Finnish Municipalities (Towns and Cities) - Official Names & Majority Language

The table below lists all Finnish municipalities with their official names, i.e. towns and cities in 2001 (changes to the list were made Jan. 1, 2001).

The Finnish Council of State has given a decision about the use of names of municipalities in official contacts with foreign speaking countries. The decision can be used in genealogy too. In contacts with other than Scandinavian countries the name used by the majority of the inhabitants in a municipality should be used. A Finnish American genealogist who applies this decision to his own research will find it much easier to decide which language should be used for names in the database or in a written genealogy.

Right column:

"The use of each language in administration and in the courts of law depends on the linguistic character of the administrative district. Municipalities are either monolingual or bilingual: where the entire population speaks the same mother tongue, or where the linguistic minority is less than 8 %, the municipality is monolingual. But if the linguistic minority consists of over 3,000 people, the municipality is regarded as bilingual, irrespective of the percentage of minority language speakers."

Name in Finnish
(name in Finnish, or name in Swedish if only a Swedish name is available)
Name in Swedish
name in Swedish, if the community has both a Finnish and a Swedish name)
Majority language
(see above)
Alahärmä   Finnish
Alajärvi   Finnish
Alastaro   Finnish
Alavieska   Finnish
Alavus   Finnish
Anjalankoski   Finnish
Artjärvi Artsjö Finnish
Asikkala   Finnish
Askainen Villnäs Finnish
Askola   Finnish
Aura   Finnish
Brändö   Swedish
Dragsfjärd   Swedish-Finnish
Eckerö   Swedish
Elimäki   Finnish
Eno   Finnish
Enonkoski   Finnish
Enontekiö Enontekis Finnish
Espoo Esbo Finnish-Swedish
Eura   Finnish
Eurajoki Euraåminne Finnish
Evijärvi   Finnish
Finström   Swedish
Forssa   Finnish
Föglö   Swedish
Geta   Swedish
Haapajärvi   Finnish
Haapavesi   Finnish
Hailuoto Karlö Finnish
Halikko   Finnish
Halsua   Finnish
Hamina Fredrikshamn Finnish
Hammarland   Swedish
Hankasalmi   Finnish
Hanko Hangö Finnish-Swedish
Harjavalta   Finnish
Hartola   Finnish
Hattula   Finnish
Hauho   Finnish
Haukipudas   Finnish
Haukivuori   Finnish
Hausjärvi   Finnish
Heinola   Finnish
Heinävesi   Finnish
Helsinki Helsingfors Finnish-Swedish
Himanka   Finnish
Hirvensalmi   Finnish
Hollola   Finnish
Honkajoki   Finnish
Houtskari Houtskär Swedish
Huittinen   Finnish
Humppila   Finnish
Hyrynsalmi   Finnish
Hyvinkää Hyvinge Finnish
Hämeenkoski   Finnish
Hämeenkyrö Tavastkyro Finnish
Hämeenlinna Tavastehus Finnish
Ii   Finnish
Iisalmi Idensalmi Finnish
Iitti   Finnish
Ikaalinen Ikalis Finnish
