice M) police Police Station h 30 Granite PC
Perrett Galen J (Antoinette) sum res Land's End
Perrigard Hal Ross (Pauline B) artist (Westmount Can) 1 South rd Bear-Skin Neck h do
Perry Arthur R (Leah F) h 53 MtPleasant
Perry David C h 100 Granite PC
Perry Wm B (Laura C) lawyer (New Bedford) sum res 53 Phillips av PC
Persons Irma wid Warren M sum res 76 Phillips av PC
Persson Karl A (Anna L) (Johnson Quarries) rough and hammered granite end of Pigeon Hill st PC h 119 Granite do
Pesu Evi clk r Squam ct
Pesu Hilja wid Jos h Squam ct
Peterson Alf E studt r 6 MtPleasant
Peterson Alf L (Agnes H) oil burner mech r 6 MtPleasant
Peterson Altti (Eliz) chauf Cape Supply Co h 20 Hillside av PC
Peterson Andrew h 1 Agawam la
Peterson Anna K nurse r 20 Hillside av PC
Peterson Bengta wid Hjalmar r 241/2 King
Peterson Carl A lab r 20 Hillside av PC
Peterson Carl E (Julia H) stm ftr h 5 Bway
Peterson Caroline J clk r 5 Bway
Peterson Cora L r1 Agawam la
Peterson E Matthew editorial rm Boston American Record r 182 Granite
Peterson Edw A (Hilma W) h 14 Breakwater av PC
Peterson Eliz M r 27 Granite
Peterson Elsa S r 49 Curtis PC
Peterson Emily D cook Brick Oven Spa r 1 Hooper pl
Peterson Eva M studt r 182 Granite PC
Peterson John A h 24 Parker
Peterson John A (Henrietta V) lab h 241/2 King
Peterson John E (Ida M) h 182 Granite PC
Peterson Josephine E r 1 Hooper pl
Peterson Lillian E r 20 Hillside av PC
Peterson Mary L wid Andrew h 20 Hillside av PC
Peterson Nester T plmbr r 1 Agawam la
Peterson Oke (Anna F) fishermn h 1 Hooper pl
Peterson paul (I Mary) quarrymn h 27 Granite
Peterson Ruth housekpr r 22 Pleasant
Peterson Theo, USN r 14 Breakwater av PC
Peterson Uno A, USA r 14 Breakwater av PC
Peterson Victor G (Ruth I) h 2 Edgemere rd PC
Peterson Waino, USA r 14 Breakwater av PC
Pettingill Susan H gro 7 Cleaves h 5 do
Peura Adolph (Dorothy M) h rear 184 Main
Pevear Arthur S (Cambridge) sum res Sandaba av
Pevear Dorothy W (Cambridge) sum res Sandaba av
Pew Wm A jr Mrs (salem) sum res Land's End
Phalen Lester W (Harriett F) clk PO (Gloucester) h 58 Main
Philbrook David M farmer h Highland rd nr Stockholm av PC
Phillips Lillian A (School of Handicraft) sum res 50 Main h at Jamaica Plain
Pierce E Doris Mrs (The Three Bears) h Middle rd Bear Skin Neck
Pierce eleanor Mrs (B) sum res Breakwater Bear Skin Neck
Pierce Francis A Mrs (The Tudor, B) sum res Marmion way
Pierce Fredk C (Florence L) shtmlwkr B&M h 46 School
Pierce John B mach r 81 High
Pierce Robt M (Frances B) master mariner h 18 Pleasant
Pierce Virginia E tchr (Brokton) r 116 Granite PC
Pigeon Cove Federated Church 155 Granite PC
Pigeon Cove Improvement Society, Mrs Bessie Rogers pres Mrs Emily Story treas Mrs Clifton Fears sec 123 Granite PC
Pigeon Cove Post Office 169 Granite PC
Pigeon Cove Public Library, Mrs Katherine Parsons librarian 138 Granite PC
Pigeon Cove School, Viola D Green prin 15 Story PC
Pingree J Christie wid Arthur H (Brookline) sum res 51 Phillips av PC
Pingree Memorial Athletic Association, Granite cor Phillips av PC
Piper Lucy (Pittsburgh, Pa) sum res 163A Main
Poirier Annie E Mrs h 1 Bway
Poirier Jean B W, USN r 1 Bway
Poland Geo L h 63 High
Polansky Louis (Cape Ann Dye House) h 140 Maplewood av Gloucester
Pollack Louis (Cambridge) h 16 South
