Polk's Rockport (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed in the Rockport part of the Gloucester Polk Directory (pages 246-278). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Quinn Alice M r 4 Highland
Quinn Dennis S (Catherine O) eng h 52 Bway
Quinn Desmond H (Helen R) mgr h 5 Parker
Quinn Gerald W (Anna L) chauf Geo H Todd Corp h 1 Smith
Quinn Herbert D r 4 Highland
Quinn Jas T (Evelyn M) police Police Station h 56 Main
Quinn John J chief eng h 4 Highland
Quinn John R sten r 4 Highland
Quinn Mary L h 74 Curtis PC
Quinn Sarah C r 74 Curtis PC
Quinn Thos E (Marie) died feb 12, 1942
Quinn Thos E jr, eng r 12 Parker
Quinn Wm E pntr r 52 Bway