Purpose of the List

Finngen is a mailing list where people interested in Finnish genealogy or genealogy related to Finland may communicate, requesting and sharing information, sources, and techniques, not only about the own family research but also about broader matters that possibly affect genealogical research concerning Finland.

Note! Discussions about computers and computer software when not directly concerning Finland should be avoided.

You are sincerely encouraged to solicit new subscribers. Everyone is welcome!

The language of the list is English.

Subscribing and unsubscribing

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To Send a Message to Finngen

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No Messages from Finngen

There is only one reason why you do not get any messages from Finngen although you are subscribed to the list: the administrator of Finngen has unsubscribed you because of problems with messages sent to your address. Messages sent to your address may bounce because of an incorrect e-mail address, your mailing box is full, your Internet service provider has temporarily closed down the mail server, problems in international connections, etc. The only way to start getting more messages is to resubscribe (see subscription information above). You are notified if your e-mail address already is on the list when resubscribing.

Other Mailing Lists

There are some other mailing lists running on the server owned by the Genealogical Society of Finland:

Suku - discussion about Finnish genealogy (in Finnish and Swedish).

Sukuohjelmisto - discussion about the genealogy software Sukuohjelmisto (in Finnish and Swedish).

Ohjelmat - discussion about genealogy software in general (in Finnish and Swedish).

HisKi - discussion about a project to transfer Finnish records of births, marriages and deaths to computer (in Finnish and Swedish).