Pollard Shirley (Nathalie) (Malden) sum res 1 Briarstone rd
Pollari Alex lab h 17 Forest
Polloni Angelo (Mary) farmer h off Stockholm av PC
Polloni Domenico (Della L) chauf h 271 Granite PC
Polloni Edith hairdrsr r 269 Granite PC
Polloni Gilda wid Anselmo h 269 Granite PC
Polloni Josephine nurse r 269 Granite PC
Polloni Mafalda E r 269 Granite PC
Polloni Mario r off Stockholm av PC
Pollox E M H r Straitsmouth Inn
Pommet Paul J (Fannie A) r 48 Curtis PC
Pool Donald M (Mazie P) electn 49 High h do
Pool Lena B (Lynn) sum res 25 Dock sq
Pool Norman S (Martha) electn h 18 Story PC
Pool Sterling H (Ethel B) artist 25 Dock sq h do
Poole Alice sum res Land's End
Poole Anna V wid Fred E h 12 Beach
Poole Arthur F farmer r 9 MtPleasant pl
Poole Caleb P lab h 10 South
Poole Chas A (Ida M) h e High-st ct
Poole Chas E r 166 Main
Poole David E electn r 209 Granite PC
Poole Dorothy W tchr (B) r 51 Bway
Poole Dwight D (Selma) chauf Geo H Todd Corp h 30 King
Poole Dwigth D jr, tool mkr r 30 King
Poole Ellsworth W (Eliz P) plumbing insp (Newton) h 34 High
Poole Ernest R (Helen V) auto mech h 166 Main
Poole Ernest R jr (Brick Oven Spa) r 166 Main
Poole Eva A sten (B) r 163B Main
Poole Florence S Mrs investigator Board of Old Age Assistance h 51 Bway
Poole Francis W (Carrie D) farmer h 124 Main
Poole Fred A (Ellen S) farmer h 44 MtPleasant
Poole Geo A r 44 South
Poole Herman E (Edna J) pntr h 8 Summer-st ct
Poole Jos B (Nellie W) electrical contr 209 Granite PC h do
Poole Keturah M wid Orren C sum res 32A High
Poole Lewis R (Margt R) clk L E Smith Inc h 14 Spring lane
Poole Marion L hairdrsr r 2 High-st ct
Poole Melville C (Minnie) farmer h 163B Main
Poole Orren S (F Evelyn) farmer h 16A South
Poole Page O clk Poole's Drug Store r 79 Main
Poole Rilla B r 8 South
Poole S Langdon (Florence E) (Poole's Drug Store) h 79 Main
Poole S Langdon jr, registered pharm Poole's Drug Store r 79 Main
Poole Thos (Mary) auto accessories (Gloucester) h Old Garden rd
Poole Walter E lab r 166 Main
Poole Wm O (Anna L9 farmer h 21 South
Poole's Drug Store (S Langdon Poole) 79 Main
Porter Chas T (Barbara W) phys (Watham) sum res Land's End
Potter Pauline M Mrs (Detroit, Mich) sum res Land's End
Potter Wm J artist r 5 Bway
Powers Catherine wid John J h 45 Granite
Powers Helen E r 45 Granite
Powers M Louise r 45 Granite
Powers Mary T sec (B) r 45 granite
Powers Robt L (Lucy N) lab h 147 Granite PC
Powers Wm D postmaster PO r 45 Granite
Pratt Donald r 171 Granite PC
Pratt Geo E (Dorothy M) h 1701/2 Granite PC
Pratt Gladys A r 171 Granite PC
Pratt Harold M farmer r 171 Granite PC
Pratt Jas M (Geneva A) h 171 Granite PC
Pratt Ralph D heater r 171 Granite PC
Pratt Richd S factory wkr r 171 Granite PC
Preble Marguerite Mrs mgr The Sea Chest r 81 Main
Prior Fred W (Elsie V) (Auburndale) sum res Long Beach
Public Library 1 Jewett
Pucci Emilia opr r Gott av PC
Pucci Emilio (Paulina) farmer h Gott av PC
Pucci Mary r Gott av PC
Pugh Cresson (Yardley, Pa) sum res 295 Granite PC
Pugh Dorothy (Yardley, Pa) sum res 295 Granite PC
Pugh Walter C Rev (Evaline) (Yardley, Pa) sum res 295 Granite PC
Pullman Bernard A (Lillian R) (Newton) sum res 6 Norwood av
Pushee Ethel wid John R r 122 Granite PC
Pythian Hall 203 Granite PC