Ilmajoki   Finnish
Ilomantsi Ilomants Finnish
Imatra   Finnish
Inari Enare Finnish
Iniö   Swedish-Finnish
Inkoo Ingå Swedish-Finnish
Isojoki Storå Finnish
Isokyrö Storkyro Finnish
Jaala   Finnish
Jalasjärvi   Finnish
Janakkala   Finnish
Joensuu   Finnish
Jokioinen Jockis Finnish
Jomala   Swedish
Joroinen Jorois Finnish
Joutsa   Finnish
Joutseno   Finnish
Juankoski   Finnish
Jurva   Finnish
Juuka   Finnish
Juupajoki   Finnish
Juva   Finnish
Jyväskylä   Finnish
Jyväskylän   Finnish
Jämijärvi   Finnish
Jämsä   Finnish
Jämsänkoski   Finnish
Jäppilä   Finnish
Järvenpää Träskända Finnish
Kaarina S:t Karins Finnish
Kaavi   Finnish
Kajaani Kajana Finnish
Kalajoki   Finnish
Kalvola   Finnish
Kangasala   Finnish
Kangaslampi   Finnish
Kangasniemi   Finnish
Kankaanpää   Finnish
Kannonkoski   Finnish
Kannus   Finnish
Karijoki Bötom Finnish
Karinainen   Finnish
Karjaa Karis Swedish-Finnish
Karjalohja Karislojo Finnish
Karkkila Högfors Finnish
Karstula   Finnish
Karttula   Finnish
Karvia   Finnish
Kaskinen Kaskö Finnish-Swedish
Kauhajoki   Finnish
Kauhava   Finnish
Kauniainen Grankulla Finnish-Swedish
Kaustinen Kaustby Finnish
Keitele   Finnish
Kemi   Finnish
Kemijärvi   Finnish
Keminmaa   Finnish
Kemiö Kimito Swedish-Finnish
Kempele   Finnish
Kerava Kervo Finnish
Kerimäki   Finnish
Kestilä   Finnish
Kesälahti   Finnish
Keuruu   Finnish
Kihniö   Finnish
Kiihtelysvaara   Finnish
Kiikala   Finnish
Kiikoinen   Finnish
Kiiminki   Finnish
Kinnula   Finnish
Kirkkonummi Kyrkslätt Finnish-Swedish
Kisko   Finnish
Kitee   Finnish
Kittilä   Finnish
Kiukainen   Finnish
Kiuruvesi   Finnish
Kivijärvi   Finnish
Kodisjoki   Finnish
Kokemäki Kumo Finnish
Kokkola Karleby Finnish-Swedish
Kolari   Finnish
Konnevesi   Finnish
Kontiolahti   Finnish
Korpilahti   Finnish
Korppoo Korpo Swedish-Finnish
Korsnäs   Swedish
Kortesjärvi   Finnish
Koski   Finnish
Kotka   Finnish
Kouvola   Finnish
Kristiinankaupunki Kristinestad Swedish-Finnish
Kruunupyy Kronoby Swedish-Finnish
Kuhmalahti   Finnish
Kuhmo   Finnish
Kuhmoinen   Finnish
Kuivaniemi   Finnish
Kullaa   Finnish
Kumlinge   Swedish
Kuopio   Finnish
Kuortane   Finnish
Kurikka   Finnish
Kuru   Finnish
Kustavi Gustavs Finnish
Kuusamo   Finnish
Kuusankoski   Finnish
Kuusjoki   Finnish
Kylmäkoski   Finnish
Kyyjärvi   Finnish
Kälviä Kelviå Finnish
Kärkölä   Finnish
Kärsämäki   Finnish
Kökar   Swedish
Köyliö Kjulo Finnish
Lahti Lahtis Finnish
Laihia Laihela Finnish
Laitila   Finnish
Lammi   Finnish
Lapinjärvi Lappträsk Finnish-Swedish
Lapinlahti   Finnish
Lappajärvi   Finnish
Lappeenranta Villmanstrand Finnish
Lappi   Finnish
Lapua Lappo Finnish
Laukaa   Finnish
Lavia   Finnish
Lehtimäki   Finnish
Leivonmäki   Finnish
Lemi   Finnish
Lemland   Swedish
Lempäälä   Finnish
Lemu   Finnish
