Polk's Rockport (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed in the Rockport part of the Gloucester Polk Directory (pages 246-278). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Saari Alex (Hedwig) h Squam rd
Saari Susanna L wid Isaac died Jan 10, 1942
Sabel Stanley L (Fannie) (New York) sum res Land's End
Sackett Gordon h 59A Main
StAgnes House sum vacation house South st cor Marmion way
StJoachim's R C Church Rev Francis A McNeil pastor Rev John F Wallace asst pastor 56 Broadwaay tel 756-For further information see page 6 Buyers' Guide
StMary's Episcopal Church 24 Bway, Rev Robt N Rodenmayer rector
Salo Annie Mrs h Squam Hill
Salo Elmer r 2 Forest
Salo Nestor (Lydia) h 2 Forest
Sammon Eileen G (Belmont) sum res Briarstone rd Land's End
Samuelson Chas J (Olga J) stone mason 26 Beach h do
Samuelson John W hlpr h 5 Henderson ct
Samuelson Ruth D r 26 Beach
Sanborn Everett A custodian r 178 Main
Sanborn Fanny deC Mrs (Newtonville) sum res Worcester pl PC
Sanborn Lewis C (Mary L) supt water and sewer depts Town Hall h 178 Main
Sanborn Lois P wid Earl E h 16 Main
Sandberg Anna Mrs h Squam Hill
Sandy Bay Bowling Alleys (Oscar L Waddell) bowling alley 17 Bear-skin Neck
Sandy Bay Historical Society and Museum Inc 58 Bway
Sandy Bay Market (Mrs Mildred H Strong) fish South rd Bear-skin Neck
Sandy Bay Yacht Club off Dock sq Jos T Higgins sec-treas
Santos Manuel J (Eleanor R) USCG h 47 Granite
Sargent Carin Mrs (7 South Street) h 7 South
Sargent Geo W (Olga R) cond B&M h 96 Main
Sargent Harry P (Emma) cond B&M h 34 King
Sargent Paul F r 96 Main
Saulnier Geo A (Ruth E) (Watertown) sum res "Bayside" Long Beach
Saunders Theresa M wid Alf r 2 Cathedral av PC
Saunders Wallace G gdnr r 2 Cathedral av PC
Savage Block 47 Main
Savage Jennie M wid Sidney H stationer and news dealer 43 Main h 45 do
Saville Annie L wid Marshall L h Shetland rd
Saville F Harmon r 35 High
Saville Foster H (Hester) died April 10, 1942
Saville Hester F wid Foster H (Cape Ann Old Book Shop) 35 High and bookseller do
Saville Randolph M (Azurette T) (New York City) sum res Shetland rd near Marmion way
Savinen Armiida Mrs r 13 Forest
Savinen Edw (Helen) (Cape Ann Bakery) 167 Granite, PC h do
Savinen Victor quarrymn h 13 Forest
Sawyer Albert R (Edna M) r 4 Green, PC
Saxe Arthur M (Cambridge) sum res 96 Granite, PC
Sayre Edw L r 22 Parker
Sayre Victor (Josephine) paving ctr h 22 Parker
Sayre Waino H (Estelle M) plmbr h 2 Poole's la
Scales Jas G (Hudson Ohio) sum res 3 Harraden av Headlands
Scatterday Russell H (Carolyn L) slsmn r 76 High
Schapiro Louis (Pola) (Brookline) sum res Gott av PC
Schiller A Arthur (Irma H) (NY City) sum res Country Club rd
Schley Asbury (Buffalo NY) sum res 26 South
Schley Montfort phys (Buffalo NY) sum res 26 South
Schley Robt (Buffalo NY) sum res 26 South
School of Handicraft (Lillian A Phillips) 48 Main
Schromber Evelyn E wid Virgie h 25 King
Scott David (Wilkinsburg Pa) sum res 1 Gale av PC
Scott Nell (Wilkinsburg Pa) sum res 1 Gale av PC
Scott Rene (Mary) (Benjamin Tarr House) h 23 South
Sea Chest The (Jos W Thibeault) antiques Beach cor Main
