Polk's Rockport (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed in the Rockport part of the Gloucester Polk Directory (pages 246-278). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Railway Express Agency, Railroad av
Randall Edw W (Mary S) h 20 South
Randall Elisabeth private sec (B) r 20 South
Rankin Eliz (Pittsburgh, Pa) sum res 163A Main
Ranta Arthur U clk r 4 Forest
Ranta E Emil (Alexandra) gro 10 Forest h 8 do
Ranta Edw E h 5 Smith-st ct
Ranta Elena wid Jacob S h 38 Curtis PC
Ranta Geo A r 38 Curtis PC
Ranta Geo M pntr r 4 Forest
Ranta H Jacob r 38 Curtis PC
Ranta Ida E wid Wm h 8 King
Ranta Maurice V clk r 4 Forest
Ranta Rudolph D (Ruby's Sign Service) r 4 Forest
Ranta Waino V died Oct 25, 1940
Ranta Wm r 38 Curtis PC
Ranttila Geo E variety 161/2 Beach r 22 Forest
Ranttila Mary wid Elias h 22 Forest
Rapp Robt H (Hannah M) h 7 Bway
Rapp Robt H jr, clk r 7 Bway
Rapps John R (Gertrude V) carp h 19 Clark av
Rapps John R jr r 19 Clark av
Rationing Board No 260, J Harry Mills chairman A Richd Carlson and Desmond Quinn members Town Hall
Rausebault Chas J (Laura D) (New York) sum res Land's End
Read Chas C (Annie W) (B) h Marmion way st
Read Esther H (B) sum res Marmion way
Read Katherine E (Radnor, Pa) sum res Marmion way
Recchia Richd H (Kitty P) sculptor h 6 Summer
Red Men's Hall 5 Beach
Reddy Dorothy Mrs asst treas Granite Savings bank r 36 MtPleasant
Reddy Paul T (Dorothy) h 36 MtPleasant
Reed Edw W (Gertrude E) clk PO h 21 Summer
Reed Isabel E nurse r 231 Granite PC
Reed Isabel G wid Jas r 231 Granite PC
Reed Jas R (Mae E) h 10 MtLocust av PC
Reed Mary L tchr r 231 Granite PC
Reed Raymond M (Eleanor S) gro 47 Main h 4 Granite
Reed Roland (Minnie) h 3 Railroad av
Reed Sarah K h 108 Granite PC
Reed Sterling T h rear 14 King
Reed Wm G (Elsie J) selectman Town Hall h 101 Granite PC
Reese Florence (Baltimore, Md) r 2 MtLocust av PC
Reese Virginia (Baltimore, Md) r 2 MtLocust av PC
Reilly Alice tchr High sch r 11 Bway
Reilly Francis R pntr r 8 Cleaves
Reilly Geo G stone ctr r 8 Cleaves
Reilly Jas G jan Town Hall r 8 Cleaves
Reilly Jas R (Mary M) h 8 High-st ct
Reilly Susan (Mrs Wm J) died Oct 15, 1941
Reilly Wm J h 8 Cleaves
Reilly Wm J jr (Margt M) plmbr L E Smith Inc h 3 Summer
Reis Albert paving ctr h 4 King-st ct
Remby Margt J wid Boyd h 87 Main
Remick Albert R trucking r 78 Main
Remick Rufus H (Catherine M) cond B&M h 78 Main
Reynolds Donald r 53 MtPleasant
Reynolds Florence wid Milton F r 53 MtPleasant
Reynolds Pauline E r 53 MtPleasant
Rice A Bertha wid Edw L h Shetland rd
Rice Madelena Mrs sum res Land's End
Rice Madeline W tchr h 2 MtPleasant
Rich Agnes W wid Arthur V h 19 High
Rich Albert F lobster fishermn r 11 Parker
Rich Arthur F (Phyllis I) h Dean rd
Rich Edna D clk r 11 Parker
Rich Gertrude E nurse maid r 11 Parker
Rich Herbert R (Louise F) fishermn h 38 School
Rich Loring E fish wkr r 11 Parker
Rich Loring G (A Ethel) lab h 11 Parker
Rich Walter G r 11 Parker
Ricker Roscoe E (Marion M) mason 11 Summit av h do
Ring Millard E (Edith V) slsmn r 11 Broadway av
Roach Albert S (Dorothy E) (Framingham9 h South rd Bear-skin Neck
Robbie Kenneth (Plainfield, NJ) r Straitsmouth Inn, Marmion way
Robbins Cora A wid Thos H h 7 Parker
Roberts Guy M r 2 MtLocust av PC
Roberts Henry (MtAiry, Pa) r 2 MtLocust av PC
Robinson Danl A (Maud S) died Nov 9, 1940
Robinson Ernest F (Nellie F) clk h 6 Main
Robinson Fredk (Carlotta M) eng Cape Ann Tool Co h 141 Granite PC
Robinson Geo H (Helen G) (B) sum res Eden rd, Land's End
Robinson J Albert (Ella V M) h 24 School
Robinson Jessie B wid chas h 184 Granite PC
Robinson Maud S wid Danl A h 19 Summer
Roche Wm F r 5 Prospect
Rockport Art Association, Aldro T Hibbard pres Lester G Hornby v-pres Charles F Bruno treas Vincent Gerbino sec 12 Main