Leppävirta   Finnish
Lestijärvi   Finnish
Lieksa   Finnish
Lieto Lundo Finnish
Liljendal   Swedish-Finnish
Liminka Limingo Finnish
Liperi   Finnish
Lohja Lojo Finnish-Swedish
Lohtaja Lochteå Finnish
Loimaa   Finnish
Loimaan   Finnish
Loppi   Finnish
Loviisa Lovisa Finnish-Swedish
Luhanka   Finnish
Lumijoki   Finnish
Lumparland   Swedish
Luopioinen   Finnish
Luoto Larsmo Swedish
Luumäki   Finnish
Luvia   Finnish
Längelmäki   Finnish
Maalahti Malax Swedish-Finnish
Maaninka   Finnish
Maksamaa Maxmo Swedish
Mariehamn Maarianhamina Swedish
Marttila   Finnish
Masku   Finnish
Mellilä   Finnish
Merijärvi   Finnish
Merikarvia Sastmola Finnish
Merimasku   Finnish
Miehikkälä   Finnish
Mietoinen   Finnish
Mikkeli S:t Michel Finnish
Mouhijärvi   Finnish
Muhos   Finnish
Multia   Finnish
Muonio   Finnish
Mustasaari Korsholm Swedish-Finnish
Muurame   Finnish
Muurla   Finnish
Mynämäki   Finnish
Myrskylä Mörskom Finnish-Swedish
Mäntsälä   Finnish
Mänttä   Finnish
Mäntyharju   Finnish
Naantali Nådendal Finnish
Nakkila   Finnish
Nastola   Finnish
Nauvo Nagu Swedish-Finnish
Nilsiä   Finnish
Nivala   Finnish
Nokia   Finnish
Noormarkku Norrmark Finnish
Nousiainen Nousis Finnish
Nummi-Pusula Tuusula Finnish
Nurmes   Finnish
Nurmijärvi   Finnish
Nurmo   Finnish
Närpiö Närpes Swedish
Oravainen Oravais Swedish-Finnish
Orimattila   Finnish
Oripää   Finnish
Orivesi   Finnish
Oulainen   Finnish
Oulu Uleåborg Finnish
Oulunsalo   Finnish
Outokumpu   Finnish
Padasjoki   Finnish
Paimio Pemar Finnish
Paltamo   Finnish
Parainen Pargas Swedish-Finnish
Parikkala   Finnish
Parkano   Finnish
Pattijoki   Finnish
Pedersöre   Swedish-Finnish
Pelkosenniemi   Finnish
Pello   Finnish
Perho   Finnish
Pernaja Pernå Swedish-Finnish
Perniö Bjärnå Finnish
Pertteli   Finnish
Pertunmaa   Finnish
Peräseinäjoki   Finnish
Petäjävesi   Finnish
Pieksämäen   Finnish
Pieksämäki   Finnish
Pielavesi   Finnish
Pietarsaari Jakobstad Swedish-Finnish
Pihtipudas   Finnish
Piikkiö Pikis Finnish
Piippola   Finnish
Pirkkala Birkala Finnish
Pohja Pojo Finnish-Swedish
Polvijärvi   Finnish
Pomarkku Påmark Finnish
Pori Björneborg Finnish
Pornainen Borgnäs Finnish
Porvoo Borgå Finnish-Swedish
Posio   Finnish
Pudasjärvi   Finnish
Pukkila   Finnish
Pulkkila   Finnish
Punkaharju   Finnish
Punkalaidun   Finnish
Puolanka   Finnish
Puumala   Finnish
Pyhtää Pyttis Finnish-Swedish
Pyhäjoki   Finnish
Pyhäjärvi   Finnish
Pyhäntä   Finnish
Pyhäranta   Finnish
Pyhäselkä   Finnish
Pylkönmäki   Finnish
Pälkäne   Finnish
Pöytyä   Finnish
Raahe Brahestad Finnish
Raisio Reso Finnish
Rantasalmi   Finnish
Rantsila   Finnish
Ranua   Finnish
Rauma Raumo Finnish
Rautalampi   Finnish
Rautavaara   Finnish
Rautjärvi   Finnish
Reisjärvi   Finnish
Renko   Finnish
Riihimäki   Finnish
Ristiina   Finnish