Sea Side dining Room (Mrs M Eliz Mitchell) 10 Main
Sears Geo A brkmn B&M h 9 Bway ter
Sears Geo L (Gretchen P) bottler Thomas Wilson & Co h 1 Granite
Sears John (Sadie C) brkmn B&M h 79 High
Sears Jos (Mary E) (Thos Wilson & Co) h 71 Bway
Sears Jos S jr (Eleanor T) (Broadway Garage) h 168 Granite PC
Sears Margt F tchr (Rutland, Mass) r 3 Granite
Sears Martha asst bkpr Geo H Todd Corp r 9 Bway ter
Sears Matthew (Nellie C) baggage master B&M sta h 3 Granite
Seavey Geo W (Annie B) h 23 Curtis
Seavey Gladwyn B (Caroline S) lab h 92 High
Sedgley Mary Mrs r 42 High
Sedgwick Florence T wid John H h 74 Main
Sedgwick John H (Florence) died Sept 24, 1941
Selig Arnold D r 180 Main
Selig C Edw (Sadie A) fishermn h 65 Pigeon Hill, PC
Selig Dean K r 180 Main
Selig Freeman J (Anna M) lab h 249 Main
Selig John H (Anna J) h 180 Main bey Pumping Sta
Selig Robt E (Kathleen) r 65 Pigeon Hill, PC
Sellman Albert P r 14 Railroad av
Sepich Anthony (Anna) seamn h 75 Pigeon Hill, PC
7 South Street (Mrs Carlin Sargent) rms and afternoon tea 7 South
Sewall Florence wid Archer D h 13 Parker
Sewall Helen S wid Arthur B, Highland av cor Norwood av "Headlands" tel 2243
Sewall Wm A (Florence G) plmbr 17 High h do
Shannon Jos A r 27 South
Sheahan Annie L wid Timothy h 10 Norwood av
Sheahan Catherine wid Dennis L h 13 Bway av
Seahan Dennis L (Catherine) died Feb 21, 1942
Seahan Geo T (Pearl O) sum res Land's End
Seahan Jeremiah T h 83 High
Seahan Robt E clk B&M r 13 Bway av
Sheehan Jos P (Annie) h 243 Main
Sheehan Jos P jr r 243 Main
Sheehan Wm lab r 243 Main
Shelding Anthony sum res 275 Granite, PC
Shepherd Geo B (Mary C) gdnr h 174 Granite, PC
Shepherd Olive R r 174 Granite, PC
Sheppard Abram L (Bertha M) drop forger h 11 Phillips av PC
Sherburne B Frank watchmn h 17 Summit av
Sherburne Chas E r 42 High
Sherburne Herman S (Hattie L) eng RFD h 14 Summit av
Sherburne Jas E chauf r 116 Main
Sherburne John P (Kathryn) died Jan 12, 1942
Sherburne Richd A r 14 Summit av
Sherman Forrest (Roxbury) sum res Long Beach
Sherman Ralph B (Alice C) bkpr (B) sum res Granite st Folly Cove
Shewbridge Henry C, USN r 200 Granite, PC
Ship The (Hartwell Littlefield) restr 14 Dock sq
Shurtleff Dorothy H tchr (B) h 26 MtPleasant
Shute Eug N (Dorothy F) (Malden) asst mgr sum res 113 Granite, PC
Shute Jane F Mrs h 153A Main
Sieg Fay M (Nelle C) slsmn h 32 School
Silva Brothers (Jas B jr and Everett C Silva) florists 5 Granite
Silva Carrie E r 10 Parker
Silva Chester N poultru mn r 154 Main
Silva Evelyn F bkpr (Gloucester) r 12 Hooper pl
Silva Everett C (Marie E) (Silva Bros) h 126 Main
Silva Franklin J atndt r 154 Main
Silva Jas B (Alma M) eng h 12 Hooper pl
Silva Jas B jr (Viola L) (Silva Bros) h 130 Main
Silva John F (Anna E) mech h 67 High
Silva John M (Wilhelmina A) h 28 MtPleasant
Silva John P (Edith M) shoes 35 Main h 5 Railroad av
Silva Leroy C (Virginia A) gdnr Silva Bros h 5 Hooper pl
Silva Manuel J (Mabel E) hlpr h 154 Main
Silva Marguerite M r 72 Curtis, PC
Silvonen John (Senia) quarrymn h Squam rd
Silvonen Walter J clk r Squam rd
Simes Fannie nurse h 42 Granite, PC
