Polk's Rockport (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed in the Rockport part of the Gloucester Polk Directory (pages 246-278). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Talbot Marjorie r Land's End
Talcott John G (Florence W) (Talcottville Conn) sum res Marmion way
Talcott John G jr (Talcottville Conn) sum res Marmion way
Tanson Matthew (Jane) blksmth h 33 Curtis, PC
Tarr Albert C h 56 High
Tarr Alice O tchr sum res Marmion way
Tarr Annie P wid Geo r 38 King
Tarr Doris M sewer r 28 MtPleasant
Tarr Frank W real est 86 Main h do
Tarr Fredk H (Angie) lawyer (Gloucester) and pres Rockport Natl Bank 23 Main h 55 Bway
Tarr Fredk H jr (Eliz R) lawyer (Gloucester9 h 57 Bway
Tarr Hattie A wid Oscar S h 18 Beach
Tarr Jas E chef h off Main nr Glue Factory
Tarr Jas J G Rev (Emma B) h 10 MtPleasant
Tarr John (Anna M) clothing 53 Main h 8 High
Tarr Lydia Gott r 10 MtPleasant
Tarr Ralph C (Mary E) barber 15 MtPleasant h 132 Main
Tarr Russell R h 28 MtPleasant
Tarvis Albert K r 186 Main nr Water Wks
Tarvis Gardner R r 186 Main nr Water Wks
Tarvis Jos R jr (Annie M) pntr h 186 Main nr Water Wks
Tavern The, Rockport Art Assn prop 12 Main
Taylor Eliz E Mrs h rear 14 King
Taylor Eliz M lawyer (B) sum res 12 Dock sq
Taylor Raymond (Virginia) clk First Natl Stores h at Lanesville
Taylor Thos H (Virginia G) (Belmont) sum res North rd Bear-Skin Neck
Temple Henriette F h 18 Atlantic av
Tewksbury Donald r Norwood av
Tewksbury Theo (Marjorie) (W Newton) h Norwood av
Tewksbury Theo r Norwood av
Thacher Elisabeth B (B) sum res Land's End
Thacher Margt N (B) sum res Land's End
Theriault Arthur (Julia E) section formn B&M h 95 Main
Thibeault Alphonse (Sarah M) (Dock Square Grill) h 140 Main
Thibeault Eug (Eva A) market 13 Dock sq h 15 do
Thibeault Guy A (Leola) chief RFD h 15 Summer-st ct
Thibeault Jacqueline waitress Brick Oven Spa r 15 Summer-st ct
Thibeault Jos W (The Sea Chest) and jwlr 57 Main r 142 do
Thibeault Mary M sec r 15 Dock sq
Thibodeau Chas R (Marie M) clk h 20 Bway
Thieme Anthony J (Lillian B) artist 6 South h do
Thomas Elmer B (Laura C) sail mkr h 9 Smith
Thomas Geo L sum res North rd Bear-Skin Neck
Thomas Lewis F (Cora F) barber 63 Main h 26 Railroad av
Thomas Marguerite sum res Land's End
Thomas Maude L (First Snack Shop) r 26 Railroad av
Thompson Chauncey W (Winnie M) eng B&M h 54 Granite, PC
Thompson Dorothy maid Mrs A Bertha Rice r Shetland rd
Thompson Harriet E (Portland Me) sum res 256 Granite, PC
Thompson Ingolff S (Florence C) pntr 10 King h do
Thompson Jos O r 10 High
Thompson Louise N dom r 10 king
Thompson Marguerite S waitress r 10 King
Thompson Walcott B (Helen G) (Cambridge) h Land's End
Thorngren Chas R (Agnes) carp h 167 Granite PC
Thoumine Maurice (Dorothy E) artist 75 Granite, PC h do
Three Bears The (Mrs E Doris Pierce) restr South rd Bear Skin Neck
Thurston Arthur N (Margt C) tchr h 25 Parker
Thurston Helen Lane real est 20 Pleasant r do
Thurston Henry H (Susie S) h 20 Pleasant
Thurston Real Estate Agency (Helen Lane Thurston and Lura Thurston Smith) seashore cottages for sale and rent 20 Pleasant tel 534- For further information see page 22 Buyers' Guide
Thurston Saml D h 24 South
Tibbetts Carrie A wid Jas E h 116 Main
Tiede Jos W (Helen) phys (Dedham) h Land's End
Tighe Jas M (Helen C) h 2 Pigeon Hill, PC
Tod A Kinard (Palm Beach Fla) sum res Land's End
Tod Giles (B) sum res Marmion way
Tod Gwendolin wid Stuart (B) sum res Marmion way
Todd Edith B wid Chas E (NY City) sum res Shetland rd nr Marmion way
Todd Frank J supt h 77 High
Todd Geo H (Florence B) pres Geo H Todd Corp h 14 King
Todd George H Corp inc Mass' 34 Geo H Todd pres Edw M Littlefield sec F Kenneth Perkins treas coal, wood, ice and fuel oil 19 MtPleasant and 15 Railroald av
Todd Thos (Louise T) printing (Concord) sum res 15 Point deChene av PC
Tognazzi Enrico (Mary) drop forger h 54 Curtis, PC
Tognazzi Jos J plmbr r 54 Curtis, PC
Tolford Joshua R (Irina P) (Home Industries) h 6 Dock sq
Tomlinson Wm E (Mabel W) (W Newton) sum res 70 Long Beach
Tompkins Alma F r 60 Phillips av PC
Tompkins Clara W Mrs sum res 60 Phillips av PC
Toneatti Raymond J (Eleanor W) h 47 Granite
Tonsberg Elmer J mgr Hatfield Color Shop h 260 E Main, EG
Toomey Edw P (Emma S) trainmn B&M r 83 High
Toppan Anna wid Matthew W h 14 Forest
Toppan Wm E (Mary F) mason's hlpr h 7 Prospect
Torrisi Anthony (Anne M) barber h 24 Forest
Toutain J A Mrs (New York) sum res Allen av Headlands
Toutain Jeanne (New York) sum res Allen av Headlands
Toutain Marie Madeleine (New York) sum res Allen av Headlands
Towle Anne G (Manchester NH) sum res Marmion way
Towle Jeannette S wid Francis W (Concord) sum res 15 Point deChene av PC
Towle Nathalie F tchr Geo J Tarr sch r 3 Essex av Gloucester
Town Hall 34 Bway
Tracy David F (Watertown) sum res Long Beach
Tracy John J (Emma S) (Watertown) sum res Long Beach
Tracy John J jr (Watertown) sum res Long Beach
Tracy Marie L (Watertown) sum res Long Beach
Trafton Albert W (Alice M) gdnr h 32A MtPleasant
Travers Gilbert (Eliz) opr h 16A King
Trayes Wm H (Cora M) phys (B) h Old Garden rd
Triehy Maurice J r 87 Main
Trout Delmar E (Mabel) clergymn (Meriden Conn) sum res 10 Granite
Trout Marjorie F (Meriden Conn) sum res 10 Granite
Tryon Lucy S wid Chas W h 40 Granite, PC
Tryon Warren S (Rachel K) prof (B) h 71 Granite, PC
Tuck Albert E dentist 17 Main h do
Tuck Albert E jr (Edith R) forger h 15 High
Tuck Geo L (Dorothy L) (Tuck's Pharmacy) h 12 Hale
Tuck Walter F (Eleanor C) candy mkr Tuck's Pharmacy h 73 High
Tuck's Pharmacy (Geo L Tuck) 15 Main
Tudbury Chester W (Newton) sum res Land's End
Tufts Edith G organist r 27 School
Tufts Ellen G (Tufts Greenhouse) r 27 School
Tufts Hosea C 1st v-pres Granite Savings Bank h 27 School
Tufts Margt C tchr r 27 School
Tuomi John quarrymn h 1 Pigeon Hill ct PC
Tuomi Kaino r 1 Pigeon Hill ct PC
Tupper Elsie M wid Augustus M h 24 Main
Tupper Irving P (S Regina) chauf h 1 Granite
Tupper J Edgar r 63 Bway
Turks Head Inn, Land's End
Turnbull Frank (M Sibbel) died feb 10, 1941
Turnbull M Sibbel wid Frank h 109 Highland av Headlands
Tutten Ernest W (Katherine) (Medford) sum res "Clear View" Long Beach
Tutten John L B (May) (Medford) sum res "Clear View" Long Beach
Tuttle Everett C (Olive G) (Shelter Island NY) sum res 9 Pleasant
Twardzik Henry F (Claire) artist h 26 High
Tweedy Harold L (Wash DC) sum res 6 Eden rd Land's End
Tweedy Raymond L (Hilda M) (B) sum res 6 Eden rd Land's End
Twin Acre Farm (Reinhard S Speck) milk 173 Main
Twomey John J (Mary) h 18 Parker
Tyler Eliz wid Elmer E sum res 133A Granite, PC