Rockport Board of Trade inc Mass' 27 Gordon Moore pres Lewis Whitney. Stanley Littlefield v-prests Marion S Marshall sec Alex K Marr treas Dock sq
Rockport Dye House (Robert Kline) cleaners and dyers 65 Main
Rockport Garden Club 58 Bway
Rockport High School, Wm E Cottle prin 4 Bway
Rockport Infirmary, Geo F Parsons supt 44 South
Rockport Lodge Vacation house Mass League of Girls Clubs, Marion Niles chairman board of trustees 61 South
Rockport National Bank 23 Main member Federal Deposit Ins Corp-For further information see page 5 Buyers' Guide
Rockport Oil Co (Alex K Marr) 2 Main
Rockport Paving Block Corp inc Mass 30 George D Rogers pres-asst treas Louis A Rogers treas 83 Granite PC
Rockport Post Office 39 Bway
Rockport Public Library Jewett corner Cleaves sts tel 934
Rockport Social Club, Victor Wilson sec 23 Main
Rockport Studio Shop (Mrs Faay Rotenberg) gifts 7 MtPleasant
Rockport-Town of
Assessors, Town Hall
Board of Old Age Assistance, Town Hall
Board of Public Welfare, Guy C Currier agt Town Hall
Board of Selectmen, Town Hall
Fire Dept, Guy A Thibeault chief 37 Bway
POLICE DEPT, John E Sullivan chief 37 Broadway tel Rockport 577
School dept, Office High School
Town Clerk, Town Hall
Town Hall 34 Broadway
Town Infirmary 44 South
Treasurer and Collector, Town Hall
WATER & SEWER COMMISSION, Ivan K Grover chairman Richard D Gaffrey, Rockport-Town of-Con Lewis R Toole, Town Hall Broadway tel 960
Water Works pumping station Upper Main st
Rodenhiser Everett r 29 Main
Roewer Geo E (Rosa H) lawyer (Cambridge) sum res 247 Granite PC
Roewer Geo E jr (Margt H) investigator (Camb) sum res 247 Granite, PC
Roewer Louis P (Camb) sum res 247 Granite, PC
Roffey Alice A clk r 4 Bway av
Roffey Carlton P r 3 Summit av
Roffey Eliz gro 45 MtPleasant h 4 Bway av
Roffey Eliz J sum res 76 granite, PC
Roffey Ernest G (Mabel L) diesinker h 3 Summit av
Roffey Fredk H (Harriet F) (Saugus) sum res 76 Granite, PC
Roffey Robt C (Rauni E) chemist h 45A MtPleasant
Rogers Bessie S wid C Harry h 23 Granite
Rogers Geo D pres-asst treas Rockport Paving Block Corp h at Brookline
Rogers Helen W wid Arthur K h 31 MtPleasant
Rogers Jos P (Rose M) carp h 12 Cleaves
Rogers Louis A (Ruth E) pres Granite Savings Bank and treas Rockport Paving Corp h 11 Granite
Rogers Robt E (Marie B) prof (Cambridge) sum res 19 Beach
Roper Walter H (Nellie H) (Gloucester) sum res Long Beach
Rose Iver artist rear 43 Main h do
Rosengren Emma Mrs h 4 Beach
Ross Percy A (Eliz J) h 104 Main
Rotenberg Fay Mrs (Rockport Studio Shop) r 7 MtPleasant
Rotenberg Harold (Fay) Mrs Rockport Studio Shop h 7 MtPleasant
Rowe Arthur G (Mary A) fndry wkr (Beverly) h 201 Main
Rowe Caroline M r 243A Main
Rowe Donald G r 101 Main
Rowe Ernest R lab h 17 Forest
Rowe Everett D pntr r 29 Main
Rowe Everett G lab r 17 Forest
Rowe Fred E (Annie G) driver Geo H Todd Corp h 17 Parker
Rowe Glenn M, USA r 101 Main
Rowe Leah C wid Edw G died Dec 6, 1940
Rowe Lester A (Lillian M) carp h 30 MtPleasant
Rowe Martha E wid Walter h 101 Main
Rowe Nellie G h 61 MtPleasaant
Rowe Orlando F (Caroline M) died April 21, 1941
Rowe Raymond E chief eng Cape Ann Tool Co (PC) r 201 Main
Rowe Walter R forester r 4 Poole's la
Rowe Walter R, USA r 101 Main
Rowe Wm B (Eliz B) h Norwood av Headlands
Rowell Warren S (Grace L) (Somerville) h Old Garden rd
Rudder House The (Mrs Mary Hanson) restr Doyle Cove rd Bearskin Neck
Rudy's Sign Service (Rudolph D Ranta) sign pntr 4 Forest r do
Rundgren V R Walter (Mamie P) paving ctr h 23 High
Rundgren Waldmear chauf r 23 High
Runsala Alf U (Marion C) USCG h 14 King
Runsula Theo (Regina E9 heater h 281 Granite, PC
Russell Nellie N wid Percy h 10 Hale
Rustin Warren D (Gertrude M) phys h 20 Marmion way
Ryan Chas T (Anna P) h 25 School
Ryan Kathleen R (Milton) sum res Land's End
Ryan Richd H (Anna W) (Lowell) sum res "Sea Breeze" Long Beach
Ryan Richd P h 7 Spring la