Simpson Harriet h 4 King
Skillen Charlotte A wid John housekpr r 46 Bway
Slavin H Frank (Emma M) h 15 Bway
Slocombe Alan G h rear 6 Pleasant
Smith Albert E (Isabelle) r 67 Curtis, PC
Smith Alex G h 15A Norwood av
Smith Alonzo H (Isabel L) slsmn h 13 South
Smith Arthur W (Anna) v-pres L E Smith Inc h at Gloucester
Smith Chas T (Marguerite G) h 9 South rd Bear-Skin Neck
Smith Chas T Mrs (The Yellow Bowl Tea Room) h 9 South rd Bear-Skin Neck
Smith E Morton (Loma A) h 155 Main sum res Long Beach
Smith Edith L r Breakwater, Bear-Skin Neck
Smith Edw C (Helen) (Nashua NH) r 75 Phillips av PC
Smith Eliza E wid Albert h 34 Pigeon Hill, PC
Smith Ellen L housekpr r 34 Pigeon Hill, PC
Smith Ernest G jr (Dorothy) knitter h 6 South-st ct
Smith Esther M housekpr r 34 Pigeon Hill, PC
Smith Francis E jr (Elsie C) (Winchester) sum res Eden rd Land's End
Smith Frank E carp 11 South h do
Smith Fred C (Ada C) h 153 Main
Smith Fred E (Ada C) (Gloucester) sum res "Camp Curtisea" Long Beach
Smith Fred S fishermn r 130 Granite, PC
Smith J Raymond (Edna L) building materials 17 Railroad av tel 2229 and 64 Main Gloucester tel 481 h Driftwood Farms tel 993-For further information see page 19 Buyers' Guide
Smith Jas A (Christina C) clk PO h 78 High
Smith Janet W (Winchester) sum res Eden rd Land's End
Smith Jennie A h 15 South
Smith Jennie B wid Geo E died July 13, 1941
Smith John A (Lily A) paving ctr h 1 Oakland av PC
Smith John M h rear 175 Main
Smith Katherine C (Brookline) sum res 51 Phillips av PC
Smith L E Inc inc'19 E M Law pres-mgr Arthur W Smith v-pres hardware, heating and plumbing 49 Main tel 518
Smith Leland P (Irene F) (MtPleasant Riding School) h 55 MtPleasant
Smith Mabel A r 130 Granite, PC
Smith Marguerite Mrs (The Yellow Bowl Tea Room) 9 South rd Bear-Skin Neck h do
Smith Marietta W wid Wm T h 46 Main
Smith May B r 15 South
Smith Melissa Mrs mgr The Blacksmith Shop h 23 MtPleasant
Smith Myron D (Isabel) (StPetersburg Fla) sum res 3 Cove ct
Smith Orren F (Luca T) carp 21 Pleasant h do
Smith Phyllis D sec A Carl Butman r 151/2 Hale
Smith Ralph M (Sarah E) mach h 151/2 Hale
Smith Richd H studt r 9 South rd Bear-Skin Neck
Smith Robt M roofer (Texas) r 21 Pleasant
Smith Robt T studt r 9 South rd Bear-Skin Neck
Smith Roger H clk r 96B Granite, PC
Smith Roland H (Ethel G) (Gloucester) sum res "The Moorings" Long Beach
Smith Roland J watchmn B&M r 96B Granite, PC
Smith Roland L (Lena A) firemn (B&M) h 96B Granite, PC
Smith Rutherford (Lizzie D) carp 53 MtPleasant h do
Smith Sylvia S supvr Mass Memorial Hosp (B) r 21 Pleasant
Smith Virginia r 96 Main
Smith Wm P C (Melissa L) (Blacksmith Shop Pasteries) h 23 MtPleasant
Smurrage Fredk L (Madeline E) farmer h 164 Main
Snow Chas A h 121A Main
Snow Herbert A (Edith M) (Arlington Hts) sum res York av
Snow Jas H (Lucy R) h 33 Bway
Snow Lawrence E (Katherine G) carp h 33 Bway
Snyder Louise W r 9 Granite
Socialists' Hall, Squam rd
Soini jacob drop forger h Squam rd
Solley Geo W h 111A Main
Solley Sarah J (Mrs Geo W) died Sept 17, 1940
Somers Frank D (Emily G) h 75 Main
Somers Jas A (Frieda W) h 37 MtPleasant
Somers Thos D, USA r 75 Main
Somers Wm C, USA r 75 Main
Somppi John (Mary) carp h 147 Main
Somppi Martha E r 147 Main
Soni Geo M lobstermn r 18 Granite
Soni Motti (Jennie M) rprmn h 18 Granite
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Lieut Geo W Tufts Camp No 142, Nathaniel Carter sec meets 2d and 4th Tues at 7 Forest
Southworth Abbie D (Somerville) sum res 155C Granite, PC
Southworth Mary E wid Edwin W (Winchester) sum res 155D Granite, PC
Spain Frances C wid Herman T (Wellesley Hills) sum res Allen av Headlands
Spates Geo G (Alma M) lab h 171 Granite, PC
Spates John V (Elsie M) police Police Sta h 162 Granite, PC
Speck Gertrude M Mrs musn r 173 Main
Speck Hattie L wid Frank G died Aug 30, 1940
Speck Ralph M r 173 Main
Speck Reinhard S r 173 Main
Speck Reinhard S (Gertrude M) (Twin Acre Farm) milk dlr h 173 Main
Spencer Annette I wid Arthur H (Lincoln) sum res 75 Phillips av PC
Spencer Ethel tchr High sch r 14 School
Spielman Emily Mrs r Stockholm av PC
Spielman John W r Stockholm av PC
Spinney Chas E (Annie T) pntr h 4 Haven av PC
Spiran Hall 23 School
Sprague Fredk Dr (Melrose) sum res Briarstone rd Land's End
Springer John I (Alberta L) h Straitsmouth way
Spurlin Chas E (Eliz R) clk Gloucester r 4 Beach
Stackpole Helen D (B) sum res 2 Cove ct Bear-Skin Neck
Stackpole Maude C wid Wm E (B) sum res 2 Cove ct Bear-Skin Neck
Stackpole S Gordon (Troy NY) h 2 Cove ct Bear-Skin Neck
Stapleman Leon (Charlene) clk h 9 Summer
Stauffer Dorothy Mrs (Mexico City) sum res Middle rd Bear-Skin Neck
Steele Carroll K (Gloucester) sum res "Ripple Cottage" Long Beach
Steele Claude D (Dorothy G) drop forger r 3 Briarstone rd Land's End
Steele Geo (Gloucester) sum res "Ripple Cottage" Long Beach
Steele Grace M r 153A Main
Steele J Quinton (Gloucester) sum res "Ripple Cottage" Long Beach
Steele Sarah M wid Geo (Gloucester) sum res "Ripple Cottage" 43 Long Beach
Steer Paul D chauf Rockport Dye House r at Lanesville
Stein Herbert L (Caroline R) (Brookline) sum res Phillips av PC
Steinbrever Mary H r 28 Bway
Sten A Emil solderer h 3 Story, PC
Sten August F r 5 Pigeon Hill ct PC
Stenman Elis F (Esther M) died May 30, 1942
Stevens Edith S sten r 151 Main
Stevens Geo F r 1 Holbrook
Stevens Lucinda wid Eben r 4 MtPleasant
Stevens Marion Y bkpr r 151 Main
Stevens Nellie D h 1 Holbrook
Stevens Scott E (Marion B) carp h 151 Main
Stevens Studio (W Lester Stevens) artist 2 Mill la
Stevens W Lester (Angelina) (Stevens Studio) and artist 2 Mill la h do
Stevens W Safford (Florence E) gas sta 149 Main h do
Stewart John H (Newton) sum res Harraden av Headlands
Stewart John T (Sophia L) (Newton) sum res Harraden av Headlands
Stiles Oscar C (Gertrude N) (Melrose) sum res Land's End
Stillman Albert F h 4 MtPleasant
Stillman Mary F wid Robt B h 130 Granite, PC
Stolpe Anna C wid Aug h 3 Smith-st-ct
Stone C Arthur mgr r 5 Pigeon Hill ct PC
Stone Hilda A h 5 Pigeon Hill ct PC
Stone John E r 5 Pigeon Hill ct PC
Stoneman Albert H (Dolly M) (B) sum res 90 Phillips av PC
Story A W Co, H Carlton Story mgr gros 154 Granite, PC