Ristijärvi   Finnish
Rovaniemen   Finnish
Rovaniemi   Finnish
Ruokolahti   Finnish
Ruotsinpyhtää Strömfors Finnish-Swedish
Ruovesi   Finnish
Rusko   Finnish
Ruukki   Finnish
Rymättylä Rimito Finnish
Rääkkylä   Finnish
Saari   Finnish
Saarijärvi   Finnish
Sahalahti   Finnish
Salla   Finnish
Salo   Finnish
Saltvik   Swedish
Sammatti   Finnish
Sauvo Sagu Finnish
Savitaipale   Finnish
Savonlinna Nyslott Finnish
Savonranta   Finnish
Savukoski   Finnish
Seinäjoki   Finnish
Sievi   Finnish
Siikainen   Finnish
Siikajoki   Finnish
Siilinjärvi   Finnish
Simo   Finnish
Sipoo Sibbo Swedish-Finnish
Siuntio Sjundeå Finnish-Swedish
Sodankylä   Finnish
Soini   Finnish
Somero   Finnish
Sonkajärvi   Finnish
Sotkamo   Finnish
Sottunga   Swedish
Sulkava   Finnish
Sumiainen   Finnish
Sund   Swedish
Suodenniemi   Finnish
Suolahti   Finnish
Suomenniemi   Finnish
Suomusjärvi   Finnish
Suomussalmi   Finnish
Suonenjoki   Finnish
Sysmä   Finnish
Säkylä   Finnish
Särkisalo Finby Finnish-Swedish
Taipalsaari   Finnish
Taivalkoski   Finnish
Taivassalo Tövsala Finnish
Tammela   Finnish
Tammisaari Ekenäs Swedish-Finnish
Tampere Tammerfors Finnish
Tarvasjoki   Finnish
Tervo   Finnish
Tervola   Finnish
Teuva Östermark Finnish
Tohmajärvi   Finnish
Toholampi   Finnish
Toijala   Finnish
Toivakka   Finnish
Tornio Torneå Finnish
Turku Åbo Finnish-Swedish
Tuulos   Finnish
Tuupovaara   Finnish
Tuusniemi   Finnish
Tuusula Tusby Finnish
Tyrnävä   Finnish
Töysä   Finnish
Ullava   Finnish
Ulvila Ulvsby Finnish
Urjala   Finnish
Utajärvi   Finnish
Utsjoki   Finnish
Uukuniemi   Finnish
Uurainen   Finnish
Uusikaarlepyy Nykarleby Swedish-Finnish
Uusikaupunki Nystad Finnish
Vaala   Finnish
Vaasa Vasa Finnish-Swedish
Vahto   Finnish
Valkeakoski   Finnish
Valkeala   Finnish
Valtimo   Finnish
Vammala   Finnish
Vampula   Finnish
Vantaa Vanda Finnish-Swedish
Varkaus   Finnish
Varpaisjärvi   Finnish
Vehkalahti Veckelax Finnish
Vehmaa   Finnish
Vehmersalmi   Finnish
Velkua   Finnish
Vesanto   Finnish
Vesilahti   Finnish
Veteli Vetil Finnish
Vieremä   Finnish
Vihanti   Finnish
Vihti Vichtis Finnish
Viiala   Finnish
Viitasaari   Finnish
Viljakkala   Finnish
Vilppula   Finnish
Vimpeli   Finnish
Virolahti   Finnish
Virrat Virdois Finnish
Virtasalmi   Finnish
Vuolijoki   Finnish
Vårdö   Swedish
Vähäkyrö Lillkyro Finnish
Värtsilä   Finnish
Västanfjärd   Swedish-Finnish
Vöyri Vörå Swedish-Finnish
Ylihärmä   Finnish
Yli-Ii Yli-Ii Finnish
Ylikiiminki   Finnish
Ylistaro   Finnish
Ylitornio Övertorneå Finnish
Ylivieska   Finnish
Ylämaa   Finnish
Yläne   Finnish
Ylöjärvi   Finnish
Ypäjä   Finnish
Äetsä   Finnish
Ähtäri Etseri Finnish
Äänekoski   Finnish

This is a FAQ file from the The Genealogical Society of Finland on Finnish genealogy.
Updated February 18, 2001.