Polk's Rockport (Essex County, Mass.) City Directory 1942

Below are all names listed in the Rockport part of the Gloucester Polk Directory (pages 246-278). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Ye Olde Loblolly Camps (Frank E Haskell) restr Land's End
Yeaton J Southgate Mrs (Lexington, Va) sum res Granite st, Folly Cove
Yellow Bowl Tea Room The (Mrs Chas T Smith) restr 9 South rd Bear Skin Neck
York Abbie G r 11 Story PC
York Alice F h 141 Main
York Edwin H (Gertrude L) h 23 Railroad av
York June H wid Leighton H h 38 King
York Sumner D (Eliz C) lawyer h 35 King
York Theresa L sten (Gloucester) r 35 King
Young Geo F (Kendall & Young) h 2 Union lane