Story Benton C (Bernice) pres h 155B Granite, PC
Story Betty E studt r 128 Granite, PC
Story Cameron M insp r 140 Granite, PC
Story Carlton L clk r 128 Granite, PC
Story Edwin P (Nellie P) pntr (Gloucester) r 63 High
Story Esther H nurse (Newton) r 133 Granite, PC
Story Geo L (Emily C) gift shop 177 Granite, PC and variety 140 do h do
Story H Carlton (Rilla L) mgr A W Story Co h 128 Granite, PC
Story H Chester (Althea D) h 133 Granite, PC
Story Margery M tchr Geo J Tarr sch r 128 Granite, PC
Story Martha A Mrs r 131 Granite, PC
Straitsmouth Inn (Mrs Ella S Wilkinson) Marmion way
Stratton Chas E (Charlotte C) (Belmont) sum res Land's End
Strauss Dora P waitress r 10 Main
Strong G Kendrick (Mildred H) slsmn h 15 Norwood av
Strong Mildred H Mrs (Sandy Bay Market) r 15 Norwood av
Strople Donald E (Norma L) h rear 12 South
Strople Geo E B (Jennie) h 6 Beach
Stuart Edw (Helen F) h Marmion way
Stuart Edw jr r Marmion way
Stuart Harold L (Margt A) (Cleveland Ohio) sum res 9 Briarstone rd Land's End
Stuart Virginia studt r Marmion way
Stube Chas F (Alice K) (Cortland NY) sum res 89 Phillips av PC
Stube Edwin B r 89 Phillips av PC
Sturtevant Harold W (Grace L) (Springfield) sum res South rd Bear-Skin Neck
Sullivan Chas J (Mary E) (Belmont) sum res Long Beach
Sullivan Frank E lab h 25 Bway
Sullivan J Eug (Merle A) State Police r 10 Bway av
Sullivan John E (Mary C) chief police Police Sta h 10 Bway av
Sullivan Jos F (Lottie H B) h 21 Summit av
Sullivan Louise wid Wm h 81 Main
Sullivan Mary I r 25 Bway
Sunset Inn (Mrs Anna F Bray) 200 Granite, PC
Sutton Alice M sum res Land's End
Sutton Esther V sum res Land's End
Sutton Wm P (Matilda J) (Cambridge) sum res Land's End
Suutari Eino r Squam ct
Suutari Elsa bkpr (Gloucester) r Squam ct
Suutari Everett pntr r Squam ct
Suutari John V (Ruth E) auto mech Pierce N Hodgkins h 14 Railroad av
Suutari Victor (Emma) formn h Squam ct
Suutari Waino S r Squam ct
Swan Lawrence (Karin) plmbr h 25 Curtis, PC
Swanson Andrew paving ctr r 29 Pigeon Hill, PC
Swanson Arthur L steward Sandy Bay Yacht Club r 31 High
Swanson Axel (Astrid C) h rear 5 Pigeon Hill ct
Swanson Charlotte wid John L h 19 Curtis, PC
Swanson Eliz T wid David h 124 Granite, PC
Swanson Fredk O (Mary L) chauf h 7 Mill la
Swanson G Florence tchr (Beverly) r 15 Curtis, PC
Swanson Hannah C wid Benj P h 15 Curtis, PC
Swanson Hjalmar S (Caroline) formn Cape Ann Tool Co h 18 Pigeon Hill, PC
Swanson Howard B (Anna M) NE rep Cape Ann Tool Co h 15 Curtis, PC
Swanson Leonard C gdnr r 19 Curtis, PC
Swanson N Alf (Gerda M) paving ctr h 76 Pigeon Hill, PC
Swanson Norman T (Margt L) clk Cape Ann Tool Co also selectmn Town Hall h 4 Marmion way
Swanson Richd T (Annie P) pntr h 4 Pigeon Hill ct PC
Swanson Robt W studt r 4 Pigeon Hill ct PC
Swanson Thyra r 18 Pigeon Hill, PC
Swedish Evangelical Cong church 111 Granite, PC, Oscar F Johnson pastor
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pigeon Hill ct and jct of Pigeon Hill st PC
Swett Mary A wid John F (Glenacre House) h 231 Granite, PC
Swinson Fred lab r 63 Curtis, PC
Switzer Edw M jr (Helen) (Amherst) h